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IplPsaturtJay 1
Hffre line of Stov<
Lawn Mowers
pPPFor five days only
Our Leader, SI4.00, Good Luck Gas R;
A S9.00 Dinner Set of 100 pieces of I
A S6.50 No. I Boss Washer, for
Our S8.50 White Mountain Refrigerate
$15, Novelty Range, 6 hole, a big sell.'
Our best Bargain, $9.50 Torch Cook S
A 4-quart Arctic ice Cream Freezer, S
. Re mem t
4* <4 4 # 4- 4- 4 4- 4 4 4^
OCTDCOilV ?1 1 ^
*h A cl? J. >U -u } :h
JJL ^S- . JJi .>. > -?- -i- -J- -?
Deputy Sheriff Z. F. Davis is in
Ohio on business.
Several strange Chinamen arrived
: this afternoon.
Judge John W. Mason came up from
Morgantown at noon.
L. E. Howell, of Arnettsville. was j
an agreeable caller to-day.
G. W. Hunter, a veteran patron of
this paper, called on us to-day.
Mrs. C. B. Fleming left to-day for a
visit among friends at Morgantown.
Miss Nettie Clemmer returned last
evening, from a visit to her home at
Lexington, Va.
L. G. Race, of Fairmont, spent Friday
in the city on business.?Clarks- j
burg Telegram.
Mr. and Mrs. Charley Toothman, j
of Pawpaw district, are visiting Mr. !
and Mrs. E. S. Amos, of Locust ave- j
V.\ :
Mrs. M. L. Hanson, of Montana, was j
admitted to Cook's Hospital for sur- !
gical treatment this morning.
W. H. Nicholson, Jr., of Fairmont, |
is "here looking after business mar'
ters.?Clarksburg Telegram.
Mrs. T. J. Humphrey anil son Tommy
left to-day for Grafton, where they
will visit friends and relatives,
e.Miss Eflie Hawkins. of Morgantown,
is visiting at the home of A.
: H. Reeves, of the Fifth ward.
Mrs. Albert Eliason. of Rowlesbtirg.
is visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
W. J. Eliason. of Locust averuio.,
Miss Daisy McNemar. oi* Grant
county. left to-day for Clarksburg,
where she will visit for a few clays.
Dr. S. W. Ems tot and wife, of 11agerstown,
Md.. are the guests of Mrs.
Umstot's mother. Mrs. Mary .T. Brand. !
of Fifth street, Fifth ward.
L,. C. Ward, who was at Cook iios- |
-;k[pital receiving treatment for typhoid j
fever, is cured and returned to his j
home at West Alllford to-day.
Miss Nellie Eonlev. of Waynesburg. 1
who has been visiting friends at
Morgantown, arrived to-day to spend j
Sunday with Mrs. A. L. Lehman.
Misses Amy and Addie Eliason re- j
turned , from ?>I organ? own last even- ;
ing where they had been attending j
the Stare Educational Association.
The license has been issued and ev- ;
ery thing is ready for Prof. Sjimmers I
to make the high dive from the bridge !
across the river this evening. He j
will jump promptly at seven o'clock. |
Mr. and Mrs. William Xnzum left
for their home in Clarksburg yester '
clay evening. They were here attending
the funeral of Mrs. Ellen Xu- j
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Morris, of the !
Fifth ward, left to-day for Wise. Mon'
ongalia county, where thev will at"
tend the birthday anniversary of Mr.
Morris' mother to-morrow. The latter
will be 8S and is as able to work as
though she were not more than CO.
Elliott Morris, a citizen of Fairmont,
and according to his saying, the
/ husband of the sister of an aunt of
^ Editor Ross Morris, of "Revelations,"
was, here Friday on his way to Buckhannon
to see a son, and, incidentally,
talked a little for Charley Swisher
B^^lecretary of State.?Weston IndeBkuiette
E. Carter, professor
^ uruages at the Fairmont
?&been renewing her
^bvith her Morgan^^ding
the meet*
^ ^.ssociation,
111 jur<i
Morning:, JUNE 25th, and
3S and Ranges, Refrigrere
Oil Stnves. Exnress Wa
you can buy at ou
inge, 16 inch oven, 4 hole for
mported English China Ware, for
ir, that holds 60 pounds of ice, for
:r, with us, at
tove, No. 8-16, will go at
2.25, for .
3 T^his! "
3er when you pay us our regular pric
TIME: Saturd
n Building, at
BlftgHainAwlB I
First Baptist Church.
I AY. J. Eddy, pastor?The pastor will
I deal with a subject at the morning
service in which all people are interested.
"Shall We Know Each Other
In Heaven?" The evening service will
be at S o'clock, subject. "The Best
Companionship for Life." Miss Shaw
will have charge of the choir. At 0:30
the Sunday School will meet. The
B. Y. P. XT. will meet at 7 o'clock,
subject, "The Gospel and Freedmen,"
leader, Miss Zora Kinsey. All will be
made welcome.
First M. E. Church.
Main street, near postoffice, G. D.
Smith, pastor?9:30 A. M., Sunday
School: 10:45 A. M., the pastor will
preach on "The Exaltation of Human
Nature;" 3 2:00 M., general class meeting:
7:00 P. M. Epworth League, subject.
"Problems in Africa's Rederap
lion." loader, Howard Satterfield; I
S:0O P. M.. the Rev. Joseph Leo, of |
Wheeling, will preach on "Jerusalem
?It's People and Religion." Dr. Lee
has traveled extensively in the Holy
Land and all who hear him will he
entertained and instructed. A special*
feature morning and evening will
he bass solos by Roy Lough and violin
solos by Prof. Shaw.
Central Christian Church.
Corner of Walnut avenue and Second
street. Henry F. Lutz, pastor?
Lord's Day services: 9:30 A. M. Bible
School. Seymour .Melmire superintendent:
10:-15 A. .M.,preaching; 11:45
A. M. the Lord's Supper, open to all
Christians; 8:00 P. .M. preaching,
xx... .. I XT /it" W77-? nol 5 Tl (X Will
preach both morning and evening.
Lutheran Mission.
Rev. T. 13. Yeakley, pastor?There
will he regular service a.t. the Willard
Hall Sunday. Divine services at 10:45
A. M.: services in the evening at s:
Sunday School in the morning at
9:35. The public is invited to at- j
Catholic Church.
Rev. A. D. Boutlou, pastor?Mass at
S and 10 every Sunday, in new church
at. corner of Jackson and Madison
streets. Benediction in the evening
ar. 7: JO o'clock. Mass every morning
during the week at 7 o'clock.
Methodist Protestant Temple.
Monroe st reet. Rev. J. PI. Laicas, D.
IX. pastor?Rev. I. A. Barnes, of the
second Jieiuoaisi riomsiaiu cumun,
of Pittsburg, will occupy the pulpit of
the Temple to-morrow morning at
10:45 and evening at S. Sunday
School at 9:30; Junior Christian Endeavor
meeting at 2:30. The pastor
is improving and will be at both
morning and evening services.
Presbyterian Church.
Rev. H. G. Stoetzer, pastor?Bible
School, 9:30 o'clock; morning service,
10:45; Evening' service, S:00; C. E.
Society, 7:00 P. M., leader Olive
Barnes. Dr. C. Humble, of Parkersburg,
will preach at the morning service.
All are cordially invited.
Coon's Run Christian Church, Everson.
James Allen, evangelist, will preach
at 10:30. Subject, "Jacob Against
God." Lord's Supper atll:.'JO. All incited
and welcome.
Special low prices on all Trimmed
gats at The Bon Ton. r1 x
_? -A-Cr<p? ,Y- ; -TV.' :-/i * < ^ 'M,** g?*- fffi
>ALE <
E 25 t<
ending Thursday evening
itors, Lawn Swings, Hamr
gons, and all our Wringer;
ir store for cash the
. $13.60 j!
t.au :
5.85 ,
2.0Q I
es you buy us cheap as anyone else v.ay,
June 25* to
J. L. H
. J. . . t, ;K . K cU
~r *x~ "X "X T ~i:
At the Miners' Hospital Were Much
Enjoyed By Those Present.
The graduating exercises in the
nurses' department at the Miners'
Hospital were held last evening. Only
rhe members of the Marion County
Medical Association and "their wives
and a' few of the close friends of the
graduates were present. The invoca
? ? - 1", T>mr r? 1-) TCinsr. of
Diamond street. M. E. church. An address
of welcome was delivered by
Dr. W. C. Jamison. The diplomas
were conferred by Dr. J. "YV. McDonald,
Superintendent of the Hospital.
An address was made to the class by
Rev. H. G. Stoetzer, of the First Presbyterian
church, after wli.ich an informal
reception was held and the
graduates presented to the Medical
Association. Delicious refreshments
were served and those present had a
most pleasant time.
This is the first class to complete *
the two years course given at this institution.
It was composed of Misses
Lou Barnes, Jean G. Poling, Mary C.
Marshall and Lillian E. Arnett and
Mr. A. W. Hamrick. All are well -3
known and have been successful in .?
their work in the Hospital.
Two Social Affairs.
T , , ^ <)' TllO C
AJ11,Li--\I.WVVii, ' ?>unc w<j. ? |
West Virginia University students 1
from Japan. Count Iwasaki, Messrs. 1
Sakamoto and Tukiizawa. entertained '
their Japanese visitors. Messrs. Kuma 1
and Fugiaka of Harvard College, 1
Prof, and Mrs. R. O. Berkeley, Prof. (
and Mrs. Stewart. Mrs. E. E. Hayes, *
Miss Fannie Berkeley and Miss "Wis
nor at dinner from 1 to 2 o'clock at
the Hotel ZVIadera yesterday.
Last night Miss Fannie Berkeley ]
handsomely entertained a number of (
friends in honor of the Japanese students.
A. Boating Party.
Merchant E. c. Steznple gave a boating
party to his clerks and a few
friends, last evening. The party
started in Hough's naptha launch
"Virginia" about six o'clock, and went
up nearly to Benton's Ferry, where a
landing was made and the contents of. ^
well filled baskets were partaken of. (
The party returned at 9:30 o'clock,
each one satisfied with the way in
which the evening had been spent.
Skinner Building
Second Door
n i? ^tt:^
nuuvG rudiuiiiut).
Offerings for these three
four left?they are regular $15.00
values; to close them out, our
offer is $8.50.
? I
FOULARD SILKS?Some of those
pretty satin foulards, worth $1.00 ?
a yard, for 60c.
WHITE GOODS?Some handsome pat- (
terns in mercerized effects, worth
30c, for 20c; 35 and 3Sc kind for
a yard 25c.
SILK' SPECIAL?Another piece of
that guaranteed 3G-inch black taffeta,
worth $1.35 other places;
our price, a yard 98c.
r, JUNE 30th, we shall hi
nocks, Garden Hose, ice
s, Tin Ware, Granite Wa
i following BARG>
>1.50 Hammocks will go at
>2.75 Lawn Mower, 14 inch cut
t SL60 Hot Plate, 2-bnrner, at
)ur S6.50 Lawn Swings can be bought
>1.25 Challenge Wringer at
)uart Tin Cans, at ?
llason's quart Jars
TP In I s 1
ill sell yon, and buy at above prices
Thursday5 Jur
Those in the party were Mr. and Mrs.
Lynn Voder, Misses Cora Wheeler.
Matilda, Bess and Grace Rankin and
Harriette Pitzer, and uj. "u. atempie,
Frank Ewan, Thaddeus S. Bentley and
Melvin Reinheimer.
Sacred Concert.
The orchestra for the sacred concert
at East Fairmont Park to-morrow
will he under control of Prof.
Huxley. Prof. MacArthur will attend
to his church choir on Sundays
and will not be connected with the
park concerts on that day.
A Delightful Dance.
The dance given by the Fortnightly
Club at Traction Park last evening
was a delightful affair. Thirty couples
tvere present and all had a most
pleasant time.
-The young people were chaperoned
by Mesdames b. E. Malone, Preston
Crowell, George DeBolt. C. E. MacArthur
and Haller.
The next public dance will be given
at Traction Park Tuesday evening.
Everybody is invited.
KIEL, GERMANY, June 2:>.?King:
Edward arrived here this afternoon
iboard his steam yacht Victoria and
Albert, escorted by a squadron of four
large cruisers and six torpedo boat
lestroyers. The King and his boat
rame through*the Kaiser Wilhelm calal
and Prince Henry went on board
he Efritisli royal yacht in the lock at
he eastern end of the canal to greet
he royal visitor in the Kaiser's
tame. The Kaiser himself sailed out
m the Hohenzollern to meet his vistor
and escort the Victoria and Al>ert
to her moorings.
One fact is worth a ton of argument.
It's a fact that Hall's ice
cream is the best. x
Some of the host lots on Fairmont
ivenue for sale. See H. H. L'anham.
One hundred head of stock ho&s I
?Inn ,1/Minfb fit* rwnv <?.1 r-f-'nTc; npr !
jound. Thirty to 100 pounds, 7
tents per pound.
W. N. Satterfield,
Rivesvilie, W. Va.
: days are not tO be overloi
rABLE LINEN?Five pieces regular
59c and G5c linen for these three
days, at a yard 44c.
a yard 6c.
SILK WAISTS for these three days
all at 14 off regular prices.
JINGHAMS?Best grade Bates Seersucker
ginghams, worth 15c a
yard, special 10c.
dUSUNT SPECIAL?5,000 yards best
7c grade unbleached muslin^ 30
inches wide, only 10 yards to a
customer, special, ten yards
for .* 49c.
S 30
ave on sale at from 10 to i
* Cream Freezers, Screei
re, Galvanized Ware and
Read 1
vou SAVE fro.-r. TEN to TWENTY p<
le 30. DON'T F
Leading Hardware S
In Greek at University of Nashville j
to Be Occupied By Parkersburg
PARKERSBrRG, June 24.?Eugene
Tavenner, formerly?of this city,
now of New Yorlc, has accepted the
chair in Greek at the University of
Nashville, and will assume his duties
at that institution at the beginning
of the scholastic year next fall.
Mr. Tavenner has just finished a
classical course at Columbia University,
New York, having had the degree
of Doctor of Philosophy conferred
upon him at the commencement
exercises this month. His friends
here will he delighted to hear of his
appointment as well as of his collegiate
Mr. Tavenner is spending the summer
in the Adirondaks, but will come
h^re some time in September for a
visit with his brother, Walter B. Tavenner
before going to Nashville.
^^IJAtKSON "STr ./. :
. ... ... :
.1 \fUv' ii'P***!/v
? >' Copyright
given by the juices of luscious fruits,
ripe and fresh, makes Jim Martin's
soda so popular. The fact that ail
these syrups are absolutely pure ap
peals to everyone's good sense who
values health. The water used Is pure
also, and there is no Summer beverage
so wholesome and delicious. Try
a glass of soda with his delicious ice
cream at the
?p/Y^, m
al/orl oc lira n-ffor cnfTIP VPfV
ji\lu, nt un.wi wmv ivij
HOSIERY SPECIAL?A lot of Children's
and Misses' 'blade lace
Hose, regular 25c kind, for these
three days, special, a pair... 17c.
SKIRT SPECIALS?For these three
days all regular $5.00 skirts go
at ...r $3.98.
RIBBON SPECIALS?A lot of regular
25c ribbons in all .shades, for a
yard .15c.
inches wide, worth 29c a yard, as
a leader, a yard 20c.
for 50c, t^ut this sale all 50c
20 per cent. Reduction
t Doors and Windows,
2.48 <1
. 1.44 J
5.50 U
32c doz.
39c cloz.
3i* cent. \ ; :'t'
tore, Fairmont. W. Va.
Report of iito condition or
the People's Bank of Fairmont, located
at Fairmont, in the State of West
Virginia, at the close of business, June
9th,~1904. Bank first began business 1891.
Loans and discounts... .... $459,324 47
Overdrafts 6,140 53
Banking house, furniture and
fixtures 65,478 80 .
Other real estate owned 30,000 00
Due from banks 37,147 51
Checks and other cash items 5,109 24 J
Lawful money reserve in
banks .* 18,764 89
Expense 5,003 30
Total $626,963 74 {
liabilities. i
Capital stock paid in .$116,600 00 r
Undivided profits 7,857 72 /
Due to banks 14,373 S3
Deposits, viz. :
Subject to check. .$138,400 50
Time certificates. . 271,313 35
409,803 85
Notes and bills rediscounted. 45,000 00
Liabilities other than those
above stated 33,333 34
Total $626,96S 74
County op Marion :
I, Geo. DeBolt, Cashier of the above
named hank, do solemnly swear that the
above statement is true to the best of my
knowledge and belief.
Geo. DeBolt, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this
13th day of June, 1904.
C. Richard Hall, Notary Public.
Geo. M. Jacobs, j
C. E. Hutchinson, - Directors.
J. M. Hartley, j
=================== . I
See the f2.50 Colored Umbrellas for
$1.75 at The Bon Ton. x
-SjpE^o { p|j >,
dry. ' D^lp^l
iV;' -K:,v1\!J^
Beds, Push Buttons, Incandescent
Eights and all things pertaining to
Eleotricity. We can supply you with / ,
of all sorts. Take contracts for win- ;|
ing your home or office building. Estimates
cheerfully furnished. Enjoy
the cool breeze of one of our electric . i
fans. % 1
Bell 'phone, 192. Store Room 113 >
F. & M., 305. Jackson St.
Main Street I
WestVa. 1
frrnrlo fr?r 44c. ( i
pieces regular ISc, 20c and 25c i (j
lawns, etc., for these three days
all go at a yard 12J^c j
"Wash goods at 5c, Sc and 10c. I
See these.
MILLINERY?'Tis * well known that ', j
our prices are always lower than )
others, but during these three V p
days we offer a. reduction of 1-3
o"ff, which makes our prices just
half what you would have to pay *. j
for the same Hats elsewhere. ^

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