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Pnii^ Mf ?? I |iflw M I
rip. , u; JB!J)||jj 11 fa|i
? - ood ^
|V IN, SI60.000.00.
^^^HRfllSt&fjtf?*4?&?n_?&~'- * Jx . ' '.
we free to; customers lor private pa
We solicit your business, which wll
'if. 3. Beymoni, O. B. Hutchlnsos
: ITalt^Vl fnt?_ajOuJ_JnLeIJb?^
^ ^ III ^
intly unearthed In the icellar>of the 1
arlyle .House in this city,'the details '
twhJchwerepubllshedin The Post 1
t. yesterday, has created new inter- 1
it in the Bubjectand has resulted In
te. conversion to the distinguished 1
ilentlsts's view of many who at first t?
acred 1 ted the story. *
That the mummy appeared to be a 1
everly contrived fraud when it-was '
at-sprung on the publio cannot be
spied, as only tbd head' was ylslble,ld
in the dim light of the cellar In I
blch the crypt Is located It bore a
mar It able resemblance to a piaster <
ist that Was familiar to those who I
equent the neighborhood in wblch c
e Carlyle House stands. I
In the last few days W. W. Simpson,
the lessee of the building, has
opened up the tomb its entire length
and exposed the outline of what Is believed
to be the body of a man of more
than ordinary height, and it was under
(hese conditions (hat Dr. Hrdllcka
made the examination which resulted
In his declaration that Simpson had
not perpetrated a joke on the public,
but baJ unearthed a mystery worthy
of serious consideration.
Not a "Prominent" Mummy.
While Dr. Hrdllcka. stands too high
In the scientific world to admit of
doubt that he Is sincere in his belief,
no importance Is attached to the theory
that the body Is that of either Gen.
Edward Braddock or John Carlyle.
Descendants of the last-named personage
have always believed that he was
buried in the old Presbyterian Cemetery,
on South Fairfax street, anil old.
residents state that within the past
fifty years a headstone, with a copper
plate Inset, was pointed out as a merntVio
fi-lnml <if WaoMtipfnn Thiu
headstone is said to have fallen to '
decay about the time of the civil war, *
and .is no more to he seen. '
That the body?If it be a body?is
not that of Bnuldoc); is equally certain.
In a Ifetter to his mother, dated I
"Camp of Great .Meadows, July 14, C
1*55," George Washington gives an a,q- I
count of the engagement of the Con- o
tlnent&l troops with the French an<l <1
Indiana, which occurred on July !), an.l s
says: "The general JBraddoc.'c) was 1
wounded, and died sthree days later." c
No reference was.'iii^Se In this let- e
ter to BraJdock's burial, but a story ?
has been handed down* that the body s
wus buried on .the spot, and after the n
grave hsd been madp level with the P
ground, the horses of the soldiers were v
driven over it repeatedly, inorder to t
nlienu?n all t no On nf If fmitl thp flfl f?i f V"
uuabMl c ?uvu u> m V < vhi % *- ? ? .
eyes of the Indians. |o
Who's Body Is It? 1
Dismissing the supposition that a
Simpson has exhumed* the body of 1
eliher Bra.lclocl; or Carlyle, and taking 1
Dr. Hrdlickn's opinion for what It - is 8
worth .the question, arises, "Whose ''
body It is?" and the query will'proba- 11
bly never be answered.
That it Is the mummified corpse of v
a man, Dr. Hrdltcka has declared, and e
that the evidences of age that sur- ?
round the crypt, ns well as the bodjc v
which seems' to he clothed In a suit *
of leather or buckskin, could not he
verv Piano Bei
T*Y, Special Factor
ial FACTORY Price
>pt. 21?so you be n
Bennett," "Hartz
H. D
ate.1" I*r0'eCatlOn' but he was
The moat bizarre circumstance ol
he story, even more mysterious than
hat of the burial of a body unider. the
tepa of the residence of John Caryle.'is
found in the fact that the head
s inwuae.d wiat appears to be a
oatlng of cement, which was probacy'
made-with oyster-shell lime, and
-1-1-1- 1? t? 1
: The return' of-Dr. HrtJIIcia, who In
iow attending a convention of sclenJsts
at Quebec, la awaited with interist
here. It is believed that Simpson'a
ibjection to exhuming; the body- in
ta entirety will be overcome in time.
British on American Packers.
iYom the National Provisioned
fWililam Haydon and Gurney Ranlall,
accredited delegates from the
xindon meat, trade' guilds to the relent
convention of retail butchers at
rlilwaukee, who were also delegated
o make a thorough Inspection of
Lmerfcan packing houses, sailed from
tew York on the Celtic for home yeserday.
They said that though they had
ead all of the attacks upon Amerlan
packinghouse methodsi they hud
ome to this country with open minds..
--1 ?#??? no Mstinh oci nnocl.
IBierJUHWU lU acc no muvu uo
tie and to report to the English auhorlties.
After thoroughly Inspectng
a large number of plants, they are
inqunlifledly of the opinion that o(tr
nspectilon service is an absolute safe
piard aqnlnst diseased meat, either
"resli or prepared, and that our canned
meats are clean, wholesome, and
They laid particular emphasis upon
heir opinion that our packing houses
ire in a sanitary condition; and that
he British public need have no heslation
about eating our meat predicts.
As these two men are engaged
n slaughtering live stock and selling
t at wholesale and retail, being thereore
actual competitors of American
nickers, their statements must be tu'c;n
at full value.
"The Warning Bell,"
A pastoral drama of unusual merit
s booked as the attraction at the
!pan,i Thiirmlnv. Sent. 201 li. The
day Is "The Warning Bell." It tells
i beautiful story of the life of the
LUafnt old folks of Cape Cod. It Is
lomewhat on the order of "Shore
teres" and "Way Down East," but
ion tains more dramatic notion, howiver.
The story of the play as it
infolds itself, Is one which contains
nuch heart Interest and genuine honor.
The love of the young country
mrson for the village belle, and the
randerlng from the path of right,
empteil by the handsome, polished
illfan from the city form the thread
f the story, and gives many opporunities
for line dramatic situations
nd thrilling climaxes, all of which
he author has taken advantage of.
'he scenic and electrical effects are
aid to ha magnilicent. The cast is
eaded by. artists of unquestioned abll
-"* '...n?Ajlniv nfitif la a
iy cillU lIIC nujU-KJi wov <0 ?
;ct one", containing the names of
^ell-known metropolitan players. Lovrs
of good plays will do themselves
n Injustice If they fail to taKe adantage
of seeing this celebrated atpaction.
Read the Dally West Virginian.
s Goinj
ars a TEN Yi
y Representative
s and TERMS. \
ext to save from $
ell" and "Widd
Old Instru
sdn hai" been assigned for the a'rrestl
An' extraordinary session of. -the
cabinet was held this morning. Presi
dent Pal in a Is said to have :first made
his Intention to resign, known at that
time. Influence brought-to bear by'hlaJ
family is regarded as causing him >i
reach this determination. If Falma
does resign. Vice President Capote will
succeed him. This' will hot end the
war, as he 1b little less unpopular
than Palm a. The revolutionists cha'
lenge the legality of his election a
year ago, as they did the selection of
Petitions have been presented- to
Commander Colwell of . the penver,
beecbing him to act as referee in the
trouble to bring about peace. He has
told those who opportuned bim that
he can do noblng wihout inatruc-'
Rebels from the interior have sent
word to Colweil ashing if they will be
protected if they come to Havana to
discuss the situation with a view of
reaching an understanding on which
peace can be re-established.
Official dental is made' that sugar
Onh" niana nmvfn/ta
jjlitlliiiuHa IH won" ?? r'"'
have been ilesroyed.
Buster and Tige.
Buster Brown's Holiday, the successful
cartoon comedy. We have all
learned to love and know the funny
little boy that the New York Herald
has erec\etl. for Its funny page. Buster
Browjj's Holiday has lively music,
melodious songs, pretty girls, fine
choruses and no end of humorous creations
and situations and it will he
presented at the above theater in all
its splendor, when the S. R. O. sign
Is sure to be displayed. Melville B.
w111 ?1on iliiontt ho tmir tills
1H1J lilUIIU nil! ? ?? U.I WW w V~... ?
season of Master Gabriel in Little Jack
Horner, little Nolga in Miss Bo-Peep,
and Williams & Walk'er in Abyssinia,
Nothing But Scraps.
From the Chicago News.
"I know how America was made;"
said the youthful prodigy. "North
America is made out of solid stuff
through and through."
"And how about South and Central
America?" asked the proud father of
the prodigy.
"Oil, they were made out of scraps."
School Books.
New supply at Globe Book Store,
Main street.
t at Fa
50.00 1
of the BENNETT !
Ve MUST sell the I
>50.00 to $150.00, am
ifiekT* Pianos
merits Taken
. - - '
Warning ikill " -which -001069.^0 the
Grand 'Thursday. It is- without doubt
the i strongest ; attraction which Vrfll
visit our city .this season. The play
is pastoral in.style, bat .contains many
striking situations and startling - climaxes.
Its theme Is an.old oBe: the
innocent. country girt and jthe uiv
BMnirtnlnnB mnn hilt la AfHv hanHtad
by Its author, who keeps the; heart
Interest constantly In prominence.
The lovers of comedy are not forgotten
either, for a rich vein of mirth
permeates the play. The characters '
are faithfully drawn from, life, and
show many interesting types. Magnificent
scenic and electrical effects and
beautiful gowns add to the ensemble.
Those who were " disappointed in
not seeing the circus yesterday will
have a chance to see a great show on
Saturday night at the Grand Opera
house. "The Pit" will be the attraction.
Beauty Doctors Endorse Herpleflde.
Women who make a business of beautifying
other women come pretty near
knowing what wit] bring about the best
results. Here are letters from two, concerning
"I eon reti'mmend Nowbro's "Herplclde,"
o? It stopped my hair from falling
yit: and. as a dressing it has tto super*
'(Signed.) Bertha A. Trullineer.
"Complexion Specialist.
Morrison St.. Portland, Ore."
"After using one bottle of "Herptclde*
?iy hair has slopped falling out. and my
? .nip Is entirely free from dandruff.
"(Signed.) Grace Dodge.
"? "Beauty Doctor.
"196 Sixth St.. Portland, Ore."
Sold by leading druggists. Send 10c. tn
etampB for sample to The Herplelde Co.,
Detroit, Mich.
E. A. Bllllngslea * Co, (p*dt
Furnished rooms for rent in different
localities for particulars look over
our want column.
? )
?*** *+*# ******* ***** ***** |
I Tallorina & ftat Go. *
if, Cor. Jnckson & Monroe Sts. *
+ Hats Cleaned and Reblocked *
^ Clothing Cleaned, Pressed and *
Repaired. Work called for and ^
M delivered. ^
4***** ***** ******* **** ***?
Recommended help furnished.
Employment secured.
IDE Jackson St.
OassslUstad 'Dhnna 941
^ wuDuiiuniiVU * UVA* |
To Principal Polnti In
California, Arizona, Colorado,
British Columbia, Mexico, Montana,
New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon,
Texas, South Dakota, Utah,
Washington, Wyoming.
For tickets ind full Information
call on or addreas Ticket
Agents, Baltimore & Ohio R. R.
ctory P
TEE With On
PIANO CO., of Wa
valance of this car
d select one of thes
in Exchange
tenri tM-omnHy to all bUSlneBB
~~ ""r 7- \ ai;
,, entrusted to our care,
of tbia bank i? to crest e?erytxfcly to
/ / V
with a microscope and you could net
find a better bank than this to place
your account with.,
Liberal treatment and safe methods
rule here. '
J. M. HARTLET, President
A. B. FLEMING, Vice President
J. E. SANDS, Cashier.
GLENN F. BARNS, Asst. Cashier.
Board of Directors:
J. M. Hartley, A. B. Fleming,
Ben}. D. Fleming/ Win. E. Watson,
Jos. E. Sands.
Drawing rower |
0! Large flos.
W. M. Ostrander, of Philadelphia,
Is one of the moat successful
real estate men In the country.
He sella property from
Maine to California and hat
built up an enorma.ua business by
advertising. In an address before
the 8phlnx Club, or New York, he
said: "
"I am a firm believer in big ads.
Like all big things, the big ad. attracts
attention and produces an
Impression through its size, an Impression
which is entirely separate
and apart from that produced _ by
Ha contents, an Impression which
can be obtained no other way.
"Furthermore, tho man with the
biggest ad. gets the credit for having
the biggest business, and for
that reason .a pretty large percentage
of the public will patronize
him. They believe that the biggest
business must be the best; otherwise
It would not be the biggest."
Tk? D^fallaa* anrl Adv/?rtls?r
sty*: "A merchant cannot have
too much publicity. It la the breath
of life to merchandising. Without
It, a business cannot grow; it cannot
even exist. With increased
publicity comes a corresponding increase
in growth. And while publicity
continues to expand there is
no danger of reaching a period
when the business will stop growing."
We notice that the bid ad
vertlsera in the West Virginian
do a big business. If you would
Increase yours try the same
1 lWVOi j
-ds. <
ir Endorsemen
rren, Pa., is here wii
load of SAMPLE F
e beautiful instrume
loo and Upwards
Open i
^ '' ' " "
C? W^ ^Wf I ff_ ,M_ri f y*jh^
j| lJUII UlUUkA ^
Materials. I raj
^Ste B
t h._ y? . s I
Vo^0"'^\V;^?, iwoSKi
,.. <: .mmm^. i 'zMssSegBmH
-; - -- !$s6?sgHro MfflmH
^ yJJ^'rjp J

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