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This is time o
want a new <
Body Brussels
? aw
&#si?fc :- .: ..
BiiSgi^??? ' . '
House Fun
Cunningham Building.
? ?
; '.V* 5A ^Wi/fefeCES
SMSs&nf** ' '
??** *'' **iiZ Unseed Oil! rJnst pure lin>:
- . <>Ul> xi-tat's all- .Nothing that man
Ii-m! J?:ca able to invent can make any
pnixiti wear longer than the linseed oil in
if everybody understood that oil is the
?aSj tiling about paint that wears, there
weald be no sale fox cheap ready-mixed
paints. A prominent educator wrote ns that
: *<s friend, a college president, had been
.Swindled by using on his fine residence a
iteady mixed paint advertised as first-class,
asked what was wrong with the paint
V and said: "When the rain had soaked It
thoroughly, it was the most miserable look*%!vf-insr
thing you ever saw."
There was nothing wrong with the paint
itrtsznents. if they had strong color and
V covering body- But the oil in the paint
ivas not pare iinseoa on. it it naa oeen,
ip&l:. J? rain -would have "soaked." it, as pare
linseed oil paint does not take up
voieturo. . Waterproof oil clothing: is cloth
?>ated with linseed oil: and no pure linseed
^ oil paint will wash off as lonsr as the oil
lasts. You can't rub dry paint on a building:
and make it stay there no matter how good
' Clio dry paint. Why mix white lead with
' -1 Unseed ou if it's the lead that wears? Why
not mix it with wateaf
r f'T. - Wherever we have no agent, voui
faryoulf shown this ad., by writing direct t<
Sold by J. A. McEIfresh's Cash
' '
" fy> . '
r To the World's Fair, Very Low Rates
* Various forms of excursion, tickets
Co St. Louis via Baltimore & Ohio
Railroad, now on sale from Fairmont
!?!$;.As follows:
Season tickets, good to return until
Btcember 15, 1904, to be sold daily at
' T*te of ?26.80, round trip.
Bixty day excursion tickets, nnal
' Omit not later than December 15, 1904.
to be sold daily at rate of $22.35, round
Fifteen day excursion tickets, to be
sold dally at rate o? $1S.73, round trip.
' '
Variable route excursion tickets,
either season or sixty day, will be sold 1
aoIn? via one direct-route and return- <
tngiria another direct route, full infor- '
rnatlon concerning which can be. oh- i
lalned from ticket agent. <
Stop-overs, not exceeding ten days *
at each point will be allowed at Wash- '
-v Ington, Deer Park, Mountain Lake I
Park, Oakland and Mitchell, Ind., (for 1
. French Lick .and West Baden Springs)
within return limit, upon notice to
eoa&uictor and deposit of ticket with
depot ticket agent immediately upon c
arrival. <
v I
||tp$ .Stop-overs not exceeding ten days
will be allowed at St. 'Louis on all
one-way (except Colonists* tickets to
the Pacific Coast) find round trip tickets
reading to points beyond- St. Louis, J
upon deposit of ticket with Validating T
f year "thai: you
carpet for some
he house.
3, Axminsters,
and Ingrains in
t patterns.
t from $1.00 to
!w Stuff.
* drawing propobe
Disking Co
W. H. Billingslea, Mgr.
Tho oil is the mucilage. When yon
seal an envelope what makes it remain
closed. Is Jt the Quality of the paper or the
Quality of the mucilage? The durability or
naint is the nnrelinsepd oil r?art of tho nnir-ir '
not the pigments. Pure Unseed oil is to paint,
exactly what "all-woolness" is to clothes.
Therefore you don't have to take c?r
word for the quality of Kinloch Paint. You
put the Quality and durability into "Kinloch"
yourself when you mix your own pure linseed
oil with it. Kinloch Paint is made frc m
the old time-tried materials used by practical
painters everywhere, and the only difference
between "Kinloch" and any really hiphsrrade
ready-mixed is in our selling it i:i
paste form,ready to thin with puro lir.sec-o.
oil. All prepared paint is first ground into *t
thick paste similar to "Kinloch." bxit v. o
stop there. The ready-mixed paint maker
goes on and adds the oil, (something your
fourteen-year-old boy can do) and the cicu er
and consumer have to pay the renily
mixed paint price for that oil, or from
three to four times more than for oil the-;
know to be pure.
Caldwell C Crake, the World's Pair coirtractors,
builders of several state cafir'iol buildinj?s,
etc., -write** We are usznqr Kirtlcch PaxnU.*
all our work and firzd it entirely satialactiry. ?
r own dealer will get "Ktnioch"
> Kinloch Point Company, St. Louis. Mr*
i Grocery, RIvesville, W. Va
run daily from New York, Phlladel
phia, Baltimore and Washington, vii
Parkersburg and Cincinnati to St
Three solid vestibuled trains art
run daily from Pittsburg, Wheeling
and Columbus via Cincinnati, to St
Magnificent coaches, sleeping cars
observation cars and unexcelled din
ing car service.
For illustrated tolder, time table
and full information, call at ticket
office, Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.
Who Wi!I*Be President?
Some persons do not seem to -understand
how to vote in the West
Virginian's guessing contest. It is
really a very simple proposition and
easily understood. On page eight will
3e found a coupon which may be used
n sending in your estimate. The
guesses are coming in right along
low, so send yours in befoie you forget
it. Do not forget the offer to give
l person guesses for getting new
subscribers. Read the offer over
igain and send In the guesses.
Opera House Restaurant.
The Opera House Restaurant has
ipened up again and will servo its
customers as usual in first-class style,
t is for both ladies and gentlemen.ALVA
Manager, x
Buy your lime, Cumberland, Portand
cement, at J. L. Hall's Hardrare
Store. x
J^ncy collUfthafcIal^SVoufx
Corner -Monroe and Jackson stn
Opposite Grand Opera Hou!
R. E. Pisher, Prop. Office, Jacksc
Bill Posting and Distributing. '
solidated 'P.hone No. 523.
R. E. NlcCRAY &. BRO.
Billposters and Distributors
321 Madison St. F. & M. -'Phon<
Our customers receive the b
That's all.
At the Madison Street Restaurs
Regular Meals, 2B cents.
Boarding by the week, $3.50
WELLS & CRISS, Proprietor
MeaJs at all hour,..
Special attention given lunch cou
Livery, Sale and Exchange Sta
Porter alley. Rear of Court-hou
'Phones?Bell, 147. F. & Ml,
Under Billinglea's Drug Stori
Madison street.
F. H. Jackson, Barber,
Cor. Parks are. and Main St. -E
class work guaranteed. No noi
but experienced 'vrorkxneaNEW
Opposite Marietta Hotel. Evwryt'
First-Clsea. Bath Room. Union S
- Barker, 80s Main Street
Opposite Bank of Fairmont
Eight Chairs.
Fairmont pressing co,
V. Bennett. Proprietor, COO Moi
street Scouring, dyeing, repair
fee. Eates, $1.50 per month. Qi
work. 'Phones. Wagon.
C. B. FIELD, Proprietor.
Cleaning, dyeing, pressing and rei
ing. 329 Main street, up stair
ernest sh1nn,
Barber, No. 814 Fourth St. 5th W;
All work artistically done. Eight
years' experience. Agent for Lann<
? 617 Merchant street.
Teas, Spices, Refined Coffee's
Granite and Queens'svare. Spe
_ Attention to Customers.
G. N. Welsh, Proprietor.
Fresh and Cured Meats of all kit
Eighth street, South Side. I
'Phone, 243-2.
M. M. Foster, Manager.
Office?304 Main street Fhones&
M., 398: Bell, 333-2.
$5,000.00 TO WAGER. <
As there has been more or <
I less talk in certain quarters
^ about the weakness of some <
I of the Republican candidates,
a responsible party who has 4
| confidence in their ability to
^ win, and faith in the cause 4
j they represent, has placed
- with the West Virginian the <j
j sum of $5,000.00 and authorA
ized it to make the following 4
[ wagers:
^ $1,OOO.0O 4
j That Harry Shaw will be elected
prosecuting Attorney and ^
5 | the whole Republican county
ticket with him. ^
| $1,000.00
^ That C. W. Swisher will be 4
| elected Secretary of State and
' <$> the whole Republican State ^
j ticket with him.
^ $1,000.00 4
| That Roosevelt will - carry
! West Virginia and bo elected 4
j President.
<?. ~ $2,000.00 4
| That he will win all three |
I Any person desiring to in- j
^ vest his money in the man- ^
| ner indicated may take any |
^ one or all of the bets. ^
j ^ ^
"I shall not misrepresent the situ
tion, or appeal for votes fop the tick
upon false grounds. A Democrat
victory will mean VERY LITTLE, I
ANY, PROGRESS on economic que
tions so long as the party is undi
the control of the Wall Street el
ment * * * The LABOR PLAN
as prepared by Judge Parker
friends on the sub-committee was
straddling, meaningless plank. *
* * The nomination of Judge Pa
Jennings Bryan, in "The Commo
er,V July .13, 1904. _
*; .
Quick collections, prompt settl
ments?Marion Claim Agency.
?' Theodore Uoosevelt or New York
Secretary ot'-?State?John .Hay, o
i0?v Ohio..
>n St. Secretary of the Treasury-?LesH<
Con- M- Shaw, of Iowa..
Secretary of War?Wm. H. Taft, o
Attorney General?W. H. Moody, o
3 290. Postmaster General ? Henry C
est Payne, of Wisconsin.
Secretary of the Navy?Paul Mor
ton, of Illinois,
int. Secretary of the Interior?Etbar
AJlen Hitchcock, of Missouri.
Secretary of . Agriculture?James
?? Wilson, of Iowa.
' Secretary of Commerce and Labor?
s' Victor H. Metcalf, of California.
President of the Senate pro tern
nter" pore?William P. Frye, of Maino.
Speaker of the House of Represen
I T _ .4-4-r TIlinAln
Oie, juacjyu V.iVii 11 ;.Jl:, ui. liuuui^
se. " v
209. .Supreme Court cf the United States.
? Chief Justice?Melville W. Fuller.
Associate Justices?John M. Harlan,
David J. Brewer, Henry P. Brown, Eil2'
ward D. White, Rufus W. Peckham,
_____ Joseph McKenna; Homer Dryr, Oliver
Wendell Holmes, Jr.
United States Circuit Judges?Na'irst
than Goil and Jeter C. Pritcbard.
rices United States District Judges?John
J. Jackson and Benjamin F. Keller.
kljjg United Statee District CowrUa?The
Northern 01 stria*.
, Jnfigo-?John J. Jaeksom.
!I_ Clerk?Jasper Tf. Jioore.
District Attorney?Reese BUawsrd.
Assistant District Attorney?EL M.
_ T7. ?, Marshal?Charles D. BHIdM.
lroo The Southern Dietriot.
ins. Judge?Benjamin Y. Keller,
ulck Clerk?Edwin h? Kestley.
District Attorney?George W. Atkln
CO- Assistant District Attorney?Elliott
tolr. TT O "AT ft xnk r\ 1 Tnkn TT Tkemnenn
*_J. O. JUOlOUdt JUilU XV. i UUUI^SUU.
United States Senators.
ard. Stephen B. Elkins and Nathan B.
:een Scott.
dry. Representatives In Congress.
First district?Blackburn B. Dovener.
Second district?Alston G. Dayton,
and fkird district?Joseph H. Gaines.
cial Fourth district?Harry C. Wood
^ Fifth district?James A. Hughes.
Stato Government
Governor?Albert B. White.
1, ?" Secretary of State?Wm. M. O. DawJell
Superintendent of Schools?Thomas
C. Miller.
Auditor?Arnold C. Scherr.
_F Treasurer?Peter Silman.
Attorney General?Romeo H. Freer.
Adjutant General?S, B. Baker.
Commissioner of Banking?-M. A.
| Kendall.
^ Commissioner of Labor?I. V. Bar|
t Chief Mine Inspector?J. W. Paul.
Supreme Court of Appeals.
^ George Poffenbarger, president;
j Henry C. McWhorter, Henry Brannon,
gx, Marmaduke H. Dent, "Warren Miller,
j Clerk?William B. Mathews.
Sv Countv Government.
Judge of the Circuit Court, Second
^ Judicial Circuit?John W. Mason,
j -. Judge of. the Intermediate Court?
^ U. S. Kendall.
Prosecuting Attorney?Charles PowL
| Sheriff?Marcellus A. Jolliff.
L Clerk of the Circuit Court?R. B. "
L Cltrk of the County Court?Geo. M. 1
^ County Surveyor?L. H. "Wilcox.
County Superintendent of Free 1
. Schools?Carter L. Faust.
Assessors ? James L. Hayhurst, '
. Eastern district; J. B. West, Western 1
^ district.
. Legislators.
^ State Senators?Charles W. Swisher ''
, and Ira E. Robinson.
- Members of House of Delegates? '
Howard R. Furbee, J. 0. McNeely and (
^ Amos O. Stanley.
County Court.
W. E. Cordray, president: Festus c
Downs, S. E. Fleming.
Fairmont District. E
Justices of the Peace?L. G. Ben- '
' nington, E. S. Amos. " f
Constables?L. C. Jones, F. M. c
Board of Education?Fairmont Inde- 1
a" pendent District. r
et E. M- Showalter, president; O. S. c
ic McKinney, M. J. Lantz; T. "W. BoydP
ston, secretary. s
City Government. c
s" Mayor?George W. Klnsey. e
Y City Clerk?J. Engle. '<
City Collector?Charles L. Barnes. 1
, City Treasurer?J. E. Powell. 1
s City Engineer?J. M. Pricbett. 11
a- City ' Assessor?S. E. Billingslea. 8
City Solicitor?A. O. Stanley. n
p"- Chief of Fire Department?T. Frank ?
E Reed. - d
m Water Commissioner?J. Howard 1
1 "
After a. long conference with Presl
deet>Roosevelt. Senator Knox lh(;
j evening gave out an'answer to .fudge
Parker's charge that tlia lidntinistra
tion is trying to keep itself in power
through money proem ed' i'rotu the
trusts. The slatdmohf. liy tar. is the
most interesting development of the
In it Senator Knox tells truths a!>< tit
the corporate cfTlliat'lons of Slieehrin,
atcCarren, 'Cord. Meyer nn>l .'every
othar member of the crovt.i procured
the nominal ion of Jih1;.-.o Parlter
and is now trying to elect him. Me:
also- delights to recall (.fee ntf-i iioii,
of Judge Parker that iheioornmon' lav.declfe
with trusts, which ffns. tho
worst possible thing for Parker to
say, inasmuch us tho common law
cannot he luyolved iit behalf -r the
Federal govehinienr. He takes euiiai
pleasure In calling attention to the
position taken by the Clereiar.il administration
that trba <inti-tr?Bi law
wan inoperatiiSL
These portlnea-t -facts ho contrast a
with the record oT trast prosecution
made by this a<iministration and the
passage of tho Slkins anti-rebate bill,
the; moat olrsitie legislation ever
placed on the statnte hobks by sir
Senator Knex'e Statement.
In the early part of tills campaign
Judge Parker stated:
"The common law as developed
affords a complete legal remedy
against monopolies." and ex-President:
Cleveland in commenting upon the
decision in the Northern Securities
case saaci: mere is a uiHimci umerence
drawn between ml!roads and.
purely producing corporations. It
could not be said that the sugar
trust or the. beef trust or the Standard
Oil Company was directly epgaged
in In tor-State transportation.
They were engaged in the manufacture
and sale of products."
Within the last few days Mr. Cleveland
In a public speech criticised the
Republican administration for not
"running amuclc" in the business interests
of the country, which so eminent
a phitoglst as he knows means,
that he criticizes the President for not
dashing wildly at everything in sight
and destroying the guilty and innocent
alike; while Judge Parker only
yesterday bewails the fact that corporations
are permitted to violate the
law and that they are contributing
to the Republican cause.
What can bo the reason for this
change of front? Mr. Cleveland on
March 17. 1901, notwithstanding the
decree of the Circuit Court pronouncing
the "beef trust" unlawful, says
the Jaw, thus throwing the weight of
his opinion in favor of the "beef trust"
and against the United States at a !
time when the case was pending and ;
undecided in the highest court;
while on October 21, 1901. he infer- '
entially demanded that all incorpo- '
rated business should he wantonly
Is there any connection between (
Judge Parker's abandonment cf his ,
futile common law panacea, which
meant immunity to the),trusts, and
:he fact, as he alleges., that the trusts .
ion tribute to the success of the lie- '
Dublican party? Do the principles of
law which Jlr. Cleveland thought .
ast March protected manufacturing
monopolies change in October, and
f so does the change affect the Bel- ?
.y i * C
mont trusts or only those which are ^
suspected of seeing in the perpet.uaion
of Republican administration the
;ontinued general prosperity of the
:ountry? . ^
Parker's Boomerang. ^
Judue Parker, in his speech Mon- ?
lay, also said: j
"Many years have passed since my c
ictive participation in politics. In the a
neantime a startling change has taltcn j.
dace in the method of conducting j
:ampaigns; a change not for the bet- j,
er but for the worse; a change that a
tas introduced debasing and corrupt a
nethods which threaten the integrity c
if our government." t
It is astounding that Judge Parker a
hould be willing to challenge the t
omparison which this statement invitably
calls out. When Judge Par:er
last actively participated In poll- S
Ics off the bench he was chairman of a
he New York State Democratic com- b
litteo which elected David B. Hill as ?
overnor. He was a cog In the Hill P
tachine. There never has been in S
ur political history methods more
ebasing and corrupt than those of the. jj.
till machine in New-York and they tl
niminated in the steal of the State H
y the Maynard frauds and the over
y ^Dodd sioes

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