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But There Are More Idle Men and
Distress In That City Than
"CHICAGO. Dec. 22.?iianks. broker
firms, manufacturing establishments
and other large corporations that
make a practice of sharing their profits
-with employes wiU distribute more
. than $1,000,000 among Chicago wageoazners
as Christmas gifts Saturday.
' A -The Crane Company alone will give
: *way $250,000 to its 5,f00 employes. I
" .This company was one of the first in
Chicago to share its profits with Its
? office- force and workmen. Each emje
. pJoye of the Crane Company, from
52 a week office boy to the heads of
deparements is to receive ten per
cent- of the total of his salary for the
Harris. Gates & Co. will distribute
e.Jr* ;oh?Mrt- -$5,000 among their employes.
SSB&fSad conservative estimate made by a
. weB-known broker to-day places the J
^'r'Ctaristmas land to be distributed by
^2Ttbe<hroi;ers at a quarter of a million j
&'3Q?e TOO messenger boys and 200 j
^ ettHng clerks of the Beard of Trade t
^yj^aiar'-each receive from two weeks' to i
: a month's salary from their various |
i&c?r*pioyers- In addition to these there j
perhaps 2.000 other clerks connect- j
||*feTBith the Board of Trade who will
handsomely remembered.
"The his packing firms will rememsijjfci
heads of departmeats and irnsteti
- aiftnhers of the clerical forces.
The Illinois Steel Company will j
$5-gold piece to each of its 1
j*-' _ <Sb6s _who have been with the com- j
i??y'-v- jpnnj- a year or more,
life:"'- .The clerks in some of- the depart- j
itf anient stores will receive gold pieces j
others will be given turkeys. The {
I'JQeering Harvester Company will fol- |
^^S^viaofW.its custom of giving each married J
letfi'-' " mm employed In its plant a turkey, i
-Among tie banks that will give money
Sgvi :* . to- - employes are the Com Exchange
- --3Cat tonal Bank, the Merchants' Loan
andhTrast Company and the American
Trust and Savings Bank.
of charity organizations say 1
KgS^iPthere are more idle men and more '
Bg?|5| poverty in Chicago now than at any '
'time -within the last three years, it
said that the numerous strikes
-/"are partly responsible for the idietfirj
ztess. "Work has been abundant, at i"
goad -wages all the yea'.
C ; The large number of dependent poo- j ;
t pie- -win make a heavy drain upon the
^resources of charitable organizations llp^
tlris -winter.
Usually the -work of lellef is net
??^"-..' necessary before January, but many I
\j": iazmlies are already being: supported
Pji"- and most be cared for all througu the
iriirter season.
sps/- i lb the l_aughing Gallery. 2
' What does Sfcimmc-rhom want to
?><% #?% PriTtorocc fnr'"
I IPs; rweii. It's because he's rare Circle
Saw is the only employer be can ever
y'.-jlntf thatU thizik he's worth a salary
j of *5.000 a year."?Chicago Tribune.
"V "OTohnny. what are you doing to that
toe that makes Uini howl so?"
:r: :, "He's one of the worst curs in this ! g
-town. mamma. I'm takin' his picture .an*
his Eertillon measurements for
v the bad dorr's gallery."?Chicago
gg Sews.
??5?; _PSlHI<X Sufferer?Docs pulling a
i/s front tooth like this one of mine hurt
5 nxneli?
Sp..- .
Sffiy'-- . - Husky Dentist?Xot a bit* I never
qpnioeil my arm over anything but a
molar.?Detroit Free Press.
??" ' - See here!" cried Kiosernan. cross- <
ly. "why. do you persist in botliering <
g. : . me-for money In this .vay?** I
suppose." replied his wife, "it's
; because I can't think of a betrer way." ^
- ?Philadelphia I-rOdger. }
" , .""ffazeltonu is the worst bore I ever ov".
knew, but he is never out of a job."
K&s'r-'. "That's right; he's a bill collector.
aad everybody pays up instanrec 10
foy\' .get rid of him."?Xcw Yorker.
"Did my diamonds call forth any >
it-. nmrnMit'" asked Mrs. Cumrot.
PjfA/ "Yes. indeed." answered Miss CayeoiK.
"I heard several people refer
- - to you as the human chandelierp.\'
Washington Star.
if Santa Claus will take the young- <fc1
-liter one of our magic lanterns, money
ESc- hxstk, air rifle, pocket knife, tricycle.
Spj .express wagon, sled, tool chest or a j
jVh pair of K. K. skates he will he dc- J
.. lighted with his Christmas present, j
pi3. C. Hall's Hardware. x ..
Choice building lots on /lrglnis ^
jpajft-v" svenne and Sixth street. Apply "E? I
jV . -s-? Robinson. Cas OOco.
Some nice lots on Hamilton Hill tor
sole. at a good oargata. H. H. Lan I
Co and see Howard before having
the children's pictures taken. x
'r':,: HalTa cut flowers make the finest <
Truss present. x
Jr ifiY' n lf' jjjjjml
A Candid Wirness.
Chicago News.)
"A nervy, well-trained. weC-prei
pared witness is usually considered
ia difficult subject for a cross exam,
iner to handle," said Luther Laflin
Mills. "Yet sometimes this class of
witness is remarkably and startiingly
candid, and such candor comes as a
boon to the. cross-em m iner. Such a
witness is usually set up to prove an
alibi for the defendant charged with
crime. I met one noted example of
the kind who sought to prove that a
man whom I was prosecuting for burglary
was not at the place of the
crime at the time It was committed.
"This particular burglary had been
committed about 11 o'clock at night
in a store In the heart of the city. The
witness gave evidence that at that
very bour on the night in question
the defendant was in his company in j
a boarding house away out in the |
Xortkwest part of the city, about j
five miles from the scene of the
'" 'In what room in the house were
you and the defendant sitting that
night?' I asked the defendant.
" 'In the kitchen."
""Was there any other person with
" 'Xo; just us two. The rest of the
people of the house had gone tc bed."
" "How do you know it was J1
o'clock when you were sitting ihcrc?"
** "I knew it by the clock.*
" "Where was the clock?"
" 'In the kitchen."
"Whereabouts in the kitchen?"
" 'On the west wall back of the
" 'How were the hands of the clock
when you looked at it?'
" 'Just showing 11 o'clock."
"' "Xot even a few minutes before or
alter that hour?'
"" "Xo; just eleven."
"" "Why did you look at the clock?"
""The witness stared it me as if in
surprise and then answered, in. a
startling burst of candid explanation:
" 'Why, I looked at it because T expected
to be called as a witness in
this case." *'
Some person will get the brass bed.
Coal City House Furnishing Company.x
some person "win get ine wiiton rag. ?
iioal City House Furnishing Company.2 j
Photographer. i
iOC XIain street, next door to Citizens'
Dollar Savings Bank.
L. E. Fisher, Prop. Office, Jackson Sr. !
Bill Posting and Distributing. Con- j
solidated Phone No. 523.
K. e- ivjcv^rsMT a. tsrsu.
Billposters and Distributors.
21 Madison St- F. & M- 'Phone 230)ur
customers receive the best? |
That's all.
At the Madison Street Restaurant
Regular Meals, 25 centsBoarding
by the week, $3.50.
"WELLS & CRISS, Proprietors.
Meals at all hourSpecial
attention given lunch counter.
Livery, Sale and Exchange Stable,
Porter alley. Rear of Court-house.
Phones?Cell, 147. F. & M., 209.
Under Billinglea's Drug Store,
Madison street.
F. H. Jackson, Barber,
lor. Parks ave. and Main St. First:lass
work guaranteed. Xo novices
>ut experienced workmen.
Opposite Marietta Hotel. Everything
'irst-Class. Bath Room. Union Shop.
LOYAL BEXXETT. Proprietor.
Barber, 30S Main Street.
Opposite Bank of Fairmont.
Eight Chairs.
Bennett. Proprietor, 000 Monroe
street. Scouring, dyeing, repairing.
&c. Rates, $2.50 per month. Quick
work. 'Phones. Wagon.
C. B. FIELD. Proprietor.
Cleaning, dyeing, pressing and repair1""
OOQ "Vf o In a t root ?n otnlPS.
Jarber, No. S14 Fourth St. 5th Ward.
U1 work artistically done. Eighteen
ears' experience. Agent for Laundry.
GIT Merchant street.
Granite and Queensware. Special
Teas, Spices, Refined Coffee's and
Attention to Customers.
C. N. Welsh, Proprietor.
"resh and Cured Meats of all klndB.
Tlghth street, South Side. Bell
Phone, 243-2.
M. M. Foster, Manager.
>21 ce?304 Main street Phones?V.
& M., 398; Bell, 333-2.
-.', . 'v.. V. :,/>>
While the leaves hold out to turn,
tions to burn.
The Negro Physician.
Southern "Workman. J
From the four Southern medical
schools for negroes over 1.20O stu
dents have taken their degrees and
probably 1.000 of these are now in the
practice of this profession. These
physicians have a chance for .great
usefulness and power. In no calling
Is there more scope for the best leadership
in reform and true social prog
ress. A people straggling up from
such conditions as have enveloped the
negroes hitherto, first in Africa and
then in America, needs above all
things to be taught the simple laws
of life?life's physical laws as underlying
each religious duty and every
moral obligation. A treatment is
wanted that will root out voodoo ism.
still emotional excesses, lay a strong
hand on beastly ferocities, enforce
cleanly habits, and make good homes.
Science must slay superstition. The
man of science is a physician.
Xegro physicians in their quiet, unostentatious
way are nobly undertaking
this service for their people. The
evidences of it may be seen in all the
larger cities. They arc doing more
than to follow the routine of a
lucrative practice: they are helping
to organize associations for improved
sanitation and social betterment: they
ire building up with patient toil, in a
*core of cities, modest hospitals and
nurse schools for their people: and
hey are giving the vigor of clear
I I ne west
| jod dei
h .
We are noo
do ail kinds of
? you want any <
? or Job Work oi
? try us:
? Shipping- Tags,
@ OUSIilCSS \^d
g Bil1 1
? i
? Dodgers,
2 Sale Bills,
? Stateir
? ' S
? Announcements,
^ Negotiable N
z **
? All Work Promptly <
I Fairmont Wf
5 Monroe
the vilest sinner may make new resole.'*
?Chicago Record-Herald.
_ sighted
intelligence to churches,
schools, clubs, and every sort of iraf
provensent for popular uplift.
No Statesman Like Roosevelt.
The Rev. Charles "Wagner, author
of "The Simple Life." preached on
. Sunday afternoon to a large congregation
at his chapel, in the Rne de
L'Arquebusier. The humble flock
was greatly interested in the pastor's
estimate of President Roosevelt. He
said: "I found President Roosevelt
[ Xi IllilXX ui iun> lueixii uuu ui Jtmpic
j but right purpose. As President of
j the United States I believe he is the
greatest statesman on earth to-day.
Our statesmen in France have no
conception of the difficulties -with
which he has to contend.
"Here our leaders deal only with
one race, but in America the lawgivers
meet in a week men of more nations
than are met here in a year.
From all quarters of the globe these
men go to America and become
Americans, and it is such a people.
conflicting in their needs and desires,
that Theodore Roosevelt is called'
upon to govern, and for whom he
must suggest and enforce laws.
"His task, therefore, is more difficult
than the task of anv ruler in ! I
Europe, and the way in which he has j
acquitted himself stamps him as the
world's ftreatest statesman."?X- Y.
Herald (European Edition). <
, Virginian f'
mem. I
@ 2
O w
in position to ^ :
Tnh "Printirtfr. If
J ? o ? ^ I
jf the following-, g :
f any description, $ :
.rds, ? leads,
.etter Heads, g
Note Heads, g
? :
O 5
tents, ? ;
!how Cards, :
Programmes, ? 5
^ i
otes, q _
-y Notes,
ook Printing, *- c
Price Lists. 5 c
2 i
and Neatly Executed, +
ist Virginian, 11
Street. f.
About th<
-r r Early training in the I
9 tion as to the use and value
earning and saving- monej
^ fasten the children in the wa;
9 We are always glad to
efforts to save money.
| Home Savings B.
The only man in
"the Monongahela
Valley who
makes a specialty
of making
vou monev
W v
and incidentally a Living for himself.
Fairmont Real Estate.
Special Agents
Properties Rented
Special Agent
Loans Negotiated
Stocks For
Bonds for Investment.
His clients are Ms referencesOffice
rooms, 222% Main Street
Baltimore & Ohio
PASSENGER trains will arrive at
and depart from Fairmont on the
'oilowing- schedule on and after November
27 th. 1904 : ,
So. 7.?Chicago Express. 2:24 a. M. :
So. 5.?Wheeling Accommodation
7:47 a. M.
So. 55.?Wheeling & Cincinnati
Express. 7:24 p. MSTo.
71.?Wheeling Accommodation
1:11 p. m.
STo- 8.?New York. Balti- ,
ington Express. 3:25 a. M. '
STo. 72.?Grafton Accom'n 10:53 A. M.
S*o. 46.?New York. Baltimore
and "Washington
Express. 1:49 P. M.
Mo. 4.?Grafton Accom'n a:3s w. ;
F.? n. A.\D P. BB.VVCH.
<0. 2.?Pittsburg Accom'n 7:05 P. M. '
Mo. 5o.?.Pittsburg- Accom'n l:0O p. ai.
Mo. 4.?Pittsburg Accom'n 9:50 p. m.
depabts. i
Mo. z.?Pittsburg Accom'n 5:00 a. m. i
Mo. 3.?Pittsburg Accom'n 7:.V> a. m. .
Mo. 51.?Connellsville Ac'm 2:10 p.m. 1
No. 69 leaves daily for llorgaatown
tt-9:05 p. m. No. 62 arrives from Morjahtown
at 6:55 a. m., daily except Soniay;
No.66 at 8:00 a.m. Sundayionly.
(Saturday only.)
Mo. 201?Leaves Fairmont.. .7:00 a. m.
Mo. 203?Leaves Fairmont.. .4:00 p. m.
Mo. 200?Arrives at Fairmont9:25 a. m.
Mo. 202?Arrives at Fairmont 6:25 p. m. j
Co. 5.?Arrives at Fairmont 5:35 p.M.
Co. 1.?Arrives at Fairmont 12:101". m.
So. 3.?Arrives at Fairmont 7:45 a. m. '
Co. 2.?Leaves Fairmont... 7:10 a.m.
Co. 6.?Leaves Fairmont... 1:53 p. m.
So. 4.?Leaves Fairmont... 9:55 p.m. '
so. tie?Leaves Fairmont.. ..8:00 a. M. |
so.<19?Arrives at Fairmont.9:00 p. M.
All trains are daily except Nos. 1, 3 i
tncl 4 on the F., M. and P. branch. .
fhich are daily except Sunday, and
Cos 06 and 09 which are Sunday only.
For sleeping car reservations and
nformation concerning' tickets and
ates, consult
T. B. Henderson",
Ticket Agent.
Opera House Restaurant.
The Opera House Restaurant has :
ipened up again and will serve its
itistomers as usual in flrst-class style.
t is for both ladies and gentlemen. (
Manager, z
Wait for Larney Lloyd's new
hlngs. He is now in the city shop>ing,
and will return Friday morning
i-lth some choice goods.
The West Virginian respectfully
ollcits Job printing of all kinds,
feat work at reasonable prices.
i Children I
>ractice of self-denial: instruc- ^
of money ; opportunities for
r: all these tend to fix and ?
ys of thrift and. prosperity, A
assist the little folks in their
anS. Fairmont. a.
Bank ol Fairioi,
E WATSON, President
J. S HAYDEN. Yice President.
Capital, SI30.000.00.
Iln/fivirterf Prnfltc SISH Oftf! tHl
A. B. Fleming. J. S. Haydeo.
J. E. Watson,
M. "L. Hutchinson. F. E Nichols
0. S. McKhmey. C. E Mauley.
Transacts a general banking bust
Accounts of corporations, firms and
individuals received upon the most
favorable terms consistent with sound .
and conservative banking
Interest paid on time I deposits.
Separate vault with safety deposit
btxes for use of customers.
The First National Bant
of Fairmont, W. Ta.
Capital Stock, - $*00,000.00
Surplus and Undivided
Profits, - 165,000.00
Designated Depositary of the United
States and State of "West Virginia.
J. M- nARTLET, President.
Hon. A- B. FT/FTVrrNG,
Vice President.
JOS. E. SANDS, Cashier. -
DIKE cross.
J. >1- Hartley, Hon. A. B. Fleming
Benj. D. Fleming, "Wm. E. Wataon
Jos. E. Sands.
Chartered as State Bank in 2851.
Organized as National Bank in 18C5
Eechartered as National Bati in
Wants business based on balances
and responsibility.
Collects on ail points. .
Sells domestic and foreign exchange
Pays interest on special deposits.
Customers' private boxes taken care ,
of in our fire and burglar proof van! '
tree of charge.
The People's Bank of Fair- |
niont, W. Va. .i
3eorse M. Jacobs
Sconce JjoBolt Caahisr
J. M. Brownfleld Assistant Otaicl*.Clrectors?G.
1Z. Jacota, 8. L- Wsa
on. J. li. Hartley. Harry Shew. IWJ s
Hayznon^ ami C. E. Hatchlnson.
Ali business Intrusted to .us will rw
aelva prompt and careful attention.
Interest paid on time deposits. V
s free to customers for private &oxm
and papers.
Porter Alley and Monroe Street,
C. V. ABBOTT, Proprietor.
Rooms hare been remodeled and
Ihoroujfftly renovated.
Rooms with bath.
First class bar attached.
Controetor & Builder,
juarantees satisfaction in all bis
ivork. Screen doors a specialty. Estimates
free. 718 Gastcfn Ave.
Mrs. E. A. McCartney,
Ladies Tailoring.
Gentlemen's Cleaning and Repairing.
:heapest price for high grade Tailoring.
Third Roor. Carr Bnilding.
Why not let the Marion Claim
igency collect that claim tor you? x
Charles Howard is a specialist on
:hildren's photographs. x

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