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IPjge county seat and metropolis ol
gpfsff-ttbunty, -North Dakota, natuSfcr.the
expense of -Now York
Pgtrhero the President was born,
glS^ier, Bay. where he has bis
^^gMencfcy, North Dakota, one
|lj|^ wenty years old, iiaveseen
j|j^r citizen elected to the Pres^^aore;-Roosevelt
was a man of
it. 25.years when he first came out
IgHps^iiantls of the Little Misson||||was.:a.
rather wild country then.
Iijrajgly/ settled !>ycatTrcHon?JuTcT
||?*3. The Northern Pacific railiil-had'jtist
been put throifgh a lltfarthor
west, than this point. IfitMissouri,
just across tho river of
Hmc .name, was a typical' WesiijgtSwmpyc.
Roos e vol t went into the
tie-business, and had two ranches
he Kikhorni about 25 miles down
i river, and the Maltese Cross about
Utiles above. Here he led the usual
I of the cattleman and cowboy,
ing the range, going on the animal
irid-ups, helping to brand calves
1-colts, axul to break the bounding
incho. It is told of him that lie,
avs "stood his hand" and played
part in everything that went on.
or shirking work, however hard
Iy properly be termed "a
f .No matter what the
ad there Is sometimes very
jrt in this blizzard-bitten reowboy
must be in the ead;
after the herds on the
in the draws and coulees
iei Marquis de Mores, a
ilemani since murdered by
igB of Northern Africa,
lere and started the town
on the east bank of the
ouri. The town across the
d out of existence. De
it a large beef-packing
intended to ship dressed
i East, rather than on the
re was some hitch in the
tie great plant was litan
put into operation when
t down and still stands a
monument to busine
ions. But Medora was a
while the Marquis' money
ipent, and Theodore Roosete
of the active figures of
He attended the dances
in the town, made Fourth of July
speeches, acted as deputy sheriff
and arrested certain marauders,
: bbtrgiii and sold cattle, hunted, and
gained the materia! for those experiences
so interestingly told in his
"Hunting Trips of a Ranchman."
itcturning to the East lie entered
y public life and was in a measure
warned from the Bad Bands. But he
returned occasionally. always- receiving
a warm welcome, his last visit being
in the spring of 1903 when on his
a-.- the Pacific coast. Tlie ranch?K5f>came
in tor miics around, there '
was a public reception in the Marquis j
do M ore's old storeroom, and a photographer
took a picture of the Pres-j
ident surrounded by l.is old friends,
copies ol" which are to bo seen in
many a ranch along the Little Mis
j^^ff-:'That the President was popular
with the people all over ihe West
SSjSlpjjl'jte most convincingly set forth by
recent election. That tie had no
stronger hofe upon their affections
*/ ' auywhere than in Billings county.
North Dakota, is told by the returns.
Billings county is as large ia area as
some Eastern States, but is only
V 'i^nsely settled. The total vote cast
* ^ idr ^President was 293. of which Theodore
Roosevelt received 250 and Alton
B. Parker 37. A majority of 219
in a vote of 293 is a pretty stood showing.
Among the President's many friends
here are two brothers. Sylvane and
Joseph A. Ferris. Sylvane was Mr.
Roosevelt's ranch foreman for some
' . years, and has been his guest at the
' White House, while "Joe" was a hunting
companion and was, 1 believe,
present when the young ranchman
. ~ killed his first buffalo. As soon as
the returns got in after the late eleci.';^
tion, the brothers wired the result to
: the President. In response they received
the following letter:
isfij-.i- "Dear Joe and Sylvane?No telethat
I received pleased me more
than yours and I thank you for it."
Ot~:V.o,- iilLVl acilUillK ilia i> III 1.1 i i'.^iii VI.1
*o their wives and families and to all
Ids friends the President signed himself
"Sincerely yours, Theodore
Roosevelt (Tlie Medora President).'"
^^^^ffi^onse.Quetitly it is easy to under
stand why Medora plumes Itself upon
its added honors, and . regards with
proud unconcern the efforts of Sen
l^ra^ tn
closes" with -this sentence:
"Tae only question is whether It is
adapted to woman's "nature to participate
in politics, for no amount of education
can make a woman more like
a man. than her grandmothers were."
The above sentence contains the
sum total of .the so-called arguments
against woman suffrage, the ouly
trouble being that one class of oppo.
ncnts tells us women should not vote
because they would become like men
if they did so, and the other class,
like the writer of this editorial, that
women should not vote because no
amount of education could make them
like the men.
It seems impossible for some people
to conceive of anything but a
man in politics. It Is the very fact
that women are different from men,
and will always remain so, that they
need the ball (ft and our government
in turn needs Ihem.
Women have no desire to become .
like men, nor vote like men, they want
to be women and vote like women. ;
Women being specially interested in
the spiritual, moral and home side of
life would look after these interests
in our government.
Our commercial interests are already
well looked after but. good men
are in despair over the moral side of
our political life.
Women are specially interested and
strong along the lines in which our
government, is weak. Combine the
vote of the man and the woman anil
we have a complete whole. A government'with
men only to look after i
its interests Is not complete any i
more than is n home with only men '
lo iook atier u.
Why not let the Marlon Claim
Agency collect that claim lor you? x
Ladies, now is your chance to get
hats cheap at the Bon Ton. x
106 Main street, next door to Citizens*
Dollar Savings Bank.
R. E. Fisher, Prop. Office, Jackson St.
Bill Posting and Distributing. Consolidated
'Phone No. 623. =
Billposters and DistrlDutors.
321 Madison St. F. & M. 'Phone 290.
Our customers receive the best?
That's all.
A.t the Madison Street Restaurant.
Regular Meals, 25 cents.
Boarding by the week, 33.50.
WELLS & CRISS, Proprietors.
Meals at all hourc.
Special attention given lunch counter.
Livery, Sale and Exchange Stable,
T>?l^vr. T?r- rvP l^rwi rf-hi Oil Bp
r ui cci auwjt k?.vv. w^. ?
Pliones?Bell, 147. F. & M., 209.
Under Billlnglea's Drug Store,
Madison street.
F. H. Jackson, Barber,
Cor. Barks ave. and Main St. Firstclass
work guaranteed. No novices
but experienced workmen.
Opposite Marietta Hotel. Everything
First-Class. Bath Room. Union Shop.
LOYAL BENNETT, Proprietor.
Barber, 308 Main Street.
Opposite Bank of Fairmont.
Eight Chairs.
"V, Bennett, Proprietor, 300 Monroe
street. Scouring, dyeing, repairing,
Sec. Rates, (1.50 per month. Quick
work. 'Phones. Wagon.
C. B. FIELD, Proprietor.
Cleaning, dyeing, pressing and repairing.
329 Main street, up stairs.
Barber, No. 814 Fourth St. 5th Ward.
All work artistically done. Eighteen
years' experience. Agent for Laundry.
617 Merchant street.
Granite and Queensware. Special
Teas, Spices, Refined Coffee's and
Attention to Customers.
G. N. Welsh, Proprietor.;
Fresh and Cured Meats ol all kinds.
Eighth street, South Side. Bell
'Phone, 243-2.
JM. M. Foster, Manager.
Office?304 Main street. Phones?F.
e> l* nof) . T>?11 OOO r>
OC VLL., OS?O, J3CU, oua-*..
t "Cheer up, girls! Here
Final Decision of Supreme Court in
the Fayerweather Will
. A
WASHINGTON, Nov. 30.?The case
known as the Fayerweather will case
was decided by the Supremo Court of
the-United States in favor of the col- T
leges. The case involves a bequest of S
about $2,5 00,000, made to 20 different tc
colleges ljy the late -Daniel C3. Fayer- in
weather, a leather merchant of New w
fork, who died in 1S90. Tlie will was tr
ittacked by Mr. Kayerweather's wid- ai
m and two nieces, fraud being in
diarged. The ease has been pending t.li
n the courts for many years and has oi
:ieen before the Supreme court on sev- fo
;ral occasions. The last decision on tli
t was rendered by the Circuit Court it
lor the Southern District of New zc
fork, and was favorable to the col- w
eges. The heirs then appealed to the ic
Supreme Court, but to-day's opinion ce
linrmed the finding of the Circuit m
lourt. The opinion of the court was m
lelivered by Justice Brewer, and held pi
hat the case had been previously ad- th
udicated. The beneficiary colleges bl
ire Bowdoin, Dartmouth, Williams,
tmherst, Wesleyan, Yale, Columbia,
Inion Theological, Hamilton, Roches- A;
| Job Depi
9 ?
We are now
? do all kinds of J
you want any oj
J or Job Work of
J try us:
Shipping- Tags,
? Business Car
& Bill H
i L<
I Sale Bills,
5 Statemc
| SI
* Announcements,
g Negotiable Nc
0 Promissory
? All Work Promptly ai
1 Fairmont we:
J Monroe
I am againl"
?Chicago Tribune. ^
;r, Cornell, Lafayette, Lincoln, VirInia,
Hampton, Maryville, Marietta,
delbert, Wabash and Park.
nnual Report of the Work of the
Smithsonian Institution. j
WASHINGTON", D. C.. Nov. 30.?
lie annual report of the work of the
mithsonian Institution, just submitul
by Secretary S. P. Langley. deals
ore extensively than ever before
ith achievements of science. It
f lnnodli nvnorirYKUlf C Wlih
UU.IO CL I. Jk - ?
rships, electric furnaces and like
ventions, and includes reports on
le Darwinian theory, the exploration
' Mount McKlnley and the search
r the North Pole. It is claimed for
le growth of the National Zoo that
is now one of the most important I
lological establishments in the 1
orld, and far superior to any Ameran
zoo, that in New York not extpted.
The discussions of experients
and inventions are largely ade
up of papers on these subjects
epared by the leading scientists of g
le world, and forms a most valuae
Why not let the Marion Claim ^
gency collect that claim for you? x 2
Virginian ji
Men 11
? %\
' . A
r in position to g *
ob Printing. If g
: the following, g *
any description, ^
? J
? a
?{ ?
? ds,
? i
eads, ? i
itter Heads, g i
Note Heads, g ?
ints, }
low Cards, f
Programmes, 5
)tes, g t
y Notes, '
ok Printing, %
Price Lists. I
flB c
? XI
id Neatly Executed, ? i
n Virginian, f \
Street. f1
aiul valne c
A ... "'}
^ earmng and . saving money
^ fasten the children in the way!
@ We are sil ways glad to a
^ efforts to save money.
| Home Savings Bs
The only man in
the Monongahela
Valley who
makes a specialty
of making
you money
and incidentally a living for himself..
_ 1
Fairmont Real Estate. \
Special Agents j
Properties Rented '
Special Agent,
Loans Negotiated
Stocks For
ionds for Investment..
His clients are Ms references.
Office rooms, 322% Main Street.
PA.SSENGER trains will arrive at
and depart irom Fairmont on the
ollowing schedule on and after May
2d, 1904- <
west bound. \
To. 7.?Chicago Express. 4:24 a.m. '
To. 5.?Wheeling Accommodation
7:47 a. m.
To. 55.?Wheeling & Cincinnati
Express. 7:29 p.m.
To. 71.?Wheeling- Accommodation
1:36 p. m.
east bound.
To. 8.?New York, Balti- ' <
more and Wash- (
ington Express. 3:25 a.m.
To. 72.?Grafton Accom'n 10:53 a. m. '
To. 46.?New York, Baltimore
and Wash-,
ington Express. 1:48 p.m. ,
To. 4.?Grafton Accom'n 8:38 p. m. -
F., -SI. A5TD ??. BSAJXH.
To. 50.?Pittsburg Accom'n 1:00 P. M.
To. 4.?Pittsburg-Accom'n 9:55 P. m.
To. 3.?Pittsburg Accom'n 7:5? a. m. '
To. 51.?Conneilsville Ae'm 2:IO A M. '
No. 69 leaves daily for Morgantown s
it 9:05 P. M.' No. 62 arrives from Mor- :antown
at 6:55 A. M. , daily except Sunlay
; at 8:00 A. M. Sunday onlv.
To. 5.?Arrives at Fairmont 5:35 P. M.
To. 1.?Arrives at Fairmont 12:10 P. M.
To. 3.?Arrives at Fairmont 7:45 A. M.
To. 2.?Leaves Fairmont... 7:10 A. M.
To. 6.?Leaves Fairmont. .. 1:53 P. M.
To. 4.?Leaves Fairmont... 9:55 P. M.
All trains are daily except Nos. 3 t
tnd 4 on the F., M. and P. branch,
vhlch are daily except Sunday.
For sleeping car reservations and
niormation concerning tickets and
ates, consult
t. b. Henderson,
Ticket Agent. (
' 1
Cumberland Woman Gets Discour- :
aged In Indiana.
LA PORTE. Ind., November 30.?
Vfter a married life of ten days, Mrs.
3. B. Mohn, who was courted and won
hrough the agency of a matrimonial
>aper, has left her husband and gone
>nck to her home, in Cumberland,
ild. She alleged that she was led ,
nto the marriage with O. B. Mohn, of
Muffton, this Slate, through misrep- ,
esentation, and that after the wed- ]
ling Mohn did not have money ,
mough to pay her railroad fare to
llutrton. i
After arriving at Bluffton the wife
lecame discouraged and planned to
etnru East, but did not have enough
noney. The price of the faro was revived
in a letter yesterday, and the
;irl hoarded the first train for Cuinlerland.
Her husband did not know ,
mill he returned from worlt that his :<
irlde of a little over a week had left;
rie BanK ot Falriont, 3
J. S. HAYDEN, Vice President
Capital, SI50.000.00.
Undivided Profits. $160,000,00
A. B. Fleming, J. S. Hayden.
J. E Watson,
M.L.Hutchinson, F. E. Nichols f
O. S. McKinney, C. E. Manley.
Transacts a general tanking buai
less, * .
Recounts of.corporations, Srrna and
ndlviduals ; received .upph-";.thei?m08^|^^S
avorabie terms consistent with sound
ind conservative banking.
Interest paid on timeldeposits.
Separate vault with, safety deposit
DOxes for .use of custon icrs. i-Vi-fi
- .
Flie First National Ban k
of Fairmont, W. Ya.
Capital Stock, - $100,000.00
Surplus and Undivided
Profits, - J 65,000.00
Designated Depositary of the United
States and State of West Virginia.
M -
r. M. HARTLEY, President.
Vice President.
JOS. E. SANDS, Cashier.
r. M. Hartley, Hon. A. B. Fleming
Benj. D. Fleming, Wm. E. Watson
Jos. E. Sands.
A V;
Chartered as State Bank in 1851.
Organized as National Bank in 1865
Eechartored as National Bank in
1885. .
"Wants business based on balances
and responsibility.
Collects on all points. Sells
domestic and foreign exchange , v
Pays interest on special deposits.
Customers' private boxes taken care
>f in our fire and burglar proof vanl
iree of charge.
rhe People's Bank of Falr-i
mont, W. Va.
Jeorge M. Jacobs . . .Prraltot
Seorge DeBolt CaahUr
r. M. Brownflelti.. . .Assistant Cashier
Directors?G. M. Jscobo, S. L. Wat
son, j. sxi. jnaraey, ?iarry snaT, w. K. |
Haymond and C. EL Hutchinson. " '
Ali business Intrusted to us wiii re:e!vo
prompt and. careful attention. j
nterest paid on time deposits. Vasal* .
a free to customers for private, boxes . ;
and papers.
Porter Alley and Monroe Street,
C. V. ABBOTT, Proprietor.
Rooms have been remodeled and I
horoughly renovated.
Rooms with bath.
First class bar attached. r
Contractor <& Builder, f
guarantees satisfaction , jg
work. Screen doors a specialty. Estimates
free. 718 Gaston Ave. _
Cheap Excursions to tno 8b Louis
World's Falr Every Wednesday: ffxm
In August,:September and October?Only
$13.00 Round
Trip From Fairmont.
Tickets will be good going in
loaches only on specified trains. . 2
Returning, tickets -will be good. 1 * I
coaches only on all regular trains,
leaving St. Louis not later than .-ton' ?1
lays, Including date of sale. .
Call on ticket agent for timer-oG O"^;. i.4
train and full) Information. ; .1 .?
Paint pride Is ours in justifiable
measure, because we carry Heath & . ~j
Mlllegan's best prepared paint, and
satisfaction is -guaranteed by its use.
J. L. Hall's Hardware Store. s g;.
Some person will get the brass bed.
3oal City House Furnishing Company.*
Some ;"p^raon^lUl^t||i^^llt(m::ro^?yfi T;
3oal City House Furnishing Company.* .

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