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The West Virginian, Daily and ;
'. Weekly, is entered in the Postofflce at .
FsJirznaat, W. Va_. as second-class malt
r/ |pjj Beased wire telegraphic service by (
Publishers' Press Association. Special ^
ersburg and other cities in the State, j
The Wests-Virginian is for sale at 1
A. G. Martin's book store. Main St. t
Clyde Holt's cigar store. Main St. <
Iarney Lloyd's cigar store. Main St.
lercer's confectionery, opposite s
ost Billiard Parlors. Fairmont i
. Merrifield's store. Locust avenue, i
^^g^atr's confectionery. Water l
W. Orr's news stand. Monongah.
laude Hissinbotham, Compa::;maaett
Ice's news stand, Manninsbbey
Bmke, agent, Kivesville. 1
i&s -Sallie E. Martin, nostoffice. 1
ginian is delivered by <
>arts of the city and i
ns. If a. single copy '
y ns at once so that i
may be made.
nrnal has - started an- .
Y j ?
Virginia. and that is *
any rate do no harm s
nestlon.?Parkersburg j.
editor of the State v;
: times unfortunate in v
4c it Ai*tr?dnrlv*
(that it has entered upon
n of a question "start- e
rairmont West Virginian j,
ty of a dispensary liquor a
State. We are glad that t;
arnal -has talcen hold of c
ind we hope that its-disbecome
general. A dis- w
like that in operation in r<
1a would not be a bad s
t Virginia by any means. 2
e producer it could be
arm wonders. We think
iwn that through such a h
s of the State could be it
t and be kept in that S
:hout resorting to taxa- e
l law is worthy of con- g
id we are glad that it is b
tention. notwithstanding e;
s ago it was looked upon e
rhen introduced in the b;
y Senator Bob Kidd. of tj
: . The opinion of the State Journal is r
that Mr. Moats will be the next clerk n
of the House of Delegates.?Park- n
' ersbnrg State Journal. a
The West Virginian is of the con- p
; trary opinion notwithstanding, and it n
will wager a Panama hat of one s
season's wear that Marion county's ' w
jg candidate. Mr. KarrySUaw. will l>e c
IS. retained as clerk of the House or c
Delegates. Since Mr. Moats is so a
fond of official position, a fact very
patent to the West Virginian, he
; , .should not have shown the "white
Efj:y/feather" in the recent campaign, hut l
lA-V instead should have stood for re-eiec- v
tion to the House of Delegates when n
by so doing he could have succeed- N
ed himself as Speaker. d
Republicans for office In Republican ?
counties like Wood -he motto of r
yrithe State Journal.?P. thershiirg .State n
And It is the mono of the t", v t ^
Virginian as regards .h>- offices in lite t;
f- Republican county of Marion. <t goes t(
still further, preferring Republicans n
for office In Republican cities like a
&';* Fairmont. It is everlastingly opposed ,
to dividing honors with Prohibit in-- c
tots and Democratic telorm pretciul- ,,
The Question of increased powers
fcv, for tie Interstate Commerce Commls1...
sion Is a very dear one to President
>"s'-; Roosevelt. He has held many con- ^
ferences lately to the end that action
of a definite nature should be taken p
at once to better adjust the freight ?
The fact that the Clarksburg s
^HSviifpapers -are having great, trouble
p on account of the water famine in s
,C'- that city is likely to create a false P
impression. It is not the editors who ''
J:|i;'-',iieed , the water, but the mechanical ?
A fellow doesn't mind falling down.
"Game I-a\v of Kentucky " and print-1
ifc- ?-" * r
sd on cards, ?as been:5swed-j^r order!
, .Plain - citizens - may be"' shot from,!
"an nary 1 to--December Cli' Senators^
governors. and members cf Congress
nay be shot daring any campaign or
within sixty days thereafter.
Niggers may be shot at any time,
flusters in search of this game ar:
also allowed to use a stuffed club or
i butcher knife.
If a man is caught drinking water
it is a sign that he is no gentleman.
;ah. and may be executed with whatever
is nearest at hand.
Colonels may be shot with impunity
at any time, while a squirrel gun
a recommended tor Majors and Captains.
No man shall be allowed to kill in
ixcess of six persons a day. In case
if honor this number may be increased
to IOC. Every citizen who does
lot "tote" the remains of his victim
from public sight within 48 hours
'rom the time the first volley is fired
will be lined one gallon of Moonshine.
Any citizen who steps on another'"
:oes may be shot, with the privilege
>f apologizing thereafter.
If a citizen leaves home half-shot
mil is fonnd on the street a shore.
:ime thereafter full of buckshot, that
:s his fault, and his relatives are not
illowed to shoot more" than 17 suspects
in their efforts to find the guilty
The appointment of ox-Mayor A. I-.
Leaaian as land commissioner for
Marion county isiprged as a most excelient
one. Mr. Leitntati is a term of
good judgment. bois^f cor..ic: -c-iis
and rare hish-mindedness. He can be
depended upon to give "every man a
square deal, no more, r.o less." to use
the language of President Rocsevo-it.
rhe oiilce is one of the utmost importance
botli to the people and ' > the
Republican party. The teropix have
>een promised relief from excessive
jurdens of taxation. 5 The Republican
larty made that promise. The equalrtation
and distribu'io.i ol the burden
cill depend very' largely cpon the- asessed
valuations as placed by the
and commissioner and nis assistants,
dr. Lehman is well avare of .ho roponsibility
of the position an I we
mderstand <lld not seek it bur was
srged to take It in order that the ::ierests
of the people might be proorly
looked after. vv<. congratulate
Ir. Lehman on ?.is preferment and
Iso the people berauso of his seiecion.
That he will give the work his
areful and painstaking ndeavor we
now and the results accomplished
oil in the end justify the cor.'itence
eposed in him by Mr. Dillon, the
tato tax commissioner. who made *"tc
Xot a word has Lwn receiver! front
eadquarters?the Wabash officials?
l regard to resuming work on it s
Juckhannoa and Northern road, yet
verybody believes that the road itoing
to be built and that work will
e begun at an ear!,'- date. There are
xcellent grounds for this belief, notvver.
chief among which is the Waash's
big coal property in this coun
which it doubtless wishes to dev-Top ,
s soon as possible, ana which cannot
e developed until it is reaches! py ,
nil. Aside from this is the belief that
o company would rpond so much
toney as the Wabash has on the B.
nd N. and then abandon the enter
rise. But it has not on it spending
toney. as it is removing all legal ootractions
as rapidly as the courts
rill permit. This of itself is sttniient
ground for the belief that tl;?ompletion
of the it. end X. is not
far off. Speed the thsy.
.Mr. Parker receheil 25.401 less
otes In New York city than 1:1". rutting
mate on the ticket for governor. i
lr. Hcrrick. Yet this :s the caruli
ate. nominated at the behest of the
o-called conservative (democrats, who
.as to he so very strong in the Hast
>ne tiling is sure: Par'y leaders ?Io
ot know as much alK>ut what a party
eeds and wants as the party itself
mows. Parker was the nominee of
he leaders, not of the party. Hereafer
the party will do irs own nootiat
inn for the Presidency, wo hope
nd if the "leaders" should not like it
hey can join some other party. They
an hook up with the Sister Likins
rowd.?I'niontown Genins of Liberty,
TD/-VIIO! r? AT DOrtA Pint IC
Tin- resinnntion fever has seized ^
Sroaddus. Only a few days uxo the
rincipal resigned and now it is_
preadlnj? anions the teachers. It Is
oped that at. least one of the trusees
will catch if.?Clarksburs Teleram.
It is exceedingly unfortunate that
chools have to ko through such unleasant.
experiences as the Telegram
atimates that Broaddus is now enuring.
if "'one of the t rustees" is. to
lame we sincerely hope he will,-reign
before further mischief is (lone.
?eac the w est" Virginian. u nap *
he latesti.am.
. i './'I*..j^i i - - ' *-'f
(By Publishers*' Tress.)
WASHINGTON. Dee. tC.?The first
witness examined tAis morning when
the Smoot Inquiry was resumed by
the Senate Committee on Priveleges
and Elections was Mrs. Annie Elliott,
an elderly woman who lives in Price.
Utah. She said she was converted to
Mormonism in Denmark and came to
this country in 18T2. Her first husband
followed her here a year and a
hall later, she, in the meantime, working
as a cook for a Mr. Jensen, in
Brigham City, who was a co'msellor
to Brigham Young, who had more than
one wife.
For the past twelve years Mrs. Elliott
has been practicing, as a midwife
and nurse. Severn, times she
went through the Endowment House
acting as a representative of dead women
who were being married for eternity.
For many years .Mr-;. Elliott had
worked with other members of the
Women's Relief Societies in making
the garments in the Endowment House
ceremonies. Each time she toe't part
in the ceremonies the same pre-grant
was followed.
The robes were always worn afterwards
by both male and female as
underga rments.
"Do von s'.mnnst* e-.erv Mormon in
this room cf good standing is vearwr
those undergarmentc'.'" askeu Senator
"Yes, I know they are." responded
the witness with posit! veness that
caused a laugh.
In response to Senator Forakcr witness
said tliat she hnd never heard of
any of the penalties prescribed bebtg
inflicted on any one. She did no-, fear
any bodily harm to herself when she
should so back to Utali, although, she
expected that she would suffer in her
business because Morrr ons won! t nor
be likely- to continue :o employ her.
Ciiarles K. Jackso,;. of Boise, bemtv
cratic State chairman oi Idaho was
then examined as to political condi
tiens in that State as od'ecte.-i by the
Mormons. He declared -hat whatever
the .Mormon Church wanted in Idaho
was carried out and hat it would be
impossible for either a "eraocmc. or a
Republican to win any point if it were
opposed by the Church. Xot a Mormon
voted the Deruocra'tc ticket in
the last election and the whole influence
of the Churcii was thrown
against the Democratic party and its
Eefore witness ha-I concluded his.
statement, the committee adjourned
until morning.
Real Estate Transfers
Deed dated October ' . 1904. by W.
S. Hopkins and wife to John
Mitchell, property at rairview: consideration.
$1.< too.
Deed dated May 1. 1994. by Margaret
.Mueller and husband to tSanford
Jones, property in "last Park addition
to Fairmont : consideration.
$9ic.i;o 2-::.
Deed dated October 20. 1904. by C<trdelia
Boor and husband to \V. K.
Knade and wife, projjcrtv in Pawpawdistrict:
consideration. S2.3O0.
Were Shipped to Masontown For Interment
~ The remains of Mrs. J. H. Hulin.
who died yesterday at the Cook Hospital,
wore this morning shipped to
Masontown. Pa. Dr. E. \V. Howard.
Mrs. George DeBolt. Mrs. Darl antl
Mr. iiuhn and children accompanied
rho remains. Funeral services were
held at, Masontown this afternoon.
You will find the finest assort
ment of Up-to-Date Novslties
we have ever shown.
You ?
Beat Our
25c and
50c line.
may; se. held ?thena-ugural
bat-l?matter has not yet
been decided.
<By Publishers' Press.)
WASHINGTON*. Dec. 16.?It is possible
that the inaugural ball, the great
social event of the ni- ht following
President Roosevelt's inauguration
will be held under tie dome of the
Capitol. Dancing in the rotund", and
in statuary hall, with the bronze and
marble figures of the 'departed great
in their majestic presence, an innovation
which Is seriously contemplated.
Congress has to decide where
the ball shall Ue held. The Senate
prefers the big Pens-on Office building.
which has been the scene of the
inauguration festivities on many previous
occasions, should be used, while,
the house, by a vote of one of its committees.
favors the use of the magnulcent
Congressional Library for the
purpose. Because of the controversy
that has arisen, the '-toitol et-'ding
is being considered as u compromise
proposition. Onegrea.tadvantage.it is
pointed out. of holding the ball under
the great white dome is that the rotunda.
statuary' hall and corridors are
fllpftorlv nrnv!r!t>/l ?-?rh 1tI o
in abundance, and if ik-jre were needed
to produce a specially brilliant illumination
rhey could be bail at a
moment's notice. The expense of the
additional wiring. ct the erection of
coat and hat racks of hags an i Tenners
would be small.
If the idea is adopted, the scores of
committee rooms on the basemen:
floor will be turned into dressing
rooms. There are s:?ecial roo; c-1
the Senate end of the building for
the President and Vice- President and
the grand promenade to be led by
President and Mrs. Huoseveit world
proceed from those vooms along the
tinted corridors to the rotunda. The
many entrances and exits at the Ca;>-lio!
would readily accommodate ike
crowds rhat will attend the function
and at together those who favor the
use of that building bel:eve ir. would
be quickly transformed into a inr.trn'ficaut
ball room .structure. The
question has not yet been decided, and
t !e o'iffn 1 i '.-oil" tVic . ha nrr\rv>?i( ifi'i
will meet considerable optK-stion
from those who thick that dancing
in the halls of Congress troaM he a
(By Publishers" Press.)
PA Ft IS. Dec. 1C.?The latest information
at hand in >fficial circles is
that the Hull Commission which will
inquire into the firing on Dritish
Trawlers by the Rfssiau Baltic lleet.
will begin its real work early in January.
The first meeting of the four
members already chosen will be hei-J
next week on some day not yet decided.
This meeting viii be -jevctei
to the .selection of a fifth member. It
is possible that foro-gn Minister Delcasse
will deliver an address at this
meeting. It will the be necessary to
await the arrival of the Fifth Admiral
and in the meantime nn adjournment
will bo taken until a:;< r the houaays.
The Statehood Bill.
WASHINGTON. Dec. 1G.?The Seni
ate committee on terri't.ries by a. vote
j ol' G to 4 yesterday authorize.! a fa!
vorablo rei>ort on the statehood bill
i providing for the admission into the
Union of Oklahoma and of Arizona
and New Mexico to become the State
of Arizona. The closeness of the vote
practically makes it certain that there
will be a minority report. The opponents
of the bill will contest its
passage on the floor of the Senate.
A lot of new plaid si
20 dozen new ties
eeived 1
A nice line of ladi
at 2
j? *V
Has no S:
(3y Publishers' Press.)
VIENNA. Nov. 16.? A(1 rices received
from Constantinople are to the effect
that a sensation has tj.e-n caused in
society circles there by vhe announce
ment of the betrothal o[ the Grand
Vizier's daughter to the youngest s?n
of the late Hassan Pasha, the famous
Minister of Marine.
No one knew of the betrothal, not
even the couple themselves, until an
irade issued by Abdul Kamid informed
them that he had arranger. the
marriage. The young people - are
greatly dismayed, esperally the bride
groom, as his fiance is most plain in
It is reported the dckan hopes by
the marriage to secure the papers of
Hassan, believing that they contain
unpleasant personal revelations regarding
Abdul. The pair, however,
are guarded by Mol;lc Hanoun Hassan
the- eldest daughter of the late 3Cni
ister who was her father's confidante
I and counsellor.
Ready In Ten Cays. Fred
ileace wishes 10 announce
that although the quarantine has !>een
lifted and his house thoroughly fumigated.
he will not be in his barber
shop for ten days yet. .\fter that liine
he will be heady to serve the public.
If Santa Ciaus will take the youngster
one of our magic lanterns, money
bank, air rifle, pocket knife, tricycle,
express wagon, sled, tool chest or a
pair of K. K. skates be will be delighted
with his Christmas present
J. J~ Hall's Hardware.
Call at J. S. Pople's and get bargains
in ladies" furs: all sizes, latest!
styles, catchy colors. x !
{com u r
| 3.2S . -
Comuntzis" Confectioner v. 328 Main
We manufacture all our C'HOCOLA'
huilt a reputation on purity :
pound Boxes from 2">
< "all and see us before purchasing
iyou money and ^rive \
x:. . .
Ik in waist patterns.
and turnovers reto-day.
ies* and children's
13 1-3 per eerrt. o
hoe its equal
MEN'S - $3.50.
LADIES' 33.00.
Blacksville Man In Jail Charged With
a Very Serious Crime.
Wesley Kniseley. of Blacksville, is
in Jan in Jforgantown charged
the heinous crime of abducr?ng;hist';%,<
fifteen year old sister-in-law and Hying
with her for several months, says
the Morgantown Chronicle. He ywas
placed in jail yesterday morning
on a commitment issued by
Squire C. S. Tennant in default of
$1,000 bail.
Tie charge is that Kniseley took
the- girl, his wife's sister, named
Sadie Rogers, away from her home JS
and compelled her to go with Mm on
a journey to several cities of the middie
West. Xobody knew what had
ufcuuie ul uie inuu^it jxio. . - .
ECniseley had strong suspicions of
the state of affairs and had prepared y'-';gi
to receive her truant husband and
sister. The case will be heard, at the
next terra of court.
A Handsome Calendar.
We are indebted to Richard Share- .2 ss^s
. - . . .
Jeff for a "Joiiiffe calendar,- -onc cf "
the handsomest we have yet seen. Joir --- v.
liffe's is a popular store and Jvr. Shurtleff
deserves the praise he -is . '.
getting for the manner in which he
is conducting it.
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nickle. aluminum and chinaware._ silver
tea and table spoons, knives and - ?j||j
forks, carving sets, granite roasters.". sicarpet
sweepers, scissors and shears,
- a -.tv tt.t?*?'
ana prices p<tr*ru^ ai u. u xxau <o nw
ware. .
J. S. Pople is running away with
tiie trade in. ladies* furs.- Prices cancot
be discounted. X _ jj
Go and see Howard before hating |!
She children's pictures taken. ~ , x r i;
Charles Howard is a specialist on
children's photographs. x
Main Street.
. street, is the place to boy your
rES and BOX-BOXS, which have
' "v'.-ir' :l
md quality. We have one
cents and upwards.
your Xmas Candies. We save 1
i'ou the best of goods.
NT2 I S 5
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Phcne 184. g
300 dozen
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5c to $2.

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