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|k living man went to wheeling
but soon took hi8
IP' WHEELING, Oct 13?Harry Bl?h|pSfiP!
retained In tlie flesh to Wheeling
E/i? ana his stay, at his home was briefer
I'.--.* He arrived with the chief at 7
K/vS'o'iibek in the morning as was promm
lMd' and went to his home on South
V Cbapline streeL The police had prom
By' lied him Immunity from prosecution,
ra<r|''j.and so far as lay in their power made
pir ' While Bishop was on his way to
jlpolice headquarters at 10 o'clock, hotels
ever, the Information reached him that
4 constable was looking for him wltb
I ouDlfp promptly ueo w Diiu^cyvn
to await service. He is in close touch,
J: however, with the local police departmeat
which is considerably annoyed
oj-f" . at.;the incident.
?&& The warrant was sworn out a year
?r more ago In Justice Alien's court
- and accuses Bishop of stealing a stove
gift' - from LaBelle Iron works.
The Father's Greeting.
With tears streaming down his face
. Hiram Bishop greeted his son Harry
Friday morning in the office of Chief
:fi"' ?' P?Hce Clemens. When they met on
Ute arrival of the chief and party who
had Just come from up the river on
ft,;, ; the street cars,* Hiram Bishop at
$, : once acknowledged the young fellow
iff*: before him as his son and he appeared
to be glad that he had returned not
.'font the dead as he at first supposed,
. hat that be was living and well. While
, the tears were coming the father stood
*' and looked at his son, not in a dazed
if:' sort of way but with that love showlog
In his eyes that a parent has for
his offspring. He could not control
his feelings in the least and wept for
' quite a while after he had beeu
:y brought In where his son was.
IpS Chief Clemans, Harry Bishop. Offl&
jeers-Hinkelman, Kelley and the others
.who were In the party which went to
Plnm Run. three miles from Smithif
; - field, Thursday night, arrived in
% Wheeling this morning at about seven
o'clock after one of the hardest trips
It would have been possible to make
in tills section 01 uie country. 1 lit:
party had been up all night and they
were a tired looking set when they arV
' rived here. Chief Cleraans told of his
g. trip after the voung man who was supj:;
posed to have been dead and burled.
as follows:
All Night Search.
"I left here and with Charles
i Atoms of the gas office, who formerly
V played ball with Bishop, went to Bril%;
llant, Mingo and then to Steubenvillo.
We searched all three of those towns
and during the afternoon got word
: from Lieutenant Hastings that a let/};)
ter had'been received here by Charles
Deltrlch, a driver for Asmns, in which
the statement was made that Bishop
v was at Rodgersville, Ohio. We had
quite a time locating that town but
finally found out it was the name ot
.the postoffice at Plum Run, whore the
United States Coal Company's mines
are located. I at once ordered Hinkelman
and Kelley to come to Wr Trenton
and on meeting them there we got
an express wagon and team ami started
for Plum Run. It was one of the
i worst drives I have ever taken. The
mnd was bad and It was dark and cold.
"T^-" ?'<iUo ti-rv tViTlY POni
EiVCJ J MlUe nuuv ??w
pelled to inquire the way and did nit
arrive at Plum Run until into in the
night We aroused Manager Carter
1 ! of the company store and he told tts
where we would And Bishop. He also
said the man we were af'er was
afraid of being arrested and would
run If he saw us. We went to
the home of the Cousins, where Bisliop
was staying, and found hint in bed.
g>. After assuring him he would not be
molested he consented to come tt>
Wheeling and we started back, inak 1
pr?' lag the drive to Warren ton, crossing
p y the river to Short Creek ami taking)
; the car for Wheeling.
Reason for Mistake.
. : "There is every reason why the
i : relatives of the young man could have
? been mistaken in their identification
of the body of the dead man they
teg buried as their son."
j,;' Uhter me mans nas nu nivn ........
?the dead man may be, but stated that
fi'i ' he believed the story told by Smith.
the man who talked with him in the
g'i pirk to the effect that he was from
;v} the east. The chief is also of the
??., opinion that the dead man was tiegj;
inented, and as evidence of this points
?v to the testimony of the negro tim
' Howard and the bell boy. Lawrence |
??;; Fitxpa trick, who say and talked with
the man on the wharf. Regarding]
the testimony at the inquest that a
man had ben seen get on a Bellalre
car of the Wheeling Traction line, the
f Chief said Superintendent Hassett of
the Traction company had intorfo
> gated all the crews on that line ami
not one of them had seen any such
pi The police are still working on the
case "and believe they will be able to
||| ind the revolver with which i!u
crime was committed and also that
sji they will be able to show that the
^stranger committed suicide.
As strange as any of the startling
?*; ' incidents in tije.moet mysterious mmtier
case in the history of the city was
the meeting between Harry Bishop
&V; and ill* family Friday. The parents
coufd not believe their own eyes and
Sid: i-.'i'ijs.. -
In company with Charles Drielpjrst,
the fatbef and son hurried to their
bumble hone at No. 3333 Chapltne
street There was a little scene. His
mother was not Instantly convinced.
Together his parents examined th?
scars on him body and made him prove
that be was really their son. This
done he shook hands with all pi sent
and then went out "to see some of
his friends,' as he expressed It.
"Hello Bishop, how are you?" was
the reporter's salutation.
To a News man he submitted to
be interviewed, though he stated he
had not yet bail any breakfast and
against the wishes of his friends uho
were anxious to escort him around to
the crowds that gathered wherever he
appeared on the street. j
m.l l.? - In trillnnnln^
W?3IIUJI onm UC nt*a 114 IV1IU.JH'..,. ,
when he first heard ahout a corpse
hat ing been found on the wharf nore
and Identified by his people as his own
dead body. He said he received this
word on Monday. He thought the
Klttannlng people were "only kidding"
and didn't pay any attention to the re-1
port until the police took the matter
Didn't Talk to Mother.
He denied positively that he had
talked to his step-mother over a telephone
from Klttannlng and-that she
had failed to recognize his voice. He
left Klttannlng Monday evening with
Isaac Cousins and his son Charles and
came to Plum Run. He had not received
the message from the Wheeling
police telling him that he would be
immune from arrest if he came here
and cleared up the mystery.
During his stay at Kittanning. he
resided at the home of Constable I
Richardson. It was Richardson that
told him of his parents' strange mistake
and advised him to go home at
once. He was employed about some j
livery In the city, where be hn.l been i
staying for one year and three mouths j
He said that somehow or other the!
people on the car "got next" to the |
fact that "the dead man" was or, the!
car. He was subjected to a series of j
cross-examination all the way down
by men and women. He took it all in
good part and was in the best of
spirits when he met his father at the
city building, whithter he had gone
with the chief.
The Father's Story.
Hiram Bishop was also interviewed j
by a reporter. He was found standing j
at the cottage gate.
"it's too wonderful to believe," he1,
said. "I wouldn't believe that it was I
my son at Plum Rua until I had proved
It. This is a terrible affair. It is the!
worst 1 ever heard of. That man we'
buried Tuesday was scarred exactly:
like Harry: he looked like him. I wasj
sure it was my hoy. We were con-j
rinced it could not be any one else.
"Those reports about my knowing
about Harry's whereabouts and trying!
to keep it secret are not true. It Is j
about as true as those lying tales
about me wanting to claim this body
as Harry's so as to get that little bit
of insurance money. We would not!
have taken the money until the matter,
had been sifted to the bottom, though \
we didn't doubt for an instant that he |
had buried any one but our son.
"I was all worked up when they first
brought that body Into the yard. It
did look like Harry, exactly like him
I said that Harry Cousins had killed
him. Well, I'm sorry I said that. I
hardly knew what I was saying at
the time. Newspaper man. this trou-1
hie is something awful. Yon can't un-i
derstand it."
When queried as to the murder ofj
the unknown corpse buried at Mt. Zion |
cemetery. Mr. Bishop said: "I don't i
know any more about that than you;
do. but I can tell you exactly what
I Constable Driehorst told me the day j
atter the strange man with a blood-,
covered face was seen on a Bellaire i
"Constable Driehorst told me rfcat,
he had followed the strange man to j
Bellalre: that someone hnd seen him.
go Into a pawn shop and pawn a ring \
for IIS and then sell the ticket for $C.
! After selling the ticket, the man .--aid j
laughingly that he had just killed Harry
Bishop and that he was going to
fix a couple more."
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Contain Mercury.
as mercury will surely destroy the'
nonce of smell and completely derange
the whole system when entering it
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articles should never be used except i
on prescriptions from reputable physicians.
as the damage they will do J
Is ten fold to the good yon possibly derive
from them. Hall's Catarrh Core,
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Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
Miss Nettle Bartlett has opened
a studio for teaching China painting
and water colors. Orders taken for
decorated china and art work. Rooms
adjoining Sbafer Studio.
princes* 'in "The'Belle ^
Rehearsals have started for "The a
Grand Mogul," (he new comic opera ti
by Frank Fixley and Guitar Luders.
"Artie," George Ade'a new play. Is It
to have its premiere after the holidays. Is
It is to be produced under the dlrcc fii
tlon of Charles Bllllcgham. si
Lionel Barrymcre Is In Paris, and It
is rumored that he Intends'to give up
the stage and go in for art for art's Ir
j sake with the pallette and brush. n
' Gertrude Gheen, Emma Dunn and 05
I Sydney Cowell are among the latest 8'
additions to Richard Mansfield's company
for his forthcoming production
of "Peer Gynt." to
Mary Emerson, who was formerly S>
leading woman with Louis James. Is 01
to be starred by Nixon & Zimmerman R
in a romantic play, "His Majesty and 81
the Maid."
Forbes Robertson and Gertrude El- ?'
licit, with the London company that c<
is to support them in their presenta- 01
tion of Bernard Share's "Coesar and J"
Cleopatra," are due to arrive from 'c
England this week.
Jefferson de Angells is said to have
an exceptionally congenial role as Don
Pascal de Mesquita In his new comic
opera, "The Girl and the Governor."
The leajing feminine role In the opera
is taken by Estelle Wentworth. w
Richard's Carle's new musical play.
"The Spring Chicken." was adapted;
from the French by George Grossmith. [
Jr., and given a musical setting by tj,
Ivan Carryll and Lionel Monkton. uicj
had a two-year run at Edwarde's Gay- nl
ety Theater, in London, before it was | tj,
brought over to this country. ; |,{
_ |n
.Jt?H80 L.yncn wiiu<uirr? Ut Ubne <m
paper life, "The Stolen Story." is to j pc
be taken off the boards this week by1
Henry W. Savage, under whose direction
it was produced. It is probable Hi
that, the play will be rfevived later in us
the season for an extended road tour., of
No reason is assigned for its sudden izi
retirement, but. it is understood that j sil
the sharp treatment accorded it by wi
the New York critics was responsible.! 'h
According to the latest rumors Da !
via Belasco's new play is to be entitled
"The Rose of the Rancho." and
the play is Mr. Belasco's adaptation
of one that was written by Richard
Walton Tuliy and that was brought ! hi'
out lent season under the title of j
".luanita" by a stock company in the j
West The play is said to treat of f'r
the American invasion of Spanish Cal-j hi:
ifornia late in the fifties, and to resem-j ">
o'.e to some extent "The Girl of the:se
Golden West. "Frances Starr is to'
have the. leading role In it.
Frr.m the New Orleans Times-Demo- alj
crat. ,h
The anchor's up, she swings around,
The sailors sing before the mast.
Upon the sea a calm profound
And calm within the heavens vast: !a
W-> leave behind the crowded shores>co
j 7,1
And all the things we love and know.:
I nn
A herring lives the shortest time 6f
ay Osh when taken out <Jf water;
irp and eels the greatest length of 1
Moat of the larger towns In Chekmg.
China, are establishing chanters
of commerce; these the seml-of- j
Mai bodies, being jigger the supervl- z
on of the local bH^ of agiicul- i
ire, trade, Industry antt^jnes. t
A bill has been Introduced in the ,
idlan Council proposing the curtail- c
lent of the sale ot cocaine In India, "
i the ground that at present the co- '
tine habit constitutes a serious Jan- j
:r to the country. c
Sugar production In the Philippines r
icreased from 63,000, tons in 1900 to '
16.000 tons in 1905. This increase Is ^
-eater than in any other possession e
A - toward the w ider ocean's roars
The ship with ail her freight doth go.
Alone against the starboard rail lri
i watch a while the sea and sky. ,n
The winking harbor lights that fall ^
And, as the distance greatens, die: |
And when tny fancy lightly wakes, I.
Tarns back- from sky and shore
and sea,
And. like a voice, the silence breaks i
! mi
With this clear question, suddenly: (ja
if what we leave upon the shore co
Were folly, envy and conceit,
if this gcod vessel speeding bore CQ
But those forsaking things unmeet, ^
I.ike meaner thought and grosser aim
Ant) lust that leaves the heart
awreck rta
Ami littleness and senseless blame. 0J)
Would yen be standing on the deck?" |ia
I In
Ah, no: I fear that I would gaze |Al
With many others from the land ^
<-.t onw have nor Draise ! t,o
U> ...... ., ? - -- .
for those who sought a stranger pr
Smile idly at their useless trip C
And dub them imbeciles and clods,
And then Tor meet companionship Oi
Go back unto my little gods!
pointed paragraphs. q,
from the Chicago Daily News. jgr
No man is greater than his smallest i '
act. I Itf
Shouts of joy are apt to give the j he
pessimist 11 headache. w|
Common sense is an uncommon j he
good thing to possess. jco
A box of empty beer bottles is one na
hind of hopeless case. | 1
Mottaers-ln law come in handy when fr<
the children are sick. j|)U
.Men with money to burn keep their hit
irlends by not lending it to them. j
In a conflict two women each strug-; a
gies for the last word. I m<
' ex
Ton can say more, to more peopl* dr
and for less money In the West Vlr
sinlan want column than ttocMgh an M
other medium, hi cent a word reads* Its
1,000 subscriber*, fry U, otl
: .... ell
Letter copying presi at BnrMt?>. wt
l:JI .Aife'lBlfa
r the United States, except Porto <1
Ico. Yet practically all the refined c
igar used there is imported.
' t
Consul General William H. Michael, ?
' Calcutta, is sanguine of great sue- I1
ss In ostrich farming In certain parts ''
I the United Stales. Its develop- J
ent in India Is also promising. If c
and sufficiently profitable It will, no s
>ubt, extend largely In this country.
Radium emanations seem to hare '
larked and widely varying effects I
pon precious stones. Some color- >
ss diamonds exposed to the Influ- (
ice of radium turn yellow and star e
that color, while others remain c
iilte. One pale blue sapphire was s
dored dark yellow after two weeks' a
iposure to radium rays, ?
The largest and costliest building ,
us fat- undertaken In New York, the |
ty of immense structures, is the
agnificent (10,000,000 Episcopal caedral
of St. John the Divine, now
lug erected on JiorningsiJe Heights. .
his wiM be the greatest sacred e.li- '
:e in America, and the fourth in imirtance
in the world.
Consul B. F. Chose, of Catania,
ily, reports that one of the growing J
es for stilpher is In the manufacture '
bisulphide of carbon, which is util- n
?d In the manufacture of artificial *
k. horsehair and such products from c
x)d pulp. For each 1.000 pounds of 0
e fabric made it requires 750 pounds J
bisulphide of carbon. '
Next to the Czar. Emperor William li
a always been the best-guarded a
anarch in Europe. J
Woodrow Wilson, president of
inceton University, will not allow J
mself to he made a candidate for h
e United States Senate in New Jer- *
>' i
A movement is on foot in Bennlng
it, Vt? to place a marker on the spot
Bennington Center, where for nine
antbs William Lloyd Garrison, the
olltionist. published the Journal of
e Times.
Mme. Yajlmma, one of the beat
own women of Japan, is coming as
delegate to the World's W. C. T. V
nvention, October 17 to 22. She is *
years old. and neither speaks nor
dcrstands English.
The Empress of Germany has conibuted
a large sum of money to aid
the formation of an institution to
Jevoted to the saving of infant
e, the mortality of infants in Gersny
being surpassed in Europe only
that of Austria and Russia.
Leoncavallo, the noted Italian
restro, arrived in New York on Tuesy
and brought with him a new march a
lied "Viva I'America," composed in ^
mmemoration of bis visit to this
untry, and which he will play at the fl
ncerts which he will give in the o
lited States and Canada.
The Congregation of the Propagan I
. on the recommendation of the bisb- I
s and archbishops of this country, *
s created a new ecclesiastical provce
In the West to be known as the *
chJIocese of Texas. Bishop Gallar,
of the Diocese of Galveston, is to ?
the first, archbishop of the new
-- Teal/.* CTmc
11 nmuaaiauui unv V. ?_i>y
lishman and an Italian. al
LONDON'. Oct. 13?The Pall Mall e.
tzette's Venice correspondent tele- ?
aphs: , el
"The American Ambassador to ^
ily, Henry White, la a notable figure
re as he floats about In gondola
th his wifq and daughter. I over- P
ard this evening a most amusing n
nversation apropos of Mr. White's
"He la an American." said a lady |
mi the States. 'I am sure no one
t an American would be so polite to
< womenklnd.'
" 'Not at all," said another dame with ,
cockney accent. 'He is an English;n.
He looks it all over, and no man '
copt an Englishman would ever
ink three cups of tea." *
"Just then a waiter approached, and ci
r. White spoke to him in the purest
illan. The ladles looked at each her
in blank amazement and extimed:
'Why, he'i an Italian? Who I
raid haTe believed It?*" I
f f >? ' V ./ ;
... . I
HAVANA. Oct tt? Probably the atItude
of the best element of the Cu>ans,
with reference to the present
tnJ future conditions and outlook, has
lot been better shown than by the InOrmal
statement made to Major Kean
n command of sanitary forces U. 8.
irmy of occupation by Dr. Guiteras.
he famons old Cuban patriot and one
if the most learned men on the liflanJ.
'I can think of nothing more cruel
ban for tbe United States to come
lere and lift Cuba out of tbe cesspool
if political corruption and anarchy
inly to drop her back into It again.
?uba Is not yet for a republic and has
lot ben educated to the valne of the
vord. We should' have twenty years
if education in municipal and national
lections. After that it would be time
bough to talk of republic." While no
late has been set for the elections ugler
American direction, next June has
leen tentatively suggested. No one,
lowever, expects an election within
wo or three years at the earliest.
Ihould it come then, and should Amercan
troops be withdrawn, six months
9 the time popularly allotted to the
econd republic. Then another Insurectlon,
another Intervention and, well,
irobably by that time Uncle Sam will
eo his "White man's burden."
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itea. Other signs are shortness of breath after
light exercise; fainting spells; pain or tenderess
about the heart caused by Irregular heart !
ction; choking sensa Ation as if the heart was
b the throat; uneasy^ksensation in the ,
best, showing thatthe heart isn't 1
rorking right; pain when you lie {
n one side?usually the left
ide, but fre-^HUJBkquent 1 y the i
ighu painfuly^VV^^HV^and difficult
res thing; smothered
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olutely on- ly one wt
o treat t vSMnHlw wealc hea'hat
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islde nerve syatem?lt overcomes the can
C the trouble at well as the result. Sold by
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