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2 lan ha a them. , ^PhR^P K^M, K> J^Lr PPpJP^ P'P'P' JPr^P^'^P' ^P^^ P PP PP P P PP P1 P^ 1 oyn oea 1.
* W W mP
__ * - y ?,
^ NUMBER 127.
tHBffiii''*:. ?;
Aj * p' i 21 ^
KSfiittSt^jiectlon is the easiest means of
Ilg the revolution and restoring
leiitly expected In -many quarters,
glji'jvvidely circulated, and which
not down, despite denials from
t President Palma will issue such
'.few days. To avoid a
ding Investigation Into Cuban po.
afgilrs by Secretaries Taft and
r/ aad an airing of some of the
als* his administration, it is
ed Palma will consent to make
-Wtyi the insurgents on almost
nt can be arranged on the basis
lew election and in no other way
^fteva that , a rigid Investigation
Ill; that has occurred m uuua is
it;the iast thing: the Palma clique
W. Raima's proclamation of the
^in ot hostilities yesterday is
Med; as the first step by the gov
tent toward coming to an underllssarles
are now en route to vnriinBurgent
camps carrying news
he proclamation and it possible
wjiidfc into negotiations with rebel
iw^for the conclusion of peace
?j*j^Jeffbrt will be made by the
fnrnent' to reach an understand
iunuigvuvg UCIUI6 VM? ?
il of the American peace comtnlsSIX
Sept. IT.?A Violent ex[Onybcciirred
this morning, wreck.
'?jro brick buildings, killing six
ons and wounding many. No deLas
'to the cause one i'et learned,
stigation is being made. Tbe exIon
18 thought to have been tbe
I^'orlt of Incendiaries. The buildings
at once Ignited. The dead and woundcd
are still being taken from the
Of Ministerial Association For This
, S Yejr W?? Held This Morning.
'. -I''The- first meeting of the Ministerial
Association for the association year
was'held thlB morning in the People's
Temple. No business of importance
was transacted, but many plans for
the winter's work were discussed.
The members of the Association hare
all returned from their vacations and
an- enthusiaaUc meeting was held.
Lang Llila and silk Gloves $1.00,
P^::J;^iijKand:$1.50, White and black, also
| k|S, $1.50, $2.25, $3.00 and $3.50 at
P^SS you Want your advertisement
? a .paper that has 3,000 DAILY
all within reach of your business?
t?0 you can get what you want
^^ti^^^fehjreaches more home people
two papers In Fairmont
|j|-^s.\. One' way Is to take our word
paper run off the press and count
Arguments in B. &
Cases Before Ju
Will Be I
SUTTON, W. Vfl., Sept 17.?It is
authoritatively stated that the arguments
in the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
Company's appeal eases irom the
assessments of the State Board > ?
Public, Works for the circuits of-JuJpe
McWhorter, Judge Mason and Jud^e
Holt will be heard at a special term at
Fairmont in the course of the next
tew weeks.
The evidence before Judge McWhorter
for the counties of Braxton, Webster,
Nicholas and Upshur, which wag
in progress here two days, was con
eluded Saturday night, and the argu-i
ments were deferred until the gener-J
al hearing at Fairmont. The decision j
Three Sunday, drunks appeared In
police court this morning. None of
them purchaBed any whiskey yesterday.
J. S. Jones and IV. B. Coffman were
arrested* on Washington stjreet by
Chief Fleming. Jones said that he had
been drinking, but did not think that
he was in a state of intoxication sufficient
to warrant his arrest. He said
the liquor that he drank was stack
that he had on hands for several days.
He was SnecuNs.OO.
Coffman said that he bought his
whiskey at the Morrifleld hotel on
Wednesday night. He was fined six
Ed. Salter, who works at Morgantown,
but whose home is In Sharon,
Pa., was so drunk that he had to be
t-So ?ifv inft Saeler told a I
tai itu uv %uw v?v T- ? - straight
forward story. He said that
he got hts whiskey from a man that ,
he worked- with at Clarksburgi-but
did not ltnow his name. He said that ,
he tried to get whiskey at the Tavern, ,
but could not. He was fined $7.
Dowager Empress laaues Orders
Against Binding.
SHANGHI, China, Sept. 17.?The
Dowager Empress has decreed that nd
man In the employ of the Chinese government
whose wife.or daughter has
her feet bound shall be retained in of(ice.
As the official classes of the eirplre
have always been the most tenacious .
of traditional customs tills orde- will
fall more lieaviiy upon them than others
who have in the past five years
been under the" infhi-.nce of Western
| Take your children to see "Bus- j
] ter Brown's Holiday" at the |
j Brand Opera House to-morrow |
|. night and they will forget all j
[ about their disappointment In j
| missing Barnum & Bailey's clr- j
| CUR. IT. ia me uui^ UL imicuia iu ^
| provide All harmless amusement |
| possible for tlielr children. It Is |
! an Important part or their edit- |
cation. You Know you promised |
to take them to fee circus and j ; 1
wore unable to make. good. He- | i
member your own childhood and j i
take the whole family to see |
"Buster Browil'a Holiday."
Washington omia
Revolution is
? r
Both Sides
Want Peace
WASHINGTON, SopL 17.?In the
opinion of the Navy who have been In
close communication with Comman.ler
Colwell, commanding the cruiser
Denver at Havana, the bottom has already
dropped out of tho Cuban revo'u
tlon. One prominent department official
stated to-day: "The Cubans have
made an exhibition showing they are
entirely miSt for self government, but
wnen they found how much in earnest
the United States was, both sides became
frightened, and are doing the'r
utmost to come to an agreement,"
Notwithstanding this 'feeling of optimism
at-the oni. prep
: O. Appeal
tdge McWhorter
t?ade in Fairmont
in one circuli will probably apply to
tbe three, as practically the same evidence
it put forth in each.
Tbe principal witnesses examined
Saturday were Engineer Venable and
Major Brady, who were employed by
the company to make an estimate of
the value of the property. The State
gave no testimony aside from that of
Governor DawBon.
Governor Dawson and Tax Com mis
soner Dillon were the only representatives
of the State. Attorney Campbell,
of Huntington. .waa prildtlcally
ruled out of the examination of witnesses.
Attorney W. E. Hayroond and
Attorney Mollohan, of Charleston
represented the company.
Issues Letter
To Departments
For a number of years past, great
difficulty has been experienced In get-1
ting the reports of tbe several institutions
and departments of State into
the hands of the printer In time to be
ready for delivery at the opening of
the Legislature, as required by law.
In fact, it has been by no means an
unusual occurrence to have these re-1
ports submitted to the governor after;
the opening of the legislative session. |
In order. If possible to obviate a re-;
currence of tjiis condition this year, j
Governor Dawson has issued the fol-1
lowing letter to the heads of those departments
and institutions from whom '
reportB are required:
"Dear Sir:?In view of the large
number of documents to be printed
for the use of the Legislature, which
has heretofore delayed the printing of
some of the biennial reports until too
interior the use of Wis session,"ftr-ls de- ~
sired that yon have your report In aa
" Ai? - * ? ?. ? & Ikn flaanl voar
sooil alter me ciuse ui uic ugw< .. ,
September 30th, 1906, as possible. ^
"I -would llhe a Bynopsls of the Important
parts of your report for use
In preparing my nrfbssage to the Legislature.
Also, for the report of each
Institution to show the cost per capita,
of Inmate for each of the last two'
fiscal years.
"Are the inmates of your Institution 1
employed at any work? If so, what?
Do you have them at work fanning or
gardening? If so, with what result?
If not, would it be desirable to have
land for these Inmates to till?
"Can the cost of maintaining your
Institution be decreased without 1m-:
pairing its efficiency? If so, how?
"Very truly yours,
"Wm. M. O. DAWSOft,
, "Governor." .
Warsaw. Poland, Sept 17.?General
DorszewsW, president ot the court j
martial, while riding in his carriage j
through Alexander Square today, was '
shot and severely wounded. The assailant
Yon should see the very pretty fall
shirt waists at The Ben Ton tf
its THHiK Cuban
Waih Hhnift Air dp
nun ftuuuD uvui
First Ward P. O. Station Was Moved
John S. Pople, cleric In charge of
Sta- etaolnshrdluetaotnshrdlupupupup
Station No. 1, of the Fairmont postoffice
in the First ward, bee tendered
his resignation and Jesse-H. Rex has
been appointed to HI] the vaacncy. The
station was moved across the street
this morning to the old Pople building,
where Rex and Hall are opening a
drug store, There Is practically no
change In the location of the station.
It Is as conveniently as before the
????? ,
Messrs. E. Birch Koen and Wlnsom
Smith, of Mannlngton, were in'
the city Saturday evening to sea "The
;? i ^
^ ^
_ a
Revolting Story h
FromParkersburg p
? 0
PARKERSBURG, Sept. 17.? Lizzie 11
Deanar, a fourteen year old orphan
girl who lives with her grandmother b
on the South Side, was assaulted at A
the City Park Saturday afternoon 11
about 4 o'clock by a well dressed young c
man of Wheeling, who Is now In tho a
county jail, but who so far has fail- ls
'ed to divulge his name, though every
effort has been made to get him to do
so. G
The Deaner girl went to the show 8
grounds Saturday afternoon to attend c<
the clrcus -and was walking around v
when Bhe waB approached by the
stranger who began his conversation u
by asking her If he had not seen her c
somewhere before. She replied in the lt
negative and the two in some mannet si
were drawn Into further conversation, A
according- to the girl's story.
The stranger after talking to the e<
girl for some time asked her to take
a street car ride witfi him. To this *
she consented and after riding around
the outer loop he asked her to get off
with him at the city park. This she
at first refused to do, but later consented
and the two walked some distance
to the left of the entrance, ac- |?
cording to her story. Later the
stranger suggested that they walk over
by the big lake and she objected
again. He finally caught her by the
arm and Insisted so' strongly, slie said
thai she went with blm to a point near b]
the lake, not believing that his Inten- ln
tlons were evil. No sooner had the? 0(
arrived at a point near the lake than D1
the stranger, she alleges, threw her gt
to the ground, despite her screams b,
and efforts toggtaway from htm. Her q
slothing was' badly tdhri and when g,
Superintendent Young, of the park, B
Dr. Monroe and several others arrlved
on the scene she was so frightened tl,
and weak that she could'hardly speak. hs
The men grabbed the stranger and
attempted to hold hfm until an officer th
arriven, uui. ne mane a wun nasn i?r|ar
liberty and started toward the city as d(
fast as lie could run, keeping in the i
middle of -the street, |ai
At Seventeenth street he turned 08 m
and ran up that way. but by that time sc
the patrol wagon came in sight, a hur- al
ry up call having been sent in. The yi
horseB were given the right of way
and Anally overtook the young man (l
after he had run eight or ten blocks. cl
He was placed in the wagon and taken d(
immediately to the office of Maglstrate
Ruttencutter, where he was com. w
raided to jail without ball and a war- w
rant was sworn out for him. The 1st- 0)
ter had to be Issued aB John Doe as
the stranger positively refused to give
his name.
Intense Excitement.
The stranger's arrest caused intense
excitement. The magistrate's office
was soon filled with spectators and It C
was only with- difficulty that order
and quiet could be bad. The little
girl was questioned closely and told
precisely the same story as told by
those who witnessed part of the D
crime, after"their attention was drawn la
to the scene of the girl's screams, ai
The case Is much against the stran- be
ger, from appearances. cv
(Continued on Page Five.) Cl
The appearance of M. C. Morrison's
three bloodhounds "Nick Carter,"
"King Henry" and King Brady," yesterday,
created some excitement. Mr.
Morrison stopped olt here between
trains. He had been to Weaton whore gt
his doga succeeded In running down D<
E. C. Arbogast, who Is charged rflth th
cracking a safe. pc
The dogs were taken to Weston Sat- of
urday afternoon. Although the safe Is
was blown open three days before, the be
dogs had no dlfllculty In running dowii b<
the alleged culprit. It is thought that m
others are 'accomplices In the crime. to
The safe blown open belonged to the cr
Weston Milling Company. The inner vt
door could not be opened and the re
blower was foiled In his attempted be
burglary. ; ' II
't' ^' r
Local Odd Fellows
Part in Cornersto
Shinnston Ton
Canton Monongahela N'o. 3, Patrl- Pi
rchs Militant, of Fairmont, will lay M
lie coVner stone of tie Odd Fellows
i M
all at Shinnston to-morrow after- A
oon with their beautiful ceremony ap- R<
roprlnted for that purpose. The Can- dc
on will meet at Its armory at 12:00 te
'clock and take a special car leav- or
is the city at 12:30.
The laying of the corner .stone will or
e under the Supervision or Major i - [n
. Vincent, acting department .com- on
lander and field staff consisting of Oi
hevalier John L. Lehman. Judge advo- da
ate general; Captain Porter L. Hot- gi
tnd, aid; Chevalier L. S. Fitzhugh, as- cu
I slant adjutant general; Chevalier, j0
. Frank Hite, chaplain; Chevalier of
eorge E. Holdren. clerk;. Chevalier co
imeon Bright, accountant. The above co
institute the grand council of West 101
Irginie. la;
The Canton will be under the lmme- co
late command 6t its officers, who are of
aptain, Wsitman T. Menear, Lieu- R<
:nant Thomas J. Titherlnglon, En by
gn Vincent Radka, Chevalier. Thos. X(
. Watson will act as banner bearer, on
rrtv mill hn Mlnn ..V
Xlie lUUUWiiig ai liuico nui wo pi?o- yu
3 In the corner stone: N(
A copper plate on which is cngra-ed ml
O. O. F. temple laid September IS, Ca
IOC, by Monongahela Canton No. ti, of
The "Best Yet" C
Mr. J. Ij. Hull, the hardware man, w
is shown a good deal of enterprise
i getting out a complete catalogue
' his entire line. This Is something
Jt of the ordinary for a town of this
ze and will no doubt be appreciated gc
f Mr. Hall's numerous customers. WE
ne who had never thought of th.e.j to]
eat amount of -work connected with jof
publication of this ?ort, in assem-1 ag
ling the hundreds of cuts, flescrlp- or.
ons and prices of the various lines qs
in died In a large store of the char- at)
;ter of Mr. Hall's would not know
le effort thnt he has made to eclipse ge
lythlng ever gotten out by a retail pr
He has had this work critically ex- u
nineri by a good many hardware j?
en- who have compared it with gp
:oreR of other similar publications
id all have pronounced it the "best no
;t" ad
The book is printed on a good qnal- ^
y of book paper which shows up the hr
its to best advantage and a good ^
ial of care was taken to have every- T1|
ling Just right, and we presume it
as for this reason that he had the
ork done in the new Job department ga
r the West Virginian.
Mini 1- AI IT mi
UABLt uui :
WASHINGTON, Sept. 17.?Tlio Navy
Bpartment received word this morn- |
g that the cable between Clenfiiega= I
id Bermuda had been cut. The cable j
stween Havana and Clenfuegos was !
it Saturday and land lines have been |
it of business several days. This cuts 4
enfuegos off from all communication
Ith the outside.
irand Dukes Has
i Leave &
fen Left City [j
Last Night
ST. PETERSBURG, Sept. 17.? A ?l1
moral exodus of Russian Grand P'f
ukes from here has set In, following bri
ie death Saturday of General Tre- tln
iff, who has been virtually dictator
' Russia for months, owing to the ex- ,et
ting fear that freBh troubles are we
>und to break oat. Ten grand dukes ml
>und for the west left the blty at he
idnlght on a special train determined va
i remain abroad until the present brl
dais In Russia la over. All feared
olent outbreaks on the part- of the
evolutionists and terrorists were
>und to come and belleyud their at
vqe in constant danger lnSt. Petorairg.
The terrorists are openly claim- "I
tg to-day that they caused Trepoff's an
s Will Take j
ne Laying at
aorrow Afternoon
itrfarcha Militant; Captain, VS. T.
enear, Ldeutenant, T. J. inheringn,
Ensign, Vincent /Radtka. General
. A. Raney commanding; Major Geo. 1
Vincent, department commander; -I
jbert R. Right, Grand Sire; Theoire
Roosevelt, President of the XJnld
States; Wm. M. 0. Dawson, govnor
West Virginia.
One olive branch, one pair of scales
le dagger, one copy of the proceed- p
gs of the Sovereign Grand Lodge, II
le copy of the proceedings of the r
and Lodge of WeBt Virginia, Mon- c
iy's Issue of the Fairmont West Vlr- fi
nlan, copy 'of the Fairmont Times, e
py of the Monongabela Valley Trade a
urnal, copy of the Free Press, copy u
the Shtnnston News, copy of the P
de of West Virginia, copy of* the r<
nstltutlon and bylaws of Shlanston it
Ige, copy, of the constitution and by- ?
rs of Marlon lodge No. 11 Fairmont, tc
py of the constitution and byla #8 b!
West Virginia lodge Daughters'of 91
heron, eoov of the constitution and ei
laws of Mountain City encampment ei
>. G, one copy of special order No. ci
e copy of special order No. 5. comate
roster of Canton Monorgahela al
>. 8- Patriarchs Militant, one copy 11
Inutes of the last meeting: of the p
inton and the gold und silver coins m
1906. . tc
icon in i
mai una nA
WHEELING, Sept. 17.?Copies of i(
ilorado papers to hand indicate the
irmth of the greeting tendered Sena- al
r SCott and;_ifie- been appreciation u
the address he delivered a few days g
o at a Republican convention at Col- t<
ado Springs. The Colorado Springe r<
izatte publishes his speech in full it
d says: *v II
"Mofhfin Tt flftnff TTnlteil StfltfiS ru
- r?.- ;T...
aator from West Virginia, and a pi
araloent raeinber & the RepnblifSaa tt
tlonal cojmmittee, yesterday address- M
the Republican county convention e
this city. Senator Scott baa been
ending some time In Colorado tt
rings as the guest of William Lea- <ii
*.' During the course of his hi
dress, Senator Scott showed that ej
was a master of story telling, and ol
aught out several Important points A
his speech by humorous remarks';'' ci
ie Senator's address was followed by di
elferous cheering." >
The Denver Republican's acccount ]|
ys: cl
"UnitedSlates Senator Scott, of West R
rglnla, addressed . the convention, 8:
iking on eloquent appeal for adher- p
co to party principles, both local and V
tional. He was warmly applauded
it given a rising: vote of thanks."
+ R
_ i P
Warmer To-Morrow. ' fl
WASHINGTON, D. C? Sept. 17.
?Forecast for West Virginia:?
Fair and slightly warmer tonight
and Tuesday. '/S
Read the Dally West Virginian. J Si
- w
leu to
it Petersburg
J ? r
a* Here and Placid On* of Hit
Brake* on Exhibition.
Mr. F. H. Dtikesmlth, ot Meadvllle,
an Inventor and authority on the
* brake was In Fairmont last Friday
icing one of his little wonder engine
ike vttlves In the B. and O. instrucin
car which Is at the round house.
Kirby is the instructor and will
iture four days and two nights tbts
iek. Those who can go should not
ss the opportunity o( seeing and
a ring the good qualities of this
Ive. It is simplicity itself and shake
experts say that it has no
County School Books.
^QloUe B^K Store, 3M Mnin.^t^^
'".." <?^?$$sm
H?nrx? with fha rwW? orHprftf Bftttt 1
| ^ v ? ttuu^
(Cod elude Jon .ygge ouv.)
first duly sworn says that the aver- I
age number of copies printed of I
the above named publication daily I
for the week ending September Bth, j
circulation foil that time averaged |
Circulation Manager.
Subscribed and sworn to before ma I
thia 10th day of Septemoer, 1906. I
Notary Public.
"r 1 I

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