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JJ^I x^xVJtjErf'
J 2L WMMII'S ^iK3n
I I sh
e so e agents <
inn aririjTj^njxmr^^
L. M. DAVI8, Business Manager.
' Virglnlflp ^
?klr, la entered in tbe Postofflce a
tamont, W. Vs., as second class mat
Judge > of'Intermediate Court,
i.ik*rti,4?ndant Fr?i
For Congrest^
1 ri
Of Amos.
through extensive ad vert is- N
lines, and are the most wide
V and because of their cxten- J
rs are enabled to produce a
grade than makers of shoes I
ry fashionable style, and we
6 give satisfaction.
,atest Vogue for
igure and Fancy."
latest variety of styles, shapes
: and stiff hats,
n the" factory with the broad!
of entire satisfaction with the
ice paid.
any other stores hereabouts,
>r the manufacturers,
is the hat that "makes good,"
Die Agents.
it, w. Va. HAPPY
3herltf Furbee has announced the
discount dayB for the various parts of
the county, beginning the eleventh of
October. The people can then begin
to see who has been trying to deceive
them and who has been telling the
truth as regards tax reform. The
tax ticket will tell the tale and It will
speak with Buch a loud voice tbat it
will make the antt-tax. reformers
^ The start Is made twelve days earlier
than laBt year, the more remote
points being taken first, according to
' the usual custom. The list of places
' and dates announced by the sheriff Is
- as follows:
Sturm's Mills, Thursday, Oct. 11.
Farmtngton, Friday, Oct. 12.
Farmington, Saturday, Oct. 13.
Joetown, Monday, Oct 15.
Rymer, Tuesday, Oct. 16. ~
Glover's Gap, Wednesday, Oct. 17.
Rlvesvllle, Thursday, Oct. 18.
. Fairvlew, Friday, Oct 19.
Falrvlew, Saturday, Oct 20.
Bunners Sch. house, Monday, Oct 22.
Mt. Harmony, Tuesday, Oct 33.
William's school house, Wednesday,
Oct. 24.
Eldora, Thursday,. Oct 26.
Mannlngton, Friday, Oct 26.
Mannlngton, Saturday, Oct 27.
Monongah, Monday. Oct JO.
Palatine, Tuesday, Oct. 30.
Montana, Wednesday, Oct 31.
Hlte's Mines, (Forenoon) Thursday,
Nov. 1. *
NOw England, (Afternoon) Thursday,
Nov. 1.
Worthington, Friday, Nov. 2.
Fairmont, Saturday, Nov, 3.
Gray'S Flat, Monday, Nov, 12.
Barrackvllle, Tuesday, Nov. 13.
BAthstowit, Wednesday, Nov. 14.
BdwhS, 'Thursday, Nov. 15.
Mannington, Saturday. Nov. 17.
Fairmont, from Not. -18 to Nov. 12,
inclusive. a
It -will be noted that two <niys will
! be spent .at. Fannlngcon, two at Fairview,
three at Mannington and four at
Fairmont, the first in this city being
. on November 3d. lite discount will
be allowed at the sheriff's office at
. any time during the time mentioned
and If any Fairmont people want, to
pay their taxes 'prior to the November
3d, they can call at the office and do
so and the commission will be' allowed.
One tax ticket, is worth a whole campaign
of false writing and.speaking
with .regard to the new tax laws. It
is now-' up to the people to stand by
what .Is best tor them and we believe
' they will do it.
ed into law and the people are alread
could not be better. Everything ht
come the Republican way in ? ma:
ner surprising even to. the most sai
gu'fne. Last y'ear. crwing to the r
ductlon in the State tar rate from i
to 20 cents -on the hundred doliai
and an increase' In the personal pro;
erty valuations, taxes were reduce
from 12-to 15 percent, for a large m
Jority of people. This year, hffiveve
thj ??? pao^-l.n^Br t-ho new law I
full operation, tie State tax rate ha
gone to 84 cebtson-the hundred an
the taxes of a'greaf majority of th
people will be reduced from 25 t
"0 per cent; from the' figures of 190
the last year under the old law. E'
cry Inch of the ground occupied b
the Republicans " In' gaining thes
things for the people has been hot!
contested and even now Is being bl
terly fought for, but there can be n
backward step. Results are whs
count and the results are on the Ri
publican side of the ~ ledger. Tb
Democrats buve nothing left as a
Issue but abuse and vituperation.
The farmers of Bitrbour county hav
come to the conclusion that It pa;
a n.ivortk^ rhptr nroducts Som
years ago they inaugurated a Stre<
Fair and each'succeeding one has s
tar eclipsed Its predecessors that thl
year they -will put on the best on
of all. It will lie held October 10, 1
and 12.
*? The following bill of particulars 1
the announcement Just sent out give
an idea of what is done at 'these e;
"More than four hundred premium
offered In the numerous displays. In
mense displays of fruits, grains an
every product of the' farm, garde
and orchard. Samples of the large:
and most luscious fruits, mammot
and dwarf specimens of melons, puraj
kins, squashes, etc. Finest and larj
eat specimens of various kinds of vej
etables. Don't miss seeing the edi
catlonal department and the man
dainty products of the culinary art I
the women'sftlepartment, such a cake:
pies, bread, preserves, jellies an
canned goods of every description; a
exquisite display of rare samples c
UGeiilUwurKf Ijutiiui ou^.uv - signed
comforts and innumerable ai
tistlc dainties showing; .the wome
folks', handiwork. Nowhere else ca
you meet so many old friends and fin
an equal of pure enjoyment. No at
mlttance fee to pay^ No entry fe
charged. No fakirs allowed. Ther
will be excellent band music rendere
each day. Don't fail to bring you
"To all, we say come; prepare youi
self to improve in tbe labor you pri
pose for the coming year by spendln
a few days mingling with your fellov
men, at the Street Fair. It will b
equivalent to an Exposition and Cam
val. Every day will be good. Come.
As prophets of evil the Democrat
take first rank. They prophesied till
astrous timfes if free silver were no
voted into existence again. In 190
nothing dauntpd by the failure c
their 1890 claims they said times wer
abnormal and that hard times wer
coming. In 1904 they said that Thee
dore Roosevelt would ruin the~coiintr
and that the West Virginia tax law
would fall. In 190G they predict tb
failure of the tax laws again. Bu
the people whose taies are lower ar
not worrying.
All the fools are not dead yet no
won't he as long as the present ed
tors of the Moundsvllle Herald nn
Huntington Advertiser are alive. B(
cause Governor Dawson has. aske
the heads of tbev various institution
of the State to make their usual n
>? H + flxa. oorllor fhle vOflf thfl
Hu*w> n IIVVIV VHI <?> ?M?r ?r "
has been their custom these papet
get off some talk, unworthy of an;
body gifted with even a common alio
ment of ordinary sense.
The Grafton Sentinel Is a close .ol
server as witness the following:
The Fairmont West Virginian ht
been printing some pretty . pungei
editorials since it bad that old "goos
quill" strapped on Its editorial hot
leg. At laat accounts the Virginia
had the Times down #.nd was glvln
Its contemporary dangerouB jabs I
the vicinity of vital points of Its ana
Mr. Rlley has emerged from his 8
elusion long enough to state that tt
campaign In the First' district, i
far as he Is concerned will be a vei
qalet affair. That may not snlt son
of our Democratic friends so very we
as they think be ought to at least pi
np the semblance of a fight. Mr. Hu
bard certainly has a puddta*.
When men-try to give away mom
Instead oiT-getting It, then and not ,.ti
a- W^t?TIrjifSJir^^'anu^tarlil^jenter5
prises'inqfeiseST from" 000,000 In
8 1900 to -|S6,000.000|liia?0?> the ifemr
P-, ocrsts say protection- is 'a humbug.
d Bat. the people have, not, been taking
? ' thif Democrats" seriously'.in ..recent
n y, = '
is Perhaps the lumbermen of West
<1 Virginia, who have been getting the
e benefit of a protective tariff on iumo
ber pat there through the Effort* of
* Senator Elklns- will vote for leglslative
candidate who oppose bis return.
y But then again perhaps they won't.
y That notable success, "The County
Chairman," will be the attraction at
? the Grand .opera house to-night. It
' ^vas one of the b?g successes of the
a" New York dramatic season, where it
e ran for 312 nights at Wallack's thea"
A consoling fact In connection with
' the misrepresentations made as ree
gards the new tax laws and the aca
Hons of Republican officials Is that
e the people are not the fools that cerit
Lain papers seem to take them to be.
10 =====
s ? At any rate the new tax laws made
c the taxes of more than 90 per cent, of
I the people of West Virginia leas than
they have heretofore been. Do tbe
n Democrats object to that?
H ('j
? A cement shingle has been Invented
I ?iw-k it ia ooi.i win in time renlaci J
3 the wooden shingle. The small bad
l' boy will receive the news with anyg
thing but pleasure.
it 1
h Senator Beveridge suggested that
the President should send a large par,
ly to investigate conditions in* Cuba
and the President promptly selected
? Secretary Taft. . .
y ,
n How's your taxes this year as compare'd
with last? We do not believe
,1 in "voting as we shot," but we do
n believe In voting "as we are assessor
ed." *
P. President Baer says he cannot unn
derstand the new rate law but that
n doesn't make any difference. He will
d have to bear it like the' other^.
' ' V .. i il?
e The faultfinder soon gets to be ree
kuriled -as a nuisance.
tl " .
r- Thoy Played Truant to Witness Color
j. i Fight by Soya.
S WASHINGTON, Pa., Septf 26. ?
"Dr. Moffat ought to, Vtnow better; I
e am going to send you home, every1
one." Thla was the verdict given by
" Miss Christiana Thompson, .principal .
of *the Washington Seminary, Wash-'
s ington'a fashionable girl school, after
I. she had investigated a charge that 25
it girls had played truant
0 Monday morning the freshmen and
f sophomores at Washington and Jefe
ferson held their annual color fight. ,
e and 25- of their admirers among the
y seminary students "cut" the first reel- 3
f tatlon to watch the battle. Yesterday
' "" * ' " -t;-iii ^ i
g Uiey were.on tne cwpet upiui C kUD |
e principal. They Informed.Miss Thompt
son that they were at the color rush.
e "I am surprised that such a barbaric
spectacle should afford enjoyment
to any girl of my school," she
ir said. "Hereafter I must Insist that
I. these rough colleeg boys be avoided."
j Her verdict was then rendered and
j.' 25 repentant girls were sent home to
d their parents.
>g Girl Pursues Man Four Months to
f. Compel Him to. Marry Her.
t- OIL, CITY, Pa., Sept. 20.? After a
chase lasting four months, which ledf
through New England and many-''of
I,, the. Middle States, Eleanors Langyel, .
a handsome girl, and 21, from Bridgea
plrt. Conn., Anally captured her relt
creant lover, Joseph Petro, here and*
>0 compelled him to marry her;
Thev were engaged over a year ago.
M. - ?
n and May 1 was the date set for the
g marriage. A few hours before the
n ceremony Petro disappeared." The girl
t. vowed' to catch him. and began the
search, and Anally located him in this
city. Jle was induced to go before'
B an alderman and have the ceremony
|u performed. t
jj GRAFTON, Sept. 26.?U, B. V?ig
]t Hams,'superintendent of the Monon^
gab division o4 the ' Baltimore and
Ohio railroad, announces the appointment%
of A. E. Swisher as freight and
ticket agent at Meriden, In place of
* A. S. powers. Mr. Swisher waa, Xoijs
U. ,mer}y and ticket Agent:'at.
elation convened In the assembly
room of the Wheeling board of trade
Ytl: 30 o'clockTuesday afternoon.
A great many cities and towns In the
State were represented, as' well as
Wheelingr. and all the necessary bask
ncss of the' meeting -was transacted
Voiim a^i'^A ?
nwwv - %T?W ?w*t o, *** **?HO ?> - ?,y?;
This association Is not taking any
part In the proposed scheme to raise
the rates, as It Is only a constituent
body of the national Association, with
no powers in the matter "referred to.
There was nothing of special Importance
before the' mee^hg Tuesday,
aside front the 'annual election of officers,
which resulted as follows:
President?W. 8. ^Poose, 'Wheeling.
Vice President?H. L. Alexander,
Vice President?J. V. L.
SecrStSre^and Treasurer?J. M. HenExecutj^A^feftmlttee?J.
W. Wern1
n geejg3fln98BRp n; C. Alexander,
Clnnb^g^W^p- Harklns, Cameron;
JoSw^-'Sbrewsburg, Parkersbuig; W.
8thtcjCey. Ravenswood.
The' following delegates were ap
polrfted to attend the annual conven
(Ion "of the-national association, which
is to be held in Indlanapolls.-InJ,, October
17, 18 and IP: D. G. Morgan, E,
E, Bowie, J. V. I<. Ro'dgers, Theodore
Boiler, H. L. Alexander, J. M. Hendrix,
W. S.. McKay, Joseph Emshelmer
an^C. B. Alexander.^
This was the sixth annual meeting
of the association, and everything was
found to be in a prosperous condition.
The place of holding the next meeting
will be named by the president at
BOine future time, which is customary.
Misses Annie and Emma King, who
have been the guests of Mrs. 0. J.
McMillan, went to Weston .tcKlay,
where they will remain several days
before returning their home in Mar- ,
tlnsburg. *
Benson Jacobs, of Little Falls, was
a business visitor to our city to-day.
Thos. J. Grady, the veteran actor, Ib
again appearing In the laughable
character of the negro. Sassafras, In
the big George Ade comedy, "The
County Chalrmaj," which comes to
the brand opera house.
Much interest In being taken by
many of the home people In the Bellview
lot sale which takes place Thursday
of this week and that many of
the purchasers of these lots will be
Fairmont people Is an assuredifact.
jj Don't Bor
Q We will fit yoi
H four of th
One full size Hammer,
Polished Head' and Han
A Gne Stanley 2-foot Pc
| $1.50
* We ha^e a limited
CHICAGO S oq ' p A
vania lines, being that portion of the
ti : "*W'*1 u>
. Notice of ttue TOsglveil' ttj' the Ct&- 1%
tral *
?J ?.w n?o? ?r? PIwcted to fol
low thTie?"<i-~ T^mmmmssm
possibility of a flat twecent rate In o
the central passenger terrlto^Hgi>6SJ ?i
the range of possibility, ns It was expected
.that the Pennsylvania would
make the' reduction II it ynSmSSae^w
all. Now that this line has"Indicated fit
Its Intention of going no lower than '
two and' one-half cents per mile .'ft sj[
Is not likely that amy further reduction
will be made until after the legislatures'
have taken action.
Jit the meeting; of the association Tuesday
the general situation will be
discussed and arrangements made for
checking In the Interstate and local *
rates on the basis of two and one-half
cents per mtlle In all of the territory
except Ohio, where the ,.8t).te law
makes the. maximum rate two-cents
per mile.
dickerson building !
Fire Undf
Unexcelled Facilities for 7
t Insnranfie On G
8And Other Manufact
w The oomb.nei assets of companla
J One hundred and" Fortu
A The Largest Aggregation of
T West Vir
yOGGGZ scoot
row Those Tool
i out with a full set c
em and a pencil, as f
y Only, Sept. i
One 26-incli Hand Saw
K*et RtJe On^sS
?. ,
Five For the Pric
of a Saw Alone
Tt have secured the Agency
ding invUations and'
"? ag b*K^- t a
2LJ>r0|)6ill^w 5 |
'i? m yft 7^V 3 aHw
(I - A m /ift rm m
I II ' lMSf w
I'yVzQ?.SStgeti {-^Hj
is' 0?rpenttr*i Pencil^ Mj
11 Ca

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