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I ..GOi
: H0IIS6 Fll
takes a
kets. Some are
the advantage bi
^ Take an hour
store and we pr
you for the T.
a Screen Doors, Gc
-A-. own nrice. Com
^ ing Spring Coucl
^ and comfortable
Simple, Strong
| ..Goal
-A I I l~
I fiouso mi
^ Cunningham Bldg.
The OH! Idnneod -Oil! Jurt pure linseed
Oil! That's fill I nothing that zmxn
lias been abld to invert can m.'.ke anypaint
wear longer than the Unseed cii in
-whichit is mixed.
If everybody- understock t'e-t oil is tho
t>nly thing: about puiat t.-.-.t '.rears, there
"would be iiq. sals tor cheap ready-mixed
paints. A prominent educator wrote us that
bis friend, a college president, had been
swindled by using on his f.uc residence a
ready mixed paint advertised as first-class.
He asked what was wrong with the paint
and said: "When the rain had soaked it
thoroughly, it was the most miserable looking
thing ycu ever saw."
There was nothing wrong with the paint
pigments, if they had strong color and
'covering body. But the oil in the paint
was not pure llccecd oil. If it had been,
no rain would have "soaked" it. as pure
linseed oil paint doos not take up
moisture. "Waterproof oil clothing is cloth
coated with linseed oil: and no pure linseed
oil paint will wash off as long as the oil
lasts. You can't rub dry paint on a building
and make it stay there no matter how good
the dry paint. Why mix white lead with
linseed oil if it's the lead that wears? Why
not mix it with water?
Wherever we have no agent* yo
for you if shown this ad.* by writing direct
To the World's Fair, Very Low Rates.
Various forms of excursion tickets
to St. Louis via Baltimore & Ohio
Railroad, now on sale from Fairmont
as follows:
Season tickets, good to return until
December 15, 1904, to be sold daily at
rate of ?26.S0, round trip.
Sixty day excursion tickets, final
limit not later than December 15, 1904.
to be sold daily at rate of ?22.35, round
Fifteen day excursion tickets, to be
sold daily at rate of $1S.T5, round trip.
Ten rlnv sneninl nhnr.Ti exc.ursion
tickets on sale Every Tuesday in June,
good going In ddy coaches only, on
special coach trains, or in coaches on
designated trains, limited lor return
passage leaving St. Louis not later
than ten days, including date of sale,
at rate of $13.00, round trip.
Variable route excursion tickets,
either season or sixty day, will be sold
going via one direct route and returning
via another direct route, full information
concerning which can be obtained
from ticket agent.
" I 1
Stop-overs, not exceeding ten days
at each point will he allowed at "Wash- <
ington, Leer Park, Mountain Lake
Park, Oakland and Mitchell, Ind., (for i
French Lick and West Baden Springs) i
within return limit, upon notice to
conductor and deposit of ticket with i
depot ticket agent immediately upon
arrival. i
Stop-overs not exceeding ten-days t
11 6IUJ..
if Mining 60.
d vantage of tlie marWISE
but don't take
scause tliey neglect it.
and look over our *
omxse to remunerate ^
[ME. Refrigerators,
? Carts, etc., at your ^
e and see tbe Vibrat
i, tlie most complete ^
tliat lias happened
? 4
^and'Comfortable. ^
I 6ltU.. |
'nishino go.
W. H. Billingsiea, Mgr. ^
<s> o ^ ?>
The oil !.? the niuc5Jas;e. "When ycu
seal an envelope -what makes It remain
closed. Is it the quality of the paper or the
quality of the mucilagre? The durability of
paint is the part-linseed oil part of the paint
not tbo pis:merits Pure linseed oil is to paint,
exactly what "all-woolaess" is to cloches. I
Therefore you don't have to take cur
word for the quality of Kinloch Paint. Yea
put the quality and durability into "Kinloch"
yourself when you mix your own pure linseed
ci) with it. Kinloch Paint is made from
the old time-tried materials used by practical _
painters everywhere, and the only difference *
between "Kinloch" and any really high- 1
grade ready-mixed is in our scllinsr it in
paste form, ready ?o thin with puro linseed
oil. All prepared paint is first grround into a C
thick paste similar to "Kinloch," but we
stop there. The ready-mixed paint maker
Coes on and adds the oil, (something:your ?
fourteen-year-old boy can do) and the doa.er
and consumer have to pay tbo ready
mixed paint price for that oil, or from E
three to four times more than for oil they A
know to be pure.
Caldwell & Dra!ke, the World's Fair con- y
tractors, builders of several state capitol build
injzs, etc., ivrite" We are using: Kinloch Faint on
all our work and find it entirely satisfactory.*'
ur own dealer will oet "Kinloch"
to Kinloch Paint Company, St. Louis, Mo ~
' will be allowed at St. Louis on all _
one-way (except Colonists' tickets to
the Pacific Coast) and round trip tickets
reading to points beyond St. Louis, O
upon deposit of ticket "with Validating
Agent and payment of fee of $1.00.
Three solid vestibuled trains are
run daily from New York, Philadelphia,
Baltimore and Washington, via
Parkersburg and Cincinnati to St.
Three solid vestibuled trains are
run daily from Pittsburg, Wheeling Fi
and Columbus via Cincinnati, to St. Ei
Louis. E
Magnificent coaches, sleeping cars,
observation cars and unexcelled dining
car service.
For illustrated folder, time table wi
and full information, call at ticket an
office, Baltimore & Ohio Railroad. mt
Popular Seashore Excursions?Atlan- Ev
tic City, Cape May, Ocean City, ar,
Sea Isle City, N. J., Ocean City, jl,
Md., and Rehoboth Beach, ?C
Del., June 30, July 16 and
August 11 and 25, and
September 8. ,
At the following very low rates L
from Fairmont:
Only $10 round trip, ticket good in ^
ioaches only.
Only $12 round trip, tickets in Pull- ^
nan cars when accompanied by regilar
Pullman ticket
All tickets good returning 16 days, *
ncluding date of sale. a ^
Stop-overs allowed on return trip ?tn
it Philadelphia and Washington.
Ask ticket .agents for pamphlet I
riving detailed information. Pla
Corner Monroe .and Jackson street
Opposite .Grand Opera House.
R- E. Fisher, Prop. Office, Jackson
Bill Posting and: Distributing. Coi
solidated 'Phone No. 523.
R. E. MdCRAY & BRa
Billposters and Distributors.
321 Madison St. F. & M. 'Phone 2!
* Our customers receive the best
That's all.
, At the Madison Street Restaurant.
Regular Meals, 25 cents.
Boarding by the week, $3.50.
WELLS & CRISS, Proprietors.
Meals at all houi_
Special attention given lunch counte
W. H. ROUSH, Proprietor.
Furnished Rooms. 200 Madison S
Open day and night.
Livery, Sale and Exchange Stable
Porter alley, Rear of Court-house.
Phones?Bell. 147. F. & M.. 20
Under Billinglea's Drug Store,
N Madison street.
F. H. Jackson, Barber,
Cpr. Parks are. and Main St. Firs
class work guaranteed. No novice
but experienced workmen.
Ice Cream Manufacturer,
Wholesale and Retail.
Main street, Opposite Yeager's.
Opposite Marietta Hotel. Everythinj
First-Class. Bath Room. Union Shop
LOYAL BENNETT, Proprietor.
Frankenburger & Galentine, Propr's
Boarding by the week. Meal Tickets
Try us and be convinced. Breakfast
6 to S A. M. Dinner, 11:30 to 2 P. M
Supper, 5:30 to 7 P. M.
Special Tables for Ladies.
Publishing and Commercial Photographer.
Stereoscopes, Views, Cameras
and supplies. 721 Locust avenue.
322 Market Street.
Pressing, Cleaning, Repairing and
Barber, SOS Main Street.
Opposite Bank of Fairmont.
Eight Chairs. N
J. Si G. Bennett, Prop'r, 309 Monroe
street. Scouring, dyeing, repairing,
&c. Rates, $1.50 per month. Quick
work. 'Phones. Wagon.
C. B. FIELD, Proprietor.
Hearing, dyeing, pressing and repair
ing. 329 Main street, up stairs.
iarber, No. S14 Fourth St. 5th Ward.
.11 work artistically done. Eighteen
ears' experience. Agent for Laundry.
017 Merchant street,
eas, Spices, Refined Coffee's and
Granite and Queensware. Special
Attention to Customers.
M. M. Foster, Manager,
dice?304 Main street. Phones?F.
& M., 39S; Bell, 333-2.
ortraits by Modern Flash-Light Process.
Day or Night. Hours?S to
12, 1 to 0, 7 to 9. Yost Building,
105 Fairmont avenue.
G. N. Welsh, Proprietor.
esh and Cured Meats of all kinds,
ighth street. South Side. Bell
hone, 243-2.
Dr. Williams' Indian Pile Ointment
11 cure Blind, Bleeding, Ulcerated
d Itching Piles. It absorbs the tu- ;
ars, allays the itching at once, acts
a poultice, gives instant relief. Dr.
illiams* Indian Pile Ointment is prered
only for Piles and Itching of
3 private parts, and nothing else. <
ery box is guaranteed. Sold by *
nggists, sent by mail, for 50c. and 1
00 per box. WILLIAMS M'F'G.
>., Propr's, Cleveland, Ohio. ,
iVe have just 5 bicycles that we are I
ing to close out at 20 per cent. If
u want a bargain come quiclt. J.
Hall's hardware store. x
have some good lots in two squares t
Court-house for sale at $375.00. H. r
Lanham. x
t is easy to get guesses by asking ^
riend to subscribe for the West Vir- B
ian six months. x. n
. ??? t<
have some Sne lots la Morrow
ce yet. H. T$U Lanham. x n
~ A CcrjRrs JJilJT'ary Cnstotii That TVai
Orcc !u Vosci' In Curopc.
Ir. the armies cl' the seventeenth and
eighteenth centuries ike custom of casting
'.ot-s to decide what soldiers sliottld
be punished for the offenses of all was
? .common. At Winchester. England. In
> IC-13. complaint was made that after
St. the surrender there had been unfair
a- plundering. Sis soiiiiers wore tried
cad found guilty. an 1 it was decided
? by lot which one of the six should he
hanged. At Tangier' in T->G3. and
again in 1GG3. two soldiers had to east
90. dice on a drumhead, and he who threw
? the least was executed. Thomas May's
translation of Barclay's "Icon Anl?
tnorum" gives a curious story of this
sort. Speaking of English courage, he
says that during the war in the Netherlands
some soldiers of the Spanish
party were taken prisoners by the
? Dutch, who decided to make reprisals
for the previous cruelty of their enemies.
Out of four and twenty men
VI^J.111 ?> t- i ^ IU UV uuuevu. J. i.V-. t \ ?_ l V
;r. lots, therefore, thrown into a helmet."
? says May, "anil the. prisoners were
commanded to draw their fortunes?
whoever should draw a blank was to
>t. escape, but whoever slioukl draw n
black lot was to be hanged presently.
? "They were all." says May, "possess
ed with a great apprehension of their
? present danger, especially one Spaniard.
Their pitiful wishes and tears i)
9. some of the standers by did move pity.
? in others laughter. There was bosichv
in that danger an Englishman, a common
soldier, who. with a careless countenance.
expressing no fear of death at
all. came boldly to the helmet anil drew
? his lot. Chance favored him; it was a
safe lot. Doing free himself from danger
he came to the Spaniard, who was
k" yet timorous and trembling to put his
s baud into the fatal helmet, and receiving
from him 10 crowns he entreated
the judges?oh. horrid audacity?that,
dismissing the Spaniard, they would
suffer him again to try his fortune."
May further relates that "the judges
consented to the madman's request,
who valued his life at so low a rate,
and he again drew a safe lot." May
3 seems rather to regret the second es'
cape of the foolhardy Englishman, .
whom he denounces as "a wretch unworthy
not only of that double, but i
oven nf n ssfmrle nreservation, who ?o
basely bud undervalued his lire."
What is woman? Only one of na- 1
ture's agreeable blunders.?Bulwer.
A beautiful woman is the only tyrant *
man is not authorized to .resist.?Victor *
Hugo. i
Unhappy is the man to whom his c
own mother has not made all other t
mothers venerable.?Richter. v
The best thing I know of is a fust v
rate wife, and the next best thing is a c
second rate one.?Josh Billings. (
A beautiful woman is a practical ?
poem, planting tenderness, hope and g
eloquence in all whom she approaches (
They govern the world, these sweet
voiced women, because beauty an.: c
harmony are the index of a larger fact c
than wisdom.?O. \V. Holmes. c
A good book and a good woman an- ?
excellent things for those who knyw ti
bow to appreciate their value. There c>
arc men. liowever. who Judge of both tl
by the beauty of the covering. ? Dr.
Johnson. y
We -Moan Well. r*
Heaven send that no friend with a w
pocketful of pebbles be tempted by tin h'
j shine and glimmer or our glass nouses.
for indeed wo meant well! Ilere it is - n<
the knowledge in which imagination C
must take root if stone throwing is n(
ever to go out of fashion anil the world ^
become a pleasant place to live in? .R
nam el 3". that most everybody 0I31
means well too. The creed of the im ar
aginative and kindhv heart which will ^
not throw stones is brief:
There is so much grocd in the worst of us.
There is so much had In the best of us. XJ:
Tlmt it ill becomes any one of us
To talk about the rest of us
unless we can do it with truth and te
sympathy?in other words, with imag- J-n
ination.?Margaret Deland in Harper's
Bx*ltls2i Naval Reil Taper. qj-j
The British navy can produce fine st,
samples of red tope as well as rhe ar.
my. Sot long since an admiral took
the trouble to write a long minute on er
the I jack of an ordinary routine paper *
submitted to him to the effect that the *n
margin on the left hand side was fully in
one-eighth of an inch too narrow. Wo Co
all know that genius Is an infinite ca- ma
pacit3' for taking pains, but I hardly yet
th^uk that the genius of Blake or NeV j
ton is likely to be exemplified in an pr
admiral who goes over his official papers
with a tape measure in order to a
see that the margins are the right 1
width.?London Truth.
?- for
Too SnRKCBtlve. by
"The health officer advised me to ask J
ivery man with -whom we had domestic he
lea lings If he was careful to boil the jon
rater he used In his business." tjQ|
"Yes" abc
"Well, I asked the milkman first, lend _
vliat do you think? He got mnd and r!
ranted to lick me."?Cleveland Plain ene
Jealer. con
The Knoba. \vh<
Tess?What do you think of my new se]s
hoes? Quite nobby, aren't they? Jess ed
-Yes, they are rather knobby, but I rla)
kink any first class chiropodist could .
emote the knobs.?Philadelphia Press. s 1C
s_ stat
SnsplclonH. und
Friend?What makes you think .Tom ain
as broken his promise to keep be
traight? Fiancee?Well, ho brings me the
lore expensive presents than he used t
>.?Princeton Tiger. a at
Reliable Furniture at Fairmont Fur- I Brit
iture Co. X | sett
LONDON", July 27.?The Britis
government is taking energetic actio
in the case of the sinking of the Bri
ish steamer Knight Commander b
the Vladlvostock squadron. All Infot
matiou received by the governmen
tends to establish in the olllcial mini
a belief that an outrage lias been com
m it ted for which no excuse exists ii
international law. Those aware o
the feelings of the ministry said las
night that all the members of the Cab
inct are in accord regarding the priii
ciple .01 the inviolability ol innoceu
neutral shipping, r.s well as upon tin
principle that a neutral ship cannoi
he destroyed even if carrying contra
band of war.
The demand which will be made
upon the Russian government will in
elude compensation to the owners ol
the ship and to the owners of the
goods on hoard the Knight Commander.
an apology for the action of the
Russian cruisers and an agreement
that instructions be given which will
prevent a repetition of such action.
British shipowners nro in arms over
the dangers which shipping is nowrunning
and are bombarding the government
with representations looking
to the thorough protection or their
Calls It Illegal.
Mr. Arthur Cohen, one of the counsel
for the British government in the
Alabama claims arbitration case, now
a judge of the Cinque Ports and standing
counsel for the University of Cambridge.
said last night:
"It is scandalous, this reckless seiztre
and destruction of neutral shipting
by Russian vessels. The sinking
tf the Knight Commander was totally
ilegal. Wheaton, in his work on in
ernational law, states explicitly that
f the prize Is a neutral siiip no ciruirustances
will justify her destruclon
before condemnation; that if the
'essel is destroyed, full compensation
rill be given to her owners; but that
nvners of contraband of war on board
he ship, if any, have no substantial
rround for complaint, because the detraction
of the vessel does not Injure
"Had the Knight Commander been
ondemned as a 'good prize' the ownrs
of the contraband cargo would
onsequently suffer no loss by the
Inking of the ship. Owners of neural
goods on ships arc entitled to
ompensation, as are the owners of
to vessel.
"Russia may advance the contention
tat the Knight Commander was carring
contraband of the character of
hicli hor owner was aware, and that ,
e, therefore, was guilty of an offence
,-ainst international law. This would
ot justify the sinking of the Knight
ommander, nor would the unwilling- ]
2SS of the Russian commander to rejce
the complement of his squadron 1
order to furnish a prize crew be
1 excuse for such action. That was
e misfortune of the Russians.
Time For Declaration.
"It seems to me to be time for the
nited States and Great Rritain to
y that they will not allow this ex- ?
nsion of the rules relating to con- t
aband of war or this extraordinary I
terference with neutral commerce, t
"I continue to feel convinced that v
issia does not want trouble with t
her nations and will order a more i
ict observance of international lavenergetic
remonstrances be addressto
her," r
Mr. Balfour, replying to a question p
the House of Commons yesterday u
regard to the sinking of the Knight a
mmander, said inquiries were being tl
ide on the subject, but. he was not p
: in a position to make a statement. w
Replying to another question . the
Ime Minister said the government la
s not aware of any convention con- n
ded in 1901 between Turkey and
ssia providing special conditions
the passage of the Dardanelles
special Russian ships.
Ir. Balfour, while disclaiming that
was giving an authoritative decis- 1
, said that he believed the'deelaraa
of Paris in 1850 contemplated the
ilition of privateering and the decition
that a neutral flag covers an ai
imy's merchandise except when
traband of war.
)ealing with the question of
=!Hip.r the Russian volunteer ves- ht
i. being private ships commission- ex
by the State, were different mate- ra
iy from privateers, Mr. Balfour C;
I that the whole question of the m,
us of tho volunteer ships was now hi
er discussion between Great Brit- be
and Russia and that it would not go
desirable to discuss that point in w<
House of Commons at present. a
he Gazette on March 3 published kn
tatement communicated to the an
.ish by the Russian* government pr<
ing forth regulations on tho sub- tin
ject of. captured vessels and Indicating
various exceptional cases under ?
which a commander of a Russian
cruiser would be entitled to burn or
sink a captured vessel, after taking
off the crew, passengers and papers.
These regulations had been in ex-y
istence in lS9o, and it is believed f-ord
ILansdowne did not protest against v
them on this occasion. The newspapers
this morning, therefore, counsel
patience, especially as the Russian.
E ?<|gvernment , in view of the news' from
Sp seat of war, must have much to
try its temper at the present moment.
A majority of the morning newspapers.
however, print editorials in
an angry strain on the further report h
ed seizures of vessels by the Rusn
sinus and the delay in the release of
c" the- Malacca..
J Nation's Temper Rising. ..
The Standard says: "We do not.
c wish to embarrass the government ib-. '
1 the delicate negotiations, but the Ministers
should realize thai the temper
1 of the nation is rising. Where is the
f Mediterranean fleet and the China.
1 squadron? What Is the use of keeping
a navy if wo are to he subjected
to such indignities?"
1 The Morning Post, in a. like strain,
* declares: "Peace is not alw&jfsjpreserved
by being afraid of war. which
" is plain English of being afraid of complications."
' According to the daily Telegraph.
| the delay in reaching a satisfactory
settlement with Russia is due to the
' tragic event oi\ the sinking of the
Knight Contraander, which, it has rea!
son to helieve, was caused by a torpedo.
and which, the. newspaper says, ,/
has raised a set of questions altogether
different from ''m > n uaunrig Iiti?- f*
status of the volunteer fleet.
Kittle further news has reached. Bondon,
either of captured steamers or of
the progress of hostilities in the far
It is announced from Malta that the
British cruiser Astrea sighted the Malacca
on Monday evening off . Gape
Bon. Tunis.
. '
r *rr?i* rr?
CHICAGO, July 27.? Fire originating
from an overheated dynamo threatens
the destruction of Swift and Company's
immense lard house. A -1-11
alarm has beefi'sent In.
TOKIO, July 27.?An -official dispatch*
received to-day regarding the
fight at Taechi-Kao and the Subsequent
retreat of the Russians, contains the
Information that the Japanese force
consisted of the army under General
Oku and the Taku-Shan column under
General Nodzu. I
LISBON. July 27.?An official cablegram
from the governor of Mozambique,
status that the Arab stave raiders
are rampant on the northern coast
of Mocambique. Bloody encounters
between the Arabs and Portuguese
troops are frequent. A gunboat, with:
reinforcements has been sent to the
July 27.?Lloyd's Perim
igents wire that the new British
steamship City of Agra, from Liver- ..
tool for Kurrachee, passed there to
lay and signalled that she had been
lelayed by the Russians.
The steamer is a vessel of 3.09(1 tons
LONDON, July <27.?The Peninsula
md Oriental Company announces that
hey have received a cablegram statin;
that their steamer, the Formosa,
vhich was captured by the Russian
oiunteer vessels in the Red- Sea and ,
aken to Suez, has-been released and
s now proceeding to Yokohama,
HOME. July 27.?The Yin Kow corespondent
of the Ttalie Mllitare, retorts
that the Russians, before cvac- | ,
ating the port, attempted to destroy
11 stores of food. The citizens' of
ue town, however, aided by a downour
of rain, were able to prevent this
anton destruction.
The correspondent adds that 24
u-ge steamers with troops and amrnuition
arrived at-Yin Kow yesterday.
QUEENSTOWN, Kngland, July 27.?
iJ*.' wane oiur uuvi itiojv&uvu " -:s.n- ::',:
ayes, from New York, reports bavins
glued a ship aflame in latitude 46.16, iP
ngitude 72.38. The flames reaching
Ithin three feet of the water's edge. ' ' 1
here were no signs of life on board,
id her name could not be ascertain- A
At the urgent request of some who. Mm
ive friends wishing to visit the whale ...
:hibition, and while completing ar- j&&
ngements for its t rausportation,/: .?
iptain Anderson has consented, to rcfl
ain a few days longer before. takiMg
s departure. The exhibition MB
en well patronized by many
od people, who only speak of '
irds of praise. Those wishingjJH
genuine whale, and to galn^H
owledge regarding Its inodfJB
d the methods of whaling.^BB
yvo the limited cpportunjS9|
; Captain leaves with it^H
' d- ' ;-' ' v "'k.:' "v
r : . a

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