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'''^o'and u^oubtedb' 'woi:
I not broken his hand.'
at the Jackson street hot'
ery modest about his achiet
nt -the roped arena, preferrii
to- ever fought in this secti<
ring the heavy men he fongl
^^te; vvhen Bra ham -weigh)
Epgjeiaa. annougn toe ngsr ^asTrrma
r Trent's, not withstanding: the fat
-that he entered the ring in the fac
Of his physician's refusal to let hi:
because the injury to his br
The bestir illustration of his ganr
fought many a hard battle when th
-member -should have been in splint!
* or at least under a doctor's care, an
for that same indiscretion in persis
ing in fighting with _bis mit in sue
condition, he has been unable to tak
aiiy one since, and just lateiy ha
In a fight with Henry Mason, a
^/Lambert. Pa., he had his man all bt
in the first round, but Maso:
managed to stay until the third, whe:
i^Trent, with a terrific jolt to the hea
"brofce his left band. The blow flooi
ed his ODpcnent, but the seconds fina
got mm 10 nis ieei ueiure ui
cctrnt was up and he finished th
jgggKXrt. Trent, with one hand helpless
? fought like a demon for the remaii
der of the ten rounds to a draw.
The hand did not have time to l'uli
jSintt when Trent went to Youngstow
to train with Owen Zeigler. who wa
." preparing for his fight with Soil
. Stronp, which Zeigler succeeded i
winning at Sharon. The hard bout
he had with Zeigler did not reope
the old hurts, yet they no doubt pri
i.V.. vented them from healing. Tw
months after the fight in which h
broke the hand he fought Curie
, . White, at Beaver Falls, and broke th
hand over in the second round, bu
j;?-' " placidly stayed the remaining thii
tech and lost the decision.
One of Trent's very first fight
was fought in this city against Arc
Wilson. This occurred in a local h<
tel. and Trent, who was but a kit
o ImAAlrA/l In tVio fonrl It rmin
a|?2?j?hJs' heavier opponent.
^raJ&Ferhaps the most .laughable occui
jB^Sienee-; in his career happened at Can
. > berland. and is well remembered b
p^jfpyalrmont sports. Duffer Harris, th
2" vveU. Ttnown colored man who is ri
^ "'^ineinbered by every one in this towi
got an idea in his head that he coul
fej'figit seme,' so he challenged Tren
^v-;'the fight to take place in Cumbe
jgj " land. Right at the start it was see
gj ' by the spectators that Harris wa
clearly outclassed. His swings lacl
ed anything but steam, yet the activ
uv. ..'Trent had no difficulty in avoidin
jj; them. In the second round Harris
' swings became so wild that the crow
was convulsed with laughter. Thi
1*^;:/rattled Duffer more tlian ever and i
IP^jnaking an awful jab at Trent, h
jK caught the referee in the jaw and lai
Another;-hattie that many loo
sports will remember was the on
in whichJj'Trent 'put Kid Montgon
cry out in four rounds at llannlni
His hand lias entirely recover*
and is as nd'tjjifc.rth
nwm sports
N' lovers,, some fast bouts will be pollv
ed.'o?T around '.hero; as boxing is to be
v revived via Wheeling and other
towns in the vicinity-. His record for
5E 1902, as given by a Pittsburg paper,
Knocked out EM Smith In eight
rounds at Baltimore,
nt Knocked o.at Duffer Harris In six
bo rounds at Cumberland,
elf Lost to Arch Wilson in four rounds
:1? at Fairmont.
lid Drew with Hynry Mason, at Lambert.
_-r- j rvnocsea out rk.iti .uumgumtT^ ju
ad i four rounds, at Mannington.
ci- Decision over Red Murphy in two
ut rounds, at Conneilsville.
us Lost to Geo. Simpson in fifteen
eL rounds, at CrecnsbtL-g.
e- Drew in ten rounds with Bill
lg O'Keefer. at McKeesportr
is Lost to Harry Johnson in fifteen
>e rounds, at Beaver Falls.
10 Drew in six rounds with Chas.
>n Knox at Johnstown.
ie Drew in ten rounds with Windyit.
Cole, at Greensburg.
ie Wen in ten rounds from Curley
ir- White at Youngstown.
id Drew in ten rounds with Montana
Kid at Cbarleroi.
Lost in two rounds to Chas. Speeder.
at Elizabeth.
Lost in nine rounds to Biily- Hermann.
at Frederick.
Lost in eleven rounds to CharleyNelson.
at Uniontown.
Knocked out Geo. Holly in ' four
rounds at Masontown.
Decision over Bully James in ten
rounds at Youngstown.
It is noticeable that the string of
defeats v.-Uicli be suffered followed
his unfortunate mishap. Now that
he has fully recovered, he is willing
and anxious to take on any LIS pound
^ maD in this section.
' 'J?C0 Subjects of the Czar on Board
Steamship Reaching New York.
Encountered Heavy Seas,
;e XEtV YORK. Dec. 14.?Bringing
1- reports or heavy seas and Iong-contiu;t
ned stormy -weather, the ocean liners
:e that were detained outside the bar
n by Saturday's snowstorms came into
> port on Sunday. There were eight
steamers, including the N'w York,
e- the I.ucanin. the Hanover and Belgran
via in this storm-bound fleet, and dee
iayed on board of them were oil
e cabin jjsssen.cers and 4.934 steerage
5, passengers.
d On the Belgravia were 1,200 men
l- who left Russia to escape military
h duty. The hucania had a lempestue
ous voyage of six days, six hours and
s Sfty-six minutes from Queenstown.
and was then delayed outside the bar
t for sixteen hours.
it According to Capt. Magin, the Belli
gravia ran into a hurricane Tuesday
a afternoon, the force of -which could
d not be measured by the wind registering
gauge. Capt. Magin estimated
I- that at its height there was a wind
e velocity 01 Inines an uuur.
e great wave swept over the bow of
> the vessel, tearing out the shield.
' disabling the marine telegraph, tearing
away the starboard hawser port
y forward and smashing the windlass.
n It was then that the fear below decks.
s which had been continuous, arose to
>' panic. It was necessary to send all
n officers off duty below to quiet them.
s and these were compelled to remain
n there several hours trying to reassure
the frightened persons that there
? was no danger,
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ir Harvey V. . Harmer s opinions are
neese Blizzard.^who <?alms bp. repreI.
scats a.'abdicate, for,, the; Iarksburg
V wnte-" T7OTks .:ffi;-al)ont Uas coolvand
nervy-proposition-as^jmka ever jtsed
seats a syndicate, fior :thet Clarksburg
to note that the Clarksburg council is
railroading tie deal " through by unanimous
Here is -what the ordinance authorizing
the saie of the piant provides:
1. A sale to the trustee of an unknown
syndicate for a sum considerably
Jess than the original cost of
the plant. The value of the franchise
is absolutely ignored.
2. Maximum charges are not to be
increased, but provision is made
for other charges not now imposed.
S. No provision to give the city free
water. It will have to pay as other
consumers would do, which would envail
an additional tax upon the people
of $10,000 a year. In ten years
the syndicate owning the plant -would
collect from the city .as much money
as it had originally paid the city for
j the plant.
j 4. No provision binding Blizzard's
' assigns to furnish water at the pres|
eat rate. Ke is given authority to
j transfer the plant as he may see fit
i "without reservation and without In;
terference by the city." This practi!
caily vitiates all restrictions impos:
ed upon Mr. Blizzard as owner.
| N'o provision is made binding the
! purchasers to furnish a pure and ami
pie supply of water.
[ 0. Payments for the plant are to bo
j made on Ions time and without interj
est on the amount owing. Practij
caily a gift of $3,750 to the syndiI
Boiled down this proposition must
| :.e about the sweetest piece of impu!
".S'ltce in the annals of municipal gov!
eminent. Clarksburg now of course
; iatnishes itself with water free of
| charge. Thereafter it will have to pay
j the private owners $10,000 a year for
! water, which means that the city will
j l.e paying back the yurcnasc price of
i the plant in a short time: and which
| in turn means that the sale as proI
posed under the pending ordinance
is not a sale at all. but simply a
; gift of the entire water system. Xice,
: isn't it?
So far no opposition has develop;
ed in the Clarksburg council to this
; interesting bit cf jobbery. Happily
. for the citizens, however, they still
! have a good club which they can
swing with vital effect if council rati
| lies the sale. !n such a hurry were
the gentlemen to get their deal
through they neglected to advertise
ir thirty days in the newspapers as
required by law their application for !
the franchise. Failure to do this ren- <
tiers null and void any councilmanic
action which may now be taken.
But is there not a timely warning
n all this for Wheeling? book how
easy it is to jam a deal through of that
character. Is there any reason to believe
it will be proportionately more
difficult in Wheeling when we remanoer
past accomplishments along that
line? It will he well for the citizenry
to iteep an eye peeled if its wants to
hold on to its public utilities. "Eternal
vigilance is the price of progressive
and clean city government.?
Wheeling Xews.
The Joys of Coasting.
Oil! what is finer on a starry night
When the snow is sport-ling on the
Than on a bohsled to fake your tligbt
Swift as an arrow. -----11It sc trce a
Hugged iij> close in the- warns embrace.
Of the dear little girl von fondly
Light hearted and merry you make
the race.
With none to see but the s'nrs
Just ten is the iittle sweetheart's age.
And her "fellow" has scarcely turned
But a bird just loosed from an iron
Is not. more happy '.ban they. I
f Cleverness.
ted purpose.
it and mental recreation are the moL
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of verse?pathos, love, humor, tendernen
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stratlons, editorial vaporings or weary j
esh yon. ? 3
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irt set, -152 Fifth Avenue, New
" : - -.
: ra^Ssgfe
No' f Hope; Held" Oirt^r- ip'>.Washiingt9n:
For 1 ts'.ReylvaJ.
WASHDEGTONT. D. C.. Dec. 13.?
Xo Itope is; held ont. ^ administration
circles of a revival of the FrenchAmerican
( reciprocity: treaty, efforts
to encourage which are being made
by the American Chamber of Commerce
of Paris, according to an interview
with President Cacbard, of that
body, cabled by the Associated Press.
The French treaty and a nnmber of
others have been pigeonholed in the
Senate for some time, and there is no
expectation that they will be seriously
considered at this session of Congress.
Particular disappointment is felt
over the failure of the Senate to act
on the French treaty, as that was regarded
as decidedly favorable to
American products. In the present
temper of the Senate it is known
that the President will not make any
decided effort to negotiate any reciprocity
treaties, as he does not believe
there is any chance of their
ratification in the Senate.
She Will Soon Be the Wife of the
Earl of Suffc'k.
CHICAGO. Dec. 14.?'the wedding
of Miss Daisy Leiter and the Earl of
Suffolk will take place at the Washington
house of the Deiter family during
the .last week in December. Although
the exact <lat-y has not yar
been announced, it was said by the
Leiter family that the marriage ceremony
would undoubtedly be performed
on Wednesday. December 2.S.
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a tt rv ?...
AH uiseiwscs ui cue x\ ?UUCJJ?
V Eladder, and Urinary Organs.
Also Heart Disease, Rheumatism,
Backache. Gravel, Dropsy,
Female Troubles.
He lias spent a lifetime caring jest seek.
ckache 11
Disease .
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t Kidneys, also Book on nay
tus Dance Specific.

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