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;Vy - I ; I .
# '^ *
: ..Goal 61(0..
Wnnsfi Fiirnisnino Go.:
???1? ~ I
^ "We are not selling out, but we are simply selling
1 *
^ .. y cheaper as is our custom. i
Boss Washers, $5.75 up.
t Go Carts, $4.00 up. !
^ - <
Mr: <
- Refrigerators from most anu price
up. We especially invite your attent
tion to our Ped room suits, fill oak
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. <
^ <
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% 35 cents.
J Our China department is a rev
Don't fail to pay us a visit.
; __
l ,.60dl GitU:
House FurnisUlno go.
~ <
^ Cunningham Bldg. - W. H. Billirigslea, wigr. ^
fi V but they were insured. Now the
have money to start anew. Can yo
? ; J'-^W say same thing in case you ar
I II \ ! !| I fCaa^gf <rj>- *? be without insurance. Do not nec
II p r*Ar ") K^-' ,ect the opportunity to place yoursel
I'/ l Sill v ?X=^f on a safe footing. We write up Fir
i I t V Si j ill \^y Risks on real and personal property
EebS^nmj/ [> 7?\tTT stocks, etc.? etc., and will cheerfull
' \r_ ~ r""^ 1 )<3 furnish an^ further information d?
\ " ^as. *
315 Main Street.
' J . - 3. - ' FAIRMONT, W. Va.
<3 ;"_?.m Dealers in Pumps and Pump Pipe.
Drillers of Artesian and Ordinary
Test Wells For Minersl and Air
_|j p^nBFiw Consolidated 'Phone 182.
Samuel B. Holbert:- Edward F. Holbert
- - - / T 7 , L _ 7- ?J
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We represent TWENTY [of the strongest anc
. most libera! fire insurance companies in the world
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General insurance,
Skinner Block, Fairmont:, W. V
DR. SWOTT'S What is the matter with Home
aw?aiM> a MM . rn Hall's ice cream soda? Nothing. Ex
PPmflJ Villi V 11 T |31 I T V cept that being so rich and heavil;
rjlljli fTill jf Hl| rihljA charged, it requires several othe
IBI.BIBBW IBKn willing assistants, in an emergency
The only safe, sure an? to help each patron safely througl
mjjB* reliable Female Pillevet with one round at the fountain. Fo
Mpyagr. ^SlTyd rccoiSSeSded SES further* explanation ask Homer.
married Ladies. Ask for
X>Xt. H50TVS
^sgagBsSgsay PENNYROYAL PILLS It>s so eas>* to say?Hairs ic<
and take no other. Sesd fob* cxEctmAB creamPrice
81.00 per box, 6 boxes for S5.Oft :
5a MOWS .CHEMICAL CO.. Cleveland. Oftk Reliable Furniture at Fairmont Fur
^^^Sc^^^^^^L^Chrlstie. ; niture Gft.
Baltimore & Ohio R. R.
The "Nation's Higinvau"
J and "Shortest Route"
' ' vTO' TI1E '
Vestibuled throughout with
Pullman Sleeping Cars.
Observation Cars and Dining"Cars.
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^ Time to Time.
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TV"orla' s Fair folder, boarding-house
^ and hotel booklet, guide -maps and
^ j full information.
I - K -U >- i~ -U ?. .h c.'JU 4.
^ j ,y- -> -O. S. S. -V i*. !>.
11 A. M. KNIGHT. Our
July Discount Sale
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>\4 4
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r vjtt
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: Consolidated 'Phone, 157.
r -r?**' $??
w # fi S S 1? 1? . * $" 4" ' i'
*? T- f ?$= n*. ??? n ij ?t? *x=
y H Standard for 13 years.
u || The rooting' which hsa
e M proved that it can resist
the greatest extremes
of weather and
factory conditions. Ab}
H- solutely waterproof,
f a Send for samples,
e f'j Kelley Bros., Fairmont.
ry H
Mrs. E. A. McCartney,
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Third Floor. Carr Building.
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! JLro.,
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~ Jacobs Building. Alonroe Mreef. ^
r v
Webster Springs Mineral Water. J
1 )
r Call on the Fairmont Bottling Com- S
pany, Jackson street, F. & M. 'phone <
1S5, for Webster Springs Salt Sul- /
s phur Water. Can furnish by the bot- }
j tie or case. B.. D. Hutchinson, general
agent. x t
. 1 ; -c
You'll like It. Others do.. Kail's "
c ice cream.* . x ,.
To the World's Fair. Very Lovy Rates
Various forms of excursion ticket!
to St. Louis via Baltimore & Ohl<
Railroad, now on sale from Fairmon
as follows:
Season tickets, good to return unti
December 15, 1004, to be sold daily a!
rate of $26.S0, round trip.
Sixty day excursion tickets, fina
limit not later than December 15, 1904
to be sold daily at rate of $22.35. rounc
Fifteen day excursion tickets, to be
sold daily at rate of $18.75, round trip
Ten day special coach excursion
tickets on saie tvery i uesaay in June,
good going in day coaches only, on
special coach trains, or in coachis on
designated trains, limited for return
passage leaving St. Louis not later
than ten days, including date of sale,
at rale of ?13.Q0. round trip.
Variable route .excursion tickets,
either season or sixty day. will be sold
going via one direct route and returning
via another direct" route, full information
concerning' which can be obtained
from ticket agent.
Stop-overs, not exceeding ten days
at each point will he allowed at Washington,
Deer Park, Mountain Lake
Park. Oakland and Mitchell, Ind., (for
French Lick and West Baden Springs)
within return 'limit, upon notice to
conductor and deposit of ticket with
depot ticket agent immediately upon
Stop-overs not exceeding ten days
will be allowed at St. Louis on all
one-way (except Colonists' tickets to
. i.V. ,1 ?-.-v
Lilt* r iltl lit tuuo i./ umi i uuuu tiiji "Ln
ets reading to points beyond St. Louis,
upon deposit of ticket with Validating
Agent and payment of fee of $1.00.
Three solid vestibuled trains are
run daily from New York, PhilndeL
phia, Baltimore and Washington, via
Parkersburg and Cincinnati to St.
Three solid vestibuled trains are
run daily from Pittsburg, Wheeling
and Columbus via Cincinnati, to St.
Magnificent coaches, sleeping cars,
observation cars and unexcelled dining
car service.
J' ui jjiusuttitu njiuci, LJUit; laijic
and full information, call at ticket
office, Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.
/ ??????????? _
Popular Seashore Excursigns?Atlantic
City, Cape May, Ocean City,
Sea Isle City, N. J., Ocean City,
Md., and Rehoboth Beach,
Dei., June 30, July 16 and
August 11 and 25, and
September 8.
At the following very low rates
from Fairmont:
Only $10 round trip, ticket good in
coaches only.
Only $12 round trip, tickets in Pullman
cars when accompanied by regular
Pullman ticket.
All tickets good returning 16 days,
Including date of sale.
Stop-overs allowed _on return trip
it Philadelphia and Washington.
Ask ticket agents for pamphlet
jiving detailed information.
At SI Second street, Fourth ward.
Children's work a specialty.
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THE PARSOAHPH CO., Lciilfvii^ Ky. I
My disease io S
I have never used Paracarnph, but if s
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Name $
Street Address....................... (
County and State ...... ......... *. -. S
temezaT)cr,PAlvACA'i>IPHiMreconciincn?i- :
<l |>y surgeons
thletos , world, over* . Thoasao d?; o? ^
5 ;
> village that claims jud(
[ i parker as its own was cali
ed After an Algonquin
tribe of indians, who
i : got classical title
t from the dutch.
Next to its uncertainty concern!
1 the views of Judge Alton Parker
" the issues of the campaign the pi
ular mind has been more worked
over the meaning of the name of t
village that claims the Democra
! candidate for the Presidency th
anything else. The uncertainty cc
eerning his views has had more acti
i existence in theory, perhaps, than
, fact, but Esopus was a name to cc
l jure with and although there was
i vast deal of conjuring little aatisfr
tory information resulted.
At first blush the name would see
, to be that of the great Greek fat
list, for Aesop, or Esop, in Greek
Aisopos and in Gat in Aes'opus. T1
now common elision of the first vow
f in the diphthong makes this Gal
form Ksopus, .which is the name
the Ulster county village on the 01
skirts of which is "Rosemout," .Tuil)
Parker's home. The "o" in Esopt
incidentally is pronounced as the
in "go."
It is entirely probable that tills
the derivation of the village's nair
although it .was not taken dfrect
from the. Latin. When the Dut<
came to New York after Henrik Hu
son had made his famous voyage tin
found die present site of .the metro
olis in the possession of the Manlir
tan tribe of the Algonquin Indian
The Algonquins were the most poWe
ful division of the American aborif
nes at the time of the discovery at
white man. They comprised tribt
speaking some forty dialects and occ
pied the country from Hudson Bay i
Pamlico Sound and the Cumberlar
river, with the Shawuees outlying c
the south and the Cheyenne and Ar
pahoes cleaving the Sioux on the wes
The Manhattans were not the on
Algoniiuin tribe in the neighborhoc
of New York. Bands from other 6
lied tribes either lived or made the
appearance at frequent intervals i
the neighborhood For sortie roast
that is not now apparent the Dutc
called these Indians in the 1-Iudsc
river valley the Esopus Inidans. ar
in this fact is to he found the imtn
diate origin of the village's name. T1
villiage, it may be said, is on the wo
shore of the railroad, about 75 mill
from Now York City and about '
from Albany. Its nearest ncighbo
hood of any size is Kingston, tl
largest town between the metropol
and the capital of the Empire Stat
There is every reason to suppo:
that the Dutch took the name Esopt
from the Latin, for the annals i
Gotham furnish evidence enough thi
those pioneers were not unlearnt
men. Why they chose the name i
as has been said, a matter that ma
not be settled at this late day. A
that can be known is that it was a
plied to the Indians and that it h?
been preserved as the name of tt
village that is now sharing public a
tention with that other abode of et
inence, Oyster Bay.
Abundant promise has already bee
given that Esopus will live up to tt
traditions of its name during tt
coming campaign. It will not mat
much difference whether the name I
considered as of Indian origin, or, i
coming from the Latin, or even goir
back to the parent Greek. There ai
traditions enough and to spare co
nected with any of these sources.
One of the best known, fatterly, <
the Algonquin or Esopus India
tribes is the Kickapoo. This trib
now quartered in the Indian Territor
has gained a new fame for itself t
going into the medicine business ar
roving bands of its people still toi
the country offering specifics of rai
virt ue to cure whatever is wrong wit
you. Even a hasty review of the or;
tory with which the name of th
pride of Esopus was put before th
St. Louis convention is sufficient t
convince one that Judge Parker is o
fered to the country as a sagwa ma
velously well fitted to cure the com
try's ails. The greeting given the ai
nouncement of Judge Parker's nam
was of a surety such a concourse c
sounds as might be expected of
company of Indians at a dance, fin
water or otherwise.
The most illustrious bearer of th
name Esopus was the Roman actor c
the first century, B. C., Clodiu
Esopus. He was a contemporary c
Roscious and evidence of his art a
an actor is preserved that would it
dicate him to have been as skillful i:
the enactment of his parts as Judg
Parker is expected to be in settin
forth the Hill-Belmont propaganda.
The most famous incident c
Esopus' career came one day when h
was cast as Atreus, who was portraj
ed as deliberating how he should kii
the tyrant Thyestc-s. Into so fine :
fury did Esopus work himself that h
smote with his truncheon a servan
who happened to -be. crossing th.
stage and killed him on the spot
jE Thycstos- in this insrtaico is supposed --
to have been an archtypo of Bryan rip
ping the.gold standard plar.lc out of
the platform. Who or what Unpersonated
the unfortunate servant at "Rose
mont" has no' irarle its way pat' the
censor. ' ' ' '
ng "Vft?$fi9
Esopus was the dramatic tutor of ,'y
on Cicero. While engaged in tl is vorlt
:>I>* he was so busy teaching Cicero how, . |ji
"p to talk that he d'ul n >* ! ; > ""J>
k? talk himself, It is said. Another
ttc stance, of his occasional oposit.fon to
an speech was furnished by a banquet:
>n' served by iiim at which I he t
la! resistance was a pot-pie of sihslrig ln
ami speaking birds. The pie cost
m" $1,000, which illustrates' bis ?Hot ??BR
n that there were time;, when silence"" ;-.tAi
ic" was imperative at any cost. E-:o; r.
last appearance was at the de 'ica; ion
'm of Pompoy's theatre in nr. p.. , u-lu
his voice failed, completely immediate- it,
is ly thereafter. It is understood thai
this dedic.iiien tools place inr eftt'v '
el in November. .
Eson. Ihf .,mp. of kKrt.'its. Wif.i sine .
ot of the mo: t oo!^;ilo:i)>h ur-iIli-W'-s. "
Home ever produced. He. Inherited
his l'ather'8 worst traits, a^ni It- h
,s|; come down to un at one time .it* :
0 dissolved i $10,000 i*#rl l'? a s'j of HS
vinegar, which he drank with ?n>im?- iy
ent gusto. By some who believe the
l?- history repeats itself Hsop is take:! to: .rid?
l5' prefigure n Democratic artntinistra- 1 ,
5 Esop, flic fabulist, sprung into pivHP 'tit::?:M
inenco l'rom obscurity, ii will be1
" memberod. Ho came of good sv el..
ho far as his history _is known, b it
was camparativcly llttfo known until
* " he was enfranchised, having been a
1 slave, by one fadmon, who was a so 1 .-Oj?g
'e of David B. Hill among the Satnim;
3S The fables of Esop became irrtmensely
popular among tho peopf
' They Hocked to him !ii great number. .
K although history does not record that
m j any sldet racks were built to hie house
a~ to accommodate them. The tales
dealt principally with animals, the
mule or ass figuring conspicuously,
ly being as prominent In Grecian politics
?1 as the elephant is nowadays In Amerd
lea. ...
ir Soon after his enfranchisement J3son
in went to the Lydian court .and 'became
in a favorite of Croesus, who was the
:h Wall street power In I hose days. Hi?
m tales took on a new complexion, as
id result of this new turn, of
e- which was In. reality the cause of his :
10 downfall.
st. Croesus sent Esop as an envoy to
ss. Delphi to distribute money to the pools
pie, but they became suspicious of
r- him-and alleged that he v.-as propar10
Jng to evade his duty.' He .Quarreled
is with them and the upshot of the mate.
ter was that he was thrown over a
le cliff. This was in 5G4 B. C- and, by as
is curious a coincidence as that of the
of time at which Pompey's theatio was
it dedicated, the popular outburst
d against him occurred early in Novum
ST ber.
iy After Esop had met his death the
11 Delphic oracle was besought to disP
cover the lesson his death had to
is teach. The oracle did so and declared
le that whatever retribution might bo
t- made for It should be made to Iadmon,
a- who had enfranchised him. This was
done, although the record as to what
n Iadmon got is not clear,
ic It has been pointed out that in one
le respect Esop and the. Roman actor Xj
;e Esopus were very much, alike. They
>e were made much of by what was then "1
is the moneyed class and in consequence _ ,j
ig they spent much of their time in bath- ' rs
e ins. It is' said, hawever, that they did
n- not do their bathing in rivers, hut preferred
the use of baths in which
:if Rome, Athens and Lydia alike
-n abounded.?Pittsburg Times. ,
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ir will cure Hlind, Bleeding, Ulcerated
e and Itching Piles, it absorbs the tah
mors, allays the itching at once, acts , a
as a poultice, gives , instant relief. Dr.
ic Williams' Indian Pile Ointment is pre- ' . ^
ie pared only for Piles and Itching of
:o tho private parts, and nothing else,
f- Every box is guaranteed. Sold by
r- druggists, sent by mail, for 50c. and
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if If you once "get the habit," you will
a always ouy your rurmturo trotti tne .
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