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| New Fall Garments!
Oar ready to Wear Department 011 Second Floor is a very
place just now. The selling of Sails and Jackets is only
lively. We devote practically our entire second floor
6 display and snle of women's and children's garments,
i amount of space is necessary for our fast growing buslesigns
adaptable to all are in this new disnlav. at the
lar prices of other lines possessing far less attractive
Women's Suits at $10, $12.50, $15 $18,
I $25, and up.
ickets, $5.00 up to $35.
irs, $1.00 to $55.
me in and see the new styles. You are
welcome to look as to buy. |
. , Sensible people know Ito'.v to look
PUBLISHED OAIl(jy EXCEPT SUN- ak a thing in a reasonable way. It
DAY BY THE FAIRMONT WEST js t0 ^htit. class of folks we address
yiROINIAN PUBLISHING ourselves in this editorial. Our Dem.
COMPANY. oeratlc friends have all of a sudden
. tt7 7", , . dlfcovered n vast number of things
* The West Virgin an, da J an thpy thlnk the money rtr thP
11 Z?? * ?S . people ought to be spent. They say
FatrinonL-W. Va., as second class until ', , ,, , ,, . . ..
the bridges ol the county are in bad
r' condition and that the roads are
.GEO. M. JACOBS,"President. worse than the bridges. Let us grant
MYRON CARLETON LOUGH, Editor, that what they say is true. The same
L M. DAVIS, Business Manager. I'niug hits been true for a number of
' years. The roads of every county
THE REPUBLICAN TICKET. in the State are and have been for
i ' -i??- years notoriously had. The old sys- <
r .' For Congress, torn of luxation was such a poor ex'
I WM. P. HUBBARD, cnse as a revenue producer, the peoof
Ohio County. pie of small means bearing nearly all
i ' .i " the load, that the funds of the connFor
8tate Senate, ties all ran low. In Marlon county we
B. F. BAILEY, suffered from a double iniquity, a
of Taylor county. poor system of taxation and an in
competent or dishonest County Court.
' For House of Delegates. The result was a tremendous debt ;
| JESSE A. MASON, was heaped upon us. Now, what have i
J. M. JACOBS, the Republicans done in order to re
nurua ui. n/u?v. neve ine situation.' i ncy nave? nnopi*
ed a new system of taxation* and en
For County Commissioner, deavored to practice economy. As
W. E. CORDRAY. soon as the new system gets in fnl!
working order fortv or fifty thousand
Fir "Judge of intermediate Court. I dollars a year more can be available L
B. P. MORGAN. for public improvements than could
I i ve lieen possible under the new law
j J for Aneaior, Eastern District, am| y<?t the taxes of the. masses he
DUKE BRAND. considerably lower than under the old
system. The Republicans have done
i for County Superintendent Free v<n ,llis year taking everything Into
Schools, consideration. They have provided
CARTER L. FAUST. for a payment of about $11,000 of the
Democratic debt left them as an ttnPROHIBITION
TICKET. welcome legacy besides paying about
. an equal amount of interest oil the
i For Congress, same. They have set apart $34,000
F' W. E. PIERCE, for building and repairing: bridges, a? $
**""" Of Marshall eountv. flip records show, anil ns has hereto
fe i',f foie been published by the papers of
For State Senate, the cJty. Several thousand dollars
jte;:,; . E. W. MILLS, more money lias been raised this year
Of Fairmont. for county, district and municipal pur- |
? poses than was raised two years ago
V t Home of Delegates, and yet the taxes of the masses have ,
Ss&'VJ CAPTAIN A. F. MILLAN, been reduced from 25 to 50 per cent. ,
mn 01 Mannlngton. on the average. Now, what are the ,
j U. A. CLAYTON, possibilities of the new tax system? ;
Of Fairmont. V.'nder the old law Marlon county paid ,
0. S.BASNETT, annually neariy S50,0"t> into lie State ,
Of Amos. treasury. By next year there will be
an annual saving to the county from
'Wmt Commlotloner of County Court, this source of from <25,000 to $30,000 j
'r V ; C. E. PARRISH, end the State tax may ultimately, he
| t Of Worthington. wiped out altogether. That Is in the ,
\ . plan and we believe it will succeed. ,
For Bupt of Schools, Were it not for the debts left over j
ALBERT J. KERN, from the old law under Democratic ,
Of Fairmont administration, we could now have j
fiyjv , easy sailing. But It is a condition .
fe; The first part of the lax reform prop- and not a theory that now confronts ,
P| ositlon has been settled, the taxes of "s. so wo must possess ourselves In
the* people have been lowered. Tha patience and let the new tax system
' ^ question now Is, will the beneficiaries have a little time in order to settle
, be grateful enough to .vote tl\elr hp- "P the old scores and make needed i
proval of what 1ms been done? Wo improvements from time to time It 1
years and at the same time make all
improvements that appear to be necessary.
The people of this county are
intelligent enough to know tha: what
we say is true and all efforts to incltu
the prejudice of the Ignorant by foo1ish
appeals will fall to the ground. It
lakes time and patience to work out
ti.ese large ard difficult propositions,,
but greater pi-ogress is being made
now than ever before in solving the
A pathetic story comes from Parkersburg.
A husband of but a few months,
a trusted bank clerk, who had worked
himself up from messenger hoy after
many years of faithful service, Carroll
Picket, aged thirty years, has left the
city with about $2,800 of the bank's
money and Ills young wife knows not
of his whereabouts. On last Saturday
cvenlpg he telephoned his wife that
he would not be home as he was going
011 an excursion to Cincinnati, but he
suid he would be back ready for work
Monday morning. In the meantime the
news spread abroad that he was a defaulter.
He has not been heard of
since. He left $1(10 on the mantel at
home for Ills wife hut as soon its she
heard of the shortage in his accounts
she knew it was not her money and
'turned It over to the bank. She says ,
I she fears he will take to drinking and
end a suicide. What caused his downfall?
One report says lie had been
I planning enterprises beyond the means
of a man with n moderate salary, one
[of which was the building for himself
of a motor boat. So here we have another
example of what happens to peo
pie who are unwilling to live lit accord
ance with their Income. The end
which must come sooner or later, is
sure to lie disastrous.
The Wheeling Intelligencer figures
It out this way:
The total real estate assessment In '
West Virginia In 1904 was $108,000,- t
000, which was taxed at 85 cents per t
hundred, and yielded a revenue to the
Stnte of $588,001).
The total real estate assessment In
West Virginia In 190G Is $475,000,000. t
which is taxed at S!4 cents per hun- >
tired and will yield $104,000.
Real estate has been relieved of ,
$1S4,000 taxes. t
The total nsspsment of railroads In
West Virginia in 1904 was $'40,000,000,
which was taxed at .'15 cents and ,
yielded $120,000. ,
The total assessment of railroads (
in West Virginia In 1900 was $170,000,000,
which is taxed at SV? cents
and will yield $159,000.
This is one of the samples of the
working of tax reform. The farmer,
the merchant and the small house ,
owner can easily see where and how j
he is benefited.
= t
The Mannington Record lias a very clever
scheme of showing how tax re- t
form is working. Under the heading,
' Watch Your Tax Bills," which It has
distributed all over the front page of ]
Ihe paper, It gives examples of people
who have had marked decreases In
their tax bills. It is unique and effective.
The tax ticket story Is one f
if the dearest that ever was told.
The Wheeling News is responsible
tcr the following perl paragraphs:
"Tax-dodging mathematicians seem '
10 be of the Impression that the crea fi
lion of the earth was in the spring of h
1905." h
"That slight tipping of the United 1
States towards the east was Secre- s
lary Taft stepping ashore." n
= J'
I'lie campaign in New York Is be- 1
:oming fast and furious. 'I lie wiser ''
scads claim that Hughes will snow ''
Hearst under so deep he will never ''
,'et out, hut there will he an element 0
11 uncertainty about It until the votes '
oe counted. '
. e
GAI.I.IPOLIS. O.. Oct. HI.?The Kanawha
and Point Pleasant ferryboat
lloone was sunk In the Ohio river here
>y waves from a passing towboat. The b
lccldent occurred well out In the river "
aid ureal excitement reigned on hoard '
ho ferry craft. The passengers, how- "
vcr, were taken off by skiffs anil 111
Bunches. The boat sank out of sight. n
Charged With Chicken Stealing jj
Lawrence Clayton, of Montana, Is (|
living a hinting this afternoon before (
Justice Amos. Clayton 1s charged ^
ajlb stealing three chickens. The ^
iarrant was rworn out by Sttsle Urn- ](
ika. Mrs Hrttska says that hoys in
Montana have a habit of taking chick- w
'ns when they find them. The chickns
taken are roasted.
No Graft There.
Mitor West Virginian:
I want to correct a statement which i
tnpeared In the Fairmont Times Intl- /
natlng that Monongah saloon keepers I
tail to pay too much for license. We
told Just what the law demati(ls.nothttg
more and nothing less. Mlsropreicntlng
things won't make the Times
iny, friends here. Yours truly,
He Warren H. Reynolds, a proml- "
ten capitalist and lawyer of Cumber- ?
and, is In Fairmont tolday calling on
lis business friends J
Mrh. Abigal Coombs, widow of Hen
ry Coombs and mother of Lesll
Coombs, of this city, died last eveninj
at her home in 'Unlontown, Pa., at ai
advanced age. Mrs. Coombs had beei
ill for some time hut at this, time sb
was no worse until a few hours befor
her death. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Aiken;
of* this city, the latter a granddaugt
ter of the deceased, went to Unlot
town yesterday to see her'and heari
on their arrival thai she'bad passe
away. Mrs. Combs rormerly resldei
here and was one of the most high);
respected women of the communltj
Her husband was\a former' proprieto
of the Marietta Hotel, then ktiown a
the Continental. Besides her son, twi
daughters, also survive, Miss Eldi
Coombs and Mrs. Louise Basnet^ Thi
funeral services will be beld In Un
iontown on Wednesday afternoon am
the remains'will be laid to rest there.
patience?uwsu i nit ifiunji i??.'
look small to-night?
Patrice?Ves, It looka like a con
rlensed Milky Way.?Yonkers States
r.tan. ,
Mrs. Backeighly?Did you suffer ant
from mal de mer on the voyage over'
Mrs. Pecklngton?N"o! But seasick!
I was seaBlck to beat the , band!?
Browning's Magazine.
"Do you really mean to say. Colonel
l hat you ran for Congress before yot
were of age?"
"Certainly, before I was 10?In fact
I was a tinge In the Hou^e.?Pltiladell
[ Ilia Ledger.
"Mow Is your boy doing at college?
"Mighty poorly," sal.l .Mr. Swifllns
I asked him some questions the othei
'ay, and his Ignorance about football
mil rowing Is positively humiliating.'
?Washington Star.
Pertly?Your father said if I ever
isked him for your hand again he
would wipe up the street with me.
ISthel?Well, I'll tell you what. Perly;
the nest time you ask hint do It
it this crossing!?Puck.
She?1 have a confession to make,
ny dear. For a whole year after we
were tmirrle.l I searched your pockets
laily for letters.
He?And did you And any?
She?Only those I gave you to mall.
-Meggendorfer Blatter.
"1 can marry a rich girl whom I do
tot love, or a penniless girl whom I
ove dearly. Which shall I do?"
"Follow your heart, man, and be
tappy. Marry the poWtlpne/ y\nd, say
-or?would you mind introducijig me
0 the other?"?Cleveland Leader.
Many Killed
In a Wreck
ST. PETERSBURG. Oct. If,.?A torIble
railway accident accompanied by
rent loss of life and Injury to scores
1 reported from Oka. Ten Itodies
ave been already taken out, anil thiry
have been rescued, suffering from
evere Injuries. No attempt has been
tade to enettmerate the slightly inured.
It was a head on collision betveen
a freight and a passenger. The
itter train was almost demolished,
'radically all the passengers were
ttrled In the wreckage. Fire broke
ut ntnl a number of fatalities are due
i flames and it Is believed several bod
?s were entirely cremated, ine mist
dispatches state that It Is feared
ie list of victims so far reported does
ot in any way represent the seriousess
of the accident.
New Sidewalk Causes Rejoicing.
The citizens along Chestnut street
a well as those who have to travel
te street, are all rejoicing ovor the
ew sidewalk which has been built
ud now if the street was only graded
ltd piked tip as II should be. It would
et only be a greet convenieane to
te people, but a blessing to the |toer
otses v,ho are abused, in trying to
raw heavy load.-, up the lull ta the
audition it is in and has been for the
ist six years. The heft of the haul
g 011 Hamilton hill goes up Chesttit
street and it should be pat In ut
last a passable condition. The end
' ?' 111., tin* ,,l!l
UU.U 1IIII ?II> IIIIIV.II, u x ...v. .,U1,, ...
onlil lie erent. , ClTlZCN.
There are more lUcr* 11 PattriUMoM IntheUnlted
latre than of any other mnhe of uaitern*. Thia is on
xount of their style, accuracy and simplicity.
McCnU'a Magazine (The Q""-n of FaeMon)has
jore subscribers than unyoth L.ink* M*g>i?ine, One
rat's subscription (ia number*) m?u AO cent*. Latent
imb?r, H cent*. Every subscriber |ata a McCall Patirn
Free. Subscribe today.
I,ndr Agents Wanted. Ilaadaomaprtmhimaot
keralcaafc cnminlssJun. Pattsrn Cnt?|ogua{ of 600 da.
ims) and Premium Catalogue (allowing 400 premium*;
nit Inc. AU.be** TllE MwC.VLL CO.. New York
In mm!c in ihp I'nlTertflar.v: '
. .. Mfes Laura Williams sjeat SaturJay
evening here "being a guest at the
first armory dance which ^was given
? by the cadet officers' club.'
Maxwell, the giant right guard ol
5 the Masslllon, Ohio, football eleven,
a better known as Masslllon Tigers,
spent Sunday here, a guest at the Phi
Psl House.
MacDonald. the star '.uarter back ol
' last year's eleven, has re-entered the
i University and was outjn football
I togs to-day. He Is a fast ^player and
will prove a valuable addition to the
t team.
f Manager Stathers, pf the 'Varsity
tnom IhDt'ilo TllOCrlflV nlffhl
j! for Marietta, Ohio, to complete ars
rangemefits for the Marietta-West Vir
3 glnla game which wU| bp phyeJ in
, that city Thursday. West ,'Irglnln
a foot la 11 enthusiasts will have head.
quartet atdhe Hotel BeUvlev.
I .Manager Brake, of the Basket hall
team, i3 working ou this season's
schedule. Msny good loams will be
met anil a successful season Is anticipated.
Capt. Plercy will soon issue
his call for men for ihe team.
Chilton, dfriast year's- Washington
anil l.ee base ball team, has entered
' the University for the year. Pitcher
Seay, of last year's team, anil captain
this year,jUnexpected to-return January
first.', Seay. Kenna and Chilton
' will be a trio of strong-pitchers for
West Virginia this season.
' Hamilton, formerly of Beaver Col"
lege, has entered the University and
will try out for the basket hall team
this winter.
The Hutchinson Bros., of Fairmont.
1 aire both playing excellent hall fur W.
Va. on the 'Varsity eleven. Brooks
j is playing right end while Lee plays
lot euu;
Morgantown, Oct. 15. '
Burton Harrison, accompanied
by Iter two grandsons, has sailed for
Europe and will spend the winter at
iho Chateau St. Michael, In Cannes.
William A. Bradford, Jr., president
of the Chicago, Cincinnati and Louisville
Railroad, has been made president
of the Wisconsin Central Kailroad.
Dr. Ernest Werthelm, professor of
gynecology at he University ol Vienna,
Is spending a week in Chicago as
iho guest of the Chicago Gynecological
Congressman Theodore E. Burton,
of Ohio, is putting Ih'e iliiishlng touches
on his "Life of John Sherman,"
| which will lie brought out the middle
j of November.
f * .
V. 0. FreehergeV, of New Haven,
Ct? lias been appointed' an instructor
in the academic department of English
and Law at the Naval Academy at Anjnapolis.
Me Is a graduate'of Yale.
Secretary of State Root has arrangod
to deliver an address on the subject
of South American Interests before
the Transmtsslsslppl Commercial
Congress In Kansas City, Mo., November
Spencer F. Eddy, t& retiring secretary
of the American Embassy, at St.
Petersburg, departed;, for Berlin on
Wednesday to take up his new duties
as secretary of the embassy In that
The government has In Its employ
a man who does nothing ail the year
around but kill mountain lions. John
doff Is the man, and he was appointed
to the ]>o?ltlon about a year ago.
He has two assistants and the three
men have killed several hundred of
the marauding brutes,, Their work
Is confined mostly to,\Vyomlng, where
the lions reach their greatest size and
Court News
; Annie Conaway appointed ndmlnisjtrnlrlx
of the personal estate of WllI
Ham H. Oonaway, deceased Bond
'given In the sum of $jfio, with W. R.
! Riggs as surety. "
Deeds Recorded.
I Deed dated September 5. 190G:
<\ A. Snodgrass et a!, to JohmS
| l'l Ice, tract of land on Drake's run.
I Mhnntngton district consideration,
! $2,200. ,
j Deed dated September 10, I90G:
Mid Stevens et tlx. to Thomas L.
i Slater, lot In First ward; consideration,
Marriage Licenses.
I John Bartlett and Tchle Voung
I '
Preventlcs, as the name Implies j
prevents all Colds and Grippe when i
"taken at the sneeze stage."
Preventlcs are toothsome candy
tablets. Preventlcs dissipate all
colds quickly, and taken early, when
you first feel that a cold Is coming,
they check and prevent them. Preventlcs
are thoroughly safe for children,
and as effectual for adults. Sold
and recommended In 5 cents and 25
cent boxes by E. A. Bllllngslea & Co.
Plenty of positlonare offered In ot'i
want column. Look It-over.
A.B Scott & Co.
Jewelers and Opticians,
Main St., Opposite Court-house.
We repair watches so they will keep
? ? ? ?*?**? ? * **#?**
m " 11
The past two weeks have put our
Uress Goods anil Silk Section to> a
test convincing tlie most skeptical of,
our ability to give "A Better Quality
tor a Lower Price." And our prices
are lower than like qualities are usually
priced. This It easily said, but It
Is supported, by every yard of goods
v.liicli went over otir counters, and
supported liy tlia customers who
bought the goods?the only correct
We keep our slock replenished with
all the
Latest l V6S
and Patterns
oi fall find
Winter Goods
arid in these lines we have never been
uble to show you a more complete assortment
than we are now showing.
If you have not already ina<le your
purchases In the dress goods line,
don't wait another day. but come to
* ...
* Ladies 2-pieced suits
* $2.50 and $3.50. Ladies
* i.oo, 1.50up to 3.00, both
* open down in front arfd ac
* Misses and childrei
* Suits in White and Grey a
* -J.50 a suit.
* Men's Union and 2-p'
* up in Wool and Cotton
* leader in Men's heavy fleet
* Boys 2-pieced and Union J
* Wool and Cotton. Special
* lots in Ladies and childrei
* . are offering at from 14 to
* to close out, your chance t
* they last. Give us a call,
* '
* ' i z
r Cjnri0t Afford to Milt
In Mills
By Fir the Beit Dramatc Production
Everything New
Electric Effects
PRICES, 50, 35 and 25 CENTS. Seats j
on Sale Tueaday.
ftpanrt Onupa
Mon ^' Oct. 22 I
In Her New i'r'
Wrlten by MB
PRICES:?25c,' 50c, 76c, $1 and $1.50.
The management anpouncea that
Mall Orders containing remittance*
will now be received and filled In the
order of arrval for the performance
CI Mildred Holland.
Regular Sale Opens Friday Morning.,
We sell and exchange ofl
School Books11 ?
Floy's Geography. .
Baldwin's Readers.
Culler's Physiology.
Harvey's New English Granv ; ^||||j
| Barnes' History. :J ^
M lines' Progressive ArlthHunt's
Progressive Course In / ,
J opening anu n?piu ttrmny J. 7
All of theabnve are In uaein'l
Fairmont and Marion county. v^-5h|
McGuffey'e Speller.
Ray'a Arithmetic.
Cutter*! Phye. exchanged. ;
2,000_Pen and Pencil Tablet! a
A. 8. MARTIN CO., Jfi
132 Main Street,
viAiN'si ' tj|
at 50, 78, $1.00, $100, * ;
Union Suits _ at 50, 75, V f
in Whiteand orey tnat *. ^j
^1 T\ TVI ^42 | *: I

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