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| isoi
111 I \J
I The We
Pi Propos
I the Be
f ers S
% eral
^ ?
We will give to <
| $250.0(
C5 on the following cond
q To the person esl
^ -the nearest the exact
, ^ winner in the Presid
~? $100.00 in gold?
To the person gu
^ her, $50.00 in gold.
A "* I 'n htno -fttoof
To the five next i
To the five next i
^ The thirteen pec
^ lucky ones.
^ J. Each person v,
the Daily West Virgir
? one guess. 2. Each p
v?i a three months' subset
sg^ beginning after July 6
H 3. Any person paying
be entitled to four esti
^ year in the same mani
? subscription entitling tl
@ Any person securing
^ months and paying us
^ to one guess, or additio
? portion, one guess for
^ The person securing
titled to guess and the r
^ be entitled to guesses.
? <:
In 1892,
, Grover Clevelan
Sf /
? Benjamin Harris
S n 1896,
g William McKinl
William J. Bryar
? In 1900,
? William McKinl
@ William T. Bryar
g The guess or guess
^ kept secret. Who will
? guess ? Remember it be;
a Seme one will get first i
l Will Be Elected
1 President ott.tie UnitI
edStates at the Gomf
ino Election?
st Virginian
ses to Give ;
ist Guess- :
ome Lib- ;
Prizes. :
aur Patrons and Subscribers t
itions i ^
timating the exact number, or ^
number of votes cast for the ?
entiai contest, we will give |
essing the next nearest num.- ^
est guesses, $25.00 in gold. p
learest, each $10.00. , 4
learest, each $5.00 in gold. ^
jple in this case willl be the
rho is a regular subscriber to
lia-n on July 6, is entitled to ^
>erson paying one dollar for J|
iption to the West Virginian
will be entitled to one guess. ^
in advance for one year will
r r
:mates, or tor any part of a @
ner, each one dollar paid on ^
re subscriber to a guess. 4. <$>
two subscribers for three ^
f <f >ff f . ? . 1 -f jfTk.
two dollars, will oe entitled w
nal guesses in the same pro- ^
each two dollars, sent in.
the subscription will be en- ?
:ersons subscribing will also ?
d received 5.552,351 votes. ^
:on received 5,176,336 votes. <$
ey received 7,111,607 votes.
1 received 6,509,052 votes. @
ey received 7,263,266 votes. <|> i
l received 6,415,387 votes. ^ !
es of each individual will be ?
[ be the first to record his @
gins on "Wednesday, July 6. ^
Drize, why not you ?
S Tmli&xzs Euijiloy Scbstitntcx to . C?
sxviio Food For Thcai.
One of the iii^v striking customs
a. the past that tire preserved by the
jBS| dians of today *?s fpuiul unions
tribes on the Peril's Bake reser
jaffk tion in' N'ortb .Dakota. An oGlcini
a | the Indian service skives the follow!
a i account of this peculiar practice:
5T | "From time immemorial the Dev
a j Lake Sioux have adhered to an <
a I custom in regard to iho treatment
gm*. j a truest. According to their eti?]uet
? ; it is the bouaden duty of the host
! supply his guest with all the food
| may desire, and as a rule the app
j tionment set before the visiting Indi
f j is much in excess of the capacity o1
single man. v
"But by the same custom the gw
is obliged to eat all that is placed I
igBk fore him. else he grossly insults I
y entertainer. It was found that tl
j? practice would work a hardship, I
instead of dispensing with the ci
^ torn the Indian method of reasoni
ggk was applied, aiul what is known us.t
DrofC-ssional eater was brought to t
I front.
I While the guest is supposed to i
nil that is placed before him, it serv
the same purpose if his neighbor r
^ sists in devouring1 the bountiful repa
ggk the main object being to have t
^ plnte clean when the lr.eal is finished
Sk 4*It: *s not always practicable to t
pendL upon a neighbor at table to .
sist in getting away with a large di
^ ner. and in order to insure the fin
consumption cf the allotted porta
visiting Indians call upon these i?i
fessionai eaters, whose duty il is
sit beside them through a rneijl a:
^ eat what the guest leaves. The pi
fessionai eaters are never looked uju
Tr in the light of guests, but more :
JpJ I traveling companions with a panic
lar duty to perforin.
"These eaters receive from ?"1 to ?
? and even for each inc:;i where tie
^> assist. It is stated by the Agent *
the Levil's Lake reservation that o:
^ of the professional eaters l.-us hot.
known to dispose of seventeen poiim
^ of beef at a sitting. That they at
^ capable of eating an almost fabuim
?? amount I myself can testify."?II;
^ gienie Gazette.
^ TIze Lialc Aniiunb A re Far i'dot
^ Alert Than Tlie? Api?ear.
Wj) If t'here is any one of our native a^
m;i!s that looks slow, clumsy, i::r.
?\ and generally unfit to survive !: 1"
? struggle for existence it is the wo,;:
chuck. After he has built, or rat-s
excavated, his home which, to te
the truth, he does in a rapid and bus
a? nesslike way-he docs nothing but o:
5^ I and sic .Yet any !::es b:
? | up as an Incompetent is iikcJy lu g
g?. j foolo I. for is a ?:i:vr ' * '</r?t;riit
^ j surprises.
jw | When your. garde.. run. t'r.v fro:
?1 tlie woods you iwy be awakened :
jr the middle of the night by :i .series o
^ most alarming yells and howls. <k
p easioned by some hungry woadchnel
^ that has eohie for a nootunuil visit t
^ tlie cabbage patch and met with ;
^ warm reception from your dogs. Tk
g) woodchuck usually yets away np;.:::
y ently uhharjued. while the does or1
5* left to rmrse their scratched noses am
. fore paws. Tlie woodchuck. in fact, h.a
^ plenty of courage and will always tigb
^ i in preference to running away.
; Throughout the summer this iitth
\ "wood pig" spends most of his Unit? i:
. the vicinity of his burrow, coming ot:
? early in the morning to, take his break
w fast, returning to his nest for a morn
> iny: nap, appearing agaiu at noon are
J late in the afternoon for his dinner an:
?> supper, oniy to return again for an
j otliei* snooze. Occasionally he mak<.
a. visit to some neighboring oreliard <>.
. garden. Ey Oct. 1. when he is fat. 1 '
' retires into his subterranean Lome fo;
* a long sleep, until, as we are led to be
) lieve. the proverhla! "ground li"og" <3 >y
* ?Countv Life In America.
? * :
n Grunt :iti?3 X? i.*> Hoy Adjair?*r.
^ An intimate frien i i'resident
Grant said to him one day, "General.
[ my little hoy has In r.rd that ail great
' men write poor hands, but he says he
believes you are a great man in spite
I of the fact that you write your signs
* | turn so plainly that anybody can rend
' !
j The president took a card fro:;: hi>
; pocket, wrote his name on it and lamd|
ed it to him ^
i "Give that to your how" he said.
"'and tel.' Jjim it is the s'-rnafare of a
rean irho is not at all jjr bat that
the fact must I;e kept a secret between
hi hi ami jne."?I?oslon Christian fields
ler. X
j ?
Spiders are not insects, as most ;u".
pie thi.uk. The spider lias eight h ps.
srhereas an insect cannot have more
than six. The nervous system is confUructed
on a totally different basis,
and so are the circulation ami respiration.
The eyes are different, the insects
Jjnvfn.i? many compound eyes and
the spider never having more than
oivhr arid ail of them simple. Then a
spider has no separate head, the head
nml the Thorax being fused together.
II?*r VoxJtlj.
Mrs. Flannery?Mrs. Pooler's been
rale sick. D'ye think she will raycover?
Mrs. Fiiinctcan ?She thinks so.
Slio soz she has youth on her soldo.
Mrs. Flannery?Faith, it must he on
the insoide. then, fur it don't show.?
j Philadelphia Decider. \
The nvtfrr.ire man takes a woman as a ! ?
partner for life and never lets her ]
participate in the business.?Atchison <
Globe. j
Not until Henry VIII.'s time were 5
raspberries, strawberries or cherries
c'T?' irate:". I n. England. it
The true merit-?"W. L. Douglas $3.50 j ?
Shoe for men. C. B. Highland. ! l
the Judge Skinner, at Newark, Makes S
vn- cial Charge on Killing of Fugitive
of By Detective,
-VEW YORK. Sept. 22.?Judge
il's fred F. Skinner, of the Court of O:
oU and Terminer, delivered the charge
of the ^September grand jury of Ess
-to- county at Newark yesterday, in the ;
,t0 sence of Chief Judge Gummere, who
hc ill.
Judge Skinner paid particular, attt
r a tion to the shooting and killing of H
hert Earl by Detective Sergeant F;
est roll, on August 3 last. Earl was :
Oe- rented on a charge of forgery a
Il|s broke n way from his captor.
~"n Judge Skinner said: "A police o
cer may shoot to prevent the escape
lls. a prisoner if the escape cannot otlo
lie wise lie prevented. In that connect!,
he you will notice that the escape was ;
J '< mpted in broad day liglit. and in t
?* centre 01 the city, wnere at such
time there are usually many other pc
p!e who might join in the hue and ci
"'1 he law w'll not justify an jfi;c
in shooting a pt.'sener to prevent i
;e- escape v here his own negligence h;
:s- evented the necessity of shooting."
"O- j
to !
j CHICAGO. Sept. 22.?Sentiment i
b- j ihe West is overwhelmingly Repuh]
m { can. according to preliminary repori
:ts j from State polls which have been gi
ll" | lug on all over the country for
] month.
j This announcement was made t<
i day by managers at the National lb.
| r--ib!ica:i headquarters. The report
K) i ;dso show that the minds of the voter
.'si;.-i already made-up to an unusual <l<
re g-roo.
iS"| Chairman. Roy '). West, of the Stat
'' | asumi ' tee, ascribed this tact not onl.
| ;<> the lack of live issues in the can
! jmign but also to the fact that labo
! unions and similar organizations an
i.lie -fee rural mail clcin ery have, don
- much ;o educate the people in the las
- four years.
' | ;Io the Republican managers an
v"i inclined to view the political siruatioi
with confidence, they say that then
j may be a whirlwind campaign in Oet.a
5. her and that both Republicans an<
t Democrats will work to get out. tin
-i vote on election day as they neve
t have before worked.
; "I shall not misrepresent the situa
tion, or appeal for votes for the ticke'
upon false grounds. A Democratic
victory will mean VERY LITTLE, IF
ANY, PROGRESS on economic ques
e tions so long as the party is under
line control or tne wan street eie
mer.t. * * * The LABOR PLANK
: as prepared by Judge Parker's
friends on the sub-committee was a
straddling, meaningless plank. *
, * * The nomination of Judge Par.
Jennings Bryan, in "The Commoner,"
July 13, 1904.
i ... . . . .
Bigger Odds on Roosevelt.
NEW YORK. Sept. 22.?On the Relief
that the Sarato.ua convention
would not succeed in nominating a
strong man as Democratic candidate
for governor of this State, odds dropped
to Id to } on Roosevelt, yesterday
on the Broad street curb. J. J. Judge
bet ?!0 to $10') with \V. J. Gallagher
on Parker. These are the greatest
odds so far during this campaign.
The bet. was a small one and was not
generally regarded as indicative of the
real state of the betting 'market; nevertheless
the bet attracted attention.
| I have some good lots in two squares
of Court-house lor sale at 5375.00. H.
H. Ban bare r
tini vrasg
W'iJ 8 UU!
I Rheumatism, Kcuralgia, Sore Joints, ;
Sore Feet, Hczema?Tetter, Catarrh, Sore
Throat, IIay X-evar, Asthma, Throat j
Troubles, Piles; Itching" or Bleeding-,
Burn, Cut, Bruise, old'Sore or any disease
that begins wdh. Fever, Swelling,
or Inilammalion? If so, vre oBer you a
bottle of PABAC^.HPH SP.EE.
If you have never tried Paracamph,
send us this coupon to-day. Tin's is outgilt,
made to convince you wliat Paracanipli
is are! what-it can do. Don't
hesitate, as tin's place.- you under noobli- !
galions whatever.
t Cut out this coupon at once, fill out / '
\ the blanks and mail it to " S '
< THE PABAGfiSFH GO., Lalsviiia, Ky.
; My disease is j>
\ A Ai.lVU i x cu li -v i
j you will send me bottle free of cost, X \ j .
> will try it. ? J
i Name % !
) Street Address. i '
> County and State i
> (Give full address. Write plainly.) ?
iicmom!)or,PAIiACA]3IPIT isrocoiximcnd:d
by surgeons nnd pliyiicians. Used by I
itliletes tho world over. Thoasanda of j s
cstimonials* Guaranteed perfectly harmless.
if ae ?c je* sf i>" je'-aev.sf.aP s
pe- v .
V . . . INS
or v- . ELE
to ?
lb" NO. 315 MAIN STREET.
^ ^ *r a? ao 9? ^ ^ ^ ^
Ml- 1
' 1" Samuel B. Holbert.
"Fire insurana
We represent TW
2 most liberal fire tnsurar
2 and have uneaualled fa
lie I ' ~ 17}
small lines at the lowest
1 you to consult us before
Skinner Block,
! Trochct's C
!.>- i /\'V 'T standard and inl
a | I COLCHICINE \ endorsed by the
' l CA( irvi flrr $ America. Disper
v jMLItT LA. t. J solve in liquids o
X^S&cVtx&S disagreeable rymj
I \ _T S druggists. Ee su
7.??avii.j.jAjiM MJtrfi
Sold bj- M. IX C
; ! LYON'S French I
J- Strictly vegetable, perfectly har
j- j RESULTS. Greatest known fen
i f* A Bowarc of counterfeits and lraltatl
wMu 8 fiUra ton wltli fac-slmllo a?/?rmturo on
? Send for Circular to WILLIAMS MFU CO.. Sol*
t. Sold by M. D. C
; Baltimore & Ohio R. R
The "Nation's HiQlnvau"
and "Shortest Route"
Vestibuled throughout with
! ! Pullman Sleeping; Cars,
| Observation Cars and Dining Cars.
Very I_o\a/ Rates.
i Cheap Coach Excursions
; From All Stations Announced From
Time to Time.
Ask ticket agents' for Description
i World's Fair folder, boarding-house
i and hotel booklet, guide maps and
| full information.
I 1 "
' Mrs. E. A. McCartney,
Ladies Tailoring.
| Gentlemen's Cleaning aucl Repairing.
! Cheapest price for high grade Tailoring.
Third Floor. Carr Lluiiding.
I'* St ai:diti tl ior J3 year s.
g] Ti.d 1 cefrwhich ha s
j io\<d that it tan re- |2
. trenaes of voatl er ai:d pj
factory conditions. Ab- jgf
soluteJ v waterproof. pf
JL/i .-yti ill l . .-5.
Kelley Bros., Fait inont. ;t|
ji- .
" "-'*^^3B3SG552?-?-* **
Dr. Williams' Indian Pile Ointment
will euro Blind, Bleeding, Ulcerated
and itching Piles. It absorbs the tumors,
allays the itching at once, actsns
a poultice, gives instant relief. Dr-..
Williams* Indian Pile Ointment is pre- i
only for Piles and Itching of <
l.e private parts, and nothing else, i
livery box is guaranteed. Sold by
Irnggists, sent by mail, for 50c. and
U.OO per box. WILLIAMS M'JF'C 1
*0? Propr's. Cleveland, Ohio. f
Some nice lots on Hamilton Li ill ftp a
ate. at a good bargain. H.iC. Lan I
am. x p
f S?" J." Jf Jf ?T J." * |P
URANGE . . . i
t? tc ?- sf if ^ !f ?-,jf ^
. ?. :?- .
Edward F. Holbert.
i is Hie best policy."
ENTV -of the strongest and
ice companies in the world,
cilities for .placing large or
possible rates. It will pay
placing your insurance.
Fairmont:, W. V.
olchicirtc Salicylate Capsules,
fallible cure for RHEUMATISM and GOUT,
highest medical authorities of Europe and
isod only in spherical capsules, which die-, ;V;
f the stomach without causing irritation or . ...
atoms. I'rice, 51 per bottle. Sold by,:'";.:.,
re and get the genuine.
CO., Cr.eVEi.AM), ortso. Soio .
tnlcss, sure to accomplish DESIRED
liile remedy*. Price, 51.50 per bottle,
ions. Tljo ironutno is pnfc op only In pas Co-board CSta- .
38!5?oSf?.t?fo^MiS: .
:hrisUo- I?|1
. ?- ~
... : .. . .
To the World's Fair?Very. Low Rates.
Various forms of excursion tickets - .
to St. Louts, via Baltimore. & Gbic
Railroad uof on sale from Fairmont
as folloft-s:
SEASON TICKETS. Rood to return
I until December 15, 1904, to be solds^-am
dally at the Kite of $20,00 round tri;-.
SIXTY DAY Excursion Tickets,
final limit not later than December
15, 1904, to bo sold-daily at rate of
$22.10 round trip.
FIFTEEN DAY Excursion tickets,
to be sold daily at rate of $18.00 round
trip. r.
. ' - . .
tickets, either season or sixty day.
will be sold (joins via one direct
route and 'returning: via another direct,
route, lull Informationi conccrnir.;.;
which can be obtained from Ticket
STOP-OVERS not exceeding . tea '
days at each point will be allowed, at m
Washington, Deer - Parley Mountain
Lake Park, Oakland. Mitchell, lincL
(for French Lipk and West Baden.
Springs), Cincinnati and Chicago
wixnin return uma, upon nuucu at
conductor and deposit of ticket with
Depot Ticket Agent immediately
ftpofl arrival.' - STOP-OVKDS
nor exceeding ten
days win be allowed at St. Louis on
all one-way (except Colonists* Tick- j
ot.5 to the Pacific Coast and round sf
trip tickets reading to points beyond j
St. I.ouis, upon deposit of ticket with '
Validating Agent and payment of fee
of ?i.00.
Three solid v estibuled trains are
i run daily from New York, Philadeli
i'1 ia, il illiiuoic and Washing!an wjigf _ j
Parkersburg and Cincinnati to St.
Louis. , '%i
- v.^a
-Magnificent coaches, sleep!tig cars. |
Qbserration cars and unexcelled dining ;
car service.
For illustrated folder,-time table
and full information, call at Ticket
Office, Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.
V '.v|
You Want the Best.
Are you going to spend your vaca
ciuxx sumewuere out or town r 1
If so. of course you will want one ; .-r'
of your home papers to follow yose, , ",|
Why not the West Virginian?
It's tho best, and of course you want
the best, anrl It will only cost you ten , "C
;ents per week mailed to any ad dress,
n tho United States. >
Some one will get the hundred datars
In gold. It is worth guessing ;
If you once "get the hab^t," you win
Iways buy your furniture from the
'airmont Furnituro Coi Opposite ostofflce.

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