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The Fairmont West Virginian. (Fairmont, W. Va.) 1904-1914, October 27, 1904, Image 8

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Iiy of its constituent coma
interested in any Lusiiirectiy
related w tli and
to "the oil trade, individ s
of the Standard, Oil Combeen
and are interested
als in various enterprises,
Entirely outside of the busie
Standard Oil Company,
>il alone, unaffected by othin
which its stockholders
is it true that the Standard
iy,' John 1). Rockefeller or
rflicer of the Standard Oil
as taken part in secu ring
tiori of the candidates for
'so-.pbsitively stated, Furt-is
entirely untrue that,
ty 'Standard Oil party'
ether ' for specu lation in
s so commonly charged,
idard Oil Company departs
ual custom in making this
the reason that j.he stateg/..made
at this .time by
, magazines and sensa)US
rind may t o a great ex
IxtSfruccioii.s the sates of the cemetery
6- cios e rt .against the funeral proIrritated
by the bishop's proliibi||l?2''?''v.
Slow, a crowd of several thousand perVsiiris
"which :had assembled ' outside
cemetery burst the gates open
carried out the funeral in open
defiance of the body of gendarmerie
which was present to support the
i . clerfcal authority. The crowd hooted
tie gendarmes and the governor of
/ the city, who were also present.
Governor Dyer Says That the Public
tfo~,V " Schools Will Have 2,300
Oct. 20.?Commander
|? Tuby. in charge of the Chicago naval
fe'r ' recruiting oiiice, has received a letter
HHjj&ws from Governor Dyer, of Guam, announemg
that public -choois soon
he opened in the island for the edti^^^|j;|taLtioh
; of 2,300 .native children. The
"-spriter l?\s lie is experiencing much .
Strotjblh- in ."finding school. books -suit.-.
^^?f'|-?ahle t.o the needs of the" work.
: * 7
The linen ding dissensions in the
Democratic party at present are proof
positive of its weakness. Not only is
a house divided against itself certain
to fail. Iiitt no party which is strong
enough.to do things fails to learn the
lesson that personal policies an desires
must be- subordinated lo party
ends when necessary. It looked sb:
months ago as if the Democratic party
were really united.* Thev wore
willing, apparently, to subscribe to
"anything to beat Roosevelt." Perhaps
they really thought themselves
united. But in the stress of the campaign
this seeming unity is shatter/-,/!
i-n+r, nirtrta, TV ioooe ihnn fl W'fitftli
crystal under a hammer.
Thera was once a far laud in which
lived certain people called Molbos.
One day several of the Molbos . sat
down in a circle to discuss an important
matter, and when they had finished
tlie discussion they found that
their legs were so badly mixed that
no man knew his own. They were
greatly troubled for fear they never
would get up, but would have to sit
there until they starved. Finally one
suggested that they should ask the
first stranger who came along what
they should do. They did. He carried
a stick, and laid it lustily over their
legs, vvlien each man very tjuickly
found Ills own. But they entirely forgot
the matter which they had been
discussing, and never carried out the
plan which they made.
Each Democrat knows very well
what his own policy is, but who remembers
what, the convention intended
to do when it met. full of good
resolutions and sound wind, at St.
Senator P. C. Knox Recalls the D:?te
VVhen He Was Cog In Hill
WASHINGTON, Oct. 20.?Senator
P. C. Knox, who was until recently, attorney
general under President Roosevelt,
I a s;t night issued :i statement in
answer to Mr. Parker's speech on
trlistsf and ex-President Cleveland's
remarks on rhe same tonic, a portion
of which follows:
Judge' Parker, in liis speech on
Monday, ^Iso said:
"Many years have passed since my
active participation in politics. In
the meantime a startling change has
taken place in the method of conducting
campaigns': a change not for the
better, but for the worse; a change
+ Vico intrn/liinorl r1ohn?in!T [Hlf! PO!
rupt methods which threaten the integrity
of our government."
It is astounding that Judge Parker
should be willing to challenge the
comparison which this statement inevitably
calls out. When J' tlgs Parker
last actively participated in politics,
off the bench he was the chairman
of the New York tntaic Democratic.
committee which elected David
B. Hill as governor. He was a
co,'.-: in the 1till machine. There never
have been in our political Iris lory
methods .more debasing and corrupt
titan those of the Hi'l machine in
New "for';, and they culminated irt
the, teal of ti e -State hy thtj i.laynard
fraud.':'.,, arid .the overthrow of .hoi XT ill
mat'hir.t' irt consequence. This was
the ; machine- which. .Mr. ParkOT rati
until, as a reward tor rurmmg it. he
was" r.inilo judge by H1Ur and these
are the methods he deplores.
?N^> >?ri 2&i> p&? eitf c&c
*-^r JJ- -y- >? -o; AS -o- ^ i*. ->- -o- -J. >j.
,2, ___
?g? Editors West Virginian :
4- My guess is that the winr
*?? ident will be
<& that he will receive
^ A.s additional guesses in
ffr offer, I give the following :
*%? Second guess,
# Third guess,
Fourth guess,
^ Very truly,
{(?? .
csLs e\k> c^9 e^9 c^s ^
| The West '
i Jot Depot
@ We are now
J do all kinds of Jo
|j you want any of
o or Job ork of a:
? try us:
? i
f Shipping* lags,
? Business C ar d
? Bill He;
8 I-et
^ Dodgers,
Sale Bills,
f Sho
? Announcements,
S Negotiable Not*
U Promissory
< >
0 =====- ?
H All Work Promptly and
1 Fairmont, v/sst
, S:
4* 4s 4~ 4~ 4s 4* 4* 4* ?'4
so>rv 1
. 4
ling candidate for Pres- ^
and ' ^
votes. ^
accordance with your
votes. *5
votes. *
$ # <*? > # 4s *l~ 4" <#= 4s 4:
Virginian {
mm 1
in position to ?
b Printing. If g
the following',
ny description, j?
--- --- ^
s, ?
ads, H
ter Heads, J
-w -ar -J A.
Note Heads, ||
ts, ?
iw Cards, ?
Programmes, ?
es, S
Notes, H
k Printing",
Price Lists. ?
? w
Neatly Executed, ^
i .virjinai. J
ret. . . .. ,?
: SAV1
n ^
only man in
-the Monongaliela
Valley who
makes a specialty
of making
you. money
and Incidentally aliving for himself.
, Fairmont Real Estate.
; Special Agents
Properties Rented
I Special Agent
# .
I Loans Negotiated
" Stocks For
Bonds for Investment.
His clients are his references.
Office rooms, 322% Main Street.
. T3ASSENGER trains will arrive at
1- and depart from Fairmont on the
following' schedule on and after May
. 22d, 1904WEST
i No. 7.?Chicago Express. 4:24 a. >1.
No. 5.?Wheeling Accommodation
7:47 a. M.
No. 55.?Wheeling & Cincinnati
Express. 7:29 P. iff.
No. 71.?Wheeling Accommodation
1:36 P. M.
No.- 8.?New York, Baltimore
and Washington.
Express. 3:25 A. M.
No. 72.?Grafton Accom'n 10:53 A. jr.
No. 46.?New York, Baltimore
and Washington
Express. 1:48 P. J'.
No. 4.?Grafton Accom'n 8:38 P. M.
F., SI. AND P. ISitlVCH.
No. 50.?Pittsburg Accom'n 1:00 P. iff.
No. 4.?Pittsburg Accom'n 9:55 P. iff.
No. 3.?Pittsburg Accom'n 7:50 a. m.
No. 51.?Connellsville Ac'm 2:10 p. iff.
No. 69 leaves daily for Morgantown
at 9:05 P. iff. No. 62 arrives from llorgantownat6:55
a. m., dailyexeept Sunday
: at 8:00 a. m. Sunday onlv.
No. 5.?Arrives at Fairmont 5:35 p. m.
No. 1.?Arrives at Fairmont 12:10 p. iff.
No. 3.?Arrives at Fairmont 7:45 a. M.
No. 2.?Leaves Fairmont. .. 7:10 a. m.
No. 6.?Leaves Fairmont. .. 1:53 p. M.
No. 4.?Leaves Fairmont. ... 9:55 p. m.
All trains are daily except Nos. 3
and 4 on the F., M. and P. branch,
which are daily except Sunday.
For sleeping: car reservations and
Information concerning tickets and
rates, consult
T. B. Henderson:,
Ticket Agent.
Cheap Excursions to the St. Louis
World's Fair Every Wednesday
In August, September and October?Only
$13.00 Round
Trip From Fairmont.
Tickets will be good going in
coaches only on specified trains.
Returning, tickets will bo good in
coaches only on all regular trains,
I leaving St. Louis not later than ten
(lays, including date of sale.
Call on ticket agent for time of
(rain and full information.
Paint pride is ours In Justifiable
measure, because we carry Heath &
Millegan's best prepared paint, and
satisfaction is guaranteed by its use.
.1. L,. Hall's Hardware Store. x
At 93 Second street, Fourth' ward.
Children's work a specialty.
The West Virginian respectfully
solicits job printing of nil - kinds.
Neat work at reasonable prices.
Jar opens a Savings account,
a you the safe. "We keep the
; accounts draw four per cent.
L ' " fj
ame being compounded semid
get a safe. It will help you
Tiie Bank di Fairmont,,
J. E WATSON, President.
J.'S. IIAYDEN, Vice President. : Jllli
Capital, $150,000.00. ,
Undivided Profits, $160,000.00
A. B. Fleming, J. S. Haydeo.
M. L. Hutchinson. F. E. .Nichols"
0. S. McKinney, C. E. Alaniey.
Transacts a general banking business.
Accounts of corporations, firms and "
individuals received upon the most
favorable terms consistent with sound
and conservative banking.Interest
paid on timeldeposiis.
Separate vault with, safety, deposit i
boxes for use of customers.
The First National Ban&
of Fairmont, W. Ya."
Capital Stock, - $100,000.QQ|jj|i|
Surplus and Undivided
Profits, - J 65,000.00 ->
Designated Depositary of the United
States and State of West Virginia.
J. M. HARTLEY, President.
Vice President, ?
JOS. E. SANDS, Cashier.
J.M.Hartley, Hon. A. B. Fleming
Benj. D. Fleming, Wm. E. Watson
Jos. E. Sands. . ^ , -. f
Chartered as State Bank in 1851.
Organized as National Bankin 1865
T . , _ XT- i T
kuuiiis nave oeen remodeled and
thoroughly renovated. .'--vT,
' . v:
Rooms with bath.
First class bar attached. .
_ p
Contractor <fe Bullde
guarantees satisfaction in ail' his
work. Screen doors a specialty,
tiruates free. 718 Gaston Ave.
' v'
"I have nothing to take back, I h?yjg|y|g
nothing to withdraw of the things
that i have said against the methods
pursued to advance his candidacy. -It
was a plain and deliberate attempt to
deceive the party. The New York
platform was vague and purposely
so, because the advocates of Judge
Parker we're trying to secure votes
from among the people who would
have opposed his views had they
known them. * * The nominal. '
tion was secured, therefore,, by :crook- .
'V ' - '
ed and indefensible methods."?William
Jennings Bryan, in "The1
moner," July 13, ,1904,
Croquet Is a pleasant pastime. Proa
set at I L, Halve hardware

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