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':JSU '* ^9 T MllJKsskWJ
1 nil 1
Km/fr (V ^
. ,.V
w'fiajr* Emerson. In every day par1
lance, bare high ideals. In everyday
^business protect yourself so you can
think of other things than dollars.
I'M Boiled down, hove your house, your
sj&^ertonal effects, your furniture, your
bop or store Insured against fire
loss through oor reliable agency
LEANING, Pressing and ReI
m pairing Ladles' and Men's
BE: Clothing. Work oalled for
Prefix & and delivered. Mothly rates
^^j|Btop phope 90-w Bell Phone 241.
vmxw ovSh Otter Broha shoe store.
jit ja* ik*****#** +
If flra warn!
p^l +* + + **** *.** >( ****
> Miss Bndora Stone, of Bast. Park
u;';: avenue, is spending a few days at the
home of Mrs. I.ohis Kanlsel, of Fourth
Mr. Austin Stealer went to Monon?
gah yesterday morning, where he acpi,;
. ' | cepted the . position as telegraph opV
Miss Qoldle Hamilton, of Merchant
& Mr. A. S. Radford, of Pittsburg, Is
-Mb dRUghter. Mrs. Rebecca
?^-!'>Jprlokett,.of Merchant street. Mr. and
ft^i'Mrs. Meredith Prlckett, of Pleasant
Valley, and Mrs. Zora. Carpenter, of
Colfax, spent yesterday as Mrs. Prickguests.
Mr. E. M. Kirk, of Johnstown, Pa.,
l^jVwnuned to his home to-day after
'.'intending a few,days with friends in
a lilittle Raymond Thomas, son of W.
. S. Thomas, Is ,11] at his home on OlaBrai&aiipiid
' Ualta Wllao nf Torro Alhl
I ..stopped oft in the elty yesterday for
A short stay. She was en route to
New York City, where she will spend
the winter.
, Mr. J. L. Stealey, who Is traveling
In the employ of American Jewelry
Co., was in the city yesterday and
spent the evening with his family.
Mrs. A. Holden has returned from
ir: I received and filled i
a week's visit with her daughter, Mrs. 4
D.'F. Connelly, of Littleton. 4
Mr. and Mis. T. A. Akin have re- '4
turned from Untor.town, where they 4
were called by (he death of the lat- ^
tdr's grandmother, Mrs. Abigail
Mrs. Charles Stevens, of Satterfleld c
street, Is ill, threatened with quinsy. j,
Bad 8mash-Up. a
Carpenter and Irons, who.have Just,
bought a new wagon In the Interest g
I * ' " * - * ? ?^ ?'it. K~.I
or tneir uusinesa, met wmi imu iuu.-v q
on the first trip. Either the horse
(tyd hot like the wagon, or wis fright- v
rued for some cause. It ran away
Wednesday evening and before It .
could be stopped It had badly damaged
(he wagon. The wagon was taken to ^
the shop for repairs, an the attempt h
will lie made again and we hope with
better luck. ,
In Good Condition.
At the meeting this week of the
1 ady Maccabees, three members were
Initiated and five more names presented
to be acted upon at te next 1
Meeting. At the close of this meeting F
a course of refreshments was served,
nt;d a thoroughly enjoyable evening "
was spent by those present. The L. e
O T. M. nre actively at work getting
new members to add to their num- "
hers, and feel much encouraged ah
ready. 11
Court News
Judy Discharged. "
Tlio Jury was discharged this morning.
Henry R. Johnson vs. Baltimore nnd r
Ohio Railroad Company, Circuit Com t r
cuse: November rules. Ogden and
Ogden attorneys for plaintiff.
Marriage License. a
Henry Shaw Lively and GInJys DeBolt.
Carl Riggs nnd Isa E. Hawkins. ?
? P
Her Husband Makes no Defense to 1
Charges Entered.
NEW YORK, Oct. 18.?Dorothy Rust 11
sell Einstein, daughter of Lillian Russell,
the actress, was yesterday granted
an Interlocutory decree by Justice
O'Gorman, In the Supreme court, v
from Abbott L. Einstein, to whom she
was married in 1903.
Mrs. Einstein sued for an absolute
divorce on statutory grounds, naming r
as co respondent a woman wose name
itfie could not ascertain. No defense I
was made by Einstein. ?
Think of Dr. Shoop's Catarrh Cure c
If your nose and throat discharges? '
If your breath Is foul or feverish. This *
snow white soothing balm contains
Oil of Eucalptus, Thymol, Menthol, e
etc., Incorporated Into an Imported,
creamlike, velvety petrolatum. It
soothes, heals, purifies, controls. Call e
at our store for free trial box. K. A. d
Billlngslea & Co. t
lND <
I "A P.
j1 . Excelle
The management an
n the order of arrival for
"I -I-I !"I M I-I-I- I
Regular services at the M. E.
hurch, South, Sunday night at 7:30
y Rev. J. M. Carter. Sunday school
t 9:30 a. m. Eve'rybojy Invited to
ueno. ,
Married, it the M. E. parsonage, t
unday, October 14111, by Rev. Carter,
lyde S. Shuman and Miss Lulu Price. <
Elder B. F. Purdham, 5. D. A., of r
r'ashington, D. C? Is here holding a c
eries of meetings in the adventlst t
hurch. i
Superintendent Thos. A. Nelll, of 1
lannington, was a business visitor ,
ere Wednesday. <
Mrs. Geo. W. Blaker and daughter, i
liss Myra, left Thursday for a few
ays' visit at Pittsburg.
Mrs. McDanlels, of Fairmont, was <
lie guest of Mrs. Rae Rex Tuesday. )
Mr. and Mrs. Z. J. Martin are visit- j
ig their daughter Mrs. M. L. Amos at
lllsworth. Pa. i
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Wilson, of Fair- I
lont, were In the city Tuesdny the I
uests of Mrs. James Powell. I
Mrs. J. M. Carter is expected home I
Ills week from Clarksburg.
Mr. and Mrs. Cllhu Yost have re- I
urned from Bruston Mills where they I
ave been visiting their daughter, Mrs. '
lalph McChesney.
J. R. Timms, Jr., cashier of the F. 1
nd M. Bank, is at St. Louis attending 1
lie Bankers' Association. 1
Messrs. 0. E. Morris, A. W. Mitchell 1
ind Misses' Leuna Hall and Dessa '
irairoo were at Fairmont Tuesday 1
light to witness the projection of
Captain Careless" at the Grand.
\V. T. Sturm Is spending his vacation
t New York City.
Mr. and Mrs. M. G. McCaslln and
hlldren Misses Ruth and Louise leit
lunday for a month's visit nt lndoendence,
Kansas, where Mr. McCasin
has a position offered him and If
e likes the place they will locate
Mrs. J. A. and Chas. Smith are vlsltag
relatives at West Lumberry, Pa. 1
Mrs. Rolland McCaslln has entered
look's Hospital for treatment.
Miss Maude Taylor will leave next
reek to attend school nt West Liber- '
French View of Annexation.
'rom the Le Petit Parlslen.
After Cuba, the other islands will
ie drawn Into the orbit of the United
itates, which possesses incontestable
orces of attraction, and the Jay will
om? when- the whole archipelago will
le. under tne starspangieo unuuci.
'Ictor Emmanuel once said of Ituly,
One must carry out anexation as one
ats artichokes, leaf by leaf."
If you have furnished or u'lurnleh
d rooms to let you sill find the ad
Iress of the people seating them In
be West Virginian sent cninmn.
Magnificent Sc
int Cast.
(ICES: .25, .5
mounces that Mail On
the performance of Mi
Plum Run Mine
V n. *14 T 11 .
is still iaie
WHEELING, Oct 18.? Secretary
'atrick lleBryde, of the Ohio operaore,
and President 'Andrew Watkhis,
f this sub-district of the Ohio district,
>f the U. M. W. of A., visited three
nines Wednesday and adjusted slight
inferences. The mines visited were
ho Furseglove, near Maynnrd. the V.
It O., at Barton, and the Provident,
tear St. Ciairsville. The differences
it those mines were slight and were
raslly arranged satisfactorily to both
ulners and operators.
President Watkins will visit a mine
ecently opened fln the B. and 0. near
3t. Ciairsville Junction to-day to
ook into some complaints at that
The trouble at the Glenn's run mine
uver the discharge of a miner has not
jeen settled. The miners seem to
hlnk the discharge ,was unjust, but
he company considers its action Justiled
under the scale agreement.
At Plum run, irom luiiaiiuiuun
gained Wednesday by telephone, maters
there are In statu quo. The miners
are still obdurate and refuse to
work under Ihe present superintendmt.
The miners' ofllclals are helpless
'rom the fact that there Is nothing
:o justify a strike under the scale, and
he company has nothing to concede
,n either wages or conditions. The
nen refusing to return to work in
obedience to orders from their duly
elected officials, the affair Is more In
ihe shape of a rebellion than anyihlng
else, because, without Ihe sanction
of the officials of the miners' organisation
no strike can be declared
officially, and unless the mine operator
demands unreasonable concessions
and refuses to operate his mine
when men are willing to work It Is no
It was learned, unofficially, that
General Superintendent Willoril, of
ihe United States Coal Company, and
president Watklns, of the miners,
have concluded to make no further
attempt to reason with the miners
this week, giving them a few days to
cool off and take off the edge of their
present temper.
Prevcntlcs, as the name Implies
prevents all Colds and Grippe when
"taken at the Bneeze stage."
Preventlcs are toothsome candy
tablets. Preventlcs dissipate all
colds quickly, and taken early, when
you first feel that a cold Is coming,
they check and prevent them. Preventlcs
are thoroughly safe (or children,
and as effectual for adults. Sold
and recommended In 5 cents and 35
cent boxes by E. A. Billlngslea & Co.
Plenty of position are offered In otu
want column. Look It over.
s HO
m 22.
:/v\ent op
ienic Production
A Dram;
iO, .75, $1,
iers containing remit
idred Holland.
>< <
ifftA! CITY
^ For October is now in
page edition.
The Cut Glass a
a somest sheet ever
the carrier. If yoi
i# . . ^ *
+ tai. txciusive ae
Mildred Holland. ^
That brilliant and magnetic emo
tlonal actress, Mildred Holland, so ^
well and favorably known to our the
titer goers, will make her annual appen,ranee
at the Grand Opera House on
Monday, October 22d, tn "A Paradise ^
of Lies," especially written for her ^
by Matthew Barry, and which will be produced
on an elaborate scale, T
"A Paradise of Lies" Is a romantic ^
play of the beglanlng of the Elgh- +
teenth century. Its plot Is new and a
very Interesting; the action Is well .
sustained, and the situations are
strong and logical. The prologue con- 4
tains an exceedingly pretty scene, 4
novel In Its conception, and admira- ^
bly worked out, which Is immediately ?
followed in the first act by the Intro- J
ductlon of the principal motive. The
second act developes an Interesting $
story. The third act contains a su- ?
perb climax and ends with a scene _
of remarkable strength.
Civil Engineer.
| Office?Jacobs Building,
j Fairmont, W. Va. P. O. Box, 526.
| Railroads, Surveys, Reports,
Foundations, Mining,
| Hydraulics, Concrete Construction
| Superintendence.
| 20 Years Experience In Qener&l
| Engineering.
6? ;
IY. <
atic Treat.
itances will now be
Time at The CobI City. Ijl I
Itock is Now Complete.
ireat Many New Patterns. +
er, We Are The Largest |JSg|ggj,
and Rug House in Fairmont. JH^
CITY NEWS 193^ J 1
press. This is a twelve fl | u ^ ^ 1
nd China supplement is the hand- f
published in this City. Watch for
1 don't get a paper, drop us a pos- +
isigns. in cut glass, handsomely C
WmVDresseY Meals W ***\
No Gincaoo Nor PacKlna House Meats
I have moved my sbop into new quarters, and have a nice
clean place,1 where you ran always, Winter and Summer, get
tbe freehest Beef, Veal, Pork and Sausage every day.
I select my own stock, and do my own butchering, so you see +
you get choice as well as fresh meats. ^
Fresh butter and eggs, and game in season.
My prices are right, and here they are? - <
Serloln Steak, per tt>. ..15c Veal 8tew 10c ^
Porter Houae 8teak 15c Veal Raaat 12J4o V
' Round 8teak 15c Veal 8teak .......180
, Rib Roaita 12J/ac Freah Pork 12J,,e
, Boiling Meata 7c Pork Sausage 12/ac
, Compare these prices with others. You get full weight al
ways, and your child will bo treated as well as if you come TT flsij
' yourself- JOHN FBORENE, :
, Corner Market and Merchant Streets.
DR. BAILEY. Soecialist I
in Chronic Diseases, if
Catarrh, Aathma, Hay Favar, Daafnaa*
Pff. ' MJUi Varicocele and 8trletura Curad.
PBgfc ^|V. PILES?I cure without operation
EzJT1" days. No detention .from bualneaa.
tracted cases cured. All burnln#
EJKey and Itching, Inflammation and u? v|
|fi?fnatural weakness stopped.
RUPTURE?Of men, women and chlV
dren curad In from 10 to 30 days,
v/wr No detention from business. Why
wear a truss? Under my treatment . ' -':M
Don't suffer a day longer If you lm- you "trow It away,
ine yourself to be In the last stageB KIDNEY, BLADDER AND 8T0MACtf
disease, but come to me AND BE TROUBLES?By my system of treat. -\4
JRED, If you are suffering from vari- ment show signs of Improvement at
cele, stricture, gonorrhoea, gleet, onee.
larged prostrate, bladder affections, 8KIN DISEASES ? Treated success'. '
ood poison, neuro-debillty, lost man- fully.
od, incompetency or nervous ex- RHEUMATI8M, INFLAMMATORY or ,
.ustlon from overwork. Indiscretion CHRONIC, CURED?I will mak* '->$!
excess. caIls ?u tola class of patients who qJji
oonnnt /lntnn tn thn nfflro Tf VRD ^
THE Latest Scientific Instrument* ?nnot call write for borne
ed in the Successful Treatment of ment.
OFFICE HOURS?9 a. m. to 8 p. m. dally; Sunday, 11 a. m. to 3 p. na :3,|
Consultation and advice free. Static treatments and Ex-Ray examinations^ |ifffl
Permanently located on Monroe, between-Main street and the opera houseu ../'Kjg'i
Pairmont, W. Va., Jacobs Block, rooms 204-205, second floor. Come op .
italrs. Bell 'Phone 414>l. ijjj?
I move anything from a baby carriage to a street car and do
it quickly, also make a specialty of moving Household
Goods and Pianos without damage. When you need Coal, |||||H
call me up. I deliver Coal and Sand to all parts of ths ' t' -f-S
city in short order. When you have Hauling to do, or desire
anything placed in storage, eee Thomas, he's the man. '
Trunk hauling a specialty.
Bell Phone?Office 8, Res 340.
Con.-omce iw, <v. vv vi lllViTmv)
J I " * ~jP An Iniuranea policy at this tlmo woaW
I.ri'i "" b? comforter In tha tlma at M?
^ ^ ^ OTREBT.

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