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THE WEATHER?Partly cloudy to-ni
- We've Prepared
Big Savings
For You.
, In High Grade
Enamelwar e
The word "BARGAIN" i
when it should not be "that w
nouncements?yet it's expres
when used judiciously.
style, seconds in quality, or,
... -'"his eyes open will often se.ei
quality merchandise, bought;
This sale is no exception t
From a large ROCHESTE
which they were CLOSING <
quantity, at a price which w
The Articles consist of MIXI
Every piece 4.coat
Guaranteed to be
\ Warranted for ye;
c J We know you CANT
Preserving Kettles,
4 qt., s regularly 50c, at 29c
5 " " 64c, at 39c
Genuine "E
Pints, 35c doz.
Also 1-2 pint Tin To
. ^ ^ ( - - ?
? All Trimmed Ha'
^ Summi
50c White Goods at
m^ 40c White Goods at
" 25c Colore'! Suitings at
. ? ? 10a Colored Duck at
^||) 30c Gingham, only
A Lot of Cluny Insertion Re
? @ @ ? ? ? ? @ ? @
The young people of Fairmont seem
to delight in getting married and not
letting any one know about it until
after it happens. This has been the
case several times in our city within
the last few months. Mow it is going
to happen again if we do not watch
\ out. One of our prominent young
ladies and a prominent young man
Vtfrom a county not far away will be
, married perhaps this week. To-morW
row some of the' guests will arrive.
P This wedding will not be unexpected
/ as it has been a foregone conclusion
for some time past. We wish them
all the hanniness possible, but they
may as well '"fess up." Wanted
to Rest.
Last evening a plain drunk stretched
himself on the Court-house lawn
to rest his weary bones and more
weary brain. As it happened he had
friends enough to carry him back into
one of the Court-house halls before
a cop got him.
Changed Night of Meeting.
The Modern Woodmen of America
have changed their time of meeting
from Saturday evening to Wednesday
evening. To-morrow evening will
? , be the first meeting under, the new
V order.
Slfii?i> - ; r . '1 1
ghi, showers In eastern, warmer in west
, cloudy and wanner.
s jostled around so carelessly
e dislike to use it in any of <
sive and creates a desire in the
kRGAIN GOODS"' usually me
they may be shop worn. But
ire bargains; that are BARGj
under-price. It's just that kin
o that rule.
OUT. Follovcdng our usual cu
ill permit us to sell it at almo
ar against flaking off with ord
vTCH these Prices ANYWHEE
Mixing Bowls.
1 1?2 qt. regularly 20c at 10c
2 1-2 ' " 25c at 14c
i " " 35c at 19c
6 * " 50c at 26c
5all Bros. ' Mason Fr
Qu.arts, 38c doz. I
p Jelly Glasses at ?
ginning June
ts, Shapes and Flowers a
3r Hats, and just look hoi
35c ?
30c *
17c *
7c g
15c ^
diicert just ' 1-3 ^
? ?<?) @
>;*; Store Temporarily Closed. i'oi
JylThe Hlldebrand grocery on Jack- lio
son street has- closed, down on ac- oh
count of the smallpox scare. iThe He
case is over the store and people rh
were afraid to come there, so the owner
decided to close until the scare
shall be over. For a while the people
had about stopped coming to the V
Harriett grocery next door, but they ni;
are coining back now and the usual cu
trade is keeping up. of.
Will Not Meet. th
On account of next Monday being do
t.,j? i tv,0 v m. C. Jl. Glee Club will be
not meet for rehearsal on that even- is
ing but will meet on Tuesday even- is
ing, July 5. do
The V. M. C. A. Is It. '-i
The reputation of the Y. SI. C. A. "vi
base ball team is spreading all over cu
the State. Manager Watson Is now nc
considering a challenge from a team on
at Hundred. Our team is offered a I.v
bonus to come to that place and show >'
them how to playi ball. It is likely a
that the team will go. bi
A game is also under considera- is
tion with the Grafton professionals
Clarksburg has not. yet decided
whether she will disband her team
or reorganize it and play our boys St
at that city. m
" tb
Randall Once More. jg
Evangelist Randall again made bis
appearance in the city, this morning, m
this time not preaching but selling le
the' Mound City dish washer, which
he says is the only thing intended
era portion; Wednesday, parti? >
Come in ,
'W ednesday
And Don't Make
It Later Than
5a+n rHav.
cu j
and used so many times
Dur daily or weekly an:
minds of most women
ans goods that are out of
the merchant who keeps
4.INS?fresh, clean, first
d that we offer for sale in
we bought a line of goods
stom. we bought a large
inary wear.
IE. j
Dish Pans.
14 qt. regularly i*Uc at t>^c 1
17 '* $1.00 at 63c
ult Jars-2
Gallon, 55 doz.
- - 1 Se doz.
r (
?9 i
28, to July
fc 1-2 price. Three mot
77 CHEAP you can buy
^ A lot of 50, 75 and SI.00 Corsels,
s> a lot of White Lawn Shirt Waists
? Shirt Waist Patterns at
& AH Lace Curtains Reduced
fe A iot of $2.50 Colored Umbrellas fc
washing dishes. Two boarding- t
use landladies have tried the ma- I
ine and they liked it so well that
uictall could hardly get away with "5
a sample. I
Every Docj Has Hto Day.
Woe unto ye worthless, bony curs, t
>ri 1 y, I say unto you. your days are
t'nbered. "Not only woe unto the
rs but woe unto the owners thereElsewhere
in this issue w 111 be.- (
imd the Mayor's order saying that I
e dog law will be enforced. Every \
? must wear a tag which has been
light from the Cirv Cle*k. The tax
prevty high or some dogs and it
tikely that a great many will be
slivered to the nol icemen. No long- (
will a man cateli e. bone and break ?
j lawn mower; nc longer will the i
naen fplks be afraid "ito leave their <
shions on llie veranda of a night; |
i longer will we be awakened from
ir peaceful slumber by the unearthhowls;
no longer will the love-sick
ilith on his way home lie scared by i
wild bark until hr- l>ites the tip off 1
s throbbing heart. Verily, L* topi a
at hand. ]
?: i
Will Jump. I
Chas. Cuban Conaway has been eniged
by the local Bartenders' to
ake one of his famous jumps at
eir farm on July 3. Mr. Conaway ,
classed among the best high ladder ,
en in the world, and will positively ,
ake one of his famuos 104 foot ,
aps on that day. See "Mamie." x
- v", ' '
The Democratic hfational coti,ven- ;
, V. /. I&P p - .;V- r J _r|
For the past few years it has beei
a custom with some people along thi
river to dynamite fish. A great dea
of this was done by Italians and a;
they all look alike, it is a hard matte
* - ? *'ham Hnwpr the time fo'
?-v? v.aivn v-Aiv. .. _ -
catching a pair of them came yester
clay. Within the past week a dozei
shots have been heard not far fron
the city. Sunday Deputy Fish War
den Jones got evidence enough t?
make some arrests. Justice Amos is
sued the warrants and yesterda:
morning Jones got his men. The;
were brought before Justice Benning
ton yesterday afternoon. They con
fessed to the charge of dynamitin:
fish in the vicinity of New England
Now there is a heavy penalty attach
ed to such a crime in this State. Jus
tice Bennington believed that i
would be a good thing to make an ex
ample of these two?Battista Allevab
and Giovanni Focculo?so he gav<
them the extent, of the law?$100 fin?
and six months in jail. When the;
heard the sentence they almost fel
tc the floor, and when some of tin
other violators hear of it they will fee
rather shaky. It is hoped thai mon
of them will be caught as nothing de
stroys the fish like dynamiting them
Enjoyable Outing.
The members of the IC. of P. lodg<
it Rivesville, their families an<
Triends had an enjoyable outing o'i
he river Sunday. About 300 of then
went as far as Greensboro, Pa., 01
i chartered boat, and returned tha
light. They took along plenty t?
?at and everybody had a good time
A girl may be wise, but if shi
wants to marry she is foolish to ai
pear more intelligent than the mat
she is trying to induce to pay he
board for life.
It is unlucky to lose $13 on Fr:
& ? ? ??#? ??&
1 on
-3. ?
lttLs yet to wear
tli era.
your choice only 25c. @
at 1-2 Price. * ?
(-2 Price. p
ir SI. 75 2
ion is about due. It meets; in cSt
jouis next Wednesday, July I
rill looks like Judge Parker, of Nov
fori!, will be the Eli of the occasion
3UL he is not the choice of the Bry
mites, "who may be able to name :
,n:in of their own freakish and farici
el ideas.
An Italian Killed.
An Italian was 'caught between iw<
jars in the New England mines am
tilled tliis morning. The remain:
vere brought to the Jones morgui
in Tiiis city.
A Big Carnival.
The Ferari Brothers* carnival, \vhic
exhibits here in the latter part o
fuly, is one of the largest organizn
ions of the kind on the road. The:
iarry four passenger cars, one diver
four box cars and eleven Hats.
Bull Frogs Galore.
John Berns and Fred Haymon<
japtured four dozen immense bul
ot thn "Farm" near Little Fall:
last night. E. \V. Chonoweth, th
Uridge street restaurateur, has pur
ihasecl them and will prepare then
for his customers.
Divers at Work.
Divers from New York are to-da
epairing the water main across tin
river. The main was slightly dam
iged bV the ice gorge the past wit:
cr. ""
Many a man retains his friends b;
refusing them loans.
A ?j* !? a|? *S? ?|* ^ |
*r- 4* i
? ?
-J- By Our Regular Correspondent. ?
) th
By a private arrangement between
the parties concerned. Ed Lowery on
Saturday last became manager of the
! Commercial Hotel in the First ward.
; Clarence Van Nort. of Wheeling, is <Iaj
visiting his brother at the corner of I>01
s Guffy and Diamond streets.
r Jacob Hoult, of Liverpool, Ohio, is '
. ga:
r circulating among his relatives ana friends
In the First ward,
j Stephen Van GI filer has received the ' s
! contract for building a two-story JO)
.. frame house for Dennis McKinney, on
Market street.
Mrs. Stella Guthrie and daughter, f
g- of California, Pa., are spending a few la
,. days with Nelson Sapp. of Diamond
\V. S. Fortney, of Kingmont, was 1
in the city to-day, calling on his ca
i brother, EIi G. Fortney. of the First arl
i- -ard. ?
The Isaac Mason came up from
t Brownsville last evening:, and during
the slop-over took a large delegation ^ ^
_ of our colored folks on a boat exJ
e cursion. Dancing was the order of the
q program until their return at 2 o'clock
^ this morning. The Fairmont colored _
, orchestra furnished music for the oc1
a casion.
, It is remarkable how* many of all
i j*n
classes and conditions, old and young,
? en
, both from the city and country, go
to see the whale on exhibition at the
wharf. It does not interfere with ls
Geo. H. Richardson, however, for he mf
a goes right on with his work of cob- ***'
J bling beside it. just as though no an
whale was about. to
The two railroad excursions booked *-*
i ?if]
for Fairmont on Sunday, for some - 4
i 11.1
f cause, failed to materialize; but it is
well, perhaps, as the showery weather
would have marred, in a degree, the xst
pleasure of their sojourn. And then, as
c too, more people got to go to church stI
instead of waiting to meet arid enter- tei
~ it
tain the visitors.
1 | 1 - i
r Albert Reel ami Harry Cumpston,
of the First ward, were awarded the
f?nnrmri f. ,r building 100 yards of tu
foundation work at locks Nos. 14 and
15. and began on it yesterday morn- se
in-'. - , **
gj Duncan Griibb, the well known saw a
^ mill man of Si ate street, has just com*
pleted the cutting of over 100,000 an
? feet of lumber on the Forest Grove r~a
&> dairy farm near Barnsville. He is
k \ also offered Che contract to furnish "ra
80,000 feet more of lumber for docks uc
& in the lakes.-and is now looking about ui
$ in quest of a suitable tract of timber
t from which to cut the kind of lum- nc;'
_ ber desired. We hope Dunk will sue- 1
h. Pa
" ceed in finding it so as not to lose
> , hi<
l the' contract.
k. The Fayette, another new boat. _
9 D
came up from Point Marion to our
9 city on Sunday. If the railroad ^
J bridge were only removed out of the? ^
^ way, the river would be thronged with
packets, even coming all the way from *
^ New Orleans it may be, and our com- 1
J mercial transportation by water would
t acid greatly to the advantages of our .
I ri<y
? The Daily West Virginian is not
$ only a helpful educator in the field
^ of politics and literature, but in mat.
tera of religion, morality and social re- , ^
J forrnr. Mow well it. sluill succeed, de- !_"r
* ponds upon the unity of its staff, and
1 - ........ QV
the assistance anu co-oj>?ru? kjii ui ^
increasing; patrons. !
t Charky Miginbotham is not caught j '
napping, ?ven while others about him [
are prone to sleep. With his son Joe . .
' and a few select friends he went .out j
t to the crock the other night with j n.
" hooks and bait, and the way they did j
turtle was a caution. They report ! "
G2 as the fruit, of their catch, some
weighing as much as 15 pounds. ;
-? Some were inclined to criticise his ^
I selfishness in not remeinboring the
less fortunate ones among his: friends. f
* In the exuberance of his success, howv.
ever, ho seemed to have forgotten the j (
claims of others upon him. bur has j J
promised to do better next time, or ; W
II take them along. j
1 Quickened into enthusiasm by the 0
exhibit of a real whale at our wharf. (
f eight or ten of our crack fishermen ^
'? and hunters have organized a perma- ^
nent club under the management of
I.i. O. Hoult. The organization is to
be known as "The Hoult Fishing and
1 Gunning Club." They have pro cut- Jr
1 ed a full and costly outfit, consisting
s of a boat, two tents, fishing tackle
0 of all kinds, cooking utensils; cots ]
and stools, and each one his own gun.
1 They propose during the season, to
conduct their wonted pastime sport
in an orderly and systematic way, and *
- e\t
at the same time by means or a com-1 -?
y bine, to reduce their expenses to an T*1
9' econoritic basis. J tor
' (Continued on Fourth Page.) |
Read and
r We noted h^gjjjjrt
a brief
C ^CA-r,,0. np THP GAME
'irmont could have taken yestery's
game with ease, but more ex Imonts
were tried by the manage- . ;
int with the Inevitable result that
3dmont romped away with the
me and the ax>octators walked out
the ground with u look of supreme
gust written upon their heretofore
-ous countenances. Taylor, a new
in, was on the rubber, and while
i performance was not ridiculous
i pitching is not what the fans >
ve been used to. His home is in
me unpronouncable town out in
lo. and when Edwards left/for bis
me on a few days visit, Taylor's . :cher
was sent for. He did not'
ivo until yesterday afternoon and
the meantime the game had startwith
Frnnkenbury catching. In i
3 fifth Inning after Shiner Hew "out
Wayninn. Montgomery singled to
t and Thorpe singled to right. Pat son
doubled to right scoring Mont- _ 0
mery. Met tier* then grounded to " f
Am who threw to the plate to catch
iorpe. The ball arrived in plenty
time to retire the man, but Frankbury
forgot to touch him. Three / 9
113 were tallied in this Inning on
rors and poor judgment.
Mr. Perkins, the new catcher who
here on suspicion, arrived a few
nnents before Frankenbury's exdtlon
of dumbness, was uniformed '5?|
d put in the game. As lie walked .,0
bis position a few people applaud- :-~??
and he graciously turned and lift- _ his
cap. Then we expected great jfj/i
ings of the man who accepted a
nd before he had proven his .
>rth. A gang of baseball enthusi- /# ;
ts are merciless esneclally to a :-;vd
anger, but Perkins' exhibition yes- -0
-day deserved roasting and he got V.;
along with the management, iu -? w
e sixth inning, after chasing a ' :?
ssed bail to the bleachers, he re- ' in
rued it to Taylor and came to his .
sltlon with ills head down and
emingly in an somnambulistic i->
tte from which he was awakened .v-51
ter Parsons had rambled home. ag
Tills sort of thing took all the snap
d ginger out of the team and the
mo dragged after the fifth. ^
The bright particular feature ol' the /
me was Umpire McCormlck's
irlt. The local team was satisfied '
ill his decisions and the visitor^ kjf'.'Sifl
1 not object emphatically oh aay i
edmont A.B. R. H. O. A. E- "Iw
.rsons r .... I 2 1. 4 0 0 rP|Sf||i
arner 2b 4 0 0 2 S 1
ily lb 5 I 1 10 0 1 r;.ifg
Raley p . ..4 2 0 0 3 1 " Ti^
Raley c . . .4 0 2 7 0 1
gait s 4 0 0 0 3 2 ysjjjzS
iner If 4 1 1 2 0 0 yj?
jn finery . I I 1 2 1 1 ' ;
orpe m 4 2 2 0 O. 1
Total. . . .27 !> S 27 10 S *|gg
irmont A.B R. 11. O. A. E. S^wjjl
ilv/el! ? 1 1 5 2 0 . -::
['oiial.S s . . 1 \ <> 1 2 ;v
in 4 0 t) 2 i>
/! .- It ! " I* 2 it ' t
>ii i i ' 1 1 (> 0 Of. y.J<
O J. '
-?y?v.;ir^ r:i . . i - - . _
Score By Innings
admont 1 r. .> u )?!> ; f\d
\r:m>ni 0 0 2 if 2 1 0 0 0?5
Ban :<_ ?! Runs ? Pairrnont 1. Piedia-!'r.
fin.-*- s--Fainr.onf 1, Pied' .
Pi ft. I. "n Errors?Fairmont 2, Pied- 4
Sacriiice Hits?Stillwel! M'Donald. n Ah
Double Plays?Waytoau and Still- jjjUj
II; Stillwell and Bryson.
Stolen Bases?Parsons U-itner |
Daily 2, O. Raiey'2; Sinner 1. |;
-tiriiek Out? By Taylor 7 by Raiey
Bases on Balls?Off Taylor 2. tw
ild Pitch?Taylor 1.
Hit by Pitched Ball?D. Jialey.
Passed Ball?-Perkins .1- : '
rime of Game?1:SS f
I Tmplrc?iVl'Cormick.
Suit Entcre^^^RSreSng
Clarence S tea ley U^tM
a debt agains-y^^|
e 4)Iainti?f

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