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fit, t - BOOTERS.
j%r"0 (By Publishers' Press.)
fir.4"'' ' HUNTSVIULE. Ala.. Oct. 12.?
pttj ' Judge Thomas Jones, of the United j
IpgSg; state? Circuit Court, "organized the
mm. grand jury for ' the October term!,
fe't.Tuesday and delivered a sensationalK
' charge directing an investigation of;,
*j", the lynching of Horace Maples, or | ;
jjfeje September 7.
ggj, The judge reviewed the lynching
Egg-. ' ' and said that if in the opinion git the j ,
v5 :5wry the mob lynched Maples I ,
Bcbj^j^haffiMwrTta/-.was a negro. and would ;
not have lynched a v, it: tc re u under
f stmila! circumstances tht oWense: ,
| was, a notation of the thirteenth t
S?y. ..nijn.rdion'i 1r> I h ,i : I . 1,,
? f.fon, and the offender!-: ms:."' indict- !
ctl. He said if the mob was then T
. actuated by race prejudice, the lynch- t
V : tag- constituted a crime against the
United States. j
. He also directed the grand jury to .
indict the members of the mob for [
the firing of the jail in which United <
States prisoners wfere confined. lie j
: said the mob evinced great malovo- t
lencc towards mankind and violated i
:i ."the laws of God and man. In conclus- s
ion Judge Jones begged the grand ;
jurymen on their return home to light 1
mobs as they would a band of free t
bodters invading their homes.
~ "Can you imagine Robert E. I.ec and .]
v John B. Gordon assaulting a jail jo \
Tynch ,aj prisoner for any crime?" lie i
jit;' - ' ; asked. f
jg&; "Xo," be replied, "they were a type f
g" of courage and held the law in ven- i
&- . eration." He said the public placed t
wv/ iuiu,:i uepeuueuco in lie\vsimpers, i :
and to condemn the mob spirit only ' f
gave the editors upspolten approval. : i
leaving them to bear the burden I r
alone. i i
Verified Statement From Cortelyou
Shows His Confidence of
Success. t
New York For Roosevelt?Indiana, a
Delaware and Connecticut Arc
Also Safe.
- NEW YORK. Oct. lib?George !; j
Cortelyou. Chairman of the Republican
National Committee. Cor the firm
". time since the campaign opened made
some definite statements to day about j
Jr .' the progress of tite Presidential fight.
The following statement was given
A.-. ' put tonight by a local news nssocinfe; '
tion as emanating from itirr.:
"The conditions tbrougltottt ' be .,
eonntry. as indicated lty reports t.
ceived at National headquarters ami . ''
vifficialtv eivpn hnt trwli'v .-tvi\v
' veit's election to be assured. R.- '
l&~- ' - -ports have been received from all the
Ei' doubtful States, which indicate that \
\:y - they have passed the doubtful slag.? ;
S-. and are now safely for Rooscv, n, ''
r. New York will go for Roosevelt by a
E big plurality. Indiana is safe. Con
necticut gives assurances of .being it:
fc.e . the Roosevelt column, while the trm- - :
jfe.- , concluded in Delaware leads the mat!- '
|p~- agers to the belief that Deis '
K go Republican.
it- . ' ' "Figures, from up the State, obtain- !>
pE?. cd through a thorottgii canvass, shew '
'SK -that - Roosevelt Will have so heavy :t . !!
g;\- plurality above the Bronx as to be in:- '?
possible to be overcome by the city ''
fc Democratic vote." ' '!
Chairman Cortelyou. when asked -f
'I the above statement was accurate, do- ''
th: . clared no one had authority to say it '
I?, care either front him or from the '
I* headquarters of the National cornier ?
ton. He admitted, however, that tne !)
?jvi statement correctly reflected his own :
views and those of the oilier Uepuhii- | iv
can National managers.
fej, Hntire Estate Is to Go to the Widow r'1
and Various Other Relative^. n'
pp _ : 'r
JITLWAUKEE, Wis.. Oct. 1:5.?The ; w
if, < -will of the' late Postmaster General 10
It- Henry C. Payne was filer] for probate
jSy " . Tnesriay. The estate, estimated at I "I
$750,000. is left in trust to Frank G. j dt
S Bfgefow and George P. .Miller, of .Mil-I "r
watikee as executors. In addition to 'v
household goods, etc.. an annuity of j 10
S7.501 is provided for the widow j
during the settlement of tlie estate.! v<
Other annuities for a like period are
provided for other relatives. I"1
Three years after settlement of Mil'
estate "Mrs. Payne is to get half of I
the estate; his sister, Mrs. Imogene I
' P. Cameron, one-quarter. After a| :1'
few other bequests are paid. Mrs. j ro
"Payne is to receive the net income ; -1'1
from the residue. I 'r
The regular reading of the advertis- su
Ens in this paper saves enough money 01
5? - ' -every year to pay for fifty trips to the co
a ' ahe?rtre. se
E/ -'
In its issue of Monday, the great
metropolitan journal says:
With c-!ec inn day only four weeks
Mf -there is a curious lack of excitement
in the political campaign and
msinre'Iocta not the slightest difi\\"ny
the phenomenal quiet? Senar>v
Com:an. says it is tfio calm that
j or tenuis: a political earthquake?--such
i calm as preceded the second elector!
of Mr. Cleveland; the man in the
or-1 e t sa ys ?1 ia i i t. ni ea : > : o . n e ra 1 iriliffererrco.
because with free silver
diniinated there is no disquieting irate
between the parties; while the
hi i can s.say it is duo t o uuj busiie:.s
community's belief that there is
o be: no change of administration.
Only The ballots will tell which explanation
is the true one. The people,
md t.he people alone, are the decisive
'actor. Obvious as is this fact, it is
iverlooked by some of our con temporaries,
ag we took occasion to renin
d them last. .July in deprecating
he too flattering importance they atached
to what they termed the Herild's
"support" of Judge Parker. As
.ve explained in a leading editorial at
liar, time:
"The Herald neither 'supports'
fudge Parker nor 'opposes' Mr. Roo.se*elt!
As an independent newspaper
t endeavors to put before the people
rankly, fully and impartially the
acts regarding the Presidential cam>aign
as it develops day by day. In
he carrying out of such a program
here is room neither for support nor
or opposition. The duty of snpportng
or opposing the Presidential nornilees
may be, in fact should be, left
o the people.
"The people will have to decide."
The varying phases of the campaign
are been presented in our columns;
lie issue has been clearly defined and
is for the people to declare whether
hoy desire a conservative and eonstiutional
President like Judge Parker
r one like Mr. Roosevelt?impulsive
nd disposed to extend the grasp of
xecutive power over every part of
lie government. Thoughtful men of j
oil) parties are attracted by Judge!
'arker as the champion of law and j
onsti tucionalism. but be is bandi- I
anped by the existence of the radical
lenient in his own parry on the one
and and on the other hand by theact.
that many conservative voters.
espite their convictions, are averse j
> any change when the country i-- j
rosperous and prosperous it now is.
art ieuiarly the agricuh nral portions,
rani-is net to Republican rule, but. to
.succession of good crops and good
Judge Parker has alsa been at a
isad vantage in the fact that, not-I
itiisranding his manly personal j
jund money telegram, the party has ,;
ot wholly recovered the confidence i
f th ' country, which was forfeited j
i its1-adherence to the Bryan heresy, j
e,nflici of opinions within the party:
at u rally affected t he machinery of i
ie national organization. which thus ,
!. lias boon less cfTicient than that !
f the Republicans. This is not stir- i
rising, since ;n politics. as in real j
state, p.ss session is many points of!
Ve law. and the .Republican commit-j,
:ie, after the successes of the last !
.vo elections, started . with an up to!
at-- eriuipmont. whereas the rehab ili- !
ited Democracy inherited only t_he j
ryn n implements, supplemented with
acii data as could be recovered ,
cm "be luatta^e of the Palmer and j
uckner committee of 1 SOfk The !
omoeraiic State oymtiii/.arion in New j
orK. lifjvveyer, is apparently effect- |
e d the national crime/Nation is j
improved so that he tier work!
ay !:e done in the n .naming month. j
Ft is in many ways a peculiar cam- j
lign. Many "sound money Demo- j
n!ui i 111." i i r-1 i'fM.un i?? uu.'ir uiu
logianee. while? as an offset to this |
silver Republicans in the West. !
In. supported Bryan, are going back ]
(heir party standard. In the cities '
id manufacturing towns restricted '
)portunities for employment and re-;
iced wages impel many Republi- |
m workers to vote for a change, :
hile. on the other hnn<l, in these corirs
many who have hit rsorrto been
rraocrm - will support Mr. Roose It.
His action in regard to the
ishir.ei'f protest has won the favor
a large proportion of the Hebrew
iters. Catholics are pleased with what
ey regard as the just treatment of
e Church in the Philippines; and
ere is somen king in the rough-an dady.
short-cut, "big stick" policy of
r. Roosevelt that appeals to the j
ish t.emperamen t.
These currents are apparent on the
rfacc, but beneath is the silent vote
the quiet, thoughtful portion of the
mmunity, which has more than once
t at naught the calculations of the
shrewdest- politicians -and". may do so
But the people will have to decide.
Old Man Goes to Bed, but Morpheus
Eludes Him.
PA SSI AC, X. J.. Oct. 13.?Passiac
has a sleepless wonder. He is Jacob
Casteline, 07 years old. who says. Casreline's
family, neighbors and physician
testify to the truth of his statement.
No doctor has been able to
make him sleep.
"About 20 years ago/' Casteline
says, "my wife was taken ill and rev
expenses were very heavy. I often
laid awake a good part of the night
Thinking about them and wondering
if I should ever be able to pay my
debts. Finally I couldn't sleep at a 11.
j I go to berk ai night and lie awake
; 'kinking. I got up in the morning
j with a headache and feel tired and
: 'sc.*;. 1 get out into the air as soon." as
| : can and after that. I, feel refreshed
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- -N -- )-* i}- N r-d-v - ?-? -=>.
7^ *> *T~ -**- ?> *- -V- -V >- -> ->
i cou
traitors \V eft i ivgz.7iz*ivi .*
=i- My guess is that the v
ident will be -if
that he will receive
? i,, i.
rz. As additional guesses
--- offer, I give the following :
-? * Second guess,
't- Third guess,
Fourth guess,
'r;' Very truly,
"% b - > I- l~ -X' X~ --k I- .1- I- -b
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you want any c
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@ All Work Promptly a
| Fairmont we
! . I
j Reported That Former Rock Island
President Is to Head New York
NEW YORK. Oct. 13.?-L. F. Lore?
resigned his $75,000 a year position
: as president of the Rock Island rail- \
i road to succeed W. H. New man as j
j president of the New York Centra! j
i system, according to a dispatch, from j
i Pittsburg.
In a letter to a friend in Pittsburg j
v ho formerly worked with Mr. Roree j
when he was a division engineer on ?
the Pennsylvania lines Mr. Lorce Is [
reported to; have said he expected to j
enter the employ of the Vanderbilts \
soon as his health has been rec.u-J
: ' rated. Mr. Newman, according to
: <- report, is to become chairman of
. ; Now York Central directorate. j
!: is said that Mr. Loroe's precipi-j
rosignaf inn . em the presidency j
the Rock island system was due j
> offer >f a *' <' ; ny'ng pos:- |
- J
, emx j
V i;en S1 naior 1.5c;;c,v':; at * on t ion
'allod to iho report. he said he
not heard of any such change.
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> -b -b -b '* -b -b- -b -b -b -> -b
? "Z*
/inning candidate for Pres- ^
and f
votes. *'
in accordance with your
votes. ,
^ I
/, U : U U : h }, M -,'U A U i ;
-k -v '? -> -t- jj- -y o. ]
I :
Vipnlnmn I =
111 (J d t
mmrni |;
<*> *
.v in position to J ;
Job Printing". If j
)f the following, ^ |:
' any description, f> j'
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? '
rds, ? :
leads, S 5
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Baltimore & Ohio
PASSENGER trains will arrive at
anil depart from Fairmont on the
'ollowing schedule on and after May
22d, 1904'
Mo. 7.?Chicago Express. 4:24 A. M.
Mo. 5.?Wheeling Accommodation
i**T:47 A. M.
Mo. 55.?Wheeling & Cin
oinnati Express. 7:29 p. m.
Mo. 71.?Wheeling Accommodation
1:36 p. m.
S"o. 8.?New York, Baltimore
and Washington
Express. 3:25 a. m.
STo. 72.?Grafton Aceom'n 10:53 a. m.
S"o. 40.?New York, Baltimore
and Washington
Express. 1:48 p. m.
STo. 4.?Grafton Accozn'n 8:38 P. m.
<lo. 50.?Pittsburg Accom'n 1:00 P. M.
tfo. 4.?Pittsburg Accom'n 9:55 P.M.
STo. 3.?Pittsburg Accom'n 7:50 A.m.
S'o. 51.?Connellsville ac'm 2:10 p.m.
No. 69 leaves daily for Morgantown
Lt 9:05 P. m. No. 62 arrives from Morrantown
at 6:55 a. m.. daily except Sunlav:
at 8:00 a. m. Sunday onlv.
Co. 5. ? Arrives at Fairmont 5:35 P. M.
<o. 1.?Arrives at Fairmont 12:10p. m.
io. 3.?Arrives at Fairmont 7:45 a. m.
7o. 2.?Leaves Fairmont... 7:10 a. m.
4o. 6.?Leaves Fairmont... 1:53 p. m.
7o. 4.?Leaves Fairmont... 9:55 P. M.
All trains are daily except Nos. 3
tnd 4 on the F., M. "and P. branch,
rhich are daily except Sunday.
For sleeping car reservations and
nformation concerning- tickets and
ates. consult
T. B. Henderson,
Ticket Agent.
iheap Excursions to the St. Louis
World's Fair Every Wednesday
In August, September and October?Only
$13.00 Round
Trip From Fairmont.
Tickets will be good going in
aaches -only on specified trains.
Returning, tickets will be good in
laches only on all regular trains,
saving St. Louis not later than ten
ays, including date of sale.
Call on ticket agent for time of
ain and full information.
Paint pride is ours in Justifiable
leasure, because we carry Heath &
iillegan's best prepared paint, and
itisfaction is guaranteed by its use.
L. Hall's Hardware Store. x .
t 91 Second street. Fourth ward. '
hildren's work a specialty.
The West Virginian respectfully
ilicits job printing of all kinds,
eat work at reasonable prices.
liar opens a Savings account,
n you the safe. We keep the
s accounts draw four per cent.
;ame being compounded semi
id get a safe. It will help you
Tiie Bank o? Fairmont,
J. E WATSON. President.
J. S. IiAYDEN, Vice President.
Capitai, S150.000.00.
Undivided Profits. 5160.000.00
A. B. Fleming. J. S. Hayden.
J. E. Watson,
iM. L. lintciiinson. F. E. Nichols
0. S. McK'inney, C. E. Mauley.
Transacts a general banking business.
Accounts of corporations, firms and
individuals received ujion the most
favorable terms consistent with sound
and conservative banking.
Interest paid on time [deposits.
Separate vault with safety deposit
i boxes for use of customers.
The First National Bank
of Fairmont, W. Ya.
Capital Stock, - $100,000.00
Surplus and Undivided
Profits, - 165,000.00
Designated Depositary of the United
States and State of West Virginia.
J. M. HARTLEY. President.
Vice President.
JOS. E. SANDS, Cashier. *
J. M. Hartley, Hon. A. B. Fleming
Benj. D. Fleming, Wm. E. Watson
Jos. E. Sands.
Chartered as State Bank in 1851.
Organized as National Batik in 1865
Rechartered as National Bank in
1885. ,
Wants business based on balances
and responsibility.
Collects on all points.
Sells domestic and foreign exchange.
Pays interest on special deposits.
Customers' private boxes taken care
of in our lire and burglar proof vaui
free of charge.
The People's Bank of Fairmont,
W. Ya.
George M. Jacobs Presides*
George DeBolt
J. M. BrownlleM. .. .Assistant
Directors?G. M. Jacobs, S. L. tvateon,
J. M. Hartley, Harry Shave, W. 8.
Hay mond and C. E. Hutchinson.
Ali business Intrusted to us will r?ccive
prompt and careful attention.
Interest paid on time deposits. Vault
Is free to customers for private boxes
and papers.
Porter Alley and Monroe Street,
C. V. ABBOTT, Proprietor.
Rooms have been remodeled and
thoroughly renovated.
Rooms with bath.
First class bar attached.
Contractor <?= ESulldor,
guarantees satisfaction in all his
work. Screen doors a specialty. Estimates
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"I have nothing to take back, I have
nothing to withdraw of the things
that I have said against the methods
pursued to advance his candidacy. It
was a plain and deliberate attempt to
deceive the party. The New York
platform was vague and purposely
so, because the advocates of Judge
Parker were trying to secure votes
from among the people who would
have opposed his views had they
known them. * * * The nomination
was secured, therefore, by crooked
and indefensible methods."?William
Jennings Bryan, in "The Commoner,"
July 13, 1904.
Croquet is a pleasant pastime. Procure
a set at J. L. Hall's hardware
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