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i con;
J The Wes
I Propose
p :t the Bes
i! ers So
i eralI
We will give to ou
i I $250.00
2 on the following conditi
Z To the person estir
' the nearest the exact n
Z winner in the Presider
J $100.00 in gold.
2 To the person gues
^ ber, $50.00 in gold.
+ To the third neare:
To the five next nc
^ . To the five next nc
; . The thirteen peoj
X lucky ones.'
> j^acix p&i ouu WA
2 the Daily West Virgini
2 one guess. 2. Each pe
f a three months' subscri
a beginning after July 6 \
3. Any person paying i
: X be entitled to four estii
2 year in the same manr
subscription entitling th
2 Any per.son securing'
' months and paying us
2 to one guess, or additioi
portion, one guess for
2 The person securing 1
\ + titled to guess and the p
2 be entitled to guesses.
Ih 1892,
2 , Grover Clevelan
Benjamin Harris
; 2 n J896,
. . X William McKinl
William T. Brvai
f In 1900,
William McKirf
W- # William J. Brya:
The guess or guesi
^ kept secret. Who wil
.guess? Remember itb<
Will Be Elected I
Pp??viriRnt nf rh#> llnir- 5
1 i uuiuunu vi uiiu yuiu
efl States attne Com- 5
ino Election ?
t Virginian ?
js to Give j
st Guess- 5
me Lib- 2
rrizes. ;
r Patrons and Subscribers 2
ons: +
nating the exact number, or ?
umber of votes cast for the #
itial contest, we will give 2
.sing the next nearest num- +
st guesses, $25.00 in gold. ?
:arest, each $10.00.
rarest, each $5.00 in gold. ^
>Ie in this case willl be the
10 is a regular subscriber to #
an on July 6, is entitled to ^
:rson paying one dollar for ^
ption to the West Virginian +
vill be entitled to one guess. 5
n advance for one year will W
nates, or for any part of a J
ler, each one dollar paid on
e subscriber to a guess. 4. ?
two subscribers for three ?
4-W T/H nritf fift /-?rA
iwu uuuaioy vvui* iu?w wAAiiuvu w
ial guesses in the same pro- ?
each two dollars, sent in
the "subscription will been- J
ersons subscribing will also 9
id received 5,552,351 votes. ^
ion received 5,176,336 votes.
lev received 7.111.607 votes.
n received 6,509,052 votes. {
ley received 7,263,266 votes.
a received 6,415,387 votes. 5
sesof each individual will be
II be the first to record his ?
:gins on Wednesday, July 6.
prize, why not you ? 5
** ? fire, accident, pju
* . boiler: employ
* pitva'
* N8. 315 MAIN STREET.
^ f K ip ic ?* ?" K> K ?r tf K tf #
Samuel B. Holbert.
"Fire insurance is
We Represent TWEN
most liberal fire insurance
and have unequalled facili
small lines at the lowest p(
you to consult us before pla
General li
Skinner Block,
y<CcTcmTN. T rochet's Cole
1 A standard'and infallil
/COLCHICINE \ endowed by the high
1 I rmarvi m V America. Dispensed
Y jALIlYLAI L J solve in liquids of th
I * M Aisaarpftflhlft SVmotOn
\?rs\iy>s druggists. Be sure t
1 tVllIl.lJI.SIS MFG. C
Sold by M. D. Chrli
iyon's French Pe
Strictly veg-etable, perfectly harmlc
RESULTS. Greatest known fexnalt
ft a11TillII Beware of counterfeits and Imitations
WHU IIIIIV ton with fac-slmlle signature on aid
Send for Circular to WILLIAMS MFG CO.. Sole Aj
Sold by M. D. Chr
Baltimore & Ohio R. R.
The "Nation's HIahwau" *
and "Shortest Route"
Vestibuled throughout witli
Pullman''Sleeping Cars,
i Observation Cars and Dining Cars.
Cheap Coach Excursions
From All Stations Announced From
^ Time to Time.
Ask ticket, agents for Description
World's Fair folder, boarding-house
! and hotel booklet, guide maps and
! full information.
! Mrs. E. A. McCartney,
| Ladies. Tailoring.
I Gentlemen's Cleaning and Repairing,
i Cheapest price for high grade Tailoring. '
Third Floor. Carr Building.
proved that it can resist
the greatest ex- B
tremes of weather and B
factory conditions. Ab- B
solute!y waterproof. B '
S Send for samples.
KelleyBros., Fairmont.
1 I j
Dr. Williams" Indian Pile Ointment I
will cure Blind, Bleeding, Ulcerated
and Itching Piles. It absorbs the tu- <
mors, allays the itching at once, acts '
as a poultice, gives instant relief. Dr.
William^ Indian Pile Ointment is pre- i
pared only for Piles and Itching of ,
the private parts, and nothing else. i
Every boti is guaranteed. Sold by
druggists, sent by mail, for 60c. and
$1.00 per box. WILLIAMS M'F'G. ]
CO., Propr"s, Cleveland, Ohio. 1
Scftne nice lota on Hamilton HJU tor ,
? g?)od bargain. H.^.LaB- *
' _ %
rORS. *
i ^
if ic if if if if K W
Edward F. Holbert.
' the best policy."
TY of the strongest and
companies in the world,
ties for placing large or
)ssible rates. It will pay
cing your insurance.
Fairmont, W. V.
hicine Salicylate Capsules.
ble cure for RHEUMATISM and GOUT,
icst medical authorities of Europe and
only in spherical capsules, which disc
stomach without causing irritation or
as. Price, $1 per bottle. Sold by
ind get the genuine.
O.. (I.KTKLA.VD, OHIO, Mole X>ropo.
3 tie.
iriodical Drops
sss.sure to accomplish DESIRED
e remedy. Price, SI.50 per bottle.
. The uenulno is put up only In paste'board Car
o of the bottle, thus:
tents. Cleveland, Ohio. ^ ^
To the World's Fail?Very Low Rates.
Various ftirms ot excursion tickets
to St.. Louis, via Baltimore & Ohio
Railroad not on sale from Fairmont
as follows:
SEASON TICKETS, good to return
until December 15, 1904, to be sold
daily at the rate of $20.60 round trip.
SIXTY DAY Excursion Tickets,
final limit not later than December
15, 1904, to be sold dally at rate of
$22.10 round trip.
FIFTEEN DAY Excursion tickets,
to be sold daily at rate of $18.C0 round
tickets, either season or sixty day,
will be sold going via on^ direct
route and returning via another direct
route, full information concerning
which can be obtained from Ticket
STOP-OVERS not exceeding ten
days at each point will be allowed at
Washington. Deer Park. Mountain
Lake Park, Oakland, Mitchell, Ind.,
(for French Lick and West Baden
Springs). Cincinnati and .Chicago
>v jlulii ii until, upon uouce tu
conductor and deposit of ticket with
Depot Ticket Agent immediately
upon arrival.
STOP-OVERS not exceeding ten
days will be allowed at St. Louis on
all one-way (except Colonists' Tickets
to the Pacific Coast and round
trip tickets reading to points beyond
St. Louis, upon deposit of ticket with
Validating Agent and payment of fee
of $1.00.
Three solid vestibuled trains are
run dally from New York, Philadelphia,
Baltimore and Washington via
Parkereburg and Cincinnati to St
Louis. .
Magnificent coaches, sleeping cars,
Pbservatiofi cars and unexcelled dining
car service.
For illustrated folder, time table
and full information, call at Ticket
Office. Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.
You Want the Best.
Are you going to spend your vaca
tion somewhere out of town?
If so, of course you will want one
af your home -papers to follow you.
Why not the West Virginian?
It's the best, and of course you want
the best, and It will only cost you ten
cents per ,week mailed to any address
In the united States.
Some one wll^get the hmia?d dollars
In gold. It la worth guessing
tor. x.
If you once g? the_l?ahlt,,' yoojafh' ^
, VVtFVk^V^ir'
l?W. R*Vr Mill l4B\l t
"Ml DO AY."
\ . '?
When a married man's coffee Is
served to him hot and not slopped over
in the saucer, and the eggs haven't
bits of shell mixed with them. 1b this
cause lor jealousy on idb part, or cue
man's wife?even If the waitress be
petite, pretty and a brunette?
Magistrate Moss had this question
to determine in the Tombs police
court yesterday, when Mrs. Annie Ferris
was present on a summons obtained
by Miss Elisabeth Wilson, a waitress
at 84 Cortlandt street. Mr. Ferris
has a real estate office at 69 Liberty
street, and a noon-day appetite which
pretty Miss Wilson satisfies, says the
New York World.
"Because 1 see that her husband,
who sits at my table, gets the best of
everything, she threatens me." Miss
Wilson told the magistrate, nodding
toward Mrs. Ferris. "Mr. Ferris is an
old customer. He tips. too.
"1 pick out his sandwich, and If it's
cheese I see he does not get one full
of holes; or if tongue, 1 give him the
part without, the gristle; and if ho
wants a cantuloupe "
"You're a good waitress. Where do
you work?" asked Magistrate Moss,
interested. T"
"I open the eggs for him carefully;
he has the freshest crackers In 'the
house, and I always get. a piece of pie
that is freshly cut for hitn." Miss Wll
son cont tnued. "1 am ?i gooti jvanrcBs,
if t do say so.
"No customer once walled on by
me ever goes to another table." Miss
Wilson confided to tile magistrate. "I
was happy till- this woman came along.
I was going home last Tuesday evenIns.
and when I sot off the 'L' I accidentally
met Mr. Ferris at South
Ferry. 1 never was so surprised In
my life at seeing him. I stopped and
nodded to him?he being an old customer
and one who is liberal in his
"Then up rushes this woman between
"'Eo he!' she says to me. 'So you
are the typewriter, are you?'
"No. ma'am." says I, polite like; 'I'm
a waitress.'
"'You're a typewriter, and you are
trying to steal'my husband.' she says
to me. getting madder and madder. |
" 'I ain't a typewriter, and I don't
want your husband'.' 1 answered her."
"That ain't so." snapped Mrs. FerrlB.
"My husband lias been away front me
for three weeks, and he told me be was
going to take this girl uptown. I understand
he's been living at a hotel at
CorTlandt and West streets, anil gallavanting
around with this girl."
Miss Wilson turned and looked at
Mrs. Ferris, then continued her story.
"The very next day she came In the
restaurant and sat down at. my table
and ordered butter cakes and tea. and
Just sat. looking at me. superior like."
"Looking what?" asked Magistrate
"Why. high and mighty and haughty,
an?I the other girls leased me ao i
dropped an. order of two eggs turned
over, and one of creamed potatoes^ and
the manager was just wild. Then she
tips and goes oflt and I got the summons.
I want to he let alone. T don't
want her old husband."
"What's your number?" Magistrate
Moss asked
"No. 7." '
"Well. No. 7, when Mr. Ferris! comes
In again you let No. 4. No. 11 or No. 14
wait on him; and you. Mrs. Ferris,
you let this girl alone. Case-dismissed."
Thus was the green-eyed monster
put out. of t he-dairy kitchen.
Will Enter Oxford.
Tucker Brooke, who won the Rhodes
scholarship for West Virginia, will
leave for England September 24, and
will enter Oxford^ for a three years
cottrse, according to the Morgantown
Chronicle. During the Bummer vacations
he will travel on the continent,
and will have exceptional opportunities
to study. Mr. Brooke is fortun
ate in securing the scholarship, anil
his friends have no fSars that he will
not he an honor to his country? and
particularly to bis native State. West
Resigned to Enter School.
Walter Haggerty has resigned his
position' as clerl; for E. A. Biliingslea
& Co.. and will enter the law department
of the University when the term
begins. He left to-day for a visit
with friends at Morgantown. His
piace in the store has been taken by
Harry Connell, of the First ward.
Visit our department of granite, tin.
galvanized, aluminum and queensware
- ... n? Saa*
ana m u.iit'uUicosin vu jcvvuu uuui
In Jacobs-Hutctainson block, and you
will find these lines complete ..and
prices low. J. L. -Hall's Hardware
Store. ' ' V'_ _ ' '
ii'fi v DEM 4 fV TV
wMSJ Rff!/vlAsi I V
flip ot^SbX HI
Demand for It le <
or stata hu confidence at .mH
l leans and DemocietaHj
increasing importance lOftidlt^SBMM
ment in international albd^^njnHH
slrabllity. and even neceiait^^^^*^^H
ing Secretary Hay in the Cabwal^mH
been impressed strongiy
of the President and those , Se^^^wH
advice he places the : greiata^^UM^H
This feeling is not codflii&ramH^|
gressmen and others of " Mr. K
velt.'s political faith, but. is (dBa^BHM
many Democrats or high standin^^flE
'Is generally gratifying, therefore, thafc'^
the understood , intention of the wH
tary of State to; retire front public <u4?8j
after he had (accomplished cefcSpftjjg
things has not been: OTtried. out, and
in his continuance "as a membdfr^<Wwg
government, those rvhO 'v,rdooipt^;w0p^a
him the foremost Ariferh omul
1st ure beginning to '
of state as long .as Mr. Rooae^tefroaM
tlnues in the Presidential In
the absence from
others who are in a pt^ti^^mannMM
Mr. Hay's Intentions, no eiouN^gHnSB
statement is obtal na bleC,
circumstances warrant
that he has no present ittjtBWwiBH
leaving the Cabinet. .
It should be said at the ohtaet^Jwjfl
prevent misunderstanding, vth&SlSM
Roosevelt is opposed io
'ton day, and there are readOUir'^^^^H
Roosevelt lie re-elected,, .the' A
people may feel assured '
who Is credited with Is
with overcoming the
prevented the construction of ThCihSflM
mian canal and it lilt (liti*.'jlllitf
of tho dantromiHi a
Alaska boundary contraVeit^|nsn?SH
tintie to direct, the foreign,
of the American governtwpiy?r'%
Twice ii in Iii| 11111 IIil'lliTilIpifI
President McKinley Mr. Ha: sought to>
leave the Cabinet onajg^tSz^^^^atm
condition of his health.
ley made it virtually
sonal loyalty for Mr. Hay 1
portfolio. When Mr. *;;Abt?W^BB3|B
came President, Mr. Hay, lilte othesfil
members of the Cabloet^-atajiiijMH
resignation at ilr??Wu&SBn
posal, this being a <;uBtomarysl>?*>^^?
who were retained by -Jris;
only two, Mr. Hav and?Aifi
Agriculture Wilson,.did
Koquently. It was the general lihdM
standing In nl'li IIII i li iilnM
Mr. Hay had consented,
the Cabinet, he would
sufficient assuraneea
ed from Russia that''tlife|)ltj|j^MMSB^W
open door would be/
government with respfec^^^^^M
China, Manchuria In
Panama Canal treat^;':-?8i3MB^HHB|^J
binding contract.
accomplished, but Hi i ini ijj|i^|jW1gn^BB
viction on the uart of many^cbnjM^^^B
In the matter that Mr. Hay :w||li^^nj
Hce his Individual prefere'iiig6B>^^^M
triotlc duty- as long' a?I
thinks such a conrhplis
????? ^ J' "
I .ON DON, Sept. 1.?.A dispa^i^^^H
news agency from Berlirt.tiiaya^^^jBBH
gram has been received' thej&3njBM
Lodz, Poland, announcing th5^2s^MsH
boat capsized on the, Rtyer|^^m^9H
resulting in seventy "pei^dtii^^wfflH
drowned. Thirty of the ps'tffftnwfinH
were saved. It is added that ithat|i?j|fi
?> cv-r> iivcitscu \J i x j umj ' vW?iMKaWIM
sons. ' '-'r
* ? ?i..
Suit Enterwf.V^^^^^B
Hannah Jane Xeer-ha*
in chancery in
Court against David Milton Neer. At-";
torney B. F. Rainage repro
Paint pride' is ours
measure, because we carry Heath" &1'J
Millegan's best prepared'
satisfaction is guaranteed
J. L. Halt's Hardware Store/.."v
I have some good lots inb^aiaiBB^M
of Conrt-house for sale at S375.00.IHhH1
Opera House Restaurant.
The, 'Opera House R<
opened up. agstn^nd w
customers as usual In firs
It is for both ladles and gentlemen.

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