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| 7B6 Newe^
S Una goods business of ours Is
^^ Miid on'o lsrce scaje as a visit to
I its ftf liiiiuit wilj soon show. Over
and three large aisle
Bubs * the left side are given over
fcfc'lw?"g6odt exeloslvely and we say
In that the assortments are com
itear roar wants be in plain or
f Maples or novelty weave, they
he anpiiled here and at prices
i select only a few for descrlpysjjjkt
announcement, we might
tabidit'begfn to give yon an ado
itoaeriptlon of the stock; but n
mold be very satisfactory.
Wool Albatross, 36 Inches wide,
ck, white and all leading shades
Wool Beige, 42 inches wide,
and colors.
Hgmj Jj I(W? V?lItng tn black and colors
BMt* jjpnMimiii Fancy Plaids, .10 inches
Mohairs, black, white and colors,
ft - All Wo?tl Waitings, 27 Inches.
I I *?* Plaids, 42 Inches wine.
|rjS ftmaniaa and Serges, black :md col
Plaid Ctoaklngs. IVooI Crepes
IM jg EerKca, Chiffons, Panamas, -Rain Proo
"| I .' Vases and Odd <
BBpHjB."" "We dislike the word "bargain"
s| Bant" instead of the "bargain basci
IPs busy because It holds the
Hi M ?f ?0Qd? It:keeps. For Instants:
^^jVases one-third Le
(7 H fl . imputed goods, Holland and R
f| Clean Up of Odd Pi
-1 At S9e for values tip to GOc.
H " At 48c for values up to 71ic.
BgjsijM ; r At 76c. for values up to |1.2Sc.
At 98c for values up to J1.60.
Tbt Plttnbcrg National League team
groats of the Tavern yesterday. Is
Hi.';''Ma. Rebielm^r Is making a bust- E
" aess tifp to Pfttsbtirg.
Mrs. W. H. Kunst wert In to
' ,A? I? Lehman attended the Cannon M
In Orafton Saturday night. of
** Lehman Is spending a tu
gf;-; ?U her parents In Grafton.
|K7 % Mr- #>i Mis. E. J. Snider, of Farm- hi
:: ^fhwton, win arc the guests of the for- or
p -,j:*ort jnoUier, Mrs. Snider, on Mailt- of
Hp , ;y;'*i,?6twt, spen,t Sunday with relatives j dc
Flgjri Cole left to-day for WinchesA.r
'Vky.to spend several weeks with lh
MMS Jiouise Barnes has returned
ife.. from a several weeks'-visit with friends vl
Eimbeth lapping and Mr. PC
: ' Xttnk Blair, who have been the guests
at the Misses Robinson In Barrack- Cl
p$ia?* left t>day for their home In et
?&;./ "Wayaesbnrg. Pa. Jt
Mtas Lot BarlteU, who is a studfcal
in the Fairmont High School, ht
Bond ay at her home In Farm- PI
Jeaoetttj Robinson, who Is at- fr
tending the Manual school, spent Sun
pic$air-Bl-Aar hum* in Barrackvllle. In
Mis.'H. k Smith and children were tu
I Bundiy tWtow In Falrview.
fMr.> J. E- Sands went to Wheeling
feyffrijflataiihj! to visit Ills son, Mr. Intw- nr
$ : ; W,*enee. Sands, and family. | be
\f .4 ? In Erefy Detail Faim
Don't forget to come to the Store to-morrow, w
attention and interest among the women ot Fairmon
A Magnificent Display of Ready-to-1
These openings are a success frim eyery stat
woman can go away unsuited or displeased. Perfei
tion to execute in a short time any design you m ly t
We promise prompt shipment on all garments n
Delicious Coffee and Cane will De Sei
. Excellent Suit Values
we're doing tne Diggesc sun ^
business- in the history of the\
store and. we're fully prepared I W '
' to do more. I A
With a price range of liora \ K
$8.50 to $40 and a large assort- \m
ment of styles we can fit in both
style and price.
AT $15~r8ults of Blue, Black [i|lj
and Brown Panama, Gray, jr
Red, Green and Brown ?
Plaldq In Pony, Norfolk f Ml
and Prince Chap styles. I M
All coats .lined with good
quality satin. \
AT $25?Suits of plain Gray. I I
Black and Brown Pami- I m
ma and Black, Blue and I In the la
Brown Cheviot; a'so in I
fancy Panama Suitings; I m
Pony and Semi-Fitted / m Mr. S.
f Jackets, lined with taffeta . / M ' last June
j or Skltuipr's Satin. IM here now
I he is a
asement II' fi'low '1'1
Shina for Less II manygo<
and call ours the "Busy Base / M Those
nent." I I before a
best values In town lit the kind and thos
I larger cl
I prices an
ss I
oyal Bonn ware, pretty and inex
II as low as
mow a third off. 10 ??- b
ieccs of China
s, chocolate pots, nut i 1
sugars and creams, and
:i 4 SON. I __2s=
????bL. - ?????
J. F. Straight Bpent Sunday at his JAMESTOWN EXPOSITION
ime at Barrackvllle. ?
Aubrey Meredith, who has been at- The site of the orlglnnl En
ndlng the Elliott Commercial scholol tlement of Jamestown Is fo
; Wheeling, came Ijome yesterday up the James river from th
id will be here for a few days. town Exposition grounds. I
Miss Mary Ashford. of Atlanta, Ga.. take visitors to the site twlct
a guest at the McTaggurt home at
axter. The- oldest tomb in Si
Dr. H. R. Johnson went to Manning- church, Norfolk, Va., Is that
n this afternon on business. thy Farrell. who was burled
Mrs. J. H. Stewart and daughter. Judt slxty-aix years t
iss Katharyn, who were the guests settlement at Jamestown in 1
' Mrs. L, G. Race last week, have re- church yard will be Interest!)
rued to their home in Clarksburg. hors to the Jamestown Expt
\V. H. Spragg, of Waynesburg, Pa., u ,s one of the mo8t ancien
is been in the city for severni days grounds in the United 3tatei
i a visit to his wife, who is the guest are other tombs of great inb
her parents, Dr. and Mrs. P. B. Og- Ihe inscriptions are strange
,n> derful.
Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Lough, of Farm- Among the historical relics
~l ' * *Ko nf l?tQ,.oo* <hot vl
?IUU, ?1C 111 MID V..VJ y.w co|_ iiouuun, II.IVIVUV v..
eir son, Mr. Ord Lough, on Fairmont the Jamestown Exposition m
enue. the arm chair in which sat J
Miss Katharyn Pendens, of Steuben- COck when he signed the D(
lie, Ohio, spent Sunday hero the 0f independence. It is of r
lest of Mrs. John McCool, on Pier- upholstered in Leather. It i
>nt avenue. the vestry of St Paul's churi
Miss Bell Turner, Miss Olive Brand, city of Norfolk, and there It
eed Frankinberry and Carl Spring- aen by all who visit that fa
drove to Laurel Point to spend the church.
ly yesterday.
Miss Maude llavis, or Charleston, Is The State of California, t<
;re to spend a week at her home at be left out of any expositioi
Irie Grove. templcfting a vast exhibit o
Miss Alberta Dickerson has returned nia's resources at the Jamest
Dm a brief visit in Pittsburg. Centennial. The fruits and
Miss Hannah Johns, who had been will be largely exploited, and
Pittsburg for several days, has ?o- ber interests will make a t
rned home. pluy in the forestry building
Our Tm-tniae hvnntl hair olns look Children would Insist on
id wear like genuine shell. 25c n | castor oil to take if ,vou loc
ix of C, 12 or 18. | the pantry.
sat Bargain
In Shoes
oai't Lcidiflf Helta ErtaMlriintent. j ^
ion Block, Fairmont, W. Va.
irrow The Day for
OCTOBER 16, 1906.
hen our XVII Annual Coat Openii
t- and vicinity than any other event!
[Vear Garments for Women. Ch
ldpoint, With the additional stock:
:t facilities for special orders will be
tave in your own mind, regarding a
lade to order.
rcefl. Excellent Music by
A Collection My*\
iental Rugs
rge cities and at much lower \ M I
prices. M \
Mooradlan, who was with us Ml
< with a small collection, Is Ml
with over 140 pieces and as Ml
native Armenian will gladly M \
i-rugs and point out their
id qualities.
who liought rugs from him I
re well pleased with them,
e interested now have a far
lolce of selection, and his
e Just as reasonable. ^
$26 and as high as you want * M
eautlful pieces of hand-made i
gllsh set
rty miles Convicted Murderer Gets Life T
le James- Instead From Compassionate
loats will Judge.
' a Jay' CHICAGO. Oct. 15?The prayer
Paul's hls threo -(laUBllters save(1
? thony Bemis. convicted wife mut
of Doro- ' .
there In er" m gallows. In answei
iftier the the oh",'iren's P,ea for J?>lSe Kef
807 This set ,he ver'"ct recommeni
n tQ | the death penalty and sentenced
jsltlon as "lls 10 iml'i'lsonmen( for life,
t burying The "rst words of the sentt
3, There which would send the prisoner to
crest and Sibbet were forming on the Jud
and won- "ps. when Rose, the prisoner's
year-old daughter, burst Into a chl
appeal for her father's life. Her
of great- |srs gy]V|a an(j jiary, joined her w
Isltors to | Uem|g broiie ,]0wn and wept.
nhn^an'l mllBt Erant these children's p
!or." exclaimed the judge. "Bemis
iciarauou i
nahognny!co d 00 ' r Htor'es alone w
,lands In ,Iiey mlght lave refUBe'1 10 tesl
-h in the Bem'8' ' wl" spare your life, but
may be "Hist,spend it In a cell."
moua old ,
When the tip of a dog's nose Is (
and moist, that dog Is not sick.
>o big to feverish dry nose means sickness v
l, Is con- a dog. And so with the human 1
T Cnllfor- Dry, cracked and colorless lips m
own Ter- feverlshness, and are as well ill
minerals pcarlng. To have beautiful, pink,
the lum- vet-like lips, apply at bedtime a c
treat dls- Ing of Dr. Shoop's Green Salve,
. will soften and heal any skin ailm
Get a free trial box at onr store,
stealing lie convinced, I-arge nickel cap
ked it In glass Jars 25 cents. E. A. Billing:
& Co.
* <
- i:
s r
TM?j':.;; 11#?
NG .
ng will be held, attracting; more
held during; ttt? e tire-year.
ildreo and Misses
s we will have for that dav,,nomade,
and we will be in a postsuit
or coat
Omen's Full Orchestra.
n Excellent Goat Yal ies
We meltylon tw0 on,y rj'om
our big stock, an-:! from their
low price do not think they tire
not- good merchandise.
They are stylishly made. good
workmanship and correct In
every detail.
AT $5.90?Oxford Kersey Coats,
60 Inches long, full sleeve,
> black velvet collar. This
was (he "jnnfufacliirer^
leader, and we make II ours,
It should sell for and (s ful
ly worth $7.60.
AT $8.50?50 Inch Coat of black
Kersey?a good all-round
coat for all kinds of wear;
has inlaid velvet collar,
yoke and sleeve lined. We
Invite comparison on any
ten dollar coat you may
1 Blankets and
I Live
Because we soil ovry holt
and Comforts'Is a very good 1
Their buyers are good Judges 11
If we hada't placed our o,
these goods we couldn't afford
You'll not find the varletj
Of Cotton at 68c, 75o, $1 and
\U> to $i.S6.
$2 and $2.25 pair.
An Innovation in cotton blanket;
so soft is the finish that it
almost lakes an expert to tell
them from a Iamb's wool blanket;
white, with -fancy borders.
"Barnesville" Blankets,
$3.75 pair, size 80x90 inches.
Fine Wool Blankets, $5 to $15
From the New York Tribune.
RS' There was a man In our town
And he was wondrous wise,
erm He run into a bramble bush
And put opt both his eyes.
Then, when he 'foiing what he< li
s of done,
Au- With all his might and main
der- He ran to a bank and got a Job as
r tn YdfifrtP.
ling ] hare rented mjr rooms every tl
Be- [ hare had an ad In your paper, ?
a gentleman In nw pBtce this moral
inee and he had triad It several times.
the ?
ge's ent localities for particulars look o'
10- our "rant column.
sis- Everything at cost at Burdette'
hile =========
Mrs. Cora Cordray,
327 Barney, Street.
told _____
, * We make a specialty of trlmmliii
Ips. by hand the hata we place upc
the market They will outwear th
?p ?. . veh
factory trimmed Stocks. Try ou
oat- ' ., i
it, line if you yrpnt satisfaction In th
ent , V It ' i\J
wear of your hat Our prices ar
pe.I very reasonable.
3Q7 Ma
Women's Fall
Underwear and Hosiery I
The variety of the stocks Isn't the I
orly inducement; the high qualities I
should appeal to ever}' woman who ap-1
predates nice Underwear and Hosiery I
and the stock contains garments at I
most any price, Insuring all' grades,
ia'r attention, is given to every detail.
(Hand Finished.)
Every garment of this famous brand
Is Hand Finished. The most particulur
attention Is given to every detail
lha fabrics are even different from I
tV.Auo nnmlitAOil ht? DtlV fltllAP ftllll.
It com?- la every material: Cotton ?
Male, Merino, Wool and Silk and n
Made in every conceivable style in
both regular and outslzes. -0
Vests and Pants c
50c to $3 each. b
Union Suits
$1 to 33.
If you've tried "Merode," you'll have
ho other.
At thin store only and Fall styles
a,rc in ready to be shown.
liosie y
AI COc pair ? UIBCK wouun, jimcn
Cashmere and Oxford Cray StockI
lags. Black Ribbed Lisle Thread.
AT 35c pair?Ingrain, black lisle, 3
pairs la box for $1.
AT 50c pair?Plain and fancy designa
in cotlou. Extra fine Cashmcr and
Lisle?lace and drop stitch stockings.
,eep Warm
Comforts at Let:-Pri,ces
si and hospital In town their Blankets , '
reason why you should buy yoitrs here,
nid know what merchandise Is worth,
rder as tar hack as last January for
I te quote you the prices we do.
' cither, in any other two stores lu
Comforters I
Maish Laminated
Cotton Oown Comforts,
$2 and $2.50 each.
The Maish Comfort Is a flulty
mass of tiny air cells. By a
I wonderful new process the long
flbroa of the finest, buow white
cotton are separated, curled ar.d *
than woven Into a thick, soft,
downy piece; there are no &
humps, no thin places and will
never.flatten. *
? ?B
=========== ^
Mfisa Nettie Bartlett has opened 0
a studio for teaching China painting
and water colors. Orders taken for o
decorated china and art work. Rooms 1
adjoining Shafer Studio.
4. 4. *.{. 4. * **4. 4.4.4 .j
If Clothing foi
Jj| 41 In our lino of ClotI
4? found all the very la
#? from Domestic and Ii
rer 4* made after the latest m
4* fit and a well-dressed a
Our line of "(iradui
L J cially strong this seaat
-1 ? yon the best things on
11 Boys' Cloth
+ In Any And
* * We cannot say too
* Mra. Jane Hopkins' clo
J one who has tried this ]
" * These clothes will gi
1 any other line of boys'
ir T ket. They are built foi
i! has proved^ that the aim
S I out. Boys' Knee Pan
' Young Men's Suit
* C. F\ RAND
. High
fvj jr : 8";';'|' |
,fy iMHP' / j^H
* / # WWMjV^ I w
10ME NEW HATS ; V|f||
All the new shapes in Winter
Cats are to be seen here, just *
nongh turn up to the brim to
lake them "right." ^ -.''I
These styles at $2, $3 and $4, in ?
lack and pearl, and, like our ;
lothing, they are the newest and .
est to be had.
'rom the New York Frew., ,
It worries a woman terribly not .USSS
nve anything to worry over.
Even if a girl hugged a man while .... r,
e was doing It she could get (ndls:
ent at his kissing her. ****'.' ?ijsg||J
One of the worst habits a man elm' f
ave is to have headaches on account
f his bad habits.
If there was an Internal revenue tax
u milk, men would order It IU bar-' ":
ooms Just to be aide to kick about
he way the government robs the pubr
Men |
ling for men will be 4? ;
teet styles and makes .#?,
nported woolens, all +
U11U1H, liusuiiiig a miug v r
ate" Clothing is espe- 4%|
>n, and we can show
the market at from
$10.00 to $20.00 J Vf
m - 111
All Grades
much for the line of * .
thee for boys, as any 7 i
line will tell you. 2-P
ve better service than ^ J ^
clothing on the mar* ;
- wear, andexperience +
i has been iw8 carried *
ts$ufts$l.m>$7.S0 * m
s from $3jQ0 to $I2t90 4*
I 0ft

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