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In his speech at
following extract
larrison's address
I ft to add so much as his tinte
burden. The special pur'address
to-day is to press
ae well-to-do people of our ,
ties, and especially of our (
ies; that one of the condi- <
the security of wealth is a |
oate and full contribution to j
ases of the State and local (
ints. It is not only wrong, (
unsafe, to make a show in
is and on the streets that is
in the tax returns,
y is the golden thread that '
ugh all the fabric of our civ- ?
tions?the dominating note 1
veiling symphony of liberty. s
itisms and class distinctions *
yernments and administra- f
urope were destroyed with '
ishment of government un- 3
nerlcan Constitution. At the 1
>re the courts, in all assem- 11
he people, in all legislation, s
i to be, not a class peerage. a
iversal peerage. And as a s
necessary and imperative h
octrine of an equality of 10
he doctrine of a proportion- 11
ratable contribution to the r'
ministering the government. tj
is principle of a proportion- 11
n might be more properly ?
inherent part of the doc P
onesty jn Taxation, is
part of our individual covethe
State as citizens that S1
lonestly and fully, in the a
oportion fixed from time to
w, contribute our just share
ilic expenses. A full and
ii?iAwuu:s .uiscuar^e ui iri?L uuiy
e citizen is one of the tests of nl
citizenship. To evade that duty T
noral delinquency, an unpatriotic '''
The tax-paying conscience is ('<
L in. times of peace. When a rav- P1
foe threatens a population with ec
ad sword men appreciate the do -which
the government inter- hi
between them and the danger. tl:
it to emphasize if I can. the m
ht that the preservation of this n<
pie of a proportionate contribu- ui
according to the true value of
each man has. to the public extures
is essential to the mainte
of our free institutions, anc of v
and good order in our commuI
do not- say that, every tax
be universal and touch all propjf
every hind. The general proptax
must do so. but I recognize el
act that excise taxes and fran- 11
taxes, and such like, may be lev- R
i addition to the general proper- *1'
c, and that the requirement as to al
taxes is only that they be uni- 01
in the class which is subjected to m
which came to its members during*
the years of the civil war. Mr. Lin- c
join's startling declaration that this g
jountry could not continue to e>:ist ^
half slave and half free may be para- _
phrased to-day by saying that this ~
jountry cannot continue to exist half ^
axed and half free.
Stir Our Consciences.
I cannot believe, however, that it is
mpossible so io stir the conscience if
our people, so to stimulate the in- **
lependence and courage of oar assesiors
and of our courts and prosecuors
as to secure a fairly general en- orcement
of the personal property *
ax. 1 know that men hesitate to call
i neighbor to judgment in this mater.
We have too much treated the .c
natter of a man's tax return as a per i
onal matter. We have put his trans- ?
ctions with (he State on much the
ame level with his transaction with
is banker, but that is not the true ^
asis. Each citizen has a personal inerest,
a pecuniary interest in the tax 5a&
Bturn of his neighbor. We are mem- (eg;
ers of a great partnership, and it is ^
le right of each to know what every <-l
ther member is contributing to the ?
artnership and what he is taking g
om it. It is not a private affair; it '
i a public concern of the first impor- g
ince. Perhaps there should be a '
eneral proclamation of amnesty and g
n/ow fnr luon V mf?Tl hnvp hPPTl >
' " <
iticed into those offenses by the be- *
ef that all others were offending. *
The pulpit, tlie press, every agency
lilt deals with public, social and
oral questions should lend its help.
here should he committees of pub:
safety; for, my fellow fcitizens, I
> not exaggerate when I say that the
lblic safety is involved in a more
Itial administration of our tax laws.
eturns and assessments must be
most and taxes proportionate. If
lere are inequalities in the law they
ust he remedied by legislation and
)t by the usurpation of the individU."
ery Low Rate Sunday Excursion
Tickets On Sale May 15.
Effective May 15 and continuing
'ery Sunday thereafter until fur- d
ler notice, the Baltimore & Ohio fl
allroad will place on sale excursion ^
ckets between stations of Wheeling
id Grafton, good going Bast bound i
i regular train No. 72, leaving Fair- ?
ont at 10:52 A. M., and returning ^
i regular trains No. 71-55, leaving 4
rafton 12:40 noon, and 6:50 P. M.; 4
id good going West bound on regular ^
ain No. 5, leaving Fairmont at 7:47 ^
M-, and returning on regular train
o. 4, leaving Wheeling at 5:00 P. i
For tickets and toll information, 8
ill on ticket agent. J
Opera House Restaurant
The Opera House Restaurant has M
lened up again and will serve, its
stomers as usual in first-class style,
is for both ladles and gentlemen.
Manager, x
No limit to quality but limit to
ice. Dorotliv Dodd shoe for wcm
Some person will get the brass bed.
oal City House Furnishing Company.x
lome person will get the Wilton rug.
oal City House Furnishing Company j:
a Editors West Virginian :
? My guess is that the w
? ident will be
that he will receive
1 1
* As additional guesses i
T iL _ X_ff :
<^iiex> x give me luuuwiii^ ;
Second guess,
Third guess,
Fourth guess,
Very truly,
eg? <$ =?* ??> ^=0*^
| The West
f JOD D6P.
\ ??
| We are novs
| do all kinds of J
? you want any oi
\ or Job Work of
I try us:
* Shipping Tags,
8 Business Car
I Bill H
I Le
I Dodgers,
ft m 4 -*-V 44
> ;saie ?siiis,
J Stateine
I Sh
\ Announcements,
\ Negotiable Nc
I Bo.
ft All Work Promptly an
\ Fairmont wes
I Monroe:
Quick collections, prompt settl
ments?Marion Claim Agency.
Collars !4 sizes, at C. B. Highland,
inning candidate for Pres- *
and *
votes. ;
rn Qr~r/srrfonro Tirtfli \rrM<r
tow Cards, 5
Programmes, ?
?tes, ?
t Notes,
Dk Printing,
Price Lists. ?
id Neatly Executed, ^
| ViPQinian, i
Street ?
11 About the
Early training in the p
9 tion as to the use and value
X earning and saving money
fasten the children in the way
? VVe are always glad to ;
efforts to save money.
f Home Savings Bi
i cum UARQ i
The only man in
the Monongahela
Valley who
makes a specialty
of making
you money
and incidentally aliving lor himself.
Fairmont Real Estate.
= Special Agents
' Properties Rented ;
* Special Agent
t Loans Negotiated
? Stocks For
l Speculation
Bonds for Investment.,
s His clients are his references.
Office rooms, 322% Main Street.
^ Baltimore & Ohio 1
- "PASSENGER trains will arrive at
* JL and depart from Fairmont on the
_ following- schedule on and after May o
~ 22d, 1904- fi
) No. 7.?Chicago Express. 4:24 a.m.
No. 5.?Wheeling Accommodation
7:47 A. M.
No. 55..?Wheeling & Cincinnati
Express. 7:29 P. M.
No. 71.?Wheeling Accommodation
1:36 P. M.
No. 8.?New York, Haiti- ?
more and Wash- G
ington Express. 3:25 A. M. j.
No. 72.?Grafton Accom'n 10:53 A. M.
No. 46.?New York, Baltimore
and Washington
Express. 1:48 P. M. sc
No. 4.?Grafton Accom'n 8:38 P. M. h
P., M. A1VD P. KBAiM H.
1 No. 50.?Pittsburg Accom'n 1:00 P.M.
JNo. l.?pittsourg Accom'n 9:oo P. M.
departs. )r
No. 3.?Pittsburg-Accom'n 7:50 a.m. ,
No. 51.?Connellsville Ac'm 2:10 P. m.
No. 69 leaves daily for Morgantown ar
at 9:05 p. m. No. 62 arrives fromMorgantown
at 6:55 a. m., daily except Sunday
; at 8:00 a. m. Sunday onlv.
No. 5.?Arrives at Fairmont 5:35 p. m.
No. 1.?Arrives at Fairmont 12:10 p. m.
No. 3.?Arrives at Fairmont 7:45 a. m.
No. 2.?Leaves Fairmont... 7:10 a. m.
No. 6.?Leaves Fairmont... 1:53 p.m.
No. 4.?Leaves Fairmont 9:55 P. M.
All trains are daily except Nos. 3 th
and 4 on the F., M. and P. branch,
which, are daily except Sunday.
For sleeping car reservations and
information concerning tickets and
rates, consult
T. B. Henderson,
Ticket Agent. ^
Cheap Excursions to the St. Louis til
World's Fair Every Wednesday =
In August, September and Oc- Bt
tober?Only $13.00 Round
Trip From Fairmont.
Tickets will be good going .In
coaches only on specified trains. pu
Returning, tickets will be good in wa
coaches only on all regular trains, de
leaving St. Louis not later than ten
days, including date of sale. p
Call on ticket agent for time of so>
train and full Information. Pa
Paint pride is ours in justifiable frc
measure, because we carry Heath & ha
Millegan's best prepared paint, and |<n
satisfaction is guaranteed by its nse. tio
J. L. Hall's Hardware Store. x
Dressmaking Ha|
At 91 Second street, Fourth ward. mQ
Children's work a specialty. .
The West Virginian respectfully I
solicits job printing of all kinds, cuj
ractice of self-denial ; instruc- ?
of money; opportunities for J
; all these tend to fix .and ^'2
'S of thrift and prosperity, wi||
assist the little folks in their ^
* Tt- d 5 *w n?4
111X1. ^A', illiiUXlli*. @
Tile Bank ol Fairmont,
J.E WATSON, President
J. S. HAYDEN, Vice President.
Capital, SI50.000.00.
Undivided Profits. 5160.000.00
A. B. Fleming, J. S. Hayden,
J. E Watson,
M. L. Hutchinson, F. E Nichols
0. S. AfcKinney, C. E Manley.
Transacts a general banking business.
Accounts of corporations, firms and
individuals received upon the most
favorable terms consistent with sound
and conservative banking.
Interest paid on timeideposits.
Separate vault with safety deposit
ooxes for use of customers.
rhe First National Bank
of Fairmont, W. Va.
Capital Stock, - $100,000.00
Surplus and Undi
vided Profits, -165,000.00
Designated Depositary of the United
States and State of West Virginia.
r. M. HARTLEY, President.
Vice President.
JOS. E. SANDS, Cashier.
r. M. Hartley, Hon. A. B. Fleming .
3enj. D. Fleming, Win. E. Watson
Jos. E. Sands.
Chartered as State Bank in 1861.
Organized as National Bank in 1866
Hechartered as National Bank in
Wants business based on balance*
.nd responsibility.
Collects on all points.
Sells domestic and foreign exchange, m
Pays interest on special deposits.
Customers' private boxes taken car* ,;
f in our Are and burglar proof vaul
ree of charge.
[Tie People's Bank of Fairmont,
W. Ya.
$200,000.00. i
eorge M. Jacobs President
eorge DeBoit .Cashier
M. Bro-wnfleld Assistant Cashier
Director*?Gf. fix. Jacobs, S. L. Wat- "
in, J. M. Hartley, Harry Shaw, W. aymond
and C. E. Hutchinson.
All business Intrusted to us will re
:ivo prunipc ana carerui axxemion
iterest paid on time deposits. Vault
free to customers for private boxes '
id papers.
Porter Alley and Monroe Street,
C. V. ABBOTT, Proprietor.
Rooms have been remodeled and <
oroughly renovated. '
Rooms with batb. j
First class bar attached. .
:ontractor ? Builder, j
larantees satisfaction in all- his i
>rk. Screen doors a specialty. Eanates
free. 718 Gaston Ave.
"I have nothing to take back, I have
thing to withdraw of the things
at I have said against the methods
rsued to advance his candidacy. It
is a plain and deliberate attempt to
ceive the party. The New York >
itform was vague and purposely
because the advocates of Judge
rker were trying to secure votes
im among the people who would
ve opposed his views had they
own them. * * * The nomtrisn
was secured, therefore; by crookand
Indefensible methods."?WIN
m Jennings' ..Bryan,' In "The Pom- i.'te'.
ner," July 13, 1904.
Iroquet is a pleasant pastime. FfS

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