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feF Mr. John D. Cox was a business vlsl-1
Wit' tor to Arnettsville yesterday.
fl Mr. J. L. Stealey has accepted a In-1
1 cratlve position from the American
i .;/. Standard Jewelry Company, a reliable
S!'V.'i<toin.toeated In Detroit. He commenced
work Monday and will travel in
West Virginia and so far Is meeting
with excellent success.
_'v Mr, and Mrs. Lester Kearns, who
were recently married at Oakland
SB and went to Parkersburg for a short
?.f? visit, have returned to Fairmont and
?."'V will make their home for the present
: on the corner of Diamond and Gutfey
Sap streets.
V I MrB. Francis Duer, who has been
nursing a patient at Watson, was callp!"'
ed to Kingmont yesterday to nurse
Mrs. R. M. Hlte, who Is ill.
i*? , Mrs. Robert Merrffleld and little
? child, who have been visiting relatives
f; / at Tunnelton, have returned home.
The little child Is very ill.
; V Mr. Morris Price, of Dlckerson, Md.,
j; arrived in the city to-day and will be
guest of Mrs. Virgil Miller for|
' some time.
Mr. A. C. Yark'ey, who was called
to JVeston by the death of his mothreturned
to the city yesterday.
Mrs. Brown is 111 at her home on
; State street,
' Mr. Thomas McGregor, of Clarksburg,
Is in the city the guest of Mr.
and Mrs. A. Nelson for a week.
Mr. George Henderson has moved
:: from State street Into the A. C. Gaskin's
property on Columbia street.
Mr. Minor, of Mnnnington, was the
J ' guest of his niece, Mrs. Howard Pople,
of Merchant street, yesterday.
; Mr. Edgar Locke is visiting at the
home of Mr. J. C. McKlnney, of Merchant
Mr. Pat Quidiey, of McMechen, is
here for the K. of P. convention. He
! ; is the guest of Mr. Charles Hlggs.
Mrs. Jane dine, of Pennsboro, and
Mrs. Margaret Ricks, of Greensboro,
ore guests of Rev. and Mrs. D. S.
Mr. Walter Gasklns and family, of
; / jKonongah, are spending a few days
1 T VT
* witn meir couhiiis, xui. uuu .ma. . ?.
| ' Gasklns, of Market street.
i,V Rev. U. W. Morrison, president (it
the W. Va. M. P. conference, was in
the city Tuesday calling upon friends.
!; ( Mrs, John Wiseman, of Watson, is
v visiting her mother, Mrs. George
Rhlnehnrt, for a few days.
City Hospital.
i> i Mrs. Jesse Hex, who has been in
the hospital for surgical treatment.
35 * was dismissed yesterday.
Mr. Calvin Robes, of Runner's
f-Ridge, was admitted Wednesday evenIng
for treatment of. typhoid pneumonia.
' Miss Gertrude Riley, who has had
charge of a patient In Farmington, re.
turned home yesterday.
A Correction.
The Ladles' Aid Society'of the M.
; E. Church will meet to-night at the 1
home of Mrs. Addle Ilarr, of State 1
street, intsend of Tuesday evening, i
as stated In Tuesday's paper.
&.'?< ?'!" _______
j% . Resumed Work. i
; Mr. Vernon Ferry, who Is employed I
, as brakeman for the B. and 0. and .
was recently Injured by a fall, Is now '
K Improved and resumed Ills position to- i
P - day. <
jjk . I. T. Club. i
Miss Finny Robinson will be host- t
I. T, club at ber home on
d Wa
Jolly Jokera.
Miss Ivy Lake was bostesB last e'
enlng to the Jolly Jokers at her hom
on Ninth street. The evening as usus
was pleasantly spent at needle wor
t;nd the majority of the members wer
present. Refreshments were serve
by Miss Lake.
A Pleasant Surprise.
A pleasant and congenial party gatl
ereil at the home of Mr. W. K. Browlast
evening cin, honor of hip blrthda
anniversary. The evening was ver
pleasantly spent and delicious refrest
ments were served.
Annual Conventior
25 AND 26.
On Thursday and Friday, Octobe
" ?ts...
25th and 2Gth, the .Marion uuiimj om
day School Association will hold its at
mini convention at Mannin.'tton, i
the Methodist church of that city.
Those In a posit Ion to know, claln
that Marlon county has not alway
kept pace with other counties In Sun
day school organization. For this roc
son a special effort hits heen put fort!
by the county officers during the pas
finv months to bring this county t<
life front and with gratifying results
In fact, it Is probable that Marion conn
ty will show the best district organ!
zutlon of any county In (he State, a
a consequence of this special effort.
In line with the energetic organize
Hon work, the officers are planning am
of the strongest county conventiot
programmes of the year, having si
cured some of the best tuieutjn tin
State to be present and participate it
the discussions. Among these may hi
mentioned Dr. D. B. Purlnton of on
State university; Prof. Thomas E
Hodges, of the same institution, whosi
ability in this line Is known through
out the bounds of the State; State Sec
retary Shafer, whose efficiency Is sttcl
that his presence alone almost renders
a programme invulnerable; Miss Mar
tha Graham, the State Superintenden:
ot Primary work, who has no superlot
In the State; Hev. L. E. Peters, o:
Clarksburg, known to every body as
an Indefatigable worker. Such talen
speaks volumes for the programme.
Such a programme, coupled with th<
enthusiasm engendered throughout tin
county by the energetic organizatioi
work mentioned, must mean one o
(he best conventions ever held in the
One of the striking features of the
occasion will be a parade of public
scliol children at noon on Friday. Man
nlngton has the reputation of bavins
one of the best public schools In tin
Slate and no doubt the superintendent
and teachers will see to it that this
procession is an imposing one.
The convention will he composed ol
the county and district officers, the
pastors of the county, and two delegates
from each Sunday school, witlj
one additional delegate for each school
having more than one hundred members.
These are all entitled to entertainment
at the hands of the good people
of Munnlngion. As the hospitality
of Mannington has never been called
In question, no doubt her citizens will
nrnvfl hnntH lnmr to be remembered
by those who nre fortunate enough to
be selected to represent. tJielr colleagues
and scholars on this occasion.
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh that
Contain Mercury,
as mercury will surely destroy the
sence of smell and complete^ derange
the whole system when entering It
through the mucous surfaces. Such
articles should never bo used except
on prescriptions from reputable physicians,
as the damage they will do
is ten fold to the good you possibly derive
from them. Hall's Catarrh Cure,
manufactured by F. 3. Chenney & Co.,
Toledo, O., contains no mercury, and
Is taken Internally, acting directly
upon the blood and mucous surfaces
of the system. In buying Hull's Catarrh
Cure be sure you get the genuine.
It is taken Internally and made
hi Toledo. Ohio, by F. J. Cheney & Co.
Testimonials free.
Sold by druggists. Price, 75c per
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
"A Thoroughbred Tramp."
Scenery which Is attractive to the
eye and a company of especially well
trained actors Is what Elmer Walters
promises to give patrons of the Grand
Dct. Ilth, when Ills hurrah fun play.
"A Thoroughbred Tramp," makes its
tppearance. The play Is right In llpe
with the popular demand for western
ttmosphere. The hospitality of the
rugged westcrnel for which the west
is so well known, Is cleverly llliistrntid
In this play and though T. Hush
Thompson, the leading spirit In the
piece is but a vagabond, the big bearttd
westerners show their appreciation
it Ills honesty and straightforwardness
jy asslstlhg him from the pnth of evil
issocintlon to the station In life which
was his prior to falling into bad company.
, j
r. Child's Prayer
11 Won Reprieve
ALBANY. N. Y? Oct. 11.?"We need
papa so bad," was the touching appeal
a front a twelve year old girl, In a let^
ter to Governor Hlgglns, which causf
ed the executive to decide to give the
father back to Ills family and com
iiiiiic hid jji JTM'IJ DVillvnw.
John H. O'Rourke Is the man who
I will benefit by the executive clemency
and he will be freed In December after
."trying four of an eight year sentence
L for burning a stable In which were
horses owned by him. on which he
wished to collect Insurance.
After O'ilottrke's Incarceration his
wife struggled bravely to support her
r five children. Poverty won, however, 1
i- aud Mrs, O'Rourke was forced to
i- place three of the children In a conn
tent. She has supported the others '
by tpking In washing,
a "1 pray every night for my denr
s papa, an.l I am going to pray every
i. night so that God will let you give us
i. pape again," wrote bis daughtetr Jen- ;
li nie.
I The appenl touched the governor '
0 and the sentence will be commuted.
A big want ad in the West virgin- '
. ,an telling your whole story will cost '
s ess than the shoe leather you will '
. t
: T~~ ^ ;
1 a a i/r
vnrvt., j f
' % | MUSIC.
; : . i
: Famliu nieatre!
j Barney Street "i
. i
t i
Open from 2 to 10 p.m.
, f
Monday, Tuesday
> and Wednesday,
The Life of ;
Kit Carson.
1 *
Mrs. Cora Cordray, j
327 Barney Street. .
We make a specialty of trimming t
by hand the hats we place upon j
the market. They will outwear the e
factory trimmed stocks. Try our
line if you want satisfaction In the i
wear of your hat. Our prices are I
very reasonable.
^V" ;: immmM
I mm. fl
I V;^lfl
+++++++++ + + + + + !
+ +
+ +
Tavern: J. J. Wbltesell, Charles
Bowman, D. R. Scatherday. J. E. Sutton,
Harry R. Bell, I. E. McDermott,
Reese Thomas, D. A. Morgan, C. \V?.
Reed, Fred A. Jtlrdlerglo, Oliver Truax,
J. E. Sisson, F. E. Love, J. H. Lancaster
anj wife, Harry O. Ott.L. M. llcDermott,
Wheeling: John J- Shaw,
Parkersburg; E. B. Johnson, L. D.
Warthen, Harry Lambert, Lawrence
Flannagan, G. 0. Sinsel, J. W. Frazler,
Leo, J. Rache, Claude E. Vincent, Leo
Rosche, W. A. Garlow, George Reed,
Frank Thayer, Fred Graham, Thomas
Russell, Wesley Frazler. Everett Robinson,
C. J. Burnside, Victor Lucas,
Karl Glenn, Charles Burke, C. W. Rector,
M. A. Cassell, Thomas H. Vln
cent, Lyman Nigh, C. A. Bunner, Harry
Price, U. B. Williams, C. A. Cole.
L. J. Wantree, E. B. Jenkins, O Richer!,
Grafton; Blanche E. Hlatt, O. H. P.
Boiign, Louis F. Kirk, J. A. Hess, and
wife, A W. Duvnll, .Moundsvllle; J.
IV, Tryman, Clarksburg; L. L. Purine,
Weston; F. C. Piper, 0. L. Robinson.
Buckhannon; W. E. Ramsey, John D,
rurner, C. D. Willey, Morganlown; M.
Burt, D. A. Daws, New Martinsrllie;
C. L. Fletcher, Edward Cupet,
A. W. Smith, Farmlngton; H. R. Hart
uan, Acme; Ingle Malone, BeechwooJ:
3. J. Taylor, Tollgate; C. L. Shorten
ind wife, Colfax; E. C. .Monroe, Webber
Springs; D. P. Kessler, Cowen.
Jackson: J. v. Lepley, A. C. Miller. 1
W. E. Stuck, W. C. Fletcher. E. O t
Lay ton, Clarksburg; J. F. Atkins, I
Manet; C. J. Martin, Rush Run; J. E ?
L.emley, Alpliu Toothman, Fred King. I
W. F. Michael, J. B. Michael, C. F. I
roothman, C. G. Brock, Gray's Flal; t
M. Harnes, W. C. Miller, Amos; 1
Jlyde Tennanl, Kivesvllle; Frank Wil <
ton, Farmington; C. P. Kinney, D. B. I
Wilson, S. S. Crow, A. Gennings, \V. 1
I. Puc, J. W. Hart, B. A. Siewari, t
Mrs. John Carpenter, McMechen: C. \
3. McGee, Barney McBee, Amos; C. i
U. Miller, Hundred: C. Hayes, Bar- I
ackville;. H. 13. Dunbar, Parkersburg;
I". B. Forsburg, Smithtoa, F. B. Core;
B L. Ady, Pentress; Charles Madison ^
31 kins; W. C. Mosser, Dobbin; C. M. (
Pur.ly, Mannington. I
The hotels filled. The Marietta t
terved 450 meals. The Watson and ,
he Manley, Jackson, Tavern and Ma- j
ietta sold meals by card and did not ry
to keep a complete register.
Marietta; A. W. Smith, Mrs. Jas. r
I'oting, Mrs. Griffith, Mrs. Bugless,
farmington; E. R. Cunningham,
Smithfleld; E. C. Rector, Wheeling: ?
T. G. Price, Monongah; H. B. Sine, W. '
3. Sine, Mooresville; W. M. Hess, Man- J
tlngton; Thomas Jarrett, S. J. Long, 5
ihlnnston; C. P. Moore, Munnlngton. n
Two prisoners were taken in out of 5
lie cold Inst night and this morning d
vere tried In police court.
Dick Patton was a drunk that 0(11- JJ
:er Gouid found on Main street. Pat- r
on was fined six dollars. h
George Gurley, a drunk, was taken ?
n by Officer Pltzer who found him on
iadison street. Gurley was fined six
loliars. a
WASHINGTON. Oct. 10.? Captain
iamllton Ward, of Buffalo, N. Y? was
day unanimously elected command s
r in chief qt the United Stales Span#
sh'wnr veterans at their third annua#
ncampment now in session here.
QfflFvDUEbw Uae Big <3 for unnatural
la 1UI daihlfl dlochargeB,inflammation*,
19# Guaranteed gj irritation* or ulceration*
CI naitarttittart, of nuoom membrane*
Palnleii, and not aatrln
pa*THEEVANS&l?MICALW. gent or prinonou*.
UmO(NfilHIUTI,OM| Sold byDr^ftiO,
wHL U.S. A, flr or aont in plain wrappar,
exprena, prepaid, for
tl .00. nr 3 bottle* 32.75.
m Circular aent on roQoaal
B *
I ,J
I' f'
Iareless," at the grand on J
rOBER 16TH. _ I
We Are Me
In Odd
Leper Story Exaggerated. (
CHARLESTON, W. Va., Oct. 9.-- <
Nothing further has been heard from 4
he leper at Pickens and It is now
hough! that the trouble has been ex- *
... ? A
iggprated. Governor uawsuu ausiv
reen informed by the Western Union
hat his telegrams of Saturday night
:o the sherifT and prosecuting nttortey
of Randolph county had not been
lelivered until Sunday morning owng
to the fact of the telegrapli ofIce
at Elklns closing at seven in the
ivenlng. On Tuesday of last week
leopie of Pickens mobbed the Syrian
ilirse of the leper who was circiilatng
In town too freely they thought.
Giovanni Succl. the Italian faster
vho beat Dr. Tanner's record of 40
lays, going without food for five days
ongor than the latter, .has arrived In
his country, but too far advanced In
rears to undertake any abstemious :
tunls. j
B Chorus Cried, Give Vm \e erbr o'?
Thla word of late has been tn every
rne's mouth, nnd many are wonderi'
irhat the word signifies, though no '
las yet been found, who will d?rJEWBRO'S
Veil, for the information of tho
eople who like to know all abo
htng. we would say that HE1.
aeans. a destroyer or killer of "He..
Jow "Herpes" Is the family name o.
iseaso caused "by various vegetable pai
sites. A similar microbe causes dan
ruff, itching scalp, and falling hair; thlt
i the microbe that NflWBRO'S HERPr!IDE
promptly destroys; after which the
uiir grows. Sold by leading druggists,
lend 10c. In stamps for sample to The
lerpicide Co., Detroit, Mich.
E. A. Billingslea & Co., special aj
ify?nt8. o]
Let the greatest athlete have dyspepsls bl
ind his musclas would soon tall. Phyal- hi
:al strength Is derived from food. If a .
nan hat Insufficient food ho loses strength. 111
[f he hat no food he dies. Food Is con- oi
rerted Into nutrition through the storntcb
and bowels. It depends on the
itrength of the stomach to what extent
ood eaten le digested and assimilated. ?.
People can die of starvation who have
ibundant food to eat, when the stomach
ind Its assoclute organs of digestion and
mtrltlon do not perform their duty.
Phus the stomach Is really the vital or:an
of the body. If the stomach is"neak"
he body will ho weak also, because It Is
innn the stomnrli f,h? hrwiv rolion for iti
trcngtli. And as the body, considered as
, whole, is made tip of Its severe 1 mem- ?rs
and organs, so the weakness of the >w
lody as a consequence of "weak" s to inch
will be distributed among the oralis
which compose the body. If the
ody is weak because It Is ill-nourished
but physical weakness will be found In
II the'organs-heart, liver, kidneys, etc.
'lie liver will, be torpid and Inactive,
Ivlng rise to biliousness, loss of appetite,
. eak nerves, feeble or Irregular action of
oart, palpitation, dizziness, headache,
ackacne and kindred disturbances and
Mr. Louis Pare, of Quebec, wfltee: "For
ears after my health began to fall, my bead
row dizzy, eyes pained mo. and my stomach
as sore all the time, while everything I
onld eat would seem to lie heavy like load
ii my stomach. The doctors claimed (hat
was sympathetic trouble duo to dyspepsia,
nd prescribed for me. and although 1 took
iclr powders regularly yot I felt no better. I
ly wife ndrlscd mo to try Dr. Plorce'sGoldon t
ledlcal Discovery?and stop taking the doc- M
tr's medicine, into bought me a !suite and
0 soon found that I began to Improve, so I ?
apt up the treatment. 1 took on ttcsh. my
omarh became normal, the digestive organs C.
orktd perfectly and 1 soon began to look J
Ice a different person. I can nover cease to
a grateful for what your uicilldno has done
ir n;e and 1 certainly give It highest praise,"
Ihin't be wheedled by a penny-grobblng
aaler Into taking inferior substitutes for
r. I'lerce's medicines, recommended to
s "Just as good."
To gain knowledge of your own body?
1 sickness and health?send for the Peole's
Common Sense Sfedlcnl Adviser. A
Bolt of 1006 pages. Send SI otto-cent
amps for paper-covered, or 31 stamps
>r cloth-bound copy. Address Dr. K. V.
ieroe, M3 Main Street, Uuffalo, N. Y.
Hall Block, oppoitte Marietta
Hotel, . .. r
; I X;
isiFoldingonair,on /n\ : i
es from $125 to $5. _____ | ^
iking Great Reductions t
Pieces of China and
id Dinner Sets J 1
TfofflVlressetTMeats onliT ^^J
ho GUlcaqo Nor fgokino House Meats
i oave moveu my suup iuiu uuw (juuncro, ouu u#*o ? uiuv
clean place, where you c&n always, Winter and Summer, git ^
tbe freehest Beef, Veal, Pork and Sausage every day. ~
1 selecMny own stock, and do my own butchering, so you see + :
you get choice as well as fresh meats. A- '' *3
Fresh butter and eggs, and game in season.
My prices are right, and here they are?
Serloin Steak, per tt>. ..154 Veal Stew ..10c ^
Porter House Steak 15e Veal Rosst W/tC ^
Round 8teak 15c Veal 8teak 18e fr
Rib Roasts . ...12'/i0 Fresh Pork ...12'/
Boiling Meats 7o Pork Sausage ;.12i?c ^
Compare these prices with others. You get full weight al- ' J
ways, and your child will bo treated af.well as if you come"''"T^?$StS
yourself- JOHN FEORENE, j
Corner Market and Merchant Streets. tl?
DK. bAlLn. Y, specialist
in Chronic Diseases. J
Catarrh, Aithma, Hay Fever, Deafness
JmL Varicocele and Stricture Cured.
WW CT\V-.'., PILES?I cure without operation In IS I
Hi " days. No detention from business. :/j
, mj4 PRIVATE DISEA8E3 ? Newly; Co* 8
, tracted cases cured. All b'd^nlug , |
* and Itching, Inflammation ami u?
: RUPTURE?Of men, women and chlW
(Iren cured In tram 10 to 80 days.
WflSKff'/l 'mf' No detention fram business. Why |?
' wear a truss? Under my treatment
Don't suffer a day longer If you im- ?ou throw It away.
5lne yourself to be In the last stages KIDNEY. BLADDER AND STOMACH > I
P . " : ?? ,vn M TROUBLES-By my system of treat H
[ disease, uui cuiuo uu mo
URED, (f you are suffering from varl- ?*?t show signs of improvement at . v-jra
jcele, stricture, gonorrhoea, gleet, onceslgrged
prostrate, bladder affections, 8KIN DI8EA3E8 ? Treated eucqeas- ?; jx
!ood poison, neurcwleblllty, lost man- fully.
ood, incompetency or nervous ex- RHEUMATISM, INFLAMMATORY op , J,~
austion from overwork, Indiscretion CHRONIC, CURED?I will mika ,
r excess. ca"s on thls c,as8 of Patients Who 4 j
cannot come to the office. If yon I I
THE Latest Scientific Instruments cannot call write for home-treatted
In the Succeasful Treatment of ment.
OFFICE HOURS?9 a. m. to 9 p. m, dally; Sunday, 11 a. m. to 3 p. tm
Consultation and advice free. Static treatments and Ex-Ray examinational r
Permanently located on Monroe, between Main street and the opera housed ?
Fairmont, W. Va., Jacobs Block, rooms 201-205, second floor. Come up
Btalrs. Belt 'Phone 414-J. *' l'/ '""]
I move anything from a baby carriage to a street car and do :
It oulcklv. also make a specialty of moving Household
Goods and Pianos without damage. When rou need Coal,
call me up. I deliver Coal and Sand to all parts of the ' i
city In short order. When ^ou have Hauling to do, or die v*
sire anything placed In storage, see Thomas, he's the man.
Trunk hauling a specialty.
Bell Phone?Office 8, Res S40.IIf ? Til AII I A Parka Avenue,
Con.?Office 100, JRes. 70. (J, J, | IlvillAjj Next to Tavern. jWgjHj
Don't rush madly through thla
without a little thought about

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