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Some Portions of the Human Anatomy
Last Only a Few Weeks?The
Wonderful Replenishment.
Of course every one knows that the
human body is wholly changed every
mVi r><~,l riVnrqtnlno-{<3o
I *' SjtJVtril ,'CUia tji%= OVUVVi l'"J ...w.w*-,..-?
i i teach that much?but it will surprise
some to learn that certain portions of
the anatomy undergo more frequent
changes, says the Chicago Chronicle.
It takes but four weeks to completely
.renew the human epidermis. You
have new eye-lashes every five
months, you shed your finger nails in
about the same time, and the nails
. of; your toes are renewed annually.
V:,.X \3*J?o. white of the eye, known as the
.cornea, is in a continual state of ro,
newal, being kept clear and clean by
..the soft friction of the eyelids. These
are a few manifestations of the re"
storative powers retained by man. who
.is less fortunate than the lower ani-mals.
V' Crabs can grow fresh limits, the
snail can renew even a large portion
of its head, with eyes and feelers,
lizards do not worry about the loss of
, - a tan, ana u you ma kg a cut in ine
g&f - caudal appendage o? some of these last
mentioned creatures they -will grow
another tail straightway and rejoice
llllllj-y m the possession of two.
But man still possesses the won&
" derful restorative little ceils which
scientific men call leucocytes. They
are always coursing through the body
to renew and defend the body from
P its enemies, the harmful bacteria of
j> i various maladies. These cells gene"
. ' rate antitoxins to kill our enemies.
S;v They do battle for ' us in hundreds
pS* # " of ways, and yet the majority of us
s3- ^ i. know nothing of these, great services
rendered by our tiny friends inside.
Curious Condensations.
H Canada has 19,836 miles of railway.
From a report published by the
French Minister of Finance it appears
Iky that the increase of music halls in
Paris is seriously threatening the existence
of many theatres.
Since the beginning of the present
year gold to the value of ?23.0SS,5G5
has been shipped from Australia to all
countries, a falling off of $5,3.58,515 for
the corresponding period of last year.
The efficacy of vaccination is proved
f<rj inv- xavt Uiai. uuuug luc j.' i aiiv;u
Prussian War 23,000 of the unvaccinatext
French soldiers died of smallpox
while In the vaccinated German
; army there were only 2G0 deaths from
that disease.
The remains of Colonel R. J. Hinfon,
one of Ossowatomie John Brown's
ciose friends and commander of the
first, colored regiment raised during
the Civil War, have arrived at Washington,
from London and been interred
at Arlington.
Tims far New York has contributed
only two Presidents by election?Van
Bnren and Cleveland. New York has
contributed nine Vice Presidents, however;?Burr,
Clinton, Tompkins, Van
Bnren; Fillmore, Wheeler. Arthur,
Morton and Roosevelt,The
Italian tariff is divided into 1G
.schedules of goods; to four of which
the United States dees not contribute
at all viz., hemp, wool, silk and paper.
In the remaining 12 schedules, which
embrace 31 items, we have a marked
nrpnnnflmnre in all of the:::.
SSftiSv . - g,::
Chief of Detectives Desmond has
j,,- commenced increasing his force of ciege
' tectives and' special officers for ser^
vice during the World's Fair. Sev>v'.:
enty-five. new men, taken from the va:
rious districts, are to l>e assigned to
S&7districts in the city as "plain clothes"
men, making a force of over 200 men
e;,. on Chief Desmond's staff.
The savage tribes in the interior of
? Brazil are exceedingly fond of roast
< monkey. Humboldt estimated that
v. one small tribe of 200 Indians con'
sumed over 1,200 monkeys drains a
fe; year. It is said that until recently
\ Monkey meat was for sale in the
R? .. butcher shops of Rio Janeiro. Mr.
&??;.' Wallace, when in the Amazon region,
|g?w bad a monkey cut tip and fried for
. \ breakrast. The nesn somewhat re'
sembled rabbit in flavor and hail no
unpleasant or peculiar taste.
Wg: It is estimated that only about $S5,&. '
000,000, which is approximately 5 per
' cent, of the annual income of our rail0^
-ways, goes to foreign investors. There
are not far from 1,000,000 owners of
& railway stocks and bonds. Of the re iV
maining 95 per cent. ?1,084,447,49S, 40
p??;-;o' per cent, is divided among the owners
of the stocks and bonds and CO per
'<hen.t among 1,189,315 employes-. Count
2ng the families supported by the holdgBjfrs
o securities and employs over 10,ll&jiKtO
people- share in the railroad
in the Fruit, Flower and
HKjCratdes Journal of London
BBBKBBWMBfBffilfl**"*i" "-1"' Jamaica or
. ^ . '>! for nothing in JaKB||^^y
for packing. A
. |^njtK%ndal to KingCs:
! little one wandered away
and was not found for
many hours.
friends had given up in despair?late
WHEELING, June 17.?After being
missed for more than six hours
and afrer there had been a general
alarm raised little Miss Horner, the
fi-year-old grand daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. J. M. Horner, who live in the
rear of the Island Christian church
on Zane street, was found in Bridge[port.
It was about 12:30 on Thursday
morning that she was found and
restored to her grandparents, with
whom she makes her home.
The little tot went to school at the
usual time Wednesday afternoon and
it appears that when school was dismissed
that she wandered over the
Island and then to Bridgeport. It
was at supper time that the grandparents
became alarmed and when
darkness came 0:1 they notified the
police and instituted a general search
for her.
Almost ail of the neighborhood
was on the hunt for the missing tot.
Many police were detailed to the
search and shortly before the finding
of the little girl in the crowds at
Bridgeport the friends had given up
in despair. She was wandering about
through the crowds at the carnival.
She was picked up by the police anil
said that she tvas lost and could not
find her way home.
The German Element.
Harper's Weekly.]
A German writer says that in 1790
Gorman blood ran in the veins of
about one-fifth of the population of
the United States. In 1S30 the
Anglo-Saxon-Puritan element numbered
2.904,717; the German ele- i
ment, 2,095,107; and the American
population, in which the several .
European strains had already become
so. thoroughly blended as to be
no longer easily distinguishable, 4852,717.
At the century's end he finds in
the United States 25,477,583 Ger
mans, as compared with 12,713,030
descendants* of the "American" inhabitants
in 1830, and 12,118,040 An- t
glo-Saxons. The Teutonie element .
ijiiixis, otuiiujaviaaa, IJUICJI, aau
Belgians) is given as 43 per cent, of
the total white population; but very
little reflection upon the foregoing
figures will be required to convince
our readers that in the course of a
century a large part of the German
element?which was important even
at first, and has been increasing so 1
rapidly that it now holds the first po- *
sition numerically, and is indeed
twice as strong as the Anglo-Saxon
in that sense?must have become by
intermarriage ' thoroughly amalgamated
with the descendants of British
colonists and the Nineteenth-century
immigrants from Great Britain.
It is a fair presumption that the influence
of German blood?the in- ,
heritants of "the best of the German
nationality"?may be traced in the
more or less useful careers of very ,
many of the prominent Americans .
whose names give no uncertain in- (
dication of their German origin, or
of German blood derived through
some ancestress. ,
A convention of the Republican
party of the 11th Senatorial district of
West Virginia, composed of the counties
of Marion, Monongalia and Taylor,
is hereby called at Fairmont, in
Marion county, West Virginia, on
Tuesday, the 21st day of June, 1901c
at 2:30 o'clock P. M., for the purpose
of nominating a candidate for State
Senator of said district tor the ensuing
term, to be voted for at the general
election to be held in November
next, and for the transaction of such
other business as may properly be
brought before said convention.
The basis of representation in said
convention shall be one delegate for
each 100 Votes or fractional part
thereof over fifty cast for the Republican
Presidential electors in said
district at the general election held
in the year 1900.
The executive committee of the Republican
party in each of the counties
of said district are requested to provide
for the election of delegates to
said convention according to the
usages of said party.
Given under our hands this 2Sth day
of May, 1904.
J. E. POWELL, Chairman.
JAMES W. HOLT, Secretary.
Dr. Williams' Indian Pile Ointment
will cure Blind, Bleeding, Ulcerated
and Itcbing Piles. It absorbs tbe tumors,
allays the itching at once, acts
as a poultice, gives instant relief. Dr.
Williams' Indian Pile Ointment Is prepared
only for Piles and Itching of
the private parts, and nothing else.
Every box is guaranteed. Sold by
druggiBts, sent-by mail,, for and
$1.00 per box. WILL14MS- JVl'F'G.
CO., Propr's, Cleveland, "Qhior. V>
fefikiUL. jj.
To the World's Fair, Very Low Rates.
Various forms of excursion tickets
to St. Louis via Baltimore & Ohio
Railroad, notv on sale from Fairmont
as follows:
Season tickets, good to return until
December 15, 1304, to be sold dally at
rate of $2G.S0, rounS trip.
.1 ~ -i
OlA-LJ U?W CAi;uiajuu ui/iiCio, iiuai
limit not later than December 15,1904.
to be sold daily at rate of $22.35, round
Fifteen day excursion tickets, to be
sold daily at rate of $1S.75, round trip.
Ten day special coach excursion,
tickets on sale Every Tuesday in June,
good going in day coaches only, on
special coach trains, or in coaches on
designated trains, limited for return
passage leaving St. Louis not later
than ten days, including date of sale,
at rate of $13.00. round trip.
Variable route excursion tickets,
either season or sixty day; will be sold
going via one direct route and returning
via another direct route, full information
concerning which can be obtained
from ticket agent.
Stop-overs, not exceeding ten days
at each point will be allowed at Washington,
Deer Park, Mountain Lake
Parle, Oakland and Mitchell, Ind., (for
French Lick and West Baden Springs)
xv >r la in rnhirn 11 m! f / nnon nntir.f* tn
conductor and deposit of ticket with
depot ticket agent immediately upon
Stop-overs not exceeding ten days
will lie allowed at St. Louis on all
one-way (except Colonists' tickets to
the Pacific Coast) and round trip tickets
reading to points beyond St. Louis,
upon deposit of ticket with Validating
Agent and payment of fee of $1.00.
Three solid vestibuied trains are
run daily from New York, Philadelphia,
Baltimore and Washington, via
Parkersburg and Cincinnati to St.
Three solid vestibuied trains are ,
run daily from Pittsburg, Wheeling
mcl Columbus via Cincinnati, to St.
Magnificent coaches, sleeping cars, i
observation cars and unexcelled dining
car service. 1
For illustrated folcler. time table
and full information, call at ticket !
office, Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.
Very Low Rate Sunday Excursion !
Tickets Ors Sale May 15. ^
Effective May 15 and continuing [ (
ivery Sunday thereafter until fur- i r
ther notice, the Baltimore & Ohio
Railroad will place on sale excursion c
tickets hetween stations of Wheeling J *
and Grafton, good going East bound 1
tm regular train No. 72, leaving Fair- c
tnont at 10:52 A. M., and returning {
no regular trains No. 71-55, leaving
Cirafton 12:40 noon, and G:f>0 P. M.; f
and good going* West bound oil regular
train No. 5, leaving Fairmont at 7:47 c
A. At., and returning on regular train
No. 4, leaving Wheeling at 5:00 P. 1
M. For tickets and full information, k
calE on ticket agent., 1
? !
To the Republican National Convention.
Chicago, III., Baltimore (
and Ohio Railroad. :
Account Republican National con- '
volition, at Chicago, 111., June 21-2-1, ,
the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Company
will place on sale excursion tick- :
cts to that point on June ICth 10 20th,
inclusive, good returning until June
20th, 100-1, Inclusive.
Call on ticket agents for full information.
Fare for the round trip, $13.00.
If you see a nice 1 .oking
couple driving around with a
good stylish horse, elegant harness,
nobby run-a-bout, carriage or trap,
with nice clean robes, and everything
to match, you can wager ten to one it
was hired from the Jackson Livery
Barn, as we put out only tnat Kind.
FRED S. JACKSON, Manager. Open '
day and night. x
You will find a complete line of
base ball goods and bicycle repairs
at J. L. Hall's Hardware Store. x
Hammocks, lawn swings and porch ~
seats are some the summer pleasures
to be had at J. L. Hall's Hardware ?
Store. x 1
Of Reduced Fares Authorized via;
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad,
Summer Season, 1904.
Atlantic City and Seashore.
Special low rate'excursions from all
points east of the Ohio river on June
30th, July 14th and 2Sth, August 11th
and 25th, and September 8th.
Cincinnati, O.
Grand Lodge, B. P. O. jsiks, July
1S-23. One fare plus Sl.QO for the
round trip. Tickets on sale July 15th,
IGth, 17th, good returning until July :
23d, inclusive,
Detroit, Mich.
Baptist Young People's Union of
America, International Convention.
July 7-10. One fare plus 52.00 for the
round trip. Tickets on sale July 5th
to 7th, good returning' until July 12th,
Indianapolis, Ind.
National Prohibition Convention,
June 2S-C0. One fare for the round
trip. Tickets on sale June 20th to
27tli, good returning: until July 10th, j
Knights of Pythias, Biennial Encampment,
August 1G-19. One fare
plus $1.00 for the round trip. Tickets
on sale August 12th, 13th, 14th and
loth, good returning until August
31st, inclusive.
San Francisco, Cal.
Triennial Conclave, Knights Templar,
September 5-9. One fare for the
round trip to Chicago or St. Louis
fvmc f or-i rl ?*TT>rl fh orofrom
auucu ia>v;o n.uuv.? ?
(Chicaso $50.00; St. Louis $47.50).
Dares of sale to be announced later.
San Francisco, Cal.
Sovereign Grand Lodge, I. O. O. F.,
September 19-25. One fare for the
round trip to Chicago or St. Louis added
to fares tendered therefrom (Chicago
$50.00; St. Louis $47.50). Dates
of sale to be announced later.
Toronto, Ont.
Friends' General Conference, August
10-19. One fare plus $2.00 for the
round trip. Tickets on sale August
3th to 11th, good returning until August
31st, inclusive.
For additional information concerning
rates, routes, time of trains, etc.,
call on or address ticket agents, Bal:imore
& Ohio R. R.
A $5,000 Bet on Cleveland.
iVashington Post.
"I know a man who is such an inense
admirer of Grover Cleveland
hat he has made a wager with an
equally intense supporter of Presi- ^
lent Roosevelt that Cleveland will
>e the next President of the United
States in the event of his nomination
)y the Democrats-," said M. A. Foster, 1
)f San Francisco.
"Both are men of wealth and. high
character, and they have fixed upon f
?5,000 as the sum each will put up f
the unexpected should happen, at
3t. Uouis and Grover Cleveland be
named for the fourth time as his i
party's candidate. Indeed, if this ]
should come about, I haven't the re- ]
notest doubt but that the champion 2
31 l-Iie Octge lil rnucctuu wuvuu I jk:
eager to risk three or four tim^s as
much as has been agreed upon. Of \
course, if some other man is chosen
to head the ticket, all bets are off. j
'or, curiously enough, the Cleveland *
man thinks Roosevelt is invincible
with one exception."
Between both Depots, and best
location in City.
Everything about the house first-class.
Rates $1.50 and $2.00.
Baths and Bar Attacher to Hotel.
1208 to 1214-Water Street,
"V?., lie 1
VUI c MVU*. Unless
You Cheat."
At the Depot. \
The largest and handsomest c
Sample rooms in the Country
located in the new $200,000."
Court House.
B. G. WILLIAMS, Prop. }
Fairmont, W. Va. t
I 'have a good saloon that will be
.old quick at a bargain. H. H. Lan- c
tam. - x I
^ *" l* '0? j j
- ' - - - : : ; -
if you do, SEE
322 1-2 Alain Street.
Sterling Silver!
T T 1,
a very complete
Line of
Suitable for
Wedding ana Anniversary
Baltimore & Ohio
m|1|/ railroad.
PASSENGER trains Will arrive at
and deptrt from Pairmo it on the
ollowing- schedule on and after May
:2d, 1904HO.VO.\fiA.H
Mo. 5.?Arrives at Fairmont 5:35 P. m.
Mo. 1.?Arrives at Fairmont 12:10 p. m.
Mo. 3.?Arrives at Fairmont 7:45 a. m. Mo.
2.?Leaves Fairmont... 7:10a.m. i
Mo. 6.?Leaves Fairmont... 1:53 p. m.
Mo. 4.?Leaves Fairmont... 9:55 p. m.
All trains are daily except Nos. 3
ind 4 on the F., M. and P. branch,
vmcn are uany ouuuuy.
For sleeping car reservations and
nformation concerning- tickets and
ates, consult
T. B. "Hexdersox,
Ticket Agent.
west bound.
So. 7.?Chicago Express. 4:24 a. m.
So. 5.?"Wheeling Accommodation
7:47 a. m.
So. 55.?"Wheeling & Cincinnati
Express. 7:29 p. M.
So. 71.?"Wheeling Accommodation
1:36 p. m.
east bound.
So. 8.?New York, Baltimore
and Washington
Express. 3:25 a. m.
So. 72.?Grafton Accom'n 10:53 a. M.
So. 46.?New York, Baltimore
and Washington
Express. 1:48 P. M.
So. 4.?Grafton Accom'n 8:38 P. M.
F., M. AXO P. BR1.YCH,
So. 50.?Pittsburg Accom'n 1:00 p. M.
So. 4.?Pittsburg Accom'n 9:55 p.m.
So. 3.?Pittsburgh Accom'n 7:50 a.m.
So. 51.?Connellsville Ac'm 2:10 p. m.
No. 69 leaves daily for Morgantown
it 9:05 p. m. No. 62 arrives from Morrnnt.nw-n
at 6:55 a. m.. dailv excent Sun- I
lay; at 8:00 A. M. Sunday only.
If it's an ideal wedding gift you are
ookins for, Cochran, the reliable
ewe.er, has it specially selected for
he occasion. x
I have some good lots in two squares
>f Court-house for sale at 5375.00. H.
i. Lanham. X
lar.opens a Savings account. (
1 you'the safe. We keep the \ |
accouiits "dra-w four per cent. I
ime being .compounded semi- ffi
i get a safe. It will help you ? NGS
BANK. 3 1
TH6 Bank oi Fairmont, 'if
J. E WATSON. President.
J. S. IIAVDEN, Vice President. . 1
Capital, SI50.000.00. 8
Undivided Prpfils. SI60.000.00 i
A. B. Fleming-. J. S. Hayden,
J. E. Watson, ft
M. L. Hutchinson. F. E. Nichols.
0. S. McKinnej, C. E. Manley. ? ?
Transacts a genera] banking busi- |H
ness. B
Accounts of corporations, firms and St
individuals received upon trie most m
favorable terms consistent with sound ||
and conservative banking. #
Interest paid on time deposits. }?>
Separate vault with safety deposit ?&'
boxes for use of customers^ " - ?
The First National Bank H:"
of Fairmont, W. Ya. < ||
Capital Stock, - $100,000-00 ||f
Surplus and Undivided
Profits, - 165,000.00 fit
Designated Depositary of the United t|g States
and State of Vest Virginia. M
J. M. HARTLEY, President. - . H :
Hon. A. B. FLEMING, @
Vice President. Iff
JOS. E. SANDS. Cashier. 8
J. M. Hartley, Hon. A. B. Fleming, B
Benj. D. Fleming-," Wm. E. Watson, . W
Jos. E. Sands. m
Chartered as State Baric in 185L m
Organized as National Bank in 1865. ?
Rechartered as National Bank. In m
1885. . B i
Wants business based on balances 1
and responsibility. '* /S-.
Collects on all points. B
Sells domestic and foreign exchange. ?
Pays interest on special deposits;-;''
Customers' private boxes taken care ffl
of in our fire and burglar proof vault % free
of charge. %
Citizens' Dollar Savings Bank, J
Opened for business Groundhog Day? B
February 2d, 1903. f.
CAPITAL STOCK"- $100,000.00. ' , J
A. Di. , <J. jA. V IVtVj ? President.
Vice President. f
J. R. LINN, Cashier I
directors: I v!
A. L. Lc-hman, J. A.. Clark, / ,
J. P. Hart. J. F- Cook, \ i
L. C. Powell, C. W. Swisher, ( |
Vv. H. Nicholson, Jr. t
Does a general banking- business. ! j
1 Per Cent. Interest Paid on Savings De- \ s
posits. It's What You Save, Not What J
You Earn. That Makes Wealth. V j
Tlie People's Bank of Fair- ) i
moiit, W. Va. j
t \
George M. Jacobs President '
George DeBoIt Cashier
j. M. Brownfield. .. .Assistant Cashier ;
Directors?O. M. Jacobs, S. L. Wat- J
son, J. M. Hartley, Harry Shaw, W. S- / '
Hayiaond and C. E. Hutchinson. V |
All business intrusted to us will re- f ||
r>Ai\/? nrnmnt -i n/4 oorafi11 iffenflnn fl / J
Interest paid on time deposits. Vault _ ? B
is free to customers for private boxes / M
and papers. \ CtI
For Good \ v
Go To / I
Cunningham Block. s j
Porter Alley and Monroe Street, j { g
C. V. ABBOTT, Proprietor. 7 1
Rooms hare been remodeled and ; Vr'.^l
thoroughly renovated. A -J
Rooms with bath. \ ( ,g
First class bar attached. I f

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