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Bthe consulate Renin
ala to Liege, on
>hble bet-ween liimHunter,
then the
;d a better place,
ten da lion is that
T. Fee. of Warren,
bay, India, be rais$3,300
on account
cost of living, and
late. Mr. Fee lost
the plague a few
icrease from $L500
for William Ross
flle. at Alexandretin
danger of being
hat post because
Davis offered him a
r hauling down the
Ascension Day. the
: to the Fourth o!
r OHioan for whom
be asked is Frank
general at Berlin,
0 is asked, an inor
whom increases
RTurkey, from $1,500
Till Griffith. at Man-om
$1,500 to $2,000;
at Rosario. Arsento
$21500. and Edis
at Toronto. Canto
$3,000. The othts
are: Walter C.
ingland, from $2,000
tliam Peters, at St.
lie. Zittan. Germany,
>00. The lone West
m an increase is
oke. Windsor, Nova
K) to 52,000.
I Charge Made to Show How a Rail:
road Company Beat the State
INDIANAPOLIS, Dec. 13.?William
j A. Ketchum, former attorney general
Indiana and as such employed to
try -to force the Vandalia Railroad
| Company to pay to the State the sum
i ^iC^$S$00.000, filed a complaint against
p the company, alleging that the State
had been prevented in the past from
jiTnrestisatlng and enforcing its claim
N. because of the corruption of its
'jr&Sfaot& by the company.
case was in the courts several
months ago, and the Supreme Court
found in favor of the State and fixed
0|?if??tklie amount as approximately $1,000.?00.
The company appealed to the
;X:United States- Supreme Court, and
- v.ttet tribunal reversed the judgment
3 <m the ground that the State had slept
on lis rights and had delayed too Ion?
; in the attempt to enforce its claim
~ The case was sent back to the State
| courts with instructions to And foi
, ;:the railroad company, but Ketchuir
secured permission to file anothei
anft showing why the claim had not
been -prosecuted.
This complaint charges that whet
the legislature sent its committee tc
investigate the books of the company
to discover the amount of indebted'
ness under its special charter, the
members of the committee got free
transportation and hotel expenses and
that their duties were usurped by the
officers of the "company. The members
of the committee were made
drunk, he says, in order to prevent
xfce Investigation.
It is also charged that members of
certain committees were bought outright
and that, as it was through the
company's frauds upon the State that
investigation was delayed from time
to time, the company cannot in
equity claim exemption because of
the lapses of time.
Evidence will be taken under the
complaint, and members of the legislative
committees who were charged
with selling out to the company will
he called to testify,
| Some nice lots on Hamilton Hill for
ale. at a good bargain. EL H- Lan"Why
not let the Marion Clalnc
Agency collect that claim for you? 3
Why not let the Marlon Clals
Agency collect that claim for yon? 3
Quick collections, - prompt settle
meats?Marlon Claim Agency. :
^ i Mystery of Blaze in Lynn Work* ;
| Milesvllle Is Solved.
PITTSBURG., Pa.. Dec. 12?Th
Lynn coal mine at Milesvilie is o
fire. Tie bnrrow of a "groundlos i
' said to have been the cause. Ove
100 miners are out of -work. It wi
cost the Glassport Coal Compan;
owners of the mine, several hundre
L dollars to extinguish the fire.
For several weeks Superintenden
. W. A. "Wilson has been aware tha
. fire existed in the mine, but it coul
. not be located. Saturday Georg
Crossland. the pit boss, discovere
smoke coming from a hole in th
surface that had been a groundhog"
. retreat. Flames from the recent foi
est fires swept into the groundhog"
hole and set fire to the coal. On
, thousand feet of pipe were laid t
the Monongahela river and engine
will be installed today to pump wj
ter to flood the mine.
The End of Toil.
How sweetly it comes back, how ter
That evening's end; no little thin;
The fire made safe; set back th'
steaming pot;
Windows and doors shut tightly a
could be:
The tall clock wound; the house al
still; and then?
The dear old man his candle take
and goes
To seek his own well-earned, prayei
blest repose.
: His heart at peace with all the sou
of men.
And. when we to the end of toil bav<
And it is time for us to go to bed,
' ? Hay we as gently move into ou
Leaving no simplest needful tbin;
Xo word of healing gentleness un
Some lamp of God close to on:
bosoms pressed.
?John White Chadwick.
llagnolia flour for pastry purposes. :
106 Main street, next door to Citizens
Dollar Savings Bank.
R. E- Fisher, Prop. Office, Jackson St
Bill Posting and Distributing. Consolidated
*Phone No. 523.
Billposters and Distributors.
321 Madison St. F. & M. TPhone 290
Oar customers receive the best?
That's all.
At the Madison Street Restaurant.
Regular Meals, 25 cents.
Boarding by the week. $3.50.
WELLS & CRISS, Proprietors.
Meals at all hour^.
Special attention given lunch counter
I - ,1. -
Livery. Sale and Exchange Stable.
Porter alley. Rear of Court-house.
Phones?Bell, 147. P. & M., 209
Under Billinglea's Drug Store,
t Madison street.
F. H. Jackson, Barber,
\ Cor. Parks ave. and Main St. First
class work guaranteed. No novice
' but experienced workmen.
Opposite Marietta Hotel. Everylhini
i First-Class. Bath Room. Union Sbol
? LOYAL BENNETT, Proprietor.
Barber, 308 Main Street.
Opposite Bank ot Fairmont.
Eight Chairs.
' V. Bennett, Proprietor, 300 Monro
street. Scouring, dyeing, repairing
&c. Rates, $1.50 per month. Qulc
work. 'Phones. Wagon.
C. B. FIELD, Proprietor.
Cleaning, dyeing, pressing and re pal)
lng. 329 Main street, np stairs.
Barber, No. 814 Fourth St. 5th Ward
All work artistically done. Elghtee
years' experience. Agent for Latin dri
617 Merchant street.
Granite and Queensware. Specla
Teas. Spices, Refined Coffee's am
Attention to Customers.
G. N. Welsh, Proprietor.
Fresh and Cured Meats ot all kinds
1 Eighth street. South Side. Bel
: Phone. 243-2.
M. M. Foster, Manager.
- Office?304 .Main street.' Phones?J
c & M., 898; Ben. 333-2.
at ^
t- ? ?
walks and talks.
*?y juiius i^namuers. in jrittsuurg
i- Donbt no longer exists that Secretary
Taft is in training for the Pres=
idential nomination lour years hence.
Ohio is expected to supply another
e Republican candidate as the Chief
Executive of the United States. A
s noticeable coldness between Senator
Eoraker and the friends of the young
Secretary has already manifested it1
self. Mr. Foraker has been content
to wait, confident that his opportunis
ty would come in 1508; but the appearance
of his fellow townsman has
"* been an unexpected blow. Senator
Fairbanks does not view with any
s greater complacency the sudden ascendency
of Secretary Taft. and a
combination between all the anti-Taft
e Republicans in his favor is the hope
of the Vice-Presidentelect.
r The campaign of 190S for the Republican
nomination has practically
' begun. A few weeks after Christmas
an informal organization will be effected.
A "bureau of education"
will begin work and the availability
of Judge Taft for a seat on the Supreme
Bench, where he will be shelved.
will be constantly set forth. It
c is generally understood at Washing=
ton rhat the President is willing
Secretary Taft should have the next
> vacancy on the Supreme bench, but
that the Ohio man will not consider
any post short of the Chief Justice>
ship. Mr. Knller does not attain the
age of enforced retirement for seven
- years; waiting for a dead man's shoes
is not acceptable to the Secretary of
The jjaad of the President in this
I Tiie west
| Jot Dei
. ~W"e are ncn
do all kinds of,
you want any c
; % or Job "Work of
J try us:
Shipping Tags,
; & Business Ca
. 2 Bill ?
. t
* Dodgers,
J Sale Bills,
r- | Announcements,
- ? Negotiable N
l o Promissor
[Z B(
i <> =====
All Work Promptly c
! Fairmont Wt
| | Monroe
?Pittsburg Pressmatter
will be shown after March
4. Secretary Hay is believed to be
the Roosevelt selection. Although
the resignations of all the members
of the cabinet will be placed in the
President's hands. John Hay will he
asked to stay. How Ions he will consent
to remain will depend upon the
effect of persuasion upon him. Mr.
Play is not ambitions for the Presidency.
He has attained a place in
contemporaneous history almost
equal to that of any President since
Lincoln. General regret will be felt ]
among many personal admirers of J
Senator Foraker in both parties that
he is to be forced ont of the running.
He is a strong man and has proved
the stanch -friend of our new colo- i
nies?especially the Philippines.
For Sale.
The entire furnishment of the
Delmonico Hotel. Everything ready
to make you money will be offered
at private sale until Saturday, December
17, 1904. "Will be sold that day on
the premises at public auction if not
sold before. Sale at "10 o'clock. Apply
to W. L. Protzman. at the Economy
store. 321 Madison street. Fairmont,
W. Va. x
We have Just unloaded our car of j
Novelty Ranges for fall trade, and are "
in a position to make yon close prices.
1. L. Hall's Hardware Store. x
We carry all sizes of sewer pipe from
3 to 24 inches. Prompt delivery.
Call us on either "phone. J. L- Hall ?
Hardware Store. x
Croquet la a pleasant pastime. Pro j
cure a set at J. D- Hall's hardware fl
store. " v
Virginian I:
lament :
__ ? i
77 in position to ? t
Job Printing. If J
>f the following, g 5:
" any description, * *
? >
A 3
V a
leads, ? >
. - - >
,etter Heads, ? >
Note Heads, J ents,
z |
how Cards, a
Programmes. 3 S
_ _ ,
5 11
otes, 2 =
y Notes,
)ok Printing, *
Price Lists. J ?
ind Neatly Executed, * *
ist Virginian, |?
ifo>;r?x|',i,f ^
| About th<
J ' Early training'in the ]
?5 tion as to the use and value
X earning and saving roone;
a fasten the children in the wa
@ We are always glad to
efforts to save money.
^ ?
S Homs Savings B
The only man in
the Monongahela
Valley who
makes a specialty
of making
you money
and incidentally aliving for himself.
Fairmont Real Estate.
Special 'Agents
Properties Rented
Special Agent
f none ltfnimfio'fwf
Luauo nt^uuuiwu
Stocks For
Sonds for Investment.
TTig clients are his references.
Office rooms. 222% Main Street
Baltimore& Ohio
PASSENGER trains will arrive at
and depart from Fairmont on the
allowing schedule on and after Noember
27th, 1904:
to. 7.?Chicago Express. 2:24 a. m.
to. 5.?Wheeling' Accommodation
7:47 a.m.
To. 55.?Wheeling & Cincinnati
Express. 7:29 p. m.
io. 71.?Wheeling Accommodation
1:41 p. m.
east bound,
ro. 8.?New York, Ba.lt!moreand
Express. 3:25 a.m.
ro. 72.?Grafton Accom'n 10:53 a. m.
ro. 46.?New York, Baltimore
and Washington
Express. 1:49 ?. m.
ro. 4.?Grafton Accom'n 8:3a p. m.
F., ?. AM) P. BRANCH.
ro. 2.?Pittsburg Accom'n 7:05 p.m.
!o. 50.?Pittsburg Accom'n l:oo p. m.
ro. 4.?Pittsburg Accom'n 9:?0 p. m.
ro. 1.?Pittsburg Accom'n 5:00 A.M. j
o. 3.?Pittsburg Accom'n 7:50 a. m.
To. 51.?Coruiells ville Ac'm 2:10 P.m.
No. 69 leaves daily for Morgan town
,t9:05 p. m. No. 62 arrives from Morantowmat
6:55 a. m., daily except Sunay;
No.GG at 8 00 a-m. Sundayionly.
(Saturday only.)
o. 201?Leaves Fairmont?7:00 a.m.
To. 203?Leaves Fairmont 4:00 p.m.
io. 200?Arrives at Fairmont9:25 a.m.
io. 202?Arrives at Fairmont 6:25 p. m.
To. 5.?Arrives at Fairmont 5:35 p. m.
To. 1.?Arrives at Fairmont 12:10 p. m.
ro. 3.?Arrives at Fairmont 7:45 a. m.
Io. 2.?Leaves Fairmont 7HO a. m.
ro. 6.?Leaves Fairmont... 1:53 p. m.
ro. 4.?Leaves Fairmont... 9:65 P. m.
'o. 66?Leaves Fairmont. ?8:00 a. m.
ro. 69?Arrives at Fairmont.9:00 P. m.
All trains are daily except Nos. 1, 3
nd 4 on the F., M. and P. branch,
hich are dally except Sunday, and
ros. 66 and 69 which are Sunday only.
For sleeping car reservations and
^formation concerning tickets and
ates, consult
T. B. Eendkrson,
Ticket Agent
Opera House Restaurant.
The Opera House Restaurant has
pened up again and will serve Its
istomers as usual In first-class style.
: Is for both ladles and gentlemen.
Manager, x
The West Virginian respectfully
>11 cits Job printing of all kinds,
eat work at reasonable prices.
"Yes, dear Maude, wo always got
le finest cut flowers for Xmas at
[all's Flower Store." x
Price -cut ' half In two on ladles'
>ats and Jackets, at J. S. Pople's.
practice of self-denial ; instruc- ? .
of money; opportunifcec for
y - all these tend to fix aai W
,ys of thrift and prosperity, ^
i assist the little folks ? their ^
Tie Bank oT FairmoHt,
J. E WATSON. President.
J. S. HAYDEN, Vice President
Capital 5150.000.00.
Undivided Profits. SIto.OOO.OO<-^|K^
A. B. Renting. J- S. Haydea.
J. E Watson.
M. L Hutchinson, F. E. Nichols
0. S. McKinney, C. E Manley.
Transacts a general banking busi. ness.
Accounts of corporations, firms and
individuals received upon the most
favorable terms consistent with sound
and conservative banking.
Interest paid on time Jdeposits.
Separate vault with safety deposit
boxes for use of customers.
The First National Bani
of Fairmont, W. Va.
Capital Stock, - $100,000.00
Surplus and Undivided
Profits, - 165,000.00
Designated Depositary of the United
States and State of "West Virginia.
J. M. HARTLEY, President
Vice President. .
JOS- E. SANDS, Cashier.
J. M. Hartley, Hon. A_ B. Fleming:
Benj. D. Fleming:, Wm. E. Watson
Jos. E. Sands.
Chartered as State Bank in 1851.
Organized as National Bank in 1365
Rechartered as National 3aai xn
Wants business based on balances
and responsibility.
Collects on all points. ,
Sells domestic and foreign exchange
Pays interest on special deposits.
Customers' private boxes taken can
of in our fire and burglar proof rani
tree of charge.
The People's Bank of Fairmont,
W. Ya.
George M. Jacobs... .PraalSaatr George
DeBolt Csahiar
J. M. Brownileld Assistant CaiUw W"
Directors?G. 3E. Jacobs. S. V.
son, J. JI. Hartley, Harty Shaw, W. ?w: 'V'.
Htymcni and C- E. Hatchtnson.
Ail butlness Intruded to us will r?
ceJve prompt and careful attention
Interest paid on time deposits. Visit
s free to customers for private boxes
and papers.
Porter Alley and Monroe Street,
C.V. ABBOTT, Proprietor.
Rooms have been remodeled aad '
thoroughly renovated.
Rooms with bath. ,
First class bar attached.
Contractor & Builder,
{guarantees satisfaction In all his
work. Screen doors a specialty. Eitimates
free. 718 GasCasa Ave.
Mrs. E. A. McCartney,
Ladies Tailoring.
Gentlemen's Cleaning and Repairing
Cheapest price for high grade Ta3ort?p.
Third Floor, Carr Building-.
How about having a baby's picture
taken? See Howard, the pbotographer,
106 Main street. x
- . -
ask your grocer ior Marion nonr. x
. ... _

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