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I GlimiNG j
i yiikvuHiu
I I IF11 A Will Be Elected
M Ml 1 President of the Unit
l/lf is 1 I ed States at tlieGom
III l\J ino Election?
? w bsp $,
i will m
? i
I The West Virginian |
I Proposes to Give I
^ <0.
$ the Best Guess- $
f ers Some Lib- t
| eral Prizes. |
<jj> We will give to our Patrons and Subscribers J*
I $250.00 IN GOLD f
@ on the following conditions:
g To the person estimating the exact number, or ?
the nearest the exact number of votes cast for the ?
?jj> winner in the Presidential contest, we will give
? $100.00 in gold.
&B> Tn the tier-son onessinpr the next nearest nam- js*.
'W ? X d O - v
^ ber, $50.00 in gold. ?
, ^ To the third nearest guesses, $25.00 in gold. ^
? To the five next nearest, each $10.00. <?
Q To the five next nearest, each $5.00 in gold. ^
The thirteen people in this case willl be the @
^ lucky ones. ^
I. Each person who is a regular subscriber to ?
& the Daily West Virginian on July 6, is entitled to ^
? one guess. 2. Each person paying one dollar for
@ a three months' subscription to the West Virginian
@ beginning after July 6 will be entitled to one guess. ^
3. Any person paying in advance for one year will 0
i - r . l. r . _r _ ^
os eniiueu to iour estimates, or lur any pari ui a ^
fyear in the same manner, each one dollar paid on ^
subscription entitling the subscriber to a guess. 4. O
q Any person securing two subscribers for three ^
& months and paying us two dollars, will be entitled ?
^ to one guess, or additional guesses in the same pro- ^
? portion, one guess for each two dollars, sent in.
q The person securing the subscription will be en- ^
titled to guess and the persons subscribing will also ?
? be entitled to guesses. ?
<* In J 892, . ?
? Grover Cleveland received 5,552,351 votes. ?
? Benjamin Harrison received 5,176,336 votes. 4
? In 1896, ?
2 : William McKinley received 7,1 II,607 votes. @
Wldliam J. Bryan received 6,509,052 votes. @
5 In 1900> $
? William McKinley received 7,263,266 votes.
? William I- Bryan received^ 6,415,3 8 7 votes. ?
x' The guess or guesses of each individual will be ?
<?> kept secret. Who will be the first to record his $
? guess ? Remember it begins on Wednesday July 6. ^
@ Some one will get first prize, why not you ? ^
- THE WEATHER?Forecast for West
^ Friday, showers: cooler in western, po
[ ^
j i basement
Just a line from the
? -V;.c, if you want to call i
J cles are inexpensive and
i cles?the saving is neces
j ' a saving on every one. ]
:of* every article mentic
J j be larger.
(;? ?
I Ice Cream Freezer.
A 1 -< . . ' V: .' ,
^ 1 A o-hanrlorr5 fi-ocrf r* nnH
* - one of the quickest and ; i
? easiest to operate.
> 3 qt. size - - $1.89
) 4 qt. size 2.25
I 6 qt. size 2.75 i
' Mrs. Potts' Niehol Plat-i^
| ; ed Sad Irons.
For set of 3 irons,
1 stand and handle, 75cj
J "Tanglefoot" Fly Paper, 3
double sheets for 5e. c
2 qt. Milk Pails. s
White lined enamel, com- I
! plete with lid - - 25c
i ? h
ww atti JL iiciicx ^
Best quality blown glass, 2
quart size 25c I r
. <
Boys' Express wagons.
The strongest and best ^
braced wagon on the market.
Three largest sizes
79c, 98c, and $1.19.
Next to Court House.
Junkins' Band, of Fairmont. Has a
Correction to Make.
It was erroneously stated in the "i"
News Tuesday that Junkins' band
11 1 CIJI lUWMt Kiel tliaucu LUC uc?opaper
ofiices and played "'Hiawatha" sc
and "Tessie." The members of the Si
band are justly indignant. Time was
when it could spin olf the syncopated ':i
"Hiawatha" in a manner that would er
have made Col. Wadsworth Longfellow
open wine. Time was when it "r
rendered "Tessie" in a manner that
would bring tears of appreciation to th
the eyes of the most rabid Wagnerite, Vi
or the most dithyrambic Chopinist. ?n
But that's all gone by. Junkins' band el<
has grace enough to know when a wt
thing's frazzled, when the edge has Sv
been wopn off. and when it's time to
saw off. So it did not play "Kiawa- ve
tha," nor did it trill the trilletites of in;
"Tessie." ri'1
Alas! it was a Wheeling band, and Mi
this correction is promptly yet some- th<
what dolefully made. P!1
The Junkins band is one of the best 1
at the convention, and can put out !'li
anything on dots and bars.?Wheeling (lr:
News. ,h<
In addition to the public apology
so gracefully made by the News, Mr.
Ogden wrote the following letter to
Mr. Junkins:
Wheeling Daily News,
Wheeling, W. Va..
July 13tli, 1904. (S
Mr. C. D. Junkins, I
Junkins' Band,
Fairmont, W. Va.
Dear Sir: j
I notice your complaint of being ac- w
cused of playing "Tessie" and "Hia- sj0
w at ha. ani
The. News makes the proper correction
- and desires to assure you that j
your music is very much appreciated at
by the delegates, and people in, gen- bu(
eral. and you certainly made a hit. r
Yours very truly, j-ro
(Signed), H. C. OGDEN. too
A Card From Ed Jackson. u)jt
Marion County Jail. gen
Fairmont, July 14th. vva.'
Editors West Virginian: tioi
Please grant me a space in your tee;
columns to correct an article appearing
in yesterday's issue of your paper,
to the effect that threats were made y
against my life by the men who at- gQt
tempted to break jail, r deem It only e(1
fair that this correction be made^jn
justice to my fellow, prisoners, if the
truth was known, I do not think the t}le
men in this jail are nearly so bad as
some people think they are. V
Yours respectfully. wai
- |
cW'.i . '
Virginia: Fair and warmer to-night
Basement;, an "tccvzcvuc
it such. While the art!
small? every day arti
sarily small, but there i
[? vou buv one or mor
>ned, your savings wi
Mason Fruit Jars, Gen
uine "Ball Bros.
Pints at 35e doz
Quarts at 38e doz
1-2 Gallon 55c doz
Tin Top Jelly Glasses 1Pint
size 18i
Tin Lids, all sizes 5<
Guaranteed Clothes Wring
er, Warranted for thrc
years $2-4^
Large sizes in green am
irystal glass, all in prett]
ha pes?choice 10c
'lain White Bowls anc
rhe two pieces for 69c
Ualvanized Wash Tubs
3 large sizes,
50c, 55c and 60c.
Vhite Cups and Saucers.
cups and 6 saucers
for 33c
,EY & SON,
- Fairmont, W. Va.
4* * * * * * * * * * * * *
' *r
Our residence population today is
:aree on account of the M. P. church
tnday School. outing.
Albert Crowl is seriously sick at
s home. He will undergo an opation
at Hill's Hospital.
Many are the expressions of eon atulation
for Swisher and Miller,
he people say. "If it were possible
at the Republican ticket in West
rginia could be defeated, there is
te man who would be in the lead and
ected by a large majority, and that
juld be our own townsman. C. \V.
Mrs. Norvell, mother of Willis Nor11;
who has typhoid fever and is be;
cared for at the City Hospital, ar ed
in the city yesterday evening,
-s. Norvell will remain here during
e illness of her son. She is stoptg
at "Mrs. W. S. Billingsley's.
Captain M. M. Neely, whose serious
aess has been reported, was out
iving yesterday evening. He said
2 account of his heing so near
ath's door was greatly exaggerated.
3LAIXFIELD. N. J.. July 14.?Edrd
R. Taylor, Plainfleld's city misnary
has ended a thirty days' fast,
1 appears none the worse for his
leal. When he started to abstain
m solid food he tipped the scales
220 pounds and to-day he weighs
: 25 pounds less.
luring the time of his abstinence
m solid nourishment Mr. Taylor
It walks for exercise and part, of
time attended to his duties as
ssionary. He declares that his
leral health is much better than it
5 and lie has no fear of any reaci.
One year ago he fasted for Cfn
Town Destroyed by Fire.
TENXA. July 11.?The, village of
lony, Hungary, was nearly destroyby
fire to-day. , Five persons we reed
and 150 persons wore injured,
ly nine-tenths of the population of
village are J^jLtleatitute.
v'o are gfvlng 10 per cent, off on
or coolers and filters. J." I.. Hall's
dware store. x
Tie members of the Merchants am
Manufacturers' Association of Wheel
ins will pay us the promised visit tc
morrow, arriving at 9:10 A. M. The;
will be met and received by the cs
ecurive committee of the Board "
Trade, assisted by" about' thirty ' o
forty of our lending business men. in
eluding wholesale and retail met
i? chant, bankers, real estate broker:
and others.
A troliov ride will l>e given the vis
e iters and on the return about tei
o'clock they will visit the various
II j places of business of the idfteren
merchants. There arc abou. oik
j minnrea ot incso imsmess men iron:
~" Pittsburg, anil we hope Fairmont. wili
make them realize that they are mosi
welcome guests to our city.
i'lctiirow Thai Arc t:Hcd In Xavajo
To paint ?i picture in ordinary. ollss or
water coioi's, with a model to copy, is
~ a difficult task enough to suit most
people, but to paint g picture by drop?
ping pi lie lies, of colored earth or sand
011 a smooth ground surface and to
3 point it from memory exactly as some
other artist painted it a year or more
_ ago appears even more dllOcuit. Sueli.
however, is the process, by which some
tribes of American Indians reprod uce
*y from time to time pictures that are
- used in certain aboriginal ceremonies,
and that are believed to be exactly
similar to original drawings that date
j back an unknown number of generations.
h In the Pea body museum at Harvard
2 university there Is a colored model of
one of these paintings that a member
of the museum staff had the good
structlon,. the picture being used In
- a ceremony performed to cure- the illness
of two members of a small Navajo
village. It represents the four rain
gods?one for each of the cardinal
points of the compass?who are shown
coming from a southern ciotid, blue In
. color, which rises in turn from a black,
white and yellow line symbolizing tbe
north, cast and west. The god of the
north wind Is black, of the south wind
blue, of the west wind yellow and of
the east wind white, arid each carries
a highly decorated tobacco pouch, containing
also a ray of the sun, with
which he is supposed to light his pipe.
The combination of tbe sun with the
rain, which the Indmu imagination
pictured the gods as sending, is symbolized
by rainbow colors, red and blue,
. decorating the tobacco bags. Ftom tbe
left band of eacli figure bangs a water
bottle, n natural emblem of bis office,
wlille around tbe nortb, west and
south sides of the picture is the rainbow,
personilled by a goddess.
Tbe sand picture, which exists from
year to year oply In the memory of
the medicine man, or shaman, who directs
the making of it, is "drawn" on
the floor of a sacred hut especially constructed
with its doorway carefully
facing the east, from which direction
the Indians believe no evil spirit need
be expected. The medicine man has as
his advisers and memory assistants
several of the men of the tribe who
have participated in many a former
ceremony of the kind. The actual
"painters" are four young men of the
tribe, who first lay out a smooth foundation
elf brown sand and then, starting
in the middle, move outward in either
direction as the center of the design
is finished. Each puintcr takes a
pinch of sand of the necessary color
and drops It in the proper place by
rubbing-it slowly between thumb and
forefinger. In this way, line by line,
the pictnre comes slowly into being
until at the end of several hours a finished
"painting" about 0 by 13 feet iu
size has been executed to the satisfaction
of the chief medicine man and his
experienced advisers.
Explosion at Oyster Bay.
OYSTER BAY, July 14.?A tremendous
explosion in the direction of Sagamore
Hill shortly, before midnight ,
last night scared Oyster Bay out of
bed and sent Secretary I.oeh and the .
Secret Service men not on duty at ,
the President's house, scurrying to j
learn what had happened. ;
Investigation showed that the ex- (
plosion was aboard the gasoline
launch Aeolus, which was lying off
Centre Island.
" c
Marion county is as well pleased c
over the nomination of Thos. C. Miller ,
as that of Charles W. Swisher, but r;
the latter's Is the sweeter because oi a
the effort that was made on the part r
of a few prominent gentlemen from ^
the beginning to the end of the con- t(
vention to thwart his aspirations and r
who thought they had him "buried a
face downward." g
? e
The merchant fixes and measures ,
each day the space his store is to n
occupy in the public eye and thought v
when he fixes his advertising space a
for that day. t,
- a
Do you use a camera? We can save f,
yo'u money on supplies. Yates,, 721 p(
Locust Aye. , f,
? ? ?:? v.
If you don't want typhoid fever s(
drink Francis Mineral Water. Fair- n,
moat Bottling Works. Both 'phones, x jc
" -
* ' *r
, * . *
J. By Oup Regular Correspondent. $>
J* **- -! * ** **? ?? ?*? -*-'
Bailej Morgan, of ForUsluirg, is re- j
'h joining over the recent Jul!ux of i>uj.'>
? lati-oh In Wlnfield district, one bonne- '. ,
I. ing btg girl having been oiirt/u.. iu
f his family circle.
Mrs. Virginia JenUins. of Taylor
.. county, who has been visiting he-.
, sons and daughter of ih.- Fir*-: want.
has returned home accompanied liv
. iter daughter, Mrs: .1. tv. Whitehair.
i :
, French Mornn, of Par:;, after
, his long serious illness vrlth : .-phold
? fever ami a relapse 'rem which |
, suffered, is mm nUt to vail abottc :4?pl|
( l>y the aid of a carte and i? vol u .
' each day. -P p;-.:-;
' ' ' i'<w
Ed W'lllej of S -?t. : i . ? - <
inn over to the South side 6 ify.
Rev. 1. A- Barnes, of W cts.be r" called
here by *he recent tic
mother, ras chosen administrator to "*j
V 11. u. . -son.vl affa r vi. u. jjgjfflB
he ! o|W to net arranged la time to? Mm
return home this week.
Clarence I- Robinson, the etu-ryei.h
councilman , of ,the first warci, is iw-,
proving and repainting his property
.it tin, Mfirlthant street. CIinvuf'i1 is ' . : ;s.'i
a hustler for the puhho interests of
his 'constituency, and neglect.-- not ?o
loo!; a {tor his own things as v.,!;
T? C. Bonis, of White Day. was i:
the city yesterday on a busincs- trie
and circulating among liis friends, in- 1
the meantime scanning the political
liay Smith, of State street, is still
very sick ot; typhoid fever, bar 1.1 .
nurse reports him as making sawfactory
Ezra Cordray. county comn>-ssitm
er, after having nearly recovered, too!,
a relapse from which he is suffering
great annoyance.
Mr. Hockenberry, of Columbia
street Is quite ill, Iris temperature re ~S
maining high, ami causing hi.-; family
and friends much apprehension
to the - result. f
Mrs, Arthur Hlnlcl.. and- youn-i son
of Merchant, street, have return-."!
homo from a visit among relative-f. and
friends at Buchhannon.
Simon Bevison, the one price clothing
store man., has "a fine Ho!.rev.
baby-boy, which wa& eight day, olu
yesterday. In obedience to tile Mosaic
custom, a Rabbi from Pittsburg, with
a number of invited guests was present
at 10 o'clock in the morn'n-:; to
perform the sacred rites of their,
church in behalf of the child.
Mrs. Helen IjTuzum, of Nuzunx's Mill,
wno cneu on Monday, was Durieu at ? i
2 o'clock this afternoon In Maple
Grove cemetery. She leaves behind
to mourn her loss, two sons, Walter
and Lowery, and two daughters, Ida
Van Gilder, of this city, and Phoebe,
the youngest of the family. Their
many friends sympathize with then;
in this hour or their bereavement.
Littleton Morgan and wife, of Buckhannon,
who have been visiting with
relatives and friends in the city and
county for a week, returned home yesterday.'
Mr. Morgan was born ami
raised in Marion' county, and thinks
of becoming a resident of our city in
the near future.
The Moonlight Dancing Club.--of the
city will give an excursion to East
Fairmont Park, on the J. O. W (iron,
next Tuesday evening. Orderly x>leasure
will be the .program for the trip,
with refreshments served on -the
grounds by the club. Music and
lancing at the pavilion. All ciemiers
of the club are invited to join
md help* make the evening outltag
/uo vi ouv/itu ^H.
C. Koon, of Littleton, rVetzel
:ounty, and brother of Mrs. Frseland,
>f this city, is reported to have met
vith a sad and fatal accident yesterlay
afternoon. About four o'clock he
.ud a party of friends went out gunting
for a few .hours. Thdy had not
ieen gone very long until they came
o a blackberry thicket full of ripe beries,
of which they all stopped tojicte
nd enjoy, and then sat down to rest,
luddenly some one of the party c-v
laimed "there goes a rabbit." -V;.
hey all sprang to their,'feet, the homier
of Mr. Kbon's gun faugh: on s
ine and set off the full contents oi
double load of buck-shot, -which eajred
his forehead between the eyes
nd lolled him instantly Their-' rest
ti enjoyment of a few moments be- *"J
ire, and their anticix>ated ^pleasure
>r the hours to come, were thus
srted . ir^to a scene of horror by rea)u
of the accident. They could do- r ;
tithing more thah carry
ss form of their companion to i.is
ime, where they arrived whir "-or{Ccntinued
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