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?rV ^htlll
ndemned to death for alleged
violence committed during the
t'&en witnessed even In Rue|eara.
The peeling of the death
believed the authorities at 8t.
tburg will order .a commutation
martial has already been
;io; . all clTlllied nations asking
protest be made to Russia to see
tHfllii for persons charged wlthl
I revolutionary crimes, executions must
8 folto^Jiwithln 48 .hours after sentence
j&irAflHTOtiTON. Sept. 18.? Unless
I Hp order are completel^rel
ored In Cuba within a short time, It
iahlte possible that President Roose'
?lt will abandon his contemplated
fp^to, Panama. Secretary Taft hopes
i be able to complete his mission
Jiliin ;ten da^s, after his arrival at
Stan a, but even if success crowns
^efforts, as everybody believes It
Bfep? Is to be expected that It will
1(6; many weeks of simmering and
'tiling .before- the entire island ol
iba can be said to be pacified, and
nrtnat conditions restored. So long
there is any possibility of further
im in Cuba, or the least Ukell
sod that action of any sort by the
jilted States might become necessary
Is not probable that the Presides!
mid leave the United States. While
^ b Panama trip, therefore, has beer
B? abandoned. there la considerable doubt
Pfjiit] this time whether thePreRfdcnt
t he should deem It unwise to ab
sent himself from the United States
under the , conditions, It Is possible
^pfintjhe may ask Secretary Root, whc
Isfpow on his way to Panama froir
"malte a more extettaea Btaj
ft-; School Books.
I you want your advertisement
piper that has 3,000 DAILY
wjth^n reach cf your business?
which reaches more home people
than any two paper* In Fairmont
j|?la One way is to take our word
m BY Mill
Heroic Man
ELIZABETH, W.Va., Sept. 18. ?
While be made himself a hero and
? ? -A t ? U.iU .LIU
sarea uio me ui ma nine mum, m.
P. W. McClung. of Elizabeth, may
have been fatally hurt In jumping
from the second story window of his
burning home yesterday morning
about Ave o'clock.
Mrs. McClung also jumped from a
window with a child in arms, but miraculously
escaped serious Injury.
Neither of the children was hurt to
any considerable extent.
The fire had gained great headway
before It was discovered, and the
members of the family were hemmed
In by the flames before they were
There was only one thing to do and
that was to jump, so that doctor, with
his older child. In his arms. leaped
from the window and told Mrs. McClung
to do the same, which Bhe did.
He sprained his lags in alighting and
was injured internally, it Is believed.
The building was entirely destroyed
and it was only through the efforts
of volunteer Are fighters that the surrounding
residences were saved. Nearly
everyone In the town turned out to
give assistance and it is due to them
that a number of fine horses were saved.
The McClung home was one of the
finest In Elizabeth. It was on Court
street, not far from the high school
bunding. Only JGOO Insurance was
carried. v
Delay in The
Assault Case
Somervllle Not Given Hearing Because
n?#anaa U/90 Mot Pr?nai*?H
to Go to Trial.
PARKERSBURG. Sept, 18?David
Ira Somervllle, arrested Saturday
- charged with criminally assaulting
Lizzie Deaner, did not get his preliminary
hearing before Magistrate Ruttenuitler.
The hearing had been set
for one o'ctock yesterday afternoon,
: but before Ihat^time Attorney R. E,.
Bills, for the defense, called on the
magistrate and asl ed for a conr'.n.iance
until this even.tig at five o ?,_:ock,
as he and his clh'nt were unprep trod
! to vo into the cs-pt
Several witnes-?: had not ll^ea serv.
ed anu this, togeu'er with the fac that
. :her pielltninnricf: had not uQ-jn ar
rni.fed. were tlie giounils given by
Mr. *1 !fls for the continuance. The
ii, g rtrate sustained the motion, anil
set Uir time for l-vr o'clock at w hlcl.
' ho v.slrucled Mr Eills to go Into too
1 case.
1 No new developmenls have as yet
' arisen In the case. it is understood
1 that the defense will attempt to show
up the character of the girl at the
hearing, which will likely have some
bearing on the case. It is said the defendant's
attorney is getting all the
- <...f.Tnnnn ho on r. Ollll Tulll 5 n + UftdllfO
CV1U6IIUC no V.n.111 UI1U I. < > lu VI. WV.
some evidence not expected by the
I State. Soinervtlle's friends say they
are not in the least worried about
him and he will be cleared, probably
at the preliminary hearing to-day.
If you are a lover of good things,
by all means avail yourselves of the
opportunity to see The Warning Bell
which conies to the Grand next
Thursday. Press, pulpit and public
alike acclaim it one of the greatest
of the season's successes. If you enJoy
a good, clean, story deftly told;
good humor; good music and singing,
by all means see it. The whole play
is a feast of good things.
Miss Georgia Hickman came norae
to-day from Elklns, having been called
home on tha account of the sorlouB
Illness of her sister, Grace.
School Books.
New supply at A. C. Klnkoad's.
All partleg knowing themselves t*>
debted to Glllisov fr fn vim please
call and settle at once.
10-10ts M. j. LANTZ.
i j.? j??.
HAVANA, Sept. 18.?The efforts of
"Peace Makers" who are busy to-day
trying to arrange a compromise between
the government and insurgents
it the gates of the city before the arrival
of Secretaries Taft__ and Bacon
ire now being directed toward trying
to induce all members of Congress
o proffer their resignations. Palma's
-eslgnatlon is regarded as sure to be
'orthconiing at the proper moment.
Should the senators and representatives
resign that will open the way
(or the holding of new elections which
Is the main demand of the Insurgents.
So far peace commissioners have not
met with great success In their endeavors
to effect a settlements New
elections and Pal ma's retirement have,
been set by Insurgents as the minimum
which they will agree to with
the arrival of Taft and Bacon. General
retirement of Palma's underlings
from good paying government positions
is expected. Senor Hevia. director
of the State Department, has
set the example by offering bis resignation.
HAVANA, Sept. 18. ? Secretary
Taft Is expected here late to-day. Both
sldeR are most anxiously laboring to
settle their trouble before Taft's arrival.
Every effort Is being made to
remove the deadlock which existed
yesterday so that the factions may be
able to present to him tha text of an
agreement for approval rather than
have to appear before him as an arbitrator.
. j
Of 'the Central Woman's Christianj
Temperance Union.
The twentieth annual meeting of
the Central Woman's Christian Tern
Iterance Union wlli be held this evening,
September 18th, iq the Library
parlor at 7:30 o'clock. The following
Is the programme:
Devotional?Mrs, Sarah Lloyd.
Minutes of previous meeting.
Brief address of the president?Mrs.
N. R. C. Morrow.
Report of the corresponding secretary?Mrs.
Mollie Ross:
Report of the treasurer?Mrs. B. P.
Suuerlntendents' reports.
Evangelistic and Penal Reformutory
?Mrs. G. F. Carrel!.
Mothers' Club?Mrs. J. W. Barnes.
Flower Mission?Mrs. Mary Crow.
Sunday School?Mrs. E. S. Amos.
Press?Mrs. Alice Miller.
Medal Contest?Mrs. Mary Hennen.
Franchise?UrB, B. L. Butcher.
Medical Temperance?Mrs. 0. C.
Social meeting and Red Letter Days
?Mrs. AV. A. Fisiier.
Kaiiroad work?Mrs. Olive Pitzer.
Election of officers.
Members are urged to be present
and friends of the cause are cordially
County School Book*.
at Globe Book Store, 314 Main street.
The Disaster
Came Without
Slightest Warning
MANILA, Sept. 18.? Without the
slightest warning or disaster, Hong
Kong was to-day visited by a terlrble
typhoon, which swept across the Island
on which the city is located and
wrought great damage in the harbor.
ThlB Is the news contained In cablegrams
received here from Chinese cities.
Enormous property loss has been
caused and 'hundreds of lives destroyed.
The coast for miles is lined with
wrecks of vessels, caught In the Btorm
and driven ashore. In' Hong Kong
harbor many vessels foundered and
others were driven ashore. The loss
of life is heaviest among crewjg on.
' *?r>"v' *' v ' " jjj "
Awful Cfime '
Near Huntingdon
HUNTINGTON, W. Va., Sept. 18. ?
A crime, one of the most dastardly recorded
In the criminal history of Ca- 1
bell county, and one which has filled
with Indignation every man witbln a
radius of twenty-five miles, was dls
v,_ -
covered yesterday ut . me luvrn ui
Barboursville, eight miles southeast r
of this city. About S o'clock R. H. a
Baker, aged seventy, was discovered |
lying on the floor of his store near the "|
C. & O. station, with his skull crush- f
ed and his body fearfully mutilated. ?
Near by was found a pick, such as Is i
commonly used by railway laborers, t
the bloody Instrument1 telling how the {
deed was committed.: Baker had evi- t
dently been dead for eight or ten e
hours. The cash drawer had been t
rifled, and there were evldonces that c
many articles of value had been carried
The authorities In this city were
Immediately communicated with and t
the chief of police and two deputy e
| sheriffs, the county coroner and ,
' bloodhounds left Irqmediately for Bar- f
! boursvllle. The hduudB were unable s
[ to strike any well defined trail and
' their actions confused rather than aid- t
I ed the officers, save that they left the
Impression the murder was committed
by persons living' In close proximity ,
to the store. The officers are still .
hard at work on the case and It was .
given out last night that a clue had .
been obtained that would lead to arrests.
/ v
Hundreds of people are still crowding
the streets of the little town and
public lndlgatlon Is still at such a t
heat that, should the murderer be discovered
it would be hard- to save htm
from mob violence. Baker's store had
been-, robbed twdc^fefncb Jantiary-^t j
and ho had been sleeping'there RJr
several months.
At midnight It was stated that two j
boys of fifteen, sons of prominent fam- f
Hies, wonld be arrested, charged with. (
the murder, aa soon as they could be ;
located Tuesday morning. (
'1| T i
Tony Mntz arid Mrs.'Jennie Redo
were before police court this morning
on charge of open and gross lewdness
The woman'sald that she did not know
anything about It and that the did. not
know that she was In the city Jail until
this morning. Officer Could arrested
them. They were fined $25 each. I
Tom Jones was arrested near Cook's .
Hospital by Officer C. S. Pltzer. He i
was drunk. Fined $6. 1
John Muar, the moBt polite prisoner ;]
that has yet appeared In court, was i
charged with fighting. His story was
the whole truth. Martin Duello called
Munr a bad name using bis nationlty
as an adjective and Italy went down. I
They were fined $6 each.
ir = Cheung,
went down-with all handa.
The steamer Fustian, of Hong Kong,
foundered, only the pursers and mate
In the city the typhoon wrought ,
great damage, whole rows ot houses
were lereled and heavy loss of lite,
occurred. Business Is at a standstill' .
and native citizens are almost , in a
panic. It Is also reported that mem- ]
hers of foreign colonies sustained con- .
siderable loss of property.and that a
number of foreign residents suffered
injuries, but so far as known no fatalities
are among them.
_? i
New Lodge at Wallace.
A number of the local lodge of the
Knights ot Pythias went to Wallace
this afternoon, where a new lodge Is .
to be Installed. \ The degree team of :
the Fairmont lodge has the work in
County r School. Books,
at A.. C. Klnkead's/814 Main street
WHEELING. Sept'. 18.?Found a:
nldnlght lq^the company of a convicl
lervlng time In the West Virginia pen
tenttary, was the somewhat unusua!
predicament- of Maggie Hartllne, s
ifteen-year-old girl, whose parents re
ilde at Shadyslde, Ohio. The dlscov
iry was made Saturday night by Ca^>
aln Dawson, who for some time hat
ieen suspicious that George Gore, t
rusty convict, who has charge of the
itaJble which Is located just outside
be wulls, was harboring women of bad
Shortly before midnight last Satur
lay, Captain Dawson and one or the
luardB paid a quiet visit to the stable,
itit found Gore Id bed sound asleep
ind no evidence' that anything was
vrong. The- captain, however, was
lot satisfied, and about on hour later
igalit visited the stable very unex
lectedly. He found Gore sitting: up In
led, but saw no one else about the
ilace. Captain Dawson's suspicions
vera further aroused from the fact
h*t Gore was up at such an-unusual
ionr. and he questioned the latter as
o there being: a female about the sta,
tie. Gore streniilusly denied the in
inuatton, whereupon Captain Dawson
itartod to make a careful search ol
he premises. His efforts were re
varded by finding the Hartllne glr
lecreted in the stable.
Monday morning Captain Dawsor
aid the matter before Humane Offlcei
I. U Riggs, who_ made_ complain
[gainst the girl, charging her wltt
agrancy. She was given a trial be
ore Squire Ruckman yesterday morn
ng. The squire concluded that as th?
drl's home was in Ohio, the propel
ictlon would be to send her home, in
itead of burdening the State and..coun
y with the expense that would rosnli
rom committing her to an Industrie'
school or some other reformatory foi
'r males. Constable Riggs took th<
Tlrl to her home yesterday afternoon
Judging from appearances, the glr
las had a pretty rough time of it. She
daimsthat her parents compelled her
:o leave home and that she has beer
residing with Jacob Morris and wife
>f Moundsrille.
That Question Remains Unanswered h
Shooting Case.
j* s.
J. J. Daugherty, charged with shoot
ing of Tona Julian!, was acquitted i:
lusiice Amos' Court. Daugherty wai
irrested yesterday afternoon and won
Into hlstriai without any delay. Hi
r.rt.1 nn siffl?iiitv In nrnvine his innc
nence. The case as to the [taliana wm
dismissed. No ona could determini
the guilty parties.
Thursday; Sept. 20th, at The Bon Ton
rpiiicpr Arrived
;';C. '
WASHINGTON, D. C.. Sept 18. The
Navy Department has advices re
porting the arrival at Clenfuegos o
the cruiser Dixie frbtn Havana witl
marines aboard. The commander o
the Dixie reports that there has beei
no further disturbances In the vicln
Ity, of Clenfuegos.
C. A O. Engineer Met Death Whei
Train Stalled.
HINTON. W. Va., Sept 18.? Johi
Bess, C. <& O. engineer, was smother
ed to death In Stretcher's Neck tun
net, twelve miles west of this plnce
Hli train stalled In the- middle o
the long hole, and before hie flremai
could get the engine to working am
| Duckworth Case
^ PARKERSBURG, Sept 18. ? No
agreement was reached by the jury
yesterday la the case of Simon G.
ntiirtlrnrorfli allarroH fortror nnri DTTlhOT.
At five o'clock In the afternoon the
jury returned to the criminal court
room from the chamber In which It
deliberated for many hours, and reported
that It was Impossible to
agree, and was dismissed, making It
necessary that the history of one of
the most important cases to be trlid
here in recent years be elongated. .
By some It Is said that the .jurors
stood six for acquittal and six for conviction;
but others claim to know that
only two of the jurors favored the acquittal
of the accused.
Duckworth, the man alleged to have
swindled $5,000 from the Equitable
Assurance Society, and also to have
forged the names of a number of men
of prominence and others to papers
necessary in getting the large sum of
money, is still undef bond, and it is
I possible that he will yet be tried at
this term of court on one or more ot
' the several charges under which he
1 being held to the State court. If
: not the forgery charges will be tried
1 at a later term and In the meantime
1 it is possible that the Federal author!'
ties will assume the right to make use
' of the accused who is wanted by the
1 United States for misuse of the mails.
[ r- A'Declded Victory.
The accused was" being tried on the
I charee of fonrinw the name of 'Attof
ney H. B. Dodge to affidavits concern1
ing the alleged death certificate of
Hugh T. Wilson through' which Duck1
worth, la alleged, to. bare procured
i 000. .......
Since no conviction was obtained;
' the defendant stands a good chance
> of- perpetuating the cases against him
" and may evetually he released from
custody. He has thus far been vie
torlous to a certain extent.
< The jury was given the case Satur'
day afternoon, and deliberated till ten
o'clock tnat nignc witnoui arriving hi
' a verdict It was continued as a Jury
In that "case till yesterday morning,
' when It again took up the constdura'
tlon of the case. The foreman report5
ed three times during the day1 that
> certain phases of the case were not
. fully understood by the Jury, They
were given enlightenment on the subjects
by the court and instructed to
find a verdict if poslsble. Finally, at
five o'clock, at the court's Instruei
tlons, the last report was made and
the foreman said there was no possible
way to get the Jury to agree. It
. was then dismissed.
i An Investigation,
s It Is said that the court will make
t an Investigation Into the matter of
a the lights being mysteriously extln
i. guished Saturday niglit when the
s jury returned to the court room. The
s suggestion has' not been officially
made, however, that that coincident
waH, of criminal creation as It may
have been due to a peculiar accident,
i. which, however, was one, if- such It
.was, that had an Indirect bearing on
the deliberations of the jury.
Both Want Name
* "WASHINGTON. Pa., Sept 18. ?
Complications in the placing of a ticket
In the field by , the Lincoln party
have arisen here over the filing of pa
pers by two different sets of petitionL
ere for the exclusive use of the name
f "Lincoln Patty" 4n .the coming elecl
tlon. On June 14th five resident votf
ere of Canton township filed with the
l court an application for-the exclusive
- use of the party name on the official
ballot, their application being certified
to in the commissioner's office.
The Lincoln party was in existence 'In
this township last spring and the petitioners
state that they intend to name
a county ticket this year. To-day a
second application Blgned by several
1 leaders ef the regular fusion 'mow
' ment In the county, was filed. The effect
of these, two applications cannot
be determined, but it: Is. said that by
[ a ruling of the secretary ofvthe com
W- * .? H''
;7 ' > ir V..' '?. '
r? ?. ? 5IM-V p-Jl^".L. . . i,^.';
Awauvmi ui?rorr>f?
the present coiai?e!- ij?n.
IUIJ Ul LUilll JHU V/~.
however, shows that, if the future 'cshaE
be Judged by the past, Mr. n>- "t
convention since IS: n he captured
the convention In Chicago and,
most radical platform, SOrced his own
nomination as the cmpdl^teiparty
associates to rp^lc
to profess now that
to force It on his ;pat^y>
Democrats should oloct a majority ot3g|
the eoitgrettslbnal c&n.itd;
or should make any substantial galaiS
he would Immediately claim tho
stilt as an endo^ein^iv.^^Wffinj|H
suo. He would 8weep B0pi|or
Senator Daniel and all.. tj|e yfthenB
States' rights conservative^ from his
path and force the adoption of a plat-fig
form containing, big EOverat^^aHMBj
crshlp plank and embodying all of thoM
other strange-and un-Aniorican t
^ "f "1?"' that
have in reserve. ,j^ShI
not wavered since its Jfoi; They
cans and yet-thecreed, o; the parly Is
State of West Virginia,
County of Marlon, to-wlt:
^Thle^ day^ pa ran al
?" -- ':',-i"T4'-b^nCT aTTBm
ty, Clarence W. Davleeon, ClrculwU
tlon Manager of the Daily Fairmont I
West Virginian, who being;'
tint duly eworn aays that the aver- I
age number of copies printed of I
the above named'
for the week. eiidlnQlJSejtf ember BtHj;*i
1J06, was 3,000, and that the daily I
circulation for that time averaged I
C rculation M4MjMH9
Subscribed andieworn to before m I
Notary Public. I
: . ' "'-v 1-vr-'YV'^flkjaaMMW

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