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The Kind You Have Always Bo
in use for over 30 years, Ik
/? and Iiai
All Counterfeits, Imitations ai
Experiments that trifle with :
Infants and Children?Expert
What is C/
Castor in is a harmless suhsti
goric, Drops anil Scotia Lug S;
conteJns neither Opium, Mur
substance. Its age is its guar
and allays Feverisliness. It <
Colic. It relieves Teething Ti
and Flatulency. It assimilat
Stomach and Bowels, giving
The Children's Panacea?Tlie
The Kind You Ha\r
8n Use For Ov<
r317 Fourth
By our System of
that is, making deposits and withdrawal
?5s aavinsr than banking in person. A litfci
1*5 your request. Onr capital and resource
X t.vJ Onr advice, embodying the successful bt
j.y; ia at your command,
t i Assets over
ii 11! I ii lilJM
K K . K ?. . >, >.
"?'* NOT CO\
The fire insurance
^ ins does not. cover I
X "sidewalks," "signs,
"r~-' furniture or fixture;
' sured wants pay f
items, he must say
'r icy is written, or f
his peace.
,-i? 1>15 Main
Samuel B. Holbert.
j "Fire insurance is
i -
V VVp represent TWFN1
I !\ " ~ *-?
\ Imost liberal fire insurance
^ - and have unequalled facilit
sihall lines at the lowest po:
you fo consult us before plac
General in.
Skinner Block,
You'll like it: Others do. Hall's
ice cream:, x *r
I have some fine lots in Morrow sj
,i Place yet. H. H. Lnnhain." x H
uglit, and svliicli Las been
ts t>orae the signatnre of
i t>een made under Lis per
? *"* iff? iniVj
ijier * X31WU OAXiVC A?-0
o one to deceive you in this,
id. " Just-as-good " are but:
171 <1 endanger the health of
ence against Experiment.
tute for Castor Oil, Pare*
rrups. It is Pleasant. It
phine nor other Narcotic
antee. It destroys "Worms
:ures Diarrhoea antl Wind
roubles, cures Constipation
es the Food, regulates the
healthy and natural sleep.
Mother's Friend.
ORIA always
ignature of
6 Always Bought
3r 30 Years.
Avenue, Pittsburg, Pa. gj
Banking by JVlall S
3. is just as easy and far most tim? ?
i booklet tellh? why. await#
s speak for themselves- B
ifdneas experience of yean, f?s
$2l,CX)tVK)0 ^
'ERED. ___
policy on a buildoss
on "awnings,"
" "store or office "7^
and if the inor
loss on these
so when the polorever
after hold "T"
*< -i v
ers in Pumps and Pump Pipe. |
ers of Artesian and Ordinary (
Wells For MinersI and Air 8
for Shafts,
solidated 'Phone 1S2.
~ '
Edward F. Holbert.
the best policy."
'Y^of the strongest and
companies in the world,
ies for placing large or
ssible rates. * It will pay
:ing your insurance.
' _ Fairmont, W. V.
Hot plates, oil stoves; Ice cream
eezers, garden hose, lawn sprinklers,
ater coolers, screen doors and .win- ,
3tts, are some of the summer necesties
to! be found at J. L. Hall's
ardware Store. zr
.. From Belle to Pauper.
Early risers passing by the Rue <le 1
Chine in La Vilette. tliat home of mi
ery, often met a bent, shrlvelgjl, wlill
nlfl woman cnrrvlntr n bash*
on her back and In ber hand a stk
with.an iron point to it.
With the stick she searched the ru!
bish heaps deposited by households
for the scavengers to carry away. SI
prodded and scrutinized her way alor
the silent streets, turning over an ol
shoe here, a bit of rag there or cig:
stump or rusty nail and tossing h<
treasure into her basket. The sa
faced old woman took notice of no on
But the people of the Quarter and <
localities more fashionable knew th;
"the mother of the chiffoniers." othe
wise ragpickers, had seen better days
Mine. Andre had once a "de" to hi
name. Her visiting cards had. on<
borne her family crest. She had fii
ured at the court of Napoleon III. ar
the Empress Eugenie . and thei
waltzed with the best of them. In hi
garret in the Hue de la Chine Mm
Andre boarded the wreck of her fo
tune, about ?T>OC. It was hidden in in
Returning home the other day fro:
her customary rounds. Mme. And]
found the mattress torn open and hi
money gone. A few hours Inter hi
next door neighbors found her Jinngir
by a cord dead.?Paris Correspondenc
Obeyed Instruction*.
Courtney is bavins his annual exp
rience with freshmen candidates f<
tne crews. uen liu ?-?*?
a new man the new man usually obe:
literally, such is t lie respect wit
which the coach is treated. This can
near ruining- a shell. Courtney hi:
sent out an eight, with a fresbma
cockswain, and. being obliged to lex.
ufter another crew for a few minute
he said to "cocks:"
"Try not to steer in a circle for
change. See that red spot down on ti
bank there? Well.' steer straight f<
that." With which ho turned to h
other charges.
A howl from some of the onrsme
turned him around in time to s<
"cocks" trying to tunnel into the inl<
bank with the prow of ills shell.
"I thought 1 told you to stei
straight for that red spot." reinnrkc
Courtney sarcastically when he can
up in the launch.
"I?I did," gasped tlie cockswai
Courtney looked at the boat and the
looked at the red spot. .Tust then tl
spot tossed up its horns and mo veil
better grazing ground. It was a rc
cow, and the freshman had been zea
ously swerving bis boat around as tl
cow had moved up and down the pa
turo.- -Philadelphia Ledger.
Here'N a Conjecture.
A very stransre incident occurred i
the central iriign scuooi uuuuiu^
Webster. Ia., recently. Every clock
the building stopped at exactly
o'clock in tlie morning'. It was the th
of the eruption on the island of .Tnv
and the time tlie clocks stopped vrt
within a very few seconds of the tin
that the eruption occurred, which co
or eel a village and killed several hu:
dred people. The phenomenon is nne
plained except that it was very like
due to some sympathetic electrical di
turbance in the zone in which the hit
school building' stands. Of course
may have been a very strange coinr
dence, and yet this explanation hard,
explains it satisfactorily. The plienoi
enon at the high school building wi
first noticed on the second floor of tl
building. Every clock had stopped i
Just' S o'clock. Investigation showt
that the clocks cn both tlie other fioo:
liad also stopped at the same hour. 1
the kindergarten building, just soul
of the high school building, all tl
clocks were going as usual, nothir:
having interfered with their rnov
ments.?Springfield (111.) News.
Affinity of Meteorites For JJounlain
A total of 034 meteorites was know
up to 1003, of which there were If
irons and only 74 stones in tlie westei
hemisphere and 209 stones ami1 on
70 irons in the eastern hemisphere; Tl
records show only the fall t>f 850 <
these meteorites, dating back to the fi
teenth century. Professor Berwerth ?
Vienna, despite this -small number
known specimens, calculates that fit
meteorites must fall to the earth eac
year, not counting shooting stars th:
disappear in the atmosphere, and th;
fifty-five of these at least should con
under observation! Professor Berwerl
finds that meteorites have been chief
recorded in civilized countries, but th:
in many instances rhej' are more it
merous in tliinl.v settled districts nr
that they have an especial affinity f<
mountainous areas.?Philadelphia Re
A Lnke Pofitufllce.
In Lalce iVabigpon. Ontario, at
point where the water is not very dee;
a strong wooden stake lias been drive
into the ground. On the top a box hi
been securely fastenc-d, ami there yc
have the Lake- Wabigoon jvostoific
The little steamer from Rat 1'ortup
drops the mall here on Its outwai
voyage, and a canoe goes out frojn tli
shore and collects it. depositing th
outgoing mall at the same time, wliic
is picked up by tbe steamer on its r<
turn trip to Rat Portage next tiny.
Too Free With Knlren.
Sir Frederick Treves, the eminet
English surgeon, recently delivered n
address in which he took the view thn
the knife is used too hastily in man
eases of appendicitis. There are oppot
ing schools of surgery all over th
world in this generation. One Is rare!
willing to wait ana oicen cuis ;n a um
ry, The other holds to the view tha
nature ought to have a liberal cbanc
to.do her best. In the long run the coi
servatlye surgeons may possibly com
out abeiatL
Decorative palnis, 6 leaf, 35c. Cot
City House Furnishing Co. \
The Secret ot xtH RInc and Fall la m
[fl Deep Mystery.
s. Lnl^e Cicott has boon an interesting
to phenomenon to tlie people of northern
;t Indiana for many years, but the secret
it of its rise and fall has never been discovered.
It is the only lake' in Cass
i>- county and is about one mile wide and
rs about one mile long. The water is
ie clear and cold and perfectly fresh. Its
? iiirctcHnus cliftrneterlstlc Is the
'S "^'Vk
la 'act that it overflows its banks every
ir seventh year. The farmers who own
jr the lanil upon Its banks have become
a so used to this that they never ate.
tempt to cultivate, the Land in the sevDf
enth year, but {rive it up without proit
test, as they know it la sure to be
r- claimed by the waters.
The Pottawatomie Indians, who In?r
habited what Is now Cass and ndjoin;e
lng counties, were familiar with the
characteristic of the lake. They be,d
lieved that the bottom was inhabited
-e by a powerful spirit, which at lnterjr
vals of seven years caused the lake to
e. overflow. They construed this action
r- as approval of the tribe l>y the spirit
?r mill wntched anxiously for the time to
come, for thoy saw In the rising wuters
m a sure Indication that they had done
re nothing to displease it. The early
?r white settlers became acquainted witli
;r the legend, and the oldest inhabitant is
iR not able to recall a time that the overo,
flow did not take place when expected.
?Toledo Blade.
to The Art Goes Back to a Time liej-g
yontl the Knon?led(c? of Man.
:h ; The art of glass manufacture goes
ie i dock mro anuquuy u? it muv.- ??
id j tlie minil of man mnncth not to the
.11 | contrary," yet we cannot penetrate the
>k i mists which Liang over tlie Infancy of
s, ' what lias for ages been a useful irulus!
try.. Its original discovery is alleged,
a ; on the authority of several reputable
10 t writers, to have boon the result of an
>r | accident in which some nit rum (supposis
i ed by some to have boon salt) \vas
j fused with sand. The date of this
in j event is not even approximately given,
?e but is said to have taken place on the
et! banks of the lielus, in Palestine, where
j some mariners had landed and were
3T cooking their meals, using blocks of
id | nitrum to hold, their pots in position,
ie Sir Gardner Wilkinson gives a cut
j of a piece of Egyptian sculpture work
n. ! which represents two glassblowcrs ply;n
j ing their art in a manner which strikes
ie ; one as being surprisingly like that
to ; practiced at the present time. Sir
?a j Gardner informs us that this sculpture
I- i was executed about 3,500 years ago
ie i during the reign of Beni Hassan. Thes
ban paintings and sculptures which
! are known to date back to the time of
j the exodus, 140O B. C.. show glass
j drinking vessels of delicate patterns
it! and fine workmanship, in some lnin
stances rivaling similar vessels of modln
ern make.
IS j Cavern Iu Hungary Tliut In One or
I the DLarvelM of Europe.
v- i The ice cavern near Dobschau, Hunn
| gary, is one of the most remarkable
x- | but least known marvels of Europe
ly | Though spoken of as n cavern, in real!
s- j ly It IS till JCe Jauf, IliC 1 KJKJX . m/Vi mm
:h | walls being of ice, sometimes opaque,
it sometimes as diaphanous as glass. The
:i-j frozen water assumes many quaint and
iy i beautiful forms. Pillars, vases, grottoes,
n-! couches and waterfalls meet the eye
is at every turn.
ie I Xlerr Ruffiny has the honor of being
it i Its discoverer. One day while shooting
?il j among the hills he was startled by the
ps j peculiar echo of his gun, an echo which
n suggested the near presence of a vast
Ii cavity or hollow. After a long search
ie he was rewarded by finding a small j
ig aperture in tlio hillside overgrown by j
e- bushes and trees. The next day he rej
turned, accompanied by two friends,
! who lowered hi in by ropes into the
x. i space. As he swung into the darkness
'a.! a hitter cold, which increased as he de>2
scended. was felt.
*n j At last he felt his feet touch the
ly I ground, and. looking around him, ho
ie j found himself in a vast hail which he
Tt i could but dimly see. The ice palace
f-1 was discovered.
.f j
:>f } F"a.Icotir5- 1u Turlcc-^txin.
>01 in a remote part of Turkestan Dr. S
-h | Svoh Heclln, the explorer, some years
'dj ago discovered the ancient art of falitt
i eonry in full flower. "Among the horse!
men wore eight falconers," he writes,
:h ; "two of whom carried eagles, the othly
I ers falcons, all duly hooded. In this
j part of the world falconers form an inj
dispensable adjunct in any formal p;i^
i mde or procession. Rater in the day
n' they gave us an exhibition of their
c' birds' powers by letting thera kill four
hares and a deer, all of which were
T^T-rfrvcem to?1 tnmf'."
Trying St on the Do fir.
North?You never seem to be iinpa'n
tlent when somebodj' reeornmenils
l&mething for your cold. "West?Oh,
11 no. I just repeat it to somebody else
for trlaJ upon lilmself. If it helps him,
I shall know there's something in It
1 If It doesn't, it can't have any bad efe
,fect upon me, you know. ? Boston
^ Tranncript.
? Her Statmi Explained.
Bobby is a little Gcraantown boy
who is a scelter after tlie wherefore
of things. Some days since he was
questioning Ills father as to the nature
n of n weapon.
* ".A. weapon, my son." explained his
? father, "is something to fight with."
iH? ma your weapon, pa?"?Philadcl?
phla Ledger.
The Centex of tlje Party.
^ Jimmy?Pa, what's "auspices?" Pa?
" Jimmy, when graii'pd and your ma and
" your Aunt Jane and I all take you to
" the circus we go under your auspices.?
Cincinnati Commercial Tribune.
il It's 'so easy to say?Hall's ice
x cream. . x
Trick tliat aHHL
and One That iSBB - ?& .' v
The following story ofnl^H
was told me by the person t^^Bj
was told by the late Lord Lytton^^B
give it in my own words for the ex*
cellent though humiliating reason that
I have mislaid the manuscript.
When in India Lord Lytton often
sought out conjurers, but never saw
any but the usual feats, such as the
mango tree trick and the basket trick.
The method In each case la known.
or at all events pluusible explanations
have lieen given by Mr. Mnskelyne
and other experts. On one occasion
Lord Lytton liked something in the
looks of the conjurer who was performing
in an open'space before Ids house.
After the ordinary exhibition his lordship
asked the magician if he coulil not
do something more out of the common
way. The man said he would try and
asked for a ring, which Lord Lytton
gave him. lie then requested an officer
to take in either hand a handful of
seeds. One sort was sesame. The
nnmc of the other sort my Informant
did not know. Holding these seeds and
having the ring between his linger and
thumb, the officer was to go to a well
In the corner of the compound. He
was to dispose of the seeds In a certain
way?I think on the low wall round
the tvell. Into the depth of which he
was to throw the ring. All this was
done, and then the magician asked
Lord Lytton where he would like the
ring to reappear. He answered, "In my
dispatch box." of which the key was
attached to his watch chain, or, at nl!
events, lie had it with him on the spot.
The dispatch box was brought out.
Lord Lytton opened it. mul there was
the ring. v
Tills trick would he easy if the British
ollieer was a confederate of tlio
juggler and if lie possessed a dupli
cnte key to the dispatch box", in runt
case lie would not throw the ring into
the well, but" would take it into the
house, open the box and insert the
ring. but this explanation involves
enormous improbabilities, while it is
unlikely again that the conjuror managed
to insert a duplicate ring into the
dispatch box beforehand. I-ord Lytton
tlieu asked the juggler if lie could
repeat the trick. lie answered in the
adlriuatire. and a lady lent another
ring. Another olilcer took it. with the
seeds, as before, and dropped the ring
into the well. The countenance of the
juggler altered in the pause which followed.
Something, he said, had gone
wrong, and he seemed agitated. Turning
to the second ollicer, lie said, "Did
you arrange the seeds as I bade you?"
"No," said the officer. *T thought that
was nonsense, and I threw them away."
The juggler seemed horrified. "Do you
think I do this by myself?" he said,
and, packing up, bo departed.
The well was carefully dragged, and
at last tlie lady's ring was brought to
the surface. That ring at least had
certainly been in the water. But had
the first ring been as faithfully consigned
to tlie depths? Experts will
be of various opinions as to that, yet
the hypothesis of confederacy and of
a duplicate key to the dispatch box j
Is difficult.?I-onginaii's Magazine.
t To Annoy Xni?>h"?n.
A curious anecdote is illustrative of ;
the disposition of Talleyrand. It was !
resolved that each of the allied powers j
should designate a commissioner j
charged with the surveillance of Na- J
poleon at St. Helena.
Talleyrand proposed to the king for |
this cilice M. de Monteheim, described j
" ' -. I.Ii. 1 1,1 ,1<?i* n r?nm- !
US i t II ?.?? Mil- .. .
plete uonenlty." On being asked why j
ho had selected this man. Talleyrand j
replied: "It is the only revenge which ;
I wish to take for his treatment of mo. j
However, it is terrible. What u pan- j
ishment for a man of Bonaparte's j
stamp to be obliged to live with an ig
norant and pedantic chatterer! I know j
him. lie will not be able to support j
this annoyance. It will make him ill. i
and he will die of it by slow degrees." j
fossil*!! It J??m of TrmiKltttlon.
An English writer made an expert- '
merit recentJy of the gain and loss of !
I hoard that I-. would write my "life"
WJiv-.m I gave uj> my breath;
I felt that this indued would add
A new delight to death.
This was translated into another language.
then from that Into another, and ;
so on until a dozen versions had been j
made. Of course there was a different \
translator each time. The last version i
read as follows:
Dear, in my song you still shall live
Though under earth you lie.
Ah, had you now that grace to give
1 should not need to ?tie!
?New York Tribune.
IVoiih- Wlio On Not \Vlii*tic.
Arabia must be a heaven for those j
whose lives arc made u burden to them j
by the whistler. The Arab maintains j
that a whistler's mouth cannot be puri- I
tied for forty days and nights, and they i
assert of the whistler that Satan liqs J
touched bis body anil caused liim to
produce the offensive sound. Then
there are the natives of the Ton^a isiauds.
Polynesia, who hold that it is a
sin to whistle, as it is an act disrespectful
to God. Even in some districts in
north Germany villagers declare that
if one whistles in the evening it makes
the angels weep.
Wiiiiian'st I'I, I me I'J- Lot.
Since the world began it has been ths
custom of man to hold woman responsible
for all his misfortunes and at the
same time to accuse her of absolute Irresponsibility.?Xew
Orleans TimesDemocrat.
Doiro, Vol Ul?.
"Did any one call me up -while I tvas
out?" asked the butcher.
"No," replied the hoy. "hut a cus- J
tomer whose meat -for dinner hadn^jefl
rived en* J you down."?
Ask for
in Fairmont. Kjgg
'y.:'. 7"' . j
] John Russo, the Madison street^H
fri.lt dealer, sold a bottle of pop Sunday,
and acknowledged the charge
before Mayor Kinsey this morning,
and was fined $5.50.
The Manley Hotel people have
from the practice of washing the
street in front with hose. The Chief - 'itcaught
them disregarding his warning
yesterday and notified the man
using the hose to appear at police
court. He was dismissed by His
Pleased With Inspection Of the
Western Lines.
BALTIMORE, Md? June 27.? The
officials of the Baltimore and Ohio
Railroad who made a second inspeclion
trip over ptjrt of the system during
the past week returned to Baltlmore
Saturday morning and were -;5
soon hard at work at. their desks on
i accumulated business. Thursday was v -a
j spent in looking over the terminals " |
j of the road at. Pittsburg and the ex- '
! tensive improvements that have been
j made there and near by. The targe v
yards at Duffler, with a capacity of
700 cars, are practically completed ;">*s
ami cost about $250.0001 They are ,
to lie used as storage yards for crude . I
products going Into the large steel . viai
and other manufacturing plants in
i Pittsburg and the manufactured art!cles
being shipped out to relieve the V.?
! congestion of the Pittsburg yards. . ;
The remainder of the time on the V";
I trip was devoted to inspecting the
| lines of the system and terminals in
j and around Clarksburg. Grafton and
Fairmont and other places In West ' X
1 Virginia. " "' i
| At Clarksburg the officials were
! given a banquet by the citizens Fri- ^
' day evening. It was gotten up by the
| Board of Trade and impressed the rail:
road officers that the town is very
! enterprising. It has an Industrial ! i
company to secure new Industries,
with the result, that the population
lias multiplied and it is called the "j,
Pittsburg of West Virginia. The peopie
want to show lliat they aro up and
doing and tiie lialtimoro and Ohio
ofllcers are convinced of this fact
and were pleased with what they
President Murray said that he was ,/fS
very much gratified with the condi- 1 ~:0
rtonu nf the nrooertv inspected. "i
With him in the party were First
Vice President Randolph, Third Vice
President Potter, General Manager >
Sims, General Superintendent Fitzgeraid.
Chief Bngineer Corothers, Treaturer
McNeal, Real Estate Agent McCubbin
and Industrial Agent Wood. ^
Filed of His Duty.
A young fellow whose home is pre- '/ig|
sumaldy at Rivesville, took a seat in
the rear end of the smoker on the : V'
train which left Fairmont at 9:05 P. .*
M'., Sunday for Morgantowh, and until
he reached Rivosv-ille kept up a
How of ?iie language that would have ^
made a Malay pirate turn pale with ' ---fjsf
s ua me.
'l ids young tough appeared to be
about Ti years of age, and dranlc q " -'SiS
pert til' one bottle.of beer while in ';>a
the car. When the train stopped and V
while the fitter of the' ladies' coach -a
was open, this hliot let out a torrent
V.I ,'g
of oaths that entitled him to a good
thrashing at the hands of the brakesman.
who failed of his duty vin not ' Vgiving
it to liim.?Morgantown Post. '"v-tf
So say v.-c . I! of its. y.v
Notice is hereby given that at a 'M
stockholders' meeting of the "Big
Palis Coal Company," a corporation fV'H
created tinder the laws of the State
of .West, Virginia, to be* held at the
office of the company In the City of
Fairmont, State of West Virginia, on
the ; 30th day of July, 1901. a resolution
will be offered, increasing the 'V^H[
number of shares of stock of sai<2 SsB
" V... - company
from 250 shares ot i.. iuir Jffl
value of $100.00, to 500 shares of tjae
par value of $100.00. ; JjjB
GEO. D. GltAJMNIS, 1 -jrfjaj
Dated June 27, 1901.
Mr. Curtis NewcajB
Mrs. 11 c .M ii 1 a n,
>een the SuesjAf .

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