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i iTTftTUTTiir I* I FT
I;: C j pairing Ladle*1 and Men'*
Clothing. Work called for
fcffe;'.". and delivered. Mothly rate*
v m application.
, Shop phone 80-w Bell Phone 241.
' ?* - Under Broha aho* (tor*.
p first Wanl I
fe": v, ***** *************
ftjfc. Mrs. J. L. Garner Is spending a few
BS# days at Little Falls visiting her sisSfi':?
ter, Mrs. Fanny Powell.
;;t ; litUe Miss Grace Mclntlre. of
^Worthlngton, who has been visiting
pr) her aunt. MIbb ^lice Mclntlre, of East
Park, returned home yesterday acconi".panted
by her aunt, who spent the
fit-, , -' 'day visiting relatives there.
Mr. Sanford Jones was a visitor in
JV ' *; Rarnestown yesterday afta'noon.
p, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hersliborgcr
,) and children were guests Sunday of
;relatlves in Mlnersvllle.
ife- Little Beryl Jenkins has returned
. from a two weeks' visit with her aunt.
' Mrs. Dr. Falkner, of Mtddleton.
Miss Margaret Morrow returned
yesterday to her home In Cameron.
Miss Morrow has been visiting relair
ktlves In this city, but received n tele
h/gram. Saturday that her sister, Mrs.
lomlinson. of Cameron, was ill.
I Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Stealey, Mr,
'Austin Stealey and Miss Grace Steal
fii ey were guests of friends in Grafton
Mrs. A.. Nelson a. d son, Arthur,
griretr, Mr, and Mrs. Tnomas McGregor,
of Clarksburg, spin- Sundav
In Pittsburg visiting the former's sister.
Mrs. M. W. Martin.
B. Barrett, of Barbour county,
. who has been visiting her brother,
j - ' ' Mr. James Barrett, and wife, of Mer?
* cfcant street, left for Farmlngton Sat
k - urday night, where she will spend a
few days visiting friends before reI'
v turning to her home.
Master Walton Hinkle, who has
been very ill at the home of his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hinkle, is
now much improved.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rhinehart
, left Sunday _for a .week's visit with
S:. .relatives near Boothsvllle.
Misses Mayme Davis and Maggie
- Clarke, who have been guests of the
. ; Misses Davis, of State street, hnvs
returned to their homes, the former
, at Catflotsburg and the latter at Del|
aware, O.
i Mrs. George From, who has been
\- the guest of her parents, Air. and
,* Mrs. Newton Morrow, returned yesri;
terday to her home in Morgautown.
'i'JuIfltU. t.,? n,|
: : Air, WIJUU Miner llao 1UU1MCU IU|
Comiellsvllle, where he resumed his
'4'.-: position alter several weeks spent
In this city.
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Swenringen, of
Palrvlew, spent Saturday and Sunday
In the city, the guest of Mrs. Ora
_ Travis.
5?'-S i; Miss Endora Stone went to WorthT.
, Ington Sunday for a day's visit with
||i|.8 Mrs. Taylor George and children,
| . of Philippl, are spending a week with
g-ViJfl*' E. M. Cox. of Merchant street,
k i'f; Misses Gertrude and Loella Robcrts
returned to Wheeling last even|
, ' tag, having spent Saturday and Sunflay
with their parents. Rev. and Mrs.
W. Roberts, who leave the hitter
f-{Sv P"trt of this week for Grafton.
if#?-. ?
4,Surprise Party.
: v A pleasant surprise party was glvf;..on.
to Miss Bessie Morrow Saturday
evening by Misses Nell Harden and
S il - MargarAt Morrow. The affair was in
7 . honor of the twentieth birthday anfcX;
n'versary of Miss Bessie. The even
tag was very pleasantly spent with
?.7-'- music and other social diversions, and
If refreshments wero served during the
v:-, evening. Those present were Sirs.
j|y ' ; George Frum, of Morgantown; Miss
lilt Margaret Morrow, of Cameron; Miss'V,\>
cs Pearl MeElfresh, Jeau Barnes, Inez.
fe7;'v Manley and Nell Cox; Messrs. Guy
si-'i: ' Ilawktas, Howard Bartlelt, Clark
,'i, Rtggs, Hary McClay and Ewlng.
ife7c.', Attempted Burglary.
At four o'clock Saturday an attempt
.y*... ..
Sicilian Club, will lie hostess on
Thursday afternoon from 1:30 till I
ot an ufternoon tea lo the members
of the club, at her home 011 Merchant
street. This Is the first meeting or
the season and a social time is anticipated
together. This Is the third
season for this popular club.
Mr. l-avern Frary and Miss Gay
i.'.oyles, both of Fairmont, were united
In marriage Saturday evening at
7 o'clock by Rev. W. H. Wiley at his
home on State street. Mr. Frary Is
Bemployed as brakenian on the B.
and O. The young couple will reside
in Fairmont.
"As Told In the Hills."
The latest and one of the best offerings
in the melodramatic line, "As
Told in the Hills," with Katheriue M.
Clialloner I11 the leding role, will be
presented at the Grand Opera House
October 17th. The play is a melodrama
of the kind that has as many
thrills as the most exciting, yet lias
110 strained situations or climaxes
that in real life are improbable or impossible.
The incidents are drawn
from real life anil presented in a manner
that is intensely realistic and interesting
without the cheap play for
effect that sacrifices true dramatic |
merit. The play begins with a scene 1
showing a small party of emigrants
who have been surrounded by a band '
ot hostile Indians on the western
plains and are fighting for their lives '
while an Indian youth Is bearing n !
message ashing relief from the near- '
est fort where United States troops '
are quartered. Red Wolf, an Indian 1
chief, who Is acting as protector for
the party, has been mortally wounded
and dying just before help arrives,
leaving Pamneno, his infant daugh- '
ter. In charge of -Mr. and Mrs. Howard '
who adopt the child and rear her as '
their own. 1
The Indian girl has an inheritance i
of a bng of gold which Is kept In trust '
for her by Howard. His refusal to di- 1
vide this gold with his partner leads 1
to a quarrel In which Jim Dexter, the
partner, atempts to kill Howard. For
this attempt he Is sentenced to a long
term In prison. 1
When the Beeond scene of the play
opens, eighteen years later'Dexter has
escaped from prison and returned to
his Arkansas home to which Howard
ha6 returned with Pamncna and Texas
Howard, his own daughter. Dexter J
seeks to kill Howard in revenge for ?
his Imprisonment. His plan for re- \
venge Includes the kidnapping of the '
Indian girl, Pamnena who has grown
to be a beautiful young woman, uc- t
complished and talented from her life
in the East where she has had the 1
best educational advantages that her (
foster father could procure for her. i
The plot to kidnap the Indian girl is
unsuccessuu lor me conspirmuia Lili
ry oft Texas Howard by mistake. She s
is recovered mainly through the ef- 1
forts of Little Fox, the Indian boy
who has returned from the home of a
his own people in the far west where :
he went to make the fortune that his
pride demanded he should have before
he asked for the hand of Pamnena.
There is a bright vein of comedy
running through the play furnished by
one "Napoleon Bonaparte Julius Caesar
George Washington Johnson," a colored
servant and J. Mcintosh Todd, .
"A Gent of the Road," who appears '
on the sceno whenever his presence is
needed to furnish a bit of bright, clean I
comedy as a contract for the stronger '
situations of the play. The scenic '
enulpment of the play Is elaborate and
true to nature and no expense has
been spared by W. F. .Mann, the producer.
to make It one of the most artistic
productions on the roud.
"Captain Careless."
There hnve been very few new mu- ,
slcal productions made this season,
and a large number of those that have
previously lumen linvu uuiinvu iiivu
usefulness, consequently there will be
very few operatic productions seen =
hero this season. The most Important
of any that will appear is "Captain
Careless," a new comic opera by
Hubert M. Baker and Clifton Crawford,
In which John E. Henshaw supported
by eighty peopls plays the star
part. This opera wns produced nt the
l'rincess Theater, and his since been
presented in Detroit, Cleveland and
Buffalo, and is now en route to Broadway,
New York, for an extended engagement,
playing only two weeks of
the smaller cities, or so colled one
night stands. The company will be
seen here on Tuesday, October 16th. I
.t.y, ^ L\' -- ''v./ ' /' 'v
at robbery was made at the home of
Mr. Bruce Traugh, of Merchant
street. Mr. Traugh was away on .
night duty and Mrs. Traugh and little
Bon were sleeping In a bed room sit- ,
uated near the back porcb with a ,
window within convenient reach of
the porch. Mrs. Traugh was awakened
by hearing some one slip into (
(he porch, then a hand wob thrust in
a broken place In the upper sach of ,
the window,t rylng to unfasten the |
lock. Mrs. Traugh screamed for Mr. |
Walter Glenn, who lives next door,
but the would-be thief bad mude good j
bis escape.
Afternoon Tea.
^ 4 <
fr++ 4"i,,{,4,++,f
b *
b }
Marietta: H. R. Gruber, J. R. Burt.
1 C. Reeder, F. W. Shane, C. D. Wllllion,
Cora Conncra, D. A. Jamtaon, M.
C. L. Fletcher, Farminglon; Dr. Smith
Hid wife, Charleston: H. B. Butcher,
,Ve8ton; S. B. Davis, Shlnnston.
Manley: Harry S. Fenner, Parkersnirg:
T. N. Martin, Farmlngton; E.
J. Boggess, Luniberport; Charles
rhompson, Clyde F. Reltonhouse,
Clarksburg; Earl M. Hennen, Reltz
Tucker, C. E. Beaty, L. D. Bosley, J.
C. Miles, H. V. Burt, F. P. McGee, C.
5. Shaver, Mnnnlngton; C. Klaproth,
P. Morgan, Morgantown; E. J. Paton,
H. C. Schupp, \V. S. Brydon, Graf
Watson: L. P. Caulfleld, T. F. Smith,
lohn F. Sheets, Clarksburg; M. G.
llcCaslIn, wife and child, Mrs. Ruth
Tinehart, Amos; Mary Copelands, J.
11. Catchy, Porter W. Post, Morganown;
C. P. Shirkey and wife, D. E.
llason and wife, C. H. Hornor, S. A.
Cunningham, Luniberport; J. B. Canling,
Valley Falls; H. P. Keenan, E.
3.' McJucstlon and wife, Manningtqn.
Jackson: J, H. Sullivan, Tunnelton;
David Sattertleld, P. Swisher, Mur ay
If Herplclde Is la Giving It a Thorough
There Is only one test by which to
udge of the efficiency of any article
ind that Is by Its ability to do that
vhlch it Is Intended to do. Many hnlr
Igors may look nice and smell nice
>ut the point Is?do they eradicate Dan
iruff and stop falling hair?
No, thoy do not, but Herplclde does
lecanse It goes to the root of the evl
ind kills the germ that attacks tin
nnllta /mm mhonna Ks? Via Ir <r*.ha
Letters from prominent people everyvhere
are dully proving that Newbro's
lerpicide stands the "test of use."
It is a delightful dressing, clear, pure
tnd free from, oil or grease.
Sold by leading druggists. Send 10c. in
tamps for sample to The Herpicide Co.,
Detroit. Mich.
E. A. Billingslea & Co., special
Family Theatre
Barney Street
3pen from 2 to 10 p.m.
Thursday, Friday
and Saturday,
fhn Anno*
I HO Ul Ml
Jewel Robbery
Kit Carson
Music for all Occasions
At Reasonable Prices.
Violin, cornet and harp or any
other combination of Instrument!
as desired.
Leader and Mgr.
Write or 'phone Bell 310-w.
Cons. 281.
B. Uubun, F. A. Burt. M. J. McuaugnIn,
James A. Jolllffe, F. M. Thaw, J.
13. Dinger, 8. J. Carnaban, W. 8. In;le,
Harry Gump, Charles Phillips, H.
ft. Gruber, M. B. Furbee, Harry
Straight, Mannington; F. M. Donahoo,
I, J. Connell, W. F. Mulheran, Thomas
I. Kearos, J. E. Mornn, James Howe,
t 11 stai-nr M Milan. E. V. Connell. I
Jan Henry, Patrick Henry, "James I
Jolun, P. J. Martin, John Flaherty, P.
Snyder, M. F. McDonnell, A. L.
laughan, M. A. Gill, T. R. Mnlheran,
'atrlck M. Govern. J. A. Mulheran, Dan
.lulheran, C, P. Callaghan, Wm. MarIn,
M, Martin, M. Rooncy, J. F.
Coarns, Joe Cardiff, M. F. Judge, M.
l. Muleheran, Frank McDonell, Shernan
Jacob, John H. Sllfford, W. H.
looih, Clarksburg; C. Hawkins, E, C.
!ddy, J. R. Tlmms, E. W. Brown, T.
Eakln, Amos; G. W. Keenan, Wheelng;
E. 0. McCullough, Pennsboro;
I. P. McGarog, Farmlngton; J. C.
Fall, Salem; C. L, Hornor, Miss S. A.
hinningham, Lumberport.
Tavern: J. A. Reynolds, C. W. RoJgtrs,
Clarksburg; George Turner, C.
ilachesney, Amos; Etta Davis, Elklns;
I. V. Burr, Fonton Thorn, Manningon;
L. J. Stover, Ella Flannagan,
Hex. R. Watson, H. C. Mallow, Harry
ambrccht, Grafton; Nellie Shriver,
larry Downs, Martlnsburg; J. H.
Cambridge, Murray; H, V. Burns, J.
3. Settle, D. F. Craden, Joseph Saell,
dorgantown; H. B. Pierce, Grafton;
ST. LOUIS, Oct. IB.?L. T. Cooper,
the man who bag create'd a sensation
throughout the east, and who
Is rapidly acquiring a national reputation,
arrived In St. Louis yesterday.
Coper ia president of the Cooper
Medicine Company, of Dayton, Ohio,
and has maJe a fortune within the
oast few veers estimated at several
millions, by the sale of two preparations,
which are claimed to be very
unusual, and which are said to accomplish
remarkable results.
Cooper spends his time traveling
from city to city introducing these
remedies and in this manner he has
acquired the fortune he now possesses.
Coper Is said to be a very, remarkable
character, and a man witb
eccentric ideas; one of his beliefs Is
that a certain part of his Income
should be devoted to charitable work,
and he is said to give thousands of
dollars to the poor In each city that
he visits.
His charitable work Is original, as
lie is continually devising new methods
of making money give the most
pleasure and relief possible.
The most remarkable feature of
Cooper's work is what is known as
his "Tltre minute removal of deafness.''
in cities visited by him within
the past year he has appeared nightly
before large audiences and offered
to make any one hear, within less than
three minutes, if they would come
ill) on the stage. Reports from Pittsburg.
Cincinnati, and other cities, seem
to indicate that Cooper actuully dl.l
as lie claimed.
Each night he Is said to have removed,
before thousands of people,
cases of deafness In about three min
mes lime wna uiic w u? |/ic|iumtlonR.
The accounts of his work appeared
In all of the leading "dalles"
of the east, and people have flocked
to him from .all parts of the country.
The sale of his preparations Is said
to reach enormous proportions within
a week after Cooper arrives In a city.
Whether he will he as successful In
St. Louis as elsewhere remains to be
Letter copying press at Rurdette's.
i shoi
4. o
+ ::::::: ...
J We an
+ soeciallv ;
J offers on
* kind of G
+ are mos
t mand and <
the aver*
* is making
* profits.
.j. Some are decidedly el
jl. are just .what you want fo
4. see for yourself
I Elite HI
I Pai
j ' 621 Aercl
* /
* + 4..J.+ -J. .J. 4. .J. .J. {.
?< ?????
: wjt M i
:n=P| cii||
: (Prices
p, u |j-|n |- -i-i?!-?-? -| ~ - I" * "* ' 1 V
We Are Mai
t In Odd F
: od<
Governor Dawson J'
CHARLESTON, W. Va? Oct. 15.
Governor Dawson to-day will begin a speaking
tour of the Stale. He will go "
with Tax Commlssionler Dillon to Clay
Conrt-hoiiBe, where both will address
the voters Monday. Tuesday the Gov- .
ernor wll speak at Sutton and WeJnes
day at Buclthannon. The engage
meats for the remainder of the week
have not been announced. Auditor
Arnold Scherr leaves to-day for Mor- ^
gantown and other places where State
institutions are located, to check up
accounts of expenditures ps provided ^
by law preparatory to making his blen- A <
nial report to the governor and legisla
Special book and Bible sale now at
?? ? wjw wjw ??
T :
L L_/ ;
A o? d
T cui
4* coct
4* enla
4? bloo
J. boot
^ baui
=S- " ' ' t J
; making j?
attractive * ,,
just the * |
oods that *
t in de- *
m which J
ige Store f
its largest J B
4* o
laborate dress hats, others ^ =
>r street wear. Come and .j. g
lillinery ; j
rlor i I
hant St. |
4< 4* 4* 4* 4* 4*4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4*4*
leOil w ^ ^ C F J* +
p r I
ihairs' With Trails ^8381
fiiuii kj invii i i v?tjui Ml IBIftt ^
]nd Quartered oaK |
- n.nj-i.rLnj'jvTjTj-ij'ij .
cing Great Reductions
'ieces of China and j
1 Dinner Sets fill
flomV D fSsST lieaii "onTiT ^ ^ 11
Nn AhlMnn Nop ParMnn HniKft Mft/ite 1 , 1
ttv vniiuuyu nut i uuiuny iivuuu muuuv ^
I have moved my shop into new quatters, and have a nice ^
olean place, where you can always, Winter and Summer, get ^
the freehest Beef, Veal, Pork and Sausage every day. T i?KI
1 select my own stock, and do my own butchering, so you see +
you get choice as well as fresh meats.
Fresh butter and eggs, and game in season.
My prices are right, and here they are?
Serloln Steak, per tb. ..15c Veal 8tew 10c ^ If?
Porter House Steak 15c Veal Raast 12'/iO ^
Round Steak 15c Veal Steak ,.18c *
Rib Roasts 12J/2c Fresh Pork 12j-'c
Boiling Meats 7c Pork Sausage 12|/ac ^
Compare these prices with others. You get full weight al- A
ways, and your child will be treated as well as if you come .
yourself- JOHN FBORENE,
Corner Market and Merchant Streets. + i
>R. BAILEY. Specialist 1
in Chronic Diseases. i
Catarrh, Asthma, Hay Fever, Deafnea.
?f\ jffijL Varicocele and 8trlcture Cured,
MK V?VL/ PILES?I cure without operation in II
traded cases cured. All burning
Jf RUPTURE?Of men, women andchlb
WflfMWi iff ^ No deteatlon tr0'n bustnete. Why
' wear a truss? Under my treatment . ;'j
on't suffer a day longer It you im- )ou 'brow It away.
' . . amurv ai annca iun aTAliir.u r?sl
ie yourself to be in tbe last Biages ?
llsease, but come to me AND BE TROUBLES?By my system oftrea* a
tED, If you are suffering from vart- ment show signs of Improvement at
tie, stricture, gonorrhoea, gleet, "barged
prostrate, bladder affections, 8KIN DI8EA8E8 ? Treated sucbese*'
d poison, neuro-debllfty, lost man- ful'y1,
incompetency or nervouB ex- RHEUMATI8M, INFLAMMATORY is
Jtlon from overwork, Indiscretion CHRONIC, CURED?I will make
xcess. 081,8 08 th'8 0,888 of patient* who
cannot come to the offlce. If jam HE
Latest Scientific Instruments cannot call write for home treat
I In the Successful Trestment of ment
OFFICE HOURS?9 a. m. to H p. m. dally; Sunday, 11 a. m. to ) p.
nsultation and advice free. Static treatments and Ex-Ray examination* '-VJpp
rmanently located on Monroe, between Main street and the opera hous* M
irmont, W. Va., Jacobs Block, rooms 204-205, second floor. Corns, up
lira. Bell 'Phone 414-J. I
haiiimI 1
I Hi 11 \k/l Mlt ? v\?? m
I move anything from a baby carriage to a (tree! oar and do
It quickly, alio make a specialty of moving Household w: ||j
Goods and Pianos without damage. When you need Coal, jfil
call me up. I deliver Cos} and Sand to all parta of the , j
city in ihort order. When you have Hauling to do, or da- ': X
sire anything placed In storage, tee Thomas, he's the man. . k 0'?t
Trunk hauling a specialty. \
ell Phone-Office 8, Res 340.11/ f THAU i C Am? ' S
on.?Office 100, Ret. 70. , J, I IlUJTlAjj Next toTsTsrn.

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