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_ ?/ w %/
Lessen Germany, Oct. is.?in the
K'^jUitte chapel erected especially for the
^occasion on the magnificent grounds
of the Krupp Mansion, the religious
i?. ??6reiriony -was performed to-day which
^5" 'made Bertha! Krupp, the richest woIn
the world, the bride of Lien5
tenant Gustave von Bohlen and Halhitch,
a penniless German noble. The
civil ceremony which legally made the
v couple man and wile was performed
f' Saturday afternoon.
sS! Although today's ceremony was performed
In the presence of Kaiser Wllhelm,
the representatives of many not>lo
families and aristocratic personges,
general simplicity was the keynote
of the whole wedding. Despite
the great wealth of the bride there
was no display of extravagance either
. In costume or decorations. Mingling
with aristocratic anil royal wedding
g- guests also wero deputations of workjEn.
ltife men representing employes of the
great Krupp Industries. Fifty workmen
were In the wedding payty. They
. attended not only the church ceremony,
but the wedding ganquet. The
only extravagance In connection with
the wedding was the erection of the
-special chapel, ft was dedicated a
-few days ago and will remain standing
until after the wedding, next spring,
. of Barbara Krupp, the youngest sister
tot Bertha, when the chapel will he
razed. When the ceremony had been
' concluded. Kaiser Wllhelm, wearing
the uniform of field ma'rshal, saluted
the bride, kissing her on both cheeks.
^ He then congratulated the groom, and
spoke to Madame Krupp. A simple
v banquet followed In the Krupp man;
slon. '
So ;;
Below Is given the schedule for '
three1 meetlngB to be held In this conn:
tr/.ln which Hon. Wm. P. Hubbard.
m candidate for Congress, Hon. B. F.
BStUoy, candidate for State Senate and
IHoi Cbas. E. Haddott, warden of the
> State pententiary will address the voters.
The meetings will be as follows:
Thursday, October 25th, 7:30 p. m.,
Mannlngton. Speakers, Hon. Chas. E.
x., Haddox, of MoundsrIUe, Hon. B. F. ,
Bailey, of Grafton.
' . Friday, October 26th, 7:30 p. tn.,
; Fairmont, Opera House. Speakors,
Hon. Wm. P. Hubbard. Hon. Chas. E.
. H&ddox.
. Saturday, Ootober 27th, 7:30 p. nr.,
JPalrview. Speakers, Hon. C. E. Had dox,
Hon. B. F. Bailey.
Seven Up
Police court was larger this raorn'
tag than it has been for some time.
Nick Saylor was a plain drunk that 1
. Officer Thompson arrested. He was
; fined seven dollars,
i j. ;: Wm. Fogg was arested by Officer i
Pitxer. He was fined six dollars. I
V Emanuel Fogg was arested by Offl- i
cer Carpenter. Flnp,l six dollars.
Dave Crowley was taken into cus"
ln.tr, hv OfflpBf A NT Vlamlnir Utvl
was ftuod six dollars. ;
Jim Smith, Hairy Adams, Will Wat- ;
son put up forfeits for Ileitis drunk. I
George Brown arrested for making ,
threats was dismissed. i
Harry Hambrlght, of Grafton, was
In the city Sunday.
Bags, Belts, Ties, Bead Combe,
ate* just received at The Bon Ton. tf
David Baxter hae appeared at two
- places only In thle 8tate?Wheeling
and Parheraburg?but some of hit
oarty ate well known In Fairmont, tf
Wheeling Mystery
Identification of!
day?Name^ "W
WHEELING. Oct. 15.?Harry Blglet
Meckley Ik the name of Ihe man whose
body wus found on the city wharf one
week ago Inst Friday morning.
This fact was positively proven Sunday
afternoon, when his sister, Mrs,
James Davison of No. 3705 Harrison
street, Bellnlre. Identified the body as
that of her brother, after It has been
exhumed In Mt. Zlon cemetery In the
nresehce of Mrs. Davison, her husband,
and other rclutlves and friends. Prosecuting
Attorney Chna. J Sckuck, Chlel
Clemens and Coroner Rogers were ulso
present at the time.
Before going to the cemetery, however,
Mrs. Davison Identified the boJy
from a picture taken after It had licen
placed In the casket, and which was
shown her at police headquarters.
This picture was taken at the instance
Df the Bishops after the remains had
been prepared for burial at their
home at No. S5M Cbaplltie street last
Mrs. Davidson is firm In the belief
that her brother committed suicide.
She slates that he was an inveterate
cigarette smoker, despondent and
often given to drink when in such a
mood. On Saturday, as previously
published. Mrs. Davidson Identified
the ring found on the dead ntan, saying
that It was a present from Miss
Beatrice FraJtr, a lady friend of MeckConclave
NORFOLK, Va? Oct. 15.?American
citizens of foreign birth are to hol.l a
great series of reunions at the Jamestown
Exposition, which Is to be held
near this city in 1907.
The exposition management will
designate special fiesta days for the
German-Americans, Irish . Americans,
Swedish-Americans, and all other hyphenated
Americans who make their
homes within the shndow of the Btar
spangled banner.
On the German-American day the
German war-ships will aid in the celebrailon
with a special programme of
manoeuvers, reviews. Illuminations,
etc., while the German land forces and
the various German musical organizations
will cooperate. The German
civic societies will participate in appropriate
exercises and' It will be a
grand gala day for the brave hearts
and true who defend the Fatherland
and for their children. And so it will
he with the other foreign-Americans,
thus making each special day a great
reunion and festal celebration that
will serve nol only to strengthen foreign
friendship for the United Stales,
but will create an occasion for the renewal
of old and dew associations
among the foreign elements anil enable
them to see again their lighting
men and ships in panoply of war; to
hear again their music and their language
and to live again for a day In
an atmosphere of their national life.
. Mrs. Wagner Here.
Mr,? John L. WaenctV of Syracuse,
V. Y? is in the city, the guest of Mrs
IV.' H. Sands, on Fairmont avenue.
Mrs. Wagner goes to Morgantown tonight
to visit relatives, gut will return
here on Wednesday to spend a few
Tim eitv taxes for the year 100H
ire now- ready for payment, and all
persons paying the same on or before
November 15th. will be allowed a
discount of 2Y> per (tent., but no discount
allowed after the 15th day of
City Collector.
Read v/hat the Johnstown Pa., paper
Hays about Captain Careless on
page tli.ve.
Captain careless to-morrow
100 yd?. mare of thit Black "Yarmoth"
Silk. 1 yd. wide for only 85c
at "TTia Bon Ton. H
Was Cleared by
Dead Man YesterTas
Harry Mackley
? i
lev, and whose home is In Apollo, Pn.
i Other belongings of the dead niau were
< also Identified by Airs. Davison at the
office of the coroner.
They Were Orphans.
The body of Meckley was exhumed i
about 3:30 o'clock Sunday afternoon, I
and at the first glance Mrs. Davison i
said: "Yes, that is Harry." She then ,
broke down In weeping, and turned I
away from tlio scene. After It had
been viewed by Mr. Hanson, and sev'
eral other persans, who were personal
ly acquainted with the deceased, it
was again lowered into the grave. The
procedure was not In the nature of a
funeral, hut simply an investigation
snlely for the purpose of identifying
the body.
After leaving the cemetery, the Davti
son's conferred with the Bishops to
see what could lie done about leaving
the body purchased by the latter for
their son. Harry Bishop, who provt#
to be alive, tl is also understood that
the Davlsons will assume obligations
Incurred both !u the purchase of the
lot and the burial, and if matters can
be so arranged, and body of the unfortunate
young man will remain in the
present grave. The inquest papers,
which had been changed to read "unknown,"
will now be changed to the
reul name of the deceased by the coroner.
The Fairmont Game Association,
which has leased a large tract of land
from the farmers of VVinlleld and Union
districts, is taking measures whereby
It can protect itself and the farmers
front ravages of promiscuous hunters.
Tlte association has leased 7,000
acres of land which it Intends shall
be a game reserve. The reserve has '
been stocked with quail. I-ast spring
one year ago sixteen dozen quail were
turned loose on the reserve and last
spring this number was reinforced by
turning out twenty-six dozen more
making In all forty-two dozen quail
that has been distributed upon the
ground leased. Birds are reported to
be plentiful and hunters are eager to '
get a chance at them. The association
promised the farmers to protect l
them and It Is going to make its prom- '
Ise good. Anyone violating the restrictions
placed upon hunters will he yanked
before the courts and will he vigorously
prosecuted. e
in order that the farmers and the association
may have thorough protection,
H. C. West has been appointed
game keeper by the asosclntion. West
will report who does not comply with
the rules governing the association. '
Willful tresspassers will have a hard r
road to follow, dohn .Merrltield has r
been appointed assistant game keeper. '
Small game other than quail Is said a
to be plentiful on tlio reserve, especial- "
ly is this true of rabbits. In a few
years there will be' plenty of good c
shooting within easy distance of the
city. / '
S. S. Report <
npimv is the ronort of the Sunday .
school attendance In the clt.v for -last (
Sunday :m>l yesterday, with the pur ,
cunt, of Increase In each school: (
Oct. 7. Oct. 11. Inc. t
First M. 13 I-T. 175 .-III v
Temple xi j tut js
Dlamond;SU;M. B... 45 102 127 J.
Presbyterian fid 157 .04 j.
First Baptist SO 81 .1 j
Christian 5s 08 .17 (
II. 13. South 40 05 44 ?
First M. I> SO 10 .52
Palatine Baptist, ..32 30 .12 ,
Lutheran 15 20 .73 1(
Episcopal 38 u . f.
Totals ,...045 849 .459
Episcopal Church at tendance was a
"nt reported. b
Do not miss hearing the basso from
ovar the cea at Normal Auditorium I)
Monday night tf
i ?
"Oak Hall."' the beautiful aumnic
home of Gov. A. B. Fleming, was de
nroyed by fli'e Sunday morning a
tree o'clock. The house Is situate
midway between Mt. Lake Park, Md
ind Oakland, and waa considered t
a- one of the most desirable homes li
luit section. At the time the fire orif
uatcd Gov. and Mrs. Fleming, Mis
Virginia Fleming and two servant
i. ere the only occupants of the lions
ind owing to the headway the flame
jut few household goods from th
irst floor were rescued. Miss Vii
glnia Fleming first discovered th
Ire by smelling the fumes and quicl
y notified her father, who, on invest
;atlon, found the reception ball 01
he first floor, to be ablaze and th
ire spreading rapidly. "Oak HSU1
uands practically alone in its situs
ion with the exception of a few'sum
ner homes, al| of which had been vs
ated for the jointer and.the governo
ind his man servant were left to flgh
he lire alone*-which was useless, a
here are ndl fire fighting facilitle
vithln reach.] It was but a slior
Ime after tlje fire was discover?
intil the entire homo and content
vere destroyed. It Is believed tha
. defective Aug was the cause of tin
n Freight and Ticket Agents by St
nerlntdhdent Williams.
. <
Division Superintendent William
innounces the following changes I:
relght and ticket agents on the Mc
longah division: Mr. .T. Friedman ii
dace of J. J. Carreli at Mououguli
t. H. Hyer in place of J. A Wnotlc
it Gillespie; J A. Woofter In place o
. C. Matchell at Ellenboro; A. C. Hai
icrt acting agent in place of S. A. Cue
ilngham, who is sick, at Haywood
V. Va.
Fair and Warmer.
I _ |
I WASHINGTON. D. C.. Oct. 15. j
I ?Forecast for Wci.t Virsinia? |
| Fair to-night and Tuesday; I
j slightly warmer.
k <
To Death
STETIBENVII-I-E, 0., Oct. 1S.Vlghtened
to death is said to he thi
eal cause of the demise nf .Mrs. Jen
lie, wife of Charles Freeland, whi
fas bitten by a cat about seven week:
go, and who died Saturday. Spoakinf
if the case Dr. Burkhurst suhl Mrs
'reeland's ailment was imaginary by
Mrs. Freeland was bitten by n ca
fhlch she attempted to pel. about sev
n weeks ago. The cnl hnd prevlousi;
leen bitten by a dog. The head of tbi
at was taken to the Pasteur Instltuti
t Pittsburg, where it was pronottneet
. case of rabies, fatter Mrs. Frcclant
rent to Pittsburg and spent threi
brce weeks at the institute. Over t
reek ago she visfted her parent s neai
'adlz and was ha better spirits at tba
Ime, as her mind was somewhat dl
A few days ago she Imagined th<
ltiscles of her throat were bocomlnf
mrueiieu aim ivil mm. bhc nan fsumr
nto the dread disease. She was ah It
o eat and drink for a time, hut wai
gain convinced she wns all right, Ot
'hnrsday last she went to her lied am
Ids morning was stricken with a vlo
nit vomiting spell, death ensalnt
rum heart affection.
Our Tortoise bmnd hair pins look
mi wear like genuine shell, dec ?
ox of (i, Id or IS.
Plenty of Fall Hat* now ready ti
latch moat any colored ault at Thi
on Ton. , t
? Republicans Are
Safe, He Thinks
WASHINGTON. Oct. 15.?Speaker
Pnnnnti and Rnnpottontniii'A Wnlsnn nf
Indlanu, had an hour's talk with the
p President last night. They went over
the political situation thoroughly, got
Ing Into detail relative to the camj
palgn being waged by their party for
the retention of control of the next
House. The President's callers .gave
him the benefit of their observations
and of their knowledge of conditions
' In different States.
The speaker and Mr. Watson stopped
here on their was from West
3 BIrglnia to Virginia, where they
will make campaign speeches
0 to-day. They will be in Wythevllle
in the forenoon, where Mr.
f Watson will speak, and In Bristol In
" the afternoon, where Mr. Cannon will
speak. They will be In White Plains,
" N. V? on Tuesday: In Philadelphia
? Wednesday, and in Nek York City on
Thursday, In which cities they are
booked for campaign speeches. Nlagra
Falls and Batnvla, N. Y? also are
'' included In the speaker's Itinerary.
r The speaker said they told the Presl'
dent that the Republicans will have n
9 comfortable majority I In the next
9 house, adding, however, that they were
' working for It.
" WASHINGTON, Oct. 16?The Su'
prernc Court of the United States to"
day denied the motion for a rehearing
of the case of former Senator Burton,
f of Kansas, convicted of practicing for
' pay before ihe irastofflce department
while S;r,titer of the United States.
Burton will now have to setve six
months Imprisonment and pny twentyfive
hundred dollars fine.
Over Locals Yesterday by Score of
6 to 1.
The National Lueaguers played the
local team here yesterday uefore a
crowd of eleven hundred people. It
was not expected that he local players
conld more than furnish amusement
1 for the Pittsburg team, but the scorr.
shows that the Leaguers did not en
ureiy run away wun mem. f
The score was as follows:
Rymer, If 4 0 0 0 0 4)Wessll,
ss 4 0 1 1 3 0
J Johnson, m 4 0 0 2 0 0
Conaway, lb 4 0 011 0 1
Glhbs, rf 2 0 0 2 0 0
Allen. 2b 3 0 0 3 2 2 "
. Deltres, 3b 3 0 0 1 0 1
, McCarthy, c 3 0 0 1 6 1
" Krugcr, p 3 1 0 E 3 0 1
Tothls 30 1 11 27 14 5
? 1
? PITTSBURG? \B. R. B. P. A. E. |
' Gnnley, rf 4 1 1 2 0 0 ,
Peaumont, cf 4 2 2 2 0 0 \
I.each, ss 3 1 1 0 4 1 i
t Sheehnn, 3h 51 2 2 1 0 ],
- Rltchey, 2b 4 0 2 2 1 0 v
r Gibson, c 5 1 0 11 1 0 (]
3 Phtlllppp. If 4 0 1 1 0 0e
? Phelps, lb 3 0 0.7 0 Id
1 Lever, p 4 0 1 0 I, 0 p
J Totals 38 6 10 27 8 3 1
1 Fairmont 000000001?1 ?
[' Pittsburg 003 1 0 1 1 00?6 *
Two bnse hits?Beaumont, Oanley, d
Leever. Home run?Leach. Else on |
> halls?Off Leever, 1; off Kraxer, 3. k
; Left on bases?Rilrmont, 3; Pitts- f,
; luirg, S. First bag on rrors?Fair }
niont, 3; Pltslmrg, 1. Struck out? v
* By Leever, 11: by Kroner, r>. Hit by I;
i pitcher?Phtlps. Passed ball ? Mc- .
I earthy. I'mplre?List Time?1.30.
Mr*. McGlbney Is generously sup- F
ported with grace* of person and an o
unique and wonderfully trained talent a
for entertainment as well.?Tlmes-Cit- a
1 laen, Urbana, Ohio. With Baxter d
party at Normal Auditorium Monday
night. tf
. f
New Bags, Belts, Ties, Bead Combs,
itc., Just reeelved at The Bon Ton. tf
Pawpaw District Held Up Good' 11M
To the Very Last?Nearly Every-ISM
body's Taxes Largely Reduce^^
The citizens of Pawpnw district have great reason to rejoice over tha
operation of the new tax laws. Below arc found the figures as taken tram.fl
the sheriff's books showing the taxes of the people named for 1904, 4mB?
last year under the old law and those of laoc. the drat year under the new jfj
laws In full force. The reduction shows the actual saving in dollars aad||g
cents to the Individual tax payers.
No better or stronger tax argument cottlj be made or better reasoB?":||
given for voting for Hon. Wm. P. Hubbard for Congress, the man-'IfMjjfi
h/tlnail en feoino fho lauro an/I o!s/> fnr fko non/lMoloa Aft IKa , OflnlnuUiHH
uvi|iru tu iioiui tuv mnc aim niau iui hiv tauuiumvo vi*/ tuw. ticket
for House of Delegates, the men who will stand by the laws and .ilflH
Name of Tax Payer. | 1904. 1906. Deduction. H
Straight, T. .1. and Minnie. Rlvesvllle 9.36 6.66 3.71 !
Straight, A. M. and W. G? Rlvesvllle 66.32 20.38-.
Swearlngen, J. R.. Farmington 26.42 12.16
Swlger, ff. S.. Amos ; 9.4T 6.52
Short. Creed and Jennie. AmOs 8.67 6.60 V&ttjSj
Shields, W. A., Amos 3.58 1.18 ' 2.40 |
Sattorlleld, IV. N.. Rlvesvllle 76.68 62.66 13.03 : j
Satterflclil, B. D., Rlvesvllle 8.62 3.62 6.09
Salterfield. Thos., Rlvesvllle 41.23 12.94 :.mM||
Sattorfleld, Geo. E.. Rlvesvllle 13,11 8.16
Short, John C.. Amos 16.07 6.98 l6,09 ;
Shuman, I,. W? Center 7,76 6.16 1.69 ; 1
Shnman, S. A.. Rtveavllle 9.02 6.99 8.p8.S|
Sine, Geo. L? ^mos 12,26 8.12 44?
Shnman, 8. A.. Amos 16.37 9.24
8mlth, Miles W., Rtvesvllle 16.81 9.54
Smith, Madison, Rlvesrllle 13.02 6.16 V Jjlffi
Smith, O. L., Rlvesvllle 37.13 12.90 26.28
Smith, Geo. W., Rlvesvllle 60.43 21.28 ,46.1f;;||
Smith, F. P., Rlvesvllle i 7.63 4.66 2.98
Smith, J. W., Rlvesvllle 6.00 1.92 3.08
Smith, H. D., Rlvesvllle 10.61 6.35 6.16 m
Snodgrass, Amos 4.21 1.76
Snider, J. A.. Rlvesvllle | 16.78 >8.46 ;'3i|S?
Snider, H. C., Amos j 22.91 8.81 14.10 ,
Talklngtoh, J. J? Rlvesvllle | 60.31 | 18.69 .. iMggg
Talklngton, Dlrea E., Rlvesvllle | 25.20 11.60 la.tu
Tennant, Asa, Rlveavllle ] 123.20 45.46* 'gjM
Tennant, Lucretla, Farmlngton . | 21.00 10.46" 10.55
Tennant. R. D., Farmlngton j 84.74 28.70 55.98 j|g
Tennant, Alpha, Rlveavllle j 71.89 42.47
Thompson, David, Farmlngton | 47.98 29.29
Thompson, Gideon, Amos I 7,79 2.59 ; 5.20^
Thorn, T. L., Rlvesvllle j n.67 9.45' 8.28
Thorn, H. 8? Rlvesvllle j 7.16 3.81
Timms, J. R., Farmers' and Merchants'u'k,Amos| 480.60 322.61. 163.89 p|
Thpi^ Mw. Alice, RlvesyiHe .20.26
Tlmma, J. R. and wife, Amos 24.84 10.88'
Toothman, 8. L., Rlveavllle 9.43 5.53 4.40
Tooihman, Franklin, Farmlngton 7.23 4.6:1 2.60 |
Toothman, Newton, Farmlngton 6.11 2.69 3,42 V'.'dBH|
Toothman, Teter, Farmlngton ... 38.80 10.72 22.08
Toothman, R. A., Amos 15.99 9.60 6.33
Toothman, D. L? Farmlngton 164.16 63.06 101.09 SBKM
Underwood, L. B.. Amos gg,76 38.92 49.84
Valentine, A. J., RIvesvllle 20.20 12.60'. ^?;!38P?8
Valentine, A. N? RIvesvllle 12,69 OiB1 6.04 . ^
Vincent, Riley, RIvesvllle 2.50 1.18'
Walls, Arthelia, Farmlngton 4.16 2.62
West, W. H? RIvesvllle 6.02 3,12
West, 8. M., RIvesvllle 19.11 6$'
Wetzel, James L.,. Amos 1 61.80 21.00
Williams, John W? RIvesvllle 36.11 18,80 . 17.ji:-|
Wilson, O. L., Farmlngton 62.04 23.63
Wilson, Seth, RIvesvllle 6.00 2.36 8.64
Wilson, R. C., RIvesvllle 15.26 6.17 '
Wilson. W. S., RIvesvllle 25.94 1043' ^?||||
Wilson, Edward, RIvesvllle 9.29. 3.22 6.07
Wilson, Silas, Farmlngton 41$0 19.98 y ^7?^^
Wilson, L. R? Farmlngton 8.60 3.60 fcW-:'ci
'Wilson, T. N., Farmlngton 12.91 8.08
Wilson, JPlnkney, RIvesvllle 42.27 15.82 26.45 |;
Wilson, Wesley, RIvesvllle 42.26 19.82-J
I VVU I UflllW III lifts 1 WHiiinmKi,:?mj
Two young Follow. Got Worat of It E0 coNVICTE^ttflS^S
at Handt of Captain Maulsby.
On iMt'Thu'i.day evening Captain ^tegoel ^
A. Maulsby had a rather Interest- mornlatt ,n th, clreu,t CoatL
eg experience with two young men (Q the penitentiary andone to Jail. At
rhlch one of them pt least will Ike- ... , . ' -atWI
y remember for a while. They were
10th drinking and one of them was \jSli
eanlng against the Captain's house Frank Klng was rfvennneyj||
omltlng when the gallant old sol- '''* ^
ler appeared on the porch and order- " ' er s 8 ' ,
d them to leave there. Instead of J?00891 torJbe JefentUnt^wlll prota- MM
*Aln? that however, the young iellow D"' ^"J86- ^
iroceeded to climb the'steps to fight h,' "rl "ft ""1
fcptaln Maulsby. But the marks on Tl,e made the motion thfi
he young man's fad Indicate that a "10""D8
rutch can do duty when pdoperly 018 "e "P ? ret0 ;$,
andled. This could be made a pret- Gactoue Petrone- bI*8ml9t'
y long Story, but Captain Maulsby eo 8 sbntence
oesn't want any special notoriety in ?'?? Jone" f* BOn"'<M
I, but he does want the people to blea 88 8 wa 8 :
now how he was treated by the younn
allows who afterwards proved to be HEAR8T MULTIPLIES HIM8ELP. J|
irles Miller and Allen Morrison, who
rere each lined |25 for their rowdy- 1 8 KlnetoScoplo-PttortCM
sm. graphic Candidate, j
NEW york, oet
Mr. McQibney haa not only talent phonograph and the moving picture
ut genius for his instrument. The machine will be called to tlW-.aldij*S5j
'aganlni Concert, with its tremend- the Democratic candidate for sot^BmH
ualy difficult cadenza, was artistically or in an attempt to have his TDtjBB|
ccompllahed. He wa* recalled again heurd and his figure seeu in eveajjjfi
nd again.?Indianapolis Journal. Mon- town and hamlet of the 8tate.
ay night at Normal Auditorium, tf Records of several of Mr. HeamflH^B
campaign speeches already have beea
CAPTAIN CARKU3S8 TO-MOR- made and fllmt tor thB^plctara^g^
OW NIGHT. chines depicting the candidate In ?*$
.. Ions platform attitudes are nbw being
The frlende of Mr. and Mrs. Baxter, prepared for nee.
irmerly Mlet Alice Nlleon Price, are :, /.WJtltfc&M
xpectlng them to come to Fairmont , CAPTa
lie evening. tf.l-.OW NIGHT.
* ,r\-' -,>

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