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fy PAHWOffT, W. VA.
ft ft WATSON, President
?- ft ft HAYOEN, vim President
t A, ft PLEMINQ, J. 8. HAYOEN,
I Capital, $150,000.00.
I ; Undivided Profit*, $i?o,ooo.oo.
^^BpMMeta a general banking boil
Aaaoaata of corporations, Anna and
INIiMiili received upon the moil
% (Mprable term* consistent with sound
H.t.'jjjf HSIilialhi banking.
( tttomt f?l<i on ume deposits.
quit* male with safety deposit
lapM lor wo of customers.
ft L. LEHMAN, President
V, A. CLARK, Vice President
I. ft LINN, Cashier.
g OVB a |Wi one anu uub yuu u udyoi
p- Mfret M rou live to be a hundred?
&' MM M|r you live the better you'll
f Ska it What habit? Saving youi
; HUT. This is not a lecture, not i
WM limply a suggestion for youi
S awn good: Deposit from tl.00 to $1(K
1 with mm and see what will beciome ot 11
pMt|? cent Uore to tell If you as!
. Organised In 1853.
Pjv Converted to a National Bank, 1855
fr Capital, Surplus and Undi|
vlded Profits, $298,000.00.
|? Malted States and State Depository
Sell exchange on all parts of
the world.
elicit your account and will at
tend promptly to all business
i|entrusted to our care.
| SI tkla hank la to treat everybody It
IilVv /
to keep your account where your mon
, ejr will be absolutely safe and whert
every reasonable accommodation will
bo extended?. If so, come in and set
in and we will tell you "why" it will
' bebe to your interest to place youi
account here.
' J. X. HARTLEY, President
I' . A. B. FLEMING, Vice President.
?. J. I. BANDS, Cashier.
| . 8LXNN F. BARNS, Asst. Cashier.
Board of Directors:
g.; t. IL Hartley, a. ?. Fleming
r BaaJ. D. Fleming, Wm. E. Watson
Jos. E. Sands.
The Peoples Bank
of Fairmont.
I IN, $160,000.66.
: Baa. K. Jacobs Preside*
' W. & Raymond Vice Presides
L M. Brownfleld Coshlv
I 0?r tra and burglar proor vault:
En Ins to customers tor private pa
I We solicit your ousmess, which wll
neatrs prompt and careful attentloa
jj.. Btraators?Geo. U. Jacobs, W. I
| Meredith, J. M. Hartley, Harry Shaw
IB. . Raymond, C. K. Hutchlnaoi
| "hnrard H. Forbes.
| chellji *se.
. Gas adnAlstered. Lady attendant,
t'! Porcelain work a specialty.
| Trust Co* Building, Fourth Floor,
!<. Rooms 16, 161, 17.
Offlce hours: Phones:
? 8 to 12 a. m. Con. 21<.
I 1 to 6 p.m. Bell 357 L
. .VtJiiMakj.Cy
NORFOLK, Va., Oct. i.-nll the plan*
of the Department of Construction
and Repair for the government's navy
yard In this city are Harried out the
plant will he equipped for the building
of the greatest ships that may
be authorized for the further increase
of the navy. Ever since the yard
turned out the Texas and the splendid
dl.iUnk th n fnntt'xe oholrlnir
cruiser lutiiegu, iU? >?> ? _
off her supposed "hoodoo" and prov'
log herself one of the navy's finest
fighting ships at Santiago, while the
latter gallantly followed Dewey's flaa
Into Manila Bay, It has been the desire
of this community to see another
great ship grow Into being at this
The municipal government of Portsmouth
and NbWolk, the commercial
and labor organizations of both' cities
and all dbe political influence- that
these bodies could cdmmand have
[been directed toward this end, and
from time to time delegations hav?
been sent to Washington and great
pressure has been brought to bear oo
Congress to order the laying down of
t ship at this navy yard.
The fact Is. however, that, although
there Is at the big dockyard every facility
needed for the repair of the
largest ship of war and for the building
of almost any type of flghtlna
ship, there are no ways on which to
lav down a big battle ship. The New
York navy yard was greatly hampered
In this regard when the Connecticut
was ordered built there. The yard
lost the race with the private ship
yard at Newport News only because
of the fact that ways and cranes lor
the handling of material had to be
' etrected before the actual work of
' building the ship could be started.
It Is (he hope of the construct!"'I
officers here that the next Congress
will make the comparatively small
appropriation of $210,000, which is
necessary in order to put this navy
yard on a footing with any shipbuilding
plant In the country.
Good Progress
On the Canal
NEW YORK, Oct. 2.?Governor ol
the Panama Canal Zone, Charles E
Magoon, arrived here on the steamei
Panama from Colon. He was accom
patiied by the Collector of Revenues
of the Canal Zone, Thomas W. Cooke
Governor Magoon said that he would
not return to the Isthmus, but de
cllned to condrm the report that he
was en route to the Philippines.
"I am not sure that I shall go tc
the Philippines," said the governor
"And I do not know who will suececJ
me as governor of the canal zone."
Asked how the work on the big ditel
was progressing, Governor Jlagoon re
"The canal work Is progressing ai
rapidly as possible. As yet Is tin
work of preparation. The main difilcul
ty there is the labor question. Our la
, bor is drawn from Jamacia and Bar
| bados. These people are lntelligen
, and with some education. The trou
J lile is that the West Indian Is a bin
, of passage?you get him to understam
what you want and fairly educated ti
ids work, when he suddenly drop:
everything anil goes otr.
"What is wanted Is the organlzatlor
of the laborers, and their gangs at
ranged, with skilled men at the heai
instructing them in the work and ad
vancing those who learn. Thus th:
work with progress. Tills orgauizatiot
is under way now."
Oilier passengers on me sinuin
. Panama were the American Minlstei
10 Ecuador, Joseph \V. J. Lee, and J
Gabriel Duque, editor of the Panamt
Star and Herald.
The Long Wait.
Kansas City Journal.
The first girl born in the Pllson fam
ll.v in seventy years made her appear
mice at the home of Karl Fllson, o
Kansas City, son of Charles H. Fil
son, secretary of Oklahoma. Mr. Fil
son's natural disposition to be will
"the boys" may be due to the tral
which makes girls a scarce article it
the family.
Read the West Virginian.
Revenue Cutter Looking For Yact
Which l? trying to Sneak Chinese
Into the Country.
NEW YORK, Oct . 2.?With 3
Chinese as her cargo as the schoone
yacht Frolic, is being searched fc
along the Long Island sound by re<
enue cutters of both the United.State
and Canada. In addition, every Mf
saving station along the coast has 01
ders to keep a lookout for the school
or. This yacht, like a modern Slav
trader, Is supposed to have reacbe
?h? mihiin tn the sound from Pll
centla Bay.
That the Frolic was headed this wa
with her load of Chinese, becam
known about the same time the go1
ernment learned of the lot of th
Chinese landed at Marblehead.
A Chinese, friendly to the goveri
ment informed .the Chinese Immlgn
tion bureau that yacht was being 8
ted out In Boston to smuggle Chines
from New Foundland.
The celestials left New Fotindlan
because the government has Impose
a head tax of JpOO on them.
A "Baby Show"
A "baby show" will be given'unde
the auspices of the Loyal Circle, c
King's Daughters Saturday afternooi
October 13th, Brst floor of the ne'
building opposite the Manley Hotel o
Jefferson street.
A committee of King's Daughters 1
now canvassing the city for babies bi
should any mother be overlooked sh
Is asked to pleace notify some membt
of the order, so that tickets may b
supplied her and a place In the lln
reserved for her baby.
A prise will be given the most poi
nlar baby under one year of age an
another to the child betwen one an
three yenrs of age who receives th
largest number of votes.
A hearty co-operation on the pat
of Ojfi mothers Is entreated because (
the lafge amount of charitable wor
awaiting an inpetus In the way i
funds. No organization can boast <
more creditable motives than thoa
which actuate the work of the King
Daughters and because of this the
confidently ask the generous patrol
age due this enterprise. Don't forg<
the date Saturday, October 13th, on
to five p. m.
Hon. S. F. Reed
CLARKSBURG, Oct. 2?The ne
. Republican county executive commi
i tee was called to order in the Cour
. house at 11 o'clock Monday mornlni
I Most of the members of the commi
tee answered "present."
' T" nnramiltna Imm.itlnl.lv nmi]
ized by unanimously re-electing Stun
i F. Reed clialrman and Chas. G. Col
. man secretary, and then adjourne
I until 1 o'clock In the afternoon.
At the afternoon session the cor
t mlttee elected A.' A. Lang treasure
- He served the old committee as sue
s The plans of the campaign wei
> discussed :and partially, decided upt
and arrangements were made to beg
- the campaign at an early date.
t The Gentleman Farmer .anxiousl;
- ?What in the world. Uncle Totterl
I do you snffpose is the matter with tr
1 hens? Why, this morning I four
j six of them lying on their backs, col
i and stifT, with their feet sticking i
In the air.
i The Ancient Man (after a suitab
- season of cogitation)?Yer honi
l dead, Mr. Clttily.?Puck.
> Startling Coincidence.
1 Washington rost.
The capture of the 500-pound oct
p pus In Mobile Bay is being credltf
" to the effect of Mr, Bryan's Southei
lour, but tne blame lor mill big Will
1 storm tn the south Is not being pla
ed in such a hurry.
Think of Dr. Shoop's Catarrh Cu
If your nose and throat discharges
If your breath Is foul or feverish. Th
snow white soothing balm contaii
f Oil of Eucalptus, Thymol, Menthi
etc., Incorporated into an importe
cveamlike, velvety petrolatum.
i soothes, heals, purifies, controls. Ci
1 at our store for free trial box. E. '
> nilllngslea & Co.
School Books Exchanged.
at A. C. Klnkead's, 314 Main street
t ' " Confiscated G
? PARKERSBURO, Oct. 2.?A war- *j
e rant was Issued yesterday by City Re- .
r. corder Dan B. Leonard for John J. '
McNemey on the charge of keeping j
e a slot machine In his place of busl- "
j ness on Market street. Last Saturday '
j. night Chief of Police Oliver and Lieutenant
Smith found a slot machine In
y operation in tne mcnerney pmce.
? They confiscated the machine carry- 8
r. Ing It to police headquarters In the S(
e patrol wagon. Joe Biles and Arthur
Davis, two boys who were playing the c(
,. machine, were arested and a charge c<
t of gambling and loitering In a saloon 81
t. and placed against them.
e Each of them put up ten dollars as 'c
suretly for their apeparance at trial 81
j this morning at nine o'clock. When Sl
j the case was called it was decided to 111
lay it over until seven o'clock this 01
evening In order that the charge 01
against McNerney might be tried at ts
the same time. The slot machine
which was captured was a money 18
g machine and had some nickels and
no checks In It, when It was taken by ta
the officers. An effort will be made dl
to prove that Davis and Biles, the ni
two young men who were arrested, M
^ were the ones who put the money In el
1 the machine. w
J Although it has been rumored ra
n ubout town that the slot machines ta
were going again, this Is the first ar- r
rest that has been made by the po- "
j lice. Sports who are In a position to 1)1
Know say that there are machines In ?'
other saloons In town but they are 0<
r exhibited very rarely. They are "
brought out upon special occasions s'
and it Is then that the boys crowd
around to court the goddess of for- P'
'l tune. It Is quite likely that if there "
j Is a conviction In the case to-night tc
that all of the machines that are said si
to be running will be put away for a pl
. time at least. > ai
" ol
k " cl
"Two hands upon the breast, and la- "
e bor 1b past." ?Russian proverb. s<
!g "Two hands upon the breast, C(
And labor's done;
t Two pale feet crossed In rest? w
l( The race Is run! Tl
' Two eyes with coin-weights shut,
And all tears cease;
Two Hps where grief Is mute,
And wrath atJpeace!"
So pray we oftentimes, mourning our nl
lot; v
God In His kindness answereth not. 01
"Two hands to work and rest
Aye ror His praise;
Two feet that never rest, q
Walking His ways;
w Two eyes that look above,
Still through all tears;
Two Hps that breathe hut love,
= Nevermore ?fears." .
So cry we afterwards, low at our T
knees. '
n" Pardon those erring pra.veA, Father! i
* - -* ftrdlnntr | '
" near uiese. ?m?a
id Mr. Bryan's Latest Offense.
| Philadelphia Ledger. J
n- Mr. Bryan's profession of gratillca- 3
r- lion at the nomination of Hearst, anil >
th his belief that Hearst would make "a
good governor," will be remembered
re against the Nebraskan when more
,n creditable utterances shall have been
forgotten. They will be chalked tip
on the record In close juxtaposition
with the "more radical than ever"
'' speech and with his hasty remarks on
government ownership, and none of
!-v these will help to raise Mr. Bryan In
the estimation of his countrymen. On
lc' the contrary, they will do much to
lp revive the distrust and terror which
led to h'is emphatic rejection by the _
le American people, and may be the _
ia cause of a repetition of the verdict. .
Public Sale of Maplehurst Herd of A.
J. C. C. Jerseys.
The undersigned will offer at public
0 sale on his premises in Orant district,
Marlon county, W. Va? on Saturday,
? October C| 130G, commencing at 2
o'clock p. m? 20 head of Jersey cattle. 1
c" This herd consists of ten cows, seven
just fresh, and will make fine win?or
-nws; three vearilng heifers, three
I " ?
"e heifer calves and three bull calves.
? Also my 50 per cent. Tormentor herd
's bull.
18 The herd Includes such cows as
Leolias, with a weekly butter test of
20 lbs and 15 oz.. wltb three of her
" daughters. Also three daughters o(
l" Bartlea, test 10 lbs, 12 oz., per week,
A- SI lbs, l?i oz. In 31 days. .
1 These cattle are Ijred In the purple I
and are all right In every respect.
Also, one yearling colt, large for his
age. and a good one. Nearly pure bred
? I'crclieron.
One, DeEaval Baby Separator In
good condition.
It Is seldom the public have the op- i
portunlty to buy such cows as these ;
at their own price, and these cattle
will positively be sold to the highest
and best bidder. , '
Terms of Sale:?A credit of six
months will be given, purchaser to ,
execute his note with approved securIty.
No discount for cash. !
It. F. D. No. 10, Monongnh, W. Va.
Step. 20-41.
Don't wait until roar stationary b
entirely out before ordering but an!
as up now and try our now'job <t
bMM18?10NE*8 SALE^T^
eorge W. Burn et a!.. plaintiffs,
against Franklin Sttrn et al., defendants.?
In the Intermediate Court
of Marlon county, West Virginia.
By virtue of a decree entered in tie
bove styled cause, by said court on
re 29th day of 4n?usL 130C, the unjrslgned
special commissioner; theraf
appointed for the purpose, will sell
: public auction to tlw hlcbest aud
? ' bidder, at the .'rout door of the
Dtirt-bouse at Fairmont, Mailon coitnWest
Virginia, on Saturday, the
1th day of October, 1906, the real esite
directed by said decree to be
rid, that Is to say;
All those two certain tracts or partis
of real estate situate Id Marlon
lunty, West Virginia, and described
i roilows:
First parcel: A tract of land situate
i Wlnfleld district, near the F., M.
id P. R. R? adjoining lands of James
tarn and others, containing 26 acres,
ore or less, excepting the Pittsburg
! Nine Foot vein of coal, with the
lining rights and privileges apperlining
thereto, within and underlyig
said land, said parcel of real en,te
being heavily timbered.
Second parcel: A ract of land condnlng
4% acres, situate In Pawpaw
strict on the west hank of the Momgahela
river, adjoining lands of
ary Jolllff, Helen Morgan and oth s,
excepting and reserving the coal
Ithln and underlying same, and the
Inlng rights and privileges apperlnlng
thereto; said two parcels of
ml estate being the same of which
le late John Starn died seised, and
ling lots No8. 4 and 5 In the division
! the estate of Gorge Starn, deiased.
Said parcels of real estate
111 be offered tor sale by said commlsoner
Terms of Sale.?0,i?.thlrd of the
irehase price (and as much more as
io purchaser elects to pay, If any),
i be paid cash In hand on day of
tie. and the residue, If any, to be
?ld In two equal payments In on"
id two years, respectively, from day
t sale, with Interest from day of snle;
te purchaser to execute to said spent
nnnntlaalnndr l,Ta nhl If-fil inn,, ffll
le deferred payments, with good per>nal
security to be approved by said
immlssloner, and as a further secury
for said purchase money a lien
ill be reserved on the properly coneyed.
Special Commissioner.
September 10. 190ti.
I, R. B. Parrish, clerk of the Interlediatp
Court of Marian county, West
irglnla, do certify that said special
emmissioner, E. E. Morgan, has givn
bond with security approved by
le in the penalty of $1,600.00, as reulred
by law and said decree.
Clers or said court,
ept. 11-1 S-25-Oct. 2.
[ tor of Violin and Mandolin,
Music furnished for public and.
| private dancing parties and all
social occasions. Leave all orders
at Union Clothing Houae.
Mite!r fnr all flrracinnc
At Reasonable Prices.
Violin, cornet and harp or any
other combination of Inatrumenta
as desired.
Leader and Mgr.
Write or 'phone Bell 310-w.
Cons. 281.
Nuzum & Roi
Wa Stick For Quj
Mbaby j
baby 1
baby i
baby i
baby c
A Most Comple
Davenport like Cu
An old saying- of ouri
ful." You will find, wl
you will find neat and
Bell 'Phone No. 1nu;
j The Sckson Hotel^ f
Opposite Grand Optra House, 123 Jackson St., Fairmont, W. V* \
| Free Automobile 8errloe to Guest* j
Ot h ers Commercial men arm And a large as* j
^ oommodious sample room at their |
: is noted for the excellent line of wins* 5 ;
0Q liquors, ales, porter, beers, etc* too* ;
I . 11 stantly carried In stock. alllli
^ Spacious lobby, modern elevatf> - J
YOUe electric light*, hot and cold water k? S
every room, cosy halls and parlor* a ,i;!
; schort and long distance 'phones, ne*" J
| ly furnished throughout, home-Ilk* J
I Brady GoMGtlon fc EooMdo 6o. |;i|
I Princioal Office, Union Trust BIdg., Parkersburg, W. Va, | - J
| Branch Office, Jacobs Building, Fairmont, W. Va. I
Fire Underwriters :
Unexcelled Facilities (or Writing Large Lines of
X Insurance On Goal ^Properties S
+ {And Other Manufacturing Concerns. ' ^ S
^ The comb .ned assets of companies represented'aggregate or?f
J One Hundred and Forty-one Million oonars. |
The Largest Aggregation or Fire Insurance Capital 1# a J
^ West Virginia.
? I
'Limited to October 31st, IBO&
8t. Paul Minneapolis Ashland
Duluth Superior Helena 41
Butte Spokane Seattl* j
Tacoma Yellowstone Park Portland fm
Ask Your Ticket Agent to Route You
Via Wisconsin Central Hallway, >Jj
For Furtner Information Address JAS. C. POND, General Passeni*
Agent, Milwaukee, Wis., or W. H. ALLEN, Traveling Agent, (21
Park Building, Pittsburgh, Pa.
trmrr T^T Tn ATTTT TO t? rn l i
M l r U 1 UJXJJr V/UM
ss, Props., - - 119 Main Street
ility The Store With a Reoord v||
j of Children's furniture.
ER, like cut. $4.50;
te Line of Davenport Couches, etc. J
t makes a Bed a very Simple Construct V
>ee them Before Purchasing.
9, "Taste, not money, makes the home beauti*
ien in the market for Furniture or Bugs, that
tasty furnishings at very modest prices here.
119 Main Street, Consolidated No, 51
ZUM & ROSS, Prc^B>

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