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Hv'.i* jv
Em (A i !i 1
y/f BpESSSi
so the wise num takes no chances.
Too don't look 'for, you ; donl
nut, a fire In your home or, store.
Sure It won't come? Don't) know
?hppe not? Please tell ns, ae
neighbors, why yon don't Insure,
if you don't. That's all?except
^YUANING, Pressing and HeI
a pairing Ladies' and Men's
Clothing. Work called for
.and delivered. Mothly rates
<) application.
ii Shop phone 00-w Bell Phone 241.
mm am, Under Brohs shoe store.
I'm iril
* *
J Mr. George McAllister, formerly of
? Benton's Ferry, but now of Nebraska,
ittflto rononilv rAflimort nn n vtRtf flmonE I
""w ~ v/ ~~ I
friends, Is reported to be sick of pneumonla
followed with rheumatism.
; Mrs. Frank Love, of Opeklska, was
a social caller at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Sanford Jones, of East Park avenue,
on Friday afternoon last.
V Miss Marie Powell, of Wapnesburg,
Pa., is visiting her brother, .Mike
Powell, and wife, of East Park avenue,
for a few days, after which 3he will go
West to visit her grandparents.
Mr. and' Mrs. Harmon Bailey, of
Pittsburg, arrived In the city on Saturday
for a few days' visit with Mrs.
Bailey's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John T.
Latham, of East Park.
Constable J. S. Walker left the city
yesterday in charge of young Robert
Chase for the Reform school, the latter
having been convicted some weeks
ago of incorrigibility by Squire Swindler,
and was held awaiting orders of
, - The Pocahontas Lodge held a meeting
at their hail on Merchant street
last Friday evening. After completing
the regular programme of business,
an hour was spent in social pleasure
The "Jolly Jokers" will meet on
Tuesday (to-morrow) evening, at the
home of Miss Ella Davis, of Columhla
street. Every Joker is expected to be
present with something crisp and new
for the pleasure of the occasion.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Vang, who have
shipped their household goods, left
In t HfkAAltKA
nuuuci ? latciu iwuo; lut uuccuug
as their future home, -where they -will
board tot the time being at the Belleview
Miss Orda Stealey, of Merchant
-f.j street, left the city to-day for Morganw"
town, where she Will - enter - the con,
test given by the W. C. T. TJ; for the
^diamond prize medal. Having won
<?tbe prize In previous contests given,
we can but wish that she may be
equally successful on tills occasion.
Mrs. M. E. Drummond, of Chicago,
and tbe mother of Mrs. Fred L. Jenkins,
of Merchant street, arrived In
the city on Saturday, being called
here on account of the illness of her
daughter, but whom we are glad to
report Is at present somewhat improved
In condition.
The regular weekly dance, under
the auspices of the Monongahela Club,
was given at their liali on Saturday
evening. There was the usual good
> attendance by the members and their
Invited friends, and an all round good
time enjoyed by all present. The
music was furnished by Clayton and
' Epstein.
George Adams has completed hjs
street paving contract, and is now at
work on the side walks, while Colum
bia and State streets are now both
open to the traveling public, and
thanks to George and tbe city, are on
a solid foundation.
Not Wholly a Failure.
The impression gained credence
from the failure of the Juvenile serenaders
to locate their would-be victims
on Friday evening that they therefore
wholly escaped the older ones lying i
In wait this, however, waB not the
case, since the active participants report
to us tbat they succeeded In locating
them tbe first pop, and that so
soon as they arrived on this side of the
river. Tbe unwary groom was taken
in charge by his assailants and escorted
by them to the Monongahela
club hall, while his new wife was purloined
by others of their party to a
place of temporary safety. In the interim
Intervening, tbe remaining squad
' ' paid their respects to their fellow,
member lodged at the hall. In a manner
he may not have'thought the most
r~"I | il > IN II III I.I one'
'socftti club
as be.and'wbebtbrougn with, their Improvised
programme, left'nb,doubt..In
his mind that his secret ways had been
found out bv them, for'they treated
him as the rules of the club demanded
in the case of infidelity to the tenets
of their.social order. After extorting
repentance and a show of humility
for the deception played upon his fellow
members of the . club, they thep'
returned him in safety to bis newly
wedded wife, elsewhere in waiting,
and there left him to reflect upon the
new experiences which arise from a
change made in our former moJe of
living, and especially when clandestinely
sought without the proper permission.
Caught Napping.
Mrs. Charley Meredith, with tbe assistance
of ber friends gave a party
and so completely surprised her "hubby"
that be frankly confessed be bad
been caught napping. It occurred on
Tuesday evebing and in honor of his
23d birthday. Tbe family friends and
relatives were there in full force,
where they had refreshments, music
and social pleasure bestting the occasion.
Charley doeB not particularly
desire to feel the burden of increasing
years, but tbfnks with the many
presents received and the special attentions
paid him in honor of this
recurring event, that he would be glad
to thus celebrate even more frequently.
Tiresome Monotony.
The Are laddies of station No. 2
complain that things are distressingly
monotonous In their special department
at. present. We note, however,
that Liberty Travis Is again able to
glide down the pole in case of an
emergency call, since his unexpectedly
shaking hands with old Tom's hln.l
heels a few nlgHts ago. The sudden
layout which he received from Tom's
thump on his thigh,, was such that he
will quite vividly remember as a trainer
for some time to come, hut It may
he that old Tom was as tired of the
monotony as the rest of them, and
hence this new system of exercise introduced
to relieve the tedium of Inactivity.
His Rod In the Pickle.
A warrant has been sworn out before
'Squire Swindler by W. S. Sample,
the Humane officer, against Prof.
H. C. Ferguson, of the Second ward
school, charging him with unlawfully
assaulting and beating James E. Turner,
one of his pupils. The case is set
for hearing to-morrow (Tuesday) evening
In the Squire's court of Justice,
and from the rumors of evidence to be
introduced me case promises 10 oe an
interesting, if not the most pleasant
one, for the parties implicated. Its
adjustment, too, may serve to show
how faw other teachers may or may
not go in punishing pupils uniler like
City Hospital.
Miss Nancy Arnett, of the city, who
was in the hospital for treatment, was i
dismissed on Saturday; also Mr. An- 1
thony Rulle, of New England, undergo- i
Ing treatment for some time past was i
pronounced well and dismissed for his i
home on Saturday, a happy man once i
Miss Maggie Williams felt for Uniontown,
on Saturday morning, where
she was called to nurse a special case.
That our nurses are so frequently call- t
ed there and elsewhere, from their reg- I
ular duties speak well for their repu- i
tation. i
Reunion. I
It Is urgently requested that the old (
soldiers and their friends may not for- 1
get the county reunion, under the aus- '
pices of the G. A. R., to be held Id this 1
city on Thursday and Friday next, for 1
which an excellent programme has
been arranged and grand time prom- '
Ised. Let everybody come and bring 1
their friends, and help to make it a 1
general rally In honor of the old soldiers
and In behalf of the cause they '
espoused and the principles they
maintained for the perpetuity of a
great and more prosperous nation. s
- i it
Reopened Yesterday. (
Rev. Moran went to Downs yester- 0
3ny to preside at the re opening of the
Presbyterian church there, which has e
been greatly Improved In Its structure
by the erection of a vestibule and bell- 11
tower In front where a new bell has '
been placed as the gift of the Ehideav- 11
Jr Society. A beautiful rotunda has
ilso been added In rear of the pulpit '
for the benefit of the cnolr. Dr. Ely *
>f .Morgantown, was present upon iiy ''
vltatlon to preach and otherwise as- '
dst in the services.
Srroieooily Thinks by Scouring Her 0
Senlp That She Cnrea Dandruff. 1
Cleanly woman has an erroneous Idea
:hat by acourlng the scalp, which re- ?
noves th4 dandruff scales, she Is curing
.he dandiuffl She may wash her scalp ?
svery da+, and yet have dandruff her
Ife long, (accompanied by falling hnlr. a
:oo. The Jonly way In the world to cure w
landruff Is to kill the dandruff germ ai
ind there Is no hair preparation that will
lo that bat Ncwbro's Herplclde. Herplilde
by Killing the dandruff germ, m
eaves the hair free to grow as healthy e,
Mature Intended. Destroy tho cause
'ou remove the effect. Kill the dan- ?
Iruff germ- with "Herplclde. 8old by
ending drugglfts. 8end 10c. In stamps
or sample to Tbe Herplclde Co., Derolt,
Mich. S
K. A. BiUingslea & Co., Bpecial
+ +
+++ fr ^ 4,+4, +++4!"H,+
. > ?
Tavern: R. C. Boyfl, farkersburg;
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Cramer, George B
Hardman, Mary ' Peterson, Buckhasnon;
C. S. Fletcher, Farmlngton; Hynn
iJolJIffe, Clara Joniffe. Catawba; W.
Bailey, Gray's Flat; E. E. Yeakley,
Weston; J. R. Porter, Clarksbnrg; J.
H. Hawse, John L. Sheldon, C. W, Huston,
Morgantown; A. Harris, Otis Mur
pby, Scottdale; F. M. Dawson, J. R.
' ? - - - ? n, ni.ii.i T
rorier, u. w, minima, niinnua,
H. Stenberger, Pt. Pleasant; Ingle Malone,
Beech wood; H. A. On, W. 8.
Teter, Kingwood.Marietta:
W. H. Miser, T. S. Hlser,
Glendon; John H. Amnions, Rlvesvllle;
8. P. Fesler, Grafton; H. E. Moore,
Wheeling; A. M. Moore, Tunnelton; 3.
W. Fisber, Morgantown; J. J. Connell,
O. G. Knott, Clarksburg.
Watson: M. M. Flaherty, Parkersburg;
J. B. Canning, Valley Falls;
Nlles Nixon, Colfax; R. R. Powell,
Meadow brook; J. Craig Moore, Wheeling.
Mtnley: H. B. Tldwell, Wheeling;
Fred Fox, Sutton; J. Bassel, Clarksburg,
Disastrous Beginning of the Season
for the Varsity Boys.
West Virginia's football season
started oil yesterday In a disastrous
manner with Ohio university. This
was the second team met* last year,
and we defeated It at that time by
28 to 0. Yesterday the Ohio boys
took West Virginia Into camp by a
score of 9 to 6. The. Buckeye team
averaged about ICO pou'nns stripped,
ajid West Virginia no piore. As regards
weight and time of training,
both teams had an equal advantage.
The Ohio team was much bigger,
faster, and better than last year. Un
tier the coaching of McFarlanffl who
played at one time on West Virginia's
team, the Ohio hoys have been
drilled into a good team. West Virginia
on the contrary, is probably
somewhat weaker than when we met
this team last year.
Naturally, the defeat does not tend
to make the rooters any too cheerful,
but there are those who point
to the fact that West Virginia last
year started In with an inglorious defeat
anil at the end of the year was
the strongest In her history. The
coach, captain, and team are not discouraged,
but they are sobered by
the defeat.
Is Reported at West Virginia Wesleyan
The West Virginia Wesleyan College
at Buckhannon has opened for
the new school year with the largest
enrollment of new students ever
known In Its history. It Is estimated
that double the number of new students
are entering this year that enrolled
last year. The work of the
inhnnl (n nil tta rlormrfmonto nnpnc
The new Pure Food and Drag Law
will mark It on the label of every
lough Cure containing Opium, Chloroform,
or any other stuplfylng or poisonous
drug. But It passes Dr. Shoop's
Sough Cure as made for 280 years,
entirely free. Dr. Shoop all along
las bitterly opposed the use of nil '
opiates or narcotics. Dr. Shoop's '
lough Cure is absolutely safe even '
or the youngest babe?and it cures 1
t does not simply supptess. Get a 1
lafe and reliable Cough Cure, by sim- I
ly Insisting on having Dr, Shoop's. 1
.et the law be your protection. Wo <
cheerfully recommend and sell It. El <
t. Bllllngslea & Co.
>ubllc Sale of Maplehurst Herd of A. ]
J. C. C. Jerseys.
The undersigned will offer at public
ale on his premises in Grant district, :
larlon county, W. Va? on Saturday,
Ictober 0, 190G, commencing at 2
'clock p. m? 20 head of Jersey cattle.
This herJ consists of ten cows, Bevn
Just fresh, and will make Ane win
er cows: inree yenning neuera, mree
eifer calves and three bull calves,
ilso my 50 per cent. Tormentor herd
The herd includes such cows as
.eollas, with a weekly butter teat of
0 lbs and 15 oz., with three of her
aughters. Also three daughters ot
lartlea, test 19 lbs, 12 oz? per week,
1 lbs, 1% oz. In 31 days.
These cattle are bred In the purple
nd are all right In every respect.
Also, one yearling colt, large for his
ge, and a good one. Nearly pure bred
One Del.avnl Baby Separator in
ood condition.
It is seldom the public have the oportunlty
to buy such cows as these
t their own price, and these cattle
III positively be sold to the highest
nd best bidder. ,
Terms of Sale:?A credit of six
lonthg will be given, purchaser to
Kecute his note with approved secury?
No discount for cash.
R. F. D. No. 10, Monongah, W. Va.
tep. 29-41.
Agalrat "Meant, fir One Thing?The
Country's Greet Prosperity.
MILWAUKEE. OcL l.-Henry *H.
Rogers was in .Milwaukee Saturday
to attend the annual meeting of the
Milwaukee Road. He seemed .willing
tn tnlb tn nantonanhr men. nnrl said:
"I Jo not believe It will be possible
for Hearst to win In New York, and.
personally I think It would be bad
for New York and the country -If be
became Governor. He carries a tremendous
Influence, largely,' I think, by
reason of his papers. The large business
Interests could not well be served,
ID my judgment, by his advancement
In political life.
"This country Is not only enjoying
a greater decree of prosperity than
ever before, but 1 can see no termination
of it. Nature Is taking care of
us, and there is no room in the United
States for the grumbler or the man
who says things are going to everlasting
destruction. Ben Brewster used,
to say; 'I can't see prosperity anywhere;
prosperity is not In sight; I'm
sitting on its coattalls.'
"I tell you there IB no room here
to-day for any Brewsxers. The coun
try Is bounding forward and I think
it's going to keep bounding in a safe
substantial manner.
"I feel very sorry for Mr. Uawson
In the recent Jeep grief which he has
sustained," said Mr. Rogers. "And his
grief is something most touching and
pathetic, as I learn. I have never been
In Lawson's office, but of course 1 have
seen and met him In New York."?
with a smile.
Court News
Albert B. Long' appointed administrator
of the.'personal estate of John
A. Long, deceased. Bond given In
the sinh-of $1,000, with J. W. McHcnry?as'surety.
Marriage Licenses,
George A. Fortney and Sylvia P.
Charles Smith and Lucy Nixon.
Bert Kincely and Rilln M. Walls.
Deeds Recorded.
Deed dated June 29, 1906; .lohn H. '
Amnions et nx. to Obey J. Eddy, lot '
In Afnett addition; consideration, one '
dollar and other consideration.
beed dated January 6, 1906; Martin
C. .Vangilder.to Barly Y. Morgan,
parcel of land In Winfleld district; f
consideration, $250. 1
Deed dated September 20, 1900 t
Mary R. Ktihn to the Board of Educa t
tlon of Grant district, parcel of land; t
consideration, $100.
Bellvldw Improvement Company to
Sidney Tennant. lot 1, block 11; con- ]
sideration, $686.97. ,
Deed dated September 28, 1900; (
Bellvlew Improvement Company to L (
B. Ntizum, lot 12, block 6; consldera- ,
tlon, one dollar. t
When the tip of a dog's nose Is cold
and moist, that dog is not sick. A <
feverish clrv nose means sickness with ?
a dog. And so with the human lips. 1
Dry, cracked and colorless lips mean
feverlshness, and are as well 111 appearing.
To have beautiful, pink, vel- J
vet-like lips, apply at bedtime a coating
of Dr. Shoop's Green Salve. It
will soften and heal any skin aliment.
Get a free trial box at our store, and
be convinced. Large nickel cappeJ J
glass jars 25 cents. E. A. Bllllngslea
& Co. E
Notice of License Aonllr.a?lon. *
Notice Is hereby given thn' an ap- v
plication has been Hied with City Clerk
pf the City of Falrmon*, West Vlr;in!a
by N. M. Berns residing jln Fair- j
mont, West Virginia, for a license to n
:arry on the business of ?e'"ng, offer- (,
ng for sale, at retail, splrllnu- liquors p
vine, porter, ale and beer, and drinks ll
)f like nature, at Jackson Hot*', in the u
3ity of Fairmont, West Virginia. H
Gven under by hand In my office In v.
laid city, this Oth day of September, *
J. ENGLE, City Clerk.
Sept. 0-13-20-27. a
"I wrote you for advice
of Sylvia, Tenn., "about m
monthly pains in my abdc
had suffered this way nine
had failed to relieve me.
Wine of Cardui, which at <
and now I am entirely c
Cardui saved my life."
It is a safe and reliable
diseases, such as periodical
pains, irregularity,
dragging down sen- j
sations, headache, diz- '
ziness, backache, etc. L'
At Every Drag Store In $
New Patterns,
Every A
' ai- i_ Ll'j.ni v
12 qt tnameied Buckets Coffee Pot:
35 cents, 25c to 52
Miss Laura B. Payne, of Fort Worth.
Texas, who has just been nominated
on the Socialist ticket, is the first
woman to run for Congress In that
Father Southwell, for 17 years head
of the Irish Carmelite Order in NewYork
city, has sailed for Dublin, where
be has been called by the head of his
Henry I. Barbey, of New York, who
tiled in Geneva, Switzerland, last summer,
hns bequeathed to American religious
and 'charitable Institutions
Evangelists Torrey and Alexander
ire under engagement to conduct
meetings next winter in the following
titles: Nashville, Omaha,' Winnipeg,
Buffalo, Pittsburg and Montreal.
Joseph Chamberlain goes to the
seme church In Birmingham, England,
11, which as a youth he taught a Sunlay
school class. He has in his pew
i Greek Testament, which he uses
vhen the lessons are read.
Prof. W. H. Holmes, chief of the
Bureau of American Ethnology, will
vithin a short time start for Hawaii
o make an important investigation of
he racial types there, under the auhorlzatlon
of Congress at the last
'"Yon are young and I am old," Totitol
is quoted as saying to an interdewer,
"but as you grow older you
trill find, aB I have found, that day
ollows day, and these does not seem
auch change in you, till suddenly you
lear people speaking of you as an
dd man."
Pnl .Tnhn Jnprth Astor Perrv Bel
uont, Harry Payne Whitney and Mrs.
rllchael P. Grace, are all said to be
articularly anxious to buy the orlgliuI
commission granted by William
nd Mary In 1694 to William Penn, aplOlntlng
him governor of New York,
,'blch Is for private sale In London.
In a letter received by President
'ounce, of Brown University, from Eljer
L. Corthell, of New York, the later
says that he has made provision
t his will that his entire scientific
brary of several thousand volumes
rill become the property of the
trown library. It Is one of the most
alunble collections of scientific
'orks In the world.
School Books Exchanged.
t A. C. KInkead's. 314 Main street
writes Lelia Hggood,
y terrible backache and
imen and shoulders. I I
years and five doctors I
4-N- * f _ IB
un your aavice i aooK
once relieved my pains
ured. I am sure that
remedy for all female
Writ# at a letter descrlWn? all
rour symptoms, and we will send you
Free Advice. In plain sealed envelop*.
Iddress: Ladies'Advisory Department,
rhe Chattanooga Medicine Co.. Chattalooga,
Tcnn. J13
1.00 bottles. Try it.
Open Stock, N
land & Co. Diiihc
_ -A. ' _ _ . _
rucie in noueeru
s Granite Buckets Dish
SO to 75c 50 and 1
t No cnicago Nor
^ I have moved my shop into
clean place, where you can a
toe freihest Beef, Veal, Pork i
1 select my own stock, and <
you get choice as well as frest
Fresh butter and eggs, and
A My prices are right, and be
? Serloin Steak, per tt>. ..15e
Porter Home Steak 15c
Round Steak 15c
^ Rib Roasts 12J/aC
Boiling Meats 7c
Compare these prices with
. ways, and your child will be
. yourself+
n? TMfMWhmmittMlliiwmwi'OMW?W?Bmaaa?
Braflo Gon&truGtlo
Principal Office, Union Tit
Branch Office, Jacobs B
in Chronii
I Don't suiter a day longer It you Imagine
yourself to be In tbe last stages
of disease, but come to me AND BE
CURED, If you are suffering from varicocele,
stricture, gonorrhoea, gleet,
enlarged prostrate, bladder affections,
blood poison, neuro-deblllty, lost manhood,
Incompetency or nervous exhaustion
from overwork, indiscretion
or excess.
THE Latest Scientific Instruments
used In the Successful Trestment of
OFFICE HOURS?9 a. m. to S
rt ?, J a tot
VUliDimauuu auu auviwo ti?e< uiuv
Permanently located on Monroe, bet
Fairmont, W. Va., Jacobs Block, 1001
move anything from a baby
It quickly, alio make a ip<
Goods and Planoi without da:
call me up, I deliver Coa
city In short order. When y
Sire anything placed in itora
Trunk hauling a ipecialtj
Bell Phone-Offlce 8, Rei 340. II f (
Con.?Office 100, Rei. 10. )}, t
ew importations, 1
ii* Sets.
Pans Ctke Pu
5 cents 10 cents |
Mho Noose Meats; i
new quarters, and have a nice +
lways, Winter and Summer, 'gel\x7fS|||
ind Sausage every day.
Jo my own butchering, so you see '[email protected]
> meats. vl
game in season.
re they are? .y|
Veal Stew 10c
Veal Roast 12(/2c .
Veal Steak 18e ,
. Freih Pork 12'/e
Pork Sauaage 12'/?c +
others. You get full weight ah
eonto/1 oc njoll nc if VAI1 P/imR'
""l0HNWFE0RMEr ' ftpH
>er Market and Merchant Streets,' + 1
> i
in & Enalneerina Go. ]??
ist Bldg., Parkersburg, W. Va,
iuilding, Faiimont, W. Va.
Y, Specialist
c Diseases, m
Catarrh, Aathma, Hay Fever, Deafness '
and all Lung Troubles.
Varicocele and 8trlcture Cured.
PILES?I cure without operation In It
days. No detention from business.' 'M
PRIVATE DISEASES ? Newly contracted
cases cured. All burning
and Itching, Inflammation and un. j
natural weakness stopped. ;: ?
RUPTURE?Of men, women and Shlldren
cured In from 10 to 30 days, v.-J
No detention from bnslnsstr WbF;. '
wear a truss? Under my treatment/';}
you throw It away.
I TROUBLES?By my system of treat. |
ment show signs of Improvement at '|f
1 SKIN DISEASES ? Treated auccefa?vll
calls on this class of .patients who '
cannot come to the office. If yon "
cannot call write for borne treat^|<|i
p. m. daily; Sunday, 11 a. m. to 3 p. m. ?|
Ic treatments and Ex-Ray examination^ ::3
ween Main street and tbe opera boue?-.'~J;
us 204-205, second floor. Come op
carriage to a street car and do
Bclalty of moving Household
mage. When you need Coal, ' Mi
1 and Sand to all parti of the yj 9
ou have Hauling to do, or dp- - fl
ge, see Thomas, he's the man.
for health aad pleasure Is the
that leads to pure open country air,
and the use of a nice, easy runnl^; '3
carriage will give It to you qttfdSr;
and better than any other way. Or
selecting a surry, runabout, buggy
other suitable vehicle from the Sm/ ?
stock displayed by Cordray Bros., yoa
will make an Investment that will r?
"cordray CARRIAGE CO., 1
Sales Room. Jacksop&ireel
Workg 419 Jackson Street yf&M
n. InndultnUtaDyipcttrfa. Pethftt* yini
y on the bety then. The bot.f/uh*k.
ilcine for Ml btojnach met lowtl
U Ac ftt druf ftnrwi Trial BoU?e rktH i? 19
*ro, Hagentown, Jia.. If) up

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