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xbe West Viig3xiiaa^ <.I)alty- _ax>A
WeeiUy. is entered In Lhe-JPostolBce xt
leased wire telegraphic service by
Publishers' Press Association. Special
i.G. Martin's book store, Mais St.
rde Holt's dgar-store. Main St.
rney Lloyd's cigar store. Main St.
.-rcer's confectionery. ' opposite
st ' BlDi^: ''Parlors.- Fairmont
SWEacutfieK'a store, Locust avenue,
ed Hart's confectionery. "Water
MB^fejnews.stani, Monor.gaii.
Otde HiggintJotham, Company
e West Virginian is delivered by
^^oi'ailvjrarts. of the city and
iearby towns. If a single copy
i?B&3?notify us at once so that
ti^ y
scissors scoop is better than no ]
fton puts in a bid ;
piial she vi-snu to (
Comb:ne wouK fol- ,
Huntington Herald. 1
' ____
e late campaign for
y be remarked that
I State pride over
dency. did not man- p
torts, the red letter t<
; hypocrite of a fetv e
proved to be an ad- v
d subscriber kilter m
per This is ao p-pc ta
t Virginian says it
i\v it is so. si
I "The Clarksburg Te'c-sram is respon- L<
ftje tor a very sad story of the free/- to
as of a little babe at its mother's tb
reast near West TSanel on the Short Ti
ifcne road. It is said that a husband ca
MCt "his young -wife and went out f ar in
uel and has not been seen since, ov
Fhen found by neighbors the child
ras*v dead and the mother tjncoa- EH
cious. It fs a horr'.fynig story and tit
oxacks of the dark ages rather than fu
be .twentieth century. er
The Preston County i.eader is rhir- us
sen years old and ail right, all right. ol<
-Parkersburg Stats Journal. ad
That is a choice bit of sarcasm, tin
Bjage^-j-Jess - we - entirely misunderstand the ve
;i:ahJe and consistent editor of the State it
^VrCfoornal. "We hardly think he can ap- cr
prove of the course the Leader has br
pursued in being a chronic kicker on lik
V the Republican party and all ;c an
- |; stands for in West Virginia. The "d
. Leader isn't all right, all right in it
our opinion by a "right smart." dr<
Captain Dovener should push his ge<
. claims to the chairmanship of the thi
Rivers- and Harbors committee, and mc
' the entire community should back the !
jvV-"v captain in his efforts ir> this direction, wb
-WTjeeling Register. gai
The Register has known Captain rar
' povener long enough to l-.now that he pre
is abundantly able to take care <>t but
5 - himself in whatever position lie may so
he olaced. The Cuntmn TieVHr Vi.il...I ...
acquit himself creditably when con- We
v tending against the ablest legal talent the
in the State. of
^^^;,i^The failure of the West Virginian "?t
to cut an item from a Wheeling paper
and publish It," as tie- hypocrite did. "
caused much exultation on the part ,on
of that gay deceiver. H'c adnu. t he car
- stupidity of not seeing the item when has
3 it was on the front page of the into!- rwc
.llgeacer and we might, add that the n,a
it- omission is almost as bad as that of or<I
rSthe , said hypocrite in its failure to l,ro
give .the .Normal School appointments the
.. last summer. Becauso the West V"ir- stil
ginian gave the list complete and the Ka'
hypocrite failed to do so. it sulked in
its tent and never did publish the 1
names of the teachers and 10 this Ho1
day its subscribers would,"not knowt. **
".the names of..the teachers at the Fair- wit
mont Normal School if they liad no A
The Cincinnati Enquirer appears to
tv. Perhapsthere Is ^^d^a^y 'aL
in' U?e'
tvspaper. cm nog -yery'.
conveniently belong "to that *''-witch
does not exist The Enruirer huaips
OfSs^'baelc and makes the fbCowiajr :
announcement: ;
'TTbe time has come tor a general
showing of hands. The Enquirer is (
ready with its pronouncements. It ,
WOT not. under any circumstances, -fan ;
in with a leadership that has been (
three times rebuked by the people,
'but has still insisted on governing the j
party councils It will not yield obe- (
dlence to men who have just been l
enormously repudiated Ly their own j
party. It will not be coaxed, wheedled
or dragooned into a ru.v.ual course ^
by suggestions of party fidelity. It .3 ,
for America, and for the American ,
people. It bows to their wm as to (
what is necessary for the splendid ad- (
vancement and development of the (
country. It is for prosperity and not ,
for calamity for the sake of triumph, j
It is in the proud company of Demo- (
crats. numbering millions, who re- c
fused at the last election to be deliv- (
ered. It touches elbows on either
side with legions wno did not find in (
Bryan or Parker the exemplification of
true Democratic faith. Good luck to
Mr. Bryan and his friends In their per
sonal affairs. Xo recriminations and
no hard feelings. Br.t no more Bryan
leadership, no more dilution of Deisoc ?
racy with Populism, lepudiation and
heresy: no more restraint on the night
of the American eagle, and no more
tugging at the holding-hack strap iV
yours truly. The Cincinnati Eanuirer." h
With all due respect to the En- h
quirer. no one leadership In the Demo- a
cratic party has been tebuked rhree h
times in succession- in the last twelve -1
years at any rate. One leadership was ?
rebuked two times and anotl>er t.tts w
not only rebuked but badly smashed tl
with a club, "here were two of tltetn. c<
not one. and-hoth got hurt. w
The Democratic party flies very m
badly with two wings : nd if the En- ii
luires and its "proud company of Dent- ft
ncrats. numbering in the millions."* is
je on another, there is no telling where ft
:he old wreck will land. It certainly hi
an not go np and there is no way of sn
iscertaining at present how far it ?
nay go down.?Parl.ersburg State ft!
rouraal ba
? ? fo
The collapse of the Charleston susension
bridge should not fail to imress
a lesson of extreme caution on
very community which has a bridge I
. . DC
i similar character. I ne Charles- "
3n Mail gives some things of interst
in its write-np^of the coliapse. and
e reproduce them that our_ people
lav know more about how the catstrophe
occurred. The Mail says: 1
The two large cables on the upper i5,<
de of the bridge pulled from their
loorings in the stone anchor on
ovell street. The accident was due oul
' this. The flooring was tilted and
<* people and wagons were slid off. ai'he
strain later snapped one of the t'la
ibles on the lower side. The floor- reI"
s dropped and turned completely cot
er. Ste
The wire suspension bridge across t"
k was built in 1S52. anil at that e''
ne was considered quite a wonder- f
I structure. Its cables were sev- ^Ilii
ed during the civil war. and then snc
pontoon bridge was erected and
ed for a time. After the war the
:l cables were spliced and new ones ^
deil to make it a safer structure.
Of late years the bridge had been cha
ry wobbly and some two years ago in"
shook so when a team or two was
ssing it that passengers on the PUI'
idge at the sametime hail to walk c"''
:c sailors to keep their balance. !>oa
d It became iiopularly known as the ~??
rim ken bridge." At the same time ^
was badly sagged and one corner .
jpiied down and the West Side end _
> uru iv.ui.i <? 11.1 in-cauir titltliy !.
A new floor was then laid and
s seemed to give the structure
ire stability.
-ast September, on Labor Day. ' ,
ten the parade of the labor or- Jm
ilzatlons of Charleston was ar- mi
ised for. it was originally on the ISj
igram to start from the West Side, pi
: the program was later changed K]
that the parade started from the WJ
t side of the Elk. abandoning the
st Side, anil thus dispensing with '
crossing of the bridge, on account
the statement as published in the c,,
irleston papers at the time, of the
isnfe" condition of that bridge.
- \
'arkersburg is attain agitating the
g debated question of temovlng the Son
litol from Charleston. Th<* ion eltif
. come up regularly aboui every
> years for twenty years past. and
y be expecteil to make a Ilk- twin
the future. Ann there is every
liability that. twenty years hence
seat of the State government will
1 be located on the banks of the
tawlia.?Huntington Advertiser.
"he furnishings of the Del Monico
:el are being sold to-day. There
several prospective buyers, each
h the Intention of keeping a hotel.
. fellow doesn't mind falling down, ,T'1
(By ' Publishers* *:Pres?>- .
WASHDJGTONi - ID. IC., .Dec.- X7.?
r. Chas. Jackson, the Democratic
State chairman of Idaho, resumed the
stand this morning before the Senate
committee which is conducting the
Smoot inquiry. He continued his testimony
of describing the political
conditions in his State, and the influence
exerted upon them and upon the
egislatioa by the Mormons. He dedared
that during the campaign this
rear, he found the greatest difficulty
n - holding- meetings in the Mormon
counties, no one daring to accept the
wsi tion of local chairman. Open
hreats were sometimes made against
.he speakers he sent there, and received
many reports of interference
)f Mormon bishops in politics. On j
he cross-examination before Mr. .
'an Cott. wiiness said that it had ,
>een reported that Apostle M. F.
low ley had gone through Oneida
county in 1902. saying that it was the .
lesire of the church that the people ,
hould vote the Republican ticket,
lut he had not himself heard him. |
c>r>? ir.rMiw
Yesterday dieraoon a stranger giv- f
lift his nam? as Brov.-n anrl claiming '
is resilience in a town near Elkins. c
ccosted Officer Morris and asked
cm- he conic! sain admittance to the a
iiners* Hospital, claiming that he
as afflicted with rheumatism and a
as a miner. One of the hospital an- '
lorities was consulted, lint nothing
raid be done for the man as he was
at employed at the time and had not 1
et with an accident. At little ques- s
oning by Chief Morgan elicited the ''
ict that the ill kins police had turn- t:
netl him with transportation this
ir. prohaldv in order to get rid of 15
im. The officers doubted the rheu- ^
utism story and told the man to
lit until No. -4_ ran and they would
iruish him a ticket to take him fc
ick to Elkins. When they looked w
r him iasr evening 'he had disap- Tl
ared. T
' rc
i Mi
(By Publishers" Press.) I ni;
CHICAGO. Dec. TT.?Oliver W. he
?wart aide<l by a kindly fate, may i
ve outwitted his enemies in the at
jhibition party. Practically forced \V
: of the Xationai Chairmanship. Mr thi
wart finds after tlic committee had kn
iourned anil the members scattered in:
it the man chosen as his successor lisi
uses to serve. This leaves the thi
nmittee without a head unless Mr. nei
wart claims the right to serve nr.- mi
his successor shall have been elect- <
and qualified. Xe
tobert H. Patton. of Springfield. a i
iciis. had been chosen as Stewar; "s ^a:
eessor but he declined to serve
'he church workers of the Central Kn
istian Church 'will hold an cx- aP!
ape in the old People's Bank build- s"'
next Saturday, December 24. They va<
I have a fine line of cakes, pies. To
d infra, salads, homemade catlie;. snI
:ken. homemade bread and baked 'ed
ns. Come early and pet some'limp
d for your Christmas dinner. \ wjt
,'hy not let the Marion Claim f
incy collect that claim for you? x the
T ?:1T f:_J ^1- - i: __ I
iuu WUi lUiU L11C XliJC.iL do:
ment of Up-to-Datc Nov:s
we have ever shown.
You 2C
Beat Our ?
25c and A
50c line.
. ~ (Continued; Frim 'FItft Page.) ^
us aboard. Later -we were transferred
to ther Eraslus Corning.
"This. story of. the. ' disaster . can.; ;;
give no impression of the perils of i
it all. AJ2 were sleeping when the
fire broke out. with the exception of
the three- members of the crew and
myself. From their cabins they were
awakened to stand face to face with
a terrible death. * I cannot speak too
highly of the nerve displayed by my
crew and most of the passengers.
Despite the fact that they were but
improperly clothed, with nothing but ^
flimsy night robes u* protest them
from the Icy chill of the night, they =
kept up a remarkable courage, and
in this way aided in their own rescue.
r?ven aner we goi away in cue me
boats, the horror was but begun, for w
ire were bumped about in the ice with
so signs of relief, for a full hour
infl a half. It was soul-sickening.
"The members of the crew who
were lost, as well as the passengers. t0
were suffocated. tj(
"The fire developed one hero of the r?
rmest calibre. When we were get- a.
Ling the life boats away. Newman H
Miller, one of our firemen, came to
Tie and said he had seen a woman on ar
:he lower deck -praying. Unless she r<?
was moved, he said, she would be
ost. He starred to go to her. and Kfc
tried to stop him. knowing that
lothing bur death awaited him. My T]
(forts were unavailing. He threw a[.
lis life away trying to save another j
,ne-~ . St]
The captain said the fire was prob- lh
ibly caused by the crossing of wires. fo.
The rapid spread of the (lames, he -j-j
dded. was probably due to a (juanti- tu
y of hay which was aboard. co
Fred B. Street, a business man of ca
>ew Haven who. with his wife and
wo daughters, was aboard the ves- c]l
el and escaped, says no words are too ms
igh in praising the conduct of Cap- rj<
lin McAllister and his crew. Mr. oir
ireot had come to New Vork. and aj(;
roceeded to Pougbkeepsie ro take ;o.
is oldest daughter. Emily. 19 years Ru
Id. from Vassar College to her home,
hey occupied two staterooms in the (
irward part of the vessel. They ^
rrt- uvtaKenuu i>y une ureahio^ ui j
ieir windows, and the cry of fire.
hey snubbed blankets which . thev
irew over tne night clothes, and ^
imbed through the window. When j".
icy reached the deck they found
iptain McAllister on the bridge. dir
cting tne work of launching the .
'e l>oats. and the crew aiding in the "al
irk. Everything: moved smoothly SI''
ider the watchful eye of Captain
lAIlister, who showed himself a S
in of wonderful courage and cool- Ho'
adedness. _ ==
Only one attempt to secure safety
the exjiense of others were made. I
hile the women were setting into I
? boats, a man. whose name is not S
own. rushed toward the side, shov- I
; the women aside. Captain McAl- I
ter caught him. however. and I
usting him hack in no gentle man- H
r, iniormen mm tnac ine women
ist be provided for first,
in the arrival of the survivors in
w York, they were provided with
nondescript kind of clothing and
uened to nearby hotels. ?
Editor Honored.
abensl.ue. of Toledo. O.. has !>cen
pointed to the United States Conahip
at Belfast. Ireland, to fill a
:ancy caused by the death of \V. \V.
uvelle. Mr. Knabcsbue has for
ne years been the editor of the Too
Ye want to feed Marion county
h Marlon flour. Help it along. x
'or Xmas flowers." see Fleming,
florist. x
30N "
lot of new plaid silk i
) dozen new ties ar
ceived "tonice
line of ladies"
I ' ;" y>i -'!v V'-^^*"^1 v.v'
going fast at 33 .
Has no Sho
SLt t
A well knora mail from Worth icgm
called at the home of a local jus- se
ce last night after that officer had a*ja
tired for the night and wanted legal w 1
it v
Bis tan ce in recovering his property,
e said that he had brought a rather atiD
ild horse to this city and traded the S1 e
timal to a local citizen. He was to " T
eeive a watch and twenty dollars. t0 1
The man took the horse and the bre*
II6T told him not to attempt to "I3;'
ive him. that he would run away. uaJ
te buyer thought he could manage "aro1
tv horse that ever walked. and of,v
tched him up. After going down the
reet last evening a short distance P~e
animal started- a little too tast aid*
r rTi^ flrivpp r?r?H hp TrimhTrf^sl r?:iT V6r
le horse went on down the street. f?r';
med up Kiyh street and had about
vered the entire city -when he was an(l
ught. "-van
The horse was put in the phraser's
stable and the Worthintrton J.
in went for his pay. fhis was de- the
>c? him as was the horse and he was not
r both. Ke wanted the justice to
I hirn and was told to come around gi
ilay if he conld net settle with -.Ir. jjolt
"er. stre<
f Santa Clans wiii take the young- je
r one of our magic lanterns, money Holt
lk. air rifle, pockc-t knife, tricycle,
tress wason. sled, tool chest or a (;0
r of K. K. skates he will be <!e- <
ited with his Christmas presently
Hall's Hardware. s
iall at .T. S. Pople's and get barns
in ladies' furs: all sizes, latest ch
les. catchy colors. ' x child
ilver knives and forks at Clyde S. Fir
it's. x ! Clyd<
328 .
GflNDIES! Gill
Comuntzis' Confectionery, Ji2S Main str?
We manufacture all our CHOCOLATES i
built a imputation on purity andq
pound Boxes from Si cents
Call and see us before purchasing your
you money and -yive you t
3J23 M
Consolidated Phc
FS ~ 1
roN. I
nas IIP^
in waist patterns- j
id turnovers reday.
and children's
"i S
lEN'S - 33.50.
ADIES* 53.00.
dent Spends Interesting Night In
Operating Room.
UKKEAJPOLIS. - Dec . 17.?C&as.
VTaTioir. a junior medical student
he University of Minnesota, prom1
the freshmen thafhe.wiH neve<Ji*
in enter their disseKing: ' nxmL^Pffij
lout taking off his hat He tried :
esterday and was tied to the-operg
table with a corpse on 'either
he doors being securely locked
prevent the upper classmen, from
iking in. McMahon's hat jwasi-sat^^^g
ed with alcohol and set on fire.
le the freshmen formed a circle ^
ind their victim and sang songs
resents that are useful in granite, '
lie. aluminnm and ckinaware, sh- j
tea and table spoons, knives and
s. carving sets, granite roasters. ,:\x
let sweepers, scissors and shears,
prices pared, at J. k. Hall's Hard"
S. Pople is running away with : . :
trade in ladies" furs. Prices can-' ^
be discounted. 1 x
eds and doll go-carts at Clyde S. mm
s toy deparriceat. 32a
?. :r.< 2?
welry of all Iclmls at Clyde S. -.. . |
*s. See me before .buyinj; x
' and see Howard before Isa^JagssS^
:bildren*s pictures taken. x ; 1
?1 -mSm
itomobiles up to seventeen dol-.- V
at Clyde S. Holt's. x - |
arles Howard, is a specialist on^^.
ren's photographs. x
le pocket knives and razors at . .
; Holt's. x
-t. is the place to buy your ~
and BOX-BOXS. which have
uality. We have one
j and upwards.
Xmas Candies. "We save & y
he best of *roods.
me 134.
00 d^zer
_ - .
>r You
o Choose

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