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. AA) j i\) > J&The
only ones to regret the e
Midshipman Paul E. Dampman Describes
His Initiation In the Ancient
and Honorable Order of
of the public leading to the estabIa
a letter to his parents, Paul E.
Dampman, midshipman, U. S. N., son
Times, gives a graphic description of
of John B. Dampman, formerly an
editorial writer on the Pittsburg
the ceremonies observed on a United
states man-oi-war on uie oooa&ion ui
crossing the equator, says the Reading
(Pa.) Times. It is an immemorial
tradition of the sea that no
man is a full fledged sailor until he
has crossed this imaginary line which
divides the earth, midway between
the North and South Poles, and the
sailors always take care that those
who have never crossed shall he duly
initiated. This ancient practice is
especially encouraged on men-of-war,
and preparations for the event are
made long beforehand. on ships
whose itinerary extends south of the
( : ? The ceremonies, described by .Midshipman
Dampman, occurred on the
ship Brooklyn, of the South Atlantic
squadron, which ' carries a crew of upward
of 000 men. A somewhat unique
feature of this occasion was that the
ship crossed both the point of 0 latitude
and 0 latitude within a space
of three hours, and while the ceremonies
were in progress.
The performance occurred in the
Gulf of Guinea, off the west coast of
Africa, on July 30, on the voyage of
the fleet to Capetown, South Africa.
Following is Mr. Dampman's account
of the proceedings:
"At eight o'clock in the evening of
the day before we crossed, we were
hailed and boarded by Neptune's mes\
senger. This messenger, who wore
\ an astonishing amount of rope yarn
vyrhiskers, was received on the quarterdeck
by the commanding officer.
The bag of mail which he lind brought
aboard was distributed and proved to
utr yiiui-cu supa, auunnuuiii-, cm 'ji j
us who had never, crossed before, j
to appear before the court the following
morning to pay tribute to his
majesty. The messenger then went
below to the wardroom to examine j
the officer's credentials. Being satis-j
fted with these, a toast was drunk to
his majesty and he withdrew.
"Tn the meantime, great, preparations
for the coming event were made.
Forward on the port side, just at the j
break of the fo'castle, a huce tank
was made out of a large canvas awning.
This tank was at least ten by
IS feet, and was kept four or five fee:
deep with salt water by means of
several streams from fire hoses which
played into it. At one of the after j
corners was a ladder, up which the
victims had to climb to get out. The
barber's chair was rigged just at the
break of the fo'castle, and about six
or eight, feet above the surface of the
water in the tank. The judges'
stand was right beside the chair and '
the throne was a little further forward.
"We crossed the line the m-xt ;
morning, shortly after eight o'clock.
Quire a number declared that they
saw it while one was worried lest u ;
yet afoul'of. the screws. Fortunately.;
the latter did not happen.
"All hands went to Quarters and j
marched aft on the quarterdeck to re- j
ceive his majesty, whose procession ,
was now in sight. The hand struck
up a lively march and as his majesty
reached the quarterdeck, he was received
by the admiral, the captain
and the full marine guard. His se- 1
rene highness presented the admiral
and captain to the coy and simpering
' \<
- - ;
!JJ pi J. ,"iV>V/ 1
! <
?*s?y.?; & 11
3v3Mt |
: #** I:
^mPs) : ;
j .y'. p. -i *
r^0ix r.. \fc.?i'!//i^k."' i
/ =?\^ ' U <' '^??ST^
*&fp ' '
nd of the great meat strike. ]
?iVlinneapoiis Journal.
Aphrodite. :
"The Royal procession was as follows:
First came a detachment of
police. They wore campaign hats,
variously distorted, huge tin stars, ,
and any old clothes they happened to
have, liberally ornamented with
paint. A few of them wore legends
such as 'Clarence, the cop.' All car- ,
ried immense red, white, and blue
stuffed clubs.
"Neptune and Aphrodite, attended '
by two gaily dressed pages, appeared
upon an appropriately draped coaling
truck, drawn by eight bears. The
bears wore immense sheepskin hats,
of rope yarn whiskers. Neptune wore
a tin crown, a flowing scarlet robe,
a superabundance of whiskers and
carried a silver trident. Aphrodite
wore a smaller crown and was appropriately
dressed. ^
"Following the royal chariot came
his majesty's suite, consisting of two
judges, two dumpers, the jester, the
royal barber and his assistants, the 1
doctor, the chief of police, and the ;
officer of the deck. All wore appro- .
priate costumes and many of them
showed considerable ingenuity. The '
doctor was a fairly good imitation of
Sunny Jim. The officer of the deck
was resplendent in a paper cocked
hat, an abundance of yellow stripes,
a pair of rope yarn epaulets and carried
a pair of binoculars, made by
lashing two beer bottles together. The
barber carried a huge wooden razor
and one of his assistants a large
whitewash brush, with which to apply
the lather. The doctor carried a valise.
a saw, a mallet, and other instruments
of his profession. Another
squad of police brought up the rear.
"Neptune, having been given the
freedom of the ship, went forward
and opened the court. The bears
stripped to their bathing trunks and
jumped into the tank. The barber
stropped his razor while his assistants
stirred the barrel of lather. This
lather consisted of flour, water, old
cheese, cylinder oil, vinegar and
whatever else came handy. The
clerk had a list of the uninitiated and
the police were sent to round them
"The culprits were marched past
the throne and then up to the judge's
stand. Here they were examined by,
the doctor, who, in most cases, administered
treatment. To some were
given pills, many were sounded, either
with a mallet or a split lath, a few
were operated upon with the saw. but
most of them received medicine out
of a black bottle. Their jaws were
priLMl upi;':i cl J1<1 I.M? c-i 11 i: l i II 1.-51 : I l/U
with a large spoon. It wasn't the
nicest tasting stu?f in 'he world, eith"The
judge then passed sentence
and The nil happy victim was placed
upon the barber's chair to bo shaved.
'Fere he was asked his name. All
hat answered had their mouths ineanrly
filled with lather by the
watchful attendant, with the whitewash
brush. After nose, mouth, oars
tnd neck had been plentifully lathered,
the harbor made a few strokes
with a razor, and a watchful helper
with a squirt gun filled with dirty
water kept a sharp eye for openings.
When, he was judged to be sufficiently
besmeared the two dumpers tilted the
plank and he slid into the tank.
"Here he was pounced upon by the
expectant bears and mosi Thoroughly
ducked. They bounced him up and i
it. .11 c.i,m uiil, 11?1111 ' i t?' 'uia ?a>
and that, until lie finally emerged nr.
the other end of ihe tank in a halfdrowned
condition. As he climbed
the ladder, a kind hearted policeman
turned a fire hose on him, but when
he had passed that, his ordeal was
over and he was one of Neptune's
loyal subjects.
"The uninitiated officers were per
mitted "to escgpe tbe ordeal on payment
of a fine of so many dozen pints
if beer. 1 appeared before the Judge V
tnd was charged with never having
crossed the line. " I pleaded guilty
and was sentenced to pay a fine of
wo dozen bottles. It was so much e
fun watching them go through that | "
ly 11 o'clock, I determined to go ' 1
through the. tank myself, just so lit
could say I had been properly in- a
itiated: Anderson. Rowan and Hearty. 0
fellow midshipmen, went through c
ivith "me. We put on old- clothes and ; 0
tnarched tip. You should have heard j *them
yell when we hove in sight...
"I was hauled up before the doctor :
.vho had me sounded. That consisted ^
tf a good paddling. Then I was given "
i large dose of the black medicine
and passed on ?o the barber's chair.
[ received a particularly large dose'of
lather, was- shaved. squirted upon,
batted over the head with a stuffed ^
.dub. and finallv dumped into the
d v/n.s tinder / water quite a while
md c?ot a good ducking, but it didn't
inrt any arid I enjoyed it for it. washMi
off tho nasty lather so that, when
i emerged I was fairly clean.
"We had over 50 aboard to duck,
vnd the operation took up the best I
part of half a clay. Tho last man having
been soused, the procession was j"
reformed and marched aft. Neptune ' ,
jade adieil to the commanding officer,
made a. short address and returned to j
Lhe depths."
The South Atlantic fleer, to which i
Midshipman Dampman is attached is
now en route from Capetown, South j(Africa,
to Rio Janeiro, Brazil. ^
Don't fail to attend the picnic at I
Fraction Park Saturday. x. | J
eJ? E-1-5 cju C-2-i S>2* t-2-S ?2? C-3?
. ... .
^ Editors West Virginian :
& My guess is that the wi
?g? ident will be
that he will receive :
>2i ??
^ As additional guesses i
?? offer, I give the following :
#> Second guess,
Third guess,
Fourth guess,
y Very truly,
rU c-ii ,1, sj, A ?fc? cfc -Is
-J- -7- -J- JK ->- y*. .> O- -i- -> -J.
/t?V A yT?k y*. /WV yk y?T*v W W -f.
| m West
I jod Dep.
j ~We are now
jg do all kinds of J
you want any oj
J> or Job Work of
? try us:
J Shipping- Tags,
? Business Car
S Bill H
O 7 .
t Dodgers,
f Sale Bills,
5 Stateme
t St
8 Announcements,
J Negotiable Nc
1?^ ,^-v -t-y-5 ?*>?-? r~\. -r- *r
' i 1 UliiiOO'Ul >,
? 73
| All Work Promptly ar
| Fairmont
| Monroe :
'cry Low Rate Sunday Excursion
Tickets On Sale May 15.
Effective May 15 and continuing j
very Sunday thereafter until fur- j
her notice, rhe Baltimore & Ohio
Lai!road will place on sale excursion j
ickets between stations of Wheeling j
nd Grafton, good going East bound ,
n regular train Mo. 72, leaving Fair- ]
iont at 10:52 A. M., and returning !
o regular trains Mo. 71-55, leaving ,!
Irafton 12:40 noon, and 6:50 P. M.; \
nd good going West bound on regular
rain Xo. 5, leaving Fairmont at 7:47
i. M-, and returning on regular train
;o. 4, leaving Wheeling at 5:00 P.
I. For tickets and full information,
all on ticket agent.
heap Excursions to the St. Louis
World's Fair Every Wednesday
in August, September and October?Only
$13.00 Round
Trip From Fairmont.
Tickets will be good going in
caches only on specified trains.
Returning, tickets will be good in
caches only on all regular trains,
laving St. Louis not later than ten I
ays, including date of sale. ;
Call on ticket agent for time of j
rain and full information. jj
Some person will get the brass bed.
oal City House Furnishing Company.x
iome person will get the Wilton m^.
oal City House Furnishing Company.x 1
Hats, Shirts, Collars and Ties at C.
{. Highland's. % x
2* e-PU e&P v-2r* e*2-? <?-* *3^
Si. -f. ,-f. if. Jf. .j, .-y~ -i- .f- ,-f. rf. ?
F>G>rN I
fC3 CONTES . f
_____ *3*
nning candidate for Pres- ^
and rJ~
votes. :i
*ir I
n accordance with your
votes. _
votes. "*
votes. T G
S i
% c:?~ '! # -F "1" ^ "l- 4? f<
s *
TS 3" ? 0 <K> W
a n /r?7 i? 7t^ 3 An A
vinjiiiidi! j;
artment. 11
? -i?
t in position to @ ^
ob Printing. If ^
f the following, *
any description, o
? a
9 t
ds, ? ieacis,
? |
dter Heads. Jt 5
Note Heads, ? a
^ w
f r>
;nts, %
low Cards, ? *
Programmes, J ?
S 11
>tes, ? ?
r Notes. ^ !
; ^
ok Printing",
Price Lists. $ *
? \ '
f h!
id a\Seatly Executed, @ ^
>t Viral man, |?
Street. |
Wirj ^\v'?h tie
3 Pisa rpsk !9Q ra mn I
Lfcfl b.HAKK,
"S" IS -2The
only man in
-the Monon'gahela
Valley who
makes a specialty
of making
you. money
and incidentally a living for himself.
Fairmont Real Estate.
Special Agents
Properties Rented
Special Agent
Loans Negotiated
Stocks For
londs for Investment.
His clients are his references.
Office rooms, 3221/2 Main Street.
Baltimore & Ohio
PASSENGER trains will arrive at
and depart from Fairmont on the
allowing schedule on and after May t
2d, 1904west
bound. i
To. 7.?Chicago Express. 4:24 a. m.
Io. 5.?Wheeling Accommodation
7:47 a. M.
To. 55.?Wheeling & Cincinnati
Express. 7:29 p. M.
Jo. 71.?Wheeling Accommodation
1:36 P. H.
east bound.
Jo. 8.?New York, Balti- '
more and Wash- i
ington Express. 3:25 a. m.
Io. 72.?Grafton Accom'n 10:53 a. M. '
Jo. 46.?New York, Baltimore
and Washington
Express. 1:48 p. m.
Io. 4.?Grafton Accom'n 8:38 p. m. 1
F., M. A>TD P. BBiNOH.
To. 50.? Pittsburg Accom'n 1:00 p.m. <
io. 4.?Pittsburg- Accom n 9:55 P.M.
"o. 3.?Pittsburg Accom'n 7:50 a.m. |
io. 51.?Connellsville Ac'm 2:10 P.m. j
No. 69 leaves daily for Morgantown
t 9:05 p. m. No. 62 arrives from Mor- '
antownat 6:55 a. m., daily except Sunay
: at 8:00 a. m. Sunday onlv.
ro. 5.?Arrives at Fairmont 5:35 P. m.
ro. 1.?Arrives at Fairmont 12:10 P. m.
io. 3.?Arrives at Fairmont 7:45 a. m.
Jo. 2.?Leaves Fairmont. .. 7:10 a. m.
io. 6.?Leaves Fairmont. .. 1:53 P. m.
io. 4.?Leaves Fairmont. .. 9:55 P. m.
All trains are daily except Nos. 3
nd 4 on the F.. M. and P. branch, 1
hich are daily excppt Sunday.
For sleeping car reservations and
iformation concerning tickets and
ates, consult
T. B. Henderson',
Ticket Agent.
~ ?
Paint pride is ours in justifiable c
leasure, because we carry Heath & v
[iilegan's best prepared paint, and t
itisfaction is guaranteed by its use. L.
I-Iall's Hardware Store. x ?
nememuer, you win unci me largest
nes of washing machines, wringers, r
ibs, Sec., carried in the city at J. L,. t
all's Hardware Store. x F
? v
For Sale. d
Choice building lots on Virginia p
venue and Sixth street. Apply .R?
in Robinson, Gas Oilice. r
Stylo and fit nre the features that p
ive not been overlooked in our Doro- t
lv Dodd Shoo for women. C. B. High- e
nd. li
~ n
The "West Virginian respectfully
dicits job printing of all kinds,
eat work at reasonable prices. c
"tVe carry a complete line of wood,
on, and Cincinnati bucket pumps.
L. Hall's Hardware Store. x e
ar opens a -Savings account.
. you the safe. We keep the
accounts draw four per cent,
me being compounded semi*
: . ; 1 ' 1 '
I get a safe. It will: help yen.
Tbe Bank off alrmont.
J. b WATSON, President.
J. S. HAYDEN, Vice.President.
Capital, SI50.000.00. *
Undivided Profits. SLbO.OOO.OO
A. B. Fleming. X S. Haydcn,
J. E. Watson,
'M. L. Hutchinson. F. E. Nichols.
0. S. McKinney, C. E. AVanley.
Transacts a general hankiag business.
Accounts of corporations, iirms and
individuals received upon the most
favorable terms consistent with sound
and conservative banking.
Interest paid on time (deposits.
Separate vault with safety deposit
boxes for use of customers.
The First National Bank
of Fairmont, W. Ya.
Capital Stock, - $100,000.00
Surplus and Undivided
Profits, - 165,000.00
Designated Depositary of the United
States and State of West Virginia.
J. M. HARTLEY, President.
Vice President.
JOS. E. SANDS, Cashier.
J. M. Hartley, Hon. A. B. Fleming
Benj. D. Fleming, Wm. E. Watson
Jos. E. Sands.
quartered as state -Bant in 1851.
Organized as National Bank in 1865
Rechartered as National Bari in
Wants business based on balance*
and responsibility.
Collects on all points.
Sells domestic and foreign exchange.
Pays interest on special deposits.
Customers' private boxes taken care
Df in our fire and burglar proof vaul
free of charge.
The People's Bank of Fairmont,
W. Ya.
George M. Jacob* PrcEi-cent
George DeBolt Cashier
J. M. Brownfield... .Assistant Cashier
Directors?G. M. Jacobs, S. L. Wat
son, J. M. Hartley, Harry Shaw, W. ft.
Raymond and C. E. Hutchinson.
Ali business intrusted to us will revive
prompt and careful attention.
Interest paid on time deposits. Vault
Is free to customers for private boxes
and papers.
Porter Alley and Monroe Street,
C. V. ABBOTT, Proprietor.
Rooms have been remodeled and
horoughly renovated.
Rooms with bath.
First class bar attached.
Contractor <52= Builder,
guarantees satisfaction- in all his
rork. Screen doors a specialty. Esimates
free. IIS Gaston Ave.
"I have nothing to take back, I have
lothing to withdraw of the things
hat i have said against the methods
lursued to advance his candidacy. It
vas a plain and deliberate attempt to
ilatform was vague and purposely
o, because the advocates of Judge
arker were trying to secure votes
rom among the people who would
lave opposed his views had they
mown them. ? * 3= The nomlnaion
was secured, therefore, by crookd
and indefensible methods."?Wiliam
Jennings Bryan, in "The Commoner,"
July 13, 1904. I
Croquet is a pleasant pastime. Pro- I
:ure a set at J. L. Hall's hardware y
tore. x
: v" I
All kinds book satchels, book straps,
tc. Burdette's. ' 1

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