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I ads bo compelled to use
slem and that, the hours
[-^employes on the- trains
law. The latter has been
several occasions by the
A* railroad expert stated
latvthe public demand for
b/.pressing that the emideretl
It necessary to
violations of those pre3mployes.
It would seem
^pub!ic shotiI<1
fs, to curb the trusts. As
afis, he thinks the Interirce
Commission should
t with right of appeal to
tnal, the rates to continue
ter lias passed upon the
jncieraing other trusts
ureau is making patient
ve investigation, preferjerate
with the corporapossible.
rather than to
a an effort to relieve the
trust evils moderation is
being difficult, if not imaforce
a law which is too
is emphatic as to rebates,
y must cease,
the shipper or the railime
makes no difference;
ust be stopped."
ge goes fully into what
id the question of race
I'_ The President finds the
of the deterioration of the liv3
the lamentable increase in the
rate of children to be in the
ng and unsanitary conditions
-'slums ef great cities, and the
aces in Europe fully bear out
itention. ft was at first thought
te obvious deterioration in Gertnd
France was due to the draftso
many able-bodied men in
irmies, but when the same pheon
was observed in England
inquiry .was made in all of
countries and the conclusion
d that it was due to overcrowd- I
the- cities. The President adbat
Washington be made a mod.
without real slums and -with
parksdand playgrounds for the
11 order to furnish an example
rest of the country. In this
connection a thorough investigation of
child labor by the Bureau of Labor is
The reclamation'"of:, desert lands.
||||preservation of the timber supply and
gpHl forest reserves are all matters of
great, importance. the President
^^^^hinlts; and he suggests certain
' : changes in administration for the better
enforcement, of the-laws, "He takes
a more hopeful view of the Indian's
i|||||dfut:ure than is generally entertained,
and appears to think that the starving
process will put hint to work and ;
mahe some sort of a citizen out of
The President's interpretation of the
^^^^^n'rpe .Doctrine differs widely from
its expounder and which
has prevailed for three-quarters of a
century : in fact,: it may be more aptly
called an expansion of that doctrine.
As originally promulgated, it meant
simply that there must be no'further }
enidi gemfeaKpf^uropean power or poical
influence on .he's American
a Truster for
them in their relations to foreign powers.
T::<! int.erfsreri.ee in Ihe struggle
between Spain and Cuba was on the
double grounds of self-interest and
humanity, and not because of the
Monroe Doctrine. The latter had
nothing to do with it. An intolerable
situation had been prolonged year after
- year within sixty miles of our
shores arid a horrible scandal maintained
in spite of our remonstrance.
The Southern republics are sovereign
States, with governments suited
to the conditions and wishes of the
people who inhabit them.
They are not the kind of governments
that we would care to have; but neither
are we the kind of people who live
in them. If foreigners go there to
make money?and that is the principal
purpose for which they go?they
are governed as they are anywhere
else by the vvcll-lcnown rule of law
caveat emptor. They expect large
dividends and they take heavy risks.
If we assume the role of trustee for
foreign governments or guardian for
the republics we will he apt to find it
a particularly thankless task and one
not devoid of danger and embarrassments.
The President encourages the building
of the Navy, and he strongly urges
the completion of the coast defenses
and the organization of a proper submarine
system. No more important
matter will come before Congress. It
would be possible in any emergency
to do without a navy, but if the defenses
of the coast are neglected any
naval power may lay an American
coast city under tribute or batter it
down, in spite of a navy, for the latter
cannot be everywhere at. the same
The President. recommends im
prbvenients in Ihe consular system,
chief among which is the substitution
of salaries for fees. He also advises
Congress to enact a quarantine law to
supplant those now in force at the
ports of many of the States. The attention
of Congress- is also called to
a reform of the currency, embracing
the retirement of greenbacks and a
provision for redeeming silver dollars
in gold. __ He goes into the question of
naturalisation at sonte length and
thinks that the courts empowered to
naturalize citizens should be designated
by National authority.
A review of the foreign policy of the
government does, not seem to show
any clouds in the. offing, hut the President
is impressed with the,belief that
the way to maintain peace is to be
fully armed and prepared to meet any
contingency. War may be forced on
a helpless people, then again a Nation
may have to engage in a "righteous"
war. Perhaps it would be more accurate
to say "necessary" war. Necessity
has forced Nations into war, but
the only .technically "righteous" war
in history was essentially unrighteous
and horrible.
0W1NGSVILLE, Ky., Dec. S.?
News comes from the mountains of
Owsley county of a battle between
Mrs. Laura Burkhart anil a hig mountain
lion which had been driven from
its home by the drought existing
throughout Kentucky.
llrs. Burkhart was milking her cow
late in the afternoon. Her three-yearohl
daughter was playing near by.
When the-child suddenly began whimpering.
as though frightened, Mrs.
Burkhart looked around. About ten
feet away crouched a mountain lion,
just in the act of springing on the
The animal sprang too high and
went oxer the child. As it. crouched
for a second spring Mrs. Burkhart
grasped the heavy milking stool and
attacked it. Again and again she
struck the animal, which vainly endeavored
to get at her. Finally the
lion turned and sprang into the underbrush.
just as Mrs. Burkhart fainted
from the strain and violent, exercise.
A posse has gone into the
mountains to search for the animal.
n K. ygifiin
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France Does Not Favor Modification
of Treaty For
Dardanelles. _
PARIS, Dec. 7.?The reports that
France has given adhesion to Russian
overtures for - a . modification of ' ihe
Treaty of Paris, so as to penult the
Black Sea to pass through the Darilanelles,
are officially denied. The
authorities here say that no such application
has been made, and that at
present there is no indication of any
modification of the treaty. The reports,
it is added, originated through
an apparent misunderstanding between
the Russian Admiralty and the
Russian foreign office. The former,
dominated by the naval spirit, wishes
the Black Sea fleet to reinforce Admiral
Rojestvensky's squadron.
,The Russian diplomatic branch of
the government does not share this
view, owing to the recognized re
au ui inn; 4 icdij ui x^uiia.
It Is poinlefl out that the prohibition
of the passage of the Dardanelles
by warships of the powers is chiefly
beneficial to Russia, as it gives her
a preferential position in the Rlaclc
If the treaty is modified so as to
open the Dardanelles, the straits
thereafter will remain open for the
entrance of foreign fleets into 'the
lllack Sea, thus terminating Russia's
privileged position. Therefore, the
authorities here have reason to believe
that the Russian diplomatic
branch will not yield to the desires
of the Russian Admiralty. It. is recalled
that the admiralty brought on
the AhglOrJtussifm crisis by permitting
volunteer fleet vessels to pass
tlie Dardanelles without consulting
the Russian foreign branch.
Another Explanation From Virp Art
miral Rojestvensky Is Made
official statement issued from naval
headquarters gives Vice Admiral
Rojestvensky's latest account of the
Dogger Bank affair and explains how
the Baltic fleet fired 011 its own ships.
The statement is as follows:
"According to the supplementary
information from Vice Admiral
Rojestvensky concerning the North 1
Sea incident of October 21, after the
Kniaz Souvaroff ceased firing two
searchlights of the Dmitri Donskol and
Aurora suddenly appeared on the left '
of the inonclnd division. The Dmitri
Donsltoi showed night signals; v.-hcronpon.
fearing projectiles from the .
hindmost ships of our division should
hit ottr own vessels, either direct or
by ricochet, a general signal to cease
firing was made from the Souvaroff.
The order was at once obeyed.
"The whole firing lasted less than
10 minutes. Communications by wireless
stated that five projectiles struck
Atirni'u enmr* rionnhptinn- nnrl rtt It
ers hitting direct. Three were 75millimeter
and two 47-millimeter shells.
The chaplain of the Aurora was seriously
injured and a petty officer was
slightly wounded. The chaplain subsequently
succumbed at Tangier."
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W. Va. x
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The Dog's Cold Nose.
(New York Times.)
When Noah, perceiving'twas time to
Desired the creatures to enter the
The dog. with a friendliness truly
Assisted in herding them. Two at a
Ho drove them in, the elephants, zebras
and gnus,
Unril they were packed like a boxful
of screws?
The cat in the cupboard, the mouse
011 the shelf,
The bug in the crack. Then ho backed
in himself;
But such was the lack of available
He couldn't tuck all of him into the
And so. though the rivers rushed
over the plain.
And down from the heavens fell
blankets of rain,
He stood with his muzzle thrust1 out
through the door
The whole forty days of the terrible
Because of which drenching, the
sages unfold,
The nose of a healthy dog always is
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