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Iery few of the new men who will
sir in the next House have mor;
distinguished nameg ant
the sons of famous fathers. From
Worcester district of Massachus
( Will come Rockwood Hoar, son
ho. late Senator. This young man
aid to have ability, and his friends
: iu lit'I?Tceprnjiramism
lational affairs it is expected he
whose father was of note In his
rho was minister to China I
tr Clevelan d's second administra^^6ung'
Denby defeated Alfred
ting, the only Democrat from
'' i - ^ '' ' '
a as new, soi far as this generals
concerned, will reappear in
ren Keifer, of Ohio, once Speaker
te House, who has been in retireelected
to represent the Seventh
ever he goes by the peculiarity
irk blue, cut in a style which Is a
^ between military and civilian
Iis the best known man who
igejir in the next House will
les A. Towne, formerly of
a, where he was a Repubto
1896, now a Democrat .
ted to represent the Fourew
York district. He served
ys in the Senate by appoint '
the governor of Minnesota as <
to the late Cushman K.
te Is a line orator, with much
i*s skill in the use of the
luring his retirement from
5e he - is said to have mad e
: in oil speculation in Texas.
o will send an interesting
three callow Congressional c
,11 under 30 years of age and d
from districts that have in
years been as heavily Dems
almost any in the entire
They received the Republi- '!
inaijons in the districts bo:
;one . else, seemed to want
dWent into the contest with
slightest hope of winning.
. young Hebrew, named Anchalek,
27 years old, a bookorking
for a salary of $15 o
I!G,; a3d Charles McGarvin. aged c
Ipawyers. These throe Cliica- j,
are probably the youngest ne-.v ?
ers of the next House. \Vhar'
just old enough to get in.
:he' thirty Senators whose terms F
on the fourth of March, two _
teen-removed by death and their
;sprs, appointed by the Govern'their
States, will take their
when the Senate reassembles
cember 5. These are Philander ?
ox, of Pennsylvania and VV.
y; Crane, ot Massachusetts. v
are men of national nute.
>r Crane, who has been govorntis
State and comes as near bee
boss of the Republican party ^
ssaohusetts as is x>ossible in
lommonwealtli, is a big maim- c
si- .of paper-, a devoted friend
rident Roosevelt and has the re- _
of men of all parties in bis ^
these men will be elected by
jglslature of their States this
to 1511 out the brief, unexpired
hf their predecessors and for
w terras that, begin on March
"art, of Nevada, physically the
picturesque figure in the Sen- ?
ft' nno s\f thn ftl'laet ? f
fS^tVlihe body, having entered it, the first
1864, ^serving until 1S75,^ and ^
^^^^pBteh&'iSince, will probably he missing g
Young Beveridge, of Indiana, may
Hg&??lga; disappear as a result of the very O:
lively fight that lias opened in his
w the Vice Presidency, and the
i- by the expiration < " w' c
l- on March 4, Another old-timer wi,
h disappear with tho retirement of Ser
n ator Joseph R. Hawley, of Connect
I- cut, whose growing feebleness has a
f last compelled him to abandon th'
h idea of again being a candidate. \V'h<
i- his successor will be is an open ques
n tion. The same State of affairs ex
s tsts as to the successor of Senate:
S Bard, of California, Senator Deitrfch
of Nebraska, Senator Kearns, ol
t Utah, and Senator Quarles, of Wis
if consin. It is known that the last
i. named, who is a Stalwart, will be
i- succeeded by a supporter of Govern
i or J,a Follette.
In Missouri, where the Republicans
i have eanturerl the becrislautre for the
> first time in more than a'genoratiori,
3 a successor will be elected this winr
tor to the venerable Senator Cocki
rell. one of the best-informed men
; of the Democratic side. It is proba
hie that the Missouri Republicans will
get into a nasty wrangle in trying
to fill Cockrell's seat.
The most valuable addition to the
1 Democratic side of the Senate that
will be made in the next Congress
will be that of Isidor Rayner, who
will come from Maryland in succession
to McComas, Republican. Mr.
Rayner has already seen service In
the House of Representatives, Is a fine
orator and stands high as a lawyer.
Paint - pride Is ours In justifiable
measure, because we carry Heath &
Mlllegan's best prepared paint, and
satisfaction is guaranteed by its use.
J. L. Hall's Hardware Store. x
You know well your ladies were
pleased last Xmas because you got
tllOU" i'l that'll L.-3 UL Lilt; Ulg .VlllLlS
goods man,
For Sale.
Choice building lots on /lrglnla
avenue and Sixth street. Apply
win Robinson. Gas Office.
Why not let the Marion Claim
Agency collect that claim for you? x
10G Main street, next door to Citizens'
Dollar Savings Bank. |
R. E. Fisher, Prop. Office, Jackson St. (
Bill Posting and Distributing. Con- {
solidated 'Phone No. 523. =
Billposters and Distributors.
121 Madison St. F. & M. 'Phone 290.
Jur customers receive the beat?
That's all.
At the Madison Street Restaurant.
Regular Meals, 25 cents.
Boarding by the week, ?3.50.
WELLS & CRISS, Proprietors.
Meals at all houru
Special attention given lunch counter.
Livery, Sale and Exchange Stable,
Porter alley, Rear of Court-house.
Phones?Bell, 147. F. & M? 209.
Under Billinglea's Drug Store,
Madison street.
F. H. Jackson, Barber,
lor. Parks ave. and Main St. Firstlass
work guaranteed- No novices
ut experienced workmen.
(pposito Marietta Hotel. Everything
'irst-Class. Bath Room. Union Shop.
LOYAL BENNETT, Proprietor.
Barber, SOS Main Street. 1
Opposite Bank ot FairmontEight
Chairs. I
'. Bennett, Proprietor, 300 Monroe ,
street. Scouring, dyeing, repairing. j
&c. Rates, $1.50 per month. Quick ,
work. 'Phones. Wagon. ^
v. tJ. proprietor,
leaning, dyeing, pressing and repair- j
ing. 329 Main street, up stairs,
arber, No. S14 Fourth St. 5th Ward. <
11 work artistically done. Eighteen ^
ears' experience. Agent for Laundry.
617 Merchant street. <
nranitn nunot,rtv<roT.?
eas. Spices, Refined Coffee's and
Attention to Customers.
G. N. Welsh, Proprietor.
resh and Cured Meats of all kinds. t
i gh til street, South Side. Bell <
hone, 243-2. (
M. M. Foster, Manager.
3ice?304 Main street. Phones?F. *
& M., 398; Bell, 333-2.
r destroyed by Arc,-papier mache
B. be solely- employed. To obtain a sufli'
cient quantity for the purpose there
i- has been engaged a staff of 1,000 Co*
reans possessed of strong teeth for
1 chewing! up paper,
5 At Sevinoroslta, in Russia, is a
1 paper house. It has been entirely
buiU of block's of papier mache, even
the foundations and roof being made
from that material. So, too, are the
' chimneys, although the paper used iu
their construction was sire mingled
avitli a fire-proof material. The house.,
which is of considerable extent, and
will, in the opinion of the architect,
outlast such as are built of stone and
brick, cost over ?8,000.
In certaiu towns of Russia, too, the
experiment is now being made of utilizing
paper for paving the roads and
streets. In this case also blocks compressed
to great solidity are emploj'ed,
and are said to stand excellently
the wear and tear of traffic. The
cost, however, is at present too great
to permit of anything like their uni
vci&ui auuiiuui). ror foui'l yarns or
mansions and similar purposes where
expenses need not be of much consideration,
paper pavement, it is averred,
will soon come into vogue.
Out of the sheets of an Austrian
daily paper an ingenious Viennese
engineer has lately constructed for
his own use a small yacht, fifteen
feet long, decked all over, and provided
with a center board. In' the
making of the hull, deck, masts, sails ,
and rudder several thousand copies :
of the journal were used?each plank i
requiring no fewer than 2,000 leaves
.?an enormous pressure had to he l
employed before the necdSsary solid- ity
could be obtained. The inventor I
has already made several excursions (
on tlie Woerth See, and even in
squally weather his boat is said to
have behaved admirably.
The late Henry Krupp completed, i
a few months before his death, -a r
number of paper field pieces. Those p
unique guns, which were made to the 0
order of the German government, are e
intended for the exclusive use of the v
infantry. Their calibre is very small, t
being, indeed, less than two inches, tj
and so light are they that a single t.
soldier can, unaided, shoulder one
with ease. Despite their small p.
weight, however, the resistance is
greater than of a steel field piece of h.
the same calibre.
Germany, too, can boast itself the m
pioneer in a dental novelty, viz., in sl
paper teeth, which are constructed at
"rom paper pulp instead of from the jj.
porcelain or other material usually e?
pmployeil. They are said to have
;iven satisfaction to such as have
I The West
| Job Dent
We are now
& do all kinds of J<
? you want any of
? or Job Work of ?
g try us:
& Shipping- Tags,
@ Business Care
? Bili He
J Dodgers,
| Sale Bills,
? Statemei
| Sh<
g Announcements,
Negotiable Not
| Boo
& All Work Promptly anc
CoinmAnt UIap
| i an iiiuiiu vvodi
I Monroe S
brittle, are much less liable t?
chip than the ordinary false teeth
They are likewise guaranteed to .b<
very durable.?London Tit-Bits.
Gold Standard For China.
Like Mexico, China Is preparing It
come over to the gold side in hei
monetary system. Like Mexico, also
very much will have to be done before
the transition is entirely accomplish
ed. The leading members of the
J Chinese government, as is the case
with the heads of the Mexican Tie
public, are convinced of the wisdom
of the proposed change of financial
base, but the obstacles in the way
of the change are great, and years
will pass before they can be entirely
overcome. When Mexico and
China get over on the gold side no
countries of any consequence will be
left on the silver basis. Aside from
those two nations there are only three
or four of the minor Latin-American
countries and the Straits Settlements
that are on the silver standard. Most
of these are likely to make the
change in their currency within the
next few years. And yet it is only
four years since one of the great parties
in the United States declared for
the adoption of the silver standard.
The pretense that the Bryanites
wanted bimetalisni was absurd, for
the legislation which they urged
would, if adopted, banish gold and
make silver the sole basis of the
country's currency. Had Mr. Bryan
won in either 1S9C or 1900, a long
step toward the adoption of the silver
standard would have been taken in
the United States. All this looks
very remote when examined in the
light of the drift away from silver,
vbich has been in progress all over
he world in recent times.?St. Louis
Warranted Fatal.
A fraud order has been issued at
(Vashington by the Postofflce Departnent
against the making of frauduent
whiskey, without a still, at a cost
>f 25 cents a quart, out of logwood
xtract, cologne spirits, oil of rye and
rater. It Is said that a mixture of
hese potables in the right proporions
will produce a reasonably palaable
beverage. Certain it is that
whiskey" of this sort can be manuictured
very cheaply, and provided
escapes the payment of any tax,
andsome profits can be made on it.
ealers in artificial products can
lake monej' by their production of
ich stuff so long as they can find |
upid customers, but the consumers
ive an unpleasant knack of seeking
irly graves.?New York Tribune.
Ask your grocer for Marion flour, x <
Virginian f i
nsfirtAnf ^ t.
II 1)11161!b. | *
in position to ^ *
Db Printing-. If <
the following, g
my description, ?
f ?
IS, ? N
-ads, | |
tter Heads, | ?
Note Heads, g ai
? in
^ ra
Its, I
dw Cards, ?
Programmes, ? 01
:es, J
Notes, si
k Printing", +
Price Cists, f so
^ no
O cn
^ th<
^ tin
iSb to
I EMeatiy Executed, ^ po
fit ^e<
I) Virginian, |~
2 mil
About tS
9 Early training in tbe prai
. 49 tion as to the use and value of
, ^ earning and saving money ;
^ fasten the children in the ways <
[ @ ' We are always glad to ass
. ^ efforts to save money.
f Home Savings Bai
7 J.
-:- IS -sThe
only man in
the Monongahela
Valley who
makes a specialty
of making
you money
and Incidentally aliving for himself- rj
Fairmont Real Estate, s!
Snecial Afrentsl'i
r --o bo~
Properties Rented
Special Agent Ca
Loans Negotiated
Stocks For ^
Bonds for Investment.?
His clients are his references.
Office rooms, 322% Main Street qj
Baltimore & Ohio is!
railroad. and
PASSENGER trains will arrive at Se
and depart from Fairmont on the Fs
following schedule on and after May Cu
22d, 190i Of in
So. 7.?Chicago Express. 4:24 a. M. I Th<
STo. 5.?Wheeling Accommodation
STo. 55.?Wheeling & Cincinnati
Express. 7:29 p.m. i
Jo. 71.?Wheeling Accommodation
1:36 p. m.
east bound.
To. 8.? New York, Balti- Gecr,
more and "Wash- Geori
ington Express. 3:25 a.m. t ?To.
72.?Grafton Accom'n 10:53 a. m.
To. 46.?New York. Baltimore
and Wash- ?>ii
ington Express. 1:48 p.m. bon
To. 4.?Grafton Accom'n 8:38 p.
! *., M. .49!) P. BK*NOU. A((
arrives. ceive
To. 50.?Pittsburg Accom'n 1:00 p.m.
To. 4.?Pittsburg Accom'n 9:55 p.m.
departs. * s
ro. 3.?Pittsburg Accom'n 7:50a.m. 'nser'
o. 51.?ConnellsvilleAe'm 2:10p.m. 'x fre
No. 69 leaves daily for Morgantown ?rsd p
t 9:05 p. m:. No. 62 arrives from Mor
antownat 6:55 a. ?t., daily except Sun- ?jjay;
at 8:00 a. m. Sunday onlv.
o. 5.?Arrives at Fairmont 5:35 p.m. Dq
o. 1.?Arrives at Fairmont 12:10 p. m.
o. 3.?Arrives at Fairmont 7:45 a. m.
o. 2.?Leaves Fairmont 7:10 a. m.
o. 6.?Leaves Fairmont 1:53 p.m. pn
o. 4.?Leaves Fairmont.. . 9:55 p.m.
All trains are daily except Nos. 3 thorop
id 4 on the F., M. and P. branch,
tiich are daily except Sunday. Roc
For sleeping car reservations and
f? - .. ...j p.ro
AL/A auu 1
ites, consult
T. B. Henderson,
Ticket Asrent.
- Co i
(By Publishers' Press.) Cheape
NEWPORT NEWS. Va., Dec. 2.?
mon Lake, inventor of the Lake ..
Umarine torpedo boat, who recent- (a]-"onreturned
from Russia, where he , ^
Id several of the Lake boats, an- '
unced Wednesday that he had giv- Why
the shipyard here a contract for -Ajgenc;
i' construction of. a submarine of ==^==
3 cruiser type, which would he able
cross the ocean under her own fetjfi
wer, something which has never
sn considered feasible with other
>es of submarine vessels. The new
it will he about S3 feet long and IWjjJ
11 have a crushing radius of 1,000 k.,%J
les. Mr. Lake will test Simon Lake,
:entiy launched here, In a few days,
tparatory ' to the government tests
be ordered shortly.
stice of self-denial : instrucmoney
; ' opportunities for
all these tend to fix and
;ist the little folks in their " ^
lfi. Fairmont S
lie Bank of Fairmont,
E WATSON, President.
J. S. IiAYBEN, Vice President |S|
Capital, $150,000.00.
Undivided Profits, $160,000.00
A. B. Fleming-, J. S. Hay den.
J. E. Watson,
M. L. Hutchinson, F. E. Nichols,
0. S. McKinney, C. E. Manley.
'ransacts a general banking bus!
Lccounts of corporations, firms and
ividuals received upon the most
orable terms consistent with sound
I conservative banking,
nterest paid on timeldeposits.
eparate vault with, safety deposit
:es tor use of customers.
ie First National Sank
of Fairmont, W. Va.
pital Stock, - $100,000.00
rplus and Undivided
Profits: - t flft/l t\f\
- ? - ? *-~7 ^
ignated Depositary of the United
ates and State of West Virginia.
I. HARTLEY, President.
Vice President.
JOS. E. SANDS, Cashier.
f. Hartley, Hon. A. B. Fleming
j. D. Fleming, Wm. E. Watson
Jos. E. Sands.
lartered as State Bank in 185).
ganized as National Bank in 1885
^chartered as National Bank in
"ants business based on balance*
jllects on all points,
ills domestic and foreign exchange
iys interest on special deposits,
istomers' private boxes taken care
l our fire and burglar proof vanl
of charge.
b People's Bank of Fairmont,
TP. Va.
ge SI. Jacob* PreaMcn* Ipg
ge DeBolt Cashier
Brownfleld... .Assistant Cashtor
ectors?G. M. Jacob*, S. L- tlatJ.
M. Hartley, Harry Shaw. "W. *>
aond and C. E. Hutchinson.
ousmeas intrusted to us #111 <-?- *
prompt and careful attention.
? '
sat paid on time deposits.
e to customers for private boxes
m ifi
rter Alley and Monroe Street,
C. V. ABBOTT, Proprietor.
ims have been remodeled and *
ighly renovated,
ims with bath.
;t class bar attached.
itractor <& Builder,
ntees satisfaction in all his : >
Screen doors a specialty. Esss
free. 718 Gaston'Are.
?-? ? ; }
s. E. A. McCartney,
adies Tailoring.
tiemen's Cleaning and Repairing.
:st price for high grade'Tailoring.
Third Floor. Carr Building.
about having a baby's picture -.'.'1
See Howard, the photogra- -.1
LOG Main street. x not
let the Marion Claim
sr collect that claim for you? x
. V-'

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