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eife 4, >2* A ^ ,A ^ .-? ? cfc cA 4.
^ V'-va. * ? * -* -* ? * ** s $
P*"-?*.>?? >a- -? * # # -? * #
K " Charles Wayman is in Grafton.
: Dean U'rightson, of ~\V. V. U., is in
Wk if : town.
04 T: ft- P. "Kennedy, of Uniontown, is in
f the city.
'Squire Christie, of Mannington, is
here to-day.
kj'-i'-"." Judge W. S- Havmonrl went to Man|-V;7
; nlngton to-day.
Miss Zoe Jolliff is home for the
summer vacation.
pj-\ John K. Ewing, Jr., is in town
from Uniontown.
Councilman George Lilly returned
?ffiEgJ52?r,jast evening irum winstsiiAife.
W;: Thurraan Springer, who has been
attending W. & J. College, returned
t- today.
,V Attorney G. M. Alexander left for
BfSp Harrisville last night on professional
rSfsl-;-'.'; William J. Connell, of this city,
has been granted a patent on a
5 catch basin.
Prof. W. R. Shaw, of the Normal
faculty, left this afternoon for his
home at Terra Alia.
&>. Prof. II P. Rodgers, of the Normal
p?f| faculty, will leave for his home at
. Moundsville this evening.
Mrs. J. P. Blaney, of Walnut avenue,
has been admitted to Cook's Hospi;
tal for surgical treatment.
- Walter Barns, a student at the University,
was in town to-day, cnronte
r-~ ZO Ills iioiiiy ai aixuuittuuuiuc.
A. F. Shroyer, one of the Normal
graduates, will leave this evening for
; his home at Nicltlow, Barbour county.
J?!/"1 Sam Stokes, accompanied by his
p-C .* niece, Mrs. Will Courson. left this
morning for Cincinnati, where they
b v will visit relatives for two weeks.
gltj Mfss Mabel Norton Simmons,
J- teacher of elocution at the Normal,
pita ' -left last' evening for her home near
WFW Boston.
C. J. Tyler, the well known paintfcr
i - and one of our most worthy citizens,
; ,/ " is ill of typhoid fever at hie home on
Maple avenue.
Ife.v W. S. Devlin, who went to Mot.
V Springs, Arkansas, to bring the re1
mains of his father to Newcastle for
f ' burial, has returned to Fairmont.
Ib .
i,; . Mrs. A. R. Wayman, of Chicngo. will
arrive to-night ca a visit to relative.gS
in this city. Charles Wayman. of
. rtnmnv street is a grandson.
H ?.Ir. Claude A. Thomas, son of Dr.
Thomas, of Monongah. returned from
k Cleveland, Ohio, last night. He has
A accepted a position as clerk in Jim
R Martijn's pharmacy.
A Morris Jackson, captain of last
I year's hall team, is in town for a
\ few days. He now holds the position
: \i' athletic director at Romney Insti|t
Wtie. This summer he will play with
th<Vf!trong Grafton team.
JvAttorney W. S. Meredith went to
Parkersfcurg yesterday afternoon to
attend u. S. District Court, being
fc counsel for Ed. Beaty, of Mannington,
whose trial begins to-day on the
,V; charge of trying to extract money
fc. from B. F. Blaclcshere.
jSpki. George W. Sturm, late of this
jjjfe.county, but now a resident of West
Harrison county, is in our
Eg^nMjtlty to-day and called to see us.
Hsfege, is a good Republican and an
tafcgd good fellow, and we are
lie has departed from us.
Btejjdssed in a political way,
jjays . been an active and
BH^^mryfcr his party. It
raU8HB|^now that what
Wh /:Wi
3fWtfja5rEI??58ayS8K3*gy^""Hife?|FB|p%>Wffi -r
We have succeeded
in getting tlie agency
for tlie celebrated
Crawford Slioe-s. .
All the latest styles
in Oxfords and high
top shoes are on display
at the
union Giotliinfl I
House, :
2 Doors Below P. 0.;
SO and $A. :
Jo ?L ? _ t*. .? ,t, ,t ? ?- f
4* *1* *5* V *S* *5* *i* *5* *T *5* ?s* ?l
For the Victims of the Gas Ex- ? *T
J* plosion?People Could Not Give ?
- *
to a ivjore v?wnn/
J. The two families are in ilestt- -J J.
tute circumstances, as all their ?? ^
household furniture was destroy- -J.
J- ed. Doctor bills and other ex.?>
penses will add to the em- -J- ?
,u harrassment. Leave your contrl- 4- j
J. butions with the West Virginian, -J. f
.I. or send same addressed to the -J J.
West Virginian Relief Fund.
t. The following contributions -J.5.
have been made: t
J. West Virginian Pub. Co..$25.00 ?* t
Dr. J. R. Cook 25.00 4. tl
.J. M. R. Post 30.00 -I- v
? Citizen's Dollar Sav. Bank 10.00 ? c
J. Home Savings Bank 10.00 .J. r
.f. L. L. Malone 10.00 -J- s
S. L. Watson 10.00 4. ?
C. E. Hutchinson 10.00 j
J. A. Clark 10.00 -J. j
-f. SI. L. Hutchinson 10.00 .J. t'
J. Fairmont Trust Co 5.00 4* t
.J. Hamilton & Huffman.... 5.00 c
A. L. Lehman 5.00 .J. t
-J. People's Bank 5.00 ? e
Holbert & Spedden 5.00 r
J. J. SI. Hartley & Son 5.00 -? ^
-J. U. A. Clayton 5.00 .? J:
A B. G. Williams 5.00 ? u
i. Geo. T. Watson 5.00 v I:
i. J. O. McNeely 5.00 e
4- W. H. Conaway 5.00 v
A. T. A. Deveny 5.00 -J- s
s. Geo. W. Fleming v 5.00 -t-%
Sara R. Xuzum 5.00 v
-J. E. F. Hartley 5.00 4. o
Ij. G. Race 5.00 v b
?j- Geo. M. Jacobs 5.00 I
4. F. E. Nichols 5.00 s
A. Cash . 5.00 -I- | d
A Cash 2.50 v j n
W. E. Arnett 2.00 a
! A. W. F. Carey 2.00 A|
T. W. Arnett 2.00
j ? E. A. Billingslea 2.00 -Ij
Cash 2.00 -I- ;
-J. A. M. Knight 2.00 -J- j
j .J. j. L. Hall 2.00 -j- "
I 4- B. D. Hutchinson 1.00 .? "
| A R. H. Blacka 1.00 -fj
A H. H. I.anham 1.00 .J.
| A. H. f. Biair 1.00 A. t]
| .% M. D. Christie 1.00 A. 5
j H. Glenn Fleming l.OO P
A, E. yr. nail 1.00 .j.
.4 J. \V. Poling 1.00 -J.
A. H. J. Kiel 1.00 -* c;
.% Cash 1.00 4. I h
4- B. F. Ramage 1.00 4- !t!
A. P. B. Ogrlen 1.00 A. | ir
Cash .25 ?? j h
Cash *
s. Walton Miller 10.00 j .
J. J. E. Anderson 1.00 .J. !
4. Thos. Reed 2.00 A. |
A. a. B. Fleming 10.00 -l J.
Cash 1.00 -1>%
Monongahela Bank 10.00 .J.
A T. Worth Fleming 2.00 A
A A. T. Watson 5.00 .J.
A L. H. Wilcox 1.00 A.
J. E. Watson 10.00 A*
A. 4. 1
J. Amount Collected by Index I
A Printing Company. ? |
J. Mrs. IV. \V. Mitchell 1.00 4.
A J. S. Morris 2.00 A
.-. Collected by Mrs. E. C. 4* .
A Bolton 22.20 .J.
A. Index Printing Company. 10.00
4- Total $35.20 4* **
4- 4* a
4- -I- 4- 4- v 4- 4* 4- 4- 4- 4* 4- 4- -I- t,
Funeral of William Morris. ,_ <
The funeral of William T. Morris
took place at Metz this afternoon
at one o'clock. A large crowd of
friends of the deceased assembled to
pay their last respects to their
neighbor who came to such an untimely
end. His son, Tusca, and several
others of this city are In attendance.
.re on hand to tat^e care of
the maimed and wounded
at the close of automobile
:mperor willian, accompanied
by the empress, will
be present?amsas3a
dor tower will be
HAMBURG, June lfi.?The Comlittee
of Management of the Gordon
ienne-tt automobile race announces
his morning that besides those taling
part in to-morrow's great race
he arrival of 2,800 pleasure motor
ars, the bringing over 10,000 spectarirs
has been reported to the secreary.
Baron Von Brandensteln
Villiam, accompanied by the Emiress
and their suites arrived this
aorning. His Majesty went over the
ourse in a motor at high speed. He
ashed down the- descents in reckless
ashion, and inspected carefully all
lie dangerous spots and revised the
irangements where he thought it
After covering the course, the
Caiser watched a display at Saalitirg
of the kind of work the ancient
Ionian artillery did.
Archaeologist Esthorf had recontrncted
the arrangements for throwng
projectiles and stones according
o a model unearthed the Saalburg.
Phe Emperor, after watching the maleuvres
for a short time, worked the
nachine himself, remarking that the
iccupation and environment made
dm feel as though be was in ancient
Among the visitors to the race is
Vmbassador Tower.
rne principal suoject ui cuuvcisaion
among automobilists of all counries
gathered here is the extremely
langerous character of the roads
vhich to-morrow's race will be run
>ver. The course will be a circular
oute with no less than 15 (langerous
teep hills to descend,' twenty-five
isually difficult sharp curves to be
urned, four stretches of continuousy
zigzag road, four narrow bridges
o he crossed, three of which are at
he foot of steep hills and three anient,
arched gateways to be penerated.
Motorists who have inspectd
expatiate on the rocks which the
acers will have to face at all of th^se
angerous spots, and surprise is exiressed
that the autoists could make
p their minds to permit the race to
ie run over such a road. The general
xpectation is that to-morrow's race
rill be marked by a succession of
erious accidents.
A prominent French motorist,
.-horn your correspondent questioned
n this point, replied: "The race will
e a gory murderous affair."
The fact that the motorists conider
the course to be extremely
angerous is attested to by the sumloning
of thirty ambulance cars and
hundred doctors to be on.hand.
Professor Pat Summers, of this city,
vho lias quite a reputation as a high
umper, will perform the feat of ieapig
from the suspension bridge Satrday
evening at 7 o'clock.
H. L. Morris, of Farming ton, is in
:ie city to-day, accompanied by Mrs.
Iorris. We acknowledge a very
leasan'r call from the gentleman.
Our suburban friend, J. R. Snider,
ailed in this morning and enrolled
is name on the subscription list of
te Daily West Virginian, discontinulg
the Weekly West Virginian. He
ad been a patron of the latter from
s beginning.
Sew wash o
* j* Jt je jt j)
Wash Goods, 30 in
egrular 15c Organdies ai
II kinds; in all shades t
wo days one-third off.
'hite, blue, tan or blac
5 ^ --S & <2* <? cS J* ^ ^
Try our
. ' 7. .t tX&xsi ''- {* - 'a "V-A'-'A
' ^ "j j_
THE SCORE WAS 6 TO 3 iff %
The game between the local'team
and the Y. M. C. A. at Traction Park
yesterday afternoon, proved to be an
interesting one, despite the number
of errors charged to both. The hard
rain, which visited the city eariy m
the afternoon, missed the Parle altotret
her, yet it was responsible for a
large number of people remaining
away from the game.
Creel and Erankinburry, the Point
Marion battery, did the honors for
the locals, and their work was fairly
good. Ralph Fleming, the Grafton
captain, pitched for the Y. M. C. A.,
and Stewart, the clever local boy.
caught him.
Manager Watson has a team which
will race any of the organizations
from the surrounding towns, and are
capable of winning frcrn most of them.
The majority of errors was caused
by the fast ground, which the youngsters
had not played upon before,
V. M. C. A. A.B. R. H. O. A, E.
Reits, 3b 4 0 0 8 2 3
J-ane, ss 4 0 0 1 3 0
Love, 1 b ! 0 0 iJ 0 0
Stewart, c.,.,3 0 1 <1 2 1
Poling, 21) ....4 0 1 3 4 2
Watkins, if 4 1 1 1 o o
Watson, in .... 4 1 0 1 0 0
Pt'haler, r 4 0 0 0 0 0
Fleming, p ....3 1( 1 0 0 2
Totals . . .34 3 4 24 li S
Fairmont. A.B. R. H. O. A. E.
Wayrnan, m . . 4 0 1 2 0 0
Gibbs, If .4 1 2 1 0 o
Carrell, 3b ....4 0 0 1 2 1
Still well, 2b . . .4 1 0 2 1 1
Vasbinder, r ..3 1 1 0 0 0 j
I it, -tin A o n
McDonald, ss ..3 12 l 11
Frankinburry, c.3 1 1 11 0 2
Creel, p 2 0 0 0 0 0
Totals . . .31 6 7 27 6 5
Score By Innings.
Y. M. C. A 0 0 0 0 2 0 1 0 0?3 I
Fairmont ... .0 1 0 0 2 0 3 0 x?G
j Earned Runs?Fairmont 3.
j Left on Bases?Fairmont 4. Y. M.
: C. A. G.
Double Plays?Still well to Br y son,
Lane to Pol ins.
First on Errors?Fairmont 2, Y. M. j
C. A. 3.
Two Base Hits?McDonald and
Frankinburry. ^
Stolen Bases?Lane. Poling.
Struck Out?By Creel, 11; by Flemj
ing. 5.
Bases on Balls?Off Creel, 2: off
j Fleming', 2.
j. - Hit by Pitched Ball?Creel.
Wild Pitch?Fleming 1.
Passed Balls?Frankinburry 2.
! Time?1:50.
i Umpire?Edwards.
Left For Europe.
IT-.' -V r?.i? ?,,/J -VTicrc?
i teachers in the Normal, left with Miss
I Wipplinger for New York last evenj
ing. Miss Butcher ieft to-day to join
them, and the party will go to Miss
Wipplinger's home in Germany. The
Junior Class gathered at the station
i last evening and presented Miss Ross,
their teacher, a field glass as a token
of their appreciation of her work the
past year.
i Mrs. A. L.. Hoult, of Parkersburg,
i has been the guest of friends here for
I the past day or two, having arrived
on Tuesday evening.
All Trimmed Hats Reduced \fa at J
The Bon Ton. x
toofls. Parasi
And Shir
? ? ? ?? ? ?? ?? l? ?? 4? V*
. cords and lappets, wort
id Batistes, pretty patter
and prettY patterns. F
HOSIERY?see the ne
k. New Table Linen ar
,_ * js .*$ je .< -< -J ^ j
Rnnal W
i luyui ii
^ ^
LOST HIS $5,000
Buffalo Map Went to 'New York t<
Do :Wair Street and Failed.
>; ?v. i ' . ' v";
V ' J ZT7''<*
NEW YORK, June "10?That it it
possible to lose $5,000 in 10 minutes
by playing "English faro" in New
Yorlc, and that the victim may have
no In?ml rernedv. were facts brought
our. in a case before Magistrate Mayo
in the West Side Court.
Frederick Warren., of Buffalo, was
the complainant, and the prisonet
was his friend. Peter Fo'rrestel, alsc
of Buffalo. The latter had a badij
cut head, vrhlch he stated Warren had
caused by striking him with .a cane.
Warren told the Magistrate that
Forreste! had told hint that a friend
of his"had made ?20.000,000 in Wail
street, and that the corporation which
he represented could be parted from
a great deal of its money, provided
enough was in sight to play a combination
against the corporation,
t'pon this representation, Warren
says, he drew ?5,000?the savings of
a lifetime?from a bank in Buffalo
and came to this city.
When he reached New York last
j evening, he says, Farrestel took him
i to a place and introduced ' him to
J seven other members of the corporalion.
Almost immediately a game
| which he afterward learned was call!
ed "English faro" was proposed, and
Warren was assured that he could
i not lose. Ten minutes later, however,
j he told the Magistrate, his ?5,000 had
vanished across the board, we then
turner! upon Forrestel, accused him of
robbery and struck him on the head
with a cane. Ke was unable to tell
the magistrate where the game was
played, and when Forrestel told the
court that he also had played and
| lost 83,500. the complainant was informed
that he had no redress, and
the prisoner was discharged.
"You really came down from Buffalo
for the purpose of beating somebody
else," said Megistrate Mayo, to
Warren, and in that case the law does
not help you, even in a civil way.
That has been decided by the Court
of Appeals. There is no evidence
of a crime, and I will have to discharge
the prisoner."
Mr. Homer Stagger and wife, who
was formerly Hiss Georgia Baker, of
the East End, arrived in the city
this morning. This evening they
will leave for Philadelphia, on a visit
to Mr. Stagger's home.
All Trimmed Hats Reduced 14 at
The Bon Ton. x
/'; /
given by the juices ot luscious fruits,
ripe and fresli, makes Jim Martin's
soda so popular. The fact that ail
these syrups are absolutely pure ap
peals to everyone's good sense who
values health. The water used is pure
also, and there is no Summer beverage
so wholesome and delicious. Try
a glass of soda with his delicious ice j
cream at the
#ls. Hosiery.
t Waists!
.* < j* j* j* J* j# j* js dt jt .
:h 8c and lOc, at 5c yard,
ns. lie a yard for the
drib can ell apcviai fj>i ivc;
w lace effects at 19c, 25<
id Napkins to match--sei
? dt i-f & 0? ^ ^ J*
3ur sty^lei
. J WrtNT^ GoIuMN^I;
Do You Ia n o v.- "What We Want? j
> Several Short "Ads." at /
One Cent'Per Word.
FOR RENT?Furnished rooms. . Ap'
ply 325 Walnut avenue. - 1
WANTED?A girl for general housekeeping.
No washing. Apply 321
Main street. . ;
... ....
. FOR RENT?A few choice-' office
rooms in the new. Peoples Bank buildin
g. Apply at the Peoples'. Bank.
For Sale. " t :
> Choice building lots on Virginia <
' avenue and Sixth street. Apply E<f \
win Robinson. Gas Office. I '
FOR RENT?A number of fine office .( '.
| rooms for rent in the Geo. M. Jacobs - i
; DUliaing, Jiuurue sso tr^L- mquuc uj.
1 Geo. M. Jacobs. County Clerk's office.
I : . :
Only livery business in town of
' 4,000. Cleared Go per cent, .last year,
i Address Box 113, Ellcins, W. Va. x
; j \ i"
, | FOR RENT?Two nice rooms with
i batli, gas and electric light. Call at
; 423 Jackson street.
The Daily West Virginian contains
more good reading matter than any
' other paper in Marion county. /
" * V
I have some good bargains on Fair- i
mont avenue. Call and see me. H. i
H. Lanham. x j
Hennen_Qualitu n
In Men's GiotHina f
TWE^INS . j {..!
I n Up-to-Date
' ' ./- i-' ' i '$
Vv? '4- \ &
Are Best Always. j
f m .jtf i / >?
I r-.-~- - f: r\-j-%-y 'i r '-~r\/ 'i f Kff
I! *f y** ^ V
CiiUJ;CstijcEfJ ' jj
| Bells, Push Buttons, Incandescent f )
Lights and all things pertaining to /C
Electricity. We can supply you with ? I
of all sorts. Take contracts for wiring
your home or office building. Es- \ J
timates cheerfully furnished. Enjoy v/7.
the cool breeze of one of our~electr:c fj
fans. f . |
Bell 'phone, 192. Store Room 113 J
F. & M., 305. Jack6on St- | "
? I f
Wash Suits | j:
>s c ,>i , * jc j* j* jt je je ( /
8c a yd for IO pieces /f ii
best 20c Wash Goods, J
>. Millinery for these J J
5. 39c and 50c, either in q /
3 these. I y
j* jt oe jt & j'v /
corset I

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