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(! of the Belmonts, Meyers ^
eal Democrats to the talk eal
Democrats do the man- ^
icans should be on their
rainst a new Democratic 3
ich is part of the scheme to
2 State. Democratic assesretended
olBcers, are going "
many counties asking im- ?
questions of voters, and
aanding affidavits with a view
tg up Democratic challenge
trying to defraud and intimers.
The Democrats are desid
they hope by means indi3care
.Republicans away from
and keep them from voting,
structions sent out recently
nnocratic committee to DemJection
commissioners and
in these columns, have the .
1 in view as the scheme
scribed, and are a part of
iracy hatched by Democratic
to get the State by fair
v' ' Republicans should be prepared to
aneet these games without flinching
surf should not lie bullied or bluffed
raw's henchmen under any
\\ W?^t Virginia is a Republican
P^?,!j3Rafe and "the Democrats know it.
THiefr only hope of success lies in
but the truth. Men's
, and Banister Shoes, less than
l&Itra&Snaniufacturer can now make them
Zsr, now on sale at C. F. Randall &
Quick collections, prompt settle-nents?Marion
Claim Agency. x
Martha E. Fray am] husband t
' Thomas F. Kownnd. property at West
; . Chester ; consideration, $240.
(1 E. F. Morgan, trustee, to W. .H
t Furbee. property at Manningtor.; con
alderation, $38,000.
Wm. H. Furbee and wife to Ueorg<
' AW Bowers, property at Mannington;
consideration, $38,000.
The Mannington Realty Co. tc
f George W. Bowers, property at Man
2 iugton; consideration. $1.00.
i George W. Bowers to the Hoaewood
Pottery Co., property at Mannington;
consideration, $38,000.
John A. Clark et al. to Mary P. and
. Clara S. Dietriclt, property on Cherry
, avenue, Fairmont; consideration,
; ji.soo.
R. E. Harr and wife to Prlscilla
Camps ton, property in Harr addition
to Fairmont; consideration, $450.
Levi B. Harr to Priscilla Cumpston,
property in Harr addition 'to Fairmont;
consideration, other property.
Power of Attorney.
The power of attorney of the Home wood
Pottery Company." of Mannington,
has been grunted to William H.
Furbee, of that city.
In the Courts.
Very few suits were entered In the
Circuit and Intermediate Courts within
the month of October. The process
books of the Intermediate Court
show that four suits were entered, the
same number with - September. The
business of the Circuit Court fell off
considerably, there being only tliirteon
entered in its books against
twenty-four for the month of September.
Suit Entered.?
Anna 13. Hess has entered suit in
chancery in the Intermediate Court
against Clem A. Freeland et al, Attorney
E. F. Morgan represents the
Hearing To-morrow.
Robert Jackson, charged with the
murder of Charles Cozad at Worthington
a few weeks ago, will he given a
hearing to-morrow afternoon at one
Cleaning Up Time.
The street commissioner intended
to wash the streets to-day, but owing
to a break in the fperl line t-?ct -nin-i.*- 1
the water is not available. The
break occurred near the center of the J
river, opposite the wharf. Just as
soon as the necessary repairs are 1
naile the cleaning will commence.
Visit our department of granite, tin, ?
galvanized, aluminum and queensware 1
ind kitchen utensils on second floor ^
n Jacobs-Hutchinson block, and you
vill find these lines complete and
>rices low. J. L. Hall's Hardware
!tore. i C
City Council To-night.
This evening is the regular time b
or a meeting of the city council. A b
arge amount of business will come up 11
ntl the meeting Is almost a necesity'
7 3
Remember,.you will find the largest
nes of washing machines, wringers,
lbs, &c., carried in the city at J. L.
lall's Hardware Store. x A
Two foreigners and a bear are onirtainins
nnr. r>p?nnle? nr? tVi o cfm/itc
lis forenoon.
I have some flne lots In Morrow
iace yet. M. H. Lintam. i
Good school shoes for hoys?at C.
Highland's. x
Collars in quarter sizes at C.'B.
iffliland's. x
^We offer for sale
off the regular pri<
line of coats shown
tative of the WOC
facturers. This lo
the latest stylesSizes
34 and 36?
one-fourth off. It r
of several dollars c
Come, pass your
? BUFFALO. Oct. 31.?William
Taft,. Secretary of War, addressed
Republican - mass meeting here !
Saturday night. The speaker ref
'red', to'the criticisms of-Judge Alt
B. Parker, the Democratic Presid
; tial candidate, on the cost of n
ning the government, and said tl
Judge Parker had failed to sta'te
, what departments he would lies
. his pruning process. Continuing, S'
. retary Taft said:
[' "Except by Democratic figuring
a fearful and wonderful character t
prospect of a deficit in the expert
tures under this administration
very remote. Judge Parker's theo
that there is to be a deficit rests a
parently on the idea that the recelp
must always exceed the expediter
at the end of each month, where
anyone at all familiar with the ci
toraary variation In the receipts ai
expenditures from month to mon
know that there are apparent de'flci
growing out of the fact that there
much greater monthly regularlity
receipts than expenditures. On tl
whole, then, the voters having ha
experience in the promises of tl
Democratic party to reduce the oitir
geous expenditures and extravaganc
existing in Republican administr;
tions, and the failure to keep thes
promises made without any real spe<
ideations as to where the reduction
are to be made. Judge Parker's stat<
ments indicate lack of knowledge a
to departmental methods and genera
governmental affairs."
The Party for the Twelve Brides.
The party given yesterday after
noon for the twelve brides by Mrs. S
F. JX'tizum was a delightfully appoint
ed affair. The first "whist prize was
won by Miss AVilla Butcher, and the
second by Mrs. Earl Smith, while the
consolation prize fell to Mrs. Robert
Cunningham. Delicious refreshments
were served, and the afternoon was
greatly enjoyed.
Quite a number of other social
events are being planned to take
place within the next two weeks.
Will Use Ropes.
For the big football game to-morITUtr
O t tl-ld TToiv I'OltTV <1 t- o.n.M!>.nn
will be roped off, thus preventing the
con fusion and spectators' interference,
rhis feature alone should insure a
arge crowd as heretofore it made
hings very unpleasant for ladies and
heir escor.ts, by reason of a small
irmy surrounding the players, when
opes and a few men would have presented
In Union There Is Strength.
The Union district Republican
Hub has selected John F. Vangilder
aptain and Harry Kiger and Scott
Springer as aids to look after the
Jnion district Rough Riders in the
ig parade next Thursday. Union disrict
will be out in full force.
The long looked for shoe?Dorothy
odd shoe for women. C. B. Higlind.
- x
Why not let the Marlon Claim
gency collect that claim for you? x
i at 25 percent. *
:es, the sample ?
by a represen- *
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>t includes only
no two alike. a(
and the price *
neans a saving- ?
>n yuur winter
own verdict.
LE & CO. i
' Possibly for the period, last night
. Hallowe'en celebration was up to tl
standard, yet what a difference fro
er" the roaring old times that Chief Mo
on gan can recall, not altogether wit
ea pleasant memories however. Sort
. corn and beans were 'thrown la:
^ night, arid two cases of destructio
to property are reported. Gibbi
* Henderson left a wagon standing i
East Park last evening, and durin
f ( the night the wind blew it over
steep hiil and carried the breas
. chains and double-tree away. Th
hand cart used to convey flooring a
the suspension bridge, and owned b
'the county, was thrown over the rive
bunk and damaged considerably.
A few parties of masqueradin;
girls livened things up on Main stree
early in the evening. Only one figh
occurred, and that was over eerea
^ throwing. Louis Franklin was stand
ing on. Madison street early in thi
evening when some negroes cami
along, and one of them threw a hand
ful in his face. "Whitey" promptly
jjlugged him and put ?10 for his ap
pearance. This morning the mayoi
ie fined him $3.50.
City Solicitor Stanley is looking foi
the parties who broke into his sta
a ble and limped away with Bossy's
.s ^
'' Western University Football Association
Takes Exceptions to Action
Jon the Part of Head of W. V.
U- Team.
PITTSBURG. Nov. 1, 1904.?The
football association of Western University
of Pennsylvania is indignant.
The cause of its annoyance is that
West Virginia University sent a representative
here to investigate the
' standing of the W. U. P. players.
It was generally known Saturday
' that Coach Chez of U. of W. Va. was
' on the side line at the W. U. P.-California
game, but it was supposed that
he was there to get a line" upon W. U.
P. so that he could give his town team
" a few pointers before the big game
here on election day. It developed
yesterday that Chez had that and another
object in view when he came
to town. It is said that between the
halves Saturday he made it his business
to hunt up several members of
the faculty and inquire whether or
not all of the W. U. P. players are
students at the university. The members
of the faculty not only assured
him of the eligibility of the players
but went further and proposed to furnish
proof of this fact if he entertained
any doubt. Chez said he was
satisfied with their word..
The football association is of the
| opinion that the investigation was un!
called for. Coach Mosse agrees with
the members of this body. In discussing
the subject last night he said:
"West Virginia has no excuse for asking
any questions about the W. U. P.
players. When we signed the agree- ment
for our game at Exposition Park
on Election Day we inserted a clause
that requires each university to furnish
the other, two weeks before the
game, with a list of ail its players eligible
to participate in the contest, j
We complied with this condition at
the proper time and West Virginia a
has known for several days the names
of all of our players and the classes l
in which they are entered. I regret r
to say that we have not yet received
West Virginia's list. I am sure that ti
the failure to forward it is merely
an oversight and that there is noth- F
ing suspicious about the delay, for I
understand that U. of W. Va. has de- t<
;ided never to play a padded team
igain and to use students only in uni- S
rersity athletics. It seems to me,
aowever, that West Virginia should F
:omply with our agreement before it
isks any questions about our players, rc
Dawson-Swisher Club.
Pine reports have come in from B;
Voptliington. The Dawson-Swisher sc
:lub organized there has more than be
hundred members. They had a
ousing meeting last night, and an- St
tber rally is billed for to-night. Hon. Lt
tewart F. Reed, of Clarksburg, and
[. C. Lough, of Fairmont, will dis- 31
liss the issues of the campaign, and T1
fine meeting, with brass bands and Ki
;d lights, is promised. W;
Scared at the Flags. ms
The flag of the golds, hanging out
; the window at the Y. M. C. A., has
lused several people to travel the
jposite side of the street to-day,
inking that it is the emblem of a 1
irtain dread disease which is report- t-?':
t to be running at large in the city.
__ TV
The chichen and waffle supper Pr''
yen under the auspices of the Vigi- en"
t Circle of King's Daughters, will
held next door*to the Bon Ton "V
jre Thursday. _ Agf
Ease, comfort, health?all combined N
the Dorothy Dodd shoe. C. B. L.
ghland. x Hig
? SEjgl
i " " : *"
How to cut your COi
How to protect the H
How to make your Hi
How to cheaply secui
WATER for dorm
How to FREE the hoi
Don't you think it would
to let us tell you all about
features of economy in mo
Fairmont Plu
312 1st s
Mr. A1 Hart, of Weston, was in town ?
Ionday and Tuesday.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Lon Stew,rt
Tuesday. October 25, a boy.
JI rs. Budd Nestor, who lias been at r
"c-rra Alta for a couple of weeks,
eturned home Friday.
Hiss Nell Blackshere, of Manningill,
was in town Monday.
Mrs. George Martin and Miss Sada
etty were in Mannington Saturday.
Mr. Lawrence Hawkins, of Shinnsin,
was in town Sunday.
Mrs. S. E. Burnett was in Fairmont
Mrs. Dr. I. J. Culp was in Fairmont
riuay snopping.
Misses Bertha and Bessie Lough |
iturned home Friday after a short
sit to relatives in Fairmont.
Miss Cleo Wells and Miss Lena
artlett, who have been attending
liool in Fairmont, 6pent Sunday at
Mr. and Mrs. \V. E. Lough spent
mday with Mr. Lough's parents on
mrel run.
School opened Monday, October
st, with quite a good attendance. ?
re teachers are Professor Barb, Miss
nlraid, first assistant; Mias Byrd
illlams, second; Miss Susan Hughes,
ril. and Miss Brookfleld the priiry
Tliere will be a Sunday School rally
i second Sunday in November at QT
> Farmington M. E. Church. It will
all day and every one is invited.
3orn, to Mr. and Mrs. Bartlett, Oc- A
ier 31, a son. run
Jo limit to quality but limit to 91 !
ce. Dorothy Dodd shoe for wornC.
B. Highland. x =
VI)y not let the Marion Claim Dor
;ncy collect that claim for you? x fouI
ever equaled?often imitated?W. X,
Douglass shoe for men. C. B. shot
blond. land
iause you may choose from scores of
Jfche most desirable kinds and makes?
sh as you won't find elsewhere in t<>
prices are always at rock bottom and
r a question as to quality, in a Hartley,
re fourth floor is given over to floor cov- .
ch a large stock necessarily means a
ill Wool. Come from the best mills in
jably half a hundred patterns to select
e, lay and line them for you at a small
50c to $1 yard
1 and black'designs, in the best wearpattern
in the entire lot. * Thesey^Ilili

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