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.? ?.?? ?: ??
Miss Margaret Eurns spent Sunday
in Grafton.
Walter Haggerty will enter the Uni "
versity this week.
Charles Burns, of Fairview. is quite
ill in Cook Hospital.
R. W. - iter spent yesterday with
his family in this city.
Miss Evelyn Prickett is spending today
at her home in Rivesville.
< C. D. Barry leaves to-night for NewYork,
to be gone the remainder of the
H. Sidney Reynolds', of the Tavern,
has been on the sick list for a couple
-- of days.
' John McCool returned yesterday
from a week's visit to the St. Louis
W. J. LaFollette goes to Lehew
Hampshire county. to-day for a
month's stay.
Hon. C. W. Swisher came in on 55
. from Parkersburg last night and left
on No. 4 for Eikins.
Dana Miller passed through the city
last evening on his way to Morgantown
to enter school.
Jesse Staggers, who is holding a lucrative
position at Underwood, Sundayed
here with friends.
Mr. W. Cresson, of Swarlhmore, Pa.,
is a guest at the home of Mr. S. J.
5' Brobst on Walnut avenue.
Misses Jeannette and Caroline
Bright left for Wheeling yesterday for
a "week's visit "with friends.
Mrs. Homer Stagger, of Wheeling, is
here visiting her father. Mr. John It.
Baker, of McKinney street.
J. C. Evans, bookkeeper for Wagner
Palmros Co., returned this morning
from a few days' stay in Grafton.
Mrs. Harry Artis and little daughter,
Pearl, from Morgantown, spent
Sunday with Mrs. A. C. Ross.
J. E. Sands and daughter, Miss Anna
Durbin, returned this morning from a
week's visit in New York City.
Earl Jackson came down i'roiu Grafton
yesterday to spend Sunday with
his mother. Mrs. Jennie Jackson.
Fred Abbott, of Grafton; spent last
week with his grandmother, Mrs.
Mary A. Abbott on High street.
y Mrs, Charles Knight, of the First
ward, left yesterday on a two weeks'
visit in Piedmont and Cumberland.
Mrs. P. H. Thomas returned Saturday
from a protracted visit to j
" friends in Morgantown and Cassville. ;
Miss Hattie Ross and brother, Mas- !
ter John Ross, will return this even- j
iug from a visit to (Jowan am weo- |
ster Springs.
Miss Louise Potter came home yes- j
terday from Pittsburg, where she had
been spending a week with her sister,
Mrs: Curtis Hamilton.
"Monk" Jackson was the limit of
police vigilance since Saturday morn- :
iag. "Monk" was pinched for drunk- j
enaess and fined $G.OO.
Mrs. R. E. Mason and daughters, j
Emzie. and Launa, were Grafton vis- !
itors Saturday and. Sunday. They i
L returned home yesterday evening.
Everett Hill, who has been visiting i
l^s uncle, Dr. Hill in Canton. Ohio, j
for some time, will remain at that city i
this winter and assist his uncle in ;
his dental office.
Stark L. Baker and son James, and j
James Shinn returned to Grafton last j
night from St. Louis.- They were met
in Grafton by Mrs. Baker, who had
been visiting her sisters in this cif.T.
and the party left for Beverly this
Mammoth 3N
on the above
ever brouarh'
! Leading Clothiei
Hatter and Shoe
T. W. Fleming left this afternoon
for Baltimore.
[. A. T. Watson has been in St. Louis
for.the past week. II
Justice L. G. Bennington is again
ahle to be at his office.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Butler, of Weston,
were in the city yesterday.
Miss Clara Jenks : pent yesterday
i:i Mannington with nor mother Mr.
and Mrs. Fred Kunst, of Graf- it
ton, are visiting friends in this city. ;1
C. E. Hutchinson left on No. 4 last ri
night for a visit to our eastern cities. T
Clifford Watson has been very sick r'
the past few days and is thought to ^
be taking typhoid fever. ,v
Miss Margaret Murphy, of Maple S
avenue, went to Salem yesterday for a p
two weeks' stay with friends. ; ti
? * - - ? ? -i T-? D Pw.ti ttnrl ("'.onrff :
?vi i . ex ix i i .wi a. i~>. i?.. ? ,
Mansbach left yesterday for a visit j 11
tvith relatives at Cumberland.
I u
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Hayward, of t5
Arnettsville, are visiting at the home j rE
of Mr. John Arnett in West Fairmont. ! t?
"Seotty," the boss shiner, who has j s<
been located in the basement of the P'
Court-house, has been ^ordered to w
move. pl
M. Earl Morgan and Encelle Wayman
returned to Morgantown this af- w
ternoon to resume their studies at the cf
University. ]e
O. G. May, an employe of the Miller- at
Clark Grain Co.. was taken to Cook's in
Hospital' Saturday to be treated for
typhoid fever. le
Mr. and Mrs. John J. King, who ^
have been visiting the latter's moth- ^
er, Mrs. Upton, on High street, left
to-day for Clarksburg.
Mr. and Mrs. Matt. Mannix and Miss p<
Donovan. of Wolf Summit, are at
guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ed w
Ford, of Virginia avenue. P<
A. L. B. Dudley, of the money or- w
der department at the local postoffice,
who has been taking his vacation, re- nf
turned to his post to-day. B
James W. Phillips, one of the car- w,
riers for the local postoffice, left on
his vacation, to-day, his route being
onvcrod hv Obiev B. Eevelle.
R. B. Crawford and Dick Simmons,
of Lewis county, are in the city on
their way to the University, where
they go to enter the law school.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Malone and
daughter, Miss Blanche, returned Saturday
from St. Louis, and are stopping
at the Manley for a few days. ar
i of
Miss Sallie E. Martin, of Fairview, i [ll
is in the city, the guest of Miss Jessye | pa
K. Smith, of Baltimore, who is the j
milliner this season for L. Herman. J ;a
Chief Reed, of the local fire depart- M
ment;, returned yesterday morning
from the Firemen's International con- by
venticn, held at Chattanooga, Tenn. in:
Lemley and Fisher wore given the u''
contract to furnish the lumber to build
the coffer dam to keep the water al
away while starting the pier at the
suspension bridge.
Mrs. Loyal Bennett and children
and Miss Edna Page, of the Fifth su
ward, went to Wheeling yesterday
and from there they will go to visit su
Mrs. Bennett's sister at Wellsburg. 1111
Z. M. Reese, Tom Simms, Wm. Jar- ,r.
rett, Ulysses Petty and Scott Rep- jt
pert headed a large delegation of en- re.
thusiastic Republicans .who went to tnl
Paokersburg on Saturday from Wat- | m.
son. |
Mrs. Daisy Randall returned Satur tin
day from a month's visit to friends in j
Washington. Baltimore. Philadelphia. |
Birdsboro, Pa., and iSuckhannoii. Mrs. |
Randall resumed her place in Stem- j
pie's store this morning. :
Unequaled for kidney and bladder J tei
complaints, Webster Springs Salt i ma
Sulphur Water. Bottled by Mountain ! in
State Mineral Water Company. \ no
- .i?d. ^ o
few Clothing
; date. The f
t to the city v
i ' j'i' .:
The engineers employed on the i
airmont and Mannington Street y
ailway Company's line in this vicin- s
y, are without remuneration for ^
teir services, with no prospect of y
sceiviag the same for some time, f
hese men were employed by the di- jactors
of the company early in the j
pring and continued in rheir service s
ntil some time in June, when the t
ork was let out to Contractor t
chultz, of Pittsl>urg. The company j.
aid the men in full, but the con- f
actor failed to come up with any ;
mds. hence the engineers are short
iree months' pay, besides expense
loney. Sums ranging from $120.00 -j
) $700.00 are due the different mem- (
ers of the corps and all are embar- .
issed by the financial shortage. Some ^
ilk of entering legal proceedings to
-?? -i? .I,.- ... 1 c + v,nn.->,t nf ^
lilt; w uut ? u.j iuwl.0..v ?,
ut this was useless, as Shultz is "
orth practically nothinR, all the
roperty and funds being in his wife's
ame. ]
Work was stopped indefinitely last '
eek and all the men, with the ex- '
iption of Chief F. H. Bailey, have
ft town, or expect to leave as soon t(
> board bills and other affairs are s
some manner adjusted.
Resident Engineer H. W. Frazer w
ft yesterday for Indian Territor: w
here he has secured a position. C. .
Crooks, transitman, left last week s
i assume a position in Baltimore. n
A. Blaine, levelman, will leave in a
few days for Pittsburg to accept a <J
tsition with a large coal company, 11
id R. J. Bailey, transitman, and ti
ife, wiil likely leave for Northern C:
ennsylvania the latter part of this '
eek. ,o;
That the line will be built in the
lar future is an assured fact, Chief r<
ailey having so much confidence in 'r
is respect that he will remain until S
ark resumes. c;
i or A i mM i
JUUV* 1JU fl Jti\iU ;
Holbert & Spedden, the well known v 1
id popular contractors, are in receipt
a telegram from Mr. Corrothers, or
e Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Com- ?%
my. notifying them that they have ! f..
ten awarded the contract for the I
rge freight depot to he erected ar j
organ town. |
The structure will be 150 feet long j
o5 feet wide, the cost of the build- j
g to be about $$,000. This is a very J
2Q contract and we congratulate our J rh
me contractors on being able to
" " pj
Stone Wall to Be Extended. *
As soon as the new pier at the j
spension bridge is built, it is likely j
at the B. and O. will extend the |
me wall, perhaps all the way to the j
Duth of Coal run. The company I
:ns land enough to contain two ;
iclcs in the rear of the depot when i
is leveled tip and this is the main
ason for desiring the pier to he j
ilt further out. Though the tracks j
ly not be placed there for several j
ars yet, it is thought by many that j
5 wall will be built soon. The (lis- j
ice to be covered by the wall is I
>m TOO to SOO feet.
Little Child Dead.
The infant child of Mr. and Mrs.
C. Everson, of Everson, died yes- j
'day --of stomach trouble. The re- j
tins were brought here and interred i
Maple Grove cemetery this after- \
on by Undertaker Cunningham.
ninc, si
S. 33? SBBBihi ? s,
im. ts. is
Store will b<
in est stock
n 11 be displa
AM. B. B
, " :f
Death Claims a*" Fair Young Victim.
Miss Bertha Agnes Eliason, aged 2S
ears, three months and thirteen days,
widest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. \V.
Sliason,--of the Fifth ward, died yeserday
afternoon at 2:10 o'clock. While
ler death was not unexpected, it
irought with it an unusual degree of
;adness because of the high regard in
vhicb she was held by all who knew
ter. She had been in delicate health
or several years, but her condition
iad been alarming since last January,
tbout ten years ago she had a severe
pell of sickness and it was hardly
hought she would survive, but she got
leuer and a part of the time since'
iad enjoyed fair health. For the last
ew weeks three physicians had been
n constant attendance upon her, but
.11 their efforts could not throw off
he ravages of her dreadful malady.
:he doctors do not exactly agree as
o the nature of her disease, but it is
he general opinion thac the cause of
ler death was tuberculosis of the
tomach and bowels. She suffered a
reat deal, but when death came she
iassed away calmly and peacefully,
urrounded by ail the members of the
amily, who had been present for the
ist week, knowing the end could not
e far off.
Miss Bertha's life was a benediction
d all who knew her. She had a most
weet and amiable disposition, and no
ne knew her but to love her. She
as gentle, loving and kind. She always
greeted you with a smile, and
ou felt when in her presence that
he possessed a spirit of rare sweetess.
She was an affectionate sister
nd an obedient and considerate
aughter, whose place cannot be filled
i the home where she was so paently
cared for. Owing to her deliate
health, the members of her famy
always showed her unusual marks
f kindness and consideration.
Miss Eliason made a profession of \
aligion about five years ago and lived !
1 accordance with the vows she made. I
he was recently baptized and be- !
ame a member of the Central Chris- j
on Church. She leaves a father and
lother, two sisters. Misses Amy and
ddie. and three brothers, George,
falter and Frank, to mourn their
>ss. Her remains will be laid
; rest to-morrow afternoon.
The funeral services will take place
: the home at 2 o'clock, conducted by
cvs. W. M. Long, of New Martinsille.
arid W. J. Eddy, of Fairmont.
i.ike knights of old, our Dorothy [
odd Shoes are going forth as con- I
terors. C. B. Highland.
Pen and ink erasers, black board ;
asers. etc. Burdette's. s j
Take time ijy the forelock and buy j
ie Dorothy Dotid to-day.
:o Particular Men |
Our Fail desions
and eitects are
swell and exclusive
and cannot, He seen
elsewHere-ln justice
to yourself
l - ? ?. ^ ^ ^ ?
(lull I 1(111 WJ iCG
Mercliaiit Tailor.
2 opened to
of clothing
yed. Come
11 is iii fk
- The We:
| "Moneybak'
I Silk S
x Silk is a strong fiber. Acc<
? often carries five times its weig
g pure silk ought to wear five tim
x chemists say wearing qualities
8 increased weight,
g "Moneybak" Silk is pure si!
X five times as long- as a heavily v
? time that a piece of silk will
X "IMoneybak" Silk is cheaper in
S making up four costumes of v
g away, together with the finding
X Silk counter. Name on sel1
This Store Exclusive Agenti
The Second Floor.
asks your attention to its magnificent
stock of
WomerTs-Ready-to-W ear
Consisting of
Suits, Coats, Skirts
and Waists of
Flannel and Silk
The New Fall Styles are in
and on display. Every garment
up to the
HARTLEY Standard?
of Styles andworkmanship.
The Large Store. "ST
FAIRMONT, W. VA. * ' *
How to cut your CO.'
How to protect the H
How to make your Hi
How to cheaply secu:
WATER for dom
How to FREE the ho
Don't you think it would
to let us tell you all about
features of economy in ox
Fairmont Pin
312 1st S
Wiedebuscli Builc
No door to door canvassing. Busi
vertising. Oniv Studio of its kinc
dren fow for the Fail term.
C- E. MacAR
We handle a straight line of furni- j
ure, window blinds, mirrors and pic- t
ures. Fairmont Furniture Co. Op- <
>osite postofflce. x :
It is easy to get guesses bj' asking
friend to subscribe for the West Virinian
six months. x.
Slates, all sizes and prices. Bur- , {
ette's. i
% | C ^ ^ ?
3ER sot;
the public ai
and gents'
to the open!
| Ni
' Black Silk. I
pr??Af c ?
VU7? I g
Drding- to a chemical analysis it ?
ht-in dye. This being the case, ?
es as long as a weighted silk, as ?
decrease proportionately with ?
Ik and pure dye, and wall wear g
weighted silk. As the length of ?
ear determines the actual cost, ?
the end, as the.price paid for ?5
weighted silk is money thrown p
cage of genuine. p
s for Fairmont and Vicinity
The Third Floor.
Coats in single and double breasted
models: sliape-retaining fronts; handpadded
shoulders; hand-made collars
and button holes. The best, display
for men andboys this store ever had.
If you think it too early to buy it
certainly isn't too early to look. We
want you to have a good look?here
and elsewhere?we know we'll sell you
when buying time comes.
Hartley & Son.
re an ABUNDANT supply of HOT
estie use
use FROM ' e destructi veness of
be worth ten minutes of your time
; these and several other important
>dern housekeeping ?
isnbing Go.,
music STUDIO,
ling, First Street.
iness obtained by legitimate ad!
in the city. Enroll your chiiTHUK,
Sole Instructor.
Try your luck?it doesn't cost any
hing. Coal City House Furnishing
Company. x
Oirector Greater Fairmoivt Band
and Grand Opera House
Orchestra. y
JTliilin Second Floor. Cunning-ham
Y I lIlJlL! llnilflinrr T%nr?m 7.
H, 1904.
t 7:00 t>. m..
Uext to First
ational Bank.

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