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; f^^oad term.
PIPbf 1S9C and
^^P^ount of the split
nor of the threat
|HKlds over the campaign of
^PRr that if what he calls "Wall
^PIKet influences" prevail at St. Louis
^P^^^he will lead a "holt to which he will
rally that element that is faithful to
his^wild vagaries on business and fi
" nancial questions, it is inuispuiuDie
that he is formidable enough to materially
sap the normal Democratic
; strength that would lie consolidated
on a harmonious ticket and platform
that would enlist the united support
of the party. A study of the dlffer>
ences between this year and D92 is
In the next electoral college there
: will be 47G members, so that it will
need 239 votes to elect a President
and Vice-President. The Democratic
arithmetic men start by counting 109
from the South, in which they in-,
elude West Virginia, .Maryland and
Delaware. But neither of these
States has been carried by the Democrats
in a Presidential year since
1S92 and West Virginia at least is as
7 soundly Republican as Vermont, for
it is the protective tariff policy that,
has placed her industries on a solid
basis. Delaware and .Maryland may
be classed as doubtful, and even if
j they are transferred to the Democratic
column it amounts to but 101
:'v votes, or 7S short of a majority. Can
" it recruit that number from the North
M and Vest? To it might tie added the
29 of Now York and it would still be
lacking "39. Add the 19 of New Jersey
and Connecticut and it would
;C: leave 20 to be gathered up elsewhere.
Wisconsin gave a Democratic pluralIty
of 0,514 in 1S92. but in 1S9C it
went Republican by 102,612 an<l four
. years ago by 103.C56. About the
v ' same ratio stands for Indiana arul IIC
linois. These three States east 54
electoral votes and it would require a
most extraordinary change of popuIar
opinion in them to take them over
to the Democratic side this year even
?J" if the- St. Louis convention should do
the marvelous thing of agreeing on a
fe ticket and Bryan were brought into
submission.?Pittsburg Times.
Members of New National Republican
Alabama?Charles H. Scott
Ji ' Alaska?J. G. HeUl.
;vr Arizona?U. 3. Stitrgees.
. Arkansas?Gen. Powell Clayton. !
California?George A. Knight,
fy . Colorado?A M. Stevenson.
Connecticut?Cfcas. F. Booker.
' District oi Columbia ? Robert ilov- :
Delaware?J. Edward Acklicks. ' I
^rV v. Florida?J. -N. c oomt.
pj;r Georgia?Judson W. Lyons.
Hawaii?A. G. M. Iiobortson.
Idaho?Wei don D. Hcyburn.
Illinois?Frank O. How den.
Indian Territory?lJ. I.. Sopor.
V-'; Indiana?Harry S. Xew
fowa?Firmest F. Hart.
Kansas?D. \V. Mulvant-.
Kentucky?John \V. Yerkes.
Maine?John F. Hill.
Maryland?L. H. McC-.t.-us.
Massachusetts-*-VY. M. Crane.
Michigan?John \\\ Biodgort.
\ Minnesota?Fran a G. Keliogg.
I Mississippi?L.. 13. Moseloy.
ftp;. Missouri?Thos. .1. Atkins.
^ Montana?John D. Walte.
| Nebraska?Chas. H. Morrell.
t-A Nevada?P. H- Fianigan.
; New Hampshire?F. I-. Streeter.
I New Jersey?Gov. Murphy,
i' Nev,r Mexico?Solomon Lima.
New York?Wm. T. Ward.
North Dakota?Alex. HcKenzie.
Qhio?Myron T. Herrick.
Oklahoma?Cash M. Cade,
i Oregon?Chas. M. Harris.
! Pennsylvania?Boise Penrose,
j " Rhode Island?Blank'.
South Carolina?John G. Capers,
j South Dakota?J. M. Greene.
; Tennessee?W. P. Brownlow.
9 Texas?C. A. Lyons,
jj-- Utah?C. E. Loose.
Bk Virginia?Geo. E. Bow din.
j^k Washington?Senator Levi Ankeny.
Hk West Virginia?X. B. Scott.
Wisconsin?Henry C. Payne.
Wyoming?Geo. E. Pexton.
g?s Foiled By Fame.
| The great Russo-Jap war corre|Bpondent,
covered with honors, has
^kornes home. He seeks immediately
Bhe girl to whom he had given his at- ;
Rpction before lie went away to win j
SHime and whatever fortune there |
Mftight be.
KName the day," he begs of her.
B^o, it can never be," she sobs.
says that a man who shows
H|^?lous inventiveness as you
Bay out until two o'clock
JHSM^B^HWfc^nit up a different
Bfcfcpulsive; I
Km HK^HS 8 j$9Hg9ffl 1
iPp'T^LIEF 4.
? -iglgp^victlrns
of the Gas Ex- 4*
|Hffon?People Could Not Give 4*
to a More Worthy Cause.. 4*
.J. 4.
4* "The two families are in desti- 4.
4? tute circumstances, as all their 4.
4. household furniture was destroy- 4.
J. ed. Doctor bills and other ex- .J. i
.J. penses will add to the em- ?*
J. barrassment. Leave your con tri- -J-!
.J. butions with the West Virginian, .J. i
J. or send same addressed to the -J. '
J. West Virginian Relief Fund. .J. j
J. The follovdng contributions ? I
-t- have been made: ? j
West Virginian Pub. Co..$25.00 "J* j
Dr. J. R. Cook 25.00 -J.
A M. R. Post 30.00 .J. j
J. Citizen's Dollar Sav. Bank 10.00 .J.
J. Home Savings Bank 10-00 ?- \
d. L. Malone 10.00 > | '
S. Lt. Watson 10.00 j
C. E. Hutchinson 10.00 ,
.1. A. Clark 10.00 ^
M. I->. Hutchinson 10.00 v
% Fairmont Trust Co a.00
?>?? Hamilton & Huffman.... 5.00
A. L. Lehman 5.00
?? People's Bank 5.00 ?
% Holbert ??: Spetlden 5.00
J. M. Hartley & Son 5.00 ??
U. A. Clayton 5.00
B. G. Williams 5.00
Cler>. T. Watson 5.00
4 J. O. McXeeiy 5.00 4
4. W. H. Conaway 5.00 4.
4 T. A. Deveny 5.00 4.
4. Geo. W. Fleming 5.00 A
4* Sam R. Xuztim 5.00 4*
4. E. F. Hartley 5.00 4.
4- h. G. Race 5.00 4.
4* Geo. 31. Jacobs 5.00 4.
4. F. E. Nichols 5.00 4
.J. Cash 5.00 4
4 Cash 2.50 4
4 W. E. Arnett 2.00 4
4 W. F. Carey 2.00 44
T. \V. Arnett 2.00 4
4. E. A. Billingslea 2.00 4
4 Cash 2.00 4
4 A. M. Knight 2.00 4
4 J. L. Hall 2.00 4
4 B. D. Hutchinson 1.00 4
4 R. H. Blacka 1.00 4
4 H. H. Lanham 1.00 4
4 H. T. Blair 1.00 4
4 31. D. Christie 1.00 4
4 H. Glenn Fleming 1.00 4
4 E. II. Hall 1.00 4
4 J. W. Poling 1.00 4
4 H. J. Kiel 1.00 4
4 Cash : 1.00 4
4 B. F. Ramage 1.00 4*
4 P. B. Ogden 1.00 4
cash *
4- Gash 2." *
Walton Miller 10.00
-% J. E. Anderson 1.00 ?Thos.
Reed 2.00 ?.
A. B. Fleming 10.00 %
?? Cash 1.00 A*
? Monongahela Bank 10.00
T. Worth Fleming 2.00
I- A. T. Watson "..00
t. .L. H. Wilcox 1.00 0%
*- J. E. Watson 3 0.00
Cash 10.00
*r S*
Amount Collected by Index ?- ? |
Printing Company. ? i
W. w. .Mitchell 1.00 *.
J. S. Morris 2.??o JU
Collected hy .Mrs. E. C. ??
A- Bolton 22.20
Index Printing Company. 10.00 -l*
Total $35.20 .J.
'I* V
-> * >r %- * ->
Bribers and Bribed.
.Missouri jurisprudence, passes the
common understanding. The State
Supreme Court has' affirmed the penirenrinrv
sentences of two of the Sr.
Louis boodlers who had been convicted
of receiving shares of the $4 7,500
put up as a corruption fund to secure
the enactment of a lighting: bill
by the St. Louis House of Delegates,
or' which they were members. It was
alleued that Edward Butler, a Democratic
manager, supplied the money,
but he was acquitted on practically
the same testimony thar convicted
the men now in prison.' It must occur
to every person who comprehends that
bribery requires a payer as well as a
payee in the transaction that this is
a phenomenal condition of affairs that
prevails in Missouri.
District Attorney Folk has been at
work since March. 1902, on the boodle
cases. Eighteen jury convictions are
the record he has made, but eight of ,
them have been reversed by the Su- .
preme Court. The reversals include ]
all the men who were found guilty ,
of giving bribes. The theory on which .
The administration of so-called justice
is based in that State is that while i
witnesses who swear to knowledge ]
that, certain officials took money for (
their votes are to be believed, they
are utterly discredited when they
testily that they have equal knowledge
regarding the men who furnished
the bribery funds ? Pittsburg
In Delaware.
"The report of the peach crop failure
hasn't had much effect on the
"No; the peach-crop failure hasn't
been a success this season."
To the World's Fair, Very Low Rates.
Various forms of excursion tickets ^
to St. Louis via Baltimore & Ohio
Railroad, now on sale from Fairmont
as follows:
Season tickets, good to return until
December 35, 1904, to be sold daily at
rate of $2G.S0, round trip. P
OJAiy uaj cAv;uiaiuu uva^to, t?uui
limit not later than December 15, 1904.
to be sold dally at rate of $22.35, round
I 1
Fifteen day excursion tickets, "to be j r
sold daily at rate of ?1S.75, round trip. | ^
Ten day special coach excursion j
tickets on sale Every Tuesday in June,;
good going in day coaches only, on ;
special coach trains, or in coaches on j
designated trains, limited for return j
passage leaving St. Louis not later j
than ten days, including date of sale, j r
at. rate of $13.00, round trip.
j !J
Variable route excursion tickets, j
either season or sixty day, will be sold \
going via one direct route and return-;
ing via another direct route, full in for-1 j
mation concerning which can be ob- ; t
tained from ticket agent. 1 o
-- - | j;
Stop-overs, not exceeding ten days j
at each point will be allowed at Wash-i
ington. Deer Park, Mountain Lake!
Park. Oakland and Mitchell, Ind., (for
French Lick and West Baden Springs) ! 0
within return limit, upon notice to '*
conductor anil deposit of ticket with 0
depot ticket, agent immediately upon *
Stop-overs not exceeding ten days
will be allowed at St. Louis on all
one-way (except Colonists' tickets to
the Pacific Coast) and round trip tick- ?
ets reading to points beyond St. Louis,
upon deposit of ticket with Validating '
Agent and payment of fee of 31.00. ,
Three solid vestibuled trains are
run daily from Xew York, Philadelphia,
Baltimore and Washington, via
I'arkersburg and Cincinnati to St. c
~~ d
Three solid vestibuled trains are c
run daily from Pittsburg, Wheeling
and Columbus via Cincinnati, to St.
Magnificent coaches, sleeping cars,
observation cars and unexcelled din- g
mg car service. i r
For illustrated folder, time table 5
and fit 11 information, call at ticket
office. Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.
i 0
Very Low Rate Sunday Excursion
Tickets On Sale May 15.
Effective May 15 and continuing!
every Sunday thereafter until fur-1
tlicr notice, the Baltimore Ohio!
Railroad will place on sale excursion
tickets between stations of Wheeling
and Grafton, good going East bound
on regular train Xo. 72. leaving Fairmont
at 10:52 A. XI., and returning
ao regular trains Xo. 71-55. leaving
Grafton 1.2:40 noon, and G:50 P. XL;
and good going West bound on regular
train Xo. 5. leaving Fairmont at 7:47
A. XL. and returning on regular train
No. 4. leaving Wheeling at 5:00 P.
XL For tickets and full information,
call on ticket agent.
To the Republican National Convention.
Chicago. 111., Baltimore
and Ohio Railroad.
Account Republican National convention,
at Chicago, 111., June 21-24,
the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Company
will place on sale excursion tickets
to that point on June 16th to 20th,
inclusive, good returning until June
20th, 1904, inclusive.
Call on ticket agents for full informal
Fare for the round trip, $13.00.
If you see a nice 1 .oking E
couple driving around with a
;ood stylish horse, elegant harness,
nobby run-a-bout, carriage or trap,
with nice clean robes, and everything
to match, you can wager ten to one it
was hired from the Jackson Livery
Barn, as we put out only that kind. ~
FRED S. JACKSON, Manager. Open
lay and night. x
: <
. - . ..J _
r/\i mviuin i, vy. v f\m |
?' ... I . - ,rv.'.
- i :r--. ->f
Reduced Fares Authorized via
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad,
Summer Season, 1904.
Atlantic City and Seashore.
Special low rate excursions from all
oints east of the Ohio river on June
0th, July 14th and 28th, August 11th
n/l 9F.f"h and Sfmtomber Sth.
Cincinnati, O.
Grand Lodge, B. P. O. Elks, July
S-23. One fare plus $1.00 for the
ounrl trip. Tickets on sale Juiy 15th,
Oth, 17th, good returning until July
3d, inclusive.
Detroit, Mich.
Baptist Young People's Union of j
t.merica, International Convention, j
uly 7-10. One fare plus $2.00 for the
ound trip. Tickets on sale July 5th.
r? 7th. good returning until July 12th,
Indianapolis, Ir.d.
Xationai Prohibition Convention,
line 2S-30. One fare for the round
rip. Tickets on sale June 20th to
7th, good returning until July 10th,
n elusive.
Louisville, Ky.
Knights of Pythias, Biennial Enampment,
August 10-11). One fare
>1 us $1.00 for the round trip. Tickets
ii sale August 12th, 12th, 11th and
5th, good returning until August
1st, inclusive.
San Francisco, Cal.
Triennial Conclave, Knights Temdar,
September 5-0. One fare for the
ound trip to Chicago or St. Louis
.dried to fares tendered therefrom
Chicago $50.00; St. Louis $47.50).
)ates of sale to he announced later.
San Francisco, Cal.
Sovereign Grand Lodge. I. O. 0. F.,
September 19-25. One fare for the
ound trip to Chicago or St. Louis aded
to fares tendered therefrom (Chi
ago ?50.00; St. Louis $47.50). Dates
f sale to he announced later.
Toronto, Ont.
Friends' General Conference, Auust
10-10. -One^fare plus 32.00 for the
omul trip. Tickets on sale August
th to 11th. good returning until A:iust
31st, inclusive.
For additional information concernng
rates, routes, time of trains, etc..
all o:i or address ticket agents, Baiimore
cc Ohio R. R. y
Vost Billiard Hali.
South Side Pharmacy.
The Health Cigar Company.
Johnston Studio.
L_. G. Ice, Dentist.
103, 105,105|/2? 107 Fairmont avenue, j
Between both Depots, and best
location in City.
[verything about the house first-class, j
Rates $1.50 and $2.00.
Baths and Bar Attacher to Hotel.
1208 to 1214 Water Street,
"You Can't Beat Us
Unless You Cheat."
At the Depot.
The larg'sst ancl handsomest
Sample rooms in the Country .
located in the new 8200.000."
f'nni't ITonsP.
Fairmont, W. Va.
Special low prices 011 all Trimmed
iats at The Bon Ton. x
The far sighted investor
will put his money into
Real Estate
F"* airmont.
Profitable Investment and
BUSINESS consult
LEVI B. Hfliffi,
The man who
Sterling Silver!
a Very Complete
Line of
Suitable for
Wedding and Anniversary
Baltimore & Ohio
PASSENGER trains will arrive at
and depart from Fairmont on the
followicff schedule on and after Ifav
22d, 1904'
i :K ?*s V i~?IItS.
No. 5.?Arrives at Fairmont 5:35 P. M.
i> o. j..?Arrives ubritiruiuubi^.iui'. ->i.
No. 3.?Arrives at Fairmont 7:45 a. m.
No. 2.?Leaves Fairmont... ":10 a. m.
No. 6.?Leaves Fairmont. .. 1:53 p. M.
No. 4.?Leaves Fairmont... 9:55 p. m.
All trains are daily except Nos. 3
and 4 on the F.. M. and P. branch,
which are daily except Sunday.
For sleeping: car reservations and
information concerning- tickets and
rates, consult
T. II. Hexdeksox,
Ticket Agent.
tvest bound.
No. ".?Chicago Express. 4:24 a.m.
No. 5.?W heeling Accommodation
7:47 A. M.
No. 55.?Wheeling & Cincinnati
Express. 7:29 p. m.
No. 71.?Wheeling Accommodation
1:36 p. m.
east bound.
No. S.?New York, Baltimore
and Washington
Express. 3:25 a. m.
No. 72.?Grafton Accom'n 10:53 a. m.
No. 48.?New York, Baltimore
and Washington
Express. 1:48 P. M. I
No. 4.?Grafton Accom'n 8:38 P. m. J
F., H. 1>D P. HH VMH.
No. 50.?Pittsburg Accom'n 1:00 P. M.
No. 4.?Pittsburg Accom'n 9:55 P. M.
No. 3.?Pittsburg Accom'n 7:50 a. m.
No. 51.?Connellsville Ac'm 2:10 P. M.
No. 69 leaves daily for Morgantown
at 9:05 p. M. No. 62 arrives from Morgantown
at 6:55 a. m., daily except Sunday
; at 8:00 a. M. Sunday only.
If it's an. ideal wedding gift you are
looking for, Cochran, the reliable
jewe or, has it specially selected for
the occasion. x
If you are in need of a bicycle we
carry a complete line from $20 to $40.
J. L. Hall's Hardware Store. x
? \
Read the West Virginian. It has
the latest news.
. .U;., . .> t
laFoperis a Savings accounCr 1 :*
1 you the safe. We keep the
; accounts draw four per cent. |
ime being compounded semi- |
d get a safe. It will help you |
I Tne Bank ol Fairmont, i ]
J. E WATSON. President. | ?
J. S. iiAYDEN. Vice President. |L
Capital. SI50.000.00. B \
Undivided Profits. SI60.000.00 8 (
A. B. Fleming, J. S. Hayden, p
J. E. Watson,
M. L. Hutchinson. F. E. Nichols, a
0. S. McKinney. C. E. itlanley. * } 1 J
! Transacts a general banking- busil
Accounts of corporations, firms and
individuals received upon the most
favorable terms consistent with sound
and conservative banking. Is
Interest paid on time deposits. @
I Separate vault with safety deposit
! boxes for use of customers. eg
t Tlie First National Bank " ft
of Fairmont, W. Va. || j
I Capital Stock, - $100,000.00
Surplus and Undi- |? '
vided Profits, - 165,000.00
| Designated Depositary of the United
States and State of West Virginia. i
! J. M. HARTLEY, President. II (
" Hon. A. B. FLEMING,
Vice President. !
JOS. E. SANDS, Cashier. m 1
J. >1. Hartley, Hon. A. B. Fleming,
Benj. D. Fleming. Wm. E. Watson,
Jos. E. Sands. ?&
Chartered as State Bark in 1851. W
Organized as National Bank in 1865. Hs
Eechartered as National Bank in
"Wants business based on balances
and responsibility.
Collects on all points.
Sells domestic and foreign exchange. ' | i
Pays interest on siieciahdeposits.
j Customers' private boxes taken care j
j of in our fire and burglar proof vault
! free of charge. ' \
The People's Bank of Fair- I
mont, W. Va. \
S200, GOO. 00.
j George M. Jacobs President j
' Rnnrrrn f .fi Q>l f kXT i
? ,
J. M. Brovnfieli!. .. .Assistant. Cashier ,
Directors?G. M. Jacobs, S. L. Watson,
J. M. Hartley. Harry Shaw, W. S. :
Haymond ana C. E. Hutchinson. ^
' !
i All business intrusted to us will reI
ceive prompt and careful attention. \ j
i Interest paid on tirr.e deposits. Vault 1
! Is free tc customers for private boxes t I
j and papers. ^ y
For Good
Go To j '
I Cunningham Block. ( j
CORNER. ' j . I
Porler Alley and Monroe Street, .1 j
C. V. ABBOTT, Proprietor. * 1
Rooms have been remodeled and
thoroughly renovated. j j
Rooms with bath. : t
i First class bar attached. \
Worthy H. Post has bought /
the IVI. R. Post Grocery on 8th ) \
street and will continue the > i
business at* the old stand
where he was formerly lo- \ (
cated. . J
Contractor <Sz Bullder, * /' i
guarantees satisfaction in all his \ ,
work. Screen doors a specialty. Es- S
timates free. "IS Gaston Ave.
are located on the second floor of the \ :
People's Bank Building. They are /
prepared to do paving, grading ce- f i '
menting and all work ih their line'on Y<
..short notice. I

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