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'?I/UME \V?bT ^tHGINI^^^^^IBDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 1906. NUMBER 138?
Seven ICiiied
teen njurcd
,oo 1 w > c ush 1 f 1 ath a
i d in i
ot two passenger trains on the Penri
'?' ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ I
Men are also largely- interested
itreet car system, gas company,
arid are' large holder of .real
^^iaway from their Important
!?iivr.:' ' ' , - CM*
Will BE
. V.
HAVANA, Sept. 29.?Tho first Cuban
republic Is dead, falling utterly
In all efforts to reconcile the warring
factions in the infant republic, Secretary
of War^Vfllllam H.Taft, acting
as special.' commissioner for the President,
to-day ran up the stars and
stripes on the palace and declared
himself provisional military governor,
The United States forces will now
stamp out the present trouble and the
work of reorganizing the Cuban goveminent
will at once be begun. The
proolamatjon containing official an:
nouncement of-Secretary Taft of the
taking' of-.Cuban government under
the^wlng of Uncle Sam Is published
In theiofflelal Gazette. It assures the
Cubans that the administration so far
as possible will be within Cuban eon'
atltutlon. It Implores all citizens of
Cuba to assist In the work of rest oritur*
order, tranquility and confidence.
*WASHINGTON>8ept. 29.?The first
Cuban..',expedition ' has been ordered
tq'mob/I ^Immediately. at New Port
NdWs^ Vei, SaitfiTlve thousand six huh'dreS
men. . . ,
. ...* ii . >
. .
HAVANA, Sept. 29.?Cuba to-day Is
viitually under American control. Formal
proclamation of occupation of 1st'and
has not fyet been made, but there
has been Just as effective intervention
as if Mr. Taft bad already declared
himself provisional military governor.
fcnrsarrv mnvomont nrtif awalU th'^i nnill
or approval .of 'American War Secre
tnry, Officially an Interregnum may
be Bald to exist '
There Is no ?ubnn government. Sec
relay- Tftft has not yet proclaimed
himself. Yet order prevails from the
knowledge that any outbreak will re
suit In landing enough American salt
ors and marines .to suppress disturb
ances. The thirty murines lahderi
Inst night were'.re-inforced this morn'
ing.by other men from warships. See
, ."jr;' m- \ - - '* *.
Judge Wertz is
After ..Gamblers
1 '"** T
CHAfUiQSTON, w; Va? Sept.-29. Pollce
Judge W.W.Wertz, yesterdaj
ifcOpped bis own'police fprce and gav(
the members, thereof a terrible shod
by- passing oat to them warrants, fo
- v^. " *
the arrest of tjyenty-five gamblers an<
subpoenas for one hundred roore a
;wti.uw0OB<a. - .
" Some weeks ago' Judge Wertz toll
thg police force there were gambling
joints being carried on in the city an
that Individual policemen would U
held responsible for every joint onrhi
inspection, beat.
Getting no results ;.trom tbfa^Witl
in that be thought 'rensonabl
length of time he.etnijiQyed' detective
on.his own behalf who slnce.Septen
ber 13tb, have _^been aUUflK
games with.-i?eir intended'1
Within the laet;J?n*h therb'has bda
expciitl ^<e? "
fore'he 'Issues hU w^lttopiauoq^frHa,
. stars and stripes v
Uie Palace 'and; -sufiel^ht^oycSH; be
landed to protect the city. Rumors
of the wildest natpre^lr^t^ffi^tlng
throughout tyf city, and great excitement
^-prevails among people. These
rumors of impending Vengeance and
trouble-call' forth' only smiles from
Taft and Bacon. For the most part
the residents of, the city with occupation
by American forces in immediate
sight breathe easier than they
have for dayB and- threats of armed
opposition ,Jto' the, United States are
not taken seriously. Secretary Taft's
military governorship will last onlv
until order Is fully restored and assur
t'd. Then civil government will be
1 set up by ,lhe United States until new
i elections are held and the Cuban republic
started afresh.
" . ' ?
The new band in Monongah is a
certain fact. Some of the prominent.
' residents of that-, town have been interested
with the. resnit that--Mr. T. ,
> Ivaneich, the loader jof the Ivanclch'u
Orchestra, has been appointed organizer
and Instructor. The latter has
. already secured the services ;of the
besfmuBlcians in the neighborhood,
and as they all possess Instruments,
with such a competent leader, It'la
" - ? - * ?V lt?- tvi. novo
(predicted, mat very siu/rujr, u??o
organization will be in position to compete
with any band of musicians' in
this State;
~ " .
" " " " -' T
Is-Being Done By Ticket-Broker W.
N. Engte.
t Mr. W. N. Engle, If the First Na
tional dank. who'is handling the new
- B. and 0. mileage boohs, is getting
along nicely. .'He has several books
1 ena.V^ oil thrv t fma fVl ITO Cltvinff
the people tome money and ioctdent
ally-making a little for himself.
- Laid to Rest >
?: ; . 9' t
- ..
r ' *^r~, ' . "" .
This afternoon at two thirty o"<flo??k
5 funeral services, w.ere heltf 'tn-er-the
1 remalngM^r R'tiey Fleming-' afo her
Iiiuwc on v|niuvj.?utiuvu
Broomfleld, pastor of the;;deceased,
ccthductedi the services and 'the 'choir"of-the
"M. churSh sang several selections.
- A large throng, of -friends1 and?~Mla^Ives;
had gathered for :;tie lastsad
rites and' a number of beautlfttl .flpral
emblems' had been .-sent by irlends.
Following Uia -s'ervlcea'"at the -hoite'e
the remulns were conveyed iff-Wobdlawn
cemetery - Whei^thW Were laid
to reatt .yTbo i.pall' ^eareta'' were, X.
Flemtntf&f kiji- JJIchola,;
- ' " ~
PARfcERSBURG, - Sept. 29.?Announcement
was mat e yesterday at
county headquarters a the Citizens'
National Bank buildic f. by Chairman
Stewart, that the IJ wile M. Shaw
meeting is to be'heldf'under the auspices
of tie county committee and that
It will be held on October 11.
The secretary of tiie treasury will
sneak at tne Camden' theater oh the
r , T- 7"". . -r.. . .
Issues of the day at 7:80 o'clock la the
evening;. A band has been engaged to
render music and several selections
will be given by a ;felee club. Mr.
Shaw is one of the best known campaigners
In the coiihiurjr and Is not a
stranger to Parkersburg. He made a
notable address here. In the last presidential
election, at the wig-warn in
the Fifth ward and held a large audience
until its close, though the flight
was exceedingly uncomfortable.
Mr. Shaw is one of .the few big
speakers'who .will: yfslt Parkersburg
this year,, and It' ls ^eelred that he- be
given the reception that his coming
merits! Ladies wlB^-vDe particularly
Invited as Chairman+.Stewart realize^
their Importance In every campaign,
though they lack a vote.
. Secretary Shaw has been* touring the
South and has attracted big, audiences
every place he haB gone. The local
tweeting Is looked forward to with tinusual
Interest. MNn
miivw wwaiwMiii w
* * :. . I
The- bands will give concerts at
the usual places to-night. Pleasl'g
programmes have been prepared and
will be rendered tc a large number
of people. Cjyde Klnsey. will slrig
"Somewhere."' This part *of the pro;
gramme of the Citisens' band has be-,
come very popular. . >** "
Fairmont Band.
March?College l.lfe?H. Frant-?en.
Grand Medley, Sthperba, W. -Dalbey.
March.- The Old Oaken Bucket; A!.
Hayes.- .
- Waltz, Garden of Roses, Ellis
Brooits... .
? ? - *?_ ni?-3?
cornet uuet, uy mv. cnc.SRpjR(l
and young sftter, "The Two Roaefe,"
by P. Boas. %
A Tens Picture, Southern Urea eg.
T, Allien on. - ??
."March, MoritezUm'a.by \V. T. Chambers.
" 1 .
:A panty Novelette?. Sweet Jasmine,
feeBbyThe^oroMon.e. j-,.
a. T. WILKINSON, Conductor..
.. . . . v-: :
Mareji, .-Thfe.^iue Jacket, ' ?eflnet'c
Overture,. ."Hypstla^' Lamte,: ..'c.
'tmw YORK, Sept. 29.^-JCafry-r.K.
Thaw lost -an,., important point when
Justice Blschoff 9f Ilia-Supreme Court
denied the appltcatton made in his be-:
halt for,a tran^fer-of- bis- trhtli.frpni
the Gount.vOf General Sessions to the
~ criminal branch of .the Supreme Court.
I Had/ the* application' been granted .it
was the .belief pf couriserTror Thaw. that
i It. would pave-the -way for an appHch
rtlon tor a change of renue<and that, in
any event, 'it: would brine :.the.; easg
within tha jurisdiction of the Supreme
Lcourt, 'with ail sorts of opportunities
! for appeals.
Justice Blscbpff denies the appllca[
tion on the ground that Thaw (is entitled
to no greater consideration than
fany of the other 2J persons noW in the;
city .prison- awaiting trial on a charge
of homicide. _
On the question that a more inteillgent
body of jurors may be secured in
a trial in the Supreme Court as against
1 Vl\ . w
li- ; ,
~ ' V
..With loss than fifty Democrats pr'st;it
a convention In thV.-enur;
ity : court room'this afternoon to 'nniiilv
ante a candidate for State Senator.
The meeting; was called to order by.
CI," JO. Wllley, of- h'ononp^Iii .wine
sUied:tha|t_tI?e' reason th.a t, Mononga^
fa was- ftot ' presented ,waa"
that the Democratic paper of, that
county got' mixed as to the time of
holding the convention . and. s tate.)
that It would be on Tuesday.
W. H. Bailey was'made president
and Bruce Ash was elected secretary
of tha convention.
The committee on efedertlnls was
composed of C, W. Evans. C. D. Wll
ley and C. H. Straub. Phe committoo
reported that Marlon county was
entitled to 41, Taylor couli"y was-entitled
to 18, Mpnonga:i3''21. raakln?
80 Votes in all. There were but 3*>
men In the rooifl. r
Tusca Morris,- A, S. Warder and J.
Walter Barnes .composed the commitMANY
v **?- '
I . 'V<:
I MORGANTOWN, Sept!'29,.?The Woman's
Christian Temperance union
which began: yesterday the" y^ty
State convention jras officially. welcome
to-Sforgantown last evenliy:;by
la number "or speakers. Tie wefcoin1
ing addresses were made- intheM. B.
church, in which the: convention.}la>be:
Ing held, iuitf .which .Is, specially dec
01 n* j II g ^ # Bi s cho ff
wUi^w/feU the derense. L
H..r friend^ Ktirmlwi Tt.at'iieJliUuidi ji'
te make an imme^iateiind
ed and Vf'
ocean passage ~6n a day's notl^;^%|:^
well; and" who seemed 'tovhe^ia^gbpd U:
spirits, passed attptii-12 fmrnt In^aii. i.
aute golng from ahop to'shofr. '
^ |?
toe _pn resolntlo^ft -. fj
pieced,-before - the convention by J. A
'9ny cand^toe torifrtteni:}ifi ^'v
TRKNTON:, N J , Sept. 29. ? ThJ
closing.of the tnterntate fAlr^hfere.y"^: "2
riiied ^bjr. What loofted like certain j|
death to Prof:
He had ascended to about 2,000 'few; $
when he cut "loose from t? e nallonn
'cr<?tWry j
.ami werrgiven a car r.M to the points !
I r v , *\ x Ai ' I
C*;_1- T T. -I urn iril
oinK, JtlOwclnf^^H
ave occurrpd altogether too often in
2C?nl mowtha [n T.nnart two of
JlcfltAfl with flnv
ig the 'bulkhead doors, without re- . ] d
what the crew may do."
nderwent Seriou3 Operation Y est civ".".-j
day Afternoon But Is Doing
lirs. Jesse Hex. wife of t)ruggl3tj||
ex. "of the first ward, underwent
partition at the City Hospital yester- jfv
ay afn-nioon. While the operation?
ras a serious one. the put lent is ro.it-jflj
K well and Is ttioim.'h to out of Jk
attger. I>r-. Howard, fan- ?m\ How-JK
d perforated the operation.
Plenty of Fall Hats now ready to
tatch moat any colored suit M T'nr.
ty, Clarence W. Davi?jon, Circula
this 10th day of Soptemoer, 190*. l
Br?.* E. S. AMOS, Notary
Pub'.a. ?

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