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' ' Pric^$3-f
0- K . U K K h vK .). ?J.
Is&.-i-y-...- ~ -**- -7- -7- -v -> - > -> -J- - % /J.
^ ,u K L L- 4
Iff * ~ ~ " "* -1-1- ~
Harris Yost is in town,
ipfe- >'h..: J- H. McCafferty is hero.
James Fortner was at Morgantown
j?W':- inis morinng.
Charles Randall went to Little Falls
this afternoon.
Edward Sautters left for Mounds'
Title this afternoon.
Sheriff II. A. Jolliff went to Farmf/f.
" ington this afternoon.
Ex-Governor A. B. Fleming returns'
eti from Baltimore to-day.
IArley, the little son of Mr. and Airs.
W. O. Haines, of View street, is sick.
g;r Miss Bess Clayton was in town roIday,
enrotite to her home in Kingwood.
5?' Attorney P. S. Heck returned last
evening from a business trip in Virl
Mrs. C. C. Penick and daughter let/
to-day for an indefinite visit to friends
?Apv at Suwanee, Tenn.
Miss Pearl Reed is at Grafton at^yv-tending
the wedding of her friend.
Miss Lillian Martin.
fe : . - Mrs. "W. B. McGregor, of Clarks
5urg, is a,guest at the home of CI. F.
fip.-V ' Garrell on Maple avenue.
|p; y"-Harold Kinderman, who is visiting
IKpP"..; ~ at the home of his uncle, Judge John
tepp' - "W. Mason, is ill of typhoid fever.
R. S. Monroe, of the Fifth ward, i
fep ; ' whose serious illness was noted in I
&-V'. this, paper from time to time, we are!
glad to say. is better.
feVV Mrs. J. M. Arnett and children, of
bp the Fifth ward, returned from MorBp
gantown yesterday, after a week's
visit with friends at that place.
. Judge Yates and family , of Graf|p;v';
ton, visited his sister, Mrs. Marshall
P'.y- ' Powell, of View street, over Sunday.
S*L\'V They returned home yesterday.
Profs. E. E. Mercer and W. R.
Shaw, of the Normal faculty, left for
Morgan town this afternoon to attend
the State Educational Association.
p Supt. U. S. Fleming. of ;!;o p; ,r
E- burg schools, stopped in the city ?>otween
trains to-day, on his way to the
Educational Association at Morgan
R. E. Morgan and family have left
town for a week. INIr. Morgan will
go to Altamont, while his family visits
relatives in the rural districts of this
Postmaster A. Howard Fleming is
in Chicago attending the National
Postmasters' Association. While
I?, there he will also look in on the XaKa
tional Republican convention.
Mrs. E. S. Amos, of the Fifth ward,
H|> is at Morgantown taking the course
of instruction given by the TJniverBMn
sity to Sunday School teachers this
week. Miss Oaisy McXamar, of
BS?3B Grant county, who attended the Norma-i
commencement here, accompanMS&Hi-'.
ied her.
N Among the delegates from Taylor
I V county to the Senatorial convention
3 ate the following well known gentlegiji'
men: Albert Batson, C. L. Kimmel.
Sf Senator Ira E. Robinson, C. V. Gough,
J. O. Jaco, Hon. Thos. E. Davis and
Won. Jas. W. Holt, secretary of the
Hfcgatorial executive committee.
|fessor John G. Knutti, wife and
ij^rrived in town last night
^^^^B^^^^HRkcdatown. Mr. Knutti re
Bksant and successful
Hj^Shepherd College
he is prlnci||||ng
for JlorSfeite
d Shoes
We liave succeeded
in getting- tlie agency
for tlie celebrated
Crawford Shoes.
All the latest styles
in Oxfords and high,
top shoes are on display
at the
union Clothing.
2 Doors Below P.O.
50 and $4=
*_ ? * * ? ? ' ' *
* ?* ? ???***??*
2. FUND ?.
For the Victims of the Gas Explosion?People
Couid Not Give
to a More Worthy Cause.
The two families are in destitute
circumstances, as all their
t. household furniture was destroy J
ed. Doctor hills and other expenses
will add to the em- %
barrassment. Leave your contri- ?
butions with the West Virginian,
or send same addressed to the
West Virginian Relief Fund.
The following contributions
have been xnade:
J- West Virginian Pub. Co..!>25.00 J
Dr. J. R. Cook 25.00 ^
-? M. R. Post 30.00 I
J. Citizen's Dollar Sav. Bank 10.00 \
J. Home savings nans j.u.vv
A. L. L. Malone .. 10.00 4.
A. S. L. Watson 10.00 A
J. C. E. Hutchinson 10.00 4
A. J. A. Clark . 10.00 A
A. M. L. Hutchinson 10.00 4
A Fairmont Trust Co 5.00 A
A Hamilton & Huffman.... 5.00 A
A A. L. Lehman 5.Q0 A
4 People's Bank 5.00 4
4 Holbert & Spedden 5.00 4
J. M. Hartley & Son 5.00 4
4 U. A. Clayton 5.00 A
4 B. G. Williams , 5.00 4 !
A. Geo. T. Watson 5.00 A.
A. J. O. MeNeely 5.00 4 j
A. w. H. Conaway 5.00 4 !
A T. A. Deveny 5.00 4. j
4. Geo. W. Fleming 5.00 A. j
t?am It. -jJ
E. F. Hartley 5.00 4.
4* L. G. Race 5.00 4*
4" Geo. 51. .lacobs 5.00 4.
4. F. E. Nichols 5.00 4.%
Cash 5.00 44.
Cash 2.50 4.
4. W. E. Arnett 2.00 4"
4. W. F. Carey 2.00 4.
4. T W. Arnett 2.00 44.
E. A. Billingslea 2.00 4.
4- Cash 2.00 4.
-M. lYXllgm ?.W
J. I.. Hall 2.00 v
B. D. Hutchinson 1.00
t, R. H. Blacka 1.00 ^
*?. H. H. Lanham 1.00 ^
| i- H. f. Blair 1.00 4.
u. D. Christie 1.00 4.
Jt. II. Glenn Fleming 1.00 %.
4? E. M. Hall 1.00
J. \V. Polms 1.00 ^
^ H. .1. Kiel 1.00 ?%
t. Cash 1.00
4- 13. F. Ram age 1.00
P. B. Ogden 1.00 A.
i. Cash 25
i. Cash 25 A
^ Walton Miller 10.00
*- .'J. F. Anderson 1.00
Thos. Reed 2.00
J- A. B. Fleming 10.00
Cash 1.00 ^
JU Monongahela Bank 10.00 *
T. Worth Fleming 2.00
i- A. T. Watson 5.00
j- E. H. Wilcox 1.00 -J.
J. J. E. Watson 10.00 &
Jt. Cash 10.00
? Amount Collected by Index
?* Printing Company.
* 4*
4- Mrs. W. \V. Mitchell 1.00 4.
4. J. S. Morris 2.00 4.
4. Collecteil by Mrs. E. C.
4 Bolton 22.20 4*
j 4. Index Printing Company. 10.00 4.
4. Total $35.20 4.
4- 4^4.4-4.^.^.^.4.^.4.
Miss Madge Sample and Mrs. Earl
II. Smith left this afternoon for Atlantic
W. H. Morgan, of Morgantown. call'
ed to see us this afternoon;
Undertaker W. J. S. Harmer, of
Shinnston, is in the city.
Dr. Hal Hall is the proud father of
a fine baby boy horn to-day.'.*
Lrmentable State of Affairs Shown Up ~
in Court?Young Culprits Get
Off With Light Fines.
Wheeling Telegraph.]
A layman entering the office of
'Squire Fitzpatrick this morning
would have thought the genial Union
district justice had decided to forego
the .dealing out of jtistic'e and had ^
started n. general ?ioiu iiicnutu .
rhrco boys for looting-a 13. & O. rail- j ^
roa<l car in the yards was in progress
and in one corner of the office the following
articles of merchandise .were ,
One box of Arbtickles' . coffee. '
Half liox of sardines.
Half box of 'Chens'* soap.
Six cans of maple syrup. r
Half sack of rice. ?
Pile of women's . and children's
Pile of lamp burners. -r
Box of pitil; lo/.engers. r
John. Frank and Andy Basista, of a
the corner of Twenty-seventh street s
and Alley C. were placed on trial for |
looting a freight car in the yards. c
Through their attorney, .Mian Robin- ,
son, the boys pleaded guilty. Frank
and John were fined ?10 and costs ;
each and Andy, oil account of his ten- ;
der age, was liberated. l
The youngsters were seen in the 13. \
& O. yards yesterday by Chief of the \
B .V. O deeteire force Xiek Shiffier. t
of Bellaire. He saw tlie childen enter c
a car and also noticed that some arti- j
eles of merchandise were missing from r
the consignment. Catching sight of \
the depredators he followed them to t:
their home and made the arrests. A v
call at headquarters brought Detect- r
ives Joe Humes and Oscar Kronjae- r
ger to the scene and the house "was c
searched. The search revealed the r
above mentioned articles which were g
taken to police headquarters and later t
to the 'squire's office. After the hear- t
ing of the boys they were removed c
to the B. ?& O. freight depot. v
Sad State of Affairs. 1
The hearing this morning develop- s
ed a miserable state of affairs at the
household. It seems that the mother t
; of the three boys, Mary Basista, has 1]
been encouraging the youngsters in
their depredations and yesterday r
when the officers visited her home she v
was wearing a pair of shoes that had 1
been taken from a car. r
The boys had spent the night in jail ^
and this morning were taken before T
the justice. John and. Andy were ^
| small, the former being aged 11 and J
I the latter 7. Both were in their bare ^
feet. Frank, aged 14, was the biggest
of the trio, and he appeared in long n
Andy was the most truthful of the c
trio, and answered the questions of
the officers in a straightforward, manI
tier. As he had had no breakfast this .
morning he was rewarded with a ham ^
sandwich by the justice. '
Humane Officer Sam Darraii gave _
the mother of the boys a severe lecs
tore after The hearing and stated that ^
if lie heard of her abetting her chilI
dren in crime any more he would see
j that, steps were taken-to land her in ^
j some State institution. The .'squire n
also scored the woman warmly for ^
j her actions toward her children. J.
Festus Parrish, of l.incoln district. ^
father of our popular and very efli- (j
cient Clerk of the Circuit Court, is in r.
the city to-day and made us a profit- .
able business call. He was attracted
here by the Republican Senatorial
| convention, to which he was a delei
i XOTICE?I will sell you millinery at
I your own price June 11. 190-1. Call
I and see me. Mrs. Laura Frazer, 423
I .Jackson street.
T. 1,. Atlia, of Manninstcn. is in the
i city to-flav, and made us a business
j call.
Skinner Building
Second Door
flOove FostoTtice.
A 4- 4- J-? i rt r+4
rxt L1A AO otv
20 pieces of Sc anil 10c wash goods, 5c.
123/ac summer goods in white and C
colors, to run as a leader, at
Sc yard.
WHITE GOODS?There is 50 patterns
regular 25c anil 50c lladres, 1
Swisses, Lawns, Organdies, Pique
and Duck for this week, at 25c
a yard.
MILLINERY for all ai one-third off.
This means all Trimmed Hats,
Shapes and Flowers, at one-third ?
- '-'I- ' :"" - -
(Continued from 1st page).
O. P. next November.
In entering the primary contest in
iiy'ovvn county for State Senate, I
anje out on a definite platform. I
fedtred myself in favor of a revision
f the present system of taxation asessinents,~aIso
in favor of laws that 1
i'OuJtL aeomplish heter roads, and for ,
'id fn favor of higher salaries for
labile school teachers. I make the {
ame pledges to this convention. I
I so pledge myself to support all res- *
Iulions this convention may choose
o adopt. that is to say, I am at the
iddiR.g of my people. You are the j
nasters, and I shall not disobey.
This convention seems to literally
reath in harmony. 1 feel that I have (
teen exposed to and caught it, in
act, all of you brethren appear to^toe
iTectetl. Monongalia county brought
- car load of harmony. I am sure
he Eleventh district will continue to
larmonize. You delegates should all
eturn home and spread harmony
.mong our good people, and the re- j
ult will he that, all precious Repub- ,
Scan majorities will look very small
:om pared with the majority next Noember.
I have not thanked this convention
or the honor it has paid me. It is
mpossible for me to attempt to do
nil justice to such performance, ]
/ords fail me. However, I do thank ^
ou, and very much. This is my first ^
?* T "have hopn
:<I up to a greater or less extent in the j
lolitics of my home county- since I j
eached the voting, age, but altvays
vithout thought of office for myself,
intil the last year, then because I
vas urged by my friends to make the |
ace for State Senate. At first I de- ,
ntirred. but the office is a great hon
ir. gentlemen. I would rather go to .
ny own State Senate than to Con- j
:ress. The notion of office holding
ookholdof me after due consideraion,
and I plunged in, and to-day this
onvention has consummated that ]
I'hich has been my ambition of late,
can simply thank you, earnestly and
incerely thank you. ]
Prospects for a Republican victory ]
his year are bright- Democratic re
rorts to the contrary notwithstandng'.
Theodore Roosevelt will sweep f
he nation with a glorious victory.
Vest Virginia will elect a Republican ,
.egislature and a Republican will be <
eturned to the United States Senate. ]
Ve will also elect five Republicans to
he lower house of Congress again,
"he governorship contest will be adusted
next month at the State con- '
ention and a Republican governor
rill fill the chair for four years more,
o doubt about it. Republicans will
ave their little differences before the '
onventions, hut when the real fight '
oraes. you will always find them
oting the tichet straight.
I think enough of your time lias '
eeu consumed by me. I acknowledge '
hat this sort of performance is so enrely
new to me, that I have looked
jrwani 10 me urae 01 luumug mis j
peech, v.-iili weak legs and a large j
Limp in my neck. Xo doubt I have j
aid things which I should not have '
aid, and visa versa, but I hope you ,
'ill parclon me. 1 accept, the nomi- >
arion with most profound feelings of i
ratitiide. and since you have seen
t to name me as the Senatorial canidate
I sliall enter the contest with
lie most emphatic determination to
efeat the common enemy of Democacy
next November. I thank you for
r?ti> l.-!nrl Cl < tontidTi
I; '
? H T 7%./% T*./% 1 1
9 IV VI V m. a - ^ fl ^
jre at prices
for this
off regular prices.
Blue, Brown, Green and Purple,
with or without borders, at $2.50,
$3.00 and $3.50.
week, we offer special inducements
in order to get you to look at our
immense line of these goods. The
Linen effects at $1.9S, $2.4S and
$2.9S?are beauties.
3HIRT WAIST in Lawns, Silks and
' ' ' Hi?a?n?
Igigv-. . i ? .1 !
TANGIER. June 21.?Unless Raisui,
the brigand formulates a fresh
:laim, Perdicaris and bis step-son
.'ariCY, are expected to be released
The Bank Comptoir is advancing
he ransom of $70,000. Twenty thouland
dollars has already been sent to
laisiili and he will receive notes for
he balance. This measure on the
tart of the iUoors indicates that they
lave been advised by ESropean .
;;Q+c.cm r-*n
The Sultan, refuses to dismiss the
Governor of Tetnan as Ftaisuli denan
Ten Thousand Evergreens.
TARKYTOWN". N. V.. June 21.? !
John D. Rockefeller has placed an orlc-r
with a local dealer for 10,000 evergreen
Trees, which- will be planted on
nis large estate at Pocantico Hills.
This is said to be the largest order
jt its kind ever placed by one man.
Last fail Mr. Rockefeller set out more
than five thousand maple trees.
A Horrible Crime.
ST. PETERSBURG, June 21.?The
newspaper Novosti reports that a
'earful crime has been committed at
Kovna by a jealous woman. She decapitated
and then dismembered her
lusband and sent part of the remains
:n a package to her supposed rival.
Died at Barrackvil le.
Joseph Chambers, and elderly gentleman
of Marietta, Ohio, died at the
residence of John Steele at Barrackrille
yesterday evening. The funeral
tvill take place to-morrow afternoon
u Ice's cemetery.
Marriage License.
Robert McLarnon. 35, Mrs. Lillian
Douglass, 2G.
Just received 50 Colored -"Umbrellas.
Regular $3-50 quality. While they
last, SI.75, at The Bon Ton. x
Hot plates, oil stoves, ice cream
ireezers, garden hose, lawn sprinklers,
ivater coolers, screen doors and winlows,
are some of the summer necessities
to be found at J. L. Hall's
Hardware Store. x
I have some good bargains on Fairmont
avenue. Call and see me. H.
ff. Lanham. x
If you are in need of a bicycle we
tarry a complete line from S20 to ?40.
I. L. Hall's Hardware Store. x
See the $2.50 Colored Umbrellas for
fl.75 at The Bon Tor.. x
\ v*"-l/. Y'i - J
- 'coPYRlCM
given by the juices of luscious fruits,
ripe ana fresh, makes Jim Martin's
soda so popular. The fact that all
these syrups are absolutely pure ap
peals to everyone's good sense who
values health. The water used is pure
also, and there is 110 Summer bever- j
age so wholesome and delicious. Try 1
a glass of soda with his delicious ice i
cream at the
far below th
i week.
Linens at $4Sc, S9c, SSc, S1.4S, i
$1.&S and up to $6.00.
nr.Ann- T.AtV\T WAISTS?Ten dozen.!
worth $1.25, for this weelc at S9c.
Sumrrter Underwear.
VESTS?At 10c, 15c, and 25c. These
are extra values.
CHILDREN'S Pants and Shirts from
Sc to 25c, either for boys or girls.
SG-lnch curtain Swiss, worth. 12*?c,
for. this week only, at Sc yard.
Fancy Lawn and Lace Collars, will
Do You Know What We Want? H
Several Short "Ads." at H
7 One Cent Per Word. JH
vno TITCT -Cur-rlaliorl mnmV A TV .
ply 325'Walnut avenue. J
FOR REXT?A fevr choice office 9
rooms in the new Peoples Rank build- WBt
ing. Apply at the Peoples Bank.
' For Sale.
Choice building lots on Virginia SaB
avenue and Sixth street. Apply Ed- 19
win Robihson, Gas Office. 9
FOR REXT?A number of fine office '.S
rooms for rent in the Geo. M. Jacobs
building, Monroe street. Inquire of . BB
Geo. M. Jacobs, County Clerk's office. | J|9
Only livery business in town of
4,000. Cleared C5 per cent, last year. jal
Address Box 113, Elkins, W. Va. x 1 9
FOR REX'T?Two nice rooms with ?9
bath, gas and electric light. Call at gjB
423 Jackson street.
WANTED?A woman cook and dining
room girl. Apply Xew Central j9
FOR REXT?Seven room house with jljl.
bath and all modern conveniences, on
Xinth street, between Gaston and
Fairmont avenues. Apply at 900 Fair- > jg
mont avenue.
The Daily West Virginian contains
more good reading matter than any
other paper in Marion county.
FOR SALE?Two hydraulic barber
chairs. Loyal Bennett, 121 Main St. g
WANTED?Girl to do general house
worlt. Apply 127 Maple avenue.
Hennen QuaiiHi |
In Men's Glotliina ||
In Up-to-Date
Are Best Always. 1
PfTTv - /dffl 11
Bells, Push Buttons, Incandescent
Lights and ail things pertaining to
Electricity. We can supply you with
of all sorts. Take contracts for wiring
your horrte or office building. Estimates
cheerfully furnished. Enjoy !
the cool breeze of one of our electric
Bell 'phone, 192. Store Room 113
F. & M; 305. Jackson St. ' j
Main Street . j
West va.
V.; 1 '-^y? . 't iy
ieir value
wash, at 25c and 50c?beauties.
neVv lot of pretty lace
effects. in ladies' hose
at 25c, 50c, 75c, and 51.00.
Skirt Special.
For one 'week we place on sale all
regular $5.00 dress and walking skirts
either light or dark, at the low price
of $3.9S. (No alterations.)
25 In lot, regular $4.00 skirt,
while they last at $2.98.

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