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REP^k?:'. ?. w oo
^-Traonths 2 00
three months ?. 1 00
jB^K- -*'.S5kly, one year../."... 1 00
-Weekly, six months 50
The West " Virginian, Daily and
Weekly, is entered in the Postofflce at
Fairmont, W. Va., as second-class mail
??? ; _______
For President,
of New York.
i For Vice President,
of Indiana.
For Congress,
For State Senator,
Forjudge of Circuit Court,
For House of Delegates,
For Sheriff,
T?V?Vi -net AttnrnPV.
v- ,
For County Commissioner,
For County Surveyor.
For Assessor. Eastern district,
For Assessor, Western district,
Keeping everlastingly at it is what
The Vest Virginian makes new
friends every clay.
The fellow that is underneath does
an awful lot of squirming and kicking.
People believe what the West Virginian
says. In that respect it is like
the Bible.
The Republicans are going to run
\. another "confidence game" on the
\ Democrats this year. It takes confidence
to win.
The every day business is beginning
to tell In this community. Ke:
publican sentiment is becoming much
.y-: ' more manifest.
Some people think there is nothIng
in politics. There isn't in the no
account kind; but there is a grca*
deal in the Republican brand.
It doesn't take any more breath to
"boost" than it does to "knock" and
it is a thousand times better both for
fc the town, and for the individual.
I ?=
& N Fairmont is the best known town
J of its size in the State. It has a host
fcfe of enterprising citizens who know the
worth of printers' ink.
\yj If the papers would publish all the
L'noivo ff-jAv hoor thp nnrlcrtakprs
n c 'j J 1 L. k 1 I I
| : would do a thriving business for a |
B week or two.
m?- '
The Democrats are going to a lot
B^of unnecessary exertion this hot
ffltettlier in trying to get together at
Ipfefabuis. They had just as well inj^Baosevclt
by wire and make
Bki unanimous.
c fehst about like the
B^to the ProhibiHHbltheir
a Pres"
Btj&e nomi-1
L, V 1 <- ; V ' Vi--- 'to I '
?> and. 'at
ffSra the- strong- o
.eveland. the i
^tirewdly turned the
..joth Bryan and Hearst, and j
^^jipposition of other aspirants, t
gainst Judge Parker by openly in- -s
dorsing him. After doing so, the t
New Jersey delegation which Cleve- s
land admittedly controls, was i?re- i
vented from being instructed for i
Parker that it might, be delivered to a
Gray. Senator Smith, of that dele- c
gation, was in Wilmington recently t
arranging with the Gray men for
M-n-m'Tin, r>ver these votes at the prop- 1
er time. Leader Murphy, of Tam- t
many Hall, continually talks Cleve- r
land, but has lauded Gray, under cov- f
er of mentioning him for Vice Presi- t
dent. Mr. Marvel was in New York I.
a few days ago, and since his return c
it is reported here that Bourke Cock- c
ran, of the Tammany delegation, has j
agreed to make a speech in favor oi ?
Judge Gray at the National conven- i;
tion. although forced by the unit rule
instructions to vote for Parker. This
movement is understood to explain d
the widespread plan, started Imme- It
diately after Cleveland's interview t
favoring Parker, to send as many un- r
instructed delegations as possible to i
the convention.
In his interview, published in the
"Washington Post of .May .'JO, Cleve- ^
land, while apparently predicting the ?
nomination of Parker, used these '
words: "In reiterating it at this time,
when there seems to be a lull in the 1
Parker movement, i do not intend J
to yield my original judgment, which
was that either Mr. Olney or Judge
Gray might have proved the strongest
candidate for the Democracy to
name for the contest with Mr. Roose- J
velt." This is considered by the
friends of Gray to have been "killing
with faint praise" the Parker boom
and the launching of a boom for
Gray, his real candidate. c
The fact that J udge Gray was tor d
years identified with the Pennsyl- c
vam'a Railroad as its counsel is. ac- 1
cording to those who have faith in C
rlio theory outlined, relied upon to fattract
Wall street to his support, ^
while his appointment by President 3
Roosevelt on the coal strike commission
is expected to help him with the 1
labor vote. Whether Gray's belief in s
an income tax will alienate the fi- a
nancial interests is nor. known, nor d
is it known what effect with the labor
vote his speech made here on October
1,1S90. will have, when he de- ^
fended Cleveland's use of the United ^
States army during the err eat labor s
The Voter's Prayer.
"The politician is my sheplie.nl. I
shall not want for anything during
the campaign. He leadeth me into
the saloon for my vote's sake. He
filleth my pocket, with good cigars
and ray beer glass runneth over. He a
inqulreth concerning my family even *
unto the fourth generation. Yea, 1
even though I walk through the mud A
and rain to vote for him. and shout r
myself hoarse at his election, he
straightway forgeteth me. Although *
I meet, him in his own house he r
knoweth me nor. Surely the wool has r
been pulled over my eyes all the days (:
of my life." s
The catalogue of the West Yir- 1
ginia University is before us. It *
makes a most creditable showing for r
the year just closed. The school is 3
thoroughly organized and is doing 1
most efficient work. The State of
West Virginia is to he congratulated *
upon the excellence of its University. tThe
school is growing bigger and Iter- e
r.er each year. The enrollment for 1
the past year shows 891 students in x
the school at Morgantown and a to- c
tal of 1,250 in the University and pre- r
paratory schools combined. r
"The Mother of Measles/' t
The Democracy claims that the tar- s
iff is the mother of trusts. By the *
same token the women are the moth- 1
ers of measles. The mothers of the 1
land have children and the children 6
have the measles. Kill all the indus- c
tries of the land and you will surely T
kill all the trusts, and abolish" all 1
the mothers of the land and you will 1
inst as nltnlisli nt] rhA measles *
?Harrisville Eagle.
So far no Democrat in this Con- c
gressional district has indicated that j
he would like to compete with Capt.
Dovener for his seat in Congress. We have
looked over the ground and can \
see no one who could make an in
teresting campaign for our gallant
standard-bearer, hut we can suggest
a man who would he as creditable a
candidate as the Democracy has had
or may have- This man, we are c
pleased to say, resides in Marion j
county, and his name is James B. ^
Fowler. j
"While the St. Bonis convention j c
will endeavor to steer clear o? Bryan- i
ism, yet it is the opinion of many t
that Bryan and his followers will be a
to dtcthte the policy of 7
( r/' / coming cam- r
""--7 his 1G
Hut snubbed. 3
All the fifty-five counties throughiut
the State have elected delegates
,o the Republican Stats' convention,
:o be held in Wheeling^on the 12th
iroximo. How they stanch in regard
o the two gubernatorial candidates
cp do not know. naV do we know
hat any one else knows. The repective
managers of each are claimng
that they will nominate tbeir
nan. One thing is Very apparent,
md that is a fast growing feeling
>utside of these respective managers
hat neither candidate should be nomilated?that
some one who has not
>een identified with either side in the
ax reform controversy should ire
nade the standard-bearer. This, it is
cell known, has long been the posiion
of the West Virginian, and it still
lelieves that it is the' best solution
if the embarrassing question. Of
:ourse, we can elect any one we nty
lomlnate, yet we think it would be
easier sailing with a new man at the
lead of our ticket.
Cleveland says the "tariff will not
lown." It was down, however, in his
rst administration, and what a pickle
lie country was in during those four
iserable years, remarks the Wheelng
Applications for hotel quarters
rom delegates to the Republican
Itate convention are' pouring In at a
ively rate.?To-day's Intelligencer.
arloads of Democrats left here lionlay
for St. Louis to attend the Demoratic
National convention. The pary
was headed by Col. John T. Mc5
raw, of Grafton, for whose nom'naPrahi/1
onpv n hnim
tas been started by the West Vir;inia
These are the advance guard o,
he West Virginia delegation and
tarted early in order to be present
t the celebration of West Virginia
ay at the World's Pair on Wednesday.
Kx-Goveinor McCorkle, of West
"irginia, is also spoken of as a canidate
for Vice President. He has
rated that he will not make a fight
or the honor, but will accept if nomnated.
(Continued From First Page.)
man and woman arrested in the
~irst ward, upon which we had prelared
a report for onr column, but
vhich was not due until to-day. The
lames of the parties were withheld
>y request, for the sake of their
riends, but whose own actions merit
10 shield from the public since it is a
natter of record on the criminal
locket. The police found them 011
Saturday evening at 11:30 in a condilition
and compromising position to
vhich they objected, and so proceeded
to convey them both to the city
ockup. They had their hearing heore
the mayor's court yesterday
norning, when they were fined $0.00
:nd costs, amounting to $9.00 each
or their stone yard encampment.
While in custody, the incident aforded
the pretext for a warning by
he police to other men, some young r
and some older, who are known
o have been accustomed to hold
vatch meetings with this same female
diaraeter. "Birds of a feather (lock
ogether," and if they do not mend
heir ways and stop this flocking together,
something will suddenly fall
hat will cause their sensuous nerves
o tingle with remorse. The impression
got. out that the names of several
had been handed in to the rejorter,
and one would be surprised at
he number of young men, and lads
wen, who, having been implicated,
railed singly and in squads to save
liemselves from exposure. Upon
heir solemn promise of immediate reorin,
made at the close of private lecures
on this social evil and its consequences,
their request was granted
>n profession of their good faith, and
o remain in full force during the
rontinuance of their fidelity to the
?-?: ~ ~ ? i
MUiiiiau nxiii.it: *->$ uicui.
ST. LOUIS, June 2S.?A report
Lowing the financial condition at the
Louisiana Purchase Exposition Comlany
on April 30th, prepared by exiert
accountants, under the direction
if Chairman Carter, of the National
tommittee, was forwarded to Washngton
yesterday. The total receipts
ip to April 30, were $15,;17S,320.12,
nd the total disbursements were $13,'27,049.54.
The following shows the
eceipts for the month of April, 1904:
Subscriptions to capital stock, $13,20.
- V. I
* * * * * * * * ! * *-5-*
4* *5
f* -3
' ?. ? ? ? ? JL ?
v ; v v . v . v v v v * v ;
Masters Hay and Robert Fietche
were visiting: Mr. Coehler, Sunday.
Mr. Xewton Jamison, of Fairmont
was visiting Mr. and Mrs. Calvir
Hamilton, Sunday.
Master Guy and Fay Jamison, wh<
had been visiting their grandpar
ents, Mr. and .Mrs. John F. Jamison
on Davies run, returned home Sun
day evening.
Mr. Leslie Hamilton, an employ?
of the B. and 0. R. R., was at homt
Mr. Carl Martin, of Downs, was
visiting; his cousin, Ellis 'Martin, Sun
Mr. and Mrs. Eil Parrisli, of Modd'i
run, were in town Sunday visiting
thoir son, E. M. Parrish.
Mrs. Eila Shinn is visiting her sis
ter, Mrs. Lucy Bryan, this week.
Mr. Frank Ashrraft and two daugh
ters were visiting Mr. Ashcraft's par
ems Sunday.
Mrs. Clarence Burgoyne, of Fair
raojit. was in town last week visit
ing her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. T
Mr. Phillip Pitzer, of Mannington
was in town Sunday.
Mrs. Lee Toofhman and childrei
are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Edmuni
Talkington on Plum run this week
Mrs. W. E. Maple and sons Ruper
and Robert are visiting friends ii
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Farrish, o
Modd's run, were visiting Mr. anr
Mrs. Eliery Parrish Saturday. '
Ail dry goods, clothing, shoe, hard
"ware, furniture, jewelry and grocery
stores will be closed all day July 4
Secretary Merchants' Association.
Looks good, tastes good, it is good?
Hall's ice cream. :
At rules held in the Clerk's offict
of the Circuit Court of Marion cotin
ty, West Virginia, on the first Mon
day in June, IDfJI?
Clara Pyles vs. George \V. Pyles.?Ir
To "he Sheriff of Marion county, greet
You are hereby commanded to sum
mon George \V. Pyles to appear before
the Judge of the Circuit Court oi
Marion County, at rules to be kelc
in the Clerk's otilce of said Court or
the first Monday in June, 1004, tc
answer a bill in chancery exhibited
against him. in said Court, by Clart
Pyles. And have then there this writ
Witness, R. B. Parrish, Clerk of oui
said Court, at the Court-house in sait
county. the 7th day of May, 1304, ant
the 41st year of the State.
The Sheriff's return on the fore
going summons is as follows:
"The within named George W. Pyles
is not found in my bailiwick, nor is
he an inhabitant thereof. May 30
Object of Suit.
The object of the above suit is to obtain,
on behalf of the plaintiff, Clara
Pyles, a divorce from the bonds oi
matrimony from the said defendant
Geo. IV. Pyles, that she have th&'righi
to resume her maiden name, and -foi
general relief. And affidavit having
been made and tiled that the defend
ant. George W. Pyles, is a non-resi
dent of this State, the said defendan
is required to appear within one montl
after the date of the first publicatior
of this order, in the Clerk's office o:
said Court, and do what is necessary
to protect his interests. And it is or
dared that this order be publisher
and posted according to law.
Given under ray hand this the Ctf
day of June, 1.904.
M. W. OGDEX. Counsel for plaintiff.
To George VV. Pyles:
You are hereby notified that on th<
1st day of July, 1904, at the lav
office of M. W. Ogden, in tlie Hal
block, in the City of Fairmont, Ma
rion county. West Virginia, betweer
the hours of 9 o'clock A. II. and (
o'clock P. M. of that day, I shall pro
ceed to take the depositions of mysel
and other witnesses, to be used as evi
dence in my behalf in a certain causi
in chancery pending in the Circuii
Court of Marion county. West Vir
ginia, wherein I am plaintiff and yot
are defendant. And if from any caust
the taking of the same be not com
ntenced, or being commenced, be noi
completed on that day, the taking
thereof will be adjourned from time tc
time, at the same place and between
the same hours, until the same shah
be completed.
By her attorney, M. YV. OGDEN.
Matrimony Is the destroyer of many
pleasure engagements.
I r^1[_ BLAC
1 fillip
Geo. M. Jacobs' Blc
JUNE 28'
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> plated 05
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Cupboard catches, bronze metal
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I Cupboard catches, electric bronze
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Enameled cupboard, electro bronze
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c __j
FOR REXT?Two cottage houses, al:
most new. Apply to P. B. Swearingen,
" sheriff's office.
1 The Republican party of Marion
1 county doesn't fear the Democracy
e or any other kind of opposition since
L it has full power and dominion over
the ballot-boxes and election machinery.?West
Our neighbor?tile Times?is publishing
the above in bold, black type.
1 It is welcome to it If it affords it any
consolation. Of course, it couldn't
afford to publish the sentence that
followed it in the West Virginian,
which was: "It was these things,.and
" not the Democrats, that kept our I
party underneath for a long term of
The Times thinks that because we
~ make mention of the fact that we
' have control of the ballot boxes and
' election machinery we are going to
elect our ticket by the use of them re'
gartlless of how the people may vote, j
1 I tUo Times lillOWS We
mean nothing of the hind. AA'hat we i
f do mean and what we propose to keep j
before the public is that the Demo- i
- crats are no longer in a position to j
^ steal from us?to change the result j
" of an election after they have found
' that they were beaten at the polls?
; a thing that they did right along
' for more than a decade. AVe have no
^ thought of resorting to their tactics.
' Our majority is too large and over'
powering for such a thing to suggest
1 itself. It certainly must be gratify1
ing to all Republicans to know that
we won't have to guard the returns j
in the vaults of the Court-house anymore,
and it must be also gratify- j
r ing to them to know that their votes
win be counted as cast.
j*j| jg ?i|
I flH1
?ck, Monroe Street.
fH, 1904.
-Little Prices:
Pruning shears, Connecticut pattern.lS
25 foot enameled steel case meas- ||
uring tapes ". 24'
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25c nail clippers, "The Gem," our
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Knives and Forks, set of six each, |ij
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Wire pot chains, only 03
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Scrub brushes, both kinds...' 05
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To-Morrow?"A to Z."
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tteniienjmaiim "'
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W. I PROTZMAN, Proprietor.
European and American plan of
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cold water baths. Bar attached to
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ison street. -./
S: ;,>J ' ; J
IP"' " '
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Electricity. We can supply you with
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