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mug T? flRH^^Bf vi'\ ^JmkSWBJ
; f^Women
Hi |jj Early purchasers will be di
H models. We have never si
i J so early in the season. Fal
fesfthe beautiful novelty plaids
2 hues. Models for Fall are:
"w%' '
| % select from almost all of the
I * sortments of practical tailor-r
We patronize only thi
| m positive assurance of good v
f * did opportunity for studying
^ Our prices are exception
v. $10.00 up to $35.00.
I: e. c .j
tPlPK'H' KK'lPlPK'lPK'K'lP
GEO. M. JACOBS, President.
L. M. DAVIS, Business Manager.
The West Virginian, daily and
Weekly, Is entered In the Fostoffice at
Fairmont, W. Va., as second class mail
natter. >
For Congress,
. . Of Ohio County.
For State Senate,
of Taylor county.
^ For House of Delegates.
g| ! J. M. JACOBS, <
W !?. RUFUS B. HARR. 1
' For County Commlttloner, '
p W. E. CORDRAY. <
'. ) For Judge of Intermediate Court. ?
* For Ateeiaor, Eastern District, J
For County Superintendent Free f
Schoole, '
} For Congress, a
1 W.E. PIERCE, v
IT Of Marshall county. JJ
-4, j For State Senate, !'
S|| "-} j' Of Fairmont. h
fjrt,Vv ' f ror nou8B OT wcicgaicw, ^
|J ' \ i , CAPTAIN A. F. MILLAN, ,,
Of Mannlngton.
Efp ' ' \ Of Fairmont.
K ? ' G. 3. BASNETT,
Of Amos. -V
'" t;
' 'For Commissioner of County Court, a;
Of Worthlngton. 01
:.V- Cl
For Supt. of Schools, .V
Of Fairmont ci
|j'. In every community there are a *
: few people who claim to be Democrats
' i or Republicans as to National and 8
; > State Issues, but who say that In lo- c
cal affairs they "vote for the man." 8
&?; That Is a very catchy kind of political
doctrine and It is always made much
Bgjl; of. by the minority party In any par|J!;,
j tlcnlar community. The voter will be cc
fe-'O told that there Is no politics In a cerr ln
git/.*' tain office and that he ought to look ln
Efe . . at the "man" and of course the man wl
on: the minority side is always, In I*
. ... *
fc 1
. C. i
howing *
. *
ill - Styles - I
i *
t'6 Suits I
(lighted at the variety of new * d
town such an extensive line fc 8
tries and textures include all ^ s
and checks in the richest t p
i*ery becoming, and you can fc
new styles in cur initial asnade
suits. ? 0
e best makers, so can give ? J,'
workmanship. It is a splen- '* C|
the style ti end of the season. ? *
-tf J 1. 1 f 5. I "
?tiiy inuucmic, rcuiguig uuiii ? w
.. . A ?l
* n<
fc Ci
ictfift? IPII'iojp
======== th
off on both sides so far as personal D!
character and qualifications go, so at- th
ler all it is a matter of politics in ev- ]a
ery olflce. No party can be stronger Cc
than Its local organizations. If the ti
various counties can't be depenJed si
upon, what can be counted as to re- it
suits in State or Nation? The way to Vc
build up a strong party Is to l6ok ed
well to the foundation and build from m
the ground up. If you are a Republl- th
can and rejoice in your party's sue- w]
cess, then don't destroy the home or- ia,
ganizatlon by alJing the opposition.
Take the ticket this fall as an example.
To be sure, there are not many
names on It and they are mostly local,
but It Is highly Important that they n
be elected. Are you a friend of Pres- co
Ident Roosevelt and want to see his ce
administration succeed? Then by all
means vote for the Republican candilate
for Congress who stands pledged er
to uphold the President's hands. A lui
rote for the Democratic candidate 'n(
tvould mean a rebuke to President ha
Again, do you think a Democratic
United States Senator would stand by
he President or be in line with Republican
policies? No Republican t0
:an think that, Then how Important
hat you vote for Republican candi- 01
lates lor the Legislature in order lh(
hat they may elect a man to the Unit- |K"
!d States Senate for the coming six sal
ears who will uphold Republican '"f
irinctples even If W. R. Hearst or W. no'
I. Bryan should by accident or beause
of popular discontent be placed rls
n the presidential chair. In voting rlc
or Republican candidates for the Leg- tht
slature we do more than vote for a')<
iten, we vote for principles that will
Ive long after the men for whom we 5
ote are deaj and gone. nal
Do you believe the new tax laws
re beneficial to the people? Then jlm
ote for rite men who are friendly '
d them, men who will stand by the a
lepubllcan State administration. This
lcludes the members of the County a
1 ver
tourt In fact, It includes every mun .
n the Republican ticket from top to ?
ottom and a loyal Republican will a w'
esitate a long while before he will sg
0 his party an Injury by voting any
art of the opposite ticket. T
__________ nth
The Parkersburg Sentinel diciaims crai
Ir. Hearst as a member of its par1
and proceeds to roust him alive
s follows:
"Somehow or oilier the nomination ( .
f Hearst did not strike a responsive
lord In the real Democratic ranks.
!r. Hearst may be all that his friends ^
ly for htm, or he may be all that his A
lemles charge, but of ouo thing
lere can be neither question nor j
aubt, and that Is that he comes no [)ar
Barer being n Democrat than did
orace Oreely, whom the party, once h
i a moment of insanity, nominated j
ir President. A genuine Democrat
the person who stands for the real A
-inclples'of Democracy." jjrfl
General T. S. Riley Is beginning to
invlnce the Republicans that he Ib ?j
the race for Congress. He is miik- soet
g a clean and dignified campaign aaie
hlch is winning the respect of the enct
ople nil oyer the dls'trlct?C'larksWheil
ls he making It "at?" This Ni
it .Mali
sudenly Into ^ poimUr juror, W having
the ability and stamina to take adtantage
of an opportunity. Until a
lew moqths ago. Charles E. Hughes
ran a comparatively otKcnre man. He
was a lawyer of recognized anility
where his practice extended, lint he
was not known to the people at large.
When the task of unearthing the great
Fraud* thought to exlat in the big In
iurance companies came on, Mr,
Hughes was named as the man capable
of sifting the Question to the hot:om.
So well did he accomplbh the
*ork that he at once became a 'naional
character. So completely has
id sustained himselr on all occasions
ilnce, that he has the absolute cotuilence
of people of every class and conlltlon.
A man of unquestioned honssty
and ability, he stands as the dlect
opposite of the Democratic canlidate,
William Randolph Hearst. The
tetter class of people of all parties will
'ote for Hughes and the Indications
tow are that he will -be elected by a
ery large majority. Should he beome
governor of New York State, his
lame will undoubtedly be. coupled
uany times with that of the prestlency,
although there aro so mrtny
;ood men on the Republican list of
llgibles that it Is very difficult to
ay who will land the much coveted
Perhaps we should not be too harsh
n Democratic editors ror not attempttg
to discuss any particular parly
rlnclple or say anything tinklftd beause
they seem petulant and peevish,
s yet they have no Issue, no setled
ollcy. When the State committee
tet at Charleston, only one Ihing
as definitely settled and thut was
lat William Jennings Bryan should
at do any more Injury man he hud
Iready done In West Virginia this
fur cn Iiq tunc lnvitm/1 to ulmt m>l nf
le State through the cumpalgn. Oil
1 other points there was division, as
>ted in the following language by the
barleston Mail:
"Must we ever pursue the Grail of
e Main Issue? The - Huntington
Ispatch announces with great glee
at the elusive desideratum Is at
st forthcoming as a result ot the
inference held here. But alas!
tie Democrats have Tailed to agree,
ime think it this and some think
that. Tax reform had a few
ites, two cent fares were considerI
but all failed of a majority. The
sputch must wait with us In patnco.
Maybe, tome time or some
iere, the Democracy will adopt 'an
The Parsons Advocate evidently is
possession of some rare knowledge
ncerning the comings and goings of
rtain people in that town. Here is
tat it says:
"There are several fellows in Tuckcounty
who owe us a good big
np sum of money for not publlsh;
about them things that would
ve been published If they had been
Ing in cities?even as large as Falr>nt,
Parkersburg or Grafton."
The Charleston News is too rich 8
rejoice In the decrease of taxes
the masses. It thinks the taxes *
tne weattny ongnt to tie reduced in
i same proportion as those of the
nr. If that were to be the case the 8
ne inequalities we have been try;
to eradicate would still exist. Oh, '
it can't be done that way. The
>ple who have not been paying their
htful share In proportion to their '>
hes will have to come into It under
i new law and that Is what we like
lut It. "
lays the Pnrkersbnrg State JourIt
Judging from the advertising col- '
ns of the newspapers, Parkersburg <1
doing a good deal of business this h<
. It Is a sure Indication, too."
'hat being the case, there are a few
rmont merchants who are doing 111
y little business, while others nre
ng fine. But we suppose that Is
ays the case. Some men are shorttited
even if they do wear glasses.
? - _ lr
mat has the Ajorgantown New uoilon
against John T. McGraw? It 1
sn't share in the common belief
t he Is the "big man" In the Demo- 81
tic party of West Virginia. ^
raken to Her New York Home on
Sudden Decision.
EW YORK, 0? 1.?'Mrs. William sp
or arrived in this city from New- In:
t last night and was driven at once
ler home on Fifth avenue. The detnre
from Newport was decided be
n suddenly owing, It Is saM, to a
nge for the worse In Mrs. Sstor's
dltlon. Hi
rs. Astor was accompanied by Dr. sa
fin Flint. Jr., and tier daughters, Ct
i. Orme vyilson and Mrs. Haig, bes
two nurses anil several servants.
- Bs
\ Jolly American Tramp" will be to
1 at the Opera House to-night. The
iudlcntes one of the largest audits
of the season, 25, 35, 50c. at
8chool Books,
sw Bnppljr at Ql^be Book Btore, As
which will Impair or tend to Impair |
the Independence of Cuba, nor In any'
manner authorize or permit any for-,
elgn Power or Powers to obtain by'
colonization or by military or naval
purposes or otherwise lodgment in or
control over any portion of said Island.'
Second?That said Government shall
not assume or contract any public
debt, to pay the interest upon which,
and to make reasonable sinking fund
provision for the ultimate discharge of
which the ordinary revenue of the
Islands, after defraying the current
expenses of the government,*shall be
Third?That the gorernment of Cuba
consents that the United States may
exercise the right to Intervene for the
preservation of Cuban Independence, I
the maintenance of a government ade- '
quate for the protection of life, prop-!'
erty and undtvldual liberty, and for 1
discharging the obligations with re- '
spect to Cuba Imposed ny the Treaty ^
of Paris on the Unlteo states, now to,
be assumed and undertaken by the
government of Cuba.
Fourth?That all acts of the United
States In Cuba during its military oc. ,
cupancy there of are ratified and vail-j'
dated, and all lawful rights acquired
thereunder shall be maintained and'
Fifth?That the government of Cuba
will execute, and, as far as necessary, (
extend the plans already devised, or i
other plans lo be mutually agreed f
tip on, for lite sanitation of the cities: .
of the islanil, to the entl that a recur-1 j
rence of epidemic and infectious dls- j (
eases may he prevented thereby itssurlog
protection to the people and commerce
of Cuba, as well as to commerce 1
of the- southern ports of the United (
Slates and the people residing there- j
In. i
Sixth?That the Isle of Pines shall ?
be omitted from the proposed constitutional
boundaries or Cuba, the title IJ
thereto being left to a future ad/u?c- j '
ment by treaty. !
Seventh?That, to enable the United
States to maintain the independence
>f Cuba and to protect the people I
hereof, as well as for Its own defense,!
he government of Cuba will sell or B
ease to the United StateS, lands nec-|
tssary for coaling or naval stations, at a
certain specified points, to be agreed |81
tpon with the President of the Unl-1"
ed States. 111
Eighth?That, by the way of fur-'a
her assurance, the government of 01
iuba will embody the roregolng pro- 61
dslons In a permanent treaty with ,s
ho TTnltorl Ctntos 1*1
mz a
"Was Bob's training as a football "
uard of any advantage to him?"
"Oh, yes. He's a guard now on the ,8
Irooklyn bridge cars."?Lite.
"But, tell me, why are your citizens
o bitter against Senator Smugg?"
"Why, confound him, he keeps tell- '
lg that he was born here!"?Puck.
"He said that If I would marry him
e would conquer the world."
"Well, did he?"
"Not yet; he hasn't conquered mam- 1
la yet."?Houston Post.
WIgg?A bad memory gets a fellow
ito lots of trouble.
fagg?Yes, it's always springing J1
lings on you that yon thought you 4
ad forgotten.?Philadelphia Record.
Mrs. Muggins?She married a deaf co
ute. .
Mrs. Bugglns?How did It turn out? c
Mrs. Muggins?Oh, she's unspeakay
happy.?Philadelphia Record.
"I wonder If there be any Indus-\
ies carried on In heaven?" inquired ! ^
le town Ignoramus. j '
"iVo nils heerd as how matches I
e made there," was the guarded silver
of the local sage.?Louisville! '
Jtirler Journal, "
"She has a good voice, hasn't she?" Ch
-Yes, but " Tr
"But what?f
"Well, you see, she's got such a big
outh that there's an echo, and that
oils the effect of,her songs."?Clevead
LeaJer. .
"Say, what mought""your business
i?" said the mountaineer to me. J
"Writing," I replied. M
"Gosh, yer don't hev much ter do. K
nw I wish that I wnz you." Then he"
t down and sighed.?Cincinnati ffi
immerclal-Trlbune. * *
Hear Delia Dooly sing "Colleen
iwn" with "A Jolly American Tramp"
School Books Exchanged.
A.. C. Klnkead's, 314 Main street
rhe big laughing show, "A Jolly
nerlcan Tramp" to night, 25, 35, 60c, ^
\.V.r '"i
A.' -r' - \
WASHINGTON. D. C? Oct 1.?The
full text of what Is called the Piatt
amendment, the law under which Secretary
TaXt Is acting in Cuba, Is as
First?That the Government of CuUa
shall not enter Into any treaty or other
compact with any foreign powerI
I^ 'HOULT J(??t?l^ t
^ a
I I-iI-I-I' 111-I-I-IHOTTLT.
Oct. -1.?Garfield McDonald
has moved from Rivesville into the
house belonging to Ea. Moult recently
vacated by Frank Yates and later
occupied for a short time by Dick
Sylvanus Burnworth, B. and 0. Areman,
moveB to-day from the bouse ol
D. E. Snider into the House belonging
to E. H. Hoult lately occupied as a
boarding bouse by tbe F. H. Clement
Chas. B. Satterfleld was visiting bis
wife's parents at Forksburg last week.
Mrs. F. L. Barns and a little girl of
Harry oJhr (son's waa visiting relatives
In Pawpaw district last week.
Cbas. B. Satterfleld was up to Colfax
Saturday and Sunday attending the
quarterly conference of the M. E.
Rev. George W. White of ihe Halleek
circuit, will stop here on his waj
to tbe Slstersvllle conference anH
preach to-night In tbe church here.
His many old friends here will be glad
to see him and hear him preach once
The contractors will soon have one
of the large truss spans of the bridge
completed and have all the false work
or treading up for the other span and
If no unforseen accident occurs such
as a high stage of water which would
probably tear out the raise work. it
should not be many weeks till the iron
horse can cross the new bridge.
Schedule Time Made by Power That
Will Supplant Steam on Eastern
NEW YORK. Oci. 1.?Drawn by one
>f the new 100-ton electric loconio- 1
ives. the first heavy train ever run '
tver the New York Central railroad :
>y electricity rolled Into the Grand '
Central station yesterday afternoon,
t had made a seven-mile trip front
Ugh Bridge on the same schedule as
he regular steam trains and accom- 1
dished It without a mishap.
The groat locomotives picked up Its ?
rain as easily as if It weighed 10 tons
nslead of 550 tons. Theer was no per- '
eptible Jerk and the acceleration was
o smooth and steady that before the v
assengers fully realized It the train v
ad attained schedule speed.
After running a mile or so the loco
totive was stopped, backed and did
verythlng that can be done with a y
team ^driven machine. ja
cware of Ointments for Catarrh that '
Contain Mercury, e
s mercury will surely destroy the P
__ , it
mice ui Hiiien uiiu completely uerango i *
ie whole system when entering IIIfl
trough the mucous surfaces. Such 0
rtlclcs should never he used except
u prescriptions from reputable phyclans,
as the damage they will do
i ten fold to the good you possibly deve
from them. Hall's Catarrh Cure, ~
lanufactured by F. J. Chenney & Co.,
oledo, 0., contains no mercury, and
taken Internally, acting directly
pon the blood and mucous surfaces
! the system. In buying Hall's Catrrh
Cure be sure you get the genuie.
It Is taken Internally and made
Toledo, Ohio, by F. J. Cheney & Co.
estlmonlals free.
Sold by druggists. Price, 75c per =
ttlle. /
Take Hall's Family Pills for const!- I
itlon. *
i Viewed by Diplomats at British .
Capital. |j
LONDON, Oct. 1.?Diplomats here '
-day agreed in the declaration that
e United States will eventually conol
Cuba, as the English control
typt. The Opban government, they B;
y, will be permitted to have all the
notions of government nominally
ntrolled liy Cubans, but an Amerin
minister will direct the opera1,8
Reunion of Co. F.
The reunion of Co. F. 12th W. Va; 1
il. Inft., will be held at the Courtuse
on Oct. 4th at 10:30 a. m? In- I
ad of at the Marietta hotel, as pub- T
bed a few days ago. . I
Adelaide Pattl could sing "Home, _
eet Home," but she could not sing
he Good Old U. S. A." like Agnes I
ampney with "A Jolly- American |
amp," at the Opera House to-night.
Hit J 1
. - 8
Jolly An^fle?n Trimp'.' To-night S
Mildred . Holland's first appearenc<
In Wllllamsport In her new play.
raraaise or ues." was made at th<
Lycoming opera house Saturday even
iug, before a warmly appreciative au
dlence. Miss Holland has been a grea
favorite in Wllliamsport since b?i
first appearance here and her work It
her new play fully met the expects
ttons of tbe public. It preheats stroni
situations for bee and she never fall
ed to rise to the requirements of tb<
"A Paradise of Lies" was selected
by Miss Holland after months of read
ing of manuscripts and Saturda)
night's verdict approved her choice.
The first act presents a somewhal
different view of her from what the
public Is accustomed to Bee and shows
her versatility. It shows her as a
flower girl in the market place at
Verona and finally brings her under
the protection of a strolling player
and his mistress who Is passed upon
her as his sister.
The Becond act brings her to the
home of her father where she Is
recognized and acknowledged and
where the disclosures of Brunetta and
the succeeding interview with Fabrlo
now her afllianced husband, furnish
a scene of exceptional strength which
gave Miss Holland one of the best opportunities
for tbe display of her talents
she has had. That she arose to
Ihu n/i/ino(nn on 4 Inlnsnsnlnil Unn ??
ii ic utLiin iuu ami unci picicu UCI pall
grandly was evidenced by the six curlain
calls to which she was compelled
lo respond at the conclusion of the
The last act again gives her great
importunities, her reconciliation with
Kabrio, after two years of estrangement,
and her discovery of the perfidy
3f Richard furnishing material for a
scene calling forth great power and
requiring a nicety of judgment to prevent
overdoing which stamps Miss
Holland's work as that of an artist.
The play and star fit each other to
jerfectlon and the company supportng
Miss Holland Is evenly balanced
ind competent. But to Miss Holland
selongs the' great credit for the suetess
of the piece since upon her Inerpretatlon
of the tragic climaxes
vhich are presented depends the
vhole play.
Children Missing.
We realize the fact that you miss
our children while they are In school
nd oftlmes are Inconvenienced when
a want of something from the store,
'herefore we have arranged to be evr-ready
to attend your needs. Telehone
us when in want of anything In
he drug line and it shall be delivered
' villi IIIIIII till 1 ii nil I W I, limit H1UH
South Slile Druggist.
Drugs, perfumes, toilet'articles anJ
rug sundries.
Jones Undertaking Co.
R. C. JONES, Funeral Director,
Arterial Embaimer.
Bell Phone 305-2.
F. & M., 295-2.
iranfl Opera House
10NDAY... OCT. I
f Request of Myriad Theatre Goen. .
The Newest Comedy Melodrama.
By the Author "A Poor Relation,"
"Peaceful Valley," Etc.
r~~~ r
inos, uomeoy, uniqueness, splendor,
a Happy and Thrilling Combination
of all that la good in
the American play?
eats SO, 35 and W cents.
We have secured the Age y |
of AJford Sodety Stationers I
8 and Engravers of New i
York. J
; We are now prepared to sijbr
mit latest and correct stvlei 1
of engraved cards, wedding
invitations and
announcements. ^
Special crests, coat of arms ? id jjl
monogram [stationery ii
""[any style or color our
A. B. scon & CO., I
Main 8treet, Opposite Court-hoi*.
We sell and exchange x f|
School Books
Frey's Geography.
Baldwin's Reader*. /vSjafl
Culler'a Phyalology. :,;^g
Harvey'a New English. GramBarnes'
Hletory. ' , I
M lines' Progressive Arith- - \!jg|
f Hunt's Progressiva Course In jl
Spelling 'and Rapid Writing
All of theabove ore in useln f
Fairmont and Marion county, M
McGuffey's Speller.
Ray's Arithmetic.
Cutter's Phys. exchanged.
2.000 Pen and Pencil Tablets ;
132 Main Street,
Opp. Marietta Hotel. . |
Mrs. Cora Cordr^, -I
Barney Street. 1
We make a specialty of trimjhlng
by bans the hata we place upon v?
the market. They will outweaj' the
factory trimmed stocks. Try our
line If you want satisfaction In the
wear of your hat. Our prlce^ are
very reasonable.
j Office?Japobs Building,
| Fairmoitt,-wr'Va. P. O. Boa, 526. j
| Railroads, Surveys, Reports, j 1
| Foundations, Mining, I
| Hydraulics, Concrete Construction ^1^9
| 20 Years Experience in General n
TRIP p4<3U F||BUONT. m
SaturdayJOct. 6. 11
Tickets sold for train leaving'
at 1:46 p. m. (E T ) i f ||B
Returning special train will
taave Cincinnati at 7:15 p. m. (C ;'s|
Most Delightful Season of the | v::; 'm
Year to Travel. - ItM
Leading ~~ Vf]
Magazines I
and I
Newspapers. I |||
Chilson's News Agency,
Watson Hotel Bid*. I 'M

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