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s&owers in eastern, fair in western
Basement Bulletin.
Our Entire Stock of
Hollow Silverware
At Cost.
Every piece is quadruple
~ - 1 ' ?for 10 vears.
? -... ?
Among the pieces are Batter
Dishes,-Sugar Bowls, Cream Pitchers,
Spoon Holders, Tea Pots, Cracker
Jars, Bread and Cake Trays?just
such articles as you use every day.
and more desirable at the reduced
Finest China
At a Low Price.
$30 For a 100 Piece
"Haviland & Co."
Dinner Set.
$30 for a set of this fine
China is very unusual.
We know it is because if we
didn't import our own China, you
couldn't buy it so cheap.
It's an open stock pattern, too?
buy what you need to-day and match
up with another piece or two to-morrow
or next month.
The "Arctic"
2 Quart $1.50.
3 Quart 1.89.
4 Quart 2.25.
MARTINS BURG, W. Va., June 21.
During a heavy storm which passed
over Berkeley yesterday, a large barn
on the farm of Daniel Stucky, near
Tomahawk, was struck by lightning.
Wm. Edwards, a farm hand, and Geo.
Miller, tenant of an adjoining farm
were in the barn at the time, and
both were instantly killed. Miller was
45 years old and leaves a widow and
several children. Edwards was single.
Are the West Virginians Honored at
National Convention.
The new National committee and
Committee on Resolutions were announced
this morning. Senator N. B.
Scott is again National committeeman
and ex-Governor G. tV. Atkinson is a
member of the Committee on Resolutions.
Reform In Macedonia.
rumor is in circulation here that
America has notified the Porte of its
willingness to give some degree of
support to Turkey against the pressure
of powers looking to the application
of reforms in Macedonia. This
support will be" given provided Turkey
gives certain concessions to
America. The rumor is not confirmed.
Special low prices on all Trimmed
Hats at The Bon Ton. x
W. L. PROTZMAN, Proprietor.
Euronean and American plan of
modern accommodations. Hot and
cold water batlis. Bar attached to
hotel. Reasonable rates. 313 Madison
One hundred head of stock bogs
?100 pounds or over?62 cents per
pound. Thirty to 100 pounds, 7
cents per pound.
W. N. Satterfield)
Rivesville, W. Va.
y irgiixia: Showers to-night; 'cooler i
Ji?tc^rra^ jur- |
Good Evening!
How do you like the new cut?
Does it state a truth?
Have you ever found us other than j
' I
honest in all your dealings?
We may have erred?that's only j
human?hut to be dishonest, NEVER! [
So we've adopted the word
i as our slogan, and shall continue to f
I !
| live up to it, day in and day out, in
I big and little transactions.
The Wash Goods Are
Going Fast.
It has been nothing short of
I sensational, the way the Wash Goods
; have sold.
Women haven't stopped at, buying
i one dress: but two, three and as many
! i
I as six have been cut off in neaiiv as (
i many minutes.
Sale -will Continue the
Rest of the Week.
If you're supplied, why all
j right?if not, you can't, match our
j values anywhere.
Sprained Ankle.
James Taylor, a barber, who works
for Fred Meade, has a badly damaged
ankle and foot as the result of a
friendly scuffle this morning. Together
with some other colored fellows he
was wrestling around on a porch on
Madison street, when he accidentally
fell alighting on one foot. A few
bo'nes are thought to be broken.
A Shaking Up.
Two Italian miners from Monongah,
in attempting to board the last
car for their home," were thrown to
the ground but received nothing more
than a shaking up. People who witnessed
the occurrence went to their
assistance and were surprised to find
no serious damage done.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. James E.
Gray, of Baltimore, a daughter, on
Sunday, June 19th. Mrs. Gray was
formerly Miss Anna Maulsby. This is
the great-granddaughter of Capt and
Mrs. Thomas A. Maulsby and Mrs.
Mary B. Xichols.
False Alarm.
An alarm was turned in from the
First ward last evening, but before
the department could get away another
message stated that the fire
hp d beon distinguished.
Officer Got Them.
The same officer who hunted all
over Uztotvn yesterday afternoon for
the ttvo women who fought two others
down there Sunday, being more at
home in the dark, went down last
night and landed them both. They
were brought up and both gave bond
for their appearance to-morrow afternoon
at two o'clock. The trial
promises to be an interesting one
and will he largely attended.
Some Excitement at Fairview.
A case of smallpox was reported at
Fairview this morning, but Dr. H. S.
Yost, of that place, who is attending
the case, says that, although it is
somewhat peculiar and resembles
smallpox, he does not believe it to be
such. The victim is the little daughter
of J. F. Statler. It may prove to
be smallpox, but It is not right to
send out the report wnen it may nut
be true. Care is being taken so that
no one will be exposed to the disease.
Ryland Green, who was receiving
treatment at Cook's Hospital for typhoid
fever, was dismissed yesterday.
He is from Chlefton.
. western portion. Wednesday,
. ' ' \ Have
You Had Your Share of
Those $100 Shirts
For 75c ?
Just about another clay's selling
will clean them out. Women
bought the most of then;, as the men
probably thought they are better |
judges of material. We repeat the
in Gray and Tan grounds, with
dots and stripes of black. Fast colors,
pocket and one pair of detached
Regularly $1.00,
AT 75cTail
For Woman.
We can't remember when the
Tan Oxford was so popular as now.
But they must be TAN.
Lemon-colored Oxfords are apt to
squeeze your feet and make you look
sour. So Insist on Tan.
Ours are a pretty shade?a duplicate
of our early season order, in the
popular Bluclier style.
Soles are extended, vamps are
creased?it'.s a dandy fine ' summer
CQ 50
Council Meeting To-Night.
This evening the City Council will
meet in regular session. A large
amount of business will come before
the meeting. The trial of Officer
V/. G. Gould will likely be concluded
and the appointment of a fireman will
likely be made. There are about half
a dozen applications in, but it seems
now that. Bernard Lnnn will be appointed.
Is This Our Maude?
The report comes from Mannington
that Mattie Jones, who was released
from the jail at this place a
few days ago, was arrested while
drunk Sunday evening and placed in
jail at that city. Some time in the
night she tore up her clothing and
hung herself. She was found almost
dead but revived soon after.
The warrants against the two women
at TTztown were withdrawn today
by the prosecuting witnesses.
Suit Decided.
Tlie suit in Justice Amos' court yesterday
between an electrical company
of Brooklyn anrl a Monougah
priest, was to-day decided in favor of
the electrical company. The suit
was for $13G.90.
rvieetirg This Afternoon.
The Executive Committee of the
State Undertakers' Association is
holding a meeting this afternoon at
the Musgrave undertaking parlors.
The meeting- is for the purpose of arranging
a program and whatever other
arrangements are necessary for the
meeting at Clarksburg next month.
Lightning Struck Street Car.
Lightning struck car No. 14, on
Jackson street, during the storm this
afternoon and the armature was burned
As to the Exposition.
Cincinnati Enquirer.
"Let's all" lend helping hands.
There is no city that need be jealous
of the success of a St. Louis enterprise.
It's ail in the family. It is
a part of the great scheme to civilize
and enlighten the people. The people
who never go away from home.
uiyu?u Lueir iuuui eiivj;ruuumuL ixtu^
be of the best, are the drones of society.
Seeing is believing, and personal
contact is better than books.
St. Louis presents an outlet this year
for the restlessness of the American,
people. They always want to be going
somewhere. This year they can
see more for their money at St. .Louis
than anywhere else.
Tile South .Vmorlran Rorolotlonnry ;
GencrnVo Schrmc Who l)ruinnttc, I
but Ho Curelomily Forfrot to Order [
That blank turtrldise* Bo frcd.
"There's no use tnlkinp:, blank cartridges
are often a whole lot deadly
down yonder in t\ie lower Americas,"
said a man who was for many years a
Vnitetl States consul in Central America.
sponklns the other day about some
soldiers who were killed "Inadvertently"
bv bullets durlug a sham battle not
very Ions ujro. "I'd ratber take a
chance with honest Injun bullets up
this way than with a lot of the blank
cartridges that I know and have heard
about down in the low latitudes ot
this liemisherc.
"Something; quite neat of the blank I
cartridge kind came off. for instance,
while Antonio Ezeta was fixing up and
putting over one revolution after another
down in Salvador, with his headquarters
in La Libertad. Antonio was
the most ingenious boy of the whole
Ezeta family, and that's saying a lot.
for the bunch of Ezeta s made it a business
and a i>astiine for years to cook
up revolutions all the way from Panama
to Patagonia.
"It was simply a plain business proposition,
revolutionizing. with those
lively Ezeta boys. As soon as an Ezeta
would succeed in bundling up a package
of loot amounting to five or ten
millions away he'd skip to Paris, and
he'd be dead of absinth and things inside
of a couple of years. Tony was
the only one of the boys, if I remember
correctly, who didn't do that, for the
reason that, ingenious as Antonio was
at upsetting governments, something
always happened to shut him /out of
the dougli at the critical Juncture.
"Well, anyway, while Antonio was
the boss of La Libertad, Salvador, his .
vedettes brought in a prisoner one day.
The prisoner was the secretary of war
or secretary of state or some little thing
like that of the still existent but under
cover regular government of the republic
of Sulvador.
"This chap had been in secret communication
with Antonio Ezeta and
' * ? fA TvVv /?0
UflCl pt'l UlUiru Luiiioi.il ui wv uuiim.
He hail swiped some $200,000 in gold
for Ills bit, and. figuring that Antonio
was going to win out, he had made up
his iniud to attach himself to the Ezeta
cause and divide his portion of the
hoodie with Tony rather than remain
with the almost defunct government
and have the whole package removed
frwn him by the disbanding elements
of the losing side.
"fto they brought him in. with his
leather trunk stuffed with gold disks.
Antonio pretended to receive him with
a gloomy brow and In a loud tone ordered
that he be instantly shot.
'"Tony winked the other eye, however.
and the ex-offlcial of the defunct
cabinet felt pretty good. He begged
for a private word with Antonio, and
the two got together In Tony's oliice
and embraced affectionately.
" "You understand, of course, my
cherished brother, the situation here.'
said Antonjo. "The troops hate you. I
must stand you up to he shot at. But
I shall see that nothing but blank cartridges
are used. When the officer offers
to blindfold you, wave him aside
and proclaim your desire to die with
your eyes upon your assassins. This
will arouse the enthusiasm of my brave
boys, don't you see? They will probably.
in their enthusiasm, beg me to
spare your life. If so, well and good.
You are to he spared in any event, lint
if they do not beg for your life in their
enthusiasm they shall lire at you only
with blank cartridges, you understand?
You are to fall as tr <jenu, itiicij ujcy
will be marched away, and. I shall see
(hat .you are put on board the Panama
steamer goina up tonight. Is It not
well, rny brother?* wound up Antonio
"Tony's idea looked pretty neat to
the captured ex-official, especially as
Antonio told him that his tmnkful of
money, with a little subtraction to be
contributed to the Ex eta cause, would
bo placed on hoard the steamer with
"The trunk was placed in Antonio's <
keeping:, and a short time later the ]
captured man was led out to. as he j
thought. his phony shooting: party. The
poor devil was exceedingly, effective in ,
his dramatically aririounced determination
to die with his eyes upon his
slaughterers, and when the eighteen 1
men comprising the firing squad got 1
their guns in readiness to lire he threw i
his shoulders back rnagnilieeiitly. ;
"They hadn't begged for Ids lifehut
were not their guns loaded only
with blanks? He made a line picture ]
in consequence, with that confidence
straighten' him, and when the brave 1
lieutenant of the squad uttered the c
command to lire be gave a very realistic
jump into the air and fell for- I
Ward on his face. t
"There wasn't any reason why it (
shouldn't have been a realistic jump, j
either, considering inai at- nmi juu c
eighteen Lee-Martlnl bullets in tils sys- '
tcin. Antonio had "forgotten" to give *
that order about the blanks, you know 1
?amazingly absentmlnded individual, 1
that Ezetu boy. as hetltted a great I
man and an indomitable revolution; (
1st. He looked sad and nil cut up t
about It, Tony did. when he found
out about it, but it was too late then,
of course, and the only thing for Tony
to Co was to prize his dead friend's
trunk as something sacred."'?New Or- 1
leans Times-Democrat. '
Too Liquid,
"You used to rave over my liquid f
voice," she says accusingly. I
"I know 1 did." he mutters in de- \
fcnse, "but I did not imagine then that i
your words would, come in such tor- j
rents."?St. Paul Dispatch.
Some of the best lots on Fairmont
avenue . for sale. See H. H. Lanham
ctdomi*; r.amf AND GOT A
(Special to West Virginian.)
PIED-MONT, \\\ Va., June 20.?
The Fairmont base ball team was defeated
here to-day by the strong- Piedmont
team by a score of seven to
three. The great record made this
season by the Falrmonlers had preceded
their arrival here, and Piedmont
had its best team in the field prepared
for a hard struggle, and they got it,
l'or outside of the disastrous first inning
the contest was an even one,
both sides playing nice ball. The
Fairmont team played an errorless
game, while Piedmont's only misplay
ras one by the first baseman on a
hard chance.
Qualcy started In to pitch for Fairi.unii,
but he was out of form and
was hit hard. After pitching three innings
he gave way to I_efty Core, who
allowed only one run for the remainder
of the game. Patterson, for Pied- I
rnont. was wild, hut tie kept Fair
r.iont's eleven lilts won scattered.
For Fairmoat, .McDonald played a
tine fielding same, besides hitting
well, getting two Idts and two runs.
Vasbinder, in riglit, pulled down several
long drives. He also got tils
usual hit. getting a nice l wo-bagger.
The rest of the Fairmont boys played
a nice game, playing without an error.
The Piedmont boys played a swell
game, their bitting being especially
good. Daily led. having two threebaggers
and two singles.
Fairmont was tirst at bat. Way man
drew a base on balls but was forced
at second by Glbbs on an attempted
secrifice. The next two men up went
out in order. They scored one run in
the second, when McDonald singled '
and scored on Vasbinder's two bagger
to light. In the third Glbbs started
off with a three-bagger and scored {
011 a passed ball, but the next tlireti
were easy outs.
In the fifth, after Wayman and
Gibbs went out Helm was hit on the
arm by a pitched ball, but was left
on first when Stillwell struck out. In
the seventh, after Gibbs had gone out.
Iieim hit .safely, but was on second
when the third man went out.
Bryson hit for two bags in the
eighth, and went to third on Core's
single, 1)Ut Wayman grounded out,
making the third out.
Three men went out in order in the
Piedmont began scoring in the first. .
Parsons went out, Charles walked and ]
Daily singled and both scored when
D. Raiey hit for two bases. Ft. Haley
singled, scoring D. Haley. <
They went out in order in the sec- |
ond. i
In the third Dailey hit for three 1
bases, scoring on It. Haley's single.
Westiake scored rt. Haley by a three ?
bagger. Thorp walked but the next i
two men were out with nobody scor- \
ing. ,
At this stage of the game Core*went >
En. The first two men up were easy
Duts. Then. Dailey lilt for three bases,
out was left on third.
The only run off Core was made
n the fifth inning when R. Haley and ]
Westiake singled, the former scoring
jn an outfield fly. Core was hit safely
in the sixth and seventh inning
u;it no mips resulted.
The same teams play Wednesday.
The Fairmont boys say tliey will
have revenge, and with Vasbinder in .
he box can see nothing else but vie- 1
_ory. Umpire Welch's work did not i
suit the boys, his decisions on balls 1
ind sirikes being away ofl. i
To-morrow the l>oys go to Lonacon- 1
rig tor one game. They play the t
strong Cumberland team Thursday 1
md Friday, and go to I-Tosiburg f
Saturday, C
Following is the score: 1
fairniont A.B. R. H. O. A. E. ?
.Vayman, m....S 0 o I 0 0 1
Sibbs, If 5 1 1 1 0 O S
leim, Bb 0 0 1 2 1 0
Stillweli. lib -.5 0 0 0 2.0
itcDonald. ss -.4 2 2 0 5-0
Jryson, lb . . .. 4 0 X 11 0 0
"asbinder, r...4 0 1 4 (1 0 ^
Id wards, c . . - . 4 0 2 4 0 0
ihialay, p 1 0 0 1 0 0
"ore, p 2 0 2 0 1 0
Totols . . ..26 11 10 24 9 0
. r
"iedmond A.B. R. H. O. A. E. t
'arsons, r . . . .5 0 0 0 0 j
Inarles, 3b ....4 1 0 3 2 0 t
iailey. c 4 2 4 12 1 Oi
I. O. Haley, ss.4 3 3 2 2 0 j
1 Pnloi' 11, ? 1 1 r (1 1 ! t
VestlaKe, 2b . .3 0 1 2 0 0 a
?TVorp, ra ......3 0 1 2 0 0 cJ
iuggaii, If 0 0 2 0 0 c
'atterson, p . . .4 0 O 0 4 O
Score By Innings.
Kuirmont ... .0 1 1 0 0 X 0 0 0-3
Piedmont . . .-1 0 2 0 1 0 0 0 x?7
? ~~
Summary. ; '
Earned Kuns?Pte"mont o, * air- - #
tooat 1. %
Stolen Bases?PleQmont C. Fairmont
Two Ba?e Hits?D. Haley. Bryson, .-. .yjj
Three Base Hits?Dailoy, 2: West- lake.
Bases on Balls?Oft' Patterson. 2; .':iS
off Qnaley, 2.
Struck Out?By Patterson. 10; by
Qttuley. 2; l>.v Core. 2.
Hit by Pitched Ball?Heirn.
Wild Pitch?Patterson.
Hits?Off Qualey, fj; oft Core, 5; off i;
Patterson, 10.
Innings Pitched by Qnaley, 3; by j|al
Core. 5.
Sacrifice Hit?W'ayuian.
L'nijiiro?Dick Welch.
Tltue of Game?1:50. ,
n UC5DMIV U VV cnc. WII inc.
- -.-I
HUNTINGTON, \V. Va.. June 21.? -r.'/M
\ sensation was caused In social clrcles
here last night when, after the
guerfts had been assembled for the :
wedding of Mr. Otto Morgan, late of
Cincinnati, anil Mrs. Pearl Phlnney,
of this city, Mer- Mr. Doraey, of the . 'J$
Central Christian church, announced
to the couple that he could not marry f
them on the grounds that both had
been previously divorced, each having - d
a living wife or husband. The happy 308
couple were on the floor beneath a _ iff|
bower of (lowers and the guests
from near and far crowded about the
parlors to witness the marriage.
"Have you a living wife?" asked
the parson of the would-be groom.
"I have." replied Morgan. % ; "5S1
"Have you a living husband?" said
the parson as lie walked slowly from
The bride broke down and wept
aloud, while the guests present were "j
breathless. Finally the couple was ?|||
ushered into a cab which was m
waiting and were driven rapidly to ?
Central City, where the ceremony was
performed. This action on the part 3
of the ministers developed the fact |
hat at a recent meeting of the miststc-rlal
association, of this city, the association
decided by a unanimous vote .
[hat in future they would not perform "jj
she marriage ceremony of any con- 3
pie where either party had been pre- " - 1'S
,-iousiy divorced.
XKW UEDPORD, Mass., June 21.?
X special precept of attachment ,in l':"':. ffi|?3g|j
the ' sum of $50,000,000 was placed ?
upon the "real estate of Henry H. -"3f|
togors, in Bristol county yesterday . 3
n the suit begun by Elizabt i
?. Greenough, administrator of the
;state of Ben T. Greenough in litlgaion
over remuneration for an oil re- -*^S
inery process used by the Standard /'?m
)ii Company. The attachment is the
argost ever recorded In the United Mm
States. It is from the office of Chas. SS
1. Sprague, in Boston, and was fl|
orved by Deputy Sheriff Sponer. , ffi
a IV CO UU l dinl ?=?1V!?LIN I WM1VM ' MS
CHICAGO. III., June 21.?Anent - ttejH
umor that President Roosevctt^oSHBH
enderec! the Navy portfolio
ilorton, second Vice-PresideMHJ^H
Santa Fe, the latter saiddSgfflH
ag: "Any statement,
t seems to me
'resident, it
ind somethinsaijKijfcjXS
tent woTUcipjtiMMBBmHjjagHM
uss." j-gf''' -

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