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IjpHjp ' I Jacobs-HutchinBon Block,
|Of Coats, Suits and
fa the language of the circus we might say that t
Hljil having them so long that there it never any queitl
' At usual we will serve COFFEE and CAKE, will
I W omen s, iviisse
Display a
All Next Week, Comrn
Mr. 8. Moradtan, who wan with us some months i
Wental Rugs, and we urge all who are Interested to sc
pi; Those who bought from him before are well plea
(T* & much larger Btock than before. Displayed on (
New Imported
It may surprise a great many people to know tka'
% That accounts for our low prices on It.
Nothing could be more acceptable for a wedding
?We show Vaaea, Olives, Bon Bon, Cologne Bottlei
" - - 88 ^ a
I"Libby ui
H i'i / Everybody knows that "Llbbfcy" stands first amoi
?<gi>V$ ment store prices, it costs no more than an inferior qn
ailll I " VA8E8, $3.50 to $1B.
HSg . SALAD BOWLS, $3 TO $25.
few SUGAR AND CREAMS, $4 TO $12.
ISM p! 1 OLIVES, $2 TO $7.50.
lifcfiM ' " SALT8 AND PEPPERS, $3.50 SET.
Sfgte; ft MU8TARDS, $3.50.
HHS& $ ; . VINEGAR CRUETTS, $2.50 TO $3.50.
SPOON TRAYS, $2 TO $3.50.
New Art Wj
?&$?? 6. i Looking for someting pretty and unusual, yet not
SifiV one of the five patterns we show. Different from any ai
We show "Rorane" in the following patterns?E
one worth a visit.
Small Ware:
hK ; Nowhere in town will you find the variety that ot
BEAUTY PINS, IN SETS, 25c to $3.00.
i :- BELT BUCKLES, 25c 50c and $1.
B i NEW SHAPES IN BAGS. 50c to $5.00.
wmi'. ). FANCY COMBS, 50c to $6.50. SINGLY AND IN S
H| I - Notion
g, L__ *
I kg-.1 - =====
tJTJT*"' " Mr. and Mrs. ]
V i'. J have been In the c
p I PERSONAL ?oane returned 10 0
; ?H Mrs. F. C. Fish
of Shlnnston, have
relatives here for
WFilS* W> A' ,>BWler ":t"rnPl1 ,n9t thf Kues^o/rela?
: 1 night from Kankakee, Illinois, where tlle , '
has been located for the past sev- Mra- A- " c
M months. George Lough C
: ; . '- Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Wllmouth and n'ght from a wee
twe little daughters, of Grafton, have ?*?? In Simpson.
" Ijeen the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Leigh Miss Mary Abbo
?K Jpeming this week. PnrkerBbttrg, whe
;.V ' 'Mr. A. B. McDonald hns' returned the Mountain Stnt
flfOm Philadelphia. where he accom- Mrs. Carroll He
. #anted his daughter, Miss Hazel, who turned yesterday f
|S ' ,#itered school for the winter. atlves at Wadesto
^ Will Ogden, of Colorado Springs, Miss Anna Show
, 0L, Is here on a visit to his parents, spending a vacatlo
^Dr. and Mrs. P. B. Ogden, on Qulricy friends in Pennsyp
sV'. BtreeL Mrs, Ogden has been visiting Friday.?Harrisvill
? relatives here and in Harrison county Mrs. Wilbur He
fto .several weeks. her home on Four
I Fall Cl<
?1 Clothing for Men
In our line of Clothing for me
found 'all the very latest styles i
from Domestic and Imported wo
I M made after the latest models, insuri
Mr fit and a well-dressed appearance.
) ^Njj
Our line of "Graduate" Clotliii
cially strong this season, and we
you the best things on the market i
.... Fairmont, W. Va.
[Furs Will Be Held
tober 16,1906
his opening It "often Imitated but never equaled." We've
on about the tuccett of them.
ell day, from eight In the morning until doting time?tlx
treat you to an excellent mualcal programme, and show
ss' and Children's
,nd Sale of
lencing Monday, Oct. 15
igo, will be with us all next week with his Fall Line of
' > his collection.
sed with their rugs and Mr. Moradlan tells us he will
Jarpet Floor commencing next Monday.
Bohemian Glass
t we Import this beaullful ware. Instead of buying It
- " ? ? 1,. 1..
Si 831308 311(1 ttose DO WIS. Ail illlU guuun, tan iy jfiivcu.
ass?New Stock
ip the cut glass makers of the country4, yet at our depart*
allty. For instance, the following:
expensive for a gift or personal use? Buy "Rozane," In
rt goods you ever saw, yet it costs less,
gyptlan, Woodlund, Royal, Delia Robla and Fondji. And
s for Women
tr Notion Counter liolds. If It's new and novel we have It.
.loyd Tetrlck, who Mrs. Chas. Powell, who recently ui
Ity for several days, derwent an operation for appendlclt
lelr home In Shlnns- at Cook Hospital!, Is recovering vapl
ly her many friends will be glad I
or and soft, Arthur, 'fsrn.
! been the guests of Dr. I.eo Boyers was called to Pre
several days. ton county to day on professional bui
, of Morgantown, Is iness.
Ives here. Miss jjora Montgomery, of Whet
!ole and little son, iug, Is visiting Mrs. Fred Hagcr, c
ole, returned last Hamilton street.
Ik's visit with tela- Messrs. John F. Phillips, Fran
Amos, Levi West and Dr. D. P. Fitc
tt left yesterday for leave to-morrow for Randolph count
re she will attend on a hunting expedition. That the
tt Business College, will have a big time goes without su
lmlck and child re- lag.
rotn a visit with rel
w"- . , ? , Come and be convinced to-morro
alter, who has been afternoon tlint Fairmont has the pre
n with relatives and (|est SWeetest and brightest babies i
rania returned home the country
e Gazette.
nnen is quite 111 at
th street. Read the Dally West Virginian.
othing for
Boys' Clothing
n will be In Anv And A11 G
md makes We cannot sav too much
olens, all Mrs. Jane Hopkins' clothes ft
ng a snug 0n? who has tried this line wi]
These clothes will give betti
any other line of boys' clothii
lg is espe- ^ They are built for wear,
can s iow |lag prove(i that the aim has be
1 ou^' Boys'Knee Pants Suits
Young Men's Suits from
Main Street
J stated to htm that I would help
draft such a bill, and vent with htm
to his room In the Kanawha Hotel,
and there we together dictated to hla
stenographer what I presume was afterwards
presented to the Legislature
as the bill to create the Criminal
Court for this county, although 1 never
did read the bill In full, after the
night It was prepared. The next day,
Just after dinner, Mr. Shaw handed
to mc In the lobby of the Kanawha
Hotel what he said was the typewritten
copy of the bill which be and I .
had prepared and dictated to the' I
stenographer the night before, and requested
me to loolr at that portloa
which I had suggested, vhich I then
did, and In a few minutes returned
Ihe bill to him, saying that so far as >
I could then observe, I having read '
only a portion of the bill, it was all
right. I did not ask him, nor did be 1
tell me, when or by whom .the meas- 1
tire would be Introduced In the Legis- 8
lature, and I did not request any mem- 11
her of either bouse to Introduce, or v
vote for the proposed act, at Charles- 6
ton, or any where else. As I have al- J
randv Rtntpd. i Charleston on Sat- ^
urday night, or rather about 4 o'clock c
on Sunday morning, and did not re- 8
turn to that city any more during the ?
session of the Legislature. After the o
bill was Introduced, and a fight was 1
made against it, Mr. George M. Ja- "
cobs asked me to write a letter to
some member of the Legislature advocating
the passage of the bill, but
' I declined to do so, or to take any
part in the controversy,
'As I then understood It, my services
were sought because of my acquaintance
with the Intermediate Court, and '
not because of any Influence that I
may or might have had with the members
of the Legislature in the passage
of such a law. Except as a lawyer,
and as a practicing attorney of this
county, I had no Interest In retaining
the Intermediate Court, or In creating
the Criminal Court. I did not
have then, nor have I now, any desire g
to again enter the Judiciary, and even
If I had had any thought of ever being
called upon to preside over the
proposed Criminal Court, I could not
have hoped to have received that honor
at the hands of Governor Dawson.
In this connection I beg to say that
I have never joined in the hue aud
cry for the abolition of the Intermediate
Court, as I firmly believe this
Court could be made a very useful
tribunal for tlio speedy and econornlcal
trial of various kinds of lltji;atlon.
*5 Tint's what our customers
% us as fast as we 1111 their ord
*j W'e are talking about Taylor,
*' Tailor. 5p0 Fall patterns to si
^ you. Guaranteed ? Sure, ov
sj iiine?quality, style, fit and wr
m nmuship, and its a money ah
ilea! for you, too.
*, -
i, =====
?< =====
^ =====
*1 M * J J A - i
a. *J auus ana overcoat
Is ^
i\ ^15
5 No fit no pay.
" 5 TAYLOR th
ji 3 P. O. Bldg,
!y i See Big Elei
^ See our $2 hats, They ai
y %
u- Pressing, cleaning and Dy
[j *, Called for and delivered. (
' J5 customer. Both 'phones.
^?cjc?r ie jojcifje
I __
Iradcs See the latee
lap" and. "Bon
for the line of are all here am
>r boys, as any
11 tell you. SfinPQ
sr service than tJilUvi)
lg on the mar- We handle
and experience Shoes and a n
en well carried ' "Patriot" ant
! $1.50 to $7.50 in anything ir
Our prices on
$5.00 to $12:50 ^
iboUtlon of that Court; and I will hii !? '
ay that had I known of such a provision
I would have declined.tee nomllatlon.
But 1 do say that as I haveiccepted
the nomination and am now
i candidate on that convention's plat
orm, If I am elected to the next Legslature
I will most certainly advocate
he repealing of the law creating the
ntennedlate Court
Mill Be a Record Breaker If Weather
- la Good.
If the weather continues for the next
wo days aa at present there will be
in immense crowd In attendance at
Sunday's ball game betwen Pittsburg
Nationals and Kalrinont. This will be
he last game of a very successful seaion
for the locals and they will make
i supreme effort to ohnllt up one more
Ictory. The line up has not yet been
;lvcti out, but the following players ,
fill be In the game: rone way at first,
Vayraan, Cole and O'bhs In the outleld,
McCarthy behind the bat. Kreu:er
in the box, Allen, Render, F'emlng
. n -1 ' . .. 1 CnSnOV
r ounuitrr ui ocwim,
r Gronuinger at short. un:l Inciters,
tidgely or Hlnton at thfr-1. Almost
ay combination from this bunch of
tilk'klers, all of wiiom are at tba disiosul
of the local management, is eatable
of putting up a fn3t game. Kreu;er
is one of the fast-st catchers in
his vicinity. The other piavers are so
veil known as to require no comment.
'Ittsburg will have all her old favortes
in the game: Deacon 1'hlllippe,
3atn J.eever. Clarence Beaumont, EdHe
Phelps. Bolt Ganley, Tommy Beach
tnd the other stars. The game will
je called at 3: :jt> o'clock sharp. Central
admission will be 50c and chiiiren
Babv Show! llaby- Show! Baby .
UU i UDcn iw ' ",
* i
J* fc,
" ^
Parks Ave., near bridge fc J
-trie Sign It J
e the Talk of the Town ? i
eing done on short notice. ? S
)nce a customer always a *
Give us a call. fc J
fe ;
jc*'icjc^iriP^riPjr ?"irr?r % (
it styles iQ the I 'Gayer,?' vpupnar"
soft and stiff hats; They
i tbei r reliability is well tajwra.
i the celebrated "Bannister"
umber of other makes, such as
I "Ralston," and can salt yon
i either patent or plain leather,
shoes range anywhere from
$1.50 to $6.00
,L &
der the Mayor'^ <
DUOP in at some high priced merchant tailor shop where I
yon knor the swaggercst dressers in town are in the "
habit of going, ami look at the patterns and the /
styles. Ask what he wants to tailor a suit to measure )
out of the cloth yon fancy, then come back here and see if 'j
we've not precisely the same sorts of fabrics and just as extreme
styles in
College Brand Clothes
made in New York City. 'The Clothes that KEEP men-it.
The only dillevenee would be that on the one hand well To*|
. want only about half of what he asks, and on the other hand.
well save you all the bother of repeated try-ons, the delay of , J
waiting and not knowing how the finished suit wii look. 5^0
College Brand Clothes are the only clothes in the world, 3 UgH
created just for chaps in their big teens and little twenties,-../ f||^H
and for men who are young enough in spirit to want young f f|I|w
..mcyi's clothes. They're swagger, smart and snappy?they're
THE? COST $10 to $22.50.
.rfi> k Ladies hats in all
y the latest shapes
^ aild C0'0rS" I
jBnf 1' Vi We have ,olt' '* ,or 4 ynn I"? ?ttr- ' %
% k wh? Have worn It, aay .that
^^ '? the moat aatlafactory goods they jj
Children's Union Suits, 50c. j Can bU>''
J Ladles' Union- Suits $100, $1,26,
sand Boys I !
Furnishings 11 I
; It is here you will find an exceptionally X m
. fine display of everything in fqjniflhingB, C
' such as Uuderwear, Shirts, Neckwear, SusI
penders, HoBlery, etc.
' Eclipse Shirts in plain Colore, neat
; stripes and figures, in pleated and plain bos* X p
| oms, made to fit the form, and nothing out|
wears thehi, at $1 and $1.50.
In fact, we are prepared to fit you out from O
: head to foot, and we tnink we can do it for you A
just a little better and for less money ;;??
I than you are in the habit of paying. Try us
: and you will afterward take us at our word. ||H9
. r^ _ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

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