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the home.
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Stoves, Cc
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Be wise.
Cunningham Building.
*3Tiie Oil! JLlriyscd Oil! tJust pure !insetKiOU!
That's all! Kctliiag; that nia.ii
Iiiia been able to invent can make any
_.paint wear longer than /the linseec. oil in
.> ' wzuch it is miied.
If everybody understood that oil is tiro
-only thing about paint that ivears, there
V would be no sale for cheap ready-mined
paints- A prominent educator wrote us that
~"us friend, a college president, had been
' /-rindled by using on his fine residence a
' -ready mixed. paint advertised as first-class.
Hie asked what was wrong with the paint
ana saia: wnen me ram unci soa^sa it
- . thoroughly. it was the most miserable lootinsr
thing- yoa ever saw."
There was nothing wrong with the paint
pigments, if they had strong color and
caverlnjr body. But the oil in the paint
vrztst not pure linseed oil. If it had been,
no rain would have "soaked" it, as pure
liasced oil paint does not take up
"Molature. "Waterproof oil clothing" is cloth
/>ated with linseed oil: and no pure linseed
o?X paint will wash off as long as the oil
lasts. You can't rub drypaint on a building
atxd make It stay there no matter how good
the dry paint. Why mix white lead with
2irzsee<i oil if it's the lead that wears? Why
cot mis it with wate'fl1
Wherever we have no agent, your
f?r you If shown this ad., by writing direct tc
Sofd^by J. A. McElfresh's Gas
To the World's Fair, Very Low Rates.
Various forms of excursion tickets
Co St. Louis via Baltimore & Ohio
-ESaHrosd. now on sale from Fairmont
?ss follows:
Season tickets, good to return until
^December 15, 1904, to he sold daiiv at
wate of $26.80, round trip.
Sizty day excursion tickets, flnal
Siasft not later than December 15, 1904.
"So be sold daily at rate of $22.35, round
IHttecn day excursion tickets, to be
sold daily at rate of $1S.75, round trip.
Ten day special coach excursion
tleEcets on sale Every Tuesday in June,
good going in day coaches only, on
special coach trains, or in coaches on
. designated trains, limited for return
.passage leaving St. Louis not later
C&azi ten days, including date of sale,
at rate of $13.00, round trip.
Variable route excursion tickets,
eftber season or sixty day, will be sold
going via one direct route and returning
via another direct route, full infor
Tnatfna concerning -which can be pbtainaa
from ticlcet agent.
Stosxjvers, not exceeding ten days
are each point -will be allowed at Washington,
Deer Park, Mountain Lake
S?8x&, Oakland and Mitchell, Ind., (for
Stench Lacec and West Baden Springs)
within return limit, upon notice to
conductor and deposit of ticket with
despot ticket agent immediately upon
x eHTSwaJL
Stopovers not exceeding ten days
. CITY...
nishing Co.
possible to
iing every taining
All Prices!
irpets, Matloleum,
table and
e curtains,
Shades, all
1 i n a and
jv the advhen
the same
is time, annd
? 4 ? /-=?
W. H. Biliingslea, Mgrv
The oil is the mucilage. Yvhea you
seal an envelope what makes it remain
closed. Is it the quality of the paper or the
quality of the mucilage? The durability o:
paint is the pure linseed oilpart of the paint
not the pigments. Pure linseed oil is to paint,
exactly what "all-woolness" is to clothes.
Therefore you don't have to take our
word for the quality of Kinloch Paint. You
put the quality and durability into "Kinloch"
yourself when you mix your own pure% linseed
oil with it. Kinloch Paint is made from
the old time-tried materials used by practical
painters everywhere, and the only difference
between "Kinloch" and any really highgrade
ready-mixed is in our selling it in
paste form, ready to thin with pure linseed
oil. All prepared paint is first ground into a
thick paste similar to "Kinloch," but wo
stop tliore. Thetfeady-mixed paint maker
goes on and adds the oil, (something your
fourteen-year-old boy can do) and the dea.er
and consumer have to pay the ready
raised paint price for that oil, or from
three to four times more than for oil they
know to be pure.
Caldzvell <2? Drake, the World's Pair contractors,
builders of several state capitol buildin.q-s,
etc., zvrile" We are using KinlocJi Paint on
all our zvork at:d find it entirely satisfactory.'
own deafer vvlil get "Kinloch1"
> Kinloch Paint Company, St. Louis. ."Mo
h Grocery, Rivesville, W. Va.
'will be allowed at St. Louis on all
one-way (except Colonists' tickets to
the Pacific Coast) and round trip tickets
reading to points beyond St. Louis,
upon deposit ot ticket with Validating
Agent and payment of fee of $1.00.
Three solid vestibuled trains are
run daily from New York, Philadelphia,
Baltimore and Washington, via
Parkersburg and Cincinnati to St.
Three solid vestibuled trains are
run daily from Pittsburg, Wheeling
and Columbus via Cincinnati, to St.
Magnificent coaches, sleeping cars,
observation cars and unexcelled dining
car service.
For illustrated folder, time table
and full information, call at ticket
office, Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.
Popular Seashore Excursions?Atlantic
City, Cape May, Ocean City, i
Sea Isle City, N. J., Ocean City, j
Md., and Rehoboth Beach,
Del., June 30, July 16 and
August 11 and 25, and
September 8.
At the following very low rates
from Fairmont:
Only $10 round trip, ticket good in
coaches only.
Only $12 round trip, tickets In Pullman
cars when accompanied by regular
Pullman ticket.
All "tickets good returning 16 days,
Including date of sale.
Stop-overs - allowed on return trip
at Philadelphia and Washington.
Ask ticket agents for pamphlet
giving detailed information.
'' ' 'w :''r' S
Corner' Monroe and Jackson streets
Opposite Grand Opera House.
R. E. Fisher. Prop. OfSce. Jackson S
Bill Posting and Distributing. Con
sol:dated 'Phone Xo. 52S.
Billposters and Distributors.
221 Madison St. F. & M. 'Phono 29
Our customers receive the bestThat's
: At tiie .uauisou street xvesctiuiaai...
Regular Meals, 25 cents.
Boarding by the week. $3.50.
; WELLS & CRISS, Proprietors.
Meals at all hour.,
i Special attention given lunch counte
W. H. ROUSH, Proprietor.
Furnished Rooms. 200 Madison S
Open day aiid night.
Livery, Sale and Exchange Stable,
Porter alley, Rear of Court-house.
'Phones?Bell, 147. F. & M., 20!
Under Billinglea's Drug Store,
Madison street.
F. H. Jackson, Barber,
Cor. Parks ave. and Main St. First
class work guaranteed. No novice
but experienced workmen.
Opposite Marietta Hotel. Everythlnj
First-Class. Bath Room. Union Shop
LOYAL BENNETT, Proprietor.
Frankenburger & Galentine, Propr's
Eoarding by the week. Meal Tickets
Try us and be convinced. Breakfast
G to S A. M. Dinner, 11:30 to 2 P. M
Supper, 5:30 to 7 P. M.
Special Tables for Ladies.
322 Market Street.
Pressing, Cleaning. Repairing anc
Barber. SOS Main Street.
Opposite Bank of Fairmont.
Eight Chairs.
TT. S. G. Bennett, Prop'r, 309 Monroe
street. Scouring, dyeing, repairing,
&c. Rates, $1.50 per month. Quick
work. 'Phones. Wagon.
C. B. FIELD, Proprietor.
Cleaning, dyeing, pressing and repairing.
329 Main street, up stairs.
Barber, No. S14 Fourth St. 5th Ward.
All work artistically done. Eighteen
1 years' experience. Agent for Laundry.
GIT Merchant street.
Teas, Spices, Refined Coffee's and
Granite and Queensware. Special
Attention to Customers.
G. N. Welsh, Proprietor.
Fresh and Cured Meats of all kinds.
Eighth street, South Side. Bell
'Phone, 243-2.
M. M. Foster, Manager.
Office?304 Main street. Phones?F.
& M., 398: Bell, 333-2.
"I have nothing to take back, I have
nothing to withdraw of the things
that I have said against the methods
pursued to advance his candidacy. It
was a plain and deliberate attempt to
deceive the party. The New York
platform was vague and purposely
so, because the advocates of Judge
Parker were trying to secure votes
from among the people who would
have opposed his views had they
known them. * * * The nomina-,
tion was secured, therefore, by crooked
and indefensible methods."?William
Jennings Bryan, in "The Commoner,"
July 13, 1904.
Who Will' Be President?
Some persons do not seem to understand
how to vote in the West
Virginian's guessing contest. It is
really a very simple proposition and
easily understood. On page eight will
be found a coupon which may be used
in sendinor in vnnr ^stimnfe. The
guesses are coming in right along
now, so send yours in before you forget
it. Do not forget the offer to give
a person guesses for getting new
subscribers. Read the offer over
again and send in the guesses.
Right in beauty of design, finish
and price. Come in and be convinced.
Fairmont Furniture Company. Opposite
postofflce. x
"We carry all sizes of sewer pipe
from 3 to 24 inches. Prompt delivery.
Call us on either 'phone. J. L. Hall
Hardware Store. x
Th? Leading: Facts Cc
i ?
For Governor?W. M. O. Dawson.
: A man of wide experience; of di
l com ins ja<!sinen.t; of careful busine:
; habits. One who knows tho neoi
~; aa<? conditions of all classes mi<2
deeply interested in their welfare
q ! author of the corporation bill whic
i boars his name, and which is one <
j 'ho best revenue producing bills o
?: tho State's statute books. Ilo is wo
i acquainted with every part of th
I State, and would make an Ideal go
: ernor.
For Auditor?Arnold C. Scherr.
One of (ho most, eiliciem oitlcia
the State ever had: a broad-mindO'
r liberal-hearted, whole-souled mm
? whom everybody likes. He has bee
j weighed in the balances and uc
; sound wanting-; 111s reports are mot
i els in neatness and accuracy.
I For Secretary of State?Charlee V\
There is no other like him. H
)_ lias been conspicuous and successft
_ in various capacities; was in uir:
farmer, coal miner, promoter and dt
veloper; served as town councilmat
member of House of Delegates an
State Senator. He is well acquaint
- ed with business interests and cond.
tions in all parts of the State.
s For Treasurer?J. Newton Ogdin.
A practical business man and for
- mer member of the House of Dele
gates. He is well known and well re
=> specred. He comei from a sectioi
' which is making rapid progress.
He stands for enterprise and de
velopment, and is well worthy of tin
. highest confidence.
For Attorney General?Clark W. May
President of the State Senate: i
good lawyer, a clever gentleman am.
fine example of what a man of pluck
energy and endurance can accomplish
He has been successful because lie
deserves to be. He has a big hear
1 and a clear brain.
For State Superintendent of Free
Schools?Thos. C. Miller.
Professor Miller is a school mar
through ami through; he has been pub
. lie school teacher, city superintend
ent, university professor, institute in
! structor and contributor to education
al literature. He is a scholarly and
; accomplished gentleman who is a
credit to the State. He ranks high
as an educator among school men aii
over the country.
For Judges of the Supreme Court?
. j Frank Cox and J. M. Sanders.
| i-iere again* Ave find the Republicans
j have been peculiarly fortunate hi selection
of nominees. Both are well
known and able men; will fill the exalted
positions with great credit and
sustain the high esteem in which the
State judiciary is held. They are exceptionally
strong men.
West Virginia Exposition
Wheeling State Fair, .
SEPTEMBER 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.
Baltimore & Oiiio Railroad
Will sell excursion tickets at
one fare for the round
with additional charge o? fifty cents
(children 25 cents) for admission, to
Fair, from Parltersburg, Grafton,
Clarksburg. Fairmont and interme
diate stations.
Tickets good returning uptil September
10th, 1004, inclusive.
Call on Ticket Agents for time of
trains and full information.
Night Excursion to Pittsburg?Round
Trip, $2?Saturday, Sept. 3.
Special train leaves Fairmont at
12:45 night, arriving Pittsburg G A. M.
Special train leaves Pittsburg returning
at G P. M.
Bed, pans, invalid cushions, fever
thermometers, hypodermic syringes,
needles, etc., at Mountain City Drug
Company, opposite Court-house.
Base ball goods, bicycles and bicycle
supplies; guns and cutlery are specialties
with J. L. Hall, the leading hardware
store, Fairmont.
IE you need anything in the drug
and sundry line that you can't find
anywhere else, try the Mountain City
Drug Company, opposite Court-house.
Try a 50c bottle of Almond Shampoo
for the head and hair at Mountain
City Drug Company, opposite Courthouse.
It is easy to get guesses; by asking
a friend to subscribe for the West Virginian
six months. x.
iricerning; the Candidates
sly Stated.
For Governor?John J. Cornwell.
s- A man; with strong: prejudices and
ss narrow views; a "white mail's party"
Is advocate, who despises fifteen thou
is sand of West Virginia's citizens: one
of very limited means, and unaetpiaint
h cd wit.lt industrial conditions outside
if of Hampshire county, which is bar
u ren ol industries and modern devel
11 opments: a caustic speaker and hitter
ie partisan who lives in a community
v- where Kepubltcaus get very scant
credit or consideration.
For Auditor?V.'. L. Mansfield.
is A well meaning man, editor of a
i. country newspaper in the county of
ii. Wayne. Ho lias not :ljeen in touch
11 with the State's great development
>' by reason ot' liis environment, eonse1
quently ho would have a great deal t.o
learn in trying to ho auditor.
Fcr Secretary of State?W. G. Peterkin.
e A man almost entirely unknown in
d the State, who is not especially fitted
11 for anything, but who is a young lawis
ycr and wanted to be attorney geui,
eral. By a trade and a compromise
d he was switched from his original obis
ject and nominated for secretary of
i- state. He has had comparatively no
experience in business.
For Treasurer?R. S. Carr.
The host known man on the Dcnio;
cratic ticket; a typical Southerner; a
i- man who would come as near making
i public office a private snap us any
one in the State. The business
!- would he done by the boys while
3 Uncle Bob would entertain them with
. For Attorney General?L. A. Rcymann.
i The won of Ida father and prlnci1
pally known for that roaspn. His
, father is a Republican and a maker
. of a very good kind of beer. The son is
5 a young follow just, out of school, who
t probably was never employed In a
case in Ids life.
; t-or btatc superiiuenaent 01 t-ree
Schools?M. D. Helmick.
i This is probably the most incongruous
nomination of all. Mr. Helmick
. is a back number educationally; Lie
- knows very little about schools or
. school people in West Virginia. He
1 has been in the ministry for some
l years, and is altogether a misfit so
far as (iie State superintendency is
concerned. School people are astonished
at Iris nomination.
For Judges of the Supreme Court?
M. M. Cent and H. W. Gilmer.
Judge Dent is a very excellent gentleman
'and has a very good record as
judge; he and Col. Carr seem rather
out of place on a ticket with so many
novices. Mr. GiJmer may be all right
and we hope he is, but he is a
stranger to seven-eighths of the people
of the State.
Back from my summer vacation.
In t.hc noisy old town once more,
Away from the vicious mosquitoes
And the chiggers that sting and bore,
With my neck all raw and blistered
And my nose as read as a beet,
I find that the city is welcome
And that life in town is sweet.
Back from my summer vacation.
Away from the worms that creep,
And the gnats that crawl down my
And bother me while I sleep;
A fr- t V. rv fllnc a rl ?V.n cni.lni.c
rviai 11 >.'ui iin; ui<io tiiiu liic ojuuviio
And the June bugs that biff and pelt;
I am glad to get back from the country
And the loneliness I have felt.
Back from my summer vacation
And the soggy old stuff to eat.,
Where a restaurant meal is a pleasure
And a table de'hote is a treat,
Where there's something to do besides
And something to do besides wait;
Where I get my papers each morning
And they're never a whole day late.
Back from my summer vacation,
In the good old town once more.
Afar from the oppressive silence.
To the rush and the rout and roar;
In the city there's something doing,
There's joy in the meet of might
And the soul expands with the struggle
And grows in the shock of fight.
?From the Chicago Chronicle.
Account Pennsboro Fair, September
13, 14, 15, 16?Via Baltimore
& Ohio Railroad.
Tickets will be sold and good going t
on all trains of above dates from Parkersburg,
Fairmont, Grafton, Bucklian- 1
non, Clarksburg and intermediate sta- 1
tions, at one fare and a third for the
round trip, no rate less than fifty 1
cents. Tickets good returning until s
September 17, 1904, inclusive.
The West Virginian . respectfully
solicits job printing of all kinds.' 1
Neat work at reasonable prices. I
"democrats are 1
not cheerful
| NEW VOMv, Sept.. 1.?Thoru i? sorii-iM
friction in the Democratic -\a.~
, tienal CamuaU,n Committee. ami a ro^
suiting Ittkewarmnoof at the national
bvtdciuartora hero. On the surface
. there is the appearance of peace born
. ot inactivity, but .at the . - ? .?ia thorn
is a disagreement. among The democratic
niatu-ners which is not encouraging
for i he Parker am! Davis ticket,. i|
The absolute tagging of the campaign
at this time strongly suggests ^ 3
the clays of Bryan, when the camI
paigners put in their time posing about,
liotgl corridors, knowing that nothing ' 'j|
they could do would afreet the result.
Chairman Taggart scctas at sea in thfe-v .VfS
responsible position he fought tor and- -" A
ubtained, and is unable-to bring the.'.'
wrangling Democrats together.
Mr. August Belmont Is about the
most active of the campaigners to bo
seen here, but callers at national headquarters
are beginning to think Mr.
Belmont's promise of an adequate campaign
fund will not be realized. The
only evidence that Mr. Belmont has
mnde good is the tons of campaign
literature being prepared for shipment
to the chairmen of the various State
committees. Mr. John R. McLean, of
i.lio campaign committee, spent a few
minutes at headquarters to-day and
then went over to the Waldorf and
had a long talk with his personal
friend. Senator Elkins, of West yir-il'S-'M
ginia. Callers are asking themselves" *m|
and no one seems able to answer the
question. The belief is widespread
that Murphy, the Tammany boss, is
sulking and will not contribute to the
campaign fund, despite Hill's announcement
of his Intention to retire N,,?i
! from politics. The condition at the
I Democratic headquarters is chaotic.", -%3j
No one in authority, it about to greet
the few visiting Democrats who call, -itg
and all seem waiting for some one
to arrive who can really boss tho Job. -3
The national headquarters lias boon
matte a dumping nTOftinri *ror~i;nP'Tin rjffitjnj
omploj'ed Cavor.itos of the campaign
managers?men witlioUt- t-xpcrionce or
tact and wholly. unknown to men of
national prominence. '?
Ho Was One of a Coinage Cornmieoion
Other Members cf Which Canto
Homo Long Ago.
W.\t\!IiXGTON. Sept. 3.-?l>rof. Jero |J|
mlait JenJuf' rnlss'iou to China Jfi&s Only
guani-oflieial 'character. Etc vas :
member of a commission consir-UBg
! ! ri:a. !. ;: A. f : ttr ami 17.
: which went to Europe- : < in
!.i:<: great-powers to adopt'a colonial
coinage system similar to Hiat fa
. lice: the Philippines-?a silver coii
-.1 v. i:It a silver peso tvjjrth fifty
cents gold as the unit of teircttlattoo;the
wholo to ho guarded by a- gold re#
Little success was attained by the
commission in Germany anil elsewhere,
and its mission was somewhat
criticised in Congress, where Repreeentatlve
Hill, of Connecticut, stronig-i.'.rc^l
ly advocated restriction of its activ-.
ities to the fiscal year ending June-30, -
1001. Mr. Conant and Mr. Hanna returned
home. : Mr. Jenk's went on to
China, and was presented at court by
Mr. Conger, the United States minTUe
Chinese coinage system is now
the most confusing in the world. The
United States treasury does not know
quite where it stands In its account--/;-?Jsj
against China for the boxer indemnity. .vrJjjSB
The system of exchange is based
largely upon weight.
Mr. Jenks. who has made a careful
study of the currency question in Oriental
countries and colonics, has
strongly urged upon tbe rapineso govL-rnment
tlie adoption of the Philippine
currency system. He evidently
hoped that his efforts might provide
an opening for some kind of diplo- ? \0S
matic agreement wherebi' the United
States would assist China to improvement
of the existing chaotic coinage
system. The State Department baa
received no report from Mr. Conger
as to any final result of Professor
renks' efforts.
Real Estate Transfers.
Woodlawn Cemetery Company to
Rebecca Rice, one-half of lot No. 352 J?,
in Woodlawn- Cemetery; consideraJoshua
Mauley and wife to J. Lloyd
Rinehart, property m jviarion county
consideration, other property.
Smith Hood and wife to Idelia lit.
Barnes, lot on East Paris avenue. " ?e?
ralrmont; consideration, $1,500.
M. C. Clayton and wife to T. \VBeall,
property at Ma'nninston; con,i
deration, $]0.
Do" you like easy ah$ durable shoes? jg
.Vear Dorothy JDodd. C. B. Highand.

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