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? - , "~"zzz^ in aTuxiAWT1 wTTicrr vi?Rl\TA FRIDAY SEPTEMBEK 28. 190(5. NUMBER 137.
9.n(i st>r
t _ ^ "
Webb, county B-iperintendent
all within reach of your buaineaa?
., . _.nA|aa Im CfflliiiHAHf
B^RIiifln jiny two papers <n i"?irrarofit ; '
sii scri ers.
SBXJPFAXp, N. V., .Sept. 28? the
pai^fesdet* affd -^elSisttes-who gathered.
h?re tor the ^Democratic State
convention," whloh' afterthe most rer
markahle seas'lotf" li the history of
the organization ln thls State^adjourhm"
ed at 2:20;. o'clock yesterday morning'
ire left for their homes, fatigued from tie
nd hours of .stoenuons conferences which
al* preceded the "convention and the long,
turbulent_sessl6n which .marked its :
int cloBe. It ' wis such a night as Biifc'";
falo has not'sepn In years. Rain be[to
gan falling during the; last hours of
the convention, and the : crowd of
!"* more than 7,000 persons who had
be been in -the densely packed auditorlum
were'drenched on the'Way home,
to " The. party lead.ejrs showed no dlsna
position .'to comntent upon the ticket' .
*fW I " 'j.V_ _w IftL' ?.m ' th'l
" named or _ upon; ~*ne cnaracier m me
?* proceeding?. M^Jerome. who euter^ j
- e4 therace forthe;DeitiooraUc nomlna- |
it, tlott because of the."disgraceful" conic
dllloQs -whlchlBe'declared existed, was
?r asked If he had any comment to make
8d on the nomfnatl&k , ,
t" ."I. will say nothing for the present,"
If he replied. -"Inter. X'may make tny (
position ami views clear, but for the j
*t presentX iptaaH give-out no statement." (
iS n.tilni.. vnn i? .3^
gMgSMB?-. - ? I
n" Vesterlay.ftiafcnlng, tiadabandoned the ]
Idea of another session. In Buffalo, but ,
ut S0?1!*' ?*fet "?^|o shortly' at the call
m' W 'the -ohnffmin, Edward M. 8he|>ard, '
.of New York. . ..
to 15>e R088lblllty of'A"tMrd ticket^belng
placed i^the Held la generally
' 2% commed.'i-d upon bo^iu-oof the almost
bitter ctui.'or.ier of.&Jme *if t.hu spw.'b- ,
ei dell .in' ooij?-n'ion whu-i
?" fridndf "of ^Representative Sulzer reaorfcS'tf
tb ^aeduntlntioo j?!Mr. Iloar. t.
1B Ex-Mayor Osborne, . of' Auburn, one
8 of the organizers^of the Albany con*n
- _ _ei::_-A;A 'Ik.'.iono"
i^xpxosion in kjii ant
- - partmeht of Plate
^'ilr vyi/j, -* - ?*** . ; -j
Caused Daiigei
? - 4
J. rerence. aeciareu mat iuc; uubp ,
who con! rolled the convention would ,
bdswept away.' ' ; ,
"Opt of .the^trall of your dishonor/' ,
& he asserted, "a''new' Democracy will j
arise in which yoii will have no part," j
t ?
US r ; - !
of ?:?
ATLANTA, Sept 28.-?Losses to the |
. amount ot probably thirteen millions j
,E -^ere-caused by the terrible hurricane j
; which- visited . Florida, Alabama, Mis- ^
??' slsslppi and Louisiana last -night, ac
cording to. "reports-received aere to- <
? ciiy Th'd greatest'damage 1b to. cot- 1
ton crops and' railroad .property. Nbno
oil the disi^sitehOsJipli 8r a ]ow? of life
: but there*, lst"wliWj>read damage to ;
, - crops of all', kinds. " i
, - . .
100 yds. mora of that Black "Yar. *
" "* rbotH" 8flk, 1 yd." wide for only 8Sc at
T> Boh Ton. tf
rfemaln In hi
left, last eveitlngr forTiU^gbnje;at EI
kins, by way of ClartaBnt;f. jHiS-'apen
a busy day there jjesterday. conferrlnf
with the leaders. r?i
The Senator is pleased'with, .the loca
outlook .and since talking to the loca:
party men IS certain of \ybod .county
Things are beginning to .shape up foi
the campaign which is assuming defl
nlte form. The. Senator.had quite i
talk with the:'leaders at State head
quarters and he leaves Pafkersburs
convinced of an Improvement in party
"I can't help but feel good after my
visit he're and at other , points In the
Stute," said the Senator^ yeaterady.
"Party matters are perking up and 1
* "
guess in bouii nave ui ilvicwc mj
Bgure on Republican majorities."
The Senator will slop at, Clarksburg
and from there he will go to the Halitehurst.
He will not spend much time
over the State, devoting most of-hie
time in the quiet of his home.
"It'I owned Halliehurst," said Mr.
Work to him, "I would not go ; any
place at all. You couldn't hire me to
go to Washington."
"Well, I don't know," replied the
Senator. "I am inclined to thtaK HatItehurst
the greatest place on earth;
hut still ambition wph't let me stay
there and be Idle. Consequently I am
tw'li teiii t to-spehd - a good portion of my
time away from Its quiet, add In the
maelstrom of public life.",
Pennsy Will
Help Build It
. . ' > '
WASHlNGTOfif, Pa^Seph; 28.?A
ion-, m I ttee composed ':qf(flve members
rf the board of trade and two members
m5 council, went, to Pittsburg for the
purpose of interyjewijig' General. man:
iger G. L. Pec It. of the Pennsylvania
lines, relative 'to securing a right of
way over the company's tracks tn
Washington for the Western trolley
spur of the Pittsburg Railway company
which Is being constructed here.
" The trolley road which extends from
the center of the town Into the industrial
section is practically completed
on both sides of-the. railroad, but a
right'of way over the tracks -was refused.
it was claimed that an underground
crossing-; "was and
pat an overhead cfdsslg^would In
volve , enormous damages. " Mr. Peck
Stated that the Penneyivajilaj company
Would absolutely-refuse to give a right
of way at grade, but that.lf'tWiieliinip
ibn or the Pittsburg Railways company,
desired to erect. an;'overhead
Crossing the' railroad company would
participate In Its constructuin and' paytpent.
- See display of Street Hats to-morrow.
Elite. Millinery Parlor, corner
Guffey and Mercbant street:
; j_ ??
i Chemical De- _
f Glass Company
*ous Fire This.A.M.
* j- * - 4 ' " -.
Saloonkeeper Pays $25 for Closing Be\
Pifoper Tim... .,
| MAHANO# CiTY,-P?,'Septf.28.?
rqr,-refusing to sell a $1 ass of beer
pv VYlUiTO 'Hi(aey. .wjijiln a few mini
ites' of tWcloslng -hoioy. Alexander
band is much better than ;last year
[. ther$ being more talent of that Mn?
& to a number going out of the corps
- last ye&^'wvmU^promrttofas have
t beenmade. Belovf are te- changes:
; H. W. Sanders tcTmaJor. - ?(?
C. C. Holland to be (captain Co.'A.
I Joseph A. Gist to be captkln Co. B;
I WE. Lloyd to be captain Co. C..
A. C' Weaverto be captain and
r signal oflfcor:" ''
- H. C.* Batten to be captain of the
l band. "
H. M. Lhwson to be first lieutenant
f Co. A.
C. C. Sheppard to be. first lieutenant
Co. B.
J A. Yonker to be- flret".'Hentenanl
i Co. C. ' . L.
\V. Ryan to be second lieutenant
. Co. A. . . _ ..
. H. M. :ficott to be Second lieutenant
Co B.
Clifford Myers to be second Ileuten
ant Co. C". *
i T. B. Foulk'Is*promoted to second
; lieutenant and will be assigned to the
first vacancy after 'the beginning of
' tbe winter term. <
Lieutenant L. D. Sanders is promot
i ed to captain in the supernumerary
ilst, and 1b assigned to, duty' in the
commandant's oflfce.
To be Bergeanfc of Co. A: J. M.
McJIltan. B, .W-fntng, J.. C. Evans,
W. J, Halir- v . "
To be1 sergeants' Co. B:; Ira Nesftjr,
J. A.^Hannat^^v.WiiiW^; To
be -sergeants - Co. o; H.. Estill,
R,?C. Ward, Boyd Randall, G; B.
Foulk, H. C. Barnes.
Comorals Co. A:'.-P. A. Nickel, H.
J. Hawkins, Alfred Carhes.'S "
Corporals Co, B:. .C'eorge, Layman;
C. 8. Lashley, G.*W. Grow. .
Corporals Co." C: L. M. Smith, f\
W. Fitzgerald,' J. P. Morarty, W. ?.
JlorrlBou. "i-i ' , '
- -
r-vv-r- ... -i
WASHINGTON, Sept. - 28.?Secretary
Shaw announced that $26,000,000
: jvilt be deposited with the existing
depositary banks in the following
cities:. New York 'and Chicago, $3.000;000
each: Boston, Philadelphia, St.
Louis and New Orleans, $2,000,000
' each; Baltimore, Louisville, Kansas
City, Cleveland, $1,000,000 each; Pittsburg;
Buffalo,- Minneapolis, Milwaukee,
Detroit, Cincinnati, St. Paul, Omaha,
Dee Moines,- Denver, Sioux Cl|y,
'Memphis, Peoria,. Atlanta,. Nashville
and Sioux. Falls, $500,000 each. .
Security In bonds which are lawful
Investments for savings banke of New
. York and'^Massachusetts will be accepted
for the deposits at ninety per
posits are temporary In ^character,- to
be returned as soon asi the pressure
is over, beginning' probably February
1 next. ': $
A HEW TlffiN
.WHEBUNO; Sapt-t 'ss.'? Just at ;
o'clock last, evening as a beavy fratgh
- train was pulllng-up Sixteenth stree
on Its way to pit^burjp.. and Juat" a
-I the crowd which " had' been held ii
waiting for some time were crosslnj
the street, one of tho'cars, No. 6598
broke'loose from the engine and start
, ed down the street at a rapid rate
Persons on Market street rtuhud mad
ly from the tracks, Just in lime to es
Cape being lilt by the- runaway t^ar
3ralcepian Haley, who -was bn'thje car
made, a rrantic: effort to stop Its-mat
dash, but his efforts were all to n<
I avail, as the brakes refused to cworl
and' the car continued on Its course
By the time 11 una rearnea mh uuuSi
across the creek at' Main street, 1
had. galnerf considerable tnomenlua
and .it' is almost a miracle that It die
not. dash into the creek. .
The car continued- on 'it bcourse
funning over the; switches, but. wiai
stopped near the Wheeling statniilni
works by striking a block.- The frion
end of the car was slightly damaged
bnt Uie; contents 1'were uninjured. At
found tliat the' car had not been ee
ctirely coupled, which was the causi
of the break.- Haley was uninjured
w in take another suet
uu?. uwvo ??yy ??'" -~r; ride.
. -1. '
Anniversary Sale
At jolliffe's
. The Jollllfe stbre is planning, to cele
brate' another year of go id uimLnest
by having an 'Anniversary- sale of nc
small magnitude.' Mr. Vance, th
manager, has been planning for thlf
sale for. weeks and has engaged th?
services of ari extra force of saleela
dies to -wait upon the trade. .
^ The JfolIIffe "store ls''youe of; Pair
mont's most11 enterprising retail Bousgt
and the slogan ''the busy: store" is nt
misnomer for this establishment. ' ;
The policy of the store lias changed
to a considerable exten^. within. the
last' year, as the piece goods and- do
goods department., is. be.ng closed out
and the whole attention of the man
agement Is directed to - the .lines, of
ladies*"ready to wear goods and'mil
- For full particulars concerning tbj
magnitude .of .this sale reference Is her<
made to page rfve ofTto-(la, s paper.
Many Guests' at'the Tavorn.
; . There . were' one hundred,'and; four
1 teen guests registered at the Taven
| yesterday. Besides a tone list of Wes
Virginians 'there were many 'guest
; froniv other. States^';'Tiie Tavern fli
.well known to traveler and Host Wll
, Uams . la1-considered- one of the' mos
congenial- hotel men' of '.the State.
1 ?
f I WASHINGTON P. C.. Sept. 28.
?Forecast; for-Wast Virginia.? i
Rain to-night; .Saturday, station- !-(i
ary temperature. |
1 r, > .. r;>,.j.,>?, '
Normal Students
" ?.'-v
A, meeting of the Y. M. C. A. of the
\ Nolrnal lB called for to-night at' seven
o'clock, at Which meeting anorgait
7 liatlon will be ..effected. .Both'.liter
I a short .programme 'has been '.render
t ed ^llss Wwe of the elocution depart;
a iae programmes lur me sucieyps
r aro: .
. Moaart Society.
.. Music?Mlsa Sblnn.
*. - V -i - . " Recitation?MiasFarrell.
Debate:.Question; Resolved that the
United States should use heir army
. and navy to maintain the peace qC
P nli!i Tft Affirm Mr. Ttartlntt. Mr.
i Amos; to deny, -Mr; Gregory, Mr.
, smith, :
t > General .debate.
, . Recess " 5
Music?MfasSpgBS. >
t Paper-1Miss Crowe. v . .
t . Lyceum gpclety. ; Piano
Duet?-Miss' Manley, Miss Nusum.
Debate?to affirm, Mr. SnlUer; Mr.
S 1 -V--"* < ' 'lit- '-r-.tr
. Straight; to deny, Mr.r Johnson,Mr>
' STT'1- - V
; Regents in Session
Ruberold R^.^old W
will; be.changed Mr sixty days to read
-The dheapert^l.'
i?y yoti to buy at the cut jigce&lBit
ing 01 me posrq'fli rvgoiis ut.ue om<
. verslty is being held at the president's
office beginning this morning' at' 10
. o'clock. " The special purpose of the
the meeting Is to hear the biennial report
lit President Puririton'1 and to prepare
the. report of the regents to the
, governor of the State and' the leglsla,
ture. This will bean'lmportantdocu,
inent and'Will contain many Important
j recommendations.
. A full attendance of the members
1 of the. board is-expected. "to-addition
to the important matters mentioned,
j there'are. njahy- things, in tberroutine
, of the school's' management. whlch
, must receive attention at thlsVtfmje.
> . ' ??? .y^r.3
-r+tmt ' Uff U nM' IIm4m CnUra
f, ,** *" m,
- Peabody. Institute. ' .
CUMBBRLiAND,. Md.. Sept, 28.-?Mae
. WhIttaiter~"tfre--8 'year old daughter of
. Professor John WhUUker, will leave
to-day to take.* course In.music at- the
Poabody Institute in Baltimore. She
j is a" musical prodigy and is " ait' expert
violinists. She Is fam'ilar w*th the
works of the oTdL masters. '
8peclal Term To-morrow.
, *There'will- he n special term-of the
[ Circuit Court tomforrovr. ; .l^oyjurj^ .wlil
3 he required.
g j ' ' '
Thd*old Ions time phrase that "The
t best Is . the - cfieapeat" ' is V somewhai
modlfled since" Kelley Brothers; have
made the hl? cut on the~. price of
C*,) t OOf *6 COlid.
? iV fTffi tl iftr * Wn tftvM *
'* MettlOdlBt I pi : Ry hufC"?iBK.iMK|pQ^^^B
Ia I ' ooi*ul/>(ta * ' Rui; F ^ H ^
'' '1^! ' ?. - ' ' ' ' I ^1
LiKG circulation |
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