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I . r '
r t'J tjX>." - ?; <?&?$
/ h?
|j The Kind. Yon Have Always I
in use for over 30 years, 1
| ^wisir i??=
"j All Counterfeits, Imitations :
Experiments that trifle vritli
) Infants and Cliildren?Espei
What Is C.
Castoria is a harmless subs
J goric, Drops and Soothing :
;j contejes neither Opium, 31 <
:tt substance. Its age is its gu;
J and allays Feverishness. It
Colic. -It relieves Teething- 1
V > and Flatulency. It assimila
J Stomach and Bowels, giving
The Children's Banaeea?Tin
I Sears the !
% f *. j.
mit tt7I if yry _ __ T"? _
| xne Kina iob tiai
| in Use For Q\
| 0t\Ch
By our: System o
Ccj that is, making deposits and withdraw
f) ?3 saving than banking in person- A Hi
J your request. Our capital and resoui
.7 | j Our advice, embodying the successful
>| 1 - *? at your command.
f b Assets over
i >. ^hzz2M22mzmmMiiiEnm
5 c f-i : h >. >- i. >V
T- -J- -5- ... -> -> -J.
*** NOT Ci
t The fire insuran
I - -jf* ing does not covei
fc ^ "sidewalks," "sign
1 furniture or fixtui
| T- sured wants pay
}' items. lie_ must sa;
| ' %>v icy -is written, or
OV ~;\his peace,
f | T- FRANK E.
/ -9^ ^7 -115 Mai
j, y - V ti--i -ir-r *(
*, ===================
p .
' ^
I, Samuel B. Holbert.
a "Fire insurance z.
I ' '
: We represent TWEiN
j. most liberal fire insurance
and have unequalled facil
small lines at the lowest pi
you to consult us before pl?
7 General li
j Skinner Block,
Severely Punished.
"So Silas was charged with havln'
seven wives. Was th' judge severe
| . on him?"
"Awful! He discharged him with
all seven wives waitin' for him in th'
Song-bt, and xvliicli lias lieen. t
las borne tlse sijrnatnre of ^
is been made 1111 dei* bis per- J.upervision
since its infancy. ^
no one to deceive yon in tbis.
md " Just-as-good " are but ; a
and endangrer t!>e Isealtli of I <j
ience as'ainst Experiment. ! s
a V^.7 S ^ a ir~4 ?
tituie for Castor Oil, Pare- tJ
Syrups. It is I?leasniit. It t<
irphiiie nor otljer >7avcotie b
trantee. It destroys Worms v
cures Diarrhoea, and Wind
troubles, cures Constipation h
tes the Pood, regulates tlie }
: hcaltliy and natural sleep. v
e Muilier's Friend. j j,
"OR!A 'always j
Signature of i ^
< &?eJl4&6
rp Bought
. \j JLZ.iL I a ill J O L?vilgii6 ; n
roi" Vp.3 ''Q
wa <, , y s^y a V?'^
! !]
^ g
th Avenue, Pittsburg, Pa. g t
f Banking by Mall 5 t
ah, b just sa easy and far mora tim? ^ ^
&!e booklet telling why, awaits EE 11
cea speak for themselves- ^ / = 1
business experience of years, = t
$31,000,000 I d
.in nHiibi^niiiininmivriiniii^ e
>, U ?.% . U t
ce policy on a build
loss on "awnings," *** e
s," "store or office ~T* s
-es," and if the in- *
*. ^
for loss on these
? \ -' t
1- cn flip Tin'. ,
" """ w A .7. L
forever after hold c
n Street. ^ t
*5^ s
N"'- N *"? V V: e
alers in Pumps and Pump Pipe. e
illers of Artesian and Ordinary j'
?r Weils. |
st Wells For Miners! and Air. u
s for Shafts. -y
risolidated 'Phone 182. h
Edward F. Holbert.
s the best policyj
'TY of the strongest >and
companies in the world, ?
ities for placing large or ?
ossible rates. It will pay t;
icing your insurance. S
Fairmont, W. V". y
'"Her first- husband's picture? Was
her marriage a. failure?" ^
"And her second?" f
"Weil, she's beginning to ' speak
well of her first."
?anapno and LoisaUe Contended,
' '-'. but It AVa* mx Deud Heat.
Herrmann Klein, in a book 011 music
nd musicians tells this story: "Once
remember our party of four was Jolnd
by Tamagno when the celebrated
talian tenor was playing 'Otello' at
he Lyceum. We all had supi>er toether
after the performance and were
n the jolliest of moods. Taxnagno had a
light cold 011 the chest, but protested \
hat it made no difference whatever in j
he singing Quality of his head tones, j
Tpon this Lassalle offered to wager H
hat he could sing higher with bis j
alsetto than Tamagno with his 'voce j
i netto.' The challenge was accepted, j
nd forthwith the two begviri vociil
net the like of which I ma certain I
hall never hear again. Out came Taiagno's
A's and 15 tints, as quickly reponded
to with the falsetto equiva?nts
from I.assalle's sturdy throat,
'hen the Italian went 'one better.' and
he Frenchman. "in order,, as he said,
o help himself up the scale, mounted
is chair and emitted the B natural,
rhereupou Tamagno also stood upon
lis chair and brought out not only a
igh C. but a ringing D tint, hassalle
ras now for mounting the table, but.
his being "ruled out* as au unfair adantage
over a less athletic opponent,
e proceeded to get the necessary- notes
rem the eminence of his chair amid
erriilc applause from the rest of the
ompaiiy. Tamngno now made a bold j
lash for a D natural, but did not quite
iieceed. and as l assalie fared no beter
we pronounced the result a 'dead
teat.' "
IV.-ij lii? Solulers to
General Lcugstreoi used to tell a good j
lany stories to show that the men of :
is comma.ikI always treated captured j
Jnion soldiers with as much eousidera- !
ion and kindness as was possible tin- j
lei* the circumstances, lie said that :
is orders on iliis point were very j
triet. and he never knew any of his ;
icn to disobey. As he went on to ex- j
lain how proud he was of the record :
f his inert on thfs point a listener em- j
loyed in one of the depart incuts at
Vashington interrupted liiui.
""Undoubtedly your orders were strict, }
eneral." he said, "'but 1 happen to j
now that they were evaded. For ex- j
mple, in east Tennessee you ordered j
our men to respect the belongings of
risouers, and this is the way some of j
hem did It: I wore a good pair of army j
hoes, nearly new. One day a good j
" 1 '?- r- tslmoc: |
? speak of walked along our line look- j
ag intently at the shoes of the cap- j
red Unionists. I-Ip put his foot by !
he side of mine and, remarking that I !
ras just bis size, added: 'Old Pete !
Longstreet] says he will have every |
an shot who steals anything from a i
irisoiaer. To save my life, won't you j
rade shoes with irneV For I must have i
hem shoes.' Of course I traded, as j
id other prisoners."
At this Longstreet smiled, but insistd
that the story didn't prove anvbing.
Dillicult IIorseback Feat.
There are no better horsemen in the
rorld than the cavalry officers of the
talian army, yet even among them
here are very few who coukl perform
he feat recently achieved by one of
To run an ordinary foot race is easy
nough, but to run at full speed for
everal hundred yards holding in one
land a spoon on which rests an egg
nd to reach the goal without dropping
he egg is a leaf which must be praciced
carefully a long time before it
an be performed successfully, and as
. result there are not many who can
ie sure of accomplishing it whenever
bey try. Great, therefore, was the
urprise when an Italian officer mount(1
on horseback performed this ditliult
feat. Moreover, be selected a
ourse in which there -were two or
bree high fences, and these he cleared
t full gallop without losing the egg.
Parli.iiueirtnry Itclin^:.
"He said be could not help kissing
011," whispered the lirst congressman's
laughter. "He said when lie sat heide
you in the conservatory and Iookd
into your eyes he was moved by an
[ resistible impulse and simply had to
iss you."
"Did he?" smiled the second congrpssaan's
daughter, who was listening
ritli some interest to the apology thus
eing made for the boldness of the
andsome cousin of the other girl.
"Yes. He said it 'was your eyes that
ron him. He"?
"Well, he'll have to come around and
orrect the minutes of that meeting,
die eyes won it, but the nose got it."
In<IIa*H Sacred Fire*.
The sacred lires of India have not all
een extinguished. The most ancient
rhich still exists was consecrated
svelve .centiiries ago in commemoration
f the voyage made by the Parsees <
.-hen they emigrated from Persia to
ndia. The fire is fed five times every
wro hours with sandalwood and other
ragrant materials, combined with very
ry fuel.
A 11 ii il Bo/. I
Bertie?1 don't want to go to bed yet.
Is. I want to see you anil Mr. S hep- i
erd piny cards. Lucie?You wicked :
oy, to think we should do such a
ling! We never do iti Bertie?But I
eard mamma tell you to mind how
ou played your cards when Mr. Sheperd
Laborloun Search. . j
"Well," said' Borroughs, "that's theardest
work I know."
"What is?" !
"To find somebody that's easy. tot
ork."?Philadelphia Ledger.
I have a saloon-centrally located lor
lie quick. H.IL Lankan. x 1
/Perfectly- at Uooio In a\emperatvre
Bolow t$,o Zero Mark. '
When cold storage was tlrst introduced
into this country the chiily storage
rooms were absolutely free from |
rats and xuico. Tl?e temperature was
kept considerate* below the freezing
soint. and in the cold surroundings rats
and inice were unable to live.
In time, however, the rich stores {
packed away there proved too tempt- j
ing for thieving rodents, and they be- }
gan to wake inroads into the cold stor
age rooms, at first paying a hurried
call and -as soon as they had taken a j
few nibbles rushing with a shiver out
*nto warmer places.
Gradually, however, these visits were j
lengthened and became more frequent, j
not without considerable mortality |
among tlie rats, but in the end tlierc j
grew into being what is known as the i
"cold storage rat." This animal has j
neither fail nor ears, both having been <
frozen for his ancestors, resulting in i
their total loss to the families of the j
first intrepid pirates of cold storage. j
These earl ess and tailless cold storage ;
fnts are perfectly at home in a temper- j
at tire below the zero mark. This. I
think, is one of the most striking ox- j
ainplcs of how the animal kingdom in i
the wise .economy of nature can adapt ,
itself in the most severe surroundings.
?Atlanta Constitution.
Tlx'?- Were l-'irxt SujiKesteil In 11 ?;>7
!?> Du3:Ivl Defoe.
Primitive savings banks were found- j
ed ::t lia in burg in 1778 and at Berne j
in 2 787. the idea having been suggested
by Daniel Defoe in 1(7.>7. Francis Masseres
proposed in 1771 to confer upon
tli.-1 ratepayers of any English parish j
powers to receive and invest savings !
niul to grant deferred annuities, but a ;
hi!! to this effect failed to pass through :
parliament. The first practical at- j
tempts were on a small and tentative ;
scale. A children's batik was started j
by .Mrs. i'rlscilla Wakefield at Tottenham
in 170S.
Ti e Hov. J. Smitli of -Andover, with j
two friends, agreed in 1700 to receive;
small sums from his parishioners dur- j
in a the summer, to be returned with a
one-third bounty at Christmas, a lib- :
era I offer which was eagerly embraced.
The title of "Father of Savings j
Danks" has been given, however, to the
I Lev. II. Duncan of Ituthwell, Duin-.
friesshire, who established, a savings
bank in ISIO-on so successful a basis
that in four years it possessed an necu- j
imilated fund of ?1,160.
Acts to encourage savings banks in ;
England and Ireland were passed in I
1817 and were extended to Scotland in j
" ? A WM+ l
Tlie Termncjt. ur ?u>>?r
the Greatest Layers.
There is infinite variety in the nuin- !
ber of eggs iaid by different animals, .
the general rule being tliat those highest
in the scale of life are least prolific. j
Among vertebrates fisli are the most |
prolific. Trout and salmon average J
1,000 eggs to every pound of weight.
Bucklaud reckoned the roe of a half
pound herring at 10,840, of an eight
pound turbot at 385,000 and of a thirty
pound cod at 5,000,000, while the sturgeon
has more than a third of its
weight ready for the toothsome caviare.
5Iollusks vary in their powers of reproduction
from thirty to fifty at a
time in snails, to the thousands of the
whelk, while the spat of some reaches
2,000,000. It is among insects that stupendous
numbers appear, reaching a
climax In the termites, or white ants.
The queens of these are egg laying
machines of the most astonishing fecundity.
They become huge cylindrical
packages, 2,000 times their usual size,
chained to one spot. The laying at
the rate of sixty eggs a minute, or 80,OOO
a day, reaches probably iu two
to!ill of 50.000.000.'
Winter Hawthorn DIoh.moiii*.
The legend respecting the origin ol
the Glastonbury thorn is well known how
Joseph of Arimathca, in visiting \
Britain 0:1 a preaching mission, ar- |
rived weary at Glastonbury, and while
lie rested his hawthorn walking stick
was thrust into the ground; liow it
at once began to grow and ever a liter,
so the legend says, dowered on Christmas
day. The thorn is simply ail early
dowering variety of our common hawthorn.
That it does flower remarkably
early is quite true, for a tree in the ,
Itoyal Botanic gardens, JCew, opens its
dowers between November and March.
?London Knowledge.
A Tiny Dok,
The Mexican lapdog is so very minute
in size as to appear almost in- j
credible to those who have not actually
seen the animal itself. A well known
writer on natural history, speaking of
this tiny member of the canine species,
says that "it is precisely like those
white woolen toy dogs which sit upon
a pair of bellows and when pressed
give forth a nondescript sound Intended
to do duty for a legitimate bark."
The Lo?t Baby.
"What has become of your baby sister.
.Tolmnv?" asked a mother of her
four-year-old son. "I haven't seen her
for an hour or more."
"Oh, don't worry 'bout her, mamma,"
replied Johnny. "You'll find her when
rou sweep the house."?Exchange.
A Blunderer.
"Of course I will he uglier some
Jny." 8l.'e whispered.
"Impossible," he replied gallantly.
And he wonders that she sent his presents
back.?New Yorker.
51 oments are little things, yet by *their
proper use n book may be read, n J
picture may be painter1., a-profession c
may ho learned and a life made useful i
I Lave some fine lots la Morrow
Place yet.' IT. H- Lanham. x C
PITTSBURG. June 2S.?Merchant.
iimnufaciliners and business men of
Pittsburg will make a tour oC West
Virginia on July 12, 12. 11 and 1?.
This was decided at a joint meeting
of the board of directors artel the
- .. .. vt
Trade Excursion (jomzzmiec *.ue
Merchants and Manufacturers* Asso- T
cintion yesterday afternoon. A spe- ?
cial train will leave Tuesday, July 12, :r
it 1:30 P. M. The program as laid 0<
out is subject to minor changes.
The train will consist of one dining '(car
and as many Pullman cars as may 11
be necessary to give proper accom- lC
modatfons to each member who signi- Ci
les his intention of going along. The v'
train will he run according to a spe- ^
cial schedule. The excursionists will ( l
practically live on the train. Special l<*
invitations have boeu received from n'
Morgan town and Fairmont, asking Ht
he Pi its burgers to be entertained hi ^
ihose cities. Similar invitations have ^
been received from other cities on the
itinerary 'I
There is now in preparation a book
of i(> pages which will show the full 1'
itinerary, a list of all the mom hers ac- *
cojnpanying tin- excursion, views of ''
Pitt} '>.irg and other interesting tea- ?
lures concerning the Smoky City.
The (rain wiil go uvcr the Baltimore n
Ohio arui the Wos* Virginia Central '
railroads. Including, in hrU I' form 0
such sr.at.ist ics as will show the? fm- 11
portanco of the city, will be grivou.
These hooks will be distributed in all sl
the towns visited. The trip will cover
about SOO miles. * v
The following places will he vis- !'
iced: Wheeling, Moundsvjlle, New ^
Martinsville, Sistersvilie. St. Marys. ?
W. Va.; Marietta, Ohio: Parkersburg, '
Cairo. Pennsboro, Salem, Clarksburg. u
Weston. Bnckhannoti. Grafton, Phil?
- Do ^ortn? i>
ippi, J'.eiuigLon, Olivias,
Thomas, Davis, Key.ser. Piedmont. W. s
Va.; Cumberland, Md.: Fairmont,
Mannington, Morgan town, \Y\ Va.; l)
Uniontown and Clarksvilie, Pa. ?
Senator Fairbanks In College. a
Deslie's Magazine.]
Young Fairbanks, by farm work a
and wagon making, had saved $41 by
the time he reached . the age of 15
years. With it and one suit of clothes ?
he traveled to Delaware, 0.. where ^
he entered Ohio Wesleyan University.
He turned to account his rudimentary
knowledge of carpentry by
working on Saturdays for a local contractor
for $1.25 a day.
A few weeks after young Fairbanks
arrived at college he fell and split
his only trousers beyond immediate
repair. It was necessary for him to
borrow a pair from a fellow student,
and the loan had to be continued be- ^
cause he was denied credit for
a new pair at the stores in town.
He had to send home for his mother
to make him another pair. *}
Working in college during the college
year and in the harvest fields in
vacation, he was graduated from the
college and its law course at 20. At ^
22 he was admitted to the Supreme
Court of Ohio, and later he went to
To the St. L_cuis World's Fair, via Bal- T
iimore and Oh?o Railroad.
Every Tuesday in June, only ?12.00
round trip from Fairmont.- V
Tickets will be good going 1 ri
coaches only on specified train, and c
in coaches or regular trains returning
not later than ton days, including B
date of sale.
Call 011 ticket agents for time of
train and full information.
jm\ ii
Book V
[* <6?>. d L?^\ wh ^ Q\ t
rue of a penny, too. Want to see it
;row to a lusty youth, then a strong
nan? Put the pennies and dimes in
our little home bank, bring the dol- m
ars here, which we will safeguard in fe
:o'nservative, yet lucrative invest- vi
nents, pay you four (4) per cent in- hi
erest on them, and then interest on ul;
10th. principal and interest, until
ou'll have a pretty pile years before co
dd age compels you to begin to draw
t out." Taljt it over with us any day. u"'
* . Mnm
His Power to V/rcck and Ruin the
Democracy Is Over." ^
I-OUISY1LL.E. June 22.?Henry
,'atterson. In the Courier Journal to- :~:?m
tor row. will pay his? respects to Mr. ; . ;
ryan for his New Yorft speech and ^
i the course of a column and a half
iitorial will say: 4
"One would supose that. si party .J ^
with nnv souse of disnity. hav
itr set lib own house In order, would
avo the houses of his friends to take >;4%:lp
ire of themselves,-.but it is not the
ay of Mr. Bryan. No? content ' with
;e action of Nebraska, he is no soon- V:^|
liircm&h with rive business that tielined
him at On:aha than he hurries -/''-.'''M
iva v to New York, hires a hall, as*
rabies a rabble and assails the or-.
tnij'.od 1 democracy of the Empire:at<
. like any Republican or 1*0011- S
st. or other enemy, though no one ;
upoached the regu larky or the -ortho*. - ,/X-pli
>\y of New York Democracy, while . /
icir preference for President, Judge vjS
Icon B. Parker, is mi eminent .and.-. V'-'
fe-Ion^ Doiiiucrat. who supported Mr. >
ryan both in I SOd and lf?<)6.
"Thu'e < an be no mistaking the' -/"*'
leaning of such demonstration... \
iiey ought to make it plain to Dcm- " ^
c-rat everywhere that' Mr. Bryab
ican- mischief and only mischief. a ; s'5
ft- ?->es to St. l.ouis to stir ttp a
1 rife. 1! can no longer be do 11,1-)fed f-il
lat what Mr. Ur.van aims at is a <11- f"S
id'.'ii Democracy. What lie seeks is
h- ilefent of iis ticket. Where lie ill
as failed lie has resolved that none , .33
;lier shall win. If another stood in ;
ml,go Parker's shoes. that other
finlil invite .Mr. Bryan's resentment
"Hill Is l<iil as a red flag to a tnail
till. Belmont is but a figurehead of
poecli. Mr. Bryan will flnci before
no end of the chapter that ho has -'L
olli overestimated his power and' 3
vcrroacUed himself. IIo may make
scene in the convention?nothing -S
tore. If he bolts, his bolt will lose __
to Democrats no State they have ?j!p
ml lielp them gain some States they ?g
ceil. Mr. Bryan may keep himself . -g
live as an agitator, but the day of his i'i*
otver to wreck and ruin the unterri- jjj
eil and undeflled Democracy of the
'nited States is over."
. waiter tie stood by my goodly right
Singing "Willie! tip Willie: tip \Villie!"
.ml I said. "Honest Richard, now why "5s
do yon stand
Singing 'Willie: tip Willie! tip
i ii weakness of intellect, waiter." I
Or a clockwork device .in your littie
Villi a shake of his barber-ship curls
he replied:
"Tip Willie! tip Willie! tip Wil- ;J|
iy plate he removed and lie held out
liis hand.
Sinking, "Willie! tip Willie! tip
ill ! said. "Simple waiter, i can't: "' -SI?
All this -Willie! tip Willie! tip ;
- Willie!'. ' I
our accents denote indigestive re- morse?
(< y:,u wish me to pay for my roeal " *^|
by the course?"
ui the waiter replied in a monotone
"Tip Willie! tip Willie! tip Wil- "'.|g
."lien I paid for my dinner be acted
so strange.
With his "Willie! tip Willie! tip
s [ (juietiy pocketed all of the \'M
To his "Willie! tip Willie! tip Wil- ,||
hen a sob and a sigh and ,a gurgle y-Sfw
nd i said to the steward: -"How VaB
your waiters behave!" ' s
ut the latter just winked as he mnr/. ~0g
mured?the lcna.ve!? ? r" M
"You're silly?tip Willie! tip
.A e u?JUJ'K "'"tm. a
"It used to be," moaned
an at the summer resonj^B
How in my position
ed. AH the girls -wa^B^k
m and he wouldlomB
Here he sig^BK^HB

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