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E. Fetty is up among Us to-dayfrom
G. M. Fleming, of Buckhannon, is at
|c the Tavern.
Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Abbott are in
Clarksburg attending the county fair.
Eari H. Smith is home after spending
a few days in Clarksburg on busi0.-i.
/lnv Annhtifll nf ATnntnnfl rp
"V~ V? -'
turned from -a short stay in' Pittsburg !
Bgf&iast night. i
Mrs. Ed. Jacobs,; of Sixth street, in
i the Fifth -ward, is quite ill of appendicitis.
. '
Dr. E. M. Turner and daughter. Miss
Phoebe, of Morgantown, are in the city
Mrs. J. H. Binns returned last night
from a visit to her son in Clarksburg.
it John Gregg, clerk of the County
Gotirt of Monongalia county, is in the
... -city to-day. ?
: Ex-Governor Fleming was quite sick
j ;-l.: last evening, suffering from acute in-7
. . "Mrs. James A. Fear, of Hoodsville,
is visiting her sister, Mrs, W. H.
: Kunst.
Mrs. "WV.H. Justus, of Dubois, Pa.,
' is visiting Mrs. R. J. Prickett, of the
First ward.
1., Mrs. Herbert Crippen. of Unionf
town, is visiting her sister, Mrs. D. F.
Talbott, on Locust avenue.
Mrs. C. Taylor and son Chester returned
from a month's visit in Pittsburg
and Allegheny yesterday.
j.; . Mrs. Minnie Wilson has moved back
"v to this city from Arnettsville, and has
rented property on Spring street.
fTKAwuc 1VT "WiUHncnn anil Rrailv
- Meredith returned yesterday from a
/. / ten days' visit to the World's Fair.
C. E. Reed came in from Pittsburg
X ' last evening, yrhere he had been at'.v
tending to some business affairs.
Mr. and Mrs. John Rock and little
; daughter returned last night from a
to friends in Latrobe and Pittsburg!
|?V Mr. and Mrs. O. S. McKinney. Miss
j|p\? Mary McKinney and Miss Fay Smith
j J<f came home from Atlantic City last
X night.
^ . -. Mrs. Colburn. who resides on Eigth
-street and Virginia avenue, is convalescing
from a serious illness of typhoid
patrolman Frank Ridgley, wife and
?? '.' son leave to-morrow for Smithfield,
Wetzel county. They expect to return
/ next Tuesday.
' f Miss Ethel Fleming and little Miss j
;v' ' Louise Fleming came down from Mt.
Lake Park last evening, after a stay j
r ,1- of a month with friends.
Miss Tessie Nttzum will return to- |
morrow from her trip to St. Louis, Cin- [
"g- * " cinnati and Clarksburg. Her father,
Eugene Xuzum, accompanied her as I
iTar hack as Cincinnati, going from j
there to his home in Tuscaloosa, Ala.
i ;'* C. P. Moore, soon to he the succes- j
j-..;. ' aor of Mr. Festus Downs as county \
commissioner, was in town yesterday ,
and called on the West Virginian,
j > ~ Mr. Moore had just returned from a
K? visit to the "World's Fair at St.. Louis.
hq said he greatly enjoyed the trip.
g:'- Attorney T. N*. Parks, Mrs. Parks
and Miss Willa came home from the
&% . Parle last night, after spending a few
?-A. -weeks at that pleasant resort.
Emma will spend a week with a school
V friend in Pennsylvania before returnl:
' ing here to make her final prepa'ra%
tions for another year in Vassar.
Mrs. F. J. Brooks. Mrs.' Delia Shinn.
Mrs. Jennie McCleary, Mrs. Maggie
fv." Reger and Mrs. Valonia Augustus
0: composed a.party of ladies that will
take in the beauties of the Mononga,hela
river to-morrow. They will go
from here on the J. O. Watson in the
"morning and return by the same boat
to-morrow evening.
' v ' / ' '
A Campaign Novelty.
The Globe Rubber Stamp Works is
handling a campaign novelty in the
form of a Presidential watch-fob.
Through the courtesy of the manager
we are wearing one of the "Fairbanks
and Roosevelt" kind. Call around at
the stamp works and get one; the cost
is only a trifle.
* "
r\r\ Hutu.
Officer Sample went to Monogah today
to investigate a case of cruelty to
j children, reported from the up-river
town. .Mr. Sample expects to go to
Gray's Flats shortly to see after an
orphan child whom her brothers declare
to be incorrigible. If the neighbors
bear out the brothers' testimony,
the girl will be brought here and sent
to the Home of the Good Shepherd in
I r't
Breaking of Buzzard CamD.
The Blizzard Camp at Mt. bake
Park broke up Tuesday, and the boys
have come home. T?his organization
is composed of young men of this
city who have been keeping bachelor's
hall for the past three weeks.
The members are Guy Hawkins, Harvey
Pitzer, Charles Bartlett, Clyde
Bonham, Gay Lough, Homer Billingslea
and Paul Hamilton. A most pleasant
time was spent in the camp.
In Care of King's Daughters.
The King's Daughters are looking
after the case of a little seven-yearold
boy who is quite ill of fever at
Middleton. The parents are greatly
distressed over his condition, and
they are financially unable to care for
him, it being Impossible to furnish a
nurse or to secure ice and other necessities
now demanded by the attending
physician. An appeal was made to
ihe King's Daughters, and they responded
by placing their free bed in
- t-TT ? : ~ *.? nklbl'c. /I Ic-nncol
V-OUtY 59 aL lili: VIWIU o Ul^t'^aux
He was brought up on (he car to-day
and placed in the hospital, where
every care will be given him, and the
chances for his recovery will be increased
many fold.
Miss Menear Home.
Miss Olive Menear returned last
night frofn a week's shopping in Pittsburg.
Miss Pinnell, the "Little Shop's"
trimmer, who accompanied Miss Menear.
will remain in Pittsburg for a
week or so longer to become thoroughly
acquainted with the fall styles in
millinery. Miss Menear reports the
new ideas in headwear as exceedingly
t becoming, and speaks in particular of ;
j the increased height in hat crowns. |
This is the leading feature in fall and !
winter styles and one that will be wel- j
corned by most women, who are heart- i
iiy tired of the exaggerated flat, broad j
crown. The colors, she states, are j
; gorgeous in the extreme, peacock blue :
and green and burnt orange predominating.
The early fall openings at
the different millinery stores will
probably begin between the middle
and last of this month. Most of the
buyers are in the East at this time
purchasing stock, and in a few weeks
the shop windows will be aglow with
attractive designs, copies of the latest
Paris fashions.
"Watson is going into the campaign
in the close States to express his and
Hearst's opinion of Judge Parker. Mr.
Hearst might do thisJhimself, but his
method in politics is to hire a mega:
phone, and so he employs Watson.
! As the stars in their courses are fighti
ing against Parker anyway, what Watson
says for himself and vicariously
for Hearst will not make much difference.
but it will add to the joy and
gaiety of the campaign."-?San Francisco
Do you like easy and durable shoes?
j Wear Dorothy Dodd. C. B. High- :
| land. x |
It is easy to get guesses by asking !
i a friend to subscribe for the West Vir- j
; ginian six months. x.
| S T | *
. .. ; . .
The Weather?Showers to-night and
Friday; warmer to-night in eastern
of ty pographical errors, this is
the only statement in our advertisements
not guaranteed to be accurate.
Nev&r Fall Shapes Are <
the less it costs. STETSON
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The new FALL SH
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? >
* c
At a recent meeting of the police ?
committee, it was decided to reduce
the present police force. On account
of the numerous petty criminals at
work on different lines of railroad
building in this vicinity, it was deemed
advisable last spring to increase
the police protection. Since the work
stopped a few "kicks" have been heard |
relative to the extra expense caused v
by the employment of these men. Just
prior to their advent as guardians of j
rhe city numerous fires and other depredations
were very common, but owing
to their efficiency the city has en- ]
joyed a notable cessation of any form J
of lawlessness. ^
The police committee,* composed of .
Councilmen Lilly. Everhart and Davis, J
met last Thursday evening and con- J
sidered the matter, with the result
that the two former voted to reduce
the force by removing these patrol- j ,
men, while. Mr. Davis voted against it. ! J
After flue deliberation the committee : ,
decided that Officers Fortney. PK?ss : '
and Walker should be suspended, said ,
men to be relieved September 1. To- j ..
day the three officers turned in their j
accoutrements, and commencing to- ; ^
night the city will be less thoroughly j
protected than at any time during the J j"
past six months.
It was rumored last night that a ! j
special meeting of council would be j ^
called for this evening to consider the j ,
matter. The opinion prevails to-day;'
that it will be left to the regular i .
meeting night, next Tuesday. This is j *
a wise decision, as it will give prop- J j
erty owners and business men an op- j t
portunity to express their opinion of j
the reduction. ;
| j
A Basket of Pups. ; ^
About 3:30 this afternoon Police-!^
man Shaw was the cynosure of all 1
eyes as he proceeded up Main street (~
to the mayor's office with a grape i 1
basket filled with small pups and *
their faithful mother trailing along f
behind. They were arrested for non- 1
payment of dog tax. but they will un- '
doubtedly find homes, as they are *
bright, friendly youngsters, and just (
about the age to adopt.
Cupid's Capers. i .
MORGANTOWX, W. Va., Sept. 1.? j j
(Special.)?Mrs. Catherine C. Donley. | jof
Morgantown, has issued invitations j j
to the marriage of her daughter. Cora, j g
to Gilbert B. Millfer at seven o'clock J j
in the evening. Thursday, September | j
fifteenth. Both are well known young j 3
people and have a number of friends ! f
in this city. j [
)- IN I
Ci A
3 -
"A MA>
3n Display In the Wind
It's economy to
HATS never wear out
rade of fur, bands and binding of th<
i of the most careful and expert desc
APES are here, ready for your insj
ark Brown, Pearl and Nutria,
he young .-fellow?low telescoped ci
nd the larger shapes'for large men.
? 2
ay less for a hat, the "No Name" a
>ns and best values you can obtain a
too, men's and boys. Ne
^ Happy Birthday Anniversary and
One of the most pleasant social
jvents of the present time took place
it Calvin Arnett's residence, near Galaiiue's
Switch, on Buffalo creek. Sunlay,
Aug. 2S, it being the seventieth
tnniversary of his birth. The day
vas one of the fairest of the season,
he grove one of the greenest and
cleanest of the community. The sueless
in keeping any knowledge of its
treparation from Mr. Arnett was so
complete and his appreciation of the
social so apparent, along with the
nost sumptuous dinner of the day. it I
consisting of everything that is good
md being served in the most approbate
manner, and the meeting and
cind greeting of old friends made it
i day long to be remembered. Mr. Artett
was the recipient of so many valu,v,i?
nrBK?nr? from bis friends, and
hey were presented to him by I. B.
Glasscock in such a humorous and
mpressive manner, that he may be
erupted to build an addition to his
louse or set up a dry goods and gro:erv
But we have reasons, from his rons'
appearance, to hope that he may
ive to use many of the presents.
Vmong the many making presents, his
>id comrade, James Hamilton, appears
0 be one of the most gracious givers,
or which he may expect to receive a
uture reward, his gift consisting of
1 considerable part of a barrel of su;ar
presented in a beautiful white
jowl of huge dimensions, which pleasfd
Mr. Arnett wonderfully, as he is a
over of sugar and admires the bowl.
There were so many presents and so
nany pleasant meetings that they
oukl not be. enumerated without askng
too much "space, and hoping that
dr. Arnett and friends may live to eaoy
many such occasions we will try
o mention those present who enjoyed
he hospitality of Mr. Arnett and fam-'
Jy, viz.: Mrs. Amanda Poundstone,
^eter Boord, Ed Dragoo and family,
foseph Hill and family, Thompson
Snoderley and family, Mark Snoderey
and family, Mrs. Mary Snoderley,
Jeorge Snoderley, Mrs. \Vm. Bainiridge.
John Jamison and family. Aired
Heck and family, I.'B. Glasscock
md family, James Glasscock and famlv,
Calvin D. Conawav and wife. Elitid
.Vilcox and family. A. P. Stewart, Bud
3rown and family, Andrew Straight. J.
Ice and.family. Miss Said Cielland,
B. Cielland and family, Mr. Bland
ind family, Mrs. Hez Lough. Miner
.ough and family. Calvin Lough, Benarnin
Cunningham, George Cunninglarn
and family, Charles Neptune and
amlly. C. C. Arnett and family, David
trnett and family, Miss Bettie Arnett,
Scott Arnett, Thomas Morrison, Miss
inna Morrison, W. E. Yeater and famly,
Mrs. Julia Musgrave and family,
diss Jane Whitlach, Milton Berry and
amily. Thomas Bainbridge and fanilv,
James Hamilton and family, RichRA
"P T7 A
1 1
e . - . '
" : "'ic '
?.' .'.. . ? c ;, ' .^ !? '*? V
"~"~ ~:... . - ' ' V vv
buy a STETSON HAT. Tbe more s
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Odds and Ends of Facts Gath
graphic News Hot
ard Arnett and family. Felix Seavoy,
Samuel Fish. Isaac Hixenbaugh and
John T. Beale and wife. *
(By Publishers" Press.)
WASHINGTON, Sept. 1. ? A. W.
Brown, auditor for the Navy Department.
to-day began the distribution of
the prize money won by Admiral
Dewey, his officers and men in the
fight with the Spanish fleet In Manila
The money amounts to $270,000 and
is to be distributed among two thousand
persons. Adimral Dewey gets
$17,00C> out of it.
Will Be the Ooenina Dav for the Foot- .
ball Season.
Athletic Director Chez, of \V. V. XJ., |
was in the city 'for a short time this ;
afternoon. Professor Chez has spent j
the greater part of the summer at Mt. ;
Lake Park, and was en route from i
that resort to Morgan town. In speak- i
ing of football affairs he said:
"I expect to take the Candidates. i
thirty-five or. forty in number, to the
farm' Monday next, to remain until j
a few days before the opening of the j
season, which will be September 24. j
The encampment at Manassas will j
badly handicap us for the first week, i
as both Manager. Richards and Cap- ;
tain Multon are members of the National
Guard, and will likely be compelled
to go. I consider the schedule
a very hard one, and we shall
have to do the stiffest kind of work
to pull out a majority of victories.
But from what I have seen of the candidates
at W. V. U. I firmly believe we
will surprise every one by our showing
this fall."
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ere d Here and There?Tele?
: From the Wires. .
Pockets Full of Money. *
(By Publishers' Press.)
PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 1.?With,
his pockets loaded with greenbacks;
Charley Hai, a Chinaman, went to the
League Island Navy Yard yesterday
afternoon and offered $3,000 for the
Monitor Montonomoh, saying he wanted
it for a laundry. Hai proposed running
the boat on the Delaware and
doing the laundry work of ship cap- ^
tains and sea-faring men.
Fitz In New Role.
(By Publishers' Press.)
ATLANTIC CITY. N. J., Sept. 1.?
Bob Fitzsimmons will turn out five
horse shoes in a match for $200 a side
with Hugh Genoa, a local blacksmith.
The challenge was accepted by Genoa
yesterday, and the match at the anvil
will be decided some day next week.
The winner will donate the purse
to" a local charitable institution. _ .
Excursion Boat Capsized.
(By Publishers' Press.) ' ,
ATHENS. Sept. 1.?An excursion
boat filled with people was caught in
a gale near Yele. to-day and capsized.
Twenty-five people were drowned.
V.'ill Start a Bank.
(By Publishers'. Press.)
LONDON, Sept. 1.?The Mirror
says John D. Rockefeller is about to
establish a bank in London. It will
have a capital of many million pounds
, NGame
Declared Off.
(By Publishers' Press.)
PITTSBURG, Sept. 1.?The last
game of the season between Pittsburg
and Boston ,-National League
teams in this city has been declared
off 011 account of wet grounds.
New York Democratic Convention.
(By Publishers' Press.)
NEW YORK, Sept. 1.?The Democratic
State Committee held a meeting
at noon to-day at the Hoffman.
House and issued a call for the State
convention, to be held at Saratoga
Springs, N. Y., on September 20.
re an ABUNDANT supply of HOT
lestic use
>use FROM the destructiveness of
. be worth ten minutes of your time
t these and several other important
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> M,
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