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TUP /"*!
i nci %a\
Grandest, Greatesi
Amusement Enterp
3 Kings, 2 Stages; Half-i
Original Features; 10
25 Clowns; 20 Htirr
OOO Seats; $1,CM
erie; Camels &
Splendid in Organization.
Eiirupe b
The Pontia
The Finest Drilled Soli
CiC\F?TiCVI rs 1AJ
Trained seass a
The only Genuine Oiyni]
all kinds of Thrilling a
A programme of am:
ling struggles an
valries carryi
tators toy stc
wildly ap
toy a
Races beside which
Furious Two and Four
In new and novel acts, i
of beasts and patienct
Educated Elephants
keys, Dogs, Goats, 3
Hovers of Beautiful Horses are invite
Two E^hibi
t, Purest, Fairest
>rise on Earth.....
mile track. Scores cf
O PlieiiomerLal Acts;
icane Races; lO,D0,000
MagniHcentin Presentation.
i Performers.
c Zouaves,
iiers in the World.
sid Sea Lions.
pia Hippodrome with,
nrt Tip.snfi-ra.-f-.Fi Races.
izing- extent, Startd
ludicrous ring
the spec)rrn,
all others are tame
Horse Chariot Races.
exhibiting the brains
- ** - 1., ^
3 ox xnari, ixxuxLi.wii.iis
3, Baboons, Mon?igs
and Donkeys.
d to visit our Stables and see the
ARADEAT 10.00 A. M. 1
tlbns Daily I
It is gravely asserted
lia Weed Holbrook, or New
that unstinted applications of the
best brand of piano music will permanently
cure baldness. SUe does
not cite the prodigious hairy growth
of performers of the Paderewski sj
school as proof of her theory, but s!
she does point to the fact that the tl
male occupants of the front rows in ni
the theatres usually hear the wind 'J
instruments in the orchestra chiefly, SI
which, according to her dogma, ac- ei
counts for their being generally bald. ^
It is not her supposition that the w
tempest emerging from the bells of w
the bass trombones blows the hair off h!
their heads, though this appears to 0
be tjuite in the line of her argtiment. w
It is unfortunate that she contents ?l
herself with merely announcing her Sl
momentous discovery and fails to j'
specify the details as to in what n
,1,0 niitcifnl remedv is to be ,,
rubbed In, so to spehk, but perhaps tj
she will furnish that information j:
later, when her fell purpose of wrecking
the business of hair restorers h
and of the barbers who have " the k
make your hair grow" is more fully V
developed. e
But while we are waiting for her ^
to work out her plans for consigning n
these estimable^ citizens to hopeless St
bankruptcy. I think I have found a p
speedier and surer way of recon- d
structing the thatches which re- l'<
morseless time has stolen, although
it would bo equally fatal to the finan- a
cial prosperity of the individuals
threatened by Mrs. Holbroik. How- ^
ever, it is true of all the great for- j,
ward sweeps in the path of progress j;
that none was accomplished without i
the sacrifice of somebody or some- g
thing, and the end of whic> she and b
I have in view can be no exception to
the rule. ?
Mv idea is this: You have all 11
heard of the new science of "sugges- ^
tion," or if anybody is ignorant of it j.
he or she must be out of the reach of v
the industrious canvassers for the c
magazines and books that set it u
forth. hs . basic proposition is that c
the person who will set his or her
! mind on any desired achievement ^
will certainly accomplish it. The con- E
| stant reiteration of the suggestion is t,
I all that is necessary for success. ^
"If," says one of the authorities of t:
| the school, "you can hold in mind a ^
nf anv desirable thing d
or eventuality that thing or eventu- 11
ality can be made a fact." c
Now, it" this be true, it must be 3"
manifest to the dullest comprehen- ?
sion that the culture of abundant
; hair comes within the purview of the ^
miracles that may be accomplished ^
by suggestion. All that a halt: man v
has to do is to spend his leisurehours
in resolving that his hair shall d
grow and fancy it restored to the k
luxuriance that was his pricl^ when c
he went courting and played half ^
back on the Frog Hollow foot ball ^
team. That would not be too much
mental exertion even for these days
of the thermometer's ambition to tl
make a record at the top of the ti
tube. It. might be taken up as a p
pastime when the other pleasures of Sl
the summer vacation pall upon the c
-man who has more money than he *
knows what to do with and less hair
.tlian it is worth wnile to buy brush- ^
es and combs for. Kxcept for the a
purposes of the stage the wigmaker's o
art would become obsolete, and as
the departure of the hair is usually t:
a sign of increasing years its renewal t(
would be a step toward re-creating u
the juvenility of this aging world. 0
There are still larger possibilities
ill the scheme. Following the famil- 0
iar axiom that there is strength in
combination, clubs of the hairless si
might he organized to go through t!
the routine of suggestion and the b
malting of mental pictures of the de- 6
sirable. Let a dozen of the bald so- ^
jouruers at a seaside or mountain j!
resort organize "such an association ^
and hold their sessions on the front 1(
porch. Each member should indulge ?
in a fit of stern resolution for himself s;
that he will have a new growth of
hair before he leaves the place, and h
after he has finished exercising iiis c
will power for himself there could be ?
an altruistic exchange of determination,
each man going into the men- j;
tal photography business for all the p
others in turn.
Of course, Samson was ignorant h
of the powers of "suggestion" when II
he fell into the trap of Delilah. Had c
he known of them he might have s
grown a new crop of hair before the
Philistines had a chance to make him ?
prisoner and so saved his eyes and
avoided the painful incident that y
closed his career. But, profiting by r
the ?amson warning, the bald man of f
to-day, when he finds a Delilah seek- q
ing him only for the glory of his hair, r
or, what amounts to the same thing 0
in our time, . the fatness of his bank s
account, may adopt suggestion as the
will process'of driving her away with
a notification that he understands (
her methods .and her purposes. It is t
not. easy to_ imagine the good that 1
may be wrought. by this facile way -*
of traveling the path that leads to i
"any. desirable thing or- eventuality." f
?The .Wooden Indian in Pittsburg |
Times. ^ ?
a* a FrfflH
Pieces In
It seems almost
ble that the groat
lould have ever been made
le humble purpose of a frying pa^
id yet this Is only one of many equalstrange
episodes In the romantic
ory of the seal which Is the "specific
nblem of British sovereignty."
Lord Chancellor Eldon was so fearful
? 1 fcvgt on tftrf-tf/in
iilt IUC at'ill WV w.
bile in bis custody tliat lie never
eat to sleep without first satisfying
Iruself that It was safe !u his bedroom,
ne night?it was in the year 1.S12?be
as roused from his slumbers by cries
r -Fire:" Jumping out of bed he
latched up the great seal and. rusliig
into the garden, buried it deep in
ie middle of n tlovror bed. His bouse
light be burned to the ground, but at
list ho would not provt? unworthy of
ie great trust which had been reposed
i him.
Xext morning, however?so exciting
nd been the experiences of the night?
e liad completely forgotten in what
art of the garden the embiem of sovreignty
had been hidden/and it was
nly after his entire household had
tinted for hours that It was at lust
in to earth. "You never saw anything
> ridiculous." he wrote later, "as seeig
tiie whole family down the walks
ibbling with bits cf sticks until we
mnd It."
Once at least the great seal has been
t the bottom of the Thames and
c-uld be there today but for a lucky
ccident. It was in 1GSS, when tbe
i-eond James was llecing from Ungual
anil the Fringe of Orange to
'ranee, iti company with .Sir Edward
iaies. lie had intended to take the
reat seal with him. but as lie was
eiiig rowed from Lambeth to Vaux
ail. wiiere horses were awaiting him.
licther and better idea occurred to
im. He would iiing Hie seal into the
Ivor, and that would place it once for
I! out of reach of his enemy. So overoard
the seal went, and for some
reeks it lay there u-.til by a curious
bailee it was picked up . In a fisherlun's
net and restored to the proper
The ludicrous frying pan adventure
efeil it when in the custody of Lord
Srougham. The chancellor had gone
i Scotland for a short holiday?seeing
liat he could not take the seal on the
ibine trip he longed for without putin
g it in commission at great cost to
iinself?iinu ne was si gui-M ui iuv
owager Duchess of Bedford at Ilotbleaurchus.
where lie kept his precious
harge in his bedroom. One day the
ouag ladies of the house party took
be seal from the bedroom and hid it.
hougham was desperate when he disovered
his loss and did not recover
is peace of mind until the pretty
hieves promised to lead him to it if he
rould consent to be blindfolded.
With his eyes bandaged he wj^s conucted
to the drawing room, and there
e discovered the seal hidden in a tea
hest. So overjoyed was he at its recovery
that he consented to the young
idles* suggestion that they should adDura
to the kitchen and celebrate the
Dyous event by making pancakes in
be seal, and thus, amid much laughter,
be greatest emblem of sovereignty in
be whole world was actually used as a
an in which to fry pancakes. The
eal, it should perhaps be mentioned,
onslsts of two silver disks hinged toether.
so that when they are closed
bey form a mold, into which the wax.
reen, red or yellow, as the case may
e, is poured. Thus It would make not
t all a bad substitute for the common
r kitchen frying-pan.
Many a time has the great seal been
iken to the house of lords and broken
> pieces at the bar by the hammer of
sturd}' blacksmith, amid the frantic
licering of onlooking members. This
as the fate of the seal which fell into
le Lands ol' the parliamentary array
n the capitulation of Oxford in 1040.
'bree years later the old parliamentary
eal, which represented Charles enironed
on one side and riding on borseack
on the other, was similarly destroyed
to make way for the new seal
rith its view of the house of commons
i place of the deposed sovereign.
11chard Cromwell's seal was broken
- '*oIn inr.O nnd in the fol
.V Li-tvr uuiai.ov. ? ? ,
iwiag year the grout seal of the comlonwealtb
Itself was destroyed In the
ame way.
Once the seal was lost, by Charles II.
l his flight from the fatal field of Worester,
and once It was stolen by burlars
from Ix>rd Tburlow's house in
ireat Ormond street, but It was relaced
by a repllea in the wonderfully
hort time of thirty-six hours. The
eal that was In use when George IV.
led was divided between Lord Lyndurst
and Lord Brougham. King Wilms
IV. presenting one side to each
hancellor, mounted in a magnificent
alver, and a similar present was made
i later ytyirs to Lords Chelmsford and
'ampbell and to Lords Selbome and
lairns. Of the handsome satchels or
urses in which the seal Is supposed to
e kept?exquisite specimens of art
eedlework in white and gold?so many
ell to the lot of Lord Thurlow as per[Uisltes
that his good lady was' able to
aake several sumptuous counterpanes
nd bed hangings from them.?Pearon's
Forced to It.
Doso?I thought you were going to
inlt all your bad habits? Dont?I did.
Hit nobody recognized me, and I had to
legln again so people would know me.
Examine what is said, not him who
peaksic?Arabian Proverb.
The best?Hall's ice cream. x
t'r J'V) *,<. /
( tT> ' i mil
BfWBIrTflFiflaffnW M f,
% Go Carts,
t Retriosrators tr
t up. We especially
tion to our bed ro
24x30, bevel inin
I $20. TUis snis Is
t vite uou to our sto
t our different depar
? with Oaroains.
& Decorative pals
1 35 c
JSk. S~\ 1_ _3
J uur ^nma ueuc
& elat
^ Don't fail to j
I ..Goal
I House Fur
^ Cunningham Bldg.
Baltimore & Ohio R. R.
The "Nation's Highwau"
and "Shortest Route"
ihadi CHIP
VKURLD3 nun,
Vestibuled throughout with
Pullman Sleeping Cars.
Observation Cars and'Dining.Cars,
Gneai) GoasH Excursions
Every Tuesdau in June
Uery Low Rates.
Ask ticket agents for Description
World's Fair folder, boarding-house
and hotel booklet, guide maps and
full information,
Webster Springs Mineral Water.
Call on the Fairmont Bottling Company,
Jackson street, F. & M. 'phone
185, for Webster Springs Salt Sulphur
Water. Can furnish 1ly the bottle
or case. B. D. Hutchinson, general
agent. x
Standard for 13 years.
The roofing which hsa
proved that it can resist
the greatest extremes
of weather and
factorr conditions. Ab8"
solutoly waterproof.
Send for samples.
Kelley Bros., Fairmont.
Mrs. E. A. McCartney,
Ladies Tailoring.
Gentk men's Cleaning- and Repairihg. J
C ilea pes tSndce for high grade TaliegM
flB^Floor, CarrBun^g|
-v ' r"": ' : I
'om mostcinyi3rl^m
invito uour atten
om suits, mi oak J
w in dresser, lor
a bargain. We in- j
ire to look tiirouoii t 1
tments ail teeming |
as, five leaf, only
.rfcment is a rev- J
nav us a visit.
6ltU.. :
nishing go. :
W. H. Billingslea, Mgr. ^ .'i|
We have- iti view is to please people.
It you will let us show- you our line *1
of Wall Paper and Window Shades, X v%|g
Room Moldings and high grade pauiis, r
and quote you our prices. We will ;S'igS|
l>e sure to please you.
Jacobs Block. Monroe St. <
Consolidated 'Phone No. 157.
To m
p Date I
n 1. 1 mm
reupie Appreciate 3
The little extra style and artistic
design that is contained-ih our
Wooden Mantels and '.'-SB
Fireplace goods. We invite
you to come in and look over.
our stock and give us youi^jH
opinion about It. We invffn
criticism but are not geflg
It. This faot proves tfufl
Mantels, Tile and F>?H
are of the desirablefl
Look at them
quite ready.

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